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I have compiled a wealth of information on the Veterans of the various wars in our Country. My focus included the Veterans who came to Colusa County, and for the most part stayed until death took them.

The preface to my unpublished work is included here:

It occurs to me that possibly that these brief biographies of Colusa County’s Early Military Veterans became the first Colusa County Pioneers.

These brief biographies in this information book on the War of 1812, Blackhawk War, Sommerville Campaign, Indian War, Bear Flag Revolt, Mexican – American War, Civil War & Modoc Indian War have never been told before.

This is the first time “their stories” will be told and their contribution to the agricultural, government and personal growth of Colusa County.

These brief biographies need to be told and as history is made with exceeding rapidity in a comparatively new community, it has been deemed wise to undertake once again the recording of the events that have made the history of the county, bringing the account down to date and leaving the facts on record, so that future historians may take up the brief biographies and carry it along, in order that it may be kept continuous.

These brief biographies are “their stories” as their history of yesterday becomes the history of today. 

John L. Morton

Colusa County Historical Researcher

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The persons mentioned in the Index below can be found on the linked Sections ~ The following Wars and Veteran burials are contained in the 'Misc War' Section: 1812, Bear Flag, Black Hawk, Indian, Mexican, Modoc, Somervell & Will S Green Park. The rest of the Veterans can be found in the Cemetery Sections: Arbuckle, College City, Colusa Community & Catholic Holy Cross, Grand Island, Lodoga, Maxwell, Princeton, Sites, St John's District Cemetery, Stonyford, Wilbur Springs & Williams.

Each Section is a fully searchable pdf file. In addition to being searchable, the individual pages may be copied by using the “Copy and Paste” method.

There is no copyright to this book, I have donated all of the data to the Colusa County portion of the CAGW. A set of references and acknowledgements is included. This material is meant for private use only. Please do not re-publish this material anywhere else.

