DAR California Pioneers:

Unpublished records of the families of California pioneers / gathered by the various chapters from original sources.

California : State Committee of Genealogical Research, Daughters of the American Revolution, [1927- ]

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: E202.5.C15 C2 v. 1 - 27 -- Books NC

The names contained in this list are the primary name associated with the family listed in the compiled information. Typically, the information covers several generations with the eldest ancestor listed in the title of the work submitted. The information was usually submitted by family members and, in some instances, is documented to other or primary source records. This information is very helpful to anyone researching early California families if you find you are lucky enough to have your family included in the compilation.

If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of this list. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list. Please note that the list is broken into section to make loading easier.

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Nance, Edgar Atholten196; Vol. 17
Nash, Abraham289; Vol. 5
Nash, Edwin170; Vol. 15
Nash, Hiram172; Vol. 12
Nash, William Huston177; Vol. 12
Nash, William Huston139; Vol. 18
Nathan, Aaron197; Vol. 16
Nauert, Frederick Anton141; Vol. 18
Naylor, David206; Vol. 25
Neale, George311; Vol. 4
Nebelung, Max171; Vol. 15
Neely, James197; Vol. 17
Neely, William J.184; Vol. 22
Neil, Frank John332; Vol. 8
Neil, Louis193; Vol. 5
Nelson, Henry Archibald199; Vol. 16
Nelson, John146; Vol. 24
Nelson, William Henry144; Vol. 18
Nesemann, Richard200; Vol. 16
Neumiller, Christian322; Vol. 11
Neville, Matthew184; Vol. 27
Newby, William Thompson181; Vol. 12
Newel, Charles Lewis289; Vol. 6
Newell, Frank Newton326; Vol. 11
Newport, George Denson161; Vol. 23
Nichol, James185; Vol. 12
Nichols, Elvin Jefferson82; Vol. 25
Nichols, Justus W.349; Vol. 7
Nicholson, John Huvington366; Vol. 9
Nickerson, Franklin L.315; Vol. 4
Nicolet, Paul Eugene160; Vol. 20
Nidever, John172; Vol. 15
Nightingale, John330; Vol. 11
Nisson, Matthias189; Vol. 12
Noack, Alfred193; Vol. 12
Noble, Francis Marion370; Vol. 9
Noland, Brasselton171; Vol. 19
Noland, Brazelton85; Vol. 14
Noland, William Wilson197; Vol. 12
Norman, Jacob Franklin319; Vol. 4
Norris, Daniel329; Vol. 3
Norris, Robert201; Vol. 12
Northey, Vernal Sidney205; Vol. 12
Norton, Edward173; Vol. 15
Norton, Edwin Clarence146; Vol. 18
Norton, James Henry209; Vol. 12
Noyes, Charles Goodwin323; Vol. 4
Noyes, William Tobey213; Vol. 12
Nuffer, Jacob P.175; Vol. 19
Nuner, William M.293; Vol. 5
Nutt, John Marion374; Vol. 9
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Oague, William B.333; Vol. 3
Oaks, Omar108; Vol. 2
Oberg, John Ulrich (M.D.)167; Vol. 23
O'Brien, James192; Vol. 21
O'Connor, John174; Vol. 15
O'Kane, John217; Vol. 12
Olcott, Robert Henry337; Vol. 3
Olds, Nelson H.111; Vol. 2
Oliger, Archibald199; Vol. 17
Olmstead, Fayette Wayne341; Vol. 3
Olmstead, Harrison221; Vol. 12
O'Meara, James225; Vol. 12
Ord, Otho Cresap384; Vol. 8
Orderlin, J. A.176; Vol. 15
Ore, Edward334; Vol. 11
Orme, Henry Sayre177; Vol. 15
Orr, Orestes229; Vol. 12
Orr, Thomas J. Jr.378; Vol. 9
Orr, William Alexander Jr.192; Vol. 26
Osborn, Homer Beadle113; Vol. 2
Osborn, Thomas233; Vol. 12
Ostrom, Daniel A.89; Vol. 14
Otto, George F.338; Vol. 11
Oullahan, Denis Joseph345; Vol. 3
Overholtzer, Samuel A.126; Vol. 1
Owen, James377; Vol. 6
Owens, Frank84; Vol. 25
Owens, Thomas Jefferson147; Vol. 24
Owsley, Henry118; Vol. 2
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Paddock, Francis (M.D.)238; Vol. 12
Padelford, Hosea242; Vol. 12
Page, Nelson Dudley195; Vol. 26
Palmer, William Albee382; Vol. 9
Pannier, William180; Vol. 15
Parcher, Robert201; Vol. 16
Pardee, Enoch381; Vol. 6
Pardee, Enoch Homer119; Vol. 2
Parish, Charles Louis246; Vol. 12
Parker, (Capt.) Frank O.254; Vol. 12
Parker, Charles Freeman129; Vol. 1
