The Shenandoah Valley Area of Amador County, CA.


By Elsie E. Dixon

The reference contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the reference is found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column. For look-up requests within the book itself contact George Ackerman The work itself can be found at your local Family History Center as Fiche #6049290.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list. Please note that the list is broken into section to make loading easier.

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Abbott, Addie62, 283
Accola, Margreth264
Acuna, John417
Adams, C. H.65
Adams, James246
Adams, Samuel138
Adams, Susan246
Adams, Wayne246
Adamson, Clyde92
Addison, Anna175
Aden, Alexander53, 68
Aden, Christophor68
Aden, G. E.88
Aden, Jeremiah "Green"4, 10, 11, 14, 20, 22, 24, 27, 30, 32, 68, 171, 172, 207
Aden, Martha68
Aden, Mary68
Aguilera, Carmen373
Ah, Chow49, 64
Ah, H4
Ah, Jim4
Ah, Ling4
Ah, Long4
Ah, Quong4
Ah, Sam4, 64
Ahl, Barbara143
Ahl, Chas.143
Ahl, Dorothy143
Ahl, Edna112
Ahl, Mabel143
Ahl, Pearl69
Ahl, Rita143
Ahl, Ruby77
Aikin, Mrs.414
Alder, Christine188
Alderman, J. W.68
Alders, Clarence74
Alexander, Flora169
Alexander, J.169
Allen, Bulah335
Allen, Dau.304
Allen, Donald304
Allen, Doris226
Allen, Dorothy226
Allen, E. L.303
Allen, Elm304
Allen, Emma303
Allen, Emmet304, 382
Allen, Francis303
Allen, Geo.10
Allen, Geo. C. C.277, 303
Allen, Geo. C. Mrs.222
Allen, Geo. C.303
Allen, Harry F.226
Allen, Harry H.225
Allen, Harry H. Mrs.iii, 227
Allen, Irene304
Allen, James304
Allen, John303
Allen, Mary B.303
Allen, Mary P.342
Allen, Mazy Mrs.342
Allen, Patrick303
Allen, Richard304
Allen, Robt. F.30, 43, 303, 370
Allen, S.4
Allen, Thos. H.164, 304
Allen, Thos. H.303
Allen, Thos. H., Jr.276, 303, 370
Allen, W. L.303
Allen, Winifred303
Allen, Zella Mrs.227, 426
Allison, Edward24, 304
Allison, Edward Le304, 306
Allison, Edward Le Mrs.306
Allison, Eliza305
Allison, Isabella219, 305
Allison, James Albert24, 304
Allison, John22, 248 304
Allison, Martha305
Allison, Mary305
Allison, Sarah304
Allison, Wm.3 05
Allison, Wm.342
Alspaugh, Charity230,233
Ames, Geo299, 301
Ames, Lydia299, 300
Amick, Addie93
Amick, Edna195
Amick, Lucy224
Amick, Wesley224
Anderson, A.310
Anderson, Archie78
Anderson, Carrie306
Anderson, Edward24, 78
Anderson, Hamilton85
Anderson, Hazel78
Anderson, Hester306
Anderson, John306
Anderson, John352
Anderson, Kenneth78
Anderson, Martha306
Anderson, Mary306, 349
Anderson, Mr.349
Anderson, Parlee306
Anderson, Sarah306, 348
Anderson, Son310
Anderson, Thos.306
Anderson, Thos. M.306
Andreason (Anderson), Alex69, 70
Andreason (Anderson), Alice69
Andreason (Anderson), Anna68
Andreason (Anderson), Barbara69
Andreason (Anderson), Buddy Larson69
Andreason (Anderson), Calvin Cooper69
Andreason (Anderson), Chris69
Andreason (Anderson), Christian69
Andreason (Anderson), Dorothy69
Andreason (Anderson), Frank69
Andreason (Anderson), Greta69
Andreason (Anderson), Harold69, 70, 284
Andreason (Anderson), J. Christian "Chris"8, 72 68, 75, 398
Andreason (Anderson), John C.69, 70
Andreason (Anderson), John C. III69, 70
Andreason (Anderson), Joseph Cooper69
Andreason (Anderson), Joseph Rau69
Andreason (Anderson), Mabel69
Andreason (Anderson), Minnie69
Andreason (Anderson), Pearl69
Andreason (Anderson), Rosa69
Andreason (Anderson), Rose69
Andreason (Anderson), Sadie Mrs.70
Andrews, Arthur393
Andrews, Austin264
Andrews, Aylette "Hall"268, 27, 307
Andrews, Donald264
Andrews, Elizabeth "Lizzie"266, 270, 307
Andrews, Ellen Mrs.393
Andrews, Ila Mrs.397, 425
Andrews, J. F.42, 392
Andrews, John270, 307, 316, 31
Andrews, John C.307, 316
Andrews, Lucille248
Andrews, Mary Mrs.307, 316
Andrews, Mrs.377
Andrews, Norman393
Anguillo, Alice Mrs.70
Anguillo, Mr69
Anguillo, Nicky69, 70
Anguillo, Patricia69, 70
Anguillo, Robt.69, 70
Antrose, Conrad211
Apedaile, Thelma73
Appleton, John Rev.205
Arditto, Mr277
Arenz, Martin212
Armstrong, C.361
Armstrong, Donald363
Armstrong, Wm.179
Arnett, Earle245
Arnett, Matthew245
Arrowsmith, Louisa376
Asbury, Annie113
Asbury, Augustus "Bruce"113
Asbury, Dau.113
Asbury, Emma112
Asbury, Geo.113
Asbury, Gertrude113
Asbury, Henry112
Asbury, Henry E.113
Asbury, Henry Mrs.114, 116
Asbury, John A.112
Asbury, John E.113
Asbury, Martha113
Asbury, Mary F.113
Asbury, Minnie113
Asbury, Myrtle113
Asbury, Sarah113
Asbury, Wm. "Louis"113
Ashcraft, Deborah144
Ashcraft, John144
Asher, Salina385
Ashton, Frank157
Assain, Axel70, 86
Aubert, Louisette339
Aubrey, Ann193
Aubrey, Josephine193
Aubrey, Mr.193
Auger, Paine250
Augustine, Louis193
Augustine, Mr.128
Avery, Floyd107, 128
Axford, W.243, 266, 340, 347
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Backer, Ira116
Backer, John B.116
Backer, John H.116
Backer, Victor116
Bacon, Mary178, 179
Bacon, Mr.298
Badger, J. E. Rev.222
Baggelmann, Theodore310
Bagley, Alice94, 113
Bagley, Annie94
Bagley, Elizabeth94
Bagley, James93
Bagley, James Jr.94
Bagley, John94, 95
Bagley, Katie94
Bagley, Lauren93
Bagley, Lloyd94
Bagley, Margaret94
Bagley, Mary94
Bagley, Meredith94
Bagley, Norman134
Bagley, Norman Mrs.134
Bagley, Robt. 0.93, 388
Bagley, Robt. H.93, 95
Bagley, Son94
Bagley, Vernon "Douglas"94
Bailey, Mr.303
Bailey, Mr.33
Bailey, Walton373
Bailey, Wm. 0373
Bailey, Wm. H.70
Bailey, Wm. L.4, 5, 24, 62, 70, 126, 136, 216, 239
Bailey, Wm. L. Mrs.70
Baird, Clara Mrs.71
Baird, Edwin134
Baird, Geo.54, 61, 71, 370
Baird, Georgia71
Baird, Jefferson13, 16, 20, 22, 29, 36, 45, 66, 71, 93, 103, 172, 235, 248, 254 279
Baird, Kristy234
Baird, Mr.134
Baker, Charlotte180
Baker, Emiline246
Baker, Geo.4
Baker, Geo.87
Baker, Geo.87
Baker, Glazier87
Baker, Laura354
Baker, Mae87
Baker, Mary Mrs.118
Baker, Mr.118
Baker, Thelma87
Baker, Thos. Cole180
Bakotich, Peter90
Balk, Francis146
Balk, Marnell146
Balk, Sharla146
Ball, Aaron20, 21, 26, 38, 77-79
Ball, Aaron72
Ball, Abbie78
Ball, Amos78
Ball, Bernard76
Ball, Blair76
Ball, Calvin72, 79
Ball, Chas. R.76
Ball, Chas. W.17-18, 76, 79, 80
Ball, Chas. W.76
Ball, Clarence18, 52, 72
Ball, Clifford77
Ball, Clindora "Dora"72
Ball, Clyde77, 79, 80, 84
Ball, Daniel78
Ball, Daniel W.77
Ball, Dau.77
Ball, Dau.77
Ball, Donald77
Ball, Edith52, 53, 69, 77, 120
Ball, Edwin74
Ball, Ellis L.22, 23, 38, 41, 78, 393
Ball, Emma74, 79
Ball, Eva Mrs.18, 19, 72
Ball, Flora74, 267
Ball, Frank77, 375
Ball, Fred76
Ball, Fred C.76
Ball, Geo.75
Ball, Harold77
Ball, Helen72, 148
Ball, Ida74, 194
Ball, Ila77
Ball, Jane77
Ball, Janice76
Ball, Jeannette Mrs.26, 38, 78, 79
Ball, John P.21, 22, 74, 216, 267, 294
Ball, Laura C.52, 53, 60,77, 83
Ball, Laura E.76
Ball, Lawrence18, 52, 72
Ball, Lilly78
Ball, Mabel18, 53, 59, 76, 183
Ball, Marian76
Ball, Marilda77, 375
Ball, Martha16, 54, 76
Ball, Mary75
Ball, Mary E74
Ball, Melvin73
Ball, Melvina73, 79
Ball, Mernelva76
Ball, Mr.17
Ball, Mr.374
Ball, Myrtle74
Ball, Nell76
Ball, Nettie75
Ball, Olive16, 54, 75, 107
Ball, Oliver4-5, 7-8, 10, 12-13, 15, 21-24, 30, 34, 37, 39, 45, 60, 62, 65-66, 72, 75, 79-80, 109, 118, 124, 133, 140, 165, 168, 196, 218, 224, 237, 242, 267, 271, 277, 312, 398, 401, 187
Ball, Oliver, Jr. "Little 1"23, 31, 34, 72, 75, 79, 260, 392, 411, 414
Ball, Patty77
Ball, Paul73
Ball, Pearl74
Ball, Percy73
Ball, Phoebe78
Ball, Prod A.18-19, 51-53, 56, 59-60, 76, 79-80
Ball, Ray53, 77, 80
Ball, Raymond72
Ball, Rebecca77
Ball, Reuben21, 22, 66, 72, 79
Ball, Ronnie77
Ball, Roy73
Ball, Sherman10, 73, 79
Ball, Susan75
Ball, Sytharium "Mernelva" Mrs.72, 79
Ball, Vern73
Ball, Walter73, 79
Ball, Wm. A.75
Ball, Wm. P.20, 21, 24, 30, 78
Balzari, Chas.361
Balzer, Katharina265
Bandy, Thelma13 6
Barbee, Howard228
Barbee, Milton227
Barbee, Rosa Mrs.227
Barbee, Wm.227
Barber, Mrs.418
Bargala, Albina81
Bargala, Andrew41, 81, 260
Bargala, Francisca81
Bargala, Francisco81
Bargala, Frankie81
Bargala, Geo.40, 81
Bargala, Harry81
Bargala, Monica81
Barker, Calvin270
Barker, Evelyn Mrs.428
Barker, Ida Mrs.168, 270, 271
Barlow, Georgia76
Barnes, Marsha364
Barnes, Paul136
Barnes, Paulette136
Barnes, Royal354
Barney, Alta Mrs.309
Barney, Altie310
Barney, Angeline Mrs.311
Barney, Anna311
Barney, Archie308
Barney, Aubrey310
Barney, Curtis308
Barney, Dau311
Barney, Dau.311
Barney, E. S.328
Barney, Eda309
Barney, Edna310
Barney, Effie308
Barney, Elmer146, 159, 308, 328
Barney, Emma Mrs.308
Barney, Eunice105, 309
Barney, Geo.311
Barney, Geo. P.310
Barney, Harriet311
Barney, Harriett A.310
Barney, Henry309
Barney, Jacob310
Barney, James309
Barney, James L.272, 309
Barney, James L.308
Barney, Jams L.311
Barney, Jams L. III310
Barney, John308
Barney, Joseph308
Barney, Lillian256, 310
Barney, Lowell311
Barney, Mary309
Barney, Mary H.309
Barney, Mary L.159, 311
Barney, Mod311
Barney, Mr.308
Barney, Ora310
Barney, Ruth145, 308
Barney, Vaster311
Barney, Waldo308
Barney, Warren103, 311
Barney, Wm.311
Barnhart, Mr.195
Barone, Marie113
Barrett, Levina422
Barrett, Mrs.416
Barry, J.24
Barry, John276
Barry, Laura299
Barry, Mary254
Barry, Mrs.405
Barry, Mrs.254
Barton, Arthur313
Barton, James313
Barton, Janet313
Bateman, C. A. Rev.16
Batons, Ellen183
Batons, Hannah Mrs.183
Batons, James183
Batons, Linda246
Batons, Linwood246
Batons, Linwood Jr.246
Battie, Henry321
Baughman, Adam4-6, 11, 20, 22, 60, 82, 84, 177, 236, 252, 272, 297,342, 396
Baughman, Jacob "Jake"82
Baughman, Mr.82
Baumgart, Abraham41, 393
Baur, Theresa192
Bayer, Joan321
Beach, Harvey238
Beach, Isabella238
Beach, Mary238, 239, 241
Beals, E. F.234
Beam, Mr.336
Beaulieu, Monsieur325
Beaver, Thos82
Beckett, Mary Mrs.68
Beecher, Henry W.42
Beeman, Marcella Mrs.149
Belford, James169
Bell, Adeliza83
Bell, Alva53, 77, 84, 316
Bell, Alvin53, 84, 316, 427
Bell, Ann84, 195
Bell, Annetta "Nettie" Mrs.316
Bell, Bertha84, 372
Bell, Catherine83
Bell, Chas. C.85
Bell, Chas. S. Mrs.28, 114
Bell, Chas. S.iii, 20, 22, 242, 26, 28, 82, 84, 110, 114, 153, 301, 396
Bell, Daisy85, 351, 358
Bell, Dau.83
Bell, Ealine82
Bell, Edward247
Bell, Emily85
Bell, Evaline85, 297
Bell, Harry427, 428
Bell, Hugh "Henry"53, 77, 83, 147
Bell, Hugh Harrison84
Bell, Hugh Harrison Jr.20, 23-24, 30, 32, 42, 60, 83, 85-86, 252, 270, 295, 319
Bell, Hugh Harrison Judge4, 21, 22, 45, 55, 83, 85, 86, 106
Bell, Hugh Henry Mrs. (Laura)79, 80, 147, 316
Bell, John86, 197
Bell, Martha Mrs.115
Bell, Mary A.197
Bell, Mary J.84, 151, 153
Bell, Mattie E.84, 204
Bell, Mertie "Myrtle"84
Bell, Neva Mrs.427
Bell, Raymond85
Bell, Sarah Mrs.35, 297
Bell, Susamah84, 106, 109
Bell, Virginia E. "Ethel"85
Bell, Wm.84
Bell83, 84, 85
Bellow, Genevieve Mrs.95
Bellow, Mr.93
Benn, Chas.70, 86, 213, 285, 370, 392
Bennellack, Emily Mrs.331
Bennellack, Geo.331
Bennets, W. A.62
Bennett, Blanche330
Bennett, Geo W.4, 5, 70, 80, 86, 187, 397
Bennett, Mary131
Bennett, Mr.131
Bennett, Mr.329
Benoist, Chas.321
Benoist, Francoise324
Benoist, Marie324
Benoist, Suzette Mrs.321
Benson, Norman255
Bergen, Francis393
Bergen, Hulda392, 393
Bergen, John393
Bergen, Tunis393
Berger, Mario325
Berriman, Clyde108
Berriman, Clydine108
Berriman, Mildred108
Best, Carrie346
Best, Clarence346
Best, Clarence P.330, 346
Best, Clarence P. Mrs.330
Best, D.346
Best, Dau.346
Best, Della "Maud" Mrs.346, 347
Best, Everett346
Best, Geo.346
Best, Isabelle346
Best, James346
Best, John J.329, 346
Best, L. (Patton) Mrs.346
Bevan, Evan J.9, 37-39, 41, 60, 62, 75, 112, 199, 277, 294, 312, 370
Bevan, Evan J. Mrs.200
Bevan, Jessie312
Bevan, May3, 12
Bevan, Willie312
Bianchetti, Angelina396
Bibb, Mr.226
Bichford, Albion311
Bigger, Carrie73
Billalon, Dave28
Bishop, Mary248
Bittner, Clarence
Bittner, Donald
Bittner, Wm.
