Old Woodfords Cemetery

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Old Woodfords Cemetery

The precise location of this cemetery is unknown at present, though it is supposed to have been in the town square at Woodfords. Nine burial records were located for this cemetery on an old, typewritten survey. The original surveyor is unknown. The area where this old cemetery once was located was paved and now is a parking lot. All that remains of the cemetery are a few grave markers.


Date of Birth

Date of Death


Bristol, Merritt C.



Cole, James Harvey




Gallanar, Mary L. (Williams)
c. 1852
22 Feb 1876
Wife of Nicholas Gallanar
Merrill, Frankie C.
20 Sep 1874
08 Oct 1876
Merrill, Mary O'Neil
Merrill, W. P.
05 Oct 1935
07 Sep 1899
Native of Westport, NY
Monroe, Walter
Wells, Agnes A.
13 Feb 1872
23 Apr 1901
Wells, Fred D.
26 Dec 1834
22 Sep 1895
Veteran, 1861-1865
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