Parker, David Jr.250; Vol. 12
Parker, Freeman258; Vol. 12
Parker, Henry James327; Vol. 4
Parker, James Edwin134; Vol. 1
Parker, John163; Vol. 20
Parker, Robert181; Vol. 15
Parker, Thomas207; Vol. 25
Parker, Thomas Barnes265; Vol. 12
Parsons, Abraham182; Vol. 15
Parsons, Jerome Harper269; Vol. 12
Parsons, John Isaac353; Vol. 7
Parsons, Rebecca Annis183; Vol. 15
Partridge, Charles Adell215; Vol. 25
Paterson, Alexander274; Vol. 12
Patrick, George W.278; Vol. 12
Patrick, John Wilson342; Vol. 11
Patten, Herbert297; Vol. 5
Patten, Weston S.177; Vol. 19
Patterson, Andrew J.93; Vol. 14
Patterson, Charles W.331; Vol. 4
Patterson, Jacob168; Vol. 23
Patterson, Robert Webster179; Vol. 19
Patton, William Andrew181; Vol. 19
Paulsen, Peter Meinert85; Vol. 25
Paxton, Bright Rupert170; Vol. 23
Pease, Mrs. Harriet A.349; Vol. 3
Peck, Elon G.357; Vol. 7
Penhall, Uriah186; Vol. 22
Penniman, Harry W. H.361; Vol. 7
Penniman, Hiram Paul202; Vol. 16
Peoples, Andrew385; Vol. 6Elaine Peoples
Peralta, Hermenegildo Ygnacio151; Vol. 24
Perez, Juan185; Vol. 15
Perkins, George Clement335; Vol. 4
Perkins, John Adino P.397; Vol. 8
Perkins, Palmer389; Vol. 6
Perry, Avery Abel121; Vol. 2
Perry, George Washington282; Vol. 12
Peter, Alexander Theodore189; Vol. 27
Peter, Francis Terance186; Vol. 27
Peter, George196; Vol. 27
Peter, George Phillip194; Vol. 27
Peter, John Thomas173; Vol. 23Steven Williams
Peterson, Edward W.286; Vol. 12
Peterson, Peter123; Vol. 2
Peterson, Peter290; Vol. 12
Peterson, William Henry294; Vol. 12
Pfunder, Albert85; Vol. 21
Phelan, Michael189; Vol. 21
Phelps, Augustus Eliphalet148; Vol. 18
Phillips, Isaac Wheeler168; Vol. 20
Phillips, Lewis Patrick187; Vol. 15
Phillips, Lott Sr.135; Vol. 1
Phillips, Louis183; Vol. 19
Phillips, Rodney Forseth299; Vol. 12
Pickard, Charles W.199; Vol. 27
Pierce, Edward Timothy346; Vol. 11
Pierce, Himon N.301; Vol. 5
Pierce, Wheeler W.303; Vol. 12
Pierce, William L.305; Vol. 5
Pike, Edward Payson307; Vol. 12
Pile, William Henry311; Vol. 12
Pine, Sardis Randall315; Vol. 12
Pinney, Elbert (Dr.)150; Vol. 18
Pitkin, Robert Wilson401; Vol. 8
Pitman, Henry C.309; Vol. 5
Platner, David Henry313; Vol. 5
Platt, Hiram Wood319; Vol. 12
Poehlman, Martin393; Vol. 6
Polhemus, Cornelius323; Vol. 12
Pollard, Eusebius188; Vol. 15
Pollard, George W.189; Vol. 15
Polramus, Albert A.405; Vol. 8
Pomfret, Michael Emmet327; Vol. 12
Poole, Edward87; Vol. 21
Pope, John Francis339; Vol. 4
Pope, John G.317; Vol. 5
Poppett, Robert90; Vol. 21
Porter, Danforth321; Vol. 5
Porter, George K.325; Vol. 5
Porter, John T.329; Vol. 5
Post, John McDougal197; Vol. 26
Powell, Abraham331; Vol. 12
Powell, Augustus Steuben335; Vol. 12
Powell, James Henry423; Vol. 13
Power, Francis188; Vol. 22
Power, George Coffin339; Vol. 12
Powers, Robert172; Vol. 20
Pownall, Joseph (M.D.)343; Vol. 12
Prather, Joseph Leonard347; Vol. 12
Prather, William Deter351; Vol. 12
Pratt, Alvin Dwight178; Vol. 23
Pratt, George427; Vol. 13
Preble, George E.191; Vol. 15
Prehn, Frederick177; Vol. 20
Preisker, Thomas J.350; Vol. 11
Prescott, Cyrus Starrett181; Vol. 23
Preston, James Carson88; Vol. 25
Preston, Robert James357; Vol. 12
Price, John B.198; Vol. 26
Price, John Blackwell138; Vol. 1
Price, John D.194; Vol. 15
Price, Joseph187; Vol. 23
Price, Nimrod139; Vol. 1
Proctor, El40n C.365; Vol. 7
Pryor, Francis Marion186; Vol. 19
Purington, Turner Gowing386; Vol. 9
Purinton, Henry Osgood141; Vol. 1
Purkitt, George Henry354; Vol. 11
Purvine, Charles361; Vol. 12
Putnam, Allen H.369; Vol. 7
Putnam, Joseph187; Vol. 19
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Queen, Joseph C.333; Vol. 5
Quigley, James Myron190; Vol. 22
Quint, Fred201; Vol. 27
Quinton, John Henry203; Vol. 16
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rackliffe, John189; Vol. 19
Rae, Frank Bankson409; Vol. 8
Rahm, Conrad156; Vol. 24
Rahm, Edward Crouch343; Vol. 4
Ralston, Andrew J.98; Vol. 14
Ramacher, Henry358; Vol. 11
Randall, Henry Irwin390; Vol. 9
Randolph, Frederick M.370; Vol. 12
Raney, Charles F.394; Vol. 9
Rankin, Adam L.102; Vol. 14
Ransom, (Col.) Leander374; Vol. 12
Raynes, Alonzo E.195; Vol. 15
Read, Alexander Pope398; Vol. 9
Reading, Major Pierson Barton179; Vol. 20
Redman, Reeves Wm. Winn204; Vol. 27
Reed, Albert Levi378; Vol. 12
Reed, Albert Levi191; Vol. 19
Reed, Charles E. H.402; Vol. 9
Reed, Franklin P.106; Vol. 14
Reed, Helen Buzzell353; Vol. 3
Reed, William Iii126; Vol. 2
Reed, William Louis362; Vol. 11
Rees, John Stephen199; Vol. 26
Reeves, Truman110; Vol. 14
Rehart, Jacob J.114; Vol. 14
Reichman, Ernst Frederick152; Vol. 18
Reid, John Calhoun382; Vol. 12
Reider, William Henry154; Vol. 18
Reilay, John Perkins347; Vol. 4
Rendler, Laurent190; Vol. 21
Renz, John194; Vol. 19
Rey, Jacques J.118; Vol. 14
Reyburn, Joseph Davidson192; Vol. 23
Reynolds, James351; Vol. 4
Reynolds, John Record366; Vol. 11
Reynolds, Owen143; Vol. 1
Reynolds, Thomas Jackson200; Vol. 17
Rhoads, Daniel129; Vol. 2
Rhodes, William H.122; Vol. 14
Rice, Charles T.126; Vol. 14
Rice, Orthello V.196; Vol. 19
Rice, Orthello V. W.373; Vol. 7
Rich, Charles E.337; Vol. 5
Rich, Samuel191; Vol. 22
Richards, Margaret Mrs.386; Vol. 12
Richards, William196; Vol. 15
Richardson, Alpheus357; Vol. 3
Richardson, James William431; Vol. 13
Richardson, Norton D.341; Vol. 5
Richardson, Samuel J.130; Vol. 14
Richardson, Walter L.377; Vol. 7
Richman, Evert Scott194; Vol. 22
Richter, Charles197; Vol. 23
Ricker, John G.134; Vol. 14
Ricketts, Joshua138; Vol. 14
Ricks, Casper Stinemets197; Vol. 15
Riddle, George W.142; Vol. 14
Rieff, James Louis146; Vol. 14
Riffe, John198; Vol. 19
Rightmire, Elizabeth (Sidgreaves) Mrs.131; Vol. 2
Riley, Thomas Benton150; Vol. 14
Ritchie, Matthew D.345; Vol. 5
Rittenhouse, Ellis Bonham90; Vol. 25
Robbins, Osmond Milton355; Vol. 4
Roberds, John93; Vol. 21
Roberson, Joseph S.381; Vol. 7
Roberts, Charles H.154; Vol. 14
Robertson, William R.158; Vol. 14
Robie, Lewis Henry201; Vol. 23
Robinson, Augustus Biddle204; Vol. 23
Robinson, Frederick Dykeman183; Vol. 20
Robinson, Henry201; Vol. 19
Robinson, John A.162; Vol. 14
Robinson, Mary A. Cason413; Vol. 8
Robinson, Thomas390; Vol. 12
Robinson, William Whipple159; Vol. 18
Robison, Marion Minor206; Vol. 16
Rodreguez, Jose Francisco202; Vol. 17
Roe, William Warren385; Vol. 7
Roeding, Christian F.394; Vol. 12
Rogers, Charles A.389; Vol. 7
Rogers, Henry Joseph158; Vol. 24
Rogers, James Nathan166; Vol. 14
Rogers, John145; Vol. 1
Rogers, Robert James198; Vol. 15
Rogers, Russell A.160; Vol. 24
Rohl, Oscar G.350; Vol. 5
Rome, Matlock223; Vol. 25
Romer, William Jennings203; Vol. 19
Root, Alfred Wilson93; Vol. 25
Root, Jabin Royal95; Vol. 25
Root, Leslie Harlan393; Vol. 7
Root, William Jay398; Vol. 12
Roper, Horace H.170; Vol. 14
Roseman, Thomas J.174; Vol. 14
Rosener, Morris207; Vol. 16
Ross, Charles Prince178; Vol. 14
Ross, Herman Frederick186; Vol. 20
Ross, William162; Vol. 24
Roubidoux, Louis182; Vol. 14
Rough, Henry D. D.186; Vol. 14
Rountree, Almus L.190; Vol. 14
Rountree, James Oscar195; Vol. 14
Rowan, Alexander H.199; Vol. 14
Rowell, Isaac134; Vol. 2
Rowley, Andrew Rouse361; Vol. 3
Rowley, Howard C.203; Vol. 14
Rowntree, John Wallace163; Vol. 24
Roxburgh, Joseph160; Vol. 18
Roy, Thomas B.165; Vol. 24
Rucker, William T.407; Vol. 9
Rueger, John417; Vol. 8
Rueger, John Sr.166; Vol. 24
Rule, Samuel T.207; Vol. 14
Rule, Samuel T.297; Vol. 14
Rumrill, Azro397; Vol. 7
Rumsey, Joel Barlow211; Vol. 14
Rundle, Richard Thomas207; Vol. 19
Ruply, Rheinhart422; Vol. 8
Ruse, Joshua Brown65; Vol. 25
Rush, Benjamin397; Vol. 6
Russ, Joseph402; Vol. 12
Russell, James365; Vol. 3
Russell, James Howard407; Vol. 12
Russell, Prior S.215; Vol. 14
Russell, William J.219; Vol. 14
Russell, William Polk211; Vol. 19
Russell, Zenas A.201; Vol. 26
Rust, Horatio Nelson223; Vol. 14
Rust, Jesse196; Vol. 22
Rusted, Leonard B.230; Vol. 11
Ryan, James Talbot413; Vol. 9
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Sackman, John William199; Vol. 15
Safford, Hiram Sprague439; Vol. 13
Sais, Justo Nazario199; Vol. 22
Samuels, Frederic Schuchardt98; Vol. 25
Sanborn, John Leavitt136; Vol. 2
Sanborn, Lewis Decatur417; Vol. 9
Sanders, Wilbur E.370; Vol. 11
Sanderson, George H.374; Vol. 11
Sandman, Otto Edward421; Vol. 9
Sanford, George P.227; Vol. 14
Saunders, Ambrose231; Vol. 14
Savage, Granville L.411; Vol. 12
Sawday, Frederick R.415; Vol. 12
Sawin, Alonzo421; Vol. 6
Sawyer, Joseph Sturgis99; Vol. 21
Sawyers, Ebenezer Davis507; Vol. 10
Saxe, Arthur Wellsley426; Vol. 8
Sayre, Edwin Weaver359; Vol. 4
Sayre, Thomas139; Vol. 2
Saywell, Thomas369; Vol. 3
Scamman, James Freeman189; Vol. 20
Scarlett, James Edward419; Vol. 12
Scearce, Laban378; Vol. 11
Schath, John208; Vol. 16
Schell, Phillip204; Vol. 26
Schellhous, Martin Andrew201; Vol. 15
Schenck, Caspar423; Vol. 12
Schiller, Marcus427; Vol. 12
Schilling, William431; Vol. 12
Schirmer, Edward208; Vol. 27
Schirmer, Robert Blue209; Vol. 27
Schlissman, Adam211; Vol. 27
Schneider, Edward430; Vol. 8
Schneider, Frederick203; Vol. 15
Schoonmacher, Isaac202; Vol. 26
Schulte, William162; Vol. 18
Scofield, James Monroe164; Vol. 18
Scotchler, Joseph B.436; Vol. 12
Scott, Edward382; Vol. 11
Scott, Gideon208; Vol. 23
Scott, Hiram354; Vol. 5
Scott, James Alfred Lindsay140; Vol. 2
Scott, John204; Vol. 15
Scott, William Anderson169; Vol. 24
Scott, Winfield401; Vol. 6
Scoville, James A.235; Vol. 14
Scribner, George Whitfield Barrows166; Vol. 18
Searles, William A.440; Vol. 12
Sears, Thompson205; Vol. 15
Sears, William Allison443; Vol. 13
Seawell, John Henry444; Vol. 12
Sedgley, John R.448; Vol. 12
Sedgley, Jotham L.452; Vol. 12
Seeley, William Belcher456; Vol. 12
Seely, David102; Vol. 21
Seger, George Fitch460; Vol. 12
Selby, Thomas H.239; Vol. 14
Selleck, Joseph194; Vol. 21
Selleck, Joseph Edward112; Vol. 25
Sellors, Charles R.209; Vol. 16
Senter, Isaac Newton142; Vol. 2
Service, John213; Vol. 19
Sessions, Edward Parish464; Vol. 12
Sessions, Josiah468; Vol. 12
Severance, William W.472; Vol. 12
Sharp, John Westley170; Vol. 18
Sharp, Joseph Lewis204; Vol. 17
Sharp, Josiah434; Vol. 8
Sharp, William244; Vol. 14
Sharpe, Valentine L.401; Vol. 7
Sharratt, David F.206; Vol. 15
Shattuck, David Dustin248; Vol. 14
Shattuck, David Olcott363; Vol. 4
Shattuck, Francis K.255; Vol. 14
Shaw, Alvah Columbus R.476; Vol. 12
Shaw, Charles W.358; Vol. 5
Shaw, Lynn L.207; Vol. 15
Shaw, Martin Russell114; Vol. 25
Shay, Walter A.103; Vol. 21
Sheldon, Willard M.386; Vol. 11
Shelton, David147; Vol. 1
Shelton, James G. C.438; Vol. 8
Shepard, Amos Sr.194; Vol. 20
Sheppa, Oswald Richard390; Vol. 11
Sherer, John Calvin394; Vol. 11
Sherman, Milo Ray210; Vol. 16
Shinn, James480; Vol. 12
Shipley, Richard J.172; Vol. 18
Shippee, Wanton Allen484; Vol. 12
Shoemake, Albert B.366; Vol. 5
Short, Joseph208; Vol. 26
Shreve, George William425; Vol. 9
Shrewsbury, Samuel208; Vol. 15
Shrode, David S.362; Vol. 5
Shuey, Martin210; Vol. 23
Siebe, Ludwig209; Vol. 15
Siefert, Henry F.429; Vol. 9
Sikes, Jonathan405; Vol. 7
Silvey, Elijah211; Vol. 15
Simmons, Oliver M.370; Vol. 5
Simpers, George W.409; Vol. 7
Simpson, Arthur405; Vol. 6
Simpson, James French413; Vol. 7
Simpson, Thomas488; Vol. 12
Sinnett, John Edward417; Vol. 7
Sinnott, Richard Joseph492; Vol. 12
Sisk, Richard Congrave200; Vol. 20
Slawson, Hugh Paul174; Vol. 24
Sleeper, William Osgood143; Vol. 2
Sloan, Alva Leslie373; Vol. 3
Slover, James A.261; Vol. 14
Slusser, Levi Samuel Bacon174; Vol. 18
Small, Robert Henry213; Vol. 15
Smart, William Morris206; Vol. 17
Smiley, James145; Vol. 2
Smiley, Sumner F.421; Vol. 7
Smith, Albert Darius496; Vol. 12
Smith, Anthony P.147; Vol. 2
Smith, Charles Jeffrey149; Vol. 1
Smith, Charles Jeffrey500; Vol. 12
Smith, Edward409; Vol. 6
Smith, Egbert Tangier152; Vol. 1
Smith, Egbert Tangier168; Vol. 1
Smith, Elphustone M.447; Vol. 13
Smith, Francis Marion377; Vol. 3
Smith, Frederick201; Vol. 20
Smith, George F.398; Vol. 11
Smith, Henry Clay504; Vol. 12
Smith, Hudson E.508; Vol. 12
Smith, James413; Vol. 6
Smith, James116; Vol. 25
Smith, James Brown425; Vol. 7
Smith, James Colwell367; Vol. 4
Smith, James Kersen118; Vol. 25
Smith, James Millard177; Vol. 1
Smith, Joel H.217; Vol. 25
Smith, John Louis212; Vol. 23
Smith, John Paton512; Vol. 12
Smith, John Paton177; Vol. 24
Smith, Leonard268; Vol. 14
Smith, Loyal Timothy148; Vol. 2
Smith, Sidney150; Vol. 2
Smith, Stanford G.429; Vol. 7
Smith, Timothy Babcock152; Vol. 2
Smith, William Jasper214; Vol. 15
Smyth, Charles Stephen120; Vol. 25
Snedden, Samuel219; Vol. 19
Snedigar, Thomas Fielding210; Vol. 26
Snell, William Henry417; Vol. 6
Snodgrass, James Cathcart381; Vol. 3
Snook, William Sayer155; Vol. 2
Snook, William Sayer433; Vol. 9
Snyder, Andrew Jackson371; Vol. 4
Snyder, Zachariah158; Vol. 2
Soberanes, Feliciano402; Vol. 11
Soberanes, Feliciano Antonio180; Vol. 24
Soupham, John Robertson451; Vol. 13
Southwell, Daniel208; Vol. 17
Southwick, James G.374; Vol. 5
Spanger, William Thomas215; Vol. 15
Spaulding, John455; Vol. 13
Speer, William274; Vol. 14
Spencer, Cullen Guy160; Vol. 2
Sperry, Austin385; Vol. 3
Sperry, Simon Willard213; Vol. 26
Sprague, Royal Tyler203; Vol. 20
Springer, John B.406; Vol. 11
Springer, John Billiter209; Vol. 17
Squire, Ezekiel278; Vol. 14
Squire, Orin Datus389; Vol. 3
Squire, William Francis216; Vol. 15
Squires, Elmore W.283; Vol. 14
Stafford, Almerson Bristol216; Vol. 23
Stafford, Edgar Pearl287; Vol. 14
Staib, Conrad291; Vol. 14
Standeford, David W.437; Vol. 9
Stanton, Perrin295; Vol. 14
Stanyan, Charles Henry375; Vol. 4
Staples, John Frederick211; Vol. 16
Starbuck, Alva217; Vol. 15
Starbuck, Milton C.216; Vol. 26
Starbuck, William379; Vol. 4
Staring, Henry Dewitt162; Vol. 2
Starkweather, Haynes K. Jr.164; Vol. 2
Starr, Emmon Taylor516; Vol. 12
Starr, Henry520; Vol. 12
Stearns, William Henry524; Vol. 12
Stedman, Robert441; Vol. 9
Stedman, Robert Sr.186; Vol. 24
Steele, Isaac C.299; Vol. 14
Steele, Julius Augustus240; Vol. 21
Steging, Albert G.433; Vol. 7
Stein, Hans218; Vol. 26
Stein, Henry J.303; Vol. 14
Steinbeck, Wilhelm P.437; Vol. 7
Steiny, Julius R.307; Vol. 14
Stell, William212; Vol. 16
Stephens, Basil Wells449; Vol. 9
Stephens, Frank218; Vol. 15
Stephens, Gottie220; Vol. 15
Stephens, Henry221; Vol. 15
Stevens, William Wallace Capt.193; Vol. 21
Stevenson, Emily L. Mosher165; Vol. 2
Stevenson, Thomas311; Vol. 14
Steward, Valmore V.315; Vol. 14
Stewart, Albert G.383; Vol. 4
Stewart, Charles Elliott442; Vol. 8
Stewart, Neil319; Vol. 14
Stiles, Amos106; Vol. 21
Stilwell, George W.323; Vol. 14
Stinson, Charles Green213; Vol. 27
Stinson, John Harrison178; Vol. 1
Stinson, Oliver Perry123; Vol. 25
Stocking, Frederick M.387; Vol. 4
Stockmon, Daniel Merrill198; Vol. 21Mark Harrington
Stockton, Thomas Coates167; Vol. 2
Stoddard, Thomas Adams446; Vol. 8
Stokes, William Charles459; Vol. 13
Stone, Albert Ward393; Vol. 3
Stone, Andrew Lette391; Vol. 4
Stone, George327; Vol. 14
Stone, Jerome B.331; Vol. 14
Stone, Jerome Duncan335; Vol. 14
Stone, Joseph223; Vol. 15
Stone, Reuben Henry217; Vol. 23
Stone, Silas395; Vol. 4
Stone, Silas222; Vol. 19
Stones, Hyram Nephi108; Vol. 21
Storey, Riley Clark224; Vol. 15
Storey, William B.339; Vol. 14
Story, Lewis S.207; Vol. 20
Stose, Clement Willis226; Vol. 21
Stovall, Jesse Curl453; Vol. 9
Stow, James Monroe410; Vol. 11
Strahl, Lafayette Duncan194; Vol. 24
Stratton, Edward225; Vol. 15
Streshly, Orlando435; Vol. 13
Strong, Zophar343; Vol. 14
Stroschein, William F.226; Vol. 15
Stump, Andrew347; Vol. 14
Sullivan, Daniel210; Vol. 17
Sullivan, Edwin Nathan414; Vol. 11
Sumner, Arthur225; Vol. 19
Suss, Charles Frederick176; Vol. 18
Sutherland, Albin W. C.457; Vol. 9
Suttenfield, George W.351; Vol. 14
Sutter, John Augustus355; Vol. 14
Sutton, John204; Vol. 24
Sutton, Sylvester W.378; Vol. 5
Swain, William Alexander227; Vol. 15
Swain, William Caldwell228; Vol. 15
Swan, Charles W.418; Vol. 11
Swanton, Sumner B.219; Vol. 26
Swarthout, George Washington110; Vol. 21
Swartz, Peter W.229; Vol. 15
Swasey, Benjamin397; Vol. 3
Swasey, William F.359; Vol. 14
Sweesy, Mathias Verdin461; Vol. 9
Swift, Edward425; Vol. 6
Swift, John Franklin463; Vol. 13
Swift, William214; Vol. 16
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Taber, Harmon Jay429; Vol. 6
Taber, Samuel230; Vol. 15
Taft, H. F.213; Vol. 24
Taggard, Edwin W.399; Vol. 4
Tait, James Alexander441; Vol. 7
Talbot, Coleman211; Vol. 17
Taliaferro, Alfred W. (Dr.)220; Vol. 26
Taliaferro, Theophilus213; Vol. 17
Talmage, Theron Skeel232; Vol. 15
Tarbox, William Elwell210; Vol. 20
Tasheira, George465; Vol. 9
Tate, Frank178; Vol. 18
Taylor, Edgar Cgase445; Vol. 7
Taylor, Jefferson363; Vol. 14
Taylor, John450; Vol. 8
Taylor, John S.367; Vol. 14
Taylor, Nelson469; Vol. 9
Taylor, Samuel Penfield214; Vol. 24
Taylor, Thomas Perrin216; Vol. 27
Tedford, Walter B.371; Vol. 14
Teller, Philip S.375; Vol. 14
Templeton, Joseph C.382; Vol. 5
Tennent, Samuel J.379; Vol. 14
Tenney, William Alfred473; Vol. 9
Terry, James William383; Vol. 14
Terwilliger, Sidney234; Vol. 15
Tewksbury, Jacob M.477; Vol. 9
Thatcher, David387; Vol. 14
Thaxter, Frank Walter403; Vol. 4
Thayer, Andrew E.391; Vol. 14
Thayer, Stephen I.395; Vol. 14
Thelen, Edmund182; Vol. 1
Thomas, Edgar Newton467; Vol. 13
Thomas, Frederick Gould239; Vol. 24
Thomas, Isaac Byrn190; Vol. 1
Thomas, James228; Vol. 19
Thomas, James William433; Vol. 6
Thomas, Sarah E. (Johnson)235; Vol. 15
Thomas, William236; Vol. 15
Thomas, Winfield Scott399; Vol. 14
Thomps.on, Dixey Wildes237; Vol. 15
Thompson, Dewitt T.403; Vol. 14
Thompson, Edward239; Vol. 15
Thompson, James Townsend241; Vol. 15
Thompson, Pleasant219; Vol. 27
Thompson, Robert407; Vol. 14
Thompson, Thomas Sidney168; Vol. 2
Thompson, Verres Greenwood219; Vol. 25
Thomson, Samuel A.454; Vol. 8
Thomson, William T.422; Vol. 11
Thorn, Joseph114; Vol. 21
Thorne, John449; Vol. 7
Thorp, Edward411; Vol. 14
Thorpe, Spencer Roane415; Vol. 14
Thurber, Henry453; Vol. 7
Thurston, Eugene T.419; Vol. 14
Tibbetts, David423; Vol. 14
Tibbetts, James Madison481; Vol. 9
Tiffee, John Richard471; Vol. 13
Tikham, Henry215; Vol. 16
Tinney, Henry John243; Vol. 15
Titus, Isaac S.427; Vol. 14
Tomlinson, Andrew D.386; Vol. 5
Tomlinson, James426; Vol. 11
Tompkins, Edward A.431; Vol. 14
Tone, John Henley407; Vol. 4
Tong, John Hezekiah222; Vol. 26
Totman, Jeremy R.430; Vol. 11
Toung, Smuel170; Vol. 2
Towner, James W.435; Vol. 14
Toy, Hugh Daniel437; Vol. 6
Trabue, George A.411; Vol. 4
Trace, Merritt Roscoe125; Vol. 25
Tracy, Alfred E.390; Vol. 5
Tracy, Joseph439; Vol. 14
Tracy, Joseph127; Vol. 25
Trask, Prentice Mellen172; Vol. 2
Treat, Edward H.191; Vol. 1
Treichler, William Henry217; Vol. 16
Trimmer, Oliver Smith434; Vol. 11
Tripp, James C.443; Vol. 14
Truitt, Roland K.447; Vol. 14
Truitt, Solomon Stanley236; Vol. 27
Trumbo, A. F.215; Vol. 17
Tuck, Charles Edward438; Vol. 11
Tuomey, Bartholomew451; Vol. 14
Turman, Hosea B. Wynn485; Vol. 9
Turman, Isaac216; Vol. 17
Turner, Clarence Helmer489; Vol. 9
Turner, David Clinton442; Vol. 11
Turner, George Runcy494; Vol. 9
Turner, Nicholas394; Vol. 5
Turner, Rufus R.455; Vol. 14
Turner, Samuel Devereaux218; Vol. 16
Turner, William Smith401; Vol. 3
Turrell, George405; Vol. 3
Tuthill, George Baziel458; Vol. 8
Tuttle, Benjamin F.459; Vol. 14
Tuttle, Charles Albion462; Vol. 8
Tuttle, Daniel398; Vol. 5
Tuttle, Daniel219; Vol. 23
Tuttle, Owen173; Vol. 2
Tyler, Charles Ypsilantha129; Vol. 25
Tyler, Jonathan Cooper245; Vol. 15
Tyrrel, Jeremiah220; Vol. 16
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Underwood, Nathan B.246; Vol. 15
Updike, Isaac Wesley180; Vol. 18
Upham, Isaace409; Vol. 3
Upson, Lauren463; Vol. 14
Uren, Stephen222; Vol. 16
Urmy, William Smith497; Vol. 9
Usinger, Conrad228; Vol. 26
Utter, Dowty193; Vol. 1
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Van Ausdell, Cornelius176; Vol. 2
Van Bokkelen, William467; Vol. 14
Van Clief, Peter231; Vol. 19
Van Dusen, Adam479; Vol. 14
Van Gorden, George413; Vol. 3