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Alexander, George Washington Civil Grand Island
Allen, Charles Sterling Civil St John’s District Cemetery
Allen, John Paul Mexican Colusa-Community 
Anderson, Carroll Civil Williams
Anderson, Charles Ralston Civil Colusa-Community 
Arnett, John Civil Colusa-Community 
Ash, William Modoc Colusa-Community 
Baker, Albert Russell Civil Maxwell
Baker, William Franklin Civil Maxwell
Ballard, Robert Bruce Civil Colusa-Community 
Ballentine, Charles Mills Civil Colusa-Community 
Banks, John M Civil Colusa-Community 
Banning, William Washington Civil Colusa-Community 
Bashore, Edward Foreman Civil College City
Baum, John Winchester Civil Colusa-Community 
Bell, James Francis Civil Maxwell
Bellew, Joseph Civil Maxwell
Belton, William Henry Civil Colusa-Community 
Benedict, William Henry Civil Arbuckle
Beville, William Thomas Civil Colusa-Community 
Bird, David Tyler Civil Colusa-Community 
Blevins, Michael Robinette Civil Williams
Bobst, Thomas Scott Civil Colusa-Community 
Bond, Erza I Civil Stonyford
Botts, Thomas Allen Civil College City
Bowes, John Civil Colusa-Community 
Brady, Joseph Albert Civil Maxwell
Bramon, James H Civil Colusa-Community 
Brim, John Wesley Civil Williams
Brooks, George G Civil Colusa-Community 
Brown, Francis Drake Bear Flag Williams
Brown, James Washington Civil College City
Buettel, Frank [Franciscus] Sr Civil Colusa-Community 
Butler, Albert Burton Civil Colusa-Community 
Byers, John Andrew Civil College City
Caldwell, John Alexander Civil Stonyford
Caldwell, William Civil Grand Island
Cardwell, Geroge W Civil Colusa-Community 
Carson, Geroge Civil Colusa-Community 
Chambers, Walter Enock Civil Colusa-Community 
Chapman, Daniel Civil Colusa-Community 
Clark, Commodore Bainbridge Civil Williams
Clark, Jacob Brown Mexican Williams
Clark, Richard Johnson Civil College City
Compton, Ira Lorenzo Civil Princeton
Conner, William Douglas Civil Colusa-Community 
Considine, Michael Civil Colusa-Community 
Cooper, Patrick Black Hawk Colusa-Community 
Cooper, Stephen 1812/Blk Hwk Colusa-Community 
Cooper, Stephen Civil Colusa-Community 
Copsey, George W Civil Grand Island
Cox, Joseph Civil Colusa-Community 
Cross, William Henry Civil Maxwell
Cullers, Andrew Jackson Civil Colusa-Community 
Davis, James William Civil Colusa-Community 
Davis, William B Civil Arbuckle
DeBolt, George Washington Civil Arbuckle
DeJarnett, John Burress Civil Colusa-Community 
DePuy, Louis J Civil Colusa-Community 
DeStMaurice, Claude Edward Civil Colusa-Community 
Devlin, James S Civil Colusa-Community 
Dewey, John 1812 Will S Green Park
Dubois, Joseph Sanford Civil Colusa-Community 
Duncan, James Sullivan Civil Maxwell
Dunlap, Lemuel Stevens Civil Grand Island
Dunnigan, James A [Dunnegan] Civil Arbuckle
Durham, James Holloway Civil Maxwell
Durham, James Lewis Civil Maxwell
Dyke, Hugh Douglas Civil Williams
Edwards, William Civil Colusa-Community 
England, Marion Francis Civil Lodoga, Cypress Hills, Colusa, CA
Estill, William Kavanaugh Civil Colusa-Community 
Farnsworth, Joseph Sr 1812 Grand Island
Farris, Jordan 1812 Colusa-Community 
Farris, William D Civil Colusa-Community 
Fellows, Rufus Albert William Civil Colusa-Community 
Ficklin, James William Civil Colusa-Community 
Finch, George Allen Civil Colusa-Community 
Fitch, Lemuel Daniel Mexican Will S Green Park
Fitzgerald, Charles Civil Maxwell
Flagg, Rodney N Civil Colusa-Community 
Ford, Pleasant Lafayette Civil College City
Ford, Samuel Benn Civil Maxwell
Foster, James Washington Civil College City
Fowler, David Edward Civil Colusa-Community 
Frame, William Francis Civil Maxwell
Garrison, Edward Augustus Civil Colusa-Community 
George, James B Civil Colusa-Community 
Getman, Oscar Civil Colusa-Community 
Glenn, Hugh James Mexican Oakland Cem., Alameda, CA
Goodfellow, Henry Melvin Civil Williams
Goulding, Samuel Lasdon Civil Stonyford
Graham, George B Civil Catholic Holy Cross, Colusa, CA
Green, Andrew Jackson Whitfield Civil Colusa-Community 
Grimes, Henry 1812 Grand Island
Hall, Andrew Jackson Civil Arbuckle
Hall, George Henry Civil Colusa-Community 
Hankins, Andrew Jackson Civil Colusa-Community 
Hannah, John Civil Maxwell
Hardy, John Raymond Civil College City
Harl, John Lewis Civil Colusa-Community 
Harl, Leander Washington Mexican Colusa-Community 
Harpham, John H Civil College City
Harre, John Frederick Civil Colusa-Community 
Harrington, James Washington Civil Colusa-Community 
Harrington, John Tyler Civil Colusa-Community 
Harris, John S Civil Catholic Holy Cross, Colusa, CA
Harris, Joseph E Civil Colusa-Community 
Haskell, George Augustus Civil Colusa-Community 
Hatch, Francis Lewis Somervell Colusa-Community 
Hathaway, William Henry Jr Civil Colusa-Community 
Hearn, Walter Scott Civil Grand Island
Heathman, Benjamin Franklin Civil College City
Henneke, William Gerhart Sr Civil Williams
Hicks, Juncan C 1812 Will S Green Park
Hill, John William Civil College City
Howard, George Washington Civil Colusa-Community 
Howard, Rufus Warren Civil College City
Howe, Truman Civil College City
Hoy, Luthor Civil Williams
Humphreys, Charles Harry Civil College City
Hutchins, James Benjamin Civil Colusa-Community 
Ide, William Brown Bear Flag Monroeville, Glenn County, CA
Jackson, Calvin L Civil Williams
Jackson, John Lowery Civil Colusa-Community 
Jordan, Francis Emory Civil Colusa-Community 
Kaufman, Benjamin Franklin Civil Stonyford
Keffer, John Culp Civil Williams
Keffer, William James Civil Williams
Kenny, Joseph Civil Colusa-Community 
Kirk, Stephen Tridwell Civil Colusa-Community 
Kissling, Jacob Civil Arbuckle
Kurtz, Augustus M Civil Colusa-Community 
Lackey, Joseph A Civil Colusa-Community 
Lacy, John Civil Colusa-Community 
Lane, Leland Davis Civil Williams
Liening, John H Civil Colusa-Community 
Lightner, James T Civil Colusa-Community 
Lightner, John W Civil Colusa-Community 
Logan, Hugh A Civil Colusa-Community 
Logan, John Stephen Civil Colusa-Community 
Long, Morgan E Civil Colusa-Community 
Lowe, Thomas Jefferson Civil Grand Island
Lynch, Michael 1812 Colusa-Community 
Lyons, Jacob Civil Colusa-Community 
Madison, Edward Townsend Civil Wilbur Springs [Sulfur Creek] Colusa, CA
Magers, William H Civil Williams
Malsbery, John Snyder Civil Colusa-Community 
Marble, Oliver Perry Civil Williams
Martin, Francis M Civil Williams
Mathes, Andrew Jackson Civil Williams
McCallister, William Civil Colusa-Community 
McCollum, David B Civil Colusa-Community 
McCollum, Thomas Benton Civil Colusa-Community 
McDow, Robert Hartness 1812 Maxwell
McGhee, Turner Civil Colusa-Community 
McGuire, John Civil Catholic Holy Cross, Colusa, CA
Milburn, Thomas J Civil Grand Island
Miller, Daniel Civil Colusa-Community 
Miller, David Monroe Civil Williams
Miller, George Civil Colusa-Community 
Miller, Jasper Newton Civil Williams
Miller, Samuel Civil Colusa-Community 
Mitchell, George W Civil Colusa-Community 
Montgomery, William 1812 Will S Green Park
Moore, John Brown Civil Colusa-Community 
Moore, Peter Sperry Civil College City
Moss, John Jackson Civil Colusa-Community 
Mullen, Patrick K Civil Colusa-Community 
Mundell, James Abner Civil Williams
Murdock, Samuel Robinson Civil Colusa-Community 
Murphy, John M Civil Colusa-Community 
Murphy, Terrance 1812 Colusa-Community 
Myers, John Peter Civil Catholic Holy Cross, Colusa, CA
Newland, James L 1812 Colusa-Community 
Newland, Joel Francis Civil Colusa-Community 
Nordyke, John Washington Civil Colusa-Community 
O'Hair, Michael Civil Colusa-Community 
Oldham, James C Civil Colusa-Community 
Parr, Jesse Lee Civil Grand Island
Parr, William Charles Civil Grand Island
Patten, Robert Mexican Grand Island
Phelps, Jacob Marion Civil Lodoga, Cypress Hills, Colusa, CA
Pierce, Wright Garland Civil Colusa-Community 
Pitcher, Robert Samuel Civil Princeton
Poffenberger, Wesley L Civil Colusa-Community 
Pollard, Carrie Wilkins Civil Maxwell
Potter, Adelbert Eugene Civil Colusa-Community 
Powell, Robert Todd Civil Colusa-Community 
Probst, Benjamin Civil Colusa-Community 
Pryor, Bennett Alfred Civil Colusa-Community 
Putman, Francis Marion Civil Colusa-Community 
Rathbun, Jesse Perrin Civil Williams
Reed, Humphery D Civil Catholic Holy Cross, Colusa, CA
Rice, Martin Luther Civil Colusa-Community 
Rich, John Fletcher Civil Colusa-Community 
Richardson, Charles Civil Colusa-Community 
Richter, Charles Frederick Civil Maxwell
Richter, William Herman Civil Williams
Riley, Edward Civil Arbuckle
Robe, William Euclid Civil Maxwell
Roberts, David M Civil Colusa-Community 
Rohrbach, Daniel Harold Civil Colusa-Community 
Scott, John Thomas Civil Colusa-Community 
Semple, Robert Baylor Bear Flag Williams
Shackleford, Albert Royal Civil Colusa-Community 
Shearin, John Joseph Civil Sites
Shearin, Mark Harvel Civil Maxwell
Shepherd, Erastus Edgar Civil Colusa-Community 
Sheridan, William Civil Colusa-Community 
Simmons, Jonathan W Civil Colusa-Community 
Singleton, Thomas Lewis Civil College City
Smart, James Polk Civil Maxwell
Smith, George M Civil Colusa-Community 
Smith, James DeWitt Civil Williams
Smith, Tarton Jr Civil Colusa-Community 
Standard, Thomas Franklin Civil Colusa-Community 
Steele, David Civil Colusa-Community 
Stevens, John B Mexican Will S Green Park
Stevens, Levi H Mexican Will S Green Park
Stewart, Joseph Spriggs Civil Colusa-Community 
Stewart, Singleton H Indian Colusa-Community 
Stone, Charles Sr Civil College City
Stroud, Thomas Morris Civil Colusa-Community 
Taylor, Hanry B Civil Colusa-Community 
Taylor, John D S Civil Colusa-Community 
Taylor, John Gideon Civil Colusa-Community 
Taylor, John Joseph Civil Stonyford
Taylor, Samuel S Mexican Colusa-Community 
Terrill, John Roach Civil Colusa-Community 
Thomas, Edward C Mexican Colusa-Community 
Thompson, John Rufus Civil Arbuckle
Tolson, William Dement Civil College City
True, Frank W Civil Colusa-Community 
Tucker, Robert 1812 Colusa-Community 
Ufford, Julian Carter Civil Arbuckle
Underwood, Eli Nelson Civil Colusa-Community 
VanHorn, John Wesley Civil Colusa-Community 
Vannest, Peter 1812 Colusa-Community 
VonBreyman, William Adolphus George Indian Arbuckle
VonEinsiedel, Johannes [Hans] John Civil Grand Island
Walker, Simon S Civil Stonyford
Wall, Samuel Devore Civil Colusa-Community 
Wallis, John J Civil College City
Ward, John Canady Civil Arbuckle
Warner, Charles H Civil Colusa-Community 
Watson, John William Civil College City
West, Joseph Simeon Civil Colusa-Community 
White, George Walker Civil Colusa-Community 
White, James T Civil Colusa-Community 
White, Thomas L Civil College City
Willing, Charles Lloyd Civil Colusa-Community 
Willing, John C Civil Colusa-Community 
Wilson, James Charles Civil Colusa-Community 
Winn, Washington Whithead 1812 Stonyford
Wood, Albert G Civil Williams
Wright, Allen T Civil Maxwell
Wright, Robert Mills Civil Williams

