Fresno County: The Pioneer Years to 1900

By Charles W. Clough & William B. Secrest, Jr.

Panorama West Books; Fresno, CA 1984

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- 2 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- 2 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- 1 -- Book

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Gailey, Charlm298
Galley, Emma298
Galon, Napoleon242
Galloway, Frank (Mrs.)186
Galloway J. D.185
Garces, Francisco25
Garcia, Amigo40
Garcia, Norberto13
Garcia, Steve34
Gard, George238
Gardiner, Howard C.61
Gardiner, Richard189
Gardiner, Robert E.61
Gardner, J. W.74
Gardner, William R.45
Garland, Charles J.80, 92
Garner, William Robert46
Garner, W. T.166
Garrett, Levi166
Garrison, Fred M. (Mrs.)105
Garrison, S. J.62, 89
Ganenlaub, A.343
Gaster and Royal's Trading Post84
Gaster, Stephen A.55, 62, 79, 81, 84, 85, 89, 249
Gay, H. P.173
Gear, Aurelia255
Gee, Leong244
Genrich, Carrie240
Gentry, John S.180
George, I. S. 164
Gibber, Chariot Drayton51
Gibson, Joseph170
Giddings, E. E.331
Giffen, George C. (Rev.)300
Gilberg, J. F. (Rev.)167, 325
Gilbert, J. L.290
Gill, F. G.178
Gilkey, L. (Miss)138
Gilkey, Melissa138
Gilmour, E.123, 128
Gilmore, J. W.84
Gilroy, Lance228
Giraud, Pete197
Gish, J. W.263
Givens, Frank256
Glass. Henry197
Glass, J. H.136
Glazier, Charles181
Gleason, James H.35Roxann
Glenn, G. R. G.123
Glenn, Richard286
Glenn, William286
Goddard, George190
Goldstein, Samuel124, 314
Goldstein, Alexander316, 342
Gomes, G.229
Gomm, Vincent Perfecto34
Gonzales, Pedro224
Gonzales, Romulo228
Good, R. E. L.305, 306
Goodman, Joseph147
Gordon, Alexander329, 333
Gordon, W. W.187
Goslinger Brothers296
Goss, John129
Goucher, G. G.238
Gould, E. H.343
Gould, George L.258
Gould, J. W.148
Gould, L. A.118
Gower. E. W.340
Grady, Walter Drane123, 129, 136, 138, 140, 250-51Steve Williams
Grady, Willie247
Graham, W. H.290
Graham, William P.174
Granz, Herman149
Granz, Margherita 149
Graves, Jefferson James106
Graves, Rector106
Graves, Walker Coleman106
Graves, Walker Coleman Jr.106
Graves, Rector 106
Green, A. A.140
Green, Frank264
Green, W. W.291
Greenup, W. L.95
Greer, George227
Gregory, J. R.135
Grierson, George62, 70, 78, 80, 90, 91
Griffin, Charles208
Griffith, E. J.129
Grigsby, Lula279
Groh, Frank64
Grover, L. M.196
Grunig, E.256
Grunig, Tillie256, 257
Grunsky, Carl332
Gray, W. W.234
Guard, Ella168
Guard, Willie131
Gudde, Erwin G.255
Gummow, Chalres291
Gundelftnger, Leopold140
Gundelfinger, Louis124
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haber Brothers and Company329
Haffell, J.307
Hale, Isaac104
Hall, Carrie327
Hall, Ezekial248
Hall, Frank231
Hall, Jacob56
Hall, Jim227
Hall, Thomas J.94, 110, 191, 339
Hamilton, Bert327
Hamilton, Ed L.327
Hamilton, J. H.316
Hamilton, Martha Lucinda55