Van Gorden, George226; Vol. 16
Van Leuven, Benjamin116; Vol. 21
Van Leuven, Frederick402; Vol. 5
Van Leuven, Frederick119; Vol. 21
Van Matre, John C.457; Vol. 7
Van Orden, Leander466; Vol. 8
Van Vleck, Victor J.234; Vol. 19
Vance, John224; Vol. 16
Vander, Naillen Albert471; Vol. 14
Vandervoort, Gabriel J.475; Vol. 14
Varney, Benjamin F.485; Vol. 14
Varney, George219; Vol. 17
Varnum, George Washington132; Vol. 25
Vaughan, Phineas D.230; Vol. 16
Veale, Richard Rowe446; Vol. 11
Vedder, Frederick Van Patten177; Vol. 2
Vegley, Emil248; Vol. 15
Verhave, Adrian249; Vol. 15
Vickers, James Byron215; Vol. 20
Vincent, George A.241; Vol. 24
Vining, Andrew J.251; Vol. 15
Visher, Sebastian Tymeson244; Vol. 24
Vivian, John253; Vol. 15
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Wade, Thomas233; Vol. 16
Wadsworth, John Caton236; Vol. 19
Waggoner, George Ellis239; Vol. 19
Wagner, Jacob220; Vol. 17
Wainwright, Edward223; Vol. 17
Waite, Lyman Cobb224; Vol. 17
Wakefield, Lorenzo Dow221; Vol. 23
Wakeland, Saran P. (Hawkins)234; Vol. 16
Walis, David194; Vol. 1
Walker, Charles A.489; Vol. 14
Walker, James179; Vol. 2
Walker, Jesse Martin475; Vol. 13
Walker, Robert493; Vol. 14
Wall, William Burgess235; Vol. 16
Wallace, James Charles227; Vol. 17
Wallace, William Ward219; Vol. 20
Walter, Charles N.497; Vol. 14
Walton, Benjamin F.415; Vol. 4
Wand, Thomas N.501; Vol. 14
Ward, Barnbas Holmes180; Vol. 2
Ward, Phineas Potter450; Vol. 11
Ward, Robert419; Vol. 4
Ware, George Washington228; Vol. 17
Ware, Lewis Talbott197; Vol. 1
Ware, Lewis Talbott200; Vol. 1
Ware, Samuel Jr.236; Vol. 16
Warner, Amos Safford230; Vol. 17
Warner, Charles H.254; Vol. 15
Warner, George B.237; Vol. 16
Warner, Philemon183; Vol. 18
Warner, William423; Vol. 4
Warren, William Stockbridge417; Vol. 3
Washburn, Sherman454; Vol. 11
Waterhouse, Alfred James185; Vol. 18
Waterman, Edwin Ruthven250; Vol. 24
Watson, Horace Howard238; Vol. 16
Wayne, Henry252; Vol. 24
Wayne, James223; Vol. 23
Weaver, Almer505; Vol. 14
Weaver, John H. G.461; Vol. 7
Webb, Francis509; Vol. 14
Webb, Otis232; Vol. 17
Webber, Joseph K.470; Vol. 8
Webber, Lemuel Peterson256; Vol. 15
Webster, Gaius137; Vol. 25
Webster, Joshua Bertram140; Vol. 25
Webster, Reese J.239; Vol. 16
Weddell, Mary Barrett234; Vol. 17
Weed, Joseph235; Vol. 17
Weed, Oscar Fitzallen224; Vol. 23
Weeks, Andrew Jackson142; Vol. 25
Wegingarth, Jacob236; Vol. 17
Wehn, Charles F. W.410; Vol. 5
Weingarth, Jacob414; Vol. 5
Weisshaar, Frederick W.418; Vol. 5
Welch, Andrew Jackson225; Vol. 20
Welch, Charles W.422; Vol. 5
Welch, John Hart228; Vol. 20
Welch, Payton Y.426; Vol. 5
Wellington, Edwin Ruthburn188; Vol. 18
Wells, Addison Monroe229; Vol. 23
Wells, Edwin Hoop240; Vol. 16
Wells, William Gaylord241; Vol. 19
Weltz, Jacob240; Vol. 27
Were, Frank R.406; Vol. 5
Werry, Richard458; Vol. 11
Wershing, Frank Walter242; Vol. 16
Wertz, Jonathan Leroy242; Vol. 27
Wessells, Henry Walton240; Vol. 17
West, Chauncey W.430; Vol. 5
West, George193; Vol. 18
West, James Monroe122; Vol. 21
Westall, Samuel194; Vol. 18
Westcott, Edmund237; Vol. 17
Westerlund, Otto Wilhelm230; Vol. 26
Whaley, Thomas244; Vol. 17
Wharff, John Fairfield182; Vol. 2
Wharff, William Hatch184; Vol. 2
Wheat, James R.233; Vol. 23
Wheeler, Jacob195; Vol. 18
Wheeler, Roscoe427; Vol. 4
Whitaker, Andrew W.243; Vol. 16
Whitcher, Abner243; Vol. 19
White, Charles Burroughs479; Vol. 13
White, Charles W.513; Vol. 14
White, Samuel Simpson474; Vol. 8
Whiting, Danford231; Vol. 20
Whitlow, Charles434; Vol. 5
Whitmore, Daniel Vaughn196; Vol. 18
Whitmore, Richard462; Vol. 11
Whitney, Albion P.438; Vol. 5
Whitson, Robert Cresswell244; Vol. 16
Whittaker, James441; Vol. 6
Whittemore, William Henry234; Vol. 23
Whittemore, William Henry253; Vol. 24
Whyler, Edward Henry256; Vol. 27
Whyler, John George251; Vol. 27
Wick, Moses244; Vol. 27
Wight, Theron246; Vol. 17
Wightman, John Sr.146; Vol. 25
Wilcox, Abel Morton245; Vol. 16
Wilcox, Charles Edward233; Vol. 26
Wilder, Alphonso Eli234; Vol. 26
