The Schellens Collection

Our gratitude goes to Walter Castor for making this collection available to the Alpine County, California GenWeb Project. We also wish to thank Carolyn Feroben for transcribing some of the collection data for the California GenWeb Project. The Richard N. Schellens Collection of Historical Materials pertaining to Alpine County has been donated for placement on the Alpine County GenWeb site by Walter Castor because of his desire to see these materials made free and available to Alpine County researchers. The Alameda County/Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society has a good description of Richard Schellen and his historical collection on their website. Follow this link to view that information.

Links to the Schellens Collection:

1891 Description of Alpine County, California
Alpine Miner Newspaper News Items and Advertisements, 1867
Alpine Miner Newspaper News Items & Advertisements, 1873 - 1874
Business Directories and Trade Guides, 1867-1890
Business Directory, 1867 (Officers of Alpine County only)
Business Directory, 1880/1881 (Officers of Alpine County only)
Business Directory, 1890
Excerpts from A Century of California Post Offices, Walter N. Frickstad
Miscellaneous News Items Relating to Alpine County
Other Descriptive Notes for Various Settlements


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