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Brief History of the United Confederate Veterans Association

The United Confederate Veterans Association was established in 1889 as a benevolent, historical, social and literary association. It was active from 1889 to the mid 1940’s. It’s mission was to “unite in a general federation all associations of Confederate Veterans, soldiers and sailors, now in existence or hereafter to be formed; to gather authentic data for an impartial history of the War between the States; to preserve relics or mementos of the same; to cherish the ties of friendship that should exist among men who have shared common dangers, common sufferings and privations; to care for the disabled and extend a helping hand to the needy; to protect the widows and orphans and to make and preserve a record of the services of every member and as far as possible of those of our comrades who have preceded us in eternity.”

Leon Jastremski, a member of the Association of the Army of Northern Virginia (AANVA), Louisiana Division, claimed to have suggested to E.D. Wilett, President of that association, the idea that led to the organization of the United Confederated Veterans Association (UCV). Planning began with conversations among E.D. Wilett, Fred S. Washington and Fred Ober and other members of the AANVA. They were joined by J.A. Chalaron and D.E. Given of the Association of the Army of Tennessee (AAT), and in February 1889, AANVA joined with the AAT and Confederate States’ Cavalry in formally endorsing a plan for a general meeting of Confederate Veterans. More than 500 of the 1,885 UCV local camps previously existed independently or as members of other societies. The total membership in the UCV may have approached 160,000 or 25 percent of the southern soldiers who survived the Civil War.

A group of Confederate Veterans from Colusa gathered together and organized Camp Pap Price, Post #1360, named after Confederate General Sterling Price. The post was organized on August 6, 1901 and Major John B. Moore was elected as the first Post Commander. They met at the Odd Fellows Building, 141 – 5th Street. The last Confederate Veteran to pass away was Captain John Lowery Jackson, Company A, 1st Battery, Missouri State Guard, on May 11, 1940, thus closing out the UCV in Colusa County.

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United Confederate Veterans
Camp Pap Price
Post #1360
Organized: May 11,1901

John Brown Moore – Post Commander

Michael R. Blevins – Senior Vice – Commander

William M. Craig – Junior Vice – Commander

William T. Beville – Adjutant

John T. Harrington – Quartermaster

Dr. William Henry Belton – Surgeon

John L. Jackson – Chaplain

Luthor Hoy – Officer of the Day


  1. Thomas B. McCollum – Private, Company D, Searcy’s Battalion of Missouri Sharpshooters
  2. Jim Miller – Private,Company B, 9th Arkansas Cavalry
  3. James Polk Smart – Private, Company K, 7th Tennessee Infantry
  4. John Fletcher Rich – Private, Company B, 51st Virginia Infantry
  5. John Roach Terrill – 1st Lt, Company G, 12th Missouri Cavalry
  6. Stephen Cooper – Private, Company L, 2nd Missouri Infantry
  7. Dr. Joseph West – Lt, Norfolk Virginia, Light Artillery Blues
  8. John W. Watson – Private, Company E, 5th Missouri Cavalry
  9. Thomas L. White – Private, Company A, 10th Missouri Infantry
  10. Thomas Lewis Singleton – Sgt, Company D, 10th Missouri Cavalry
  11. Robert Todd Powell – 1st Lt, Company B, 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry
  12. Oscar C. Todd – Private, Company I, 10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers Cavalry
  13. Charles Sterling Allen – 2nd Lt, Company C, 6th Missouri Cavalry
  14. Leeland Davis Lane – Private, Company A, 3rd Missouri Cavalry
  15. William Dement Tolson – Private, Company H, 22nd Texas Cavalry
  16. Jo. C. Ward – Private, Company H, 43rd Georgia Infantry
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United Confederate Veterans
Camp Pap Price
Post #1360 

Colusa Confederate Veterans receiving the Southern Cross of Honor from the Albert Sidney Johnston Chapter, Daughters of the Confederacy, San Francisco, California on November 3, 1901.

  1. Major John Brown Moore – Company L, 1st South Carolina Rifles
  2. Captain John Tyler Harrington – Company E, 2nd Kentucky Infantry
  3. Captain John Lowery Jackson – Company A, 1st Missouri State Guard
  4. Captain William Henry Belton – Company E, 1st Mississippi Infantry
  5. 1st Lt John Roach Terrill – Company G, 12th Missouri Cavalry
  6. 1st Lt Robert Todd Powell – Company B, 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry
  7. 2nd Lt Charles Sterling Allen – Company C, 6th Missouri Cavalry
  8. Lt Dr. Joseph Simeon West – Norfolk Virginia Light Artillery Blues
  9. Sgt Michael Robinette Blevins – Company A, 1st Indian Territory Cherokee Cavalry
  10. Sgt Thomas Lewis Singleton – Company D, 10th Missouri Cavalry
  11. Private Luthor Hoy – Company A, 4th Division, Missouri State Guard
  12. Private Thomas Benton McCollum – Company D, Searcy’s Battalion of Missouri Sharpshooters
  13. Private James Polk Smart – Company K, 7th Tennessee Infantry
  14. Private Stephen Cooper – Company L, 2nd Missouri Infantry
  15. Private John William Watson – Company E, 5th Missouri Cavalry
  16. Private Thomas L. White – Company A, 10th Missouri Infantry
  17. Private William Thomas Beville – Company K, 8th Virginia Cavalry
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