Hampton, William R.51, 92, 281, 283
Hancock, J. B.285
Hanke, L. W.298
Hanke, William298
Hansberger, Henry314
Hansen, Chris Thompson106
Hansen, Hans106
Hansen, Peter145
Hansen, S. M. (Miss)64
Harding, J. H. 159, 256
Hare, George A. (Dr.)317
Hare, Jesse (Dr.)317
Harlan, Al246
Harlan, Elisha34
Harlan, Lulu182
Harlan, M. R.182
Harlan, Milt182
Harms, John110
Harp, Lem166, 167
Harrigan, C. L.210
Harriman, M. J. (Mrs.)262
Harris and Burleigh131
Harris, Amos (Mrs.)184
Harris, Antoinette Pelham184
Harris, G. W.166
Harris, Howard182, 184, 239
Harris, Jake166
Harris, Len234
Harris, Milus King129, 136, 137, 239, 274, 315
Harris, R. B.255
Harris, Samuel103
Harris, Simon165, 230
Harris, W. B.110
Harris, William239
Harrison, James128
Harron, George128
Harron, Jim221
Harron, J. W. (Rev.)214
Harshfield, William L.85, 94, 115
Hart, Charles A.62, 64, 79, 84, 90, 109, 115
Hart, Edward P. "Ned"79, 247
Hart, Truman G.67
Hartman, A. B.211
Hartwelt, A. H.330
Harvey, Thomas268
Harvey, Walter21, 51, 54, 70, 80
Harvey, W. S.300
Haskell, John65, 202
Hastie, P. W.181, 329
Hatch, Edith290, 291
Hatch, G. P.264
Hatch, Lucy H. 147
Hawkins, B. A.96, 104
Hawley, C. A.253, 257
Hawn, Hank240
Hays, A. M. 310
Hayward, D. H.274
Hazelton, Wesley337
Hazelton, William105, 115, 116, 286, 287, 298, 299, 340
Heath, Richard S.242, 251
Heath, Alice J.296
Heath, Chad A.80, 91, 128
Heaton, Thomas L.317
Hedgpeth, Joel (Rev.)94, 95, 305
Hedrick, Daniel96
Hedrick, William L.318
Heinlen, John151
Helm, Frank327
Helm, William94, 107, 100, 119, 138, 189, 197, 298
Helm, William (Mrs.)337
Hender, Samuel J.187
Henning, Addison165
Henningsen, Anton154
Henningsen Louis154
Henrici, L.92, 94
Henriel, Henry62
Henry, A. A.288
Henry, Agnes184
Henry, Charles144
Henry, S. W.62, 85, 91, 124, 128
Henry, William E.131
Hensley, John M.111, 189, 220, 222, 232
Hepburn, Lieutenant77
Herenius, A. M. L. 167
Hern, John239
Heringhi, Louis314
Herring, S. L. (Dr.)306
Herrington, J. C.140 307
Hertwick, M. T. (Mrs.) 248
Heston, Thomas M.56
Hewitt, Jim219
Hice, William L.56, 63
Hickox, F. W.318
Hicks, William 196
Higgens, Mr.136
Highrabedian, A. M.65
Higuera, Juliano43
Higuera, Narcisso40
Hildreth, Henry24, 109
Hilgard, Ernest W.278
Hill, A. A.298
Hill, Ben163
Hill, S. H.85, 141
Hill, S. M.152
Hill, W. W.54, 119, 240, 250, 286
Hillenhagen Peck and William90
Hilton, William196
Himmdman, Andrew34
Hinds, J. W.135
Hinds, S. J.238, 241
Hiner, Mary187
Hing Yoong, Sam292
Hirschfield, E.291
Hoag (Dr.) M. C. (Dr.)300
Hobbs and Parsons343
Hobler, L. W.298
Hodges, George318
Hoffman, Alfred103
Hoffman, Charles189
Hoffman, George L.228
Hoffman, Ogden (Judge)33
Hogdon, Charles128
Holland, W. W.292
Hollner, A. (Rev.)167
Holmes, L. A.19
Holmes, Mae323
Holmes, Owen211
Holt, Milton B.258
Holton, S. B.343
Homan, Rose182, 187
Hong, Lee61
Hooper, Charles240
