The Shenandoah Valley Area of Amador County, CA.


By Elsie E. Dixon

The reference contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the reference is found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column. For look-up requests within the book itself contact George Ackerman The work itself can be found at your local Family History Center as Fiche #6049290.

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Charles Thompson
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Nagy, Micheal189
Nagy, Tiffany189
Neeley, John193
Neeley, Laurence193
Neeley, Theresa193
Neff, Bertie337
Neff, Edward337
Neff, Henry390
Neff, Mary Mrs.157
Neff, Raleigh337, 342
Neibor, August96, 99
Neibor, Christina96, 99
Neibor, Dorothy97
Neibor, Katerine96
Neill, Mr.412
Neill, Sarah238, 240
Neill, Virginia Mrs.413
Nelson, Karen249
Nethery, Robt.77
Neunschwander, Darwin338
Neville, Mr.261
Neville, Presley362
Newberry, Elizabeth M.210
Newman, M.60
Newman, Mr.197
Newman, Simpson5, 14, 37, 206, 263
Nichley, Benj5, 22, 38, 62, 90, 207, 208
Nichley, Claude207
Nichley, Frank207
Nichley, Geo.207
Nichley, Geo. W.207
Nichley, Gilkey207
Nichley, Irene207
Nichley, James207, 360
Nichley, John207
Nichley, Louis207
Nichley, Martha207
Nichley, Mary207
Nichley, Monte207
Nichley, Samuel207
Nichley, Willis207
Nicholas, Al220
Nicholas, Geo.369
Nicholson, Geo.355
Nicholson, Mr.229
Nicolaus, Chas. E.209, 212
Nicolaus, Dau.209-211
Nicolaus, Donald210
Nicolaus, Earl D210
Nicolaus, Earl L.209, 212
Nicolaus, Edna208
Nicolaus, Edward A208, 212
Nicolaus, Edward A. Jr.209
Nicolaus, Effie Mrs.425
Nicolaus, Elizabeth "Lillie"209,212
Nicolaus, Emma209, 212
Nicolaus, Evelyn211
Nicolaus, Fred210
Nicolaus, Gahart211
Nicolaus, Geo.209, 210, 212
Nicolaus, Geo. C210
Nicolaus, Geo. J.84, 210
Nicolaus, Geo. W209, 212
Nicolaus, Geo. W209, 212
Nicolaus, Gladys208
Nicolaus, Helena209, 212
Nicolaus, Henry209
Nicolaus, Henry211
Nicolaus, Henry211
Nicolaus, Herman211
Nicolaus, I "Niki"211
Nicolaus, Jacob209
Nicolaus, Jeanne209
Nicolaus, John22, 42, 62, 207, 209
Nicolaus, John A.210
Nicolaus, John H209, 212
Nicolaus, Julia209, 212
Nicolaus, Lester209, 212
Nicolaus, Louis208, 211
Nicolaus, Louis H210
Nicolaus, Louis J.208, 212
Nicolaus, Louis T.210
Nicolaus, Lowell210
Nicolaus, Margaret211
Nicolaus, Margaret211
Nicolaus, Margaretha Mrs.211
Nicolaus, Margarette209
Nicolaus, Mary (Earth) Mrs.212
Nicolaus, Melvin210
Nicolaus, Michael210
Nicolaus, Minnie C211
Nicolaus, Sallie211
Nicolaus, Steve210
Nicolaus, Truman210
Nicolaus, Vera208
Nicolaus, Warren211
Nicolaus, Wayne210
Nicolaus, Wendell209, 212
Nicolaus, Wendell K.209
Nicolaus, Wm208, 211, 212
Nicolini, Justine119
Nielsen, Mr.362
Nigra, Mr134
Nims, Sarah Mrs.420
Nims, Warren Rev420
Ninnis, Alice Mrs.361
Ninnis, Esther361
Ninnis, Jabez286, 361
Ninnis, Thelma361
Ninnis, Willa361
Ninnis, Wm.361
Nissen, Harold193
Noddin, Charlotte339
Noddin, Chas.339
Noe, Andrew428
Noe, Carl335, 387
Noe, Geo.363, 387
Noe, John428
Noe, Joseph Mrs.387
Noe, Julia Mrs.12, 237, 428
Noe, Robt.237, 428
Noe, Robt.428
Norman, Edward92
Norman, Elizabeth "Lilly"363
Norman, Harriett361
Norman, Margaret363
Norman, Martha363
Norman, Mary363
Norman, Mrs.160
Norman, Sarah367
Norman, Thos.363, 364
Norman, Wm. A. Dr.266, 362, 363, 364
Norman, Wm. A. Jr. Dr.138, 172, 344, 363, 364
Norman, Wm. A. Mrs.363-364
Normington, Leo89
Norris, David323
Norris, Francis M17, 51, 53, 55, 59, 93, 96, 328
Norris, Francis M323, 328
Norris, Francis Mrs. (Maudeiii, 94, 95, 426
Norris, James328
Norris, Jennie328
Norris, Kenneth328
Norris, Luther9, 24, 327, 328
Norris, Luther Mrs.239, 329
Norris, Marian328
Norris, Mary Mrs.323
Nowell, Archie205
Nowell, Bessie205
Nowell, Daniel205
Nowell, Ida55, 59, 205, 368
Nowell, Josie205
Nowell, Samuel205
Nowell, Zada205
Nowottny, Bertha224
Nowottny, Earnest224
Nowottny, Mary224
Noyman, Martha Mrs.222
Nunes, Helen122
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Oard, Florence107
Oard, Natie107
Oard, Sadie269
Oberg, David404
Oberg, David Mrs.409
Oberg, P. O.404
O'Brien, Ford311
O'Brien, J. H.109
O'Brien, James326
O'Brien, John374
O'Brien, John401
O'Brien, Kindred326
O'Brien, Miss374
Oburg, David404
Oburg, David Mrs.409
Oburg, P. O.404
O'Connell, M343
O'Connor, Richard155
Odell, Geo86, 213
Odell, Martha402
O'Flaherty, Kate324
O'Flaherty, Thos.324
Ogg, Judy129
O'Haver, Andrew354
O'Haver, Elizabeth353
O'Haver, Emily354
O'Haver, Emma354
O'Haver, James353
O'Haver, Josephine112, 256
O'Haver, Nellie353
Oliveto, Katheryn349
Olmstead, Frank188
Olmsted, Horace96
Olness, Mrs.317
Olver, Blanche394
Olver, Chas.394
Olver, Chas. E.394
Olver, Mildred394
Olver, Noma394
Orebaugh, Paul286
Orebaugh, Paul R286
Orgill, Gary190
Orgill, Robt. L190
Orgill, Robt. L. Jr.190
Orlandi, Joe315
Orr, Elizabeth388
Orr, John388
Osmon, Randy221
Osmon, Roland221
Osmon, Rolanda221
O'Toole, Josephine317
Overhulse, Boyd245
Overhulse, Emiline245
Overhulse, Helena A245
Overhulse, Helena M Mrs.425
Owens, June246
Owens, Sarah332
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Packard, Abbie364
Packard, Dau.213
Packard, Frank213
Packard, Geo.213, 364
Packard, Hattie213
Packard, James213
Packard, Jessie213
Packard, John213
Packard, Murray213
Packard, Otto "Albert"213
Packard, Otto B24, 40, 213, 298, 411
Packard, Phoebe Mrs.364
Packard, Resolve213
Palmer, J W D Assemblyman3
Palmier, Adaline325
Palmier, Michel325
Papin, De Vaux325
Papin, Emilio324
Papin, Hypolite325
Papin, Lucille324
Papin, Maria324
Papin, Robt.324
Papin, Sylvestre325
Papin, Vilrey324
Paradise, Mr.377
Parker, Dolores404
Parker, Geo.119
Parker, Johanna404
Parkinson, Dale247
Parkinson, Gary247
Parkinson, Larry247
Parkinson, Mark247
Parkinson, Sharie246
Parkinson, Wayne246
Parks, James124
Parlor, Katie268
Parr, John88
Parr, John S88
Parshall, Juliana249
Pastorania, Mr.127
Pastorania, Rose Mrs.271
Patterson, L369
Patterson, L. Mrs.369
Paula, Eleanor247
Paulk, Clara Mrs.176
Paulk, Mr.175
Paw, Cora Mrs.361
Paw, Rolland361
Paw, Wm.361
Paxson, Edwina365
Payne, Clara330
Payne, Franklin B330
Payne, Franklin B Jr.330
Payne, Franklin B Mrs.330
Payne, Margaret330
Payne, Mary330
Payne, Robt.330
Peabody, Mr.412
Peabody, Mrs.412
Peck, C. Mrs.254
Peck, Mr.120
Pellettier, Mr.263
Pennington, Daniel308
Pennington, Dollie73
Pennington, Susan164
Penny, Dau.394
Penny, Henry394
Penter, Dora Mrs.79
Penter, Geo.297
Penter, Maude72
Penter, Samuel72
Pepperd, Margaret276
Perano, Gladys318
Perkins, E. W.414
Perry, Abbie Mrs.10, 366
Perry, Ada364
Perry, Alice420
Perry, Alice A.421
Perry, Amon365
Perry, Channing214
Perry, Chas.213, 214
Perry, Chester10, 17, 22, 29, 364, 365
Perry, Delia420
Perry, E. M214
Perry, Edna Mrs.86
Perry, Elijah420
Perry, Elisha420, 421
Perry, Finson364
Perry, Fred365, 366
Perry, Geo.420
Perry, Geo. 0.5, 6, 196, 214
Perry, Geo. B421
Perry, Geo. D365, 366
Perry, Geo. H214
Perry, Geo. O.421
Perry, Harriette421
Perry, Hazel348, 365
Perry, Helen270, 365
Perry, James D364
Perry, Jams N274, 365, 366
Perry, Jo ha M.364
Perry, John420
Perry, John W.365
Perry, Mamie365
Perry, Mary421
Perry, Mollie214
Perry, Mr.213
Perry, Mr.420
Perryman, Alma221
Perryman, John221
Petaluna, Effie210
Peteriet, Fay338, 342
Peteriet, Faye339
Peteriet, Henry338
Peteriet, Henry338, 342
Peteriet, Henry339
Peteriet, Henry Mrs.341
Peters, Robt.249
Peters, Robt. Mrs. (Mabel), Ii, iii, 426
Peterson, Dennis 112
Peterson, Mr.76
Pettit, Asa215
Pettit, Christiana Mrs.6, 8, 216
Pettit, Claudio215
Pettit, Dau.215
Pettit, Ida215
Pettit, John C215
Pettit, John E. "Jobe"5, 6, 8, 11, 16, 22, 24, 25,37, 66, 103, 173, 215, 216, 403-404
Pettit, Julia215, 369
Pettit, Mary215
Pettit, Son215
Peyton, A. J. "John"181, 23, 367
Peyton, Anna366
Peyton, Bertha366-367
Peyton, Chas.366
Peyton, Dau366
Peyton, Della366
Peyton, Doris366
Peyton, Edward367
Peyton, Emma366
Peyton, Fannie244, 367
Peyton, Geo.367
Peyton, Geo. W366
Peyton, Grace367
Peyton, Harry366
Peyton, Hattie366
Peyton, Hattie H367
Peyton, Henry366
Peyton, James132-a, 366
Peyton, Katie366
Peyton, Katie367, 379
Peyton, Lee367
Peyton, Lelia367
Peyton, Lois367
Peyton, Martha367
Peyton, Miss17
Peyton, Mr.366
Peyton, Raymond366
Peyton, Rosa366
Peyton, Son367
Peyton, Thos.367
Peyton, Wm.366
Peyton, Wm.366
Peyton, Wm. A.297, 367
Pherran, Mr.383
Phillips, Alice228
Phillips, Chas. B53, 59, 217
Phillips, Chas. R217
Phillips, Chas. W.217, 425
Phillips, Donald217
Phillips, Gary217
Phillips, H P10
Phillips, Jacquelyn217
Phillips, James217
Phillips, Jasper17, 53, 59, 217, 218
Phillips, Jim132-a
Phillips, John S.217
Phillips, Loretta "Retta"51, 53, 93, 217
Phillips, Lynwood78
Phillips, Mary55, 217
Phillips, Robt.217
Phillips, Samuel H Mrs. (Julia)202, 216-217, 239, 240
Phillips, Samuel H Rev.15, 26-27, 30, 35, 42, 62, 70, 74, 93, 151, 170, 185, 203, 216-217, 229, 238-240, 254
Phillips, Wm. B Mrs. (Mary)18, 19, 59
Phillips, Wm. B.17, 23, 42, 59, 216, 217, 373
Phillips, Wm. H217
Phipps, E. J.395
Phoenix, Bart29
Pico234, 235
Pierce, Dr.266
Pierpont, Claire159
Pierson, Clifford218
Pierson, Dau.218
Pierson, Hazel218
Pierson, Ronald218
Pierson, Will9, 39, 218
Pigeon, Albert366
Pigeon, Alfred B9, 294, 368
Pigeon, Alfred B Mrs.273,370
Pigeon, Alfred M.368
Pigeon, Alphonse368
Pigeon, Catherine368
Pigeon, Doris368
Pigeon, Fred22 , 128, 368
Pigeon, John Joseph21, 23-24, 34, 205, 368
Pigeon, Louisa368
Pigeon, Mary368
Pigeon, Mr.368
Pinder, Dora219
Pinder, Edward219, 305, 361
Pinder, Elizabeth90, 218
Pinder, Elizabeth219
Pinder, Emily Mrs.219
Pinder, Isabella Mrs.89
Pinder, John9, 22, 218-219, 361
Pinder, Loris219
Pinder, Lula219
Pinder, Mary112, 219
Pinder, Mary Mrs.220
Pinder, Mr.218
Pinder, P. A.218
Pinder, Thos.63, 219
Pinder, Thos. K.219-220
Pinder, Thos. R.24, 218
Pinotti, Aristide382
Pinotti, Guilda382
Pinotti, Lewis382
Pintos, Melanie302
Pintos, Mr.305
Pittman, Hannh324, 325
Plunkett, Ellen298
Plunkett, Josephine405
Plunkett, Robt.298
Plunkett, Wm.406
Poe, Sarah167
Poggi, Alton129
Poggi, Rosie129
Polglaise, Marie147
Polte, Howard128
Pomeroy, Delia412
Pool, Warren170
Poole, Jim9, 220
Porteous, Lillie367
Potter, Abijah407, 408
Potter, Ada405
Potter, Addie406
Potter, Arlene405
Potter, Celinda.403
Potter, Chas B405
Potter, Chas. H16, 17, 406, 407, 409
Potter, Clarence405
Potter, Cynthia403, 408
Potter, Cynthia405
Potter, Dolores Mrs.409
Potter, Donald121
Potter, E S.405-406
Potter, Edgar "Raymond"404
Potter, Eleazer9, 16, 18, 21-26, 29-31, 35-36, 39, 41, 43. 62, 63, 66, 215, 225, 268, 403, 407-409
Potter, Elizabeth405
Potter, Ethel404
Potter, F. A.406
Potter, Frank M22-24, 31, 61, 404, 407, 409
Potter, Geo.407
Potter, H A.407
Potter, Harriet Ursa409
Potter, Hiram Edgar "Ed"9, 14, 16, 17, 21, 23-25, 31, 35-38, 168, 215, 252, 340, 347, 392, 401, 403-404, 407-409
Potter, Hurlbert403
Potter, Ida407
Potter, Isaac403, 408
Potter, Kate L.16, 26, 406, 409
Potter, Lelia367
Potter, Lou54
Potter, Margaret405
Potter, Maria406
Potter, Marjorie404, 409
Potter, Martha367
Potter, Martin J.406
Potter, Martin J. Mrs.405
Potter, Mary405,409
Potter, Mary "May" F. Mrs.17, 407, 408
Potter, Raymond407, 409
Potter, Sheldon121
Potter, Son404-406
Potter, Susie407
Potter, Thos.121
Potter, Valla.405, 406
Potter, Vivian405
Potter, Wallace404, 409
Potts, Mr.135
Powers, Sue245
Prairie, Marvin245
Pringle, Mr.69
Pritchard, Wallace108
Prizmich, Mr.371
Prochaska, Katherine129
Proctor, Bennie53, 220
Proctor, Courtney232
Proctor, Francis21, 22, 76, 220, 277, 293, 370
Proctor, Jeannette72
Proctor, John, Jr.72
Proctor, Lester232
Proctor, Lyle232
Proctor, Ray232
Proctor, Roy232
Proctor, Son220
Proctor, Susie53, 220
Profumo, Augustus129
Profumo, Augustus Mrs.129
Profumo, Jason129
Profumo, John162
Profumo, Michael129
Prothero, Alma "Blanche"53, 222
Prothero, Dau.222
Prothero, Jesse F12, 22, 23, 26, 44, 63, 187, 220, 291
Prothero, Jessie C221
Prothero, Lawrence222
Prothero, Raymond53, 222
Prothero, Robt R222
Prothero, Robt. A222
Prothero, Robt. R Jr.222
Prougue, Joseph223
Prouty, Anson397
Prouty, C. C.398
Prouty, Elisabeth Mrs.397
Prouty, Maria398
Prouty, Mary Mrs.397
Prouty, Tirus397
Prouty, W. HJ.398
Prudhome, James372
Pucci, Katherine387
Pucci, Ugo Dr.387
Pucci, Ugo Mrs.387
Purcell, Estelle Mrs.167
Purcell, Frances Mrs.118
Purcell, Geo.166
Purcell, Mr.122
Purcell, Mr.332
Purington, Mrs.28
Purtom, Susie395
Putnam, Albert352
Putnam, Anna352
Putnam, Gertrude54, 223
Putnam, Guy353
Putnam, Hallie352
Putnam, Harry299, 301, 352
Putnam, Ina352
Putnam, Leone352
Putnam, Marry Mrs .300, 301
Putnam, Mr.223
Putnam, Nellie352
Putnam, Soule352
Putnam, Willie54, 223
Putnam, Wm. H9,223, 402
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Quarrico, C.92 101, 223
Quarrico, Dominic101, 104
Quarrico, Stefan8, 101, 223
Questo, Eva428
Questo, Frederick355
Quiggley, Mr.114
Quillen, Maxine273
Quinn, Dau.207
Quinn, J7
Quinn, Marcella207, 426
Quinn, Thos.207
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rachal, Aurora321
Rader, Jennie376
Rader, John376, 378
Rader, Minnesota376
Rader, Samuel376
Rafferty, Patricia141
Raines, Son300
Raines, Thos.300
Rains, Ruth195
Rains, Wm195
Ramey, Eliza325
Ramey, Louise325
Ramey, Wm.325
Ramos, Ge. Mrs.366
Ramos, Geo.365
Rampelburg, Elois359
Randall, Clarence Rev.301,332
Randall, Cynthia368
Randolph, Cecil274
Randolph, Clark61
Randolph, Joe61
Randolph, M. C61
Raney, Patricia331
Rasmussen, Carolina254
Rasmussen, Elizabeth188
Rasmussen, Gertrude188
Rasmussen, Owen61
Rasmussen, Peggy188
Rasmussen, Rasmus61, 254, 255
Rasmussen, Walter188
Ray, Berniece151
Ray, Elizabeth261
Ray, Pearl151
Ray, Seymour418
Ray, W261
Read, Andrew224
Read, Chas. L224
Read, Chas. B92 224
Read, Emma53, 224
Read, Gladys Mrs.425
Read, Henry53, 224
Read, James224
Read, Jeanetta Mrs.224
Read, Jessie53, 224
Read, Maud399
Read, Russell224
Reardon, Andrew9, 223
Reaves, Alice361
Reaves, Baby88
Reaves, Della361
Reaves, Duff D119 29, 33, 34, 43, 88, 91
Reaves, Jack361
Reaves, Jacob11
Reaves, Janet88
Reaves, John C.88
Reaves, John C. Jr.88
Reaves, Lucius88
Reaves, Muriel88
Rector, Evelyn279, 280
Rector, Frances Mrs.280
