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Butte County Cemeteries
Old Cemetery Files


"Gleaning Notes"

Please be advised that most of the 'Gleanings' are not complete Lists or Indexes, If you wish to have the complete publication, they may still be available from
The Paradise Genealogical Society.




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21 July 2017

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Some of the data that is linked to this site was originally published by the

 Paradise Genealogical Society in their Bulletin

"The Genealogical Goldmine"

Please make every effort to document the information you glean.

The indexes were created by Society Members at various times and from different locales.

The LDS has quite a few batches of early Vital Records:

They can be found here.            


Vol-11.pdf  - A

Vol-12.pdf  - B & C

Vol-13.pdf  - D

Vol-16.pdf  - E & F

Vol-17.pdf  - F, G & H

Vol-18.pdf  - H, I, J, K, L & M

Vol-19.pdf  - L, M, N, O & P

Vol-20.pdf  - P, Q, R & S

Vol-21.pdf  - S

Vol-22.pdf  - S, T, U, V, W & Y

If the above images are hard to read, the whole collection can be found here: Beginning with Image # 878 > 1076 There is no index.


Marriages published in Paradise Genealogical Bulletins.

I do not know if these are full lists of the Marriage Books - If you don't find your person, Use Family Search:

 [California County Marriages]

Books A > P can be found here.

1920 Marriages [Family Search]

They are fully searchable pdf files.

Marriages - Odds


 Marriage Listings for

1850 > 1860
"Northern California Counties"

The above Book can be downloaded or searched here.


Family Search

Marriages: 1960 > 1985


Born: 1850>1910

Born: 1911>1920

Born: 1921>1930


'Married in Canada, Born in Butte County CA."


"Married in Kansas, Born in California"

Early Deaths & Burials



Additional Early Deaths / Burials

This is a 134 Page File, be Patient while it loads.

 G A R - Death List - Includes Age, Place of Birth, Occupation & Date of Death

 Pioneer Burials, See Page One for Explanation.

  Union [Ex] Soldiers buried in Butte County

Veteran Burials in Butte County, See Page One for Cemetery List

Miscellaneous Records

Concow Indian Land Allotment

 Pioneers, "Who came or were born in California before & including 1869"

 Butte City Directory - 1881

Great Registers - Different years - a mixed collection, 653 pages broken down into batches of 100 Pages each.
These can be found Here and are identified by: GR_1, etc

Photographers, Living or Working in the Chico Area

Hamel Mortuary Index 
See Page One for Explanation.

Rose Chapel Mortuary Index, Vol II

Paradise Chapel of the Pines
Mortuary Index, Vol I
Deeds Index

Probate & Guardianship Records:
The Index is here. The Pages are here.

LDS Probate Records
Alpha Indexes ~ Searchable PDF
A > D, E > H, I > L, M > Q, R > Z
Case Files are here.

 Note: Series 2 does not have an Index

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