Hope, Henry256
Hopkins l. L.135
Hopkins W. S.167
Hop, Wo62, 88, 138
Hough, G. A.100
House, Joseph103, 232, 315
Hogie, Samuel L.181, 245
Howard, W.96
Howell, John W.214
Howlet, Maud P.296
Hoxie, Clark62, 77, 85
Hoxie, George L.103, 327
Hoxie, George L (Mrs.)327
Hoxie, John E.64, 76, 229
Hoxie, Sewall F.76
Hay, Peter297, 298, 300
Hudspeth, J. H. (Dr.)300
Hughes, L. D.78, 79
Hughes, M. J. (Mrs.)128, 136
Hughes, Thomas E.137, 141, 144, 150, 307, 310, 319
Hughes, Wesley W.318
Hulbert, Joel100
Hulse (Hultz), James110
Humphrey, Frank66
Humphreys, John W.112, 198, 199, 202, 218
Hunsaker, A. L.135
Hunt, J. L.54, 84
Hurd, I. N. (Rev.)182
Hurry, W. A.300
Hurry, Billy306
Hurt, Bert202
Hurt, Reita216
Husted, F. M.306
Hutchings, George104
Hutchings, James Mason93
Hutchinson, Charles G.123
Hutchinson, Milton247
Hutchinson, William J.286
Hyde, Spyars Singleton112, 117
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ickes, S. Z. 340
Idlers, Pedro268
Idiart and Son255
Imperatrioe, Dominic231, 306
Imrie, Joseph209
Ingmire, James 306
Ingmire, Ovid306
Ingram, Widen J. W.325
Iovovitch, J. L.136
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jack, James Berry94
Jack, M. M.112
Jackson, A.307
Jackson, D. D.64
Jackson, John J.279
Jackson, J. N.280
Jackson, John D.266
Jacob, Elias124, 130, 165, 277, 286, 287
Jacob and Einstein228, 229
Jacobs, I. H.158
James, David Bice51, 52, 54, 64, 70, 78, 80, 219
James, Jefferson105, 107, 120, 121, 128, 158, 179
James, J. G.106, 254
James, Maud Strother106
James, W. E.193
Jameson, James52, 340
Jaynes, Thomas94, 110
Jeffers, Tom221
Jeffries, C. B.338, 343
Jemison, O. W.248
Jennings, Samuel198, 216
Jensen, Francisco64, 80, 91, 93, 94, 95
Johns, A. T.341
Johnson, Charles128
Johnson, Frank106
Johnson, George L.187
Johnson, I. T. (Rev.)322
Johnson, J. (Rev.)325
Johnson, J. B.137
Johnson, John227
Johnson, Nat172
Johnson, R. B.231
Johnson, T. C.279
Johnston, R. B.202
Jones, A. S.292
Jones, Calvin128
Jones, E. D.66
Jones, James Richardson55, 62, 281
Jones, M. K.263
Jones, P. D.168
Jones, Phillip281
Jones, Ransom262, 298
Jones, William Carey317
Joplin, Clark168
Jordan, J. C.135
Jordan, Thomas73, 74, 75
Jorgenson, Pete106
Joy, Al299, 300
Juarez, Jose14
Judkins, T. L.316
Judkins, W. S.306
Judson, Egbert146
Judson, A. A.214
Justy, Nick313, 327
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaeler, S. J.135
Kahn, Charles255
Kamp, Aaron314
Kanawyer, Napoleon170, 197, 198
Kanawyer, Viola170, 197
Kane, Edward (Dr.)34
Kanserup, W.330
Kanstrup, Elizabeth306
Kay, Eugene W.232, 234, 235
Kean, L. G.262
Kearney, Martin Theodore148, 156, 329, 346, 347
Kell, William B.268
Keiler, Frank L.178
Keller, George128
Kellet, Emily322
Kellet, Frank J.232, 235
Kelly, D. O. (Rev.)135
Kelly, M. E. (Mrs.)306
Kellogg, Albert193, 194
Kennedy, Jessie327
