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Welcome to the
Contra Costa County, California
Genealogy Page

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(We are not part of any Contra Costa County governmental unit)

Information Exchange
The signature features of a GenWeb site are those which provide a place for people to seek and exchange genealogical information. Opportunities for information exchange include the 2008 - Present QueriesOlder Query Pages, the New Surname Index1998-2008 Surname Index, and the Lookup page.
Lists & Links
A compilation of links to various research sources and databases; also some (randomly) collected lists and data sources. The "jumping off" place for researching on the web -- and beyond.
Research Sources
Where to find the records and resources to move your research forward. Where the obvious and not-so-obvious data and information might be hiding.
Get Involved
How to become a genealogy volunteer, and a calendar of local (and semi-local) genealogy-related events.

 This page was developed by Laurel Egenberger, the former Contra Costa County coordinator. For corrections and additions, contact the current coordinator, Linda Brown. The State Coordinator is Elizabeth Bullard.

This page was last modified on 26 September 2017.
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