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I have also written brief Histories of various Veteran’s Associations and Organizations:

Brief History
Of the
Grand Army of the Republic

In early 1866, the United States, now a securely one nation again, was waking to the reality of recovery from war, and this had been a much different war. In previous conflicts, the care of the veteran warrior was the province of the family or the community. Soldiers then were friends, relatives and neighbors who went off to fight, until next planting or harvest. It was a community adventure and their fighting unit had a community flavor.

By the end of the Civil War, units had become less homogeneous, men from different communities and even different states were forced together by the exigencies of battle where new friendships and lasting trust was forged. With the advances in the care and movement of the wounded, many who would have surely died in earlier wars returned home to be cared by a community structure weary from a protracted war and now also faced with the needs of widows and orphans. Veterans needed jobs, including a whole new group of veterans, the colored soldier and his entire, newly freed family. It was often more than the fragile fabric of communities could bear.

But probably the most profound emotion was emptiness. Men who had lived together, fought together, foraged together and survived, had developed an unique bond that could not be broken. As time went by, the memories of the filthy and vile environment of camp life began to be remembered less harshly and eventually fondly. The horror and gore of battle lifted with the smoke and smell of burnt black powder and was replaced with the personal rain of tears for the departed comrades. Friendships forged in battle survived the separation and the warriors missed the warmth of trusting companionship that had asked only total and absolute commitment.

With that background, groups of men began joining together, first for camaraderie and then for political power.

Emerging most powerful among the various organizations would be the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), which by 1890 would number 409, 489 veterans of the “War of the Rebellion.”

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was founded in Springfield, Illinois in April 1866, was the largest organization of Union Veterans of the Civil War. Organized under the leadership of Dr. Benjamin F. Stephenson, a former army surgeon, the GAR, sought to promote comradeship among veterans, to extend pension rights, to provide relief for war widows and orphans, and to maintain homes for old soldiers. In 1868, GAR Commander-in-Chief, John A. Logan, inaugurated the observance of Memorial Day in honor of fallen soldiers. Membership in the organization peaked at more than 400,000 in 1890.

