Diaries and Journals of Overland Crossings of the Gold Rush Era

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The following abbreviations are used in the bibliography:

AUSC Archives, University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Calif.

BL Bentley Library

BRBL Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale 
University, New Haven, Conn. CHS California Historical Society, San Francisco, CA CSmH Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif. CU-BANC Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, Calif. DPL Denver Public Library McLCHS McLean County Historical Society, Illinois NSHS Nebraska State Historical Society SHSC State Historical Society of Colorado SHSW State Historical Society of Wisconsin MF Microfilm MS - Manuscript

The following is a list of overland records - diaries, guides, narrative journals, letters, and memoirs and their locations.

Applegate, George W., Letters, 1849-1850 MS: BRBL. Austin, Henry, Diary, 1849. MS: CU-BANC. Backus, Gurdon, Diary, 1849-51. MS: BRBL. Badman, Philip, Diary, 1849. MS: BRBL. Banks, John Edwin, Diary, 1849. In Howard E. Scamerhorn, ed., The
Buckeye Rovers in the Gold Rush. Athens, Ohio, 1965. Batchelder, Amos. Diary/journal, 1849-50. MS: CU-BANC. Benson, John H., Diary, MS: NSHS Berrien, Joseph W. Ted and Caryl Hinckley, eds. "Overland from St.
Louis to the California Gold Fields in 1849: The Diary of Joseph Waring
Indiana Magazine of History, LVI (Dec. 1960), 273-352. Bidlack, Russell E., ed. Letters Home: The Story of Ann Arbor's Forty
Ann Arbor, Mich., 1960. Bond, Robert, Diary, 1849. MS: BRBL. Brainard, David, Journal, 1849 MS: SHSW Breyfogle, Joshua, Diary, 1849, MS: CU-BANC Brown, John Evans, "Memoirs of an American Gold Seeker."
Journal of American History, 11 (Jan.-March 1908), 129-54. Bruff, Goldsborough, Georgia Willis Read and Ruth P. Gaines, eds.
Gold Rush: The Journals, Drawings, and Other Papers of Goldsborough
Bruff, Captain, Washington City and California Mining
, April 2, 1849-July 20, 1851. 2 vols. New York, 1944. Bryant, Edwin, What I Saw in California, New York, 1848. Bryarly, Wakeman, See Geiger and Bryarly. Buffum, Joseph C., Diary, 1847-55. MS: CU-BANC. Burbank, Augustus R., Diary, 1849-51. Microfilm of MS: CU-BANC. Camp, Charles L., "John Doble's Journal and Letters from the Mines.
Mokelmne Hill, Jackson, Volcano and San Francisco."
Published by
The Old West Publishing Company, Denver, CO. Copy at UC Berkeley. Campbell, David, "A Pioneer of 1846", The Weekley Review (Porterville, CA)
of July 14, 21, and 18, 1899 Carnes, David, Journal of a trip across the plains in the
year 1849
, MS: CU-BANC Castleman, P. F., Diary, 1849-51. MF of MS: CU-BANC. Chamberlain, William E., Diary, 1849. MF of MS: CU-BANC. Chapman, William W., Diary, 1849 MS: CSmH Churchill, Stillman, Diary, 1849. Microfilm of MS: CU-BANC. Clark, Bennett C. and Ralph P. Bieber, ed. "Diary of a Journey from
Missouri to California in 1849."
Mississippi Valley Historical Review,
XXIII (Oct. 1928), 3-43. Clark, William John, Diary of crossing from Camden Mills,
Rock Island County, Illinois between March 27, 1849 and
July 11, 1849,
unpublished, Ken Tessendorff Clayton, W. The Latter-Day Saints' Emigrants Guide: Being a Table of
Distances from Council Bluffs to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.

St. Louis, 1848. Cosad, David, Diary, 1849-50. Photocopy of MS: CU-BANC. Cross, Osborne, "The Journal of Major Osborne Cross." In Raymond
W. Settle, ed., The March of the Mounted Riflemen, Glendale, Calif., 1940. Darwin, Charles B. Diary, 1849. MS: CSmH. Decker, Peter & Helen S. Griffen, ed. The Diaries of Peter Decker -
Overland to California in 1849 and Life in the Mines,
Georgetown, Calif., 1966. Delano, Alonzo. Across the Plains and Among the Diggings.
Auburn, N.Y., 1854. Dewolf, David. Edwin E. Cox, ed. "Diary of the Overland Trail, 1849,
and letters, 1849-1850, of David Dewolf."
Illinois Historical Society, 1925, pp. 183-222. Dickensen, Luella. Reminiscences of a Trip Across the Plains in
San Francisco, 1904. Doyle, Michael J., About growing up in San Francisco in the 1850s and 1860s. If interested contact Christine A. Doyle, M.D Doyle, Simon, Diary, 1849. MS: BRBL. Eastin, Thomas Diary, 1849: MS: CHS Evans, Burrelll Whalen, Narrative, 1849 MF of MS: CU-BANC Everts, F. D. Diary, 1849. MS: BRBL. Farnham, Elijah B. Merrill J. Mattes and Elsey J. Kirk, eds. "From Ohio
to California in 1849: The Gold Rush Journal of Elijah Bryan Farnham."

