Alpine County Post Office History

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Excerpts from A Century of California Post Offices, Walter N. Frickstad, Philatelic Research Society, 1955
From the Richard N. Schellens Collection of Historical Materials Vol. 71 – Section 16, Other Counties (Alpine-Vol. 6)
Donated by Walter Castor
Transcribed by Elizabeth E. Bullard-Watson (2006)

Bullionae (or Bulliona) – Post office established 12 Feb 1869; discontinued 15 May 1872.

Carey’s Mills – Post office established 28 Dec 1863 (originally Amador County); changed 01 Apr 1869 to Woodfords.

Fredericksburg – Post office established 07 Sep 1898; after 31 May 1911, mail went to Woodfords.

Konigsberg – Post office established 18 May 1863; discontinued 04 Jun 1864; re-established 10 Aug 1864; changed 28 Mar 1865 to Silver Mountain.
*note: Frickstad also shows this town name/post office at Douglas County, Nevada on 12 May 1863

Lake Alpine – Post office established 05 Jul 1927.

Loope – Post office established 29 Apr 1898; after 31 Aug 1908, mail went to Markleeville.

Markleeville – Post office established 21 Oct 1863
(note says “then at Amador County”; the post office originally was part of Amador County)

Silver Creek – Post office established 28 Apr 1879; discontinued 25 Aug 1879; re-established 17 May 1882; discontinued 18 Oct 1888; re-established 30 Nov 1888; after 11 Nov 1890, mail went to Markleeville.

Silver King – Post office established 11 Oct 1864; discontinued 17 Apr 1866.

Tamarack – Post office established 10 Jul 1900; after 15 Feb 1905, mail went to Woodfords.

Woodfords – Post office established 01 Apr 1869; after 31 Aug 1914, mail went to Sheridan, Nevada.


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