Blackburn, Rebecca100
Blackburn, Rebecca Mrs.100
Blackmore, Albert192
Blake, Chas.296
Bloom, Chas.348
Bloom, Norma348
Bloom, Solomon348
Blouin, Daniel320
Blower, John9, 18, 29, 30, 36, 38, 62, 78, 100, 376, 392, 408, 414
Blower, Lavinia Mrs.416
Blower, Mary392
Bluth, Frank299
Boddy, Alfred131
Boel, James119
Boel, Lindley119
Boel, Mark119
Boel, Melissa119
Boglioto, Joan164
Bohna, Christine180
Bolin, Nathan367
Bolitho, Mabel399
Bona, Amiel381
Bona, Beverly381
Bona, Daniel381
Bona, Elsie381
Bona, James381
Bona, Maud Mrs.426
Bonneau, Chas. M.89
Bonneau, Chas. M. Jr.89
Bonneau, Robt89
Bonneau, Samuel89
Bonnefoy, Edwin427
Bonnefoy, Emeline Mrs.427
Bonnefoy, Victor305
Bonti, Joseph404
Bonti, Son404
Borland, Mr.388
Boro, Eugene394
Borradori, Isidro162
Borrold, Jams247
Borrold, Patricia247
Boshaw, Mary260Lloyd Boshaw
Boucher, Fred330
Boucher, S330
Bouillon, Hyacinth405
Bovinich, John333
Bowden, Amy217
Bowden, Della17
Bowden, Thos. Mrs.217
Bowles, Geo.88, 213
Boxall, Mary360
Boyce, H. M.383
Boydston, D. Samuel359, 360
Boydston, Elmer359, 360
Boydston, Nellie369, 360
Boydston, Susan Mrs.360
Boydston, W. H.407
Boyenger, Louise183
Boyle, Wm.61
Braddy, Claude155
Braddy, Claudia155
Braddy, Mae155
Bradigan, Catharine313
Bradigan, Comodore "Perry"314
Bradigan, Elisabeth "Dora"314
Bradigan, John313, 314
Bradigan, Louisa313, 314
Bradigan, Michael313, 378
Bradigan, Michael "Henry"313, 314
Bradley, C. H.232
Bradley, James367
Bragg, Fred309
Bray, Richard86, 114
Brazeau, Fraucoise320,324
Brazeau, Joseph324
Braziel, Donald285
Breese, Bonnie R181, 186, 287, 290
Breese, Bonnie R Mrs.290
Breese, Esther51, 56, 181
Breese, Geo. R181
Breese, Julia51, 181, 186
Breese, Lottie51, 52, 56, 181
Breese, Mary G. Mrs.185, 186
Breese, Rachel181
Breese, Ruth181
Breese, Squire181
Brenna, Mr69
Brent, J. A.87
Brewitt-Taylor, Leonard200
Brewster, Jerry348
Brice, Claude53, 90
Brice, Claude90
Brice, Eliza87
Brice, Geo. W Mrs.87, 91
Brice, Geo. W.8, 22, 87, 163, 229, 251, 299, 326, 347
Brice, Geo. W.54, 90
Brice, Mary90, 133
Brice, Mr.87
Brice, Orson90, 218
Brice, Patience90, 207
Brice, Pearl90
Brice, Rose53, 90
Brice, Sarah88
Brice, Son90
Briles, Wayne381
Brinck, W G. Mrs .322
Brink, Mr.279
Brinole, Joseph304
Bristow, Alice Mrs.296
Bristow, Emily296
Bristow, James K.246
Bristow, James K. Jr.246
Bristow, Paul246
Bristow, Rebecca246
Bristow, Sophia Mrs.296
Bristow, Theresa246
Bristow, Wm.296
Broaddus, Mr.212
Brock, J.91
Brock, Mr.91
Brock, Thos.91
Brockman, Chas.331
Broner, Eugenio84, 162
Brooks, Clay91
Brooks, Margaret244
Broubard, Martha86, 392
Brown, Albert M61, 98, 99
Brown, Albert N.96, 99
Brown, Alice97
Brown, Alice G.373
Brown, Annalee93
Brown, Aubrey97
Brown, Bridget Mrs.96, 99
Brown, C. E12
Brown, Chas.93
Brown, Clara97
Brown, Cora96, 99
Brown, Daniel156, 378
Brown, Donald97
Brown, Dora96, 99
Brown, Druzilla282, 288
Brown, E. F. Rev.80
Brown, Edna97
Brown, Elizabeth93, 98
Brown, Elva97
Brown, Elva Mrs.294
Brown, Elwin98
Brown, Esrey143
Brown, Frank98
Brown, Frank F.98
Brown, G. Elwood392, 393
Brown, Genevieve93
Brown, Geo.368
Brown, Geo. H31, 33, 39, 41, 60, 97-99, 107, 277, 294
Brown, Gertrude97
Brown, Hazel98
Brown, Henry378
Brown, Hulda (Bergen)9. 40, 62, 392, 393, 407
Brown, J. A.43
Brown, J. E224
Brown, Jacob282, 288
Brown, Jessie52, 96, 99
Brown, John92, 94
Brown, John371
Brown, John E96, 98
Brown, John E Jr. Mrs.96
Brown, John E. Jr.10, 12, 17, 21-23, 30, 31, 33, 34, 38, 40, 60, 96-99
Brown, Kenneth97
Brown, Margaret92, 94
Brown, Margaret93
Brown, Margaret Mrs.371
Brown, Marjorie93
Brown, Mary371, 372
Brown, Mary "Minnie" E52, 54, 55, 92, 94
Brown, Mary (Roberts) Mrs.94
Brown, Mary (Stowers) Mrs.156
Brown, Mary A71, 93
Brown, Mary Mrs.314
Brown, Matilda98, 343
Brown, Maude18, 51-53, 59, 93-94, 328
Brown, Mayme378
Brown, Nellie97
Brown, Phydella97, 107
Brown, Robt G.97, 332
Brown, Robt.5, 16-17, 22-24, 27-28, 71, 79, 92, 94-95, 179
Brown, Robt.92
Brown, Robt. L143
Brown, Robt. M12, 17-18, 23, 36, 54, 92, 94, 240, 294
Brown, Robt. M Mrs. (Retta)18, 56, 59, 217, 240
Brown, Robt. Mrs.95, 203, 205
Brown, Russell98
Brown, Thelma Mrs.317
Brown, Walter97
Brown, Wm.9, 23, 29-30, 33-34, 41, 43, 61-63, 96, 98-99, 342, 343, 396
Brown, Wm. E96, 99
Brown, Wm. Mrs.97, 99
Browning, R. H.38, 393
Bruce, Marshall348
Bruecker, Mr.389
Brumfield, Bessie53, 315
Brumfield, Claude315
Brumfield, Edward315
Brumfield, Joe315
Brumfield, John F.23, 280, 298,3 15
Brumfield, John F. Jr.53, 315
Brumfield, Marie Mrs.280
Brumfield, Maude "Fern"315
Brumfield, Ola53, 280, 315
Brunold, Geo Jr.349, 388
Brunold, Geo.388
Brunold, Irene349
Brunold, Margreth263
Brunold, Marvin349
Bryant, Baby100
Bryant, Chas.100
Bryant, Chas.100
Bryant, Dau.100
Bryant, Elizabeth100
Bryant, J.100
Bryant, Jennie100, 187
Bryant, John9, 100
Bryant, Lily100
Bryant, Samuel221
Bryant, Son100
Bryant, Wm.100
Bryson, Clara157
Bryson, Ivy157, 370
Bryson, James L157, 160-161
Bryson, Lafayette22-24, 35, 156, 160-161
Bryson, Mary E156
Bryson, Sarah Mrs.160
Bryson, Thos.156, 160, 161
Bryte, Michael Jr.323
Buchanan, P.G. Rev.136
Buckner, Aylette "Hall"268, 269, 316
Buckner, Geo.316
Buckner, John270, 307, 316, 319
Buckner, Mary Mrs.318
Buckner, Melissa253
Buckner, Robt.316
Buckwalter, Joseph177
Buckwalter, Mary177
Buens, Mrs.337, 341
Bullock, Joe129
Bullock, Joe Mrs.129
Bullock, Richard148
Bunker, Chas.395
Burbank, Eva419
Burch, Hannah Mrs.246
Burchett, Wm.221
Burdisso, D.164
Burgin, Alfonso416
Burgin, Chas.20, 24, 416, 417
Burgin, Edna416
Burgin, Elena416
Burgin, Ella51, 55, 416
Burgin, Enrico416
Burgin, Frank416
Burgin, Janette416
Burgin, Maggie416
Burgin, Mort416
Burgin, Mrs.416
Burgin, Son416
Burgin, Virginia Mrs.376
Burgin, W S. "Scott"416, 417
Burgon, Ada Mrs.167
Burgon, Geo.166, 167
Burke, Ann E317
Burke, Annie318
Burke, Barbara318
Burke, Bridget Mrs.39, 317, 319
Burke, Dau317-319