Indiana Magazine of History, XLVI (Sept. and Dec. 1950),
297-318, 403-420. Foster, Isaac. Diary, 1849-50. MS: CSmH. Fremont, John C. Report of the Exploring Expedition to the
Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842 and to Oregon and North California
in the Years 1843-44
. Washington, D.C., 1845. Frink, Dwight E. "Charles Ross Parke, M.D." MS: McLCHS Geiger, Vincent E., and Wakeman Bryarly. David M. Potter, ed.
Trail to California: The Overland Journal of Vincent Geiger and
Wakeman Bryarly.
Reprint, New Haven, 1962. Gelwicks, Daniel W. Diary, 1849. MS: CU-BANC. Gibbs, George, "The Diary of George Gibbs." In Raymond W. Settle, ed.,
The March of the Mounted Riflemen. Glendale, Calif., 1940. The Gold Rush: Letters front the Wolverine Rangers to the
Marshall, Michigan, Statesman, 1849-1851.
Mt. Pleasant, Mich., 1974. Goldsmith, Oliver, Overland in Forty-Nine: Recollections of a
Wolverine Ranger After a Lapse of Forty-seven Years
Detroit, 1896. Gordon, Mary McGougall. "Overland to California with the
Pioneer Line: The Gold Rush Diary of Bernard J. Reid"
Stanford University Press, Stanford, Calif. (1983) Gould, Charles, Diary, 1849. MS: CU-BANC. Granville, Ohio Company, Diary, 1849 MS: BRBL Gray, Charles G. Thomas D. Clark, ed. Off at Sunrise:
The Overland Journey of Charles Class Gray. San Marino, Calif., 1976. Hackney, Joseph. Diary, 1849. In Elizabeth Page, ed.,
Wagons West: A Story of the Oregon Trail. New York, 1930. Hale, Israel E "Diary of a Trip to California in 1849."
Society of California Pioneers Quarterly 11 (June 1925), 61-130. Hall, O. J. Diary, 1849. MS: CU-BANC. Hamelin, Joseph P., Diary, 1849-50. MS: BRBL. Hannon, Jessie Gould "The Boston-Newton Company Venture:
From Massachusetts to California in 1849."
University of Nebraska Press, 1969. Harker, George Mifflin, "Morgan Street to Old Dry Diggings, 1849."
In Stella Drumm, ed., Glimpses of the Past
(Missouri Historical Society), VI (1939), 35-76 Haun, Catherine Margaret, Recollections of a Trip Across
the Plains, 1849.
MS: CSmH. Hillyer, Edwin, Diary, 1849 MS: SHSW Hixson, Jasper M. Diary, 1849. Photocopy of MS: CU-BANC. Holliday, J. S. "The World Rushed In: The California Gold
Rush Experience."
New York, 1981. (Based on the William Swain diary.) Hoover, Vincent A. Diary, 1849. MS: CSmH. Howe, Octavius Thorndike, "Argonauts of '49: History and
Adventures of the Emigrant Companies from Massachusetts,
Cambridge, Mass, Harvard University Press, 1923. Howell, Elijah R Diary, 1849. Photocopy of MS: CU-BANC. Hutchings, James M. Shirley Sargent, ed. Seeking the
Elephant, 1849: James Mason Hutchings' Journal of His Overland
Trek to California.
Glendale, Calif., 1980. Ingalls, Eleazar S. Journal of a Trip to California by the
Overland Route Across the Plains in 1850- 1851
. Waukegan, Ill., 1852. Ingalls, John "California Letters of the Gold Rush Period:
The Correspondence of John Ingalls, 1849-1852,"
ed. Robert W. G. Vail,
Worcester, Mass. Proceedings of American Antiquarian Society, 1938. Jagger, D. Diary, 1849-59. MF of MS: CU-BANC. Jewett, George Enoch, 1820-1908: George Enoch Jewett journal: ms., 1849 Apr. 19-1850 July 29. Microfilm of original journal : partial reel : negative (Rich. 539:5) and positive.Transcript : 1 v. and 1 portfolio.:Record [115] p. A.Ms., of his overland journey from Iowa (near Knoxville) to the Sacramento Valley and prospecting ventures along the Feather and Stanislaus rivers. Also available: typed transcripts (2 copies). Copy 1 also includes transcripts of obituaries at the end.Transcript: also available on microfilm (1 reel, positive).Journal: partial microfilm reel: negative (Rich. 539:5) and positive.Transcript: 1 microfilm reel: positive. FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY. Reproduction prohibited. To locate: Holdings for: UCB Johnson, John A. Notebook, 1849. MS: BRBL. Johnston, William G., Experiences of a Forty-Niner. Pittsburgh, 1892. Kirkpatrick, Charles A. Diary, 1849-50. MS: CU-BANC. Krepps, Bolivar, Letters, 1849 MS: DPL Leeper, David 11. The Argonauts of Forty-Nine: Some