Rector, Frank280
Rector, James412
Rector, Mary412, 413
Rector, Ray280
Reddick, Marshall5, 109, 224Lewis M. Ruddick
Reddy, Mary Mrs.250
Reese, Elizabeth399
Reese, Mary222
Reeves, Alice361
Reeves, Baby88
Reeves, Della361
Reeves, Duff D119 29, 33, 34, 43, 88, 91
Reeves, Jack361
Reeves, Jacob11
Reeves, Janet88
Reeves, John C.88
Reeves, John C. Jr.88
Reeves, Lucius88
Reeves, Muriel88
Reid, Catherine89
Renwick, Beth148
Renwick, Geo.148
Renwick, Lois148
Rerrate, Mr.205
Resleure, J. F.200
Revera, Larry193
Revera, Mark193
Revera, Mathew193
Revera, Michael193
Rey, Mamie81
Reynolds, Arthur215
Reynolds, Donald113
Reynolds, Judith113
Reynolds, Mr.245
Reynolds, Robt.113
Rhes, W.261
Rhoades, Arthur141
Rhoades, Rebecca268
Rhodes, Albert225, 227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Alice228, 271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Andrew215, 293, 369Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Anna228Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Arthur227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Betty Mrs.271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Birdie225Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Brian226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Carilyn226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Chas228Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Chas S228Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Chas Thompson226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Chas Tyler226, 425Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Dau.229Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Delia155, 369Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Dollie153Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Dora229Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Edward228, 271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Elsie227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Elsie C. 227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Etta229Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Frankie229Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Fred228, 271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Geo.225, 228, 369Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Geo. W226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Henry225, 273Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Henry E.226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Jefferson152, 225Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Jesse66, 228Charles Thompson
Rhodes, John228, 229, 271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Josephine225Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Kathy226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Lafayette225Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Laura226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Leslie227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Lester226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Lila "Lilly"155Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Lilburn228Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Linnie228, 271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Loraine227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Lulu228, 271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Mamie228, 271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Margaret A.227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Margaret Mrs.426Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Marilyn226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Martha226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Mary B369Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Mary E.417Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Melmoth227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Nancy226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Olliver227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Orlo226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Pamela224Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Raymond226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Rebecca228Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Rebecca268Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Richard "Henry"26, 225, 268, 403Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Richard E.226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Richard Henry Mrs. (Henrietta)228Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Robt.226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Robt. W369Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Rosa229Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Rosa M227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Rosa M Mrs.79Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Rose A229Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Samuel B20, 31, 369Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Son225, 228, 369Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Stanley227Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Steven226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Susan225Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Thos.228, 271Charles Thompson
Rhodes, W228Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Wallace226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Wm B22, 57, 111, 216, 228, 229, 252, 264, 268, 271, 293, 357, 401, 277Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Wm.227, 228, 268, 271, 293Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Wm. G9, 226Charles Thompson
Rhodes, Zella225Charles Thompson
Rhodes228, 229Charles Thompson
Riboulet, Claude8, 184
Rice, Bertha275
Richards, Wm H Mrs.380
Richards, Wm. H379
Richardson, Francis9, 111, 298, 401, 410
Richardson, Frank410
Richardson, Frank410
Richardson, Geo.118, 165
Richardson, Geo. G179
Richardson, Hezekiah236, 410
Richardson, Mary319
Richardson, Mary J410
Richardson, Mary L91, 326, 410
Richardson, Mr.236, 239
Richardson, Mrs.239
Richardson, Paul236
Richey, Elinor323
Richtmyer, B F. Mrs.28
Richtmyer, Mr.401
Rickey, Anna231
Rickey, Charity Mrs.233
Rickey, Chas232
Rickey, Cordelia232
Rickey, Daniel230
Rickey, Earnest232
Rickey, Effie230
Rickey, Elbridge Mrs.232
Rickey, James A.13, 14, 20, 22, 24, 27, 40, 59, 230, 232, 233, 413, 420
Rickey, James A. Mrs.59, 232
Rickey, Jessee230
Rickey, John Quincy Sr234
Rickey, Joseph H21, 230
Rickey, Laura232
Rickey, Lillie230
Rickey, Loren232
Rickey, Lorena230
Rickey, Lucinda232
Rickey, Mary Mrs.244
Rickey, Melissa231
Rickey, Priscilla232
Rickey, Sabra51, 53, 57, 59, 60, 230
Rickey, Thos S231
Rickey, Thos.62, 230, 244
Rickey, Thos. B 234
Rickey, Thos. J.231, 244
Rickey, Warren231
Riedeman, Rev.233
Riella, S387
Riella, Anthony387
Rienke, David247
Rienke, Dick247
Rienke, Jimmy247
Rienke, Stephen247
Riepe, Richard247
Riley, Allison249
Riley, J C. Mrs.232, 233
Riley, James230, 249
Riley, Janna249
Riley, Lisa249