Burke, Dominick317, 319
Burke, Dominick J317
Burke, Dominick We318
Burke, Elizabeth317
Burke, John317, 331
Burke, Juanita318
Burke, Lawrence12, 17, 39, 317-319
Burke, Lawrence Mrs.319
Burke, Lawrence P.318, 319
Burke, Lawrence P. Jr.318
Burke, Loretta318
Burke, Thos. W.318, 319, 387
Burke, Vivian318
Burke, Wm.318
Burkholder, Mr.106
Burly, Lulu Mrs.271
Burly, Mr.228
Burner, Alice100
Burner, Chas.101
Burner, Ida101
Burner, James1, 9, 17, 20, 21, 66, 100
Burner, Lillian340
Burner, Mary100
Burner, Susie101
Burns, Andrew227
Burns, Annette "Nettie"83, 270, 319
Burns, Dau.101
Burns, James9, 101
Burns, James307, 316, 319
Burns, Lolita227
Burns, Mary E354
Burns, Mary Mrs.307 7
Burns, Myrtle227
Burns, Robt.106, 319
Burns, Ruby319
Burns, Wm.83, 106, 110, 268, 270, 316, 319
Burns, Wm. Mrs.110
Burrell, Ethel246
Burrell, Florence210
Burrinton, Geo. A.106
Burrinton, Geo. R106
Burrowes, Cliff69
Burrowes, Rosa Mrs.70
Burt, Alice129
Burt, Noreen129
Burwell, Henry417
Bush, Lorraine354
Bush, Paul354
Bush, Ronald354
Bush, Rosie253
Bush, Tina354
Butler, Lucian100
Butler, Mollie59
Butler, Mr.24
Butler, Wilma386
Butler, Wm.386
Butorovich, J.12
Byers, Sam365
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Cable, Clara89
Cable, Eliza89
Cable, Geo.88
Cable, Geo. W.90
Cable, Henry24, 88, 305
Cable, Margaret88
Cain, Wm.101
Callahan, Mrs.206
Caminetti, Anthony B317
Caminetti, Anthony Senator25, 317
Caminetti, Betty318
Caminetti, Elizabeth317
Caminetti, Farley "Drew"317
Caminetti, Loretta318
Campbell, Donald397
Campbell, Donna136
Campbell, Edgar136
Campbell, Everett136
Campbell, Gary136
Campbell, Glen136
Campbell, Grace Mrs.425
Campbell, Helen136
Campbell, J379
Campbell, J Mrs.380
Campbell, Juanita136
Campbell, June136
Campbell, La Vera136
Campbell, Peter P.136
Campbell, Ruth136
Campbrell, J. H131
Capps, Mrs.8, 101, 116
Carleton, Gordon313
Carlson, Claire327
Carlson, Mrs.327
Carlton, Linda Mrs.?428
Carpenter, Alice383
Carpenter, Daniel339
Carpenter, H. W.234, 235
Carpenter, Lawrence160
Carpenter, Louisa339
Carpenter, Mary Mrs.339
Carr, Frank284
Carraco, C.92 101, 223
Carraco, Dominic101, 104
Carraco, Stefan8, 101, 223
Carrick, Mrs.388
Carriere, Leopold325
Carroll, Annie Mrs.410
Carter, Ada53, 59, 102
Carter, Ben53, 102
Carter, Bobbe143
Carter, Charlene143
Carter, Clarence101
Carter, Donald102
Carter, Eva102
Carter, Frances53, 59, 102
Carter, Ida102
Carter, Robt.101, 135
Carter, Robt. Jr.143
Carter, Robt. R101
Carter, Willis102
Carter, Wm. A.23, 24, 40, 101, 190, 223, 253, 402
Casey, Billie107
Casey, Wm.107
Casey, Wm. Mrs.107
Castlebury, Mary325
Castlehun, F. C.40
Catineri, Galen338
Catineri, Karl338
Catto, Frank329
Catto, Frank Mrs.330
Catto, Georgie329
Cavagnaro, Andrew193
Caywood, Grant209
Caywood, Grant Mrs.428
Cecchettini, Marion192
Cecchettini, Michael192
Celio, Francis102, 335
Celio, Francis102
Celio, Mary "Virginia"162
Cerisola, Augustine102
Cerisola, Louisa102
Cerisola, Robt.102
Chaix, Elizabeth141
Chaix, Mary "Zella"141
Chaix, Sixte141
Chamberlain, Chas. L.221
Chamberlain, Chas. L. Jr.221
Chamberlain, David221
Chamberlain, Edra Mrs.428
Chamberlain, Evelyn221
Chamberlain, Michael222
Chamberlain, Steven222
Chamberlain, Wm.221
Chandler, Mr.97
Chardin, August8, 184
Chardin, Stephen8, 184
Charles, James346
Charleville, Alexander F. (Fred A.)7, 180, 322, 324, 325
Charleville, Athenaise322, 324
Charleville, Aurora321
Charleville, Chas. C.320
Charleville, Chas. M.323
Charleville, Francis de Vaux324
Charleville, Francois320
Charleville, Gilles320
Charleville, Harriet323
Charleville, Helene320
Charleville, Henrietta322
Charleville, Henry322
Charleville, Henry P.323
Charleville, Jacques324-325
Charleville, Jean B321, 325
Charleville, Jean B. C Jr.320
Charleville, Jean B. C.320, 324
Charleville, Jean B. Jr.321
Charleville, John322
Charleville, Joseph320-321, 323-324
Charleville, Joseph Carson322
Charleville, Joseph Chauvin320
Charleville, Joseph Cyprien321
Charleville, Kate323
Charleville, Landry321
Charleville, Lee322
Charleville, Locadie 322
Charleville, Louis320
Charleville, Louis (Azenor)322
Charleville, Louis F320
Charleville, M Therese322
Charleville, Pelagie321, 325
Charleville, Pierre320
Charleville, Robt.323
Charleville, Theresa321
Charleville, Thos.323
Charleville, Victoire321
Charleville, Victoria323, 328
Charleville, Virginia322
Chatman, Mrs.291
Chauvin, Alexander F. (Fred A.)7, 180, 322, 324-325
Chauvin, Athenaise322, 324
Chauvin, Aurora321
Chauvin, Chas. C.320
Chauvin, Chas. M.323
Chauvin, Francis de Vaux324
Chauvin, Francois320
Chauvin, Gilles320
Chauvin, Harriet323
Chauvin, Helene320
Chauvin, Henrietta322
Chauvin, Henry322
Chauvin, Henry P.323
Chauvin, Jacques324-325
Chauvin, Jean B321, 325
Chauvin, Jean B. C Jr.320
Chauvin, Jean B. C.320, 324
Chauvin, Jean B. Jr.321
Chauvin, John322
Chauvin, Joseph320-321, 323-324
Chauvin, Joseph Carson322
Chauvin, Joseph Chauvin320
Chauvin, Joseph Cyprien321
Chauvin, Kate323
Chauvin, Landry321
Chauvin, Lee322
Chauvin, Locadie 322
Chauvin, Louis320
Chauvin, Louis (Azenor)322
Chauvin, Louis F320
Chauvin, M Therese322
Chauvin, Pelagie321, 325
Chauvin, Pierre320
Chauvin, Robt.323
Chauvin, Son320, 324
Chauvin, Theresa321
Chauvin, Thos.323
Chauvin, Victoire321
Chauvin, Victoria323, 328
Chauvin, Virginia322
Chichizola, Antino357
Chichizola, Hazel Mrs.410
Chichizola, James406
Chichizola, Jule357
Chichizola, Marian406
Chichizola, Mary Mrs.406
Chichizola, Thos.406
Chichizola, Thos. L406
Chichizola, Virginia406
Chisholm, Gertrude Mrs.427
Chisholm, M Mr.396
Choate, Annie103
Choate, Isabel "Belle"54, 103
Choate, John54, 103
Choate, John B.103
Choate, Laura54, 103
Choate, Mary54, 103
Choate, Rosa55, 103
Choate, Rufus103
Choate, Susan54-55, 103
Choate, Wm103
Chopin, John B Dr.324
Chopin, Julia Mrs.324
Chopin, Kate Mrs.324
Chopin, Oscar324
Christner, Geo.349
Christner, Son349
Church, Mr.129
