Fresno County: The Pioneer Years to 1900

By Charles W. Clough & William B. Secrest, Jr.

Panorama West Books; Fresno, CA 1984

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- 2 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- 2 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- 1 -- Book

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Nagler, Captain14
Nares, Llewellyn A.332
Neagle, David251
Neal, Henry94
Neer, Bertha216
Neligh, Robert C.35, 36
Nelson, E. P.124
Nelson, Fred182
Nelson, John110, 328
Nelson, Thomas P.94, 189
Newcombe, F. R.270
Newell, Charles137
Newhall, Henry M.63
Newton, John73
Nichols, J. R.54
Nicklin, C. W.341
Nielsen, Ernest J.179
Noonan, Jeremiah255
Norris, Smith230
North, J. W.151, 156, 185
Norton, L. D.291
Nourse, John C.124
Nourse, Judge G. A.317
NugenJohn, 74
Nye, Mrs. E. K.158
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O'Brien, William S.149
Ochovo, Jose Maria224
Ochs, Clara263
Ockenden, Thomas J.208, 209
Ockenden, William199, 209
O'Connor, Martin342
Oden, W. T.128, 239
Odum, Rev. Alexander131
Ogden, Peter [Skene]28
Oliver, Orie289
Olmsted, Frederick Law272
Olney, James F.76, 177
Olufs, O. B.346
O'Neil, Louis279
Ormsby, Waterman L.253
Ormsby, Waterman L.257
Orr, Robert262
Orr, William262
Ortega, Father Juan39
Ostrom, J. P.272
Otis, George B.171, 343
Overton, J.186
Overton, Tom105, 222
Owen, Charles233, 234
Owen, Tom233
Owens, George174
Owens, Harry240
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Paatsch, Fritz313
Packard, Charles136
Packwood, S. L.271
Padilla, Isador229
Paige, G. H.74
Palmer, George S.62
Palmer, N. L.262
Para, Joan242
Parish, Howard327
Parisot, Charles274
Parker, Alfred240
Parker, John76
Parker, M. W.65
Parker, Mary76
Parker, William H.85, 254
Parkhurst, Mrs. D. W.184
Parkhurst, the Rev. Mr.211
Parks, William P.74
Parlier, Charles A.291, 296
Parlier, I. N.145, 152, 159
Parrish, Norman342
Parsons, M. M.340
Parsons, S. S.327
Patten, G. W.74
Patten, Mattie129
Patterson, Elisha197
Patterson, John A.105, 107, 110, 197, 287
Pattison, I. N.298
Patton, Belle182
Patton, George W.21
Patton, R. Fl.198
Payne, Theodore J.54, 222, 223
Payne, Thomas54
Peck, Charles S.89, 129, 135
Peck, Frank129
Peck, P. F.193
Perkins, Elijah238
Perrin, E. B.332
Perrin, Robert146
Perrini, A. 255
Perry, W. D.287
Peter, A. D.306
Peters, Hadgi Agha151, 156
Peters, J. H91
Peterson, Dorothy218
Peterson, H. A.146, 148
Peterson, Karl241
Petkovich, Nick140
Petrea, Abner W.100, 103, 207, 232
Pettit, George Jr.343
Pew, J. W.148, 347
Phillips, "Jim ""Black"""112
Phillips, Newton287
Phillips, Theodore62
Phillips, W. W.136
Picconi, Jack328
Pickford, George315
Pickles, F. M.135
Pico, Antonio Maria36
Pico, Governor Pio33, 34, 35
Pico, Jose Dolores12, 26, 27
Pierce, Charles S.65, 128
Pierce, Mae327
Pierce, Maud328
Pierson, S. W.182
Ploeger, Louis255
Poling, Dorothy100
Pollasky, Marcus281
Polley, Frederick S.242
Pool, John53, 54, 116
Poole, U.S. Marshal Alonzo W.155
Pope, Hezekiah S.104
Porteous, James131, 153
Porter, Admiral136
Porter, John Shirley103
Porter, Sallie184
Porter, W. A.179, 271
Porter, W. S.347
Porterfield, Dr.298
Posten, H. O.279
Potter, John W.94. 110, 305
Potter, T. T.135
Pottle, I. C.300
Potts, John228
Poulson, Ed167
Powell, James163
Powell, William C.117
Powers, A. H.289
Powers, Stephen9, 11
Prather, George170
Prescott, Frank K.128
Pressley, J. B.288
Price, John211
Puleston, W. H.245
Purcell, Miss M.185
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Quails, S. E.209
Qualls, N. E.209
Qualls, S. B.209
Quigley, H. M.164
Quintera, Frank240
G[Return to Jump Site]
Rabidou, Louis65
Rader, Andrew23]
Rader, Edward231
Radin, Henry314
Ragsdale, J. E.246
Raines, Jim227
Ralston, William118
Ramband, Pete197
Randall, Buck165
Randall, N. W.165
Rape, Ed66
Rapelje, Hiram Lee244, 246
Rasmussen, P.187
Raynor, A. S.189
Rayson, John337
Rea, Jonathan110, 189
Rea, Mrs. Mattie136
Read, W. D.Ill
Rector, Jennie L.105
Redondo, Tomaso228