The final Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic was held in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1949 and the last member, Albert Woolson, died in 1956 at the age of 109 years. The Grand Army of the Republic was dissolved in 1956.

Colusa has the honor of having a Grand Army of the Republic, General John Franklin Miller Post #110, that was organized on March 31, 1886. They held their meetings at the old I.O.O.F. Building at 546 Market Street, then moving to the old Colusa Town Hall at 427 Market Street (old city fire dept, now Richies Florist). The roster had plenty of Union Veterans, not only from Colusa County, but also from Sutter, Glenn, Tehama & Yolo Counties.

The last Union Veteran to pass away in Colusa County was Thomas Jefferson Lowe – Private, Company D, 137th United States Colored Infantry, on April 23, 1941.

Grand Army of the Republic

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General John Franklin Miller
Post #110, Colusa
Organized: March 31, 1886

Post Commander – Charles M. Ballantine

Senior Vice-Commander – Claude Edward De St Maurice

Junior Vice-Commander – Adlbert Eugene Potter

Adjutant – John E. Hayman

Quartermaster – Albert Berwin Cooper

Surgeon – Frank Z. Smith

Chaplain – James B. George

Officer of the Day – William W. Duffield

Officer of the Guard – David B. McCallum


1) William Washington Banning – Private, Company D, 25th Ohio Infantry

2) John Bowes – Private, Company B, 39th Illinois Infantry

3) Albert Burton Butler – Private, Company A, 8th Iowa Infantry

4) Frank Buettel, Sr. – Private, Company A, 73rd Pennsylvania Infantry

5) Joseph A. Brady – Private, Company C, 58th Illinois Infantry

6) Charles Cushing Bailey – Corporal, Company G, 39th Massachusetts Infantry

7) Jacob James Bradley – Private, 131st Ohio Infantry

8) William Caldwell – Private, Company G, 156. Illinois Infantry

9) Joseph S. Dubois – Sgt Major, 21st Iowa Infantry

10) James S. Duncan – Private, 2nd Iowa Light Artillery

11) William W. Duffield – Lt Colonel, 4th Michigan Infantry

12) Russell DeLappe – Private, Company C, 50th Illinois Infantry

13) John Von Einsidel – Corporal, Company H, 132nd New York Infantry

14) Samuel E. Faxton, Jr. – Quartermaster Sgt, Company B, 3rd Michigan Cavalry

15) Charles H. Garner – Captain, Company I, 15th New York Cavalry

16) Louis B. Gardner – Private, Company F, 8th Illinois Cavalry

17) George B. Graham – Private, 1st Kentucky Infantry

18) Andrew Jackson Hankins – 1st Sgt, Company A, 15th Maine Infantry

19) William G. Henneke – Musician, U.S. Army Band

20) Michael O'Hair – Private, Company D, 7th Iowa Cavalry

21) Wiliam Hathaway – Private, Company E, 5th Massachusetts Light Artillery

22) Richard C. Hamilton – Private, Company F, 10th Michigan Cavalry

23) John H. Harpham – Private, 1st Colorado Cavalry

24) William W. Herron – Private, Company G, 134th New York Infantry

25) M.W. Herron – Private, Company A, 7th Kentucky Infantry

26) John F. Herren – Private, Company A, 4th Michigan Cavalry

27) Solomon Keffer – Cass Colorado Guards

28) Augustus M. Kurtz – Private, Company E, 132nd Pennsylvania Infantry

29) John H. Liening – 1st Lt, Company D, 1st California Cavalry

30) Samuel B. Littlepage – Asst Surgeon, 12th Kentucky Cavalry

31) Washington F. Landers – 2nd Lt, 17th Indiana Artillery

32) Ernest H. LeGross – Captain, Company B, 1st California Cavalry

33) John S. Malsbury – Private, Company A, 4th Ohio Cavalry

34) Isaac Miller – Private, Company G 120th Pennsylvania Infantry

35) Curtis P. Moon – Private, Company C, 105th Illinois Infantry

36) David B. McCallum – Private, Company K, 7th Missouri Cavalry

37) Oscar Platt – 2nd Lt, Company K, 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery

38) Jonathan L. Poulson – Private, Company G, 178th Ohio Infantry

39) Martin Luther Rice – Private, Company I, 21st Iowa Infantry

40) Edward Riley – Private, Company I, 9th Illinois Cavalry

41) Randall D. Rice – Private, Company A, 94th New York Infantry

42) William H. Richter – Private, Company C, 29th Massachusetts Infantry

43) William Sayers – Private, Company F, 2. California Cavalry

44) Philander Stone – Private, Company E, 84th Illinois Infantry

45) Joseph S. Stewart – Corporal, Company E, 86th Illinois Infantry

46) Owen L. Shroyer – Private, Company A, 32nd Pennsylvania Cavalry

47) Joseph B. Sweet – Captain, 64th Ohio Infantry

48) Pratt M. Taylor – Corporal, Company F, 25th Wisconsin Infantry

49) Eli Nelson Underwood – Major, 13th Tennessee Cavalry

50) George Walker White – Sgt, Company Q 28th Pennsylvania Infantry

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Woman's Relief Corps
Auxiliary to the
Grand Army of the Republic

The National Woman’s Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, is a patriotic organization whose express purpose is to perpetuate the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic, as we are their auxiliary organized at their request on July 25 & 26, 1883 in Denver, Colorado and incorporated by act of the 87th Congress, September 7, 1962.

Our members cooperate in doing honor to all those who have patriotically served our country in any war. We teach patriotism and duties of citizenship, the true history of our country and the love and honor of our flag. We oppose every tendency or movement that would weaken loyalty to, or make for the destruction or impairment of our constitutional Union. We sustain the American principles of representative government, equal rights and impartial justice for all.