Riley, Lorna249
Robert, Chas235
Roberts, Annie410
Roberts, Annie Mrs.410
Roberts, David410
Roberts, Elva97
Roberts, Geo.96
Roberts, Ida410
Roberts, Mary92
Roberts, Mary Mrs.96
Roberts, W. E.410
Roberts, Wm.343
Robertson, Helen339
Robertson, Kenneth339
Robertson, Robt.339
Robertson, Robt. Mrs.341
Robinson, Edward427
Robinson, Edward Mrs.427
Robinson, Eva221
Robinson, Ivy Mrs.160, 161
Robinson, Mabel Mrs.426
Robinson, Mary92
Robinson, Mr.321
Robinson, Robt.427
Robinson, Samuel D 9, 220, 277,370
Robinson, Samuel D Jr.157, 370
Robinson, W. T12
Robison, Shirley226
Rodgers, Amelia386
Rohrer, Albert264
Rohrer, Geo.264
Rohrer, Margaret264
Rojas, Emily74
Rojas, Leon383
Roos, G45
Roos, Moise45, 348
Root, Almarian376
Roots, Abram235
Ross, Ann Mrs.428
Ross, Benj29, 60
Rothermound, Shelley189
Rothermound, Sonney189
Rowe, Betty113
Rowe, Geo.113
Rowe, Geo. R.113
Rowe, J Edwin422
Rowe, John422
Rowe, Lucy422
Rowe, Wm.422
Rowland, Edmond273
Roy, Horace227
Roy, Lawrence227
Roy, Lorren227
Roy, Morris227
Royle, A A6
Rubert, Peter421
Rude, Linda246
Rude, Lloyd246
Ruiter, Judy89
Runk, Elmore237
Runk, Joel Green237, 428
Runk, Mary237
Runk, Reuben237
Runk, Robt.237
Runk, Susan Mrs.12, 237, 267
Runk, Wm. B237
Runk, Wm. H52, 70, 75, 187, 237
Ruoff, Etta236
Ruoff, Frances236
Ruoff, Frederick109, 236, 271
Ruoff, Geo.5, 9, 11, 12, 38, 82, 204, 236, 267
Ruoff, Geo. H.236
Ruoff, Geo. P.236, 271
Ruoff, Hazel236
Ruoff, Ila236
Ruoff, Jack236
Ruoff, Jane Mrs.271
Ruoff, John M.236, 271
Ruoff, Maud236, 271
Ruoff, Myrtle236, 271
Ruoff, Son236
Ruoff, Susan Mrs.110
Rupley, Mr.76
Russell, Dan387
Russell, Edith400
Russell, Francis428
Russell, Margaret84
Russell, Margie428
Russell, Mark354
Russell, Melvin387
Rust, Claudia155
Rust, Clyde156
Rust, Clyde Jr.155
Ryall, Andrew237
Ryall, Catherine237
Ryall, David5, 237, 238
Ryall, David A. Jr237
Ryan, Geo.201
Ryan, Martin201
Ryan, Martin201
Ryan, Michael201
Ryason, Caleb84, 204, 205
Ryason, Dau.204
Ryason, Frances Mrs.203
Ryason, W. E.203
Ryno, Marvin305
Ryno, Mervyn305
Ryno, Sheryl305
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sackett, Carol97
Sackett, Edgar97
Sackett, Robt.98
Sackrider, Jack269
Sackrider, Mr.269
Sallee, Clara16, 51, 52, 56, 59, 238, 241
Sallee, Elizabeth238
Sallee, Geo.238
Sallee, Geo. E.238, 241
Sallee, Geo.P.70, 216, 239
Sallee, Hattie Matthews59, 382
Sallee, J. N Mrs.239
Sallee, Jasper11, 38, 43, 200, 202, 216, 239, 241
Sallee, Jonathan13, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 35, 42, 66, 198, 216, 237-241, 282
Sallee, Jonathan Mrs. (Sarah)13, 18, 198, 239, 241
Sallee, Julia216, 238
Sallee, Lizzie53, 239
Sallee, Mary15, 239
Sallee, Mary Mrs.241
Sallee, Minnie53, 239
Sallee, Philip238, 240
Sallee, Philip238
Sallee, Sarah "Eleanor"238, 241, 327
Sallee, Susan202, 238
Sallee, Wm.239
Sallee, Wm. H.26, 238, 241, 283
Sallee, Wm. N202, 238, 240
Salzgaber, Ida263
Salzgaber, Lillie263
Sanden, Ruth269
Sanders, Ann242
Sanders, John171, 242, 277, 285, 294, 368, 370, 410
Sandstrom, Cynthia107
Sandstrom, S. D. Col.107
Sandstrom, S. D. Mrs.107
Sanguinetti, Maria395, 396
Sargent, Earl Mrs.172
Satchwell, Ben5, 20, 22, 24, 60, 61, 62, 133, 242, 243, 266, 364
Satchwell, Ben Mrs.133, 243
Satchwell, Eliza133, 242
Satchwell, Frances242
Sausmon, Geo.333
Scalzi, Lucille142
Schaefer H, H142
Scharmann, Harold247
Schilling, Clara71, 370
Schilling, Gertrude303, 370
Schilling, Joseph9, 21, 39, 285, 312, 370
Schilling, Margaret17, 51, 52, 56, 275, 370
Schilling, Mary276, 370
Schilling, Matthias20, 303, 370
Schilling, Matthias Mrs.273, 371
Schilling, Nicholas9, 285, 312, 370
Schilling, Winifred Mrs.303, 368, 371
Schisel, Marguerite266
Schlicher, Adaline193
Schlicher, Chas.193
Schlicher, Daniel193
Schlicher, Henry192
Schlicher, Henry192
Schlicher, Josephine192
Schlicher, Mary192, 248
Schlicher, Mary P. Mrs 0192
Schlicher, Philip194
Schlicher, Susan192
Schlicher, Theresa193
Schmidt, Alfa114
Schmidt, Anna355
Schmidt, Eric114
Schmidt, Erling114
Schmidt, Harold114
Schmidt, Marie114
Schmidt, Raymond190
Schmidt, Sandra190
Schmidt, Winnetta Mrs.426
Schneebely, Rudolph355
Schneider, Any318, 387
Schneider, Blanche387
Schneider, Dau.388
Schneider, Iona387
Schneider, Jacob387
Schneider, Jacob "Jake"387
Schneider, Jay387
Schneider, Leland387
Schneider, Leland A.387
Schoeder, Mr.69
Schoen, Willa Dorathy250
Schoen, Wm.250
Schoonover, Albert359
Schoonover, Chas.361
Schoonover, Doris144
Schoonover, Laura60
Schoonover, Mr.329
Schoonover, Ruth361
Schoonover, T. J.43
Schrader, Carl75, 268
Schrader, Carl Mrs.79, 80
Schrader, Dora268
Schreiner, Chas.23, 28, 410
Schreiner, Conrad9, 242, 391, 410
Schreiner, Geo.41, 172, 411
Schroeder, Annie372
Schroeder, Audrey "Dolores"372
Schroeder, Dau.372
Schroeder, Frederick H372
Schroeder, Frederick S.372
Schroeder, Frederick W84, 372
Schroeder, Geo.371, 372
Schroeder, Geo. M371,372
Schroeder, Grant21, 372
Schroeder, Henry9, 21, 295, 371, 372
Schroeder, John Henry371, 372
Schroeder, Katye372
Schroeder, Lewis371
Schroeder, Minnie371
Schroeder, Rosanne371
Schroeder, Susan372
Schroeder, Willis372
Schroeter, Mr.406
Schweder, Catherine Mrs.413
Schweizer, Delores Mrs.428
Schweizer, Mr.211
Scoble, Fred373
Scoble, Marina Hodge373
Scoble, Mary A.373
Scoble, Mary E. Hodge18, 373
Scoble, Mary Mrs.19, 373
Scoble, Phyllis373
Scoble, Shirley373
Scoble, Son373
Scoble, Thos. Hodge373
Scoble, Wm.30, 37, 40, 259, 373, 378
Scoble, Wm.373
Scoble, Wm. H373
Scorza, Maurizio226
Scott, Abigail390, 391
Scott, Lynda147
Scott, Mamie Mrs.105
Scott, Walter213
Scott, Walter L213
Scott, Walter M.57, 104, 243
Scoville, Hanna403, 408
Seaman, Mrs.97
Seaton, John219
Seaton, Mayme Mrs.219
Sedgewick, Geo.392
Sedgley, Allen255
Sedgley, Harry374
Sedgley, J. Baxter254, 279
Sedgley, Kitty Mrs.254, 279
Seehuber, Chas245
Seeley, Henry276
Seeley, Irene194
Seeley, Louis194, 276
Seeman, Mrs.97
Segar, Mr.250
Setzer, Geo.38, 39, 175, 230, 231, 244
Setzer, Geo.244
Sewell, W M Assemblyman2, 3
Sexton, Burt9, 244
Sexton, Herbert244, 367
Sexton, Irene Mrs.427, 428
Sexton, Minnie Mrs.70
Sexton, Mr.28
Sexton, Mr.69
Sexton, Sherry427
Shafer, Clyde226
Sharon, Elizabeth242
Sharp, Abraham or Abram250
Sharp, Betty250
Sharp, Bruce249
Sharp, Carol248
Sharp, Chas.250
Sharp, Clarence248
Sharp, Curtis373, 425
Sharp, Cynthia250
Sharp, Dora249, 250
Sharp, Dorothy245
Sharp, Dorothy M249
Sharp, Edward B.249, 250
Sharp, Edward L249
Sharp, Effie249
Sharp, Ethel248
Sharp, Gail248
Sharp, Gary248
Sharp, Geo. E.373
Sharp, Geo. W249
Sharp, Grace245
Sharp, Gricela249
Sharp, James W.249, 25O, 354
Sharp, John1, 5, 21, 22, 24, 30, 64, 154, 187, 216, 244, 254, 256, 297, 327
Sharp, John172, 248
Sharp, John E.ii, iii, 248, 322, 425, 426
Sharp, John E.248
Sharp, John H249, 250
Sharp, Kimberley249
Sharp, Leonard1, 5, 6, 31, 64, 68, 71, 224, 248, 250, 254, 279
Sharp, Linda248
Sharp, Mabel L249
Sharp, Mabel V249, 354
Sharp, Marjorie249
Sharp, Martha A.249, 250
Sharp, Martin L250
Sharp, Mary250
Sharp, Mary (Flax) Mrs.248
Sharp, Mary A.244
Sharp, Mary A. Mrs.426
