Trade Guides and Business Directories, 1867-1890

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Trade Guides and Business Directories
From the Richard N. Schellens Collection of Historical Materials Vol. 71 – Section 16, Other Counties (Alpine-Vol. 6)
Donated by Walter Castor
Transcribed by Elizabeth E. Bullard-Watson (2006)


Bishop July 1874 Trades Guide, Monitor:
Alpine Miner, A. C. Pratt - editor
Joseph Larson - propr Union Hotel
M. Maxwell - tinsmith
Alex Orr - blksmith
A. C. Pratt - editor, Alpine Monitor
Reinstein & Gibson - genl mdse
Stalker & Stephenson - liquors

Bishop July 1874 Trades Guide, Silver Mountain:
L. M. Buel - county clerk
Lewis Chalmers - managing agt, mining company
James Champion - county supt schools
R. M. Folger & O. C. Folger - proprs, Alpine Chronicle
R. H. Ford - propr, Alpine House
T. W. Leggett - county treasurer
J. Mingay - county surveyor
Thomas J. Orgon - atty at law
Reinstein & Gibson - genl mdse
John Sauquet - genl mdse
J. B. Scott - sheriff

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1867 Business Directory, Langley:
Alpine County
Organized 1864
County Seat: Silver Mountain




County Judge

Henry Eno

Silver Mountain

County Clerk

John N. Barber

Silver Mountain

District Attorney

Nash C. Briggs

Silver Mountain


David N. McBeth

Silver Mountain


David K. Swim

Silver Mountain


David K. Swim

Silver Mountain


Thomas Carlson

Silver Mountain


William P. Merrill

Carey’s Mills





J. Brown Scott

Carey’s Mills

Public Administrator

J. Brown Scott

Carey’s Mills

Supt Public Schools

Luke S. Greenlaw


Supervisor 1st Dist

Charles W. Dake

Silver Mountain

Supervisor 2nd Dist

Thomas M. Stevens

Hope Valley

Supervisor 3rd Dist

James P. Calhoun

Silver Mountain

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Carey’s Mills
Alpine County PO, 18 miles W of Silver Mountain

Mary Hawkins - hotel propr
W. P. Merrill - genl mdse
Otto Schetter - hotel propr
O. C. Wade - hotel propr
William B. Wade - postmaster and lumber

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PO address, Carey’s Mills, 20 miles NW of Silver Mountain

Patrick Kennedy - lumber merchant
E. S. Rogers - genl mdse

Hermit Valley
12 miles W of Silver Mountain
(no listings)

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Hope Valley
Alpine County PO, 20 miles NW of Silver Mountain

James Green - hotel propr
John Heriford - lumber merchant
Thomas Mitchel - hotel propr
T. M. Stevens - hotel propr (hand-written side note: Stephens – Crystal Falls House)

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Alpine County PO, 12 miles NW of Silver Mountain

Richard Alderson - wines and liquors, Main
O. H. Allen - atty at law and Justice of the Peace, Main
J. W. Barnes - hotel propr, Main
E. D. Black - physician and druggist
Warren Burright - gardener, Webster
L. Chevallier - broker, Main
Christen & Co. - brewery
Cyrus Coleman - broker, Main
H. Cook - atty at law
Coon & Uncapher - proprs, saw mill
Dennis & Hyman - blksmiths
A. C. Folger - postmaster
Robert M. Folger - editor and propr, Alpine Chronicle, Mont
Gelatt & Moore - proprs, stage line to Genoa, Nevada
Goff & Hall - attys at law
Charles P. Goff - atty at law, Main
R. W. Green - dealer, hay, Main
L. S. Greenlaw - school teacher, Main
S. W. Griffith - atty at law, Montgomery
Jacob Hanson - liquor merchant
H. Harris - hay and grain
T. S. Hughes - painter
Hyndman & Dennis - blksmiths, Main
W. A. Johnson - propr, toll road
Charles Kilgore - butcher and baker, Main
William Konig - bootmaker, Main
Al Lance - liquor saloon, Main
G. F. Logan - civil engineer, Montgomery
Morgan, Ayres & Co. - saw mill
Henry Morris - atty at law & opr, Cal State Tel Co.
J. E. Pettingill - contractor, Main
Schram & Kittridge - hotel proprs, Main
P. Schram - hotel and livery stable
Joseph Seely - carpenter and builder, Main
John Simpson - postmaster, Main
Moses Tebbs - atty at law, Main
S. Wangenheim - genl mdse
H. J. Ward - propr, Pioneer livery stable
John W. Waters - physician, Water
J. Weis & Co - genl mdse (handwritten note: John)