The National Woman’s Relief Corps have established a permanent National Headquarters and erected a Museum as a living Memorial to the Grand Army of the Republic at 629 South – 7th Street, Springfield, Illinois, 62903.

The National Woman’s Relief Corps has the distinction of being the only Patriotic Organization in existence founded solely on the basis of loyal womanhood, regardless of kinship, and through which any woman may render patriotic service to her country.

The badge is a Maltese Cross of copper bronze, with the Grand Army Badge Medallion center; in this center are five outstanding figures, Statue of Liberty, a Soldier, a Boy, a Woman, a Child, and the American Flag, and all encircled in a wreath of stars.

The Soldier means to us Fraternity because the Comrades created our organization as their Auxiliary in 1883.

The Boy is emblematic of the youth and strength of the future life of our nation.

The Woman is emblematic of motherhood, the very source of all civilization throughout the world. She has taught us mercy, kindness, and has extended charity from the beginning of time.

The Child is emblematic of the hope of the world, with our patriotic teachings of loyalty to our nation’s laws and principles, with freedom and justice for future generations yet unborn.

Our motto is, Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty.

Colusa has the honor of having a Woman’s Relief Corps organized on June 24, 1891 with the membership up to fifty members. They had their meetings at the old Town Hall (427 Market Street, now Richies Florist), then moving over to the Odd Fellows Building at 5th & Market Streets. They met on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday at 2 pm every month. The Woman’s Relief Corps was disbanded on January 1, 1895 due to hard times as there was a financial depression at that time.

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Woman’s Relief Corps
Post #77
Auxiliary to the
Grand Army of the Republic
General John F. Miller
Post #110
Organized: June 29, 1891

Carrie Murdock – President

Rebecca Liening – Senior Vice – President

Roselind Hayman – Junior Vice – President

Mary L. Pryor – Secretary Jennie A. Morris – Treasurer Sarah McNary – Chaplain Alphonsine Poirier – Conductor

Virginia Hicok – Asst. Conductor Margaret Hankins – Guard Carrie Willis – Asst. Guard


Sarah St. Maurice  [1893 President]  

Minnie L. Whiting

Fannie Pierce 

Tarissa Spurgeon

Clara Batman 

Grace Batman

Sarah J. Potter           

Alice A. White

Mary T. Dean 

Harriet L. Wilson

Elizabeth C. Riddle     

Mary Gray

Marva Hamilton          

Susan L. Drake

Kate Brooks   

Sarah W. Barrell

Ada Robinson 

Emma Jane Hall [1894 – 1895 President]

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Woman’s Relief Corps
Post #77
Places of Burial

1) Sarah Whitney Barrell: B – 1858 D – February 5, 1900 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section E

2) Clara Batman: No Information

3) Grace A. Batman: B?? D- 1926 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section J

4) Kate Brooks: B – August 21, 1846 D – November 5, 1922 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section H

5) Mary T. Dean B – October 13, 1836 D – December 1, 1918 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section F

6) Susan Drake: No Information

7) Mary Seabury Gray: B – May 1852 D – October 2, 1909 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section I

8) Emma Jane Hall: B- 1848 D – December 23, 1925 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section D

9) Marva L. Hamilton: B ?? D – 1900 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section N

10) Margaret A. Hankins B – December 22, 1846 D – June 13, 1904 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section H

11) Roselind G. Hayman: B – October 15, 1848 D – December 19, 1898 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section N

12) Virginia Nutter Hicok: B – March 13, 1874 D – August 27, 1944 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section K

13) Rebecca M. Liening B ?? D – November 21, 1915 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section D

14) Sarah De St Maurice: B – 1836 D – March 8, 1914 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section E

15) Sarah McNa: No Information

16) Jennie A. Morris: No Information

17) Carrie Sedwich Murdock: B- 1838 D – March 25, 1903 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section D

18) Fannie Moss Pierce: B – 1859 D – June 27, 1927 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section K

19) Alphosine Poirier B?? D – June 4, 1918 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section E

20) Sarah Jane Potter: B – August 11, 1856 D – June 12, 1930 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section K

21) Mary Louisa Pryor: B – 1848 D – October 24, 1910 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section K

22) Eizabeth C. Riddle: No Information

23) Ada N. Robinson B?? D – July 21, 1946 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section K

24) Tarissa B. Spurgeon: B – March 7, 1865 D – November 6, 1913 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section J

25) Alice Francis White B – February 26, 1852 D – February 29, 1940 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section A

26) Minnie L. Whiting B?? D – 1894 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section Unknown

27) Carrie Willis: No Information

28) Harriet Louise Wilson B – February 14, 1860 D – May 28, 1939 Buried: Colusa Community Cemetery, Section E

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Brief History
Of the
United Confederate Veterans Association

The United Confederate Veterans Association was established in 1889 as a benevolent, historical, social and literary association. It was active from 1889 to the mid 1940’s. It’s mission was to “unite in a general federation all associations of Confederate Veterans, soldiers and sailors, now in existence or hereafter to be formed; to gather authentic data for an impartial history of the War between the States; to preserve relics or mementos of the same; to cherish the ties of friendship that should exist among men who have shared common dangers, common sufferings and privations; to care for the disabled and extend a helping hand to the needy; to protect the widows and orphans and to make and preserve a record of the services of every member and as far as possible of those of our comrades who have preceded us in eternity.”