Church, Son395
Church, Thos.395
Cirby, Mr.377
Clack, Mr.215
Claiborne, Robt.25, 103, 215, 328
Clark, Alice51, 286
Clark, Annie18
Clark, Barbara103, 311
Clark, D. N.103
Clark, Edna85
Clark, Edward61
Clark, Frances170
Clark, Frances Mrs.226
Clark, Geo.12
Clark, Geo. Rogers Gen.320
Clark, Hugh286
Clark, Jennie363
Clark, Mary Mrs.286
Clark, Mary Mrs. ?311
Clark, S. N.103
Clark, Samuel N9, 103, 311
Clark, W. O.28-29, 58
Clark, W. O. Mrs.29
Clark, Will Mrs.326
Clauss, John Sr.418
Clayes, Orland103
Clemens, Frank379
Clew, Mr.317
Cline, Lawrence245
Cline, Nellie245
Cline, Wm.245
Clough, Ida411
Coan, Gary144
Coan, Glenn144
Coan, Martin144
Coan, Tammi144
Cobarubia, Gilbert, L04
Cobarubia, Mack9, 104
Cobarubia, Son104
Coburn, Arthur131
Coburn, Kimberly131
Coburn, Sheri131
Coburn, Wendy131
Cogni, Ontonie260
Colbert, Mary Mrs.iii
Colburn, Willard276
Coleman, W. H126
Coles, Mr.420
Colette, Henry338
Combs, Audrey168
Comers, Sarah89
Como, Mr.274
Condon, John9, 104, 141
Condon, Sarah "Lizzie"104, 141
Condon, Susan Mrs.141
Conley, Mrs.371
Connolley, Amye84, 85
Connolley, Gerald86
Connolley, Joe85
Convers, Arlington246
Convers, Chas.246
Convers, Della246
Convers, Effie246
Convers, Howard246
Convers, Janet246
Convers, John246
Convers, Kevan246
Convers, Laurie246
Convers, Lesley246, 247
Convers, Melany246
Convers, Paul246
Convers, Ralph H.246
Convers, Ralph H. Jr.246
Convers, Richard246
Convers, Ronald246
Convers, Ruth246
Convers, Shirley246, 247
Convers, Verle246
Convers, Virgil246
Cook, Mr.276, 348, 385
Cook, Mrs.97
Cooley, Ira156
Cooley, Jesse60
Coon, Geo10
Cooper, Bonnie131
Cooper, C. M.17
Cooper, Christine131
Cooper, Frank296
Cooper, Geo.349, 350
Cooper, Geo. R.130, 335
Cooper, Henry130
Cooper, Henry Mrs.129
Cooper, Isaac43
Cooper, Jennifer131
Cooper, Jeri131
Cooper, Joe "Ray"350
Cooper, Kenneth350
Cooper, Lloyd350
Cooper, Mrs.69
Cooper, Perry350
Cooper, Rochelle131
Coote, Edward114
Corey, Evelyn222
Corey, John221
Corey, Mabel221
Cormier, Joanna142
Corneal, A.401
Corre, F127
Correco, C.92 101, 223
Correco, Dominic101, 104
Correco, Stefan8, 101, 223
Cosner, Robt.110
Coster, Alfred J.9, 31, 45, 326, 410
Coster, Clara326
Coster, Edith17-18, 121, 326
Coster, Elizabeth Mrs.18
Coster, Ellen326
Coster, Frances Mrs.18, 19
Coster, Henry "Harry"18, 21, 326
Coster, Jessie326
Coster, Lawrence326
Coster, Lawrence Jr.326
Coster, Mrs.17, 326
Coster, Nellie326
Coster, Robt.326
Coster, Sherman326
Coulter, Leonard144
Coulter, Terry144
Courrier (Currier), Amelia "Millis"18, 50, 59, 105
Courrier (Currier), Bertha53, 104, 127
Courrier (Currier), Bill105
Courrier (Currier), Chas.23-24, 28, 31, 39, 57-58, 105, 132, 252-253
Courrier (Currier), Chas. Mrs. (Annie M.)50, 105
Courrier (Currier), John22-23, 37, 39-40, 63, 104-105, 267-268
Courrier (Currier), Joseph53, 60, 105
Courrier (Currier), Mamie53, 59, 104, 243
Courrier (Currier), Martha52, 53, 60, 105, 268
Courrier (Currier), Mary Mrs.105, 271
Courrier (Currier), Miss17
Courrier (Currier), Mr.104
Courtright, A171
Courtright, M E.215
Coval, Lillian117
Cowan, Fred372
Cowan, James J.120
Cowan, James R.120, 125
Cowan, James R. Mrs (Mary)iii, 119, 120, 130, 426
Cowan, Linda120
Cowan, Robt.120
Cowan, Susan120
Cox, Alan137
Cox, Barbara137
Cox, Christine215, 216
Cox, Randall137
Cox, Stephen137
Cox, Wm.137
Crain, Alfred108
Crain, Andrew J "JA"23, 31, 50, 54, 76, 79, 107, 110
Crain, Andrew J.106
Crain, Andrew J. "Jack"4-9, 12-14, 20-24, 29, 31-34, 38, 40, 42, 43, 60, 61 , 62, 84, 106, 109, 110, 177, 224, 345, 392, 398, 400, 401
Crain, Andrew J. Mrs, (Susan)ii, 6, 7, 28, 80, 110, 153
Crain, Arlene108
Crain, Arthur108
Crain, Audrey108
Crain, Berthal "Ted"97, 107
Crain, Carol107
Crain, Chas.17, 18, 54, 108, 110
Crain, Dons. Ursa107
Crain, Everett108
Crain, Frances17, 54, 106, 319
Crain, Frank427
Crain, Gloria108
Crain, Harry427
Crain, Hugh17, 20, 22, 108, 110, 237, 427
Crain, Hugo108
Crain, Ivon "Tom"108, 110, 236
Crain, J. A. Mrs. (Olive)ii, 79, 80
Crain, Jack A.107, 159, 269
Crain, Jack A. Jr.107
Crain, James107
Crain, Jennie Ursa108
Crain, Kate53, 109
Crain, Kevin107
Crain, Leslie107, 427
Crain, Leslie Mrs.427
Crain, Lester427
Crain, Lorrin C.108
Crain, Lorrin L Mrs.108
Crain, Lorrin L.108
Crain, Marilou427
Crain, Mary "Molly"106
Crain, Mary J. Mrs.427
Crain, Mike107
Crain, Myrtle Mrs.108, 271, 427
Crain, Ralph107, 269
Crain, Robt.107
Crain, Roy107
Crain, Sarah106, 110, 319
Crain, Son107, 237
Crain, Steven108
Crain, Susan109, 236
Crain, Thos.107
Crain, Viola237
Crain, Wilmaii, 108
Crain107, 109, 237
Cramer, Frieda394
Craviotto, Mary357
Crawford, Carrie180
Crawford, J. J.111, 393
Crawford, John M4, 111, 172,393
Creighton, John180
Crocker, Chas.257, 393
Crocker, Dau.394
Crocker, Florence394
Crocker, John394
Crocker, Lillian394
Crocker, Penny393
Crocker, Roy394
Crocker, Son394
Crocker, Stanley394
Crocker, Theodore394
Crocker, Wm. C.257, 393
Crocker, Wm. T.394
Croff, J.26
Crofforth, Henry111
Croft, John132
Croft, Mrs.28
Crofton, Wm. H170
Crofton, Wm. H. Mrs. (Hattie)170, 171
Cross, (Babcock)105
Cross, Benj.105
Crouch, Mr226
Crowell, Alice226
Cruson, Andrew114
Cruson, Geo. Wash Mrs. (Margaret)114
Cruson, Geo. Wm.111, 112
Cruson, Geo. Wash9, 22, 86, 91, 111, 114, 151, 166, 229, 252
Cruson, Henry112
Cruson, John20-23, 28, 31, 39, 40, 112, 114-115, 268
Cruson, John A17, 39, 53, 59, 112, 219
Cruson, Lem112
Cruson, Martha84, 114
Cruson, Mary113
Cruson, Nancy "Jane"54, 112, 248, 256
Cruson, Rebecca113
Cruson, Son112
Cruson, Viola114
Cruson, Wm.9, 28, 86, 114, 115, 174, 255
Culbert, Angelina Mrs.427
Culbert, Blanche396
Culbert, Cassa396
Culbert, Chas. L.9, 394-396
Culbert, Cora396
Culbert, Daphne396
Culbert, Edward395, 396
Culbert, Eizabeth395
Culbert, Erwin395
Culbert, Fred396
Culbert, Gertrude396
Culbert, Grace395
Culbert, John395
Culbert, John D395
Culbert, Mary Gertrude395
Culbert, Mathew394
Culbert, Mr.394