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Alpine County PO, 8 miles N of Silver Mountain

M. L. Goff - hotel propr
S. G. Lewis - notary public, postmaster, publisher - Alpine Miner
D. Stephenson - saloon
M. Wood - clothing, cigars, tobacco

Silver King
PO, 7 miles SE of Silver Mountain

William H. Laws - postmaster

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Silver Mountain
Alpine County PO, county seat

J. S. Adams - physician
F. Betchman - livery stable
N. C. Briggs - atty at law
Brown & Errickson - proprs, Silver Mountain Hotel
J. M. Coon - physician
E. A. Courson - genl mdse
J. O. Courson - postmaster
Dubell & Bawdin - liquor and billiard saloon
Charles Fist - hotel propr
R. C. Ford - clergyman, Methodist
Gates & Bro - druggists
Gelatt & Moore - proprs, stage line to Genoa (NV)
J. G. Harris & Co - genl mdse
Hayes & Ballard - publishers, Silver Mountain Bulletin
W. J. Johnston - agt, Wells Fargo express
M. Marks - clothing and fancy goods
Mattison & Garland - proprs, stage line to Murphy’s (CA) via Big Trees
Owens & Fine - real estate and mining agents
J. A. Owens - Justice of the Peace
R. Patterson - liquor merchant
I. S. Powers - genl mdse
W. Priebatch - cigars
D. C. Ridell - agt, Cal State Tel Co.
Thomas Ryan - propr, Oriental Hotel
Thomas Severson - liquors and billiard saloon
J. G. Slavin - Justice of the Peace
H. H. Sloane - supt, George Washington Mill & Mining Co.
----? Souquet - genl mdse
Swinerton & Co - hardware and genl mdse
R. Thompson - atty at law
L. Wichelhausen - stationery, tobacco and news agent
O. C. Wyllie - livery stable

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Summit City
Alpine County PO address Carey’s Mills, 30 miles NW of Silver Mountain

James Caples - physician and hotel propr, Summit Lake
J. Williamson - lumber merchant

1878 Business Directory (publisher not noted):


C. Christenson - liquors
C. O. King - Notary Public
Joseph Larson - hotel (handwritten note: Union Hotel)
M. Maxwell - tinner
D. N. McBeth - liquors
Alex Orr - blacksmith
N. Piquet - brwery (handwritten note: taken over by Cadby)
T. E. Rutter - genl mdse
David Stephenson - liquors

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Silver Mountain
Alpine County
Situated in a narrow valley on the summit of the Sierras, surrounded by a silver mining region, at the base of Silver Mountain Peak.

N. D. Arnot Jr. - attorney-at-law
Alpine Chronicle - R. M. & A. C. Folger, proprs
W. G. Barnum - Deputy Sheriff
J. Davidson - liquors
W. L. Flippin - genl mdse
Alex C. Folger - Notary Public
R. H. Ford - propr, Alpine House and postmaster
H. C. Ginn - genl mdse
J. W. Haines & Co - proprs, Silver Mt & Carson City stage line
Thomas W. Legget - Notary Public
R. K. Love - butcher
J. E. McDonald - liquors
P. Moresi - liquors
Thomas J. Orgon - attorney-at-law
A. D. L. Payne - carpenter and undertaker
Albert Philps - hairdresser
A. Quetta - liquors
G. Reed - bootmaker
J. Sanguet - genl mdse
J. B. Thomson - Notary Public
Mrs. James Ward - dressmaker

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1880-81 Business Directory (publisher not noted):

Is reached by stages, 37 miles from Carson City, Nevada. (handwritten note: Markleeville county seat from 1875 on)

N. D. Arnot Jr. - Superior Judge (handwritten note: Nathaniel D. Arnot)
William Clogston - Justice of the Peace
John Cronkhite - treasurer
S. W. Griffith - district attorney
W. W. Harvey - county clerk, auditor, and recorder
D. R. Hawkins - surveyor
M. Maxwell - Justice of the Peace
P. W. Parker - supt of schools
J. B. Scott - constable, sheriff and tax collector
Daniel Stalker - (no occupation listed)
James H. Wade - assessor
J. R. Wade - constable