Leon Jastremski, a member of the Association of the Army of Northern Virginia (AANVA), Louisiana Division, claimed to have suggested to E.D. Wilett, President of that association, the idea that led to the organization of the United Confederated Veterans Association (UCV). Planning began with conversations among E.D. Wilett, Fred S. Washington and Fred Ober and other members of the AANVA. They were joined by J.A. Chalaron and D.E. Given of the Association of the Army of Tennessee (AAT), and in February 1889, AANVA joined with the AAT and Confederate States’ Cavalry in formally endorsing a plan for a general meeting of Confederate Veterans. More than 500 of the 1,885 UCV local camps previously existed independently or as members of other societies. The total membership in the UCV may have approached 160,000 or 25 percent of the southern soldiers who survived the Civil War.

A group of Confederate Veterans from Colusa gathered together and organized Camp Pap Price, Post #1360, named after Confederate General Sterling Price. The post was organized on August 6, 1901 and Major John B. Moore was elected as the first Post Commander. They met at the Odd Fellows Building, 141 – 5th Street. The last Confederate Veteran to pass away was Captain John Lowery Jackson, Company A, 1st Battery, Missouri State Guard, on May 11, 1940, thus closing out the UCV in Colusa County.

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United Confederate Veterans
Camp Pap Price
Post #1360
Organized: May 11,1901

Moore – Post Commander

Michael R. Blevins – Senior Vice – Commander

William M. Craig – Junior Vice – Commander

William T. Beville – Adjutant

John T. Harrington – Quartermaster Dr. William Henry Belton – Surgeon John L. Jackson – Chaplain

Luthor Hoy – Officer of the Day


1) Thomas B. McCollum – Private, Company D, Searcy’s Battalion of Missouri Sharpshooters

2) Jim Miller – Private, Company B, 9th Arkansas Cavalry

3) James Polk Smart – Private, Company K, 7th Tennessee Infantry

4) John Fletcher Rich – Private, Company B, 51st Virginia Infantry

5) John Roach Terrill – 1st Lt, Company G, 12th Missouri Cavalry

6) Stephen Cooper – Private, Company L, 2nd Missouri Infantry

7) Dr. Joseph West – Lt, Norfolk Virginia, Light Artillery Blues

8) John W. Watson – Private, Company E, 5th Missouri Cavalry

9) Thomas L. White – Private, Company A, 10th Missouri Infantry

10) Thomas Lewis Singleton – Sgt, Company D, 10th Missouri Cavalry

11) Robert Todd Powell – 1st Lt, Company B, 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry

12) Oscar C. Todd – Private, Company I, 10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers Cavalry

13) Charles Sterling Allen – 2nd Lt, Company C, 6th Missouri Cavalry

14) Leeland Davis Lane – Private, Company A, 3rd Missouri Cavalry

15) William Dement Tolson – Private, Company H, 22nd Texas Cavalry

16) Jo. C. Ward – Private, Company H, 43rd Georgia Infantry

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United Confederate Veterans
Camp Pap Price
Post #1360 

Colusa Confederate Veterans receiving the Southern Cross of Honor from the Albert Sidney Johnston Chapter, Daughters of the Confederacy, San Francisco, California on November 3, 1901.

1) Major John Brown Moore – Company L, 1st South Carolina Rifles

2) Captain John Tyler Harrington – Company E, 2nd Kentucky Infantry

3) Captain John Lowery Jackson – Company A, 1st Missouri State Guard

4) Captain William Henry Belton – Company E, 1st Mississippi Infantry

5) 1st Lt John Roach Terrill – Company G, 12th Missouri Cavalry

6) 1st Lt Robert Todd Powell – Company B, 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry

7) 2nd Lt Charles Sterling Allen – Company C, 6th Missouri Cavalry

8) Lt Dr. Joseph Simeon West – Norfolk Virginia Light Artillery Blues

9) Sgt Michael Robinette Blevins – Company A, 1st Indian Territory Cherokee Cavalry

10) Sgt Thomas Lewis Singleton – Company D, 10th Missouri Cavalry

11) Private Luthor Hoy – Company A, 4th Division, Missouri State Guard

12) Private Thomas Benton McCollum – Company D, Searcy’s Battalion of Missouri Sharpshooters

13) Private James Polk Smart – Company K, 7th Tennessee Infantry

14)Private Stephen Cooper – Company L, 2nd Missouri Infantry

15) Private John William Watson – Company E, 5th Missouri Cavalry

16) Private Thomas L. White – Company A, 10th Missouri Infantry

17) Private William Thomas Beville – Company K, 8th Virginia Cavalry

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Brief History of the
United Daughters of the Confederacy

The United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) is a Southern Heritage Organization consisting of direct and collateral female descendants of the soldiers, sailors and statesmen of the Confederate States of America (1861 – 1865).

The National Association of the Daughters of the Confederacy was organized in Nashville, Tennessee on September 10,1894 with Mrs. C.M. Goodlett as the Founder and Mrs. L.H. Raines as the Co – Founder. When the organization held its second meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in 1895, the name was changed to United Daughters of the Confederacy.

It is the oldest patriotic organization in the United States because of its connection with two statewide organizations which came into existence as early as 1890; The Daughters of the Confederacy (D.O.C.) in Missouri and the Ladies Auxiliary in the Confederate Home in Tennessee. The aims of organization are Patriotic, Memorial, Benevolent, Educational and Historical.

The General Organization is divided into State Divisions, which are further subdivided into Districts and Chapters. 

Colusa County has the honor of having a United Daughters of the Confederacy organized in 1902 as the Winnie Davis Chapter #709 with Mrs. Ann West as the first Chapter President. This chapter united with Camp Pap Price, United Confederate Veterans, Post #1360 in a reunion on October 28, 1903, having reorganized under a charter on June 28, 1903 previously. 

This is the only chapter north of San Francisco, California and is represented by members over a radius of 100 miles and it is the only one in the greater Sacramento Valley. It works in connection with Camp Pap Price, Post #1360, which is the only camp in Northern California and which is also domiciled in Colusa. 

