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This list covers cemeteries found within Colusa County. Feel free to contact the webmaster if you know of another cemetery not listed here. And please correct the 'locations' if you see an error!

The cemetery indexes next to cemetery names are from publications produced by the now defunct Colusa County Genealogical Society. The indexes appear in three volumes and each volume covers multiple cemeteries. Unless otherwise noted, there are no individual cemetery surveys available at this site. If you are interested in actually surveying a Colusa County cemetery, please contact the County Coordinator.

Arbuckle Cemetery
400 State Hwy 99W
Arbuckle CA 95912
Ph: (530) 476-2534
Index FindAGrave
Arbuckle Catholic Cemetery Index FindAGrave
Calmes Cemetery Index  
Catholic Holy Cross Cemetery Index  
College City Cemetery
98 Main Street
Arbuckle CA
Index FindAGrave
Colusa Community Cemetery
1976 Wilson Avenue
Colusa CA 95932
Ph: (530) 458-2650
Index FindA Grave
Common Graveyard (see Will S. Green Park)
Cypress Hill Cemetery (aka Lodoga Cemetery) Index FindAGrave
Dry Slough Cemetery (see Grand Island Cemetery)
Foxtail Park (see Will S. Green Park)
Goad Cemetery Index  
Grand Island Cemetery
Dry Slough Road
Meridian CA
Index Survey

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery
1741 Wescott Road
Colusa CA 95932
Ph: (530) 458-3522
John's Cemetery
376 Johns School Road
Arbuckle CA
Index FindAGrave
Leesville Cemetery
This cemetery is located on private property through 2 locked gates. There are a few unreadable headstones.
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Lodoga Cemetery (see Cypress Hill Cemetery)
Maxwell Cemetery Index FindAGrave
Princeton Cemetery Index FindAGrave
Sites Cemetery Index FindAGrave
Stonyford Cemetery Index FindAGrave
Will S. Green Park (see Military Biographies for 6 known veteran burials) coming soon
Williams Cemetery
2438 Zumwalt Rd
Williams, CA 95987
Ph: (530) 473-5444
Index FindAGrave

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Grave Marker and Family Photos, courtesy of Verna Langlois: