1873-1874 Alpine Miner Notices

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Alpine Miner News Items and Advertisements, 1874
Monitor, Alpine County, California
From the typewritten notes of the Richard N. Schellens Collection of Historical Materials, Vol. 71 – Section 16, Other Counties (Alpine-Vol. 6)
Donated by Walter Castor
Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben and Elizabeth E. Bullard-Watson (2006)

There are only a few items from the 1873 Alpine Miner and they appear at the end of this page.

News Items from the Alpine Miner of June 6, 1874:

“Gelatt’s stage makes regular time and is crowded with passengers every trip. This is the best stage line in the Empire and Gelatt is the very prince of driver and withal a gentleman.”

“Mr. Cady, or new Brewer since taking possession of Piequet’s old stand, has quite metamorphosed the establishment…”

“We are informed that the big wood drive of the season will probably move in the course of a month or six weeks. Then one hundred and thirty thousand cords will go swimming down to market. One hundred and fifty men will convoy the drive. Tim Monroe will be commander-in-chief.”

“The Esmeralda shaft is down the desired 100 feet and drifting into the hill following the ledge has begun, which will be prosecuted to the distance of 25 feet, when a bold cross-cut will be made for the East Wall… Superintendent McBeth entertains a high opinion of this always favorite ledge…”

“The S. F. Stock Report is one of our very best exchanges; but they persist in sending it to Markleeville instead of Monitor.”

“Our neighbors of the Chronicle* have moved into better quarters and their paper is well filled with local and readable items. We heartily wish them well. They are right good fellows, after all. Too much of the genuine Nantucket blood in them to be anything else.” *The Alpine Chronicle, published in SilverMountain.

“The Exchequer Company of Silver Mountain are extracting and hauling ore to the mill. This company owns as fine a mining property as any in the State and from some of its mines much ore was worked in the early days of Alpine and paid well. And with the present increased depth, able management, and great quantity of ore in sight, if the fail to take out a great wealth of fine silver bullion, it is simply because they won’t, for the can if they will.”

“We rejoice to learn that work has been commenced on some few of the many rich ledges about Silver Mountain. When the wealth of that district is properly and wisely utilized, as it will be, our Alpine capital will truly the the queen city of the Sierras”.

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The closeness of the residents of Alpine County to those of Nevada, especially those of Carson City, is best attested by the ads inserted in the Alpine County newspapers. On hand, in the Alpine Miner of June 6, 1874, are the following ads placed by merchants and other business concerns in the Carson City and Genoa:

Ad: A. W. Blare, counselor law, Reno, Nev. Will practice is the District and Supreme Courts of California and Nevada. Real estate and mining law a specialty.

Ad: Koppel & Platt's great clothing store, Corner of Carson and Third Streets, Carson City; at this old-established store can be found an immense stock of clothing and furnishing goods. Hats, caps, boots, and shoes. And everything pertaining to a First Class Clothing Store.

Ad: James Lind, manufacturer and dealer in saddles, harness, bridles, and saddlery goods. Best single and double harness, whips and spurs, horse blankets, etc. Carriage trimming and repairing done in good style and on short notice. All my goods are warranted to be of the best home manufacture, made by the most skilled workmen, and will be sold at the lowest cash prices. Remember the sign of the Big Collar, Carson City, Nev.

Ad: Brown's Auction Store, next to the mint, Carson City.

Ad: White House, Genoa, Douglas Count Nevada. Rice and Brother, proprietors. This large and commodious old established Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and splendidly furnished by the present proprietors, the Rice Brothers. (K. Rice and Sam Rice)

Ad: J. Ivanovich, No. 3 South Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada, Dealer in groceries, eggs, fresh ranch butter, cherries, grapes and nuts, confectionery , vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, fresh fish, tobacco, cigars, etc etc.

Ad: L. Talcott; M. D. Electric Physician and Surgeon. Office, corner of Carson & Proctor Sts. Carson. Medicines sent to all parts of the country by express.

Ad: O. P. Willis, druggist and apothecary, corner King and Carson Street, Carson City, Nev. Wholesale and Retail dealer in drugs chemicals, patent medicines, perfumery, fancy toilet articles , oils, brushes, soaps, garden seeds, etc.

Ad: William Pearson, wholesale dealer in wines, liquors, and cigs, Old Stone Building, corner of South Carson and Fifth Streets, Carson City. Keeps constantly on hand the largest stock of Moore's Choice whiskies; Kentucky Favorite, Old Hemitage, AA Old Valley, Millers, Housers's, etc., etc.

Ad: Kitzmeyer Bros., Carson City, have on hand the best assortment of harness, saddles, collars, whips, horse blankets and an general assortment of saddlery.