Those eligible for membership are the widows, wives, mothers, sister’s, nieces, lineal descendents of such men as served honorably in the Confederate Army, Navy or Civil Service; or of those men unfit for active duty, who loyally gave aid to the cause; also women and their lineal descendents, wherever living, who can give proof of personal service and loyal aid to the southern cause during the war.

The Winnie Davis Chapter #709 was disbanded in 1913 having lost interest and members passing away.

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United Daughters of the Confederacy
Winnie Davis Chapter #709
Organized: 1902

Ann West – President (1902)

Sallie Morgan Green – President (1903 – 1913)

Mrs. Harmon M. Albery Vice – President (1902 – 1907) Luella Hoy – 2. Vice – President

Olivia Cooper – Secretary (1902 – 1903)

Mrs. C.C. Jordan – Recording Secretary (1903 – 1905)

Miss Nellie Crutcher – Recording Secretary (1906 – 1913) Miss Rowena Pryor – Corresponding Secretary (1907 – 1913) Eunice T. Hart – Treasurer

Lute Beville – Registrar

Miss Nancy Lee Hart – Historian


1) Elizabeth Wakefield Blevins

2) Carrie H. Crane

3) Miss Birdie Hoy Britton

4) Sarah F. Watson

5) Mrs. Charles L. Donohoe (Willows)

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United Daughters of the Confederacy
Winnie Davis Chapter #709
Places of Burial

1) Mrs. Harmon Albery: B – October 26, 1850 D – December 7, 1941 Buried in Colusa Community Cemetery, Section K

2) Elizabeth Wakefield Blevins B – March 7, 1839 D – September 3, 1926 Buried in Williams Cemetery, Masonic Section

3) Olivia Cooper: B?? D – December 13, 1903 Buried in Colusa Community Cemetery, Section N, Grave 6

4) Carrie H. Crane: B – 1865 D – November 24, 1935 Buried in Colusa Community Cemetery, Section H

5) Nellie Crutchee: No Information

6) Mrs. Charles L. Donohoe: B?? D ?? Buried in Willows Cemetery, Glenn County

7) Eunice T. Hart: B ?? D – March 31, 1917 Buried in Colusa Community Cemetery, Section K

8) Rowena Pryor: No Information

9) Lute Beville : B – 1852 D – April 6, 1933 Buried in Colusa Community Cemetery, Section H

10) Nancy Lee Harl: No Information

11) Luella Brown Hoy B – 1854 D – December 28, 1928 Buried in Williams Cemetery, Old Section, South Side

12) Sallie Morgan Green B – D – June 3, 1925 Buried in Kentucky

13) Birdie Hoy Britton B – October 17, 1883 D – December 14, 1947 Buried in Williams Cemetery, Old Section, South Side

14) Mrs. C.C. Jordan: No Information

15) Hannah Powell: B ?? D – November 6, 1914 Buried in Colusa Community Cemetery, Section E

16) Sarah F. Watson: B – 1847 D – 1938 Buried in College City Cemetery, Section G, Lot 6

17) Ann West: B?? D - May 16, 1912 Buried in Colusa Community Cemetery, Section I  

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In Addition to the above research on Veteran’s Associations and Organizations, John has included a section on the Homes of Veteran’s who lived in Colusa County, he is going to send scans of those from a book entitled “If The Walls Could Talk” by Jane Foster Carter. Those will be added to this Site. For now, here is the listing. John also just found a listing of Veteran’s homes that have been demolished, those will be added in at the bottom of this list.

Civil War Veterans Homes
City of Colusa

1) Doctor John M. Banks – Private, Company I, 1st North Carolina Light Artillery Regiment, Battery A (CSA), Home: 357 Clay Street ~ Built: 1880

2) William Thomas Beville – Private, Company K, 38th Virginia Infantry (CSA), Home: 412 Clay Street ~ Built: 1873

3) William Kavanaugh Estill – Private, Company A, 9th Ohio Cavalry, Home: 1210 – 10th Street ~ Built: 1866

4) George Allen Finch – Private, Company A, 38th Virginia Infantry (CSA) Home: 724 Oak Street ~ Built: 1898

5) George Henry Hall – Private, Company I, 2nd Vermont Infantry, Home: 21, 23, 25 & 27 Market Street ~ Built: 1915

6) Andrew Jackson Hankins – 1st Sgt, Company A, 15th Maine Infantry, Home: 422 Clay Street ~ Built: 1890

7) John Tyler Harrington – Captain, Company E, 2nd Kentucky Infantry (CSA), Home: 415 Bridge Street ~ Built: 1885

8) John E. Hayman – Private, Company I, 134th Indiana Infantry, Home: 439 Clay Street ~ Built: 1887

9) Jo. Lowery Jackson – Captain, Company A, 1st Battery, Missouri State Guard (CSA), Home: 609 Clay ~ Built:1882

10) John H. Liening – 1 Lt, Company D, California Infantry, Home: 519 – 5th Street ~ Built: 1890

11) John Snyder Malsbery – Private, Company A, 4th Ohio Infantry, Home: 257 Jay Street ~ Built: 1886 

12) John Brown Moore – Major, lst South Carolina Rifles Infantry Battalion, 1st Regiment (CSA), Home: 519 Jay Street ~ Built: 1871 ~ Remodeled: 1926 & 1951

13) Samuel Robinson Murdock – Lt., Company F, 2. Ohio Infantry, Home: 16 Market Street ~ Built: 1882

14) Joel Francis Newland – Private, Company H, 1st California Cavalry, Home: 128 Main Street ~ Built: 1912

15) Wright Garland Pierce – Private, Company C, 2nd Vermont Infantry, Home: 306 Oak Street ~ Built: 1900

16) Bennett Alfred Pryor – Private, Company I, 28th Illinois Infantry, Home: 433 – 5t.11 Street ~ Built: 1881