Recollection of the Plains and Diggings.
South Bend, Ind., 1894. Lewis, John F. Diary, 1849. MS: BRBL. Lindsey, Tipton. Diary, 1849. MS: CU-BANC. Locke, Dean J., Diary, 1849 MS: CHS Long, Charles L'H. Diary, 1849. MS: BRBL. Lord, Israel Shipman Pelton Diary, 1849-51. MS and newspaper
clippings: CSmH. (In a number of bibliographies, Lord is identified
incorrectly as Isaac S. P. Lord.) Loring, William W. "Report of Colonel Loring, October 15, 1849."
In Raymond W. Settle, ed., The March of the Mounted Riflemen.
Glendale, Calif., 1940. Lorton, William Birdsall, Diary, 1848-1850 MS: CU-BANC Love, Alexander. Diary, 1849-52. MS: BRBL. Lyne, James. Letters, 1849-50. MS: Thomas E. Eastin Collection, BRBL. Mann, Henry Rice Diary, 1849. MS: CU-BANC. Markle, John A., Diary, 1849 MF of MS: CU-BANC McCall, Ansel J. The Great California Trail in 1849. Bath, N.Y., 1882. McCoy, Samuel E Pioneering on the Plains. Kaukauna, Wisc., 1924. McDonald, Richard Hayes. Frank V. McDonald, comp. The
McDonald Overland Narrative and Biography: Notes Preparatory
to a Biography of Richard Hayes McDonald
. Cambridge, Mass., 1881. McIlhany, Edward W. Recollections of a '49er. Kansas City, Mo., 1908. McKinstry, Byron N. Bruce L. McKinstry, ed. The California Gold
Rush Overland Diary of Byron N. McKinstry, 1850-1852.
Glendale, Calif., 1975 Middleton, Joseph. Diary, 1849-51. MS: BRBL. Miller, Greenberry, Diary, 1849-1850 MS: CU-BANC Miller, Reuben, Diary, 1849 MS: CSmH. Minges, Abram, Diary, 1849 MS: BL Moorman, Madison B. Irene D. Paden, ed. The Journal of
Madison Berryman Moorman, 1850-1851
. San Francisco, 1948. Morse, E W. Diary, 1849-50. MS: CSmH. Orvis, Andrew M. Diary, 1849-50. MS: BRBL. Parke, Charles R. Diary, 1849-51. MS: CSmH. Parke, Charles Ross, "Dreams to Dust: A Diary of the California
Gold Rush 1849-1850"
ed. James E. Davis, University of
Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE, 1989 Perkins, Elisha Douglass, Thomas D. Clark, ed. Gold Rush Diary:
Being the Journal of Elisha Douglass Perkins on the Overland
Trail in the Spring and Summer of 1849.
Lexington, Ky., 1967. Pigman, Walter Griffith, "The Journal of Walter Griffith Pigman" ed.
Ulla Staley Fawkes, Mexico, MO, Walter G. Staley, 1902 Pleasants, W. J. Twice Across the Plains, 1849 to 1856.
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Letters of Joseph Price."
Mississippi Valley Historical
Review, XI (Sept. 1924), 237-57. Pritchard, James A. Dale L. Morgan, ed. The Overland Diary of
James A. Pritchard from Kentucky to California in 1849,
CO: Old West Pub. Co., 1959. Prichet, John, Diary, 1849-1851 MF of MS: CU-BANC Reardon, Cornelius, Letters, 1850 MS: BL Reid, Ambrose B., Papers. MS Collection: AUSC. Reid, Bernard J., Papers. MS Collection: AUSC. (Cited as Reid Papers.) Reid, Bernard J. "A California Gold Rush Letter from Bernard J. Reid."
James D. Van Trump and Alfred D. Reid, Jr., eds. Western Pennsylvania
Historical Magazine, XI.1V (Sept. 1961), 217-235.
(Ambrose B. Reid included a typed copy of this letter in the copy
he made in 1931 of Reid's journal, cited below. The original letter is lost.) Reid, Bernard J., Diary, 1846-47. MS: Reid Papers, AUSC.
(Cited as Reid, diary, 1846-1847.) Reid, Bernard J. Diary, 1849. MS: Reid Papers, AUSC. Reid, Bernard J. Diary, 1851-52. MS: Reid Papers, AUSC,