Sharp, Mary E.249, 250
Sharp, Mary P.245
Sharp, Matthew250
Sharp, Michael373
Sharp, Mr.28
Sharp, Naniscka245
Sharp, Natalie244
Sharp, Norman248
Sharp, Parry E.247
Sharp, Paul A244
Sharp, Ralph244
Sharp, Ruth250
Sharp, Samuel23, 248, 250
Sharp, Sarah136, 247
Sharp, Son248, 249
Sharp, Sterling249, 250
Sharp, Susie260
Sharp, Susie E.189, 248
Sharp, Thos.248
Sharp, Thos. J.192, 194, 247
Sharp, Wk. W. Jr.244, 426
Sharp, Wm T.373
Sharp, Wm. E.248
Sharp, Wm. H23, 28, 33, 112, 248, 250
Sharp, Wm. L.244
Sharp, Wm. L. Jr.245
Sharp, Wm. Mrs. (Nancy)50, 115, 123, 275, 297, 426
Sharp, Wm. N244
Sharp, Wm. W.244
Shaw, Ida Mrs.333
Shaw, Sophrona251
Shealor, Catherine Mrs.428
Shealor, Dorothy371
Shealor, Elvin371, 428
Shealor, Gertrude371
Shealor, Mr371
Shealor, Nellie Mrs.371
Shealor, Ruby371, 428
Shepherd, Lavinia376
Shepherd, Virginia.416
Sherwood, Chas. Mrs.330
Sherwood, John J.329
Sherwood, Matthias329
Sherwood, Shields. Chas.329, 346
Sherwood, Wm.399
Sherwood, Wm. B337
Sherwood, Wm. S337
Shipley, David50 131, 251
Shippen, Julian Miss325
Shippen, Wm.325
Shouse, Joseph263
Shumake, Peter5, 9, 22, 39, 83, 105, 111, 252
Silk, Donald144
Silk, Kathleen144
Silk, Michael144
Silva, Dalories318
Silva, Dorathy260
Silva, Francis250
Silva, Leonard250
Silva, Margaret249, 250
Silva, Mary318, 319
Silva, Thos.129, 318
Silver, Gertrude427
Silvers, Amelia423
Silvers, Edward252
Silvers, Edward C.5, 7, 64, 65, 252, 293
Silvers, Edward L.401
Silvers, Simas Mr.304
Silvers, Simmons Rachel291, 292
Silvers, Simon Mr.280
Silvers, Simpson C61
Simpson, Elizabeth252
Simpson, Ida252
Simpson, Mary252
Simpson, Naomi160
Simpson, Susania250
Sims, Jane170
Sinclair, Daniel266
Sinclair, Jacquelyn266
Sinclair, Jeffrey266
Sioli, Paolo425
Skinner, Dora Mrs.219
Skinner, Joseph219
Skinner, Oneita219
Slavich, Marguerite17-19, 51, 57, 121
Sleeper, Robt.107
Sloan, Victor239, 240
Sloan, Victor Mrs.240
Sly, Mr.348
Slyr, B L.222
Smallfield, Jack113
Smallfield, James113
Smallfield, Katherine113
Smallfield, Robt.113
Smallfield, Stephen H113
Smallfield, Stephen T113
Smallfield, Walter113
Smetherman, Alice100
Smith, A. C.72, 411
Smith, Alto349
Smith, Amos193
Smith, Annie371
Smith, Annie V.193
Smith, Bertha141
Smith, Caroline192
Smith, Catherine118, 123
Smith, Chas305
Smith, Chas. E.23, 101, 190, 253, 384, 415
Smith, Chauncey141
Smith, Corrine Mrs.38, 40
Smith, Cynthia122
Smith, Dewey367
Smith, Dill L296
Smith, Donald A.122
Smith, Donald T122
Smith, Dora53, 253
Smith, Dr.138
Smith, Eli381
Smith, Esther Mrs.361
Smith, Ezra192
Smith, G W156
Smith, Geo.305
Smith, Gladys224
Smith, Herbert427
Smith, Holland263
Smith, Ida253
Smith, Irving121
Smith, J. S253
Smith, Jennie53, 253
Smith, John253
Smith, John 0308
Smith, Josephine113
Smith, Karen122
Smith, Kent192
Smith, Lee427
Smith, Lewis371
Smith, Lusetta Mrs.141
Smith, Martha308
Smith, Mary Mrs.253
Smith, Mary S113
Smith, May374
Smith, Mr76, 193, 304
Smith, Sarah253
Smith, Setzer253
Smith, Valentine22, 253
Smith, Valentine253
Smith, Willie253
Smith, Wm.305
Smith, Wm. D184
Smotherman, Mr.134
Snable, Bessie53, 152, 374
Snable, Dora374
Snable, H. H. "Herman"374
Snable, Martin22, 27, 374
Snow, Walter Mrs.410
Snyder, Mrs.388
Socal, Louis344
Sommer, Mrs.405
Sommer, Sue130
Soukup, Erla76
Southworth, Ernest209
Souza, David108
Souza, Jack108
Sowdon, Mabel379
Sowdon, Richard379
Sowdon, Wm379
Sowerby, Theodore382
Spaces, Mr.248
Spagnoli, S G30
Spanger, Clara377
Spangle, Geo.421
Spangle, Jacob421
Spangle, Mrs.421
Spangle, Wm.10, 421
Speakman, Blanche105, 149
Speakman, Walter105
Spelian, S J182
Spence, Dick355, 428
Spence, Dick Mrs. Laura428
Spink, Winifred318
Spiva, A.253
Spiva, B E. Mrs.264
Spiva, Effie253, 278
Spiva, Garrett254
Spiva, J G92, 253
Standridge, Alfred108
Standridge, Elmer108, 359
Standridge, Frank108, 359
Standridge, Violet108
Star, Etta Mrs.271
Star, Mr.236
Starr, Christina Mrs.390
Stayton, Thos Mrs.88
Steensland, Mary211
Stefan, Athena247
Stefan, Carraco101
Stefan, Frank247
Stefan, James247
Stefan, Janice247
Stefan, Mark247
Stefan, Mary247
Stefan, Nicholas247
Stefan, Patricia247
Steiner, Clara411
Steiner, Eva411
Steiner, Gertrude411
Steiner, John411
Steiner, John A.40, 213, 411
Steiner, Mary411
Steiner, Mettalin411
Steiner, Son411
Stephens, Lillian Mrs.306
Stephens, Robt.209
Stephens, Robt. Mrs.428
Stepp, Amanda254
Stepp, Andrew254
Stepp, Wm.1, 5, 8, 179, 254
Sterasbork, Louisa187
Steven, Mr.225
Steven, Mr.228
Steven, Mrs.225
Steven, Rebecca226
Stevens, Sarah Mrs.38, 40, 218
Stevenson, H G39, 65
Stewart, (Baldwin) Mrs.242
Stewart, Ben242, 243
Stewart, Chas345
Stewart, Frances Mrs.243
Stewart, J L346
Stewart, J. L. Mrs .346
Stewart, John53, 133, 242, 243
Stewart, Joseph4, 254
Stewart, Joseph G20, 21, 23, 41, 60, 168, 242, 243, 255
Stewart, Joseph W242, 243
Stewart, Mr.242
Stillwaggon, Frederic255
Stillwaggon, James71, 254
Stillwaggon, Katie "Kitty"254, 255
Stillwaggon, Mary Mrs.37, 60, 61, 63, 254, 255, 279, 411
Stillwaggon, Pauline255, 279
Stock, Michael309
Stock, Richard309
Stock, Velma309
Stock, Wesley309
Stoddard, Capt325
Stone, Evelyn167
Stone, W. W.166
Stormer, Elaine247
Storz, Ferdinand311
Stowers, Alfred378
Stowers, Annie374
Stowers, Annie377
Stowers, Belle376
Stowers, Benj.377
Stowers, Bert377
Stowers, Chas425
Stowers, Coleman374
Stowers, Cornelius314, 377
Stowers, Dau.375, 376
Stowers, Donnall375
Stowers, Eleanor377
Stowers, Elizabeth376
Stowers, Evelyn377
Stowers, Fletcher377
Stowers, Geo.376, 377
Stowers, Henry376
Stowers, Henry376
Stowers, Henry B "Ed"77, 375, 378
Stowers, Irene376
Stowers, Lavinia Mrs.392
Stowers, Louisa J204, 375
Stowers, Louisa J.313, 378
Stowers, Margaret375, 378
Stowers, Mary377
Stowers, Mary378
Stowers, Mary E.375
Stowers, Mr.374
Stowers, Nancy377
Stowers, Narcissa375, 377, 378
Stowers, Neal375, 378
Stowers, Samuel374
Stowers, Samuel G375
Stowers, Son375
Stowers, Thos C. Jr.375, 378
Stowers, Thos G132-a, 2O4, 278, 374, 378
Stowers, Tillie377
Stowers, Washington376
Stowers, Wesley376
Stowers, Wm376
Stowers, Wm. H "Henry"376, 392
Stowers374, 376
Strachan, Alan231, 234
Strachan, Gordon231, 234
Strachan, Mr.231
Straight, Chas.246
Straight, Diana246
Straight, Judy246
Stratemeyer, Alyce189
Streeter, Emma412
Strocker, Mr194
Strom, Donald383
Strom, Glen383
Stuart, Martha Mrs.105
Stuart, Mr.105
Stuart, Norval106, 309
Stumpff, Ben256
Stumpff, Endy255
Stumpff, Geo.255
Stumpff, Geo. W255
Stumpff, Juliann256
Stumpff, Lucinda256
Stumpff, Marcus L. "Lafe"4, 13, 112, 207, 223, 255, 256, 275, 297
Stumpff, Marcus L. Mrs. (Josie)275, 297
Stumpff, Margaret255
Stumpff, Mary J256
Stumpff, Nancy255
Stumpff, Sarah256
Stumpff, Wm.255
Sturman, Sidney117
Stutler, Shirley112
Stutz, Albina335
Sucich, Ethel113
Sullivan, Cynthia142
Sullivan, Roy142
Sullivan, Sandra143
Summers, A. B.65
Summers, Belle51, 52, 87
Summers, Billy88
Summers, Douglas88
Summers, Geo.87
Summers, Harry88
Summers, Helen88
Summers, Jane88
Summers, John87
Summers, Maude26, 87, 91
Summers, Mr.167, 405
Summers, Richard "Dick"33, 43, 63, 87
Summers, Richard G87
Summers, Richard Mrs.91