Kennedy, J. T.165
Kennedy, J. W.234
Kennedy, Margaret327
Kenyon, H. A.317
Kenyon, Silas W.198
Kenyon, T. C.259
Keran, G. W.164
Kerr, W. P.259
Kerwin, Frank221
Kester, E. P.191
Keyes, Erasmus D.21, 69
Keyes, Richard Montgomery64
Kilbourne, C. M.174
Kilby, W. J.278, 279
Kilgore, J. N.289
Kimball, Alice187
Kincaid, E. S.164
Kincaid, James115
King, E. J.136
Kingsbury, Sanford165, 171
Kingsbury, Selma Michaelson171
Kinney, William279
Kinsman, Joseph22
Kip, William Ingraham (Rev.)75, 80, 135
Kipp, W.118, 199, 207
Kirby, C. K.146, 158
Kitchener, C. F. J.158
Kitzmiller, W.216
Kit, Tom19, 20
Kohler, George314
Kohler, Charles106
Knaver, Flora293
Knaver, F. S.291
Knaver, F. S. (Mrs.)291
Knox, Mattie247
Knepper, Hugh R., o4
Kramer, C. A.128
Kramer, Fred124
Kreiser, Heinrich Alfred109
Kreyenhagen, Adolph263, 266
Kreyenhagen, Bertha263, 266
Kreyenhagen, Charles263, 266
Kreyenhagen, Edward263
Kreyenhagen, Emil263, 266, 267
Kreyenhagen, Emil (Mrs.)266, 267
Kreyenhagen, Gustave (Mrs.)264
Kreyenhagen, Gustave263, 264, 266
Kreyenhagen, Hugo40, 263, 273
Kreyenhagen, Julia266
Kreyenhagen, Julius263
Krug, George76
Krug, Katherine (nee Baley)76
Krug, W.62
Kummeth, Frank300
Kutner, Adolph124, 314, 315, 316
Kuyhendall, John19
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lacour, Jean310
Lacy, J. N.296, 300
Lahey, Pat239
Lake, Joseph225
Lay, Perry255
Lamb, Mr. and Mrs.128
Lambert, John W.242
Landale, Frank207
Landale George207
Landale, James207
Landen, C. A.262
Landrum, George248
Landrum, Lum182
Lane, Adolph198, 199
Lane, J. P.189
Lane, Major35, 51, 70
Lane, William G.241
Lane, W. S.315
Lane, T. M.290
Larios, T. S.40
Larkins, E. D.129
Larquier, Jim121
Larquier, Pete121
Larsen, Henry144
Lascelle, Pedro269
Lashley, Seborn241
Latham, Milton S.62
Latimer, David80
Latimer, E. J. (Mrs.)318
Latta, Frank F.39, 40, 48, 226
Latter, Harold240
Lavelle, Marcus275
Lavelle, Mark M.278, 279
Laverone, Antone G.242, 255
Laverty, Lillian327
Lawrenson, William J.73, 124, 131
Lawson, A. B.234
Lawton, D. E.170
Leach, Lewis (Dr.)4, 53, 62, 70, 74, 84, 85, 87, 90, 91, 92, 122, 128, 129, 130, 131, 149, 223, 227, 248, 317
Leavelle, Maggie McNamee168
Leavitt, Betsie (Mrs.)258
Lee, Daniel34
Lee, Wah and Co.61
Lee, Walter292
Lefevre, A. J.241
Lefevre, Henry241
Legliae, Juan268
Lehman, Anna187
Leiva, Abdon228
Le Mattos, Antone240
Lemon, George T.65
L'Engle, William J.73
Lennebacker, J.62
Leon, George A.239Carol Weldon
Leon, Jose Francisco35
Leonard, Zenas28
Lester, Birdie306
Leslie, Charles343
Letcher, F. F.104
Letcher, John315
Letford, John54
Levy. S.91
Lewis, D. W.337
Lewis, Frank197
Lewis, H. M.84
Lewis, Jeff197
Lewis, Jim "Doc" 77, 78, 79
Lewis, John103
Lewis, Malvina78
Lewis, Martin B.21, 22
Lewis, Oscar342
Lewis, Selma Gruenberg171
Lewis, Will234
Lewis, William64
Libby, B. C.119
Lillient, Frank289
Lillis, Sinon C.151, 167, 332
Limantour, Don Jose Y.32, 33
Lin, Keel 61
Linares, Pio226
Lindrose, M. J.144
Lindsey, Edward (Rev.)325
Lindsay, Frank298
Lindsey, John288, 289
Linforth, Walter A.136
Lippincott, Benjamin L.34.35
Lippincott, Truman208
Litchfield, Winn206
Litten, J. O.136
Littlefield, Alon70, 202
Livermore, J. W.271
Liviano, Juan43
Livingston, La Rhett L.75
Locan, Frank337, 340
Lockhart, M. F.128
Logan, James137
Lohse, Charles S.118
Long, G. L.270
Long, William94
Long, T. A.62
Loomis, A. B.168
Loomis, Solomon H.165
Looney, Charles182
Lopez, Antone224
Lopez, Juan43
Loring, Captain77
Lottery, Chinffe244
Loucks, Phineas209
Love, Harry43, 74, 225, 226
Loveall, Aquilla209
Loveland, J. M.152
Low, Walter232
Lowell, Linie248
Lowery, E. T.289
Lucas Turner and Co.75
Luke, Thomas100
Lusk, A. and Co.338
Lux, Charles106, 109
Lyman, Frank182
Lynch, Edward274
Lynn, J. C. (Rev.)182
Lyon, W. Parker315
Lyon, W. T.173
M[Return to Jump Site]
McAfee, A. F.305
McAllister, Florence Burns301
McBean, Alexander320
MacCabe, William306
McCaig, Dougals187
McCall, Abijah145, 147
McCall, George
McCallum, William314
McCapes, E. L.129
McCardle, Ed136
McCardle, James199
McCardle, J. M.152
McCardle, May164
McCarthy, D. B.91
McClanahan, A. E.290, 296
McCleland, George62, 85, 88
McClung, E. S.305
McClurg, James274, 275
McCombs, John R.62
McCord, James M.302
McCourt, C. A.306
McCourt, R.262
McCracken, William219
McCray, Ira20, 62, 80, 81, 84, 85, 89, 91, 94, 115, 225
McCreary, William290, 291
McCubbin, John C.55, 56, 290, 291
McCuetchen, H. G. 270
McCullough. George112, 121, 130
McDonald, A. (Miss.) 124
McDonald, Dora218
McDonald, J. S.182
McDougall, John (Governor)19
McDougald, D. A.274
McDowell, John64
McElroy, William170
McEwen, R.300
McHoguen, James248
Mcintire, E. O. (Rev.)314
McIntosh, Samuel253
McKee, Redick19
McKenzie, Ann80
McKenzie, Clara253
McKenzie, Benjamin35
McKenzie, Bernard36
McKenzie, Edward281, 253
McKenzie, James70, 73, 75
McKenzie, Mary J.129, 138
McKenzie, John C.64
McKenzie, June35
McKenzie, William H.80, 123, 130, 141, 283, 316
McLane, C. L.318
McLane, H. D.314
McLaughlin, Daniel C.185
McLaughlin, Lee298
McLean, James L.274
McLeod, John79
McMullin, John316
MeMullin, W. S.187
McMurtry, W. S.321
McNally, Martin128
McVey, W. F.315
McWhirter, Louis B.242
McWhorter, Milton118, 273, 274, 275, 278, 279
Maassen, Anton Joseph121, 124, 130
Mace, Ashman and Co.60
Mace, Russell P.60
Madary, M. J.136
Madary, M. R.128
Madsen, H.145
Madsen, Martin231
Malsbary, Job164
Maltby, T. D.164
Malter, George H.148, 149, 337, 342
Mansfield, Joseph King Fenno75
Mappes, R. M.231, 251, 316
Marden, W. H.158
Mariott, Joseph262
Markarian, Henry338
Markarian, Melcon159, 338
Marks, Bernard143, 144, 151, 153, 158
Marks. W. S.187
Markwood, William189, 197, 209
Marquez, Manuel36