Culbert, Parley395
Culbert, Robt. D395, 396
Culbert, Sarah394
Culbert, Thos. L.66, 395
Culbert, Thos. L. Jr.396
Cullings, Adelia Mrs.348Barbara Cullings
Cullings, Geo.350Barbara Cullings
Cullings, Jams348, 350Barbara Cullings
Cullings, Martha "Emma"157-159, 350Barbara Cullings
Cullings, Willie350Barbara Cullings
Cummings, Chas.9, 276, 302, 396
Cummings, Lucy305
Cuneo, Lawrence406
Cupps, Arthur116
Cupps, Herbert116
Cupps, John116
Cupps, Lillie116
Cupps, Samuel116
Curnow, Mrs.393
Curry, C. T.12
Cushman, Albert117
Cushman, Almira117
Cushman, Asa117
Cushman, Belle116
Cushman, Belle Mrs.153
Cushman, Chas.116, 152
Cushman, Elizabeth117
Cushman, Ella116, 169
Cushman, Freda116
Cushman, Hattie117
Cushman, Ira117
Cushman, J. W117
Cushman, Jennie53, 117
Cushman, Laura117
Cushman, Lena117
Cushman, Mr.116
Cushman, Robt.116
Cushman, Robt. M.116
Cushman, W. H.117
Cushman, Wm. H1, 116, 169
Cushman, Zelpha53, 117
Custer, Rolla398
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Da Lancy, Leda137
Dabb, Edna280
Dabb, Edner383
Dabb, Edwin383
D'Agostini, Tulio64
Dahlstrom, Mr.355
Dahlstrom, Verna428
D'Aigle, Estieme324
Dailey (Daily, Daly), Angeline308
Dailey (Daily, Daly), Ellen421
Dailey (Daily, Daly), Mary311
Dal Bosque, Marie146
Dallman, Dalton,60
Dallman, Dennis9, 82, 177, 342, 396
Dallman, Elaine249
Damns, Elmer308
Damns, Mr.308
Daniel, Mr.286
Daniels, Angeline418
Daniels, Catherine418
Daniels, Ellen Mrs.117
Daniels, H. F.102
Daniels, Julia417
Daniels, Lawrence117
Daniels, Louis418
Daniels, Mr.417
Danner, Justine428
Darby, Mr.76
Darling, C. H. Rev.160, 185
Darling, Wm.331
Dart, Clayton365
Daugherty, Jerry172
Davies (or Davis), Anson 27, 152, 297
Davies (or Davis), Belle297
Davies (or Davis), Nita152
Davies (or Davis), R H152
Davis, Alfred64,
Davis, Berniece121
Davis, Carolina61
Davis, Catherine Mrs.126
Davis, Chas.126
Davis, David126
Davis, Dorothy119
Davis, Emma Mrs.163
Davis, Frances122
Davis, Guilford118, 122
Davis, Hannah Mrs.318
Davis, Harrison9, 70, 126, 151, 216, 239
Davis, Harry126
Davis, Henry118, 122
Davis, Ida126
Davis, Isaac30, 126, 174, 175
Davis, Jack122
Davis, James S119
Davis, Jams118, 123
Davis, Jams L54, 59, 118-119, 123-124
Davis, John22, 126
Davis, John J4, 6-7, 15, 17, 20, 22-24, 27-28, 30-31, 38, 41, 57-58, 111, 118, 121-124, 165, 254, 400
Davis, John S17, 18, 23, 368, 54, 120, 123, 124
Davis, John T126
Davis, Jonah318
Davis, Joseph12, 15, 17, 54, 57, 59, 60, 77, 120, 121, 123-124, 130
Davis, Joseph21, 228 118, 122
Davis, Mae119
Davis, Marian126
Davis, Mary B120
Davis, Mary K. Mrs.118, 123, 124
Davis, Mary S17-19, 50, 52, 63, 59, 121, 123-124, 176, 185
Davis, Mary W118
Davis, Mollie Mrs.176
Davis, Mr.73, 118, 1994
Davis, Neva126
Davis, O P. "Perry" H118
Davis, Patricia119
Davis, Robt.52-53, 59, 60, 121, 123
Davis, Ruliff126
Davis, Stephen118, 122
Davis, Stephen K.16-19, 21, 23, 31, 36-37, 50, 54, 118, 121-124, 326
Davis, T. S.35
Davis, T. S. G.118
Davis, Thompson402
Davis, Thos. D.17-19, 51-53, 55-57, 59-60, 121, 123-124
Davis, Thos. D. Jr.121
Davis, Thos. S.123
Davis, W. R118
Davis, Wealthy122
Davis, Wm. 0.118, 122
Davison, Carrie Mrs.163
Dayton, Judy269
Dayton, Kenneth269
Dayton, Kenneth Mrs.269
De Martini, Andrew177
De Martini, John177
De Savigny, Brandon249
De Savigny, Catherine249
De Savigny, Claudette249
De Savigny, Michael249
De Savigny, Susan249
De Savigny, Wm. R249
De Valle, Jose394
De Voy, Carol190
De Voy, John P.190
De Voy, John P. Jr.190
De Voy, Mary190
De Voy, Nancy190
De Voy, Patricia190
de Zaldo, Ramon234
Dean, Cheryl250
Dean, Suzette250
Dean, Thos. E.250
Dean, Thos. F.250
Deaver, Amy Mrs.120
Deaver, Andrew "Hewlett"128
Deaver, Angelo129
Deaver, "Baby"130
Deaver, Barbara30
Deaver, Bennie129
Deaver, Betty130
Deaver, Beverly128
Deaver, Chas.130, 132
Deaver, Clyde129
Deaver, Delilah131
Deaver, Dianne128
Deaver, Elizabeth129
Deaver, Ella130
Deaver, Frances128
Deaver, Frances M130
Deaver, Geo. M "Mack"104, 127, 130, 132
Deaver, Geo. M Mrs. (Berths)106
Deaver, Grover120, 130, 132
Deaver, Helen129
Deaver, Howard127
Deaver, Jacob C.18, 21, 23-24, 26, 28-29, 32-33, 41, 43, 63, 127, 132, 132-a, 166
Deaver, Jason6, 8, 31, 83, 91, 127, 397
Deaver, Kenneth H130
Deaver, Kenneth I130, 132-b
Deaver, Kenneth I. Mrs.132-b
Deaver, Lena127, 366
Deaver, Lester129
Deaver, Lizzie127
Deaver, Margaret129
Deaver, Mary J.130, 132-b
Deaver, Mary R.128, 349
Deaver, Matilda Mrs.18, 41, 132, 251, 426
Deaver, Mildred130
Deaver, Ramona198
Deaver, Roger126
Deaver, Rose127, 270
Deaver, Ruby129
Deaver, Ruth130
Deaver, Willard130
Deaver, Wilma128, 368
Deaver, Wm. C.128, 129, 132, 333
Deaver, Wm. C. Mrs.334
Deaver, Wm. H.9, 22, 23, 28, 127, 132, 132-b, 229, 264, 277, 357
Delong, Birdie183
Delong, Sidney183
Delong, Tully183
Deluse, Mr.348
Demarest, P. B.384
Dempsey, Jack231
Dempsey, Jack Mrs. (Gertrude)iii, 234, 425
Denend, Frances333
Denend, Francis333
Denend, Francis Mrs.334
Denend, Lena333
Denend, Mary333
Dent, Elizabeth156
DePauli, Eva259
Deschamps, Celeste325
Deschanes, Edward112
Desmond, Claire208
Desmond, Denise208
Desmond, Earl Senator208
Desmond, Louis208
Desmond, Mary208
Desmond, Michael208
Desmond, Richard208
Detert, W. F.60, 308
Devaney, Ann368
Devaney, Honor Mrs.368, 370
Devaney, Julia273
Devaney, Julia "Judy"189
Devaney, Owen368, 370
Devaney, Winifred368, 370
Devine, Wm.142
Devore, Mary329
Deweese, Barth149
Deweese, Henry149
Dexter, Mr.423
Dickerman, Gilber219
Dickson, Alber Mrs. (Kitty)255, 374
Dickson, Albert254
Dickson, Allen Sedgley255
Dickson, Irene255
Dickson, James149
Dickson, Pauline255
Diffinbaugh, Abraham140
Digitale, Frances113
Dillard, Caleb92
Dillard, Frances205
Dillard, Marguerite Mrs.92
Dillard, Mary92, 94
Dillon, Cloice135, 363
Dillon, Elizabeth133
Dillon, Evelyn134
Dillon, Geo.133, 386
Dillon, Geo. Mrs. (Laura)iii, 133, 385, 425
Dillon, James133
Dillon, Lorene133