Wilder, Benjamin Wilkinson200; Vol. 18
Wilder, Deloss Dwight480; Vol. 8
Wilder, Elias235; Vol. 20
Wilder, Frederick Agusta201; Vol. 18
Wilkes, Albert Gallatin202; Vol. 18
Wilkes, Thomas Edwin465; Vol. 7
Wilkin, Robert421; Vol. 3
Wilkins, James Edgar501; Vol. 9
Wilkinson, Edward248; Vol. 17
Wilkison, Arthur T.517; Vol. 14
Willard, H. P.247; Vol. 16
Willey, Samuel Hopkins248; Vol. 16
Williams, Alton Levant425; Vol. 3
Williams, Archibald237; Vol. 23
Williams, Caleb Otis245; Vol. 19
Williams, Daniel B.442; Vol. 5
Williams, George212; Vol. 18
Williams, George B.235; Vol. 21
Williams, George E.467; Vol. 11
Williams, Hannibal238; Vol. 21
Williams, Henry Fairfax429; Vol. 3
Williams, John Phineas251; Vol. 16
Williams, John Shepherd240; Vol. 20
Williams, John Stephen252; Vol. 16
Williams, Leonard Cates239; Vol. 23
Williams, Matthew214; Vol. 18
Williams, Silas216; Vol. 18
Williams, Thomas160; Vol. 25Steven Williams
Williams, Thomas236; Vol. 26
Williams, William Cook253; Vol. 16
Williams, William Wallace245; Vol. 20
Willis, Francis Marion240; Vol. 21
Willms, John Remmer242; Vol. 23
Wills, William Stephen247; Vol. 20
Wilmot, Xenophon Cardinal219; Vol. 18
Wilsey, Francis221; Vol. 18
Wilson, Albert Calhoun Joseph226; Vol. 18
Wilson, Bushrod W.125; Vol. 21
Wilson, George230; Vol. 18
Wilson, Hiram Herbert471; Vol. 11
Wilson, Isaac Newton250; Vol. 17
Wilson, Joseph446; Vol. 5
Wilson, Samuel E.237; Vol. 26
Wilson, Valentine433; Vol. 3
Winchell, Elisha Cotton186; Vol. 2
Winchell, Lilbourne475; Vol. 11
Winchester, Uriah469; Vol. 7
Windham, George D.479; Vol. 11
Winham, William Pitt Leroy205; Vol. 1
Winham, William Pitt Leroy208; Vol. 1
Winn, Albert Maver232; Vol. 18
Winslow, George259; Vol. 15
Winsor, George W.254; Vol. 16
Winter, Conrad235; Vol. 18
Winter, Jacob Viet236; Vol. 18
Winter, William431; Vol. 4
Winton, Brayton484; Vol. 8
Withers, James M.255; Vol. 16
Witt, John189; Vol. 2
Witt, John Wesley191; Vol. 2
Witten, Thomas Z.473; Vol. 7
Wittenbrock, Rudolph Ernest251; Vol. 17
Wittman, Conrad247; Vol. 27
Wixom, Nathaniel128; Vol. 21
Wolfe, George449; Vol. 6
Woll, Frederick G.477; Vol. 7
Wolters, Jurgen C.488; Vol. 8
Wood, Almon435; Vol. 4
Wood, Charles244; Vol. 23
Wood, John D.238; Vol. 18
Wood, Lewis Keysor256; Vol. 16
Wood, Lewis Keysor162; Vol. 25
Wood, Louis220; Vol. 25
Wood, Norman252; Vol. 17
Wood, Selwyn Willard239; Vol. 18
Wood, William David239; Vol. 26
Wood, William Graham439; Vol. 4
Woodbridge, David Kennedy243; Vol. 18
Woodbridge, Sylvester443; Vol. 4
Woodbridge, Sylvester (Dr.)212; Vol. 1
Woodbury, Frank Smith257; Vol. 16
Woodcock, James Albert253; Vol. 17
Woodington, George258; Vol. 16
Woodruff, James Ennis241; Vol. 26
Woodsum, Abiatha Clinton193; Vol. 2
Woodward, William Augustus213; Vol. 1
Woodworth, Parmenus Newton255; Vol. 17
Woodworth, William A.245; Vol. 26
Woolsey, James Bradshaw505; Vol. 9
Wooster, David (Dr.)255; Vol. 24
Wooster, John Marshall447; Vol. 4
Workman, David248; Vol. 19
Worth, George Frederick437; Vol. 3
Worthington, Aldrich245; Vol. 18
Wright, Edward Lockwood216; Vol. 1
Wright, Horace George445; Vol. 6
Wright, Isaac Newton259; Vol. 27
Wright, John483; Vol. 11
Wright, Orlando Saltmarsh247; Vol. 18
Wright, Sarah Parker Preistley441; Vol. 3
Wyman, Benjamin Henry445; Vol. 3
Wythe, Joseph Henry487; Vol. 11
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Yeiser, Daniel251; Vol. 19
Young, Albert Jefferson249; Vol. 18
Young, Carlos George450; Vol. 5
Young, Henry George258; Vol. 17
Young, Isaac E.491; Vol. 11
Young, Junius Davis164; Vol. 25
Young, Nathaniel Clark221; Vol. 25
Young, Robert194; Vol. 2
Young, Thomas J.495; Vol. 11
Youngberg, John E.260; Vol. 15
Younger, Alexander T.499; Vol. 11
Yount, Family218; Vol. 1
Yount, George Calvert451; Vol. 4
Yount, George W.259; Vol. 16
Yount, John Burnette455; Vol. 4
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Zander, Martha Lucia Mrs.199; Vol. 2
Zumwalt, Joseph250; Vol. 20
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