Sunia, James119
Sunia, Lawrence119
Sunia, Patricia119
Surface, Dau.412
Sward, (Baracleo) Mrs.315
Sward, Joe315
Sward, Maria315
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Tayon, Joseph M324
Tayon, Louise324
Tayon, Marie A324
Tayon, Marie J.324
Tayon, Marie L324, 325
Tayon, Marie Mrs.325
Teeter, Mahala267
Terrill, Mary229
Terrill, Mr.315
Terrill, Pauline229
Terrill, Richard229
Terzich, Sam246
Terzich, Sharie246
Thebaut, Maxwell Dr.328
Thielbahr, Blaine117
Thielbahr, Ike117
Thielbahr, Wm.117
Thomas, Alfred257
Thomas, Ann Mrs.258
Thomas, Annie257
Thomas, Benj.379, 380
Thomas, Benj. Jr.379
Thomas, Edith379
Thomas, Elizabeth257
Thomas, Elizabeth379
Thomas, Emma257
Thomas, Evan257, 258
Thomas, Fannie Mrs.258, 386
Thomas, Geo.257
Thomas, Grace Mrs.258
Thomas, H257
Thomas, Homer258
Thomas, Jack257, 258
Thomas, Joseph H379, 380
Thomas, Joseph H Mrs. (Mary)380
Thomas, Joseph H. Jr.367, 379
Thomas, Joseph S257, 258, 386, 393, 414
Thomas, Larnie Mrs.332
Thomas, Larry129
Thomas, Lillis379
Thomas, Lottie257
Thomas, Louisa379
Thomas, Mary A.379, 380
Thomas, Mary A. Mrs.380
Thomas, Mayme379
Thomas, Oscar257
Thomas, R C.362
Thomas, Richard379
Thomas, Son379
Thomas, Willie257
Thompson, Ben283, 288
Thompson, Emma294
Thompson, James102
Thompson, Loreane Mrs.427
Thompson, Mary283, 287, 288
Thompson, Mr.30
Thompson, Mr.102
Thompson, Rebecca327
Thoms, Carl259
Thoms, Della259
Thoms, Edmond259
Thoms, Fred20, 24, 31, 35-38, 60, 66, 200, 259, 282, 287, 326
Thoms, Naomi259
Thorne, Baby D174
Thorne, Baby S174
Thorne, Eva174
Thorne, Walter174
Thorne, Walter174
Thornton, Dau.259
Thornton, S K.14, 28, 36, 259, 407,
Tibbitts, J H30
Tibbitts, Walter394
Tierney, Daniel260
Tierney, James260
Tierney, Mary52, 56, 260
Tierney, Peter260
Tierney, Peter D260
Tiffany, B V. Dr.19, 36, 37, 266, 328
Tiffany, E. V. Mrs. (Carrie)18, 19, 329
Timms, Adam E.9, 13, 22, 62, 260
Timms, Adam Mrs. (Justa A.)11, 12, 39, 40, 43, 260
Timms, Robt.12, 13, 31, 41, 260, 279
Tippett, Edith347
Tippie, Mr.349
Tipsword, Anna225
Tiquet, Frances Mrs.314
Todd, Henry Rev.264
Togni, Antonio8, 81, 139, 162, 177, 184, 260
Togni, Charlie184, 260
Tolley, James224
Tomkins, Shirley134
Tompkins, Shirley134
Tonella, Ben261
Torrey, Grant9, 24, 40, 59, 261
Torrey, L261
Torrey, Mr.261
Torrey, Norman261
Townsend, Clara Mrs.160, 161
Townsend, Dennis55, 261
Townsend, Dennis261
Townsend, Elizabeth78
Townsend, Elizabeth Mrs.28, 261, 262
Townsend, H S157
Townsend, Harry78
Townsend, Mary B261, 262, 358, 360
Tracy, Alice418
Tracy, Nellie418
Tracy, Will418
Traganza, Frank84
Traganza, Myrtle Mrs.210
Treat, Sophia174, 176
Tregloan, Dorothy414
Tregloan, Grace414
Tregloan, John413, 414
Tregloan, John R B14, 24, 413
Tregloan, John R L66, 230, 413, 414
Tregloan, Margaret Mrs.414
Trevaskis, Carrie129
Trevaskis, Dean129
Trevaskis, John129
Trevaskis, Norman129
Trevaskis, Susan129
Trigg, Robt.356
Tripp, Agnes172
Tripp, Henry418
Tripp, Willard418
Trosper, Hilda245
Trosper, Walter245
Trowbridge, Wm.256
Trujillo, Frances189
Trumbley, Warren264
Trunnell, Liberty249
Tucher, Mary377
Turner, Bradley244
Turner, Casey414
Turner, Chas.415
Turner, Deala Mrs.9, 257, 414
Turner, Deidainna Mrs.414
Turner, Elizabeth414
Turner, Homer415
Turner, Jack244
Turner, Laurall414
Turner, Louise414
Turner, Phoebe132-a, 154
Turner, Randy245
Turner, Theo.9, 257, 414
Turner, W G.414
Turner, Wm.154
Turner, Wm. H9, 72, 392, 414, 415
Tuttle, Guy384
Tweedie, Herbert266
Tweedie, Nathaniel266
Tyler, Ben65
Tyler, Chas275
Tyler, Judith146
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Uhlinger, Adam9, 21, 242, 263, 292, 364
Uhlinger, Albert15, 212 30, 264
Uhlinger, Andrew52, 53, 60, 63, 263
Uhlinger, Anna264
Uhlinger, August263
Uhlinger, Betty263
Uhlinger, Carol266
Uhlinger, Christie264
Uhlinger, Cyrena266
Uhlinger, Donald265
Uhlinger, Douglas264
Uhlinger, Edwin266
Uhlinger, Ellen53, 264
Uhlinger, Frank9, 21, 23, 37, 39, 41, 53, 60, 163, 165, 169, 190, 229, 264, 266, 299, 357
Uhlinger, Frank L263
Uhlinger, Henry265, 425
Uhlinger, Henry Mrs. (Thelma), Iii, 426
Uhlinger, J. Edward265
Uhlinger, Jacob12, 14, 24, 27, 40, 41, 57, 172, 205, 263, 392, 417
Uhlinger, John "Albert"264
Uhlinger, Judy266
Uhlinger, Kate264
Uhlinger, Lena264
Uhlinger, Lizzie264
Uhlinger, Lois263
Uhlinger, Louise264
Uhlinger, Lynette265
Uhlinger, Margreth264
Uhlinger, Margreth Mrs.190
Uhlinger, Marguerite Mrs.126
Uhlinger, Michael265
Uhlinger, Mr.263
Uhlinger, Nancy264
Uhlinger, Paul263
Uhlinger, Philip263
Uhlinger, Robt. A.263
Uhlinger, Robt. F.263
Uhlinger, Terri265
Uhlinger22, 265
Upton, Albert L.269
Upton, Albert. C.270, 365
Upton, Betty Mrs.268
Upton, Carl Schrader59
Upton, Chas267, 270, 271
Upton, Chas. A.127, 270, 271
Upton, Chas. R.269
Upton, Clarein270
Upton, David A.267
Upton, David A.268, 271
Upton, Dean269
Upton, Donna269
Upton, Dora Schrader268
Upton, Edith267
Upton, Edna53, 267
Upton, Eleanor270
Upton, Elizabeth "Betty"228, 268, 271
Upton, Ellen269
Upton, Ethel267
Upton, Gary269
Upton, Geo. A12, 23, 24, 39, 41, 57, 58, 112, 268, 271, 403
Upton, Geo. D53, 270
Upton, Geo. L.107, 159, 269
Upton, Helen270
Upton, Hugh D267, 271, 359
Upton, Ida270, 271
Upton, Irene270, 271
Upton, Janet269
Upton, Jeanne269
Upton, John267
Upton, John D267, 269
Upton, John Dale5, 105, 228, 254, 267, 271
Upton, John J107, 269
Upton, John S "Ves"22, 74, 267, 268, 271, 295, 357
Upton, Johnny53
Upton, Karen269
Upton, Kathryn269
Upton, Kristin270
Upton, Lael269, 428
Upton, Laura269
Upton, Lizzie Mrs.270
Upton, Lloyd269, 270, 271, 428
Upton, Lloyd Mrs.428
Upton, Mahala. Mrs.41, 82, 105, 168, 228, 237, 268, 271
Upton, Martha "Jane"236, 267, 271
Upton, Mary M104, 267, 271
Upton, Matilda271
Upton, Mitchell269
Upton, Reuben E.267
Upton, Reuben T17, 24, 40, 41, 104, 105, 184, 268, 270, 271, 307, 357
Upton, Reuben T Mrs.316
Upton, Reuben V.268, 316
Upton, Robbie268, 316
Upton, Robt. G269
Upton, Roy270, 271
Upton, Ruth269
Upton, Ruth Mrs.107
Upton, Sadie Mrs.107
Upton, Segle270, 271
Upton, Wm.267
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Vaira, Annette128
Vaira, Chester128
Vaira, Katherine284
Vaira, Lillian382
Van Alstine, Minnie252
Van Cott, Mrs.42
Van Doren, Alta272, 309
Van Doren, Mazy Mrs.272
Van Doren, Son272
Van Doren, Voorhies "John"55, 272
Van Liew, Prof.57
Van Loan, Lucinda327, 328
Van Sickle, Claire310
Van Sickle, Harry310
Van Sickle, Jack310
Van Vleck, Fred310
Van Volkanburgh, Miriam250
Van Vorst, Elizabeth201
Vance, Bessie Mrs.100
Vance, Donald 0.73, 383
Vance, Donald C. Jr.383
Vance, Emma381, 383
Vance, Geo.100, 184
Vance, Georgiana381
Vance, H. Mrs.199
Vance, Harry381
Vance, Jack383
Vance, John383
Vance, LeRoy383
Vance, Lettie382
Vance, Maud381
Vance, Myla383
Vance, Nally383
Vance, Oliver198, 353, 381, 382
Vance, Richard381
Vance, Richard383
Vance, Richard A381
Vance, Ruby383
Vandegrift, Mr.355
Vanderpool, Corrine "Cora"51, 55, 66, 253, 384
Vanderpool, Dau.384
Vanderpool, Harding42, 239, 384,385
Vanderpool, Harding384
Vanderpool, Harding Mrs.239, 385
Vanderpool, James384
