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Obituary Indexes - Paradise Genealogical Society
Obituary Central - Butte County Paradise Post [Newspaper] Obituaries  ~ Genealogy Buff ~ Obituaries 
The California Digital Newspaper Archives is a great resource. The search function works just great, pay particular close attention to hits that say "Advertisement" this is where the Birth, Marriage & Death Lists are located.

Obits: Florence Styles Memorial Library Collection

This Collection is Miscellaneous for Dates. The pages were found in a set of old Society Bulletins and is not complete: A fully searchable file can be found here. They are what they are, no further information is available.

The LDS just digitized and uploaded Butte County Obituaries and miscellaneous old records from the Florence Styles Collection. Right now, everything is browse, but Obit indexes can be found on the Paradise Genealogical Society WebSite.

So check the Gen Soc first, then go here.


Gridley Herald
Gridley, Butte County, California

Index created from old copies of the above paper. / Files are here.
Lookups: Gridley Herald, 2003 > Current
Contact the County Coordinator, giving dates and names


California, Oakland, Alameda County, Newspaper Record Collection, 1985-2011

"Born in Butte, San Diego, San Mateo and San Luis Obispo Co's., CA"

The images are available on Family Search, sign in for access.


Obituary Lookups:

Pat has been doing Obit Lookups for a long time: Use Link to her name below.

Here is the Index of Old Obits: The File is fully searchable, Scans will be sent to interested Researchers, please include full name and year if listed and send to County Coodinator.

Chico Enterprise Record: Send Query to Pat

Miscellaneous Obituaries & Memorials

Kathryn Stewart ~ 1919 > 2013

'From the Lassen Advocate'

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