Dillon, Lucinda133, 169
Dillon, Mariah133, 332
Dillon, Mary Mrs.42
Dillon, Mr.367
Dillon, Norman134
Dillon, Ralph133
Dillon, Reuben M4, 6-8, 10, 20-24, 75, 90, 118, 133, 135, 165, 188, 242, 312
Dillon, Reuben R135
Dillon, Rose134
Dillon, Ruby101, 135
Dillon, Sarah133
Dillon, Sylvia134
Dillon, Wm H.134
Dillon, Wm. B.133
Dixon, Harry V.189
Dixon, Harry V. Mrs. (Elsie)ii, iii, 425
Doan, Nora237
Dobin, Robt.119
Dobin, Robt. N119
Dodgson, Ann188
Dodgson, Dodson137
Dodgson, Gilber188
Dodgson, Grace136
Dodgson, Harvey136
Dodgson, Harvey L137
Dodgson, Henry136
Dodgson, Jeffrey188
Dodgson, John37, 70, 136, 247
Dodgson, Karen137
Dodgson, Nile137
Dodgson, Wm188
Dohman, James W.199
Dohman, James W. Mrs.200
Dohman, Jessie199
Dohman, John199
Dohman, Jones199
Dohman, Maema109
Dohman, Mr.24
Dollarhied, Altha213
Dooley, Emma397
Dooley, Joseph397, 398
Dooley, Maria Mrs.5, 8, 9, 86, 127, 398
Dooley, Mary397
Dooley, Olive397,
Dooley, Silas397, 398
Dooley, Sydney398
Dooley, Viroque397
Doolittle, Mr.279
Doonelley, Dan29, 43
Dorma, Dan417
Dorr, Donald264
Dorr, Mrs.264
Dorsey, Carrie232
Dorsey, Richard232
Dorsey, Son132
Doss, John T.6, 7, 9, 68, 398
Douglas, Joe110
Dow, Howard303
Dow, Worth303
Downey, Berthal285, 290
Downey, Berthal285, 290
Downey, Byron10, 285, 289
Downey, Julia Mrs.289, 290
Downey, Mr10
Downs, W. E.30
Draper, Mrs.420
Dray, Walter R.325
Dray, Walter S325
Dresen, Denise189
Dresen, Kerry189
Dresen, Lawrence188
Dresen, Sandra189
Dressler, Mrs.388
Driver, A. Thomas4, 6, 138, 150, 182
Driver, Rachel Mrs.6
Du Bose, Mrs.396
Du Choquette, J. B322
Du Frene, Adelbert112
Du Frene, C. Delfred113
Du Frene, Donald A112
Du Frene, Donald G112
Du Frene, Donald G. Jr.112
Du Frene, Douglas112
Du Frene, Elwood112
Du Frene, Gayle112
Du Frene, Harold112
Du Frene, Lee Ann112
Du Frene, Marilyn112
Du Frene, Mark112
Du Frene, Michael112
Du Frene, Mrs.394
Du Frene, Vernal112
Du Frene, Vernal Jr.112
Duden, Frank181
Dudfield, Mr.88
Dugan, Al259
Dugan, Laura386
Dugan, Martha218
Duncan, Albert138
Duncan, Chas.138
Duncan, Ella138, 139
Duncan, Glen404
Duncan, Richard H Dr.138, 239
Duncan, Robt.117, 138,183,184
Dunlap, Helen151
Dunn, Dau.249
Dunn, Geo.249
Dunn, Joseph M9, 87, 326, 347
Dunn, Wiley326
Duprey, Pauline321
Durham, Geo.6
Durrie, Rev413
Dutton, Adeline89
Dwyer, Mrs.94
Dyer, Barbara130
Dynan, Belle74
Dynan, Clara74
Dynan, Dau.74
Dynan, Dorothy74
Dynan, Howard74
Dynan, John23, 74
Dynan, John, Jr.74
Dynan, Mary74
Dynan, Susanna74
Dynan, Tommie74
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Eagon, Charlie182
Eagon, Frances Mrs.271
Eagon, Henry182
Eagon, Jacob182
Eagon, John Senator66, 182
Eagon, Lucy182
Eagon, Mary Mrs.186
Eagon, Mrs.236
Eagon, Reuben182
Eagon, Robt.183
Eagon, Thos182
Eagon, Victoria182
Easton, Axis327
Easton, Carrie328
Easton, Fannie327
Easton, Geo. W.9, 17-18, 21, 23-24, 27, 31, 36-38, 66, 93, 223, 238, 239, 241, 244, 327, 329, 400
Easton, Geo. W. Jr.327
Easton, Geo. W. Mrs. (Eleanor)18, 239, 241
Easton, Hazel327
Easton, Linda Mrs.239, 328, 329
Easton, Mary A.327
Easton, Mary J.327
Easton, Son327
Easton, Thos93, 327-329
Eatey, Addison "Jerome"72, 105, 148, 150
Eatey, Amos140
Eatey, Ann148
Eatey, Ardis142
Eatey, Barry142
Eatey, Barton146
Eatey, Bessie149
Eatey, Beverly146
Eatey, Blanche148
Eatey, Brian147
Ebenstine, Chas.254
Ebert, Mr.229
Edgecomb, Willa Mrs.361
Edsinger, A.61
Edsinger, Emma Mrs.423, 424
Edwards, Dorothy137
Ehat, Clara387
Ehat, Haannah387
Eidman, Brad143
Eidman, Glen143
Eidman, Kirk143
Eidman, Mark143
Eidman, Marsha143
Eidman, Nellie146
Ekel, Almina329
Ekel, Clara329
Ekel, Della330, 346
Ekel, Ivy330
Ekel, John24, 61, 62, 291, 329, 330, 347
Ekel, Lydia B330
Eliskovich, Nick333
Ellenburg, Henry279 280
Ellenburg, Henry Mrs. (Hannah)279-280
Ellenburg, Mary279
Elliot, Maurice145
Elliott, Archibald179
Elliott, Thos. A.10, 179
Ellis, John98
Ellis, John Mrs. (Elizabeth)98, 99
Ellis, Volney300
Emerson, F. B342
Emerson, Mrs.342
English, Mr.259
Enos, Gabriel188
Enos, Gabriel Mrs. (Margaret)188, 426
Enz, Marguerite192
Erauw, M J Mrs.28
Erwin, Mandana101
Eskew, W E.124
Esola, Angelina159
Esola, John335
Esola, Joseph357
Esprit, Andrew139
Esprit, J.139
Estee, M. M. Hon.152, 153
Estey, Carl148
Estey, Carl149
Estey, Carol145
Estey, Chas R.140
Estey, Chas W4, 5, 6, 7,22, 24, 37, 43, 75, 140, 174, 190, 194, 196, 199, 235, 388, 398
Estey, Chas W Mrs. (Martha)8, 75, 140, 150
Estey, Clarence146
Estey, Clyde147
Estey, Clyde Mrs. (Marie)426
Estey, Cynthia140
Estey, Darla149
Estey, Darlene145
Estey, David140
Estey, David148
Estey, Deidre142
Estey, Delbert W Jr.146
Estey, Delbert W.145
Estey, Denine147
Estey, Dirk146
Estey, Dolores144
Estey, Donald D.142
Estey, Donald F.146
Estey, Donald G147
Estey, Donald H.141
Estey, Donelle142
Estey, Earl145, 146
Estey, Earl148
Estey, Earl Mrs (Ina)iii,142, 426
Estey, Ernest141
Estey, Ethel148
Estey, Eunice140
Estey, Frances142
Estey, Francis148
Estey, Frank146
Estey, Frank148
Estey, Fred144
Estey, Geo.147
Estey, Geo.148
Estey, Gertrude Mrs.148
Estey, Gordon142
Estey, Gordon Jr.142
Estey, Grant S75, 104, 141, 142
Estey, Grant S145, 308
Estey, Helen Mrs.79
Estey, James140, 149
Estey, Jean142
Estey, Jennifer145
Estey, Jennings105, 149
Estey, Jill147
Estey, Joanna145
Estey, John J142
Estey, Joseph140
Estey, Jotham149
Estey, Kelly146
Estey, Kenoiii, 140, 141, 425
Estey, Larry147
Estey, Laryna147
Estey, Laura147
Estey, Lisa R.146
Estey, Lloyd141
Estey, Lucy149
Estey, Mae149
Estey, Maria149
Estey, Marilyn146
Estey, Martha Mrs.8, 75, 140
Estey, Mary140
Estey, Mary J.149
Estey, Melinda142
Estey, Michael140
Estey, Michael E.146
Estey, Michael G142
Estey, Michael R.144
Estey, Paul148
Estey, Pearl143
Estey, Peggy144
Estey, Raymond A144
Estey, Raymond G.145
Estey, Raymond T.144
Estey, Richard144
Estey, Rosalie147
Estey, Ross147, 226
Estey, Roy141
Estey, Sandra145
Estey, Simon149