Marshall, I. A.165
Marshall, James Wilson45
Marshall, S. W.341
Manin, Billy52, 53, 115, 118
Manin, E. B.262
Manin, Howard A.271
Manin, Thomas G.331
Manin, William H.143
Maninez, Andreas242
Maninez, Arelino224
Maninez, Frank92
Marvin, John G.51
Maslin, E. W.339
Mason, Jim226
Mason, John227
Mathews, Maggie136
Mathews, S. J.173
Matlock, M. (Miss.)104
Mattei, Andrew342
Matthews, L. M.62
Matthews, T. B.178
Mattingly, W. J.124
Mattson, P. A. (Dr.)167
Maupin, W.T.315
Maxwell, C. H.104
May, Arthur P.279
Mayfield A. C.166
Mayfield William47
Meade, George W.150
Meade, O. James124
Meckel, Karl (Rev.)325
Medley, Joseph23, 197
Medley, Suze23
Melvin, I. A.197
Mender, Juan43
Mendies, Harry124
Mennett, O. W.315
Merrill, Caleb Strong42, 272
Merritt, H. P. 158
Mesa, Ramon 33
Meyer, George W.321
Meyers, Nettle211
Michael, A. D.231, 341
Michaels, Henry314
Middleton, Joe234
Miller, Albert S.69
Miller, Billy257
Miller, D. H.62
Miller, Emma (Mrs.)302
Miller Estelle184
Miller, Fred247
Miller, George A. (Rev.)301
Miller, Henry42, 43, 106, 109, 255
Miller, James343
Miller, John F. (Senator)198
Miller, L. J.202
Miller, Manin135
Miller, S. A.129, 130, 131, 144, 321
Miller, S. A. (Mrs.)131
Miller, W. B.297, 298
Miller and Lux32, 43, 109, 118, 120, 146, 254, 255
Mills, John170
Milton, L. C. "Clay"296
Miner, J.275
Minghetti, Joseph170
Minor, Henry237
Mitchell, Bettie104
Mitchell, J. W.56
Mitrovich, Samuel N.338
Mitrovich, Stephen159
Mix, Edward H.121
Mock, Moses103, 112, 198, 199, 202
Moffett, Samuel152
Molina, Ramona242
Monroe, George H.314
Monte, Redondo12, 26
Monteres, T.229
Montgomery, T. J.66
Moodey, Nathan W.130, 318
Moodoy, J. G. (Mrs.)136
Moody, Alexander285
Moomaw, J. B.290, 292, 296
Mooney, Hugh273
Moore, Austin D.214, 216
Moore, Bert207
Moore, Charley288
Moore Ephraim287
Moore Gabriel Bibbard25, 286
Moore, Ida216
Moore, James34
Moore, J. C.332
Moore, Nigger Gabe110
Moore, T.19, 20, 69, 74
Morales, Nocha43
Moreno, Theodore43, 228
Morgan, E. M.167
Morgan, James F.100
Morgan John D.238
Morgan Lucille167
Morrell, Ed237, 239
Morrow, Jesse54, 78, 79, 81, 124, 287, 288
Morrow, John223
Morrow, R. J. (Mrs.)182
Morse, Harry230
Morse, J. Mora118
Morshead, J. W.266
Morss, James D.244
Morton, Ann W.164
Moss, George Dunlap214
Mouren, Angela262
Mouren, Joseph262
Muir, John193, 194
Muller, M. W.305
Mulligan, H. A.239
Munger, Albert327
Munoz, Pedro25, 26
Murphy, Daniel34
Murphy, Newt197
Murphy, Perry109
Murrieta, Joaquin39, 43, 74, 223, 224, 235, 267, 268
Murrieta, Joaquin Juan223
Murrieta, Joaquin Manuel Carrillo223
Murrieta, Rosa Felu223
Musick, Ephraim241
Musick, E. S.104
Musick, H. L.202
Musick, H. L. (Mrs.)206
Musick, Ida206
Musick, James L.241
Musick, Jesse95, 202
Myer, Jacob255
Myers, A.61
Myers, Gordon231
Myerstein, Mr.124
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