Ad: E B Rail, importer and dealer in Medallion, Laurel and Eureka range, hardware, stoves and tinware, rubber and leather belting, lace leather and packing, brass goods, gas pipes an fixtures, iron, coal, steel , reapers, mower, plows, etc. powder, shot, fuse, sledgdes and wedges, cutlery, silver and plated ware, lamps, crockery and glass ware, doors and windows, paints, oils, alcohol, turpentine, lard oil, machine oil, coal oil, force and lift pumps.Manufacture of tin, copper, sheet-iron ware. Jobbing done to order. Carson Street, opposite the Capitol building.

Ad: St. Charles Hotel, corner of Carson and Third Streets, Carson City, Nev. George Tufly, proprietor.

Ad: New Hardware Store, corner King and Ormsby Sts,. Carson City Nevada E D. Judd & Co.

Ad: Mason & Chamberlin, merchants, Corbett Place, Carson City. Wholesale and retail dealers in provisions, groceries and general merchandise. Warehouse is the well known Mason & Huff Building. Our wagons deliver goods. H. S. Mason & W. D. Chamberlin.

Ad: Watches, diamonds, jewelry, etc., etc. John G. Fox, Carson City, Nev. dealer in blank [??], miscellaneous, school and music books, sheet music, musical instruments, magazines and newspapers, and a complete assortment of stationery, pictures, mouldings, and glass, fancy goods, toys, notions, and cutlery, wall paper, windows shades, fishing tackle, sporting apparatus, etc. Lamps and fisxtures in great variety. Pianos and cabinet organs for sale and to rent. Eastern papers and magazines received daily, and furnished by subscription. Agents for all the leading daily weekly papers of the PacificCoast. Agent for Nevada for Steinway & Co's and Haines Bros; pianos.

Ad: Baltimore Restaurant, Carson and Telegraph Sts, Carson City, James Hunt, propr.

Ad: Ocovich Brothers, dry goods, carpets, clothing, etc.

Ad: Ormsby House, Geo D. Fryer, propr.

Ad: Corbett House, Corbett Brothers, proprs.

Ad: Foster, Freeman & Co., groceries and provisions, hardware etc.
* At the bottom of each ad, there was usually a reminder to the effect that orders from Alpine by stage were executed with promptness and dispatch.

Ad: J. W. Haines & Co. Stage Line from Silver Mountain to Carson City via Bulliona, Monitor, Markleeville, Woodfords, Fredericksburg, Sheridan and Genoa. Leaves Silver Mountain every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. Fast freight to our care promptly delivered. H. D. Gelatt, Business Manager.”

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Other Advertisements, 1873:

“Blacksmithing in all its branches, including Horse Shoeing, Ox Shoeing, Wagon Making and Repairing, Making and Repairing Miner’s and Woodmen’s tools and implements, done at short notice by Alex. Orr. Monitor, July 26th, 1873.”

Joseph Larson, postmaster and general news agent, Union Hotel, Monitor.”

“Brewery. Cadby’s Beer is known far and wide and always liked. Orders filled from all sections of the country and satisfaction guaranteed. Remember! Always see that you get CADBY’S BEER and you will not be disappointed. Brewery near the Schenectady Co’s mill. Monitor, July 26th, 1873.”

“Union Hotel. Main Street, Monitor. Good rooms, clean beds, quiet place, no bar. Well ordered table. Joseph Larson, proprietor.”

“General Merchandise. Reinstein & Gibson, Main Street, Monitor. Branch store at Silver Mountain. Wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, groceries, provisions, hardware, clothing, boots and shoes, wooden ware, tin ware, dye stuffs, medicines, in short, all kinds of fancy goods, ladies’ goods, gents’ furnishing, family supplies, miner’s supplies, lumbermen’s supplies, rancher’s supplies. Everything That Everybody Wants. Monitor, July 26th, 1873.”

“Wines and Liquors, Lager Beer, Cigars, &c, &c. David Stephenson, Main St., Monitor. A Carondelet Table for the use of patrons. Monitor, July 26th, 1873.”

“McBeth’s Exchange Hotel, corner Main and Monitor Streets, Monitor. First-class in Every Particular. D. N. McBeth, Proprietor. Connected with the hotel is a commodious billiard room and a well furnished bar. Monitor, July 26th, 1873.”

“From J. W. Haines & Co., H. D. Gelatt, Business Manager, showing that the stage line starting at Silver Mountain goes through Bulliona, Monitor, Markleeville, Woodford’s, Fredericksburg, Sheridan and Genoa to Carson City.”

“Assayer, B. E. Hunter, assayer of all kind of gold, silver and copper ores, at the Schenectady Co’s mine. Monitor, July 26th, 1873.”

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