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C. Christenson - saloon
Cronkite & Harvey - butchers
John Deglemen - shoemaker
R. C. Guirado - doctor
Joseph Larson - hotel and saloon
M. Maxwell - livery, feed stable and notary public
D. N. McBeth - hotel (handwritten note: Exchange Hotel)
P. V. Parker - editor, Monitor Argus
C. O. Puckey - assayer
James Ritchford - blacksmith
Royal J. Rutter - postmaster
T. E. Rutter - gen mdse


W. P. Merrill - genl mdse and postmaster
H. Martinsen - hotel
Z. Field - blksmith
E. Bemis - saw mill

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1886-7 Business Directory, McKenney:

A postal town reached by the SP Co’s Truckee Division to Reno, thence by V&T to Carson, Nevada, thence by stage via Genoa 30 miles. Its freight is addressed to Carson and express matter to Genoa. Its nearest banking town is Carson, Nev.

Argus Alpine (weekly)
Mrs. Anna M. Arnot - county supt schools
N. D. Arnot - superior judge
Edward Narnes - JoP
Eugene Bemis - saw mill
Thomas Chambers - carpenter
T. Champaigne - saloon
Cyrus Coleman - assayer
John Cronkhite - county treasurer
Peter Curtz - mining engr
Q. Field - blksmith
A. M. Grover - hotel
T. N. Hanson - wood contractor
Q. W. Harvey - sheriff
W. W. Harvey - county clerk
D. R. Hawkins - county surveyor
Hot Springs Hotel - A. M. Grover, propr
John E. Johns - county supervisor
James Krauph - blksmith
Edward Larkin - bus mgr, Alpine Argus
T. P. Larkin - distr atty
Joseph Larson - chairman, board of supervisors
Lone Star Stable - A. M. Grover, propr
Henry Mathews - bricklayer
William Maxwell - teamster
Louis Monroe - carpenter
Henry Morrison - saloon
Ole Nelson - tailor
Anthony Rask - meat market and hotel
Daniel Stalker - assessor
James Stuard - deputy sheriff
William M. Thornbury - JoP
John Weis - genl mdse and postmaster

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A postal town reached by SP Co’s Truckee Division to Reno, thence by V&T RR to Carson, thence by stage via Genoa, which is its nearest express office. Freight to Carson, which is also its nearest banking town. Pop. 190.

B. Christenson - saloon
Joseph Larson - hotel, mdse and postmaster
J. E. Mago - livery stable
J. P. Ray - blksmith
Daniel Stalker - saloon

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1890 Business Directory, Polk

The county seat of Alpine County is situated on the Middle Fork of Carson River, 39 miles south of Carson City, Nev., the nearest shipping and banking point. Tel and exp at Genoa, Nev. 25 miles north. It contains several religious and society organizations; shipments: lumber and (illegible). Pop. 100. Tri-weekly mail stages to Genoa and Carson City, fares $3 and $4. John Weis, postmaster.

N. D. Arnot - superior judge
C. Coleman - assayer
P. Curtz - public administrator
John Ellis - county surveyor
A. Gray & Co - lumber (handwritten note: Andrew)
Mrs. H. A. Grover - hotel and county supt of schools
C.  R. Hawkins - county treasurer
J. E. Mayo - county assessor
H. F. Musser - sheriff
Andy Rask - hotel
Frank Smith - county clerk and auditor
James Stuart - lumber
William Thornburg - distr atty
John Weis - genl store and postmaster

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A discontinued post office in Alpine County, 8 miles SE of Markleeville, the county seat.
(no listings)

Silver Creek
Is also the post office for Silver Mountain, 2 miles south in Alpine County. It is 10 miles south of Markleeville, the county seat. Carson City, Nev. 53 milesnortheast, is the shipping point and banking location. Mining is carried on and gold, silver and copper shipped. Mail tri-weekly.

John D’Arcy - postmaster
Exchequer Gold, Silver and Copper Mining Co.
IXL Gold, Silver, and Copper Mining Co.
Isabelle Gold Mining Co.
Ole Nelson - tailor
J. J. Rice - blksmith 

A post office in Alpine County 7 miles north of Markleeville, the county seat. Carson City, Nev. is the shipping, tel, exp and banking point. Hay, grain and potatoes are the chief products. Pop. 100. Tri-weekly stage to Genoa and Carson City; also to Markleeville and Silver Creek. Mail tri-weekly.

W. P. Merrill - genl store, hotel and postmaster

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