Estey, Stephan147
Estey, Susan145
Estey, Sythmrium "Mernelva"75, 80
Estey, Vada143
Estey, Vera142
Estey, Viola Mrs.426
Estey, Violet145
Estey, Wm.149
Estey, Wm. C.147
Estey, Wm. F.140
Estey, Wm. P.146
Estey, Wm. S.145, 308
Etting, Theodore61
Eudey, Alexander398
Eudey, Alexander399
Eudey, Betty399
Eudey, Evelyn399
Eudey, Frances399
Eudey, Frank399
Eudey, Frederick40, 399
Eudey, Henry398, 399
Eudey, Inez399
Eudey, John399
Eudey, Joseph399
Eudey, Mark399
Euye, John149
Evans, Elmer350
Evans, Mary375
Evans, Miss350
Evans, Ormond102
Everts, Elisabeth313
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Fagan, Frances237
Fagan, Mary237
Fagan, Mrs.237
Fagan, Thos.237
Fairbanks, Kenneth356
Fairbanks, Lester356
Faivre, Bruce246
Faivre, David246
Faivre, Linda246
Faivre, Michael246
Faivre, Richard246
Fancher, W A382
Farley, James T Assembly man2, 3
Farmer, Lucille246
Farmer, Marian246
Farmer, Mary231
Farmer, Paul A246
Farmer, Paul D.246
Farnham, Alecia332
Farnham, Blanche331, 348
Farnham, Chas.331
Farnham, Chester331
Farnham, Claudia331
Farnham, Dau.332
Farnham, Ella317, 331
Farnham, Eunice97, 332
Farnham, Frank331. 332
Farnham, Gloria332
Farnham, Harriett331
Farnham, Herbert H331, 348
Farnham, Herbert M331
Farnham, Hiram B331
Farnham, Hiram C.132-a, 186, 331
Farnham, John332
Farnham, Leroy331
Farnham, Loretta332
Farnham, Mabel331, 348
Farnham, Maria Mrs.97
Farnham, Ralph332
Farnham, Richard332
Farnham, Robt.332
Farnham, Robt. B332
Farnham, Ronald332
Farnham, Son332
Farnham, Virgil332
Farnham, Walter97, 133, 332
Farnham, Wm.332
Farnham, Wm. Jr.332
Farnsworth, John385
Farnsworth, Nellie385
Farnsworth, Sarah385
Farquera, Carmen417
Fisher, Donald142
Fisher, Dorothy247
Fithian, Wm.94, 95
Fithian, Wm. Mrs.95
Fitzgerald, Archer150
Fitzgerald, Archibald4, 138, 150, 182
Fitzgerald, Carrie150
Fitzgerald, F J41
Fitzgerald, Luke150
Fitzgerald, Mary150
Fitzgerald, Mary244
Fitzgerald, Theodoric150
Flamingo, Christina122
Flamingo, Leonard309
Flanders, Maude100
Flanders, Mr.100
Flax, Joseph194
Flax, Mary Mrs.248
Flint, Clovis208
Flint, Edward208
Flint, Sally208
Flint, Virginia Mrs.208
Flint, Wendell208
Flynn, M. J. Miss313
Folck, Georgia Mrs.189
Fontenrose, L. J.223,402
Forbes, Ada152
Forbes, Albertha152
Forbes, America151
Forbes, Carlton151
Forbes, Christopher C.7, 8, 9, 16, 20-24, 43, 62, 84, 151-153, 185, 196
Forbes, Claude W.151
Forbes, Claudene151
Forbes, Cledith Mrs.428
Forbes, Dau.151
Forbes, Dolly152, 225
Forbes, Emma126, 151
Forbes, Eugene F23, 70, 113, 126, 151, 153, 216, 239
Forbes, Eugene F. Jr.151
Forbes, Geo.151
Forbes, John36, 151, 153
Forbes, L. M.151
Forbes, Lawrence151
Forbes, Lilly116, 152
Forbes, Mary J. Mrs.27, 28, 153
Forbes, Minnie54, 152
Forbes, Morrell151
Forbes, Mr.151, 211
Forbes, Newton17, 152, 153, 374
Forbes, Newton Mrs.374
Forbes, Norene151
Forbes, Quillan151
Forbes, Son151, 211
Forbes, Virginia151
Forbes, Winifred152
Ford, R. M.58
Ford, Reuben386
Ford, Sarah366
Fortier, James127
Fortier, Lester127
Fortier, Sibel127
Foster, Doris Mrs.425
Foster, Girard183
Foster, Herbert B III183
Foster, Herbert B. Jr.183
Fountain, Hattibelle Mrs.286
Fowler, Dore375
Francis, Claudia245
Francis, Debra245
Francis, Geo. C.245
Francis, Geo. C. Jr.245
Francis, Howard245
Francis, Jeffrey245
Francis, John245
Francis, Kathy245
Francis, Laurel245
Francis, Lynda246
Francis, Richard245
Franzoia, Alfred208
Frazier, Edith148
Frazier, F. F.331
Frederickson, Allison249
Frederickson, Larry249
Frederickson, Lisa249
Frederickson, Lorna249
Freeman, Mrs.160
Freestone, Joshua M.148, 327
Freestone, Sarah Mrs.150, 327
French, Alfred333
French, Alfred O.333
French, Any Mrs.371
French, Benj156
French, Benj "Dixie"158, 160, 161, 350
French, Blair R.158
French, Carmel160
French, Charmaine160
French, Chas.159
French, Chas. Lee20, 29, 132-a, 155, 369
French, Chas. Lee155
French, Chas. Lee Mrs. (Lila)369
French, Clara "May"158
French, Cynthia Mrs.333
French, Daniel "Ben"20-22, 156, 160
French, Dau.154, 155, 157
French, David160
French, Delmont159
French, Dorothy159
French, E. D155
French, Edna155
French, Elton158
French, Elwin L.159
French, Elwin T.159
French, Emily333
French, Ethel155
French, Florence155
French, Floyd159
French, Frances158
French, Fred M.155
French, Frederick332, 358
French, Geo.333
French, Geo. F.4, 20, 21, 23, 82, 91, 132, 154
French, Geo. H.154
French, Geo. W.154
French, Geo. W.158
French, Gladys159
French, Gregory159
French, Henry155
French, Isaac154
French, Jefferson158, 349, 350, 390
French, Jefferson Mrs.160
French, Jeffrey160
French, Kinman17, 157, 337
French, Kinman Mrs.341
French, Lawrence159, 311
French, Lillian158
French, Louis158
French, Louise154
French, Lyle158
French, M.155
French, Marjorie160
French, Martin V.22, 32, 154
French, Mary B.154
French, Mary B.157
French, Mary E.156
French, Matilda127, 132, 156
French, May B.156
French, Mildred159
French, Milly B.155, 203
French, Mrs.154
French, Nadine159
French, Nancy157
French, "Our Baby"158
French, Owen156
French, Owen T41, 156
French, Owen T Mrs.156
French, Ruby157, 341
French, Ruth159, 269
French, Sarah156, 160, 161
French, Thos. D.154
French, Thos. Jackson "Jack"159, 161, 350
French, Uzza155
French, Uzza F.155
French, Verne158
French, Wilbur157, 161, 299
French, Wm "Blair"41, 157,161, 350
French, Wm.158
French, Wm. Blair Mrs.157
French, Wm. J.154
Frey, James F333, 421
Frey, James F. Mrs. (Sarah)242, 243
Frey, Leslie421
Frey, Son421
Frey, Wm. H.421
Frichette, Katherine197
Frichette, Mr.197
Frinchaboy, Ana313
Frinchaboy, John313
Frinchaboy, Mary313
Frinchaboy, Michelle313
Frinchaboy, Peter M Mrs. (Helen)iii, 425
Frinchaboy, Peter M.313
Frinchaboy, Peter M. III313
Frinchaboy, Peter M. Jr313
Frinchaboy, Phillip313
Frinchaboy, Stephen313
Frissell, Martha Mrs.68
Frutos, Gary128
Frutos, Joseph128
Funk, Mrs.97
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