Alpine County Vital Records

A special note about Alpine County births and deaths:
Alpine County never has had a hospital. Many residents who were about to give birth, or who were injured, ill, or elderly, were removed to other counties (or even to another state) in order to obtain medical services. Those residents on the west side of Alpine County generally went to Calaveras County or Tuolumne County in California. Those residents on the east side of Alpine County generally went to Douglas County, Nevada. If you are unable to locate a birth record or decedant here, you may wish to check for vital records in one of those counties.

To request a lookup, check the Alpine County Lookup Volunteers page. Alternatively, you may contact the Alpine County Recorder by writing to: 99 Water Street, P.O. Box 217, Markleeville, CA 96120 or by phoning (530) 694-2286, or by visiting the department’s web site.

This site contains links to indexes of all recorded* Alpine County births (1905-1938) and deaths (1905-2000). In keeping with standard practice, no birth records less than 70-years-old are published on this site.

*Many births, marriages, and deaths that occurred within Alpine County prior to the year 1905 were NOT recorded because recording vital records was not then required. Unless an individual lived in the county seat, or very nearby, he/she usually did not bother to record documents that were not required by law. Most Native American events were not documented in any fashion whatsoever prior to the year 1920 and many went unrecorded into the 1960s.


All names are spelled as they actually appear on the birth or death record, or as best as the transcriptionist could read them. Some certificates are illegible, at least partially. There probably are several errors within these files for that reason. It is advisable to scroll down the page through the surnames, rather than to search for an exact name. Obvious variations of names are so noted in brackets [ ] next to a questionable name. Not all births prior to 1920 were recorded, because it took many years to enact California State Laws regarding the recording of vital records.

Not all children who were born and recorded were given names due to a variety of reasons, including superstition; infant death; stillbirth, etc. They are so noted in this index as ‘Unnamed Male’ or ‘Unnamed Female’. Mothers’ maiden names were not always recorded properly and that married names were instead listed on birth records, especially in years prior to 1910. For births that occurred during those early years of recorded births, mothers’ maiden names may not have been accurate. Not all children that died in infancy, or were stillborn, were named. They are so noted in this index as ‘Unnamed Male’ or ‘Unnamed Female’.

Currently, no information is available about Alpine County marriages before 1949 or after 1985. To request a lookup for the years between 1949 and 1985, contact the county coordinator ('Contact Us' link at top of page).



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