17) John Fletcher Rich – Private, Company B, 51. Virginia Infantry CSA, Home: 341 Clay Street ~ Built: 1890

18) Erastus Edgar Shephard – Private, Company C, 445 Wisconsin Infantry, Home: 223 Parkhill Street ~ Built: 1908

19) John Gideon Taylor – Private, Drummer, Comp. F, 51. Wisconsin Infantry, Home: 645 – 5th Street ~ Built: 1872 ~ Re-built: 1961

20) Daniel Warner – Corporal, Company I, 1. Michigan Cavalry Home: 438 – 7th Street ~ Built: 1880

21) Doctor Joseph Simeon West – Lt, Company H, 16th Virginia Infantry (CSA), Home: 557 Clay Street ~ Built: 1880

22) George Walker White – Sgt, Company I, 20th Pennsylvania Infantry, Home: 1359 Wilson Avenue ~ Built: 1875

23) John Burres DeJarnatt – Private, Company F, 6th Illinois Cavalry, Home – 643 Oak Street Built – 1917

Veteran's Homes No Longer Standing:

1) Charles Ralston Anderson – Captain, Company F, 128th New York Infantry, Home – 1107 Market Street ~ Built – 1887 ~ Torn Down – 2003

2) Doctor William Henry Belton – Captain, Company E, 11th Mississippi Infantry (CSA). Home – 238 – 6th Street ~ Built – 1882 ~ Torn Down – 1906 ~ Office – 816 – 6th Street ~ Built – 1884 Torn Down – 1995

3) George G. Brooks – Private, Company E, 7th Illinois Infantry. Home – 41 – 5th Street (Colusa House / Riverside Hotel) ~ Built – 1851 ~ Torn Down – 2000

4) John Jackson Moss – Private, Company F, 16th Missouri Infantry. Home – 400 Oak Street ~ Built – 1890

5) Michael O’Hair – Private, Company K, 7th Iowa Cavalry. Home – 339 Main Street ~ Built – 1880

6) Adlbert Eugene Potter – Private, Company H, 116th New York Infantry. Home – 154 Webster Street ~ Built – 1885

7) Joseph S. Stewart – Private, Company E, 86th Illinois Infantry. Home – 1040 Jay Street~ Built – 1880

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And, finally, there is a section in the book that contains miscellaneous data that will be of interest to Researchers. The Index below includes the name of the person and the type of document. All of the files can be found here, they are jpeg images.

Ash, William Photo
Belton, William Henry & Annie Family Photos
Belville, William Thomas Golden Wedding Anniversary
Blevins, Michael Robinette 60th Wedding Anniversary
Byers, J A Photo
Civil War Veterans News Article
Clark, Louis McCullough Obituary
Clark, Samuel C & Metcalf, Louisa Jane Family Data Sheet
Cooper, Stephen Photo
Glenn, Hugh James Photo
Hardy, John Raymond Photo
Jackson, John L News Article
Liening, J H Photo
Logan, Hugh A Photo
Logan, John Stephen Photo
McDow, Robert Hartness Photo
Moore, John B Obituary
Murdock, S R Photo
Newland, Joel Francis Photo
O'Hair, M Photo
Schroeder, Fred H Obituary
Vallejo, Mariano Guadalupe Photo
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References & Acknowledgements


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14) The War of the Rebellion, a compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, published under the direction of the Honorary Elihu Root, Secretary of War and Brigadier General Fred C. Ainsworth, Chief of the Record & Pension Office, War Department and Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley, Washington, D.C. , Government Printing Office, 1881 – 1900.

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1) McNary – Moore Funeral Home

2) Colusa Community Cemetery District

3) Colusa Catholic Holy Cross Cemetery

4) Williams Cemetery District

5) Arbuckle Cemetery District

6) College City District

7) Grand Island Cemetery District

8) Maxwell Cemetery District

9) Princeton Cemetery District

10) Stonyford Cemetery District

11) Lodoga Cemetery (Cypress Hills Cemetery)

12) Wilbur Springs Cemetery

13) Sites Cemetery

14) St. John's District Cemetery

15) Internet Sources

a) American Civil War Research & Genealogy Database

b) Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System by the National Park Service

c) Rootsweb

d) LDS Family Search

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Personnel Sources

1) Charles Davis, Elk Grove, Ca. – Sons of the Union Veterans, General G. Wright Post #22.

2) Louis Olker, Petaluma, Ca. – Sons of the Confederate Veterans

3) Margaret Alley – United Daughters of the Confederacy

4) John Pactin – Grave Registration Officer, Sons of the Union Veterans, Camp #24, Los Molinos, Ca.

5) Charles Partain – Relative of War of 1812 Veteran William Montgomery.

6) Monica Morris – Relative of War of 1812 Veteran Washington W. Winn.

7) Diane Monack – Relative of War of 1812 & Blackhawk War Veteran Major Stephen Cooper.

8) Nichole Green – Relative of Mexican War Veteran Lemuel Daniel Fitch.

9) Margo Farris Brewer – Relative of War of 1812 Veteran Jordan Farris & Union Civil War Veterans Charles D. Warner & William D. Farris.

10) Barbara Oeme – Relative of Union Civil War Veteran Lemuel S. Dunlap.

11) Ralph Hinton – Relative of Union Civil War Veteran Oliver Perry Marble.

12) Josephine Muttart – Relative of Union Civil War Veteran William Douglas Conner.

13) Daniel Smith – Relative of Mexican War & Union Civil War Veteran Tarlton Smith.

14) Roy McAlister – Relative of Confederate Civil War Veteran Samuel B. Hutchins.

15) Marilyn Ornbaun – Relative of Union Civil War Veteran James Washington Foster.

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