(cited as Reid, diary, 1851-1852) Reid, Bernard J. "Diary of Bernard J. Reid, 1850." Pony Express Courier,
Oct. 1937, pp. 9-l0, 13- 14. (The original diary is lost.) Reid, Bernard J., Reid Papers, AUSC. (Cited as "Early Reminiscences.") Reid, Bernard J., Journal, 1849, written in 1904. MS: Reid Papers,
AUSC. (Cited Reid, Bernard J. as Reid, journal. An inexact
copy of the journal, edited and typed by Ambrose B. Reid in 1931,
is also in the Reid Papers.) Reid, Bernard J. Letters, 1840-1904. MS: Reid Papers, AUSC. Reynolds, Edgar, 1833-1919; I am bound for California : the Overland diary of Edgar Reynolds, 1852/ edited and annotated by Robert N. Manley.Publisher:Lincoln, NE: Midgard Press, c1991. 192 p.: ill., map ; 22 cm. Notes:Includes bibliographical references (p. [188]-192). Holdings:LibraryCall NumberOther InformationNRLFW 106 462Request item at UCB Bancroft Library. I Am Bound For California Contact Dageforde Publishing.:info@dageforde.com or 800-216-8794 Searls, Niles, Diary, 1849. MS: CU-BANC. Searls, Niles, The Diary of a Pioneer and Other Papers, San Francisco,
1940. (Searls's published 1849 diary, which includes an introduction,
lists of deaths, and an autobiography, should be read in conjunction
with the manuscript diary, since there are many errors
in the transcription from the manuscript diary.) Sedgley, Joseph, Overland to California in 1849, Oakland, Calif., 1877. Settle, Raymond W., ed. The March of the Mounted Riflemen,
Glendale, Calif., 1940. Shaw, Reuben C. Milo Milton Quaife, ed. Across the Plains in
Chicago, Ill., Lakeside Press, 1948. Spooner, E. A. Diary and letters, 1849 MS: CU-BANC. Stackpole, William, Diary, 1849 MS: BRBL Stansbury, Howard. Explorations and Surveys of the Valley of
the Great Salt Lake of Utah, Including a Reconnaisance
of a New Route Through the Rocky Mountains.
Philadelphia, 1852. Staples, David J. Diary, 1849. MS: CU-BANC. Steck, Amos, Diary, 1849 MS: SHSC Stetson, Charles Diary, 1853 Stevens, G. B. Journal, 1849 MS: BRBL Stine, Henry, A Journal and Letters, 1850. MS: CU-BANC. Swain, William. Diary and Letters, 1849-51 MS: BRBL. (For the
published diary see Holliday, World Rushed In.) T., Dr. Diary, 1849 MS: CU-BANC Tiffany, R. C. Diary, 1849-51. MS: BRBL. Tinker, Charles. Eugene H. Roseboom, ed. "Charles Tinker's Journal:
A Trip to California in 1849."
Ohio State Archaeological and
Historical Quarterly, LXI (Jan. 1952), 64-85. Tipton, Lindsey, Diary, 1849 MS: CU-BANC Tuttle, Charles A., Letters, 1849 MS: CU-BANC Van Dorn, T.J. Diary, 1849. MS: BRBL. Ware, Joseph E. John Caughey, ed. The Emigrants' Guide to California,
Reprint, Princeton, N J., 1932. Webster, Kimball. The Gold Seekers of '49 A Personal Narrative of
the Overland Trail and Adventures in California.
Manchester, N.H., 1917. Weed, L. N., Journal, 1850, MS: BRBL. Weston, F. E. Letter, 1849, Wilkins, James F. John Francis McDermott, ed. An Artist on the
Overland Trail: The 1849 Diary and Sketches of James F. Wilkins.

San Marino, Calif., 1968. Willis, Edward J. Diary, 1849. MS: BRBL. Willis, Ira J. Irene Paden, ed. "The Ira J. Willis Guide to the Gold Mines."
California Historical Society Quarterly, XXXII
(Sept. 1953), 193-207 Wilson, William, Letters and Daybooks, 1850-1851. MS: BRBL. Wistar, Isaac J. Diary, 1849. Autobiography of Isaac Jones Wistar,
New York, 1937. Wood, Joseph W. Diary, 1849-53. MS: CSmH. Woolley, Lell H. California, 1849-1913. Oakland, Calif., 1913. Wyman, Walker D., ed. California Emigrant Letters. New York, 1952. Young, Sheldon, Log, 1849-1850 MS: CSmH.

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