Vanderpool, Jennie59, 217, 384
Vanderpool, John23, 384, 385
Vanderpool, Lois384
Vanderpool, Louise384
Vanderpool, Mr.384
Vanderpool, P. F. "Frank"23, 384
Vanderpool, Sarah384
Varian, W26
Veerkamp, Ernest383
Veerkamp, Ernest Mrs.111, 426
Veerkamp, Mr.97
Veerkamp, Son284
Veerkamp, Worthy284
Venn, Chas66, 273
Venn, Elizabeth272
Venn, Hannah272, 273
Venn, Mary273
Venn, Mr.272
Venn, Thos273
Venn, Wm.25, 66, 272
Verdon, Victoria321, 324;
Vesey, Donald89
Vesey, Geo.90
Vesey, June90
Vesey, Marjorie89
Vicini, Annie304, 382
Vicini, Arthur382
Vicini, Daniel382
Vicini, Donald348, 382
Vicini, Heater382
Vicini, Henry J Jr.382
Vicini, Henry J.382
Vicini, Kelly382
Vicini, Marvin382
Vicini, Phoebe382
Vincent, J. H Rev.84
Vineyard, Mrs.250
Vogan, John132-a, 155
Vogeli, Annie51, 65, 273
Vogeli, Donald273
Vogeli, Elizabeth273
Vogeli, Harold273
Vogeli, Helen273
Vogeli, Henry273
Vogeli, Honora273
Vogeli, Howard273
Vogeli, Jack273
Vogeli, Jacob9, 22, 273
Vogeli, Jacob Mrs.370
Vogeli, James273
Vogeli, John J.273
Vogeli, Johnny273
Vogeli, Julia Mrs.368
Vorhies, Andre193
Vorhies, Anna193
Vorhies, Dewey193
Votaw, "Infant"275
Votaw, Ada274, 365
Votaw, Adelia276
Votaw, Alonzo277
Votaw, Austin275, 278
Votaw, Ben274
Votaw, Chas274
Votaw, Chas J. A Mrs.347
Votaw, Chas J. A.10, 12, 20, 22-24, 40-41, 59, 62-63, 67, 75, 97, 112, 127, 132-a, 165, 173, 220, 221, 261, 275, 277, 278, 282, 293, 295, 312, 317, 347, 370
Votaw, Clarice276
Votaw, Dau.274
Votaw, Della51, 52, 53, 59, 276
Votaw, Emma278
Votaw, Emma H.274
Votaw, Ernest53, 59, 275
Votaw, Eugene275
Votaw, Fanny Mrs.291
Votaw, Henry59, 275, 371
Votaw, Ida18, 276, 388
Votaw, Jack274
Votaw, James23, 274, 278
Votaw, Jessie275
Votaw, John A.12, 21, 22, 32, 33, 63, 274, 276, 285, 370, 396
Votaw, John A. Jr.12, 21, 23, 24, 30, 34, 41, 61, 276, 303, 370
Votaw, Joseph276
Votaw, Lalla "Lillis"242, 277, 286, 290, 370
Votaw, Laura18, 276, 278
Votaw, Lloyd274
Votaw, Loya274
Votaw, M Mrs.63
Votaw, Mabel276
Votaw, Malissa275
Votaw, Marjorie Lorene277, 304
Votaw, Mary275
Votaw, Mary A Mrs.303
Votaw, Mary E.59, 276, 292
Votaw, Mary G275, 388
Votaw, Mary Mrs.50
Votaw, Millard275
Votaw, Milton18, 275, 278
Votaw, Minnesota274
Votaw, Mrs.274
Votaw, Myrtle275
Votaw, Silas16, 274, 278
Votaw, Silas Mrs.278
Votaw, Van274
Votaw, Vira275
Votaw, Wm. B274
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Wachenfeld, Renwick148
Waddam, Edward5, 6, 195, 278,
Waddam, Wm.263, 278
Waddle, Joe Capt211
Wadham, Edward5, 6, 195, 278,
Wadham, Wm.263, 278
Wadhams, Edward5, 6, 195, 278,
Wadhams, Wm.263, 278
Wagner, Geo. Assemblyman3
Wagoner, Harry B325
Wagoner, Henry H325
Wagoner, Henry H Mrs.325
Wagoner, John C. R Hon.325
Wagoner, Ruth210
Wagoner, Stanley325
Waits, Ralph78
Walker, Anna366
Walker, Grace390
Walker, Harriet320
Walkmeister, Clarice277
Walkmeister, Jack277
Walkmeister, Louis276
Wall, M63
Wallace, Edward4, 278
Wallace, John142
Wallace, Kathy128
Wallace, Mr.5
Walloupe, Ben184
Walloupe, Billie184
Walloupe, Frank184
Walloupe, Minnie184
Walloupe, Wm.184
Walpole, Geo.193
Walpole, Kennie193
Walpole, Raymond193
Walter, James4, 278
Walther, Clarence221
Walton, Becky159
Walton, Chas280, 315
Walton, Dau.280
Walton, Donald280
Walton, Dorothy279
Walton, Evelyn280
Walton, Frances280
Walton, Glennetta279
Walton, Harold279
Walton, Hazel279
Walton, Henry "Jesse"280
Walton, John B24, 27, 39, 41, 57, 173, 254, 256, 279, 280, 401
Walton, John B. Mrs. (Pauline)254, 255, 279
Walton, John S.279, 280
Walton, Leslie279
Walton, Mark279, 280
Walton, Mary Mrs.39, 41, 260, 280, 281
Walton, Mr.159
Walton, Ray280
Walton, Son280
Walton, Wayne279
Ward, Athol329
Ward, O. K.274
Ward, Patience337
Wardlaw, Kathy427
Warren, Ada385Betty
Warren, Albert385Betty
Warren, Cuthbert385Betty
Warren, Earl385Betty
Warren, Ebenezer385Betty
Warren, Ed385Betty
Warren, Emma422Betty
Warren, Geo.385Betty
Warren, Geo. A.9, 183, 184, 385, 415, 422, 423Betty
Warren, Geo. A. Jr.22, 422Betty
Warren, Harriet422Betty
Warren, Isaac423Betty
Warren, Kate415Betty
Warren, Laura133, 385Betty
Warren, Lillie422Betty
Warren, Madge385Betty
Warren, Mary385Betty
Warren, Mary422Betty
Warren, Mr422Betty
Warren, Roy52, 53, 385Betty
Warren, Son423Betty
Warren, Wm H41, 57, 133, 385, 415Betty
Warren, Wm. H Mrs.50Betty
Washburn, Jeanne371
Washburn, Lee371
Washburn, Leo371
Washburn, Margaret371
Waters, Frederick131
Waters, John131
Waters, Mary131
Waters, Mr.231
Waters, Norma131
Waters, Norman132
Waters, Willard131, 145
Watkins, Shelton255
Watson, Chester75
Watson, Florence75
Watson, Geo.75
Watson, Geo. 0.75
Watt, Donald371
Watt, Milton371
Watt, Patty371
Watt, Ruby Mrs.428
Way, G. S.150
Wearne, Ruby355
Webber, Wm344
Webster, Noah1
Wedgwood, Mr.399
Weicht, Peter222
Welch, Michael249
Wells, Brenda142
Wells, Erma100
Wells, Wm100
Wenzel, Thelma Mrs.361
Werner, Fred76
Werner, Norma76
Wertz, Mr.377
Wessel, Wm10, 21
Westerman, Jamie134
Westerman, Karey134
Westerman, Mr.134
Westerman, Randy134
Westlake, Helen313
Weston, (Barnhueil)386
Weston, Clarence386
Weston, Elizabeth386
Weston, Geo.386
Weston, Harry366
Weston, John386
Weston, Mary386
Weston, Son386
Weston, Trevor386
Weston, W S386
Weston, W. S Mrs.387
Wetmore, Merle60, 238
Wetmore, Merle Mrs.241
Whaley, Baby375, 378
Whaley, Hazel375, 378
Whaley, Jim375
Whaley, Mary Mrs.378
Whaley, Tom375, 378
Wheeler, Alda285
Wheeler, Alice Mrs.17, 51, 286
Wheeler, Amber388
Wheeler, Arthur286, 289, 290
Wheeler, Benj C.284
Wheeler, Benj. F.31, 423
Wheeler, Bessie423, 424
Wheeler, Brent284
Wheeler, Chas362, 386, 387
Wheeler, Chas Mrs.387
Wheeler, Clarke C.286
Wheeler, Dau.286, 287
Wheeler, Devin128
Wheeler, Druzilla. Mrs.288
Wheeler, Edward201, 282, 288
Wheeler, Eileen286
Wheeler, Elaine284
Wheeler, Eleanor284
Wheeler, Elizabeth386
Wheeler, Elizabeth "Mabel"17, 51, 52, 56, 57, 59, 181, 286, 289, 290
Wheeler, Emma284, 387
Wheeler, Evelyn284
Wheeler, Everett286
Wheeler, Fannie257, 386
Wheeler, Hester387
Wheeler, James5, 7, 24, 70, 167, 168, 197, 198, 202, 238, 259, 282, 288, 298, 326, 410
Wheeler, James Mrs. (Juliather)70, 167, 197, 198, 287
Wheeler, James N22, 284, 289, 290
Wheeler, James T31, 66, 423, 424
Wheeler, John P.286
Wheeler, Juliather J285, 289
Wheeler, Laura283, 288, 289
Wheeler, Lester284
Wheeler, Lester Mrs. (Ina), Iii, 425, 426
Wheeler, Lillie Mrs.370
Wheeler, Lily388
Wheeler, Loren286
Wheeler, Mark284
Wheeler, Marsha264
Wheeler, Mary287
Wheeler, Mary "Mamie"17, 18, 51, 56, 57, 59, 63, 286, 289, 290
Wheeler, Michael128
Wheeler, Michael286
Wheeler, Muriel286
Wheeler, N Mrs.367
Wheeler, Nancy284
Wheeler, Nehemiah282, 288
Wheeler, Noah387
Wheeler, Norman B16, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30, 36, 43, 223, 284, 289, 290, 387
Wheeler, Norman Mrs.387
Wheeler, Norman V. Dr.284
Wheeler, Orpha "Ella."51, 52, 285, 289
Wheeler, Richard286
Wheeler, Roy286
Wheeler, Stephen Cecil35, 286, 289, 290
Wheeler, Stephen Clark5, 6, 9-13, 15-16, 20-25, 29-31, 34-35, 39-40, 50, 54, 62, 64, 67, 109, 168, 173, 195, 239, 255-256, 273, 277, 282-283, 287-290, 294-295, 371, 399-400
