Except as otherwise noted on the page, copies of the biographies can be obtained by sending $8.00 per biography to:

Ms. Sandra Harris
1317 Lynette Way
Sacramento CA 95831/CENTER>
You must (NO EXCEPTIONS) include the following on a regular size (8 1/2 X 11") piece of paper:

  • 1) name of the book;
  • 2) the call number from the CA State library (listed on the bios page);
  • 3) the name of the individual;
  • 4) the page of the biography;
  • 5) cash, check or money order (in the correct amount) payable to Sandra Harris;
  • 6) a regular legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope (not simply the biggest you can find - i.e. Size 10 or one in which a 8 1/2" X 11" piece of paper folded three time will fit and with postage please estimate the same given the number of requests you have made, i.e. $.34 will not cover 20 pages of information); and
  • 7) your e-mail address.

    Please bear in mind that just because the name is listed it may not be the person you are looking for. Many people have the same or similar names. No guarantee is give that any particular biography is precisely the person you are looking for.

    When possible Sandra will also check the pre-1940 California Death Index (after 1940 is already on-line at CA Death Index); California Information File; Native Daughters of the Golden West collection (see index link for names) and the DAR Pioneers list and try to find obituaries for people covered in the biographies. Especially for common names a brief backgound of the person you are requesting information on is helpful to distinguish the one you want from the rest.

    Before you send your request please check the Index to California History Quarterly published by the California Historical Society for possible entries for Sandra to look into or copy. For these include a flat $8.00 and if more is required, due to the number of pages necessary to photocopy, Sandra will contact you via e-mail. Note: This will only work if you include your e-mail address.

    Unless you say otherwise a summary of the biography will be linked to the web page for the book in question. The effort is an attempt to make at least some of the basic information available as a virtual library. Additionally your name and e-mail will be added as a contact person. If you do not wish either or both of these to be done please make your wishes known at the time you place your order.

    Hint: While we hate to say this, ordering and receiving copies of these biographies is not a right, it is a privilege enjoyed by those who can and do follow instructions. They are not terribly difficult to understand or implement but following these instructions makes Sandra's job less complicated and gives you an assurance of receiving the information back in a timely manner. It is amazing how many can not or will not follow instructions. Please be among those who can read, comprehend and act on what you have read. If you are offended by this statement we apologize in advance. Thank you.

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