Wheeler, Stephen Mrs. (Mary E.)13, 239, 288, 289, 290
Wheeler, Susan284
Wheeler, Verne284
Wheeler, Viola69, 284
Wheeler, Wm B388
Wheeler, Wm.128
Wheeler, Wm. H T86, 196, 277, 285, 289, 290, 370
Wheeler, Zebediah282, 288
Wheeler286, 386
Whetstone, Sarah314
Whetstone, Taylor314
Whetstone, W C.314
Whistler, Abraham352
Whistler, Christine352
Whistler, Margaret352
Whitacre, Dau.292
Whitacre, Emily291
Whitacre, Isaac5, 9, 13, 14, 22, 24, 67, 172, 220, 291, 292, 293, 414
Whitacre, Isaac Jr.276, 292
Whitacre, Marilla291
Whitacre, Martha291
Whitacre, Mary291, 329
Whitacre, Mr.231
Whitacre, Rebecca292
Whitacre, Robt.291
Whitacre, Son292
Whitaker, Mrs.183
White, Carl Mrs.397
White, Carrie Mrs.73
White, Frank97
White, James305
White, Minnie183
White, Richard183
White, Susie183
White, Thos183
Whiting, Theodore167
Whitmore, Mrs.247
Wickersham, Madalin Mrs.426
Wickersham, Newton152
Wickes, Estelle166
Wickes, Geo. H166, 167
Wickes, Geo. R166, 167
Wickes, Geo. S166
Wickes, Marian166
Wight, Barbara Mrs.427
Wight, Kenneth248
Wikle, Mr75
Wilcox, Asa192
Wilcox, Bertha192
Wilcox, Caroline Mrs., Iii, 192, 425
Wilcox, Debra193
Wilcox, Francis192
Wilcox, Josephine192
Wilcox, Lawrence192
Wilcox, M4
Wilcox, Marcie192
Wilcox, Susan192
Wilcox, Wallace192
Wild, Malinda E. "Betty"293Kathy Monaghan
Charles Thompson
Wild, Martha293Kathy Monaghan
Charles Thompson
Wild, Sarah83Kathy Monaghan
Charles Thompson
Wildberger, Jacob292
Wildman, Helena200
Wildman, Wm200
Wildman, Wm. Mrs.200
Williams, B Mrs.9Charles Thompson
Williams, Ben C.12, 22, 23, 24, 32, 37, 39, 40, 41, 60, 62, 67, 74, 92, 97, 199, 216, 294, 295, 312, 317, 343, 368, 370Charles Thompson
Williams, Betty Mrs. (Malinda E.)220Charles Thompson
Williams, Carolina Mrs.209Charles Thompson
Williams, Carrie294
Williams, Eliza252, 293Charles Thompson
Williams, Florence209Charles Thompson
Williams, Florene228, 293Charles Thompson
Williams, Fred209Charles Thompson
Williams, Geo. W5, 9, 24, 97, 220, 256, 277, 291, 293-295, 414Charles Thompson
Williams, Geo. W293Charles Thompson
Williams, Henry294Charles Thompson
Williams, Jasper294Charles Thompson
Williams, John D.5, 6, 7, 20, 65, 75, 196, 293, 294, 343Charles Thompson
Williams, John F.54, 293Charles Thompson
Williams, John H20, 220, 293Charles Thompson
Williams, Lillie293, 369Charles Thompson
Williams, Lucy293Charles Thompson
Williams, Mary54, 293Charles Thompson
Williams, Mary Mrs.39, 294, 295, 343Charles Thompson
Williams, Mary Mrs.250Charles Thompson
Williams, Mr.199Charles Thompson
Williams, Mr.254, 373Charles Thompson
Williams, Mrs.200Charles Thompson
Williams, Nate124Charles Thompson
Williams, Robt.294Charles Thompson
Williams, Sarah293Charles Thompson
Williams, Solomon23, 293Charles Thompson
Williams, Sophia Mrs.112Charles Thompson
Williams, Thos J.294, 295, 346, 368Charles Thompson
Williams, Wm.253Charles Thompson
Williams, Zackariah294Charles Thompson
Williamson, Susan96
Williamson, W A.96
Williamson, W A. Mrs.96
Wilson, Albert297
Wilson, Alexander5, 6, 9, 24, 62, 67, 73, 152, 173, 248, 267, 277, 282, 284, 295, 296, 357, 371
Wilson, Alice296
Wilson, Andrew J16, 26, 83, 85, 152, 165, 297
Wilson, Annie314
Wilson, Clara53, 297
Wilson, Dau.296
Wilson, Emily297
Wilson, Evelyn296
Wilson, Frances Mrs.296
Wilson, Geo.296
Wilson, Geo. F. Mrs.321
Wilson, Grace297, 367
Wilson, Harvey296
Wilson, Hattie53, 297
Wilson, James324, 386
Wilson, James Mrs.314
Wilson, John296
Wilson, John P.325
Wilson, John P. Mrs.325
Wilson, Julian325
Wilson, Leona53, 296
Wilson, Lewis296
Wilson, Loons B297
Wilson, Louella296
Wilson, Margaret226
Wilson, Monroe386
Wilson, Mr.295
Wilson, Nancy112
Wilson, Norma247
Wilson, Robt.296
Wilson, Scit132-a
Wilson, Son295, 296
Wilson, Sophronia325
Wilson, Susie (Mrs. Clad)388
Wilson, Wm.298
Wilson131, 295
Winager, Chas109, 298
Winegar, Chas109, 298
Winkley, J. W. Rev.398
Winn, Coleman374
Winn, Mr.374
Winter, E Catherine38, 40, 415
Winters, John355
Wise, Glade142
Wise, Grace285
Wise, Hazel285, 353
Wise, Orpha "Ella" Mrs.18, 19, 59, 289, 290
Wise, Scott143
Wise, Tillie285
Wise, Wm. E.23, 285, 289
Withrow, John W.23, 24, 298
Withrow, Rev.298
Withrow, W. S.40, 202, 213, 298
Woddell, W171
Wohler, Herman234
Wolin, Mauden Mrs.426
Wolin, Morley309
Wolin, Mr.78
Wood, Amy298
Wood, Andrew P.5-6, 10, 16, 22-23, 30, 32-34, 38, 64, 111, 186, 216, 229, 255, 264, 298, 327, 357, 401, 410
Wood, Andrew P. Mrs. (Ellen)6, 299
Wood, Chas298
Wood, Clara298
Wood, John298
Wood, Nellie298
Woods, Joseph405
Woods, Linda112
Woods, Minnie405
Woodworth, Todd53
Woolfolk, Allen200, 359
Woolfolk, Chas359
Woolfolk, Connie360
Woolfolk, Emma359
Woolfolk, Geo.200, 359
Woolfolk, Geo.359
Woolfolk, Helen359
Woolfolk, Jane359
Woolfolk, Merle359
Woolfolk, Muriel359
Woolfolk, Terry360
Woolfolk, Wm F.359
Woolfolk, Wm. F. Mrs.404
Woolford, Joseph24, 60, 62
Woolsey, Harvey293
Workman, Virginia142
Wortham, Eddie247
Worthington, Sarah238
Wrigglesworth, Clara299, 301
Wrigglesworth, Claude299-301
Wrigglesworth, Cora57, 300
Wrigglesworth, Elvin299
Wrigglesworth, Geo.300
Wrigglesworth, Geo. A.300
Wrigglesworth, Joseph67, 299, 300, 301, 419
Wrigglesworth, Joseph A.104, 265, 299-301
Wrigglesworth, Joseph Mrs.301
Wrigglesworth, Lovella299
Wrigglesworth, Luther299
Wrigglesworth, Lydia Mrs.301
Wrigglesworth, Martha299
Wrigglesworth, Mr.299
Wrigglesworth, Oroville300
Wrigglesworth, Sarah51, 299, 301, 352"
Wrigglesworth, Son300
Wrigglesworth, Thos300
Wright, Agnes397
Wright, John305
Wright, Mr.162
Wright, Rachel Mrs.186
Wright, Terry182
Wurm, Wm.159
Wurth, John Mrs.209
Wyne, Benj403, 408
Wyne, Dau.403
Wyne, Eliza403
Wyne, Mary403
Wyne, Wm.403
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Yager, Anna37
Yager, Annie Mrs.389
Yager, Carlton388
Yager, Eliza389
Yager, Eunice93, 388
Yager, Fred389
Yager, Fred389
Yager, Frederick275, 388
Yager, Geo.349, 388, 389
Yager, Geo. H388
Yager, Geo. J.388
Yager, John389
Yager, John J.388
Yager, John P.276, 388
Yager, Katharine389
Yager, Lana389
Yager, Lucille388
Yager, Marcella389
Yager, Mr.388
Yager, Ola416
Yager, Peter389
Yager, Ursula389
Yates, Abigail390
Yates, Edward R29, 32, 33, 67, 390, 391
Yates, Edward R Mrs.391
Yates, Henrietta390
Yates, John Holland28, 390, 391
Yates, Louisa390
Yates, Martha390
Yates, Mary390
Yates, Mr.286
Yates, Ora390
Yates, Robt. E. "Lee"390, 391
Yates, Robt. E. L Mrs.261
Ybright, Alan310
Ybright, Chas. 0.309
Ybright, Chas. L309
Ybright, Jesse C.310
Ybright, Jesse Clinton310
Ybright, Myrtle219
Ybright, Richard310
Ybright, Samuel219
Yoakum, Betty Mrs.113
Yorba234, 235
Young, John301
Young, John H276, 301, 302, 396
Young, Thos301
Young, Wm.301
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Zancai, Mrs.381
Zancai, Son381
Zanotti, James354
Zanotti, Toby354
Zieger, Ursula389
Ziegler, Mr.384
Zimmer, Barbara246
Zimmer, Ethel246
Zimmer, Leonard246
Zimmer, Michael246
Zogg, Josefina Mrs.425
Zorick, Geo.318
Zulouf, Clara302
Zulouf, John192, 196, 302
Zumbiel, Leonore416

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