Reed, Andrew163
Reed, Horace291
Reed, L. C.291, 292
Reed, Mrs. T. L.290
Reed, Samuel290
Reed, T. L.290, 291,293, 296, 329, 331, 336, 337
Reed, W. D.171
Reemer, Henry119
Reese, J. M.207, 299, 343
Reichart, L.228
Reichman, John329
Rendell, C. E.256
Repetto, Alex230
Rerat, A. L.256
Rerat, Mrs. A. L.256
Rey, Jose19
Reynolds, Rube34
Rhoades, Andrew J.171
Rhodes, Raleigh E.243
Rice, J. W.104
Rice, W. B.296
Rice, W.T.314
Richards, Jane76
Richardson, W. A.136
Richie, Miss C. S.255
Ridgeway, Jerry222, 223
Risley, Judge E. W.318
Road, W. C.319
Roan, James M.19, 54
Roberts, George D.234
Roberts, L. T.228
Roberts, Myrtle168
Roberts, Rollin R.123
Robinson, Charles231
Robinson, Hugh197
Robles, Ciatano43
Rockefeller, Roc287
Rockwell, L. A.291
Rockwell, W. W.243
Rodriguez, Narcisso228
Roeding, Frederick C.151, 158
Roeding, George Christian158, 339
Roemer, H.136
Roessler, Fred342
Roff, Minnie187
Rogalla, A. M.298
Rogallo, Matthew298
Rogers, Henry Bascom302
Rogers, James266
Rogers, Nannie267
Rogers, Richard267
Ronquel, Ignacio250
Root, Alice M.187
Root, E. J.342
Rose, T. L.99
Rosendahl, Frank D.158, 166
Rosendahl, Rev. E. G.167
Ross, Catharine180
Ross, Henry197, 207
Ross, W. E.56
Roundtree, Mortimer263
Rousseau, William79, 89
Rowe, E. A.147
Rowell, Dr. Chester129, 131, 197, 316
Rowell, George B.187, 197
Rowell, Milo187
Royal, Benjamin288
Royal, Joe55, 79, 81, 85, 89
Ruffner, C. P.181
Ruggles, George185
Rumble, W. T.138
Runciman, W. H.182
Rupert, George239
Rusconi, Louis342
Rush, Rev. T. C.306
Rusher, Fred248
Russell, E. F.65
Russell, Henry245
Russell, J. E.256
Russell, M. T.65
Russell, William219
Ruth, Cy199
Ryan, Jerry124, 310
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Sachs, Armen314
Sage, John202, 206
Salazar, Frank224
Salazar, Juan43
Salgado (Silva), Juan268
Sam, Lee292
Sample, David Cowan94, 197
Sanchez, E.243
Sanders, William A.95, 143, 156, 167, 243, 288
Sanderson, Mrs.136
Sanderson, William B.165
Sanger, Joseph Jr.297
Santamarta, Don Jesus43
Sargent, J. B.214
Saulter, Mister110
Savage, James D.19, 20, 21, 22, 51, 53, 115
Say, J. H.173
Sayer, Joseph92
Sayle, Claudius Golon62, 79, 90, 95, 122
Sayles, James Jr.20
Sayre, A. L.347
Sayre, J. H.249
Schell, J.140
Schenck, Frank M.136
Schillman, C.247
Schoolie, Jack301
Schorling, George313
Schultz, Alexandria131
Schultz, M. A.121, 138
Schwap, H. J.128
Schwarz, E. A.340
Schweizer, C. A.315
Schwinn, George262, 273
Scott, Jay236
Scott, Mrs. W. W.166
Scott, "William Y. ""Monte"""285
Seacord, David277
Seropian, Garabed156
Seropian, Hagop156
Seropian, Hovannes.156
Seropian, John338, 339
Seropian, Kevork156
Seropian, Simon156
Sewell, J. H.143
Sexton, Eliza218
Seymour, J. J.321
Shafer, William H.152, 179, 332
Shahamirian, Stephen243
Shaid, John94
Shallat, Todd A.130
Shanklin, Clara131
Shanklin, John W.123, 250, 316
Shannon, Frank332
Shannon, Idria131
Shannon, Jefferson Milam19, 76, 87, 90, 109
Sharpe, William35
Sharpton, George112
Shaver, C. B.203, 206, 305
Shaver, Sam248
Shelly, Luke123, 140
Shelton, Dr. Hiram S.174
Shelton, W. T.137
Shepard, Alice164
Shepard, E. E.173
Shepard, J. L. N.146
Sherman, Dr. H. O.342
Sherwood, H.64
Shields, William315
Shipe, John214, 227, 296
Shipp, William Walter94, 189
Shirrell, Frank216
Shoemaker, A. G.239
Short, Frank Hamilton243
Short, John W.129, 316, 318
Short, Julia B.147
Shortridge, William306
Sickal, M. T.151
Sicre, Augustin298
Silman, Lemuel H.63
Silver, J. C.211
Silverman, H. D.124, 130
Silverman, J. D.287
Silvers, W. H.239
Simon, Moritz273
Simpson, John Greenup62, 94
Simpson, Mrs. Robert291
Simpson, Robert291
Simpson, Thomas62
Sims, Billy194
Sinanian, Masrap322
Sirocco, Thomas262
Slater, Earl106
Slaver, Thomas H.267
Sloan, William266
Sloane, H. F.165
Small, C.300
Smalley, R.263
Smith, A. A.152
Smith, A. B.66
Smith, Alex65
Smith, B. K.305
Smith, Burt306
Smith, Enoch210
Smith, F. R.65
Smith, George A.314
Smith, Hamilton56
Smith, Hiram C.214, 216
Smith, James55, 57, 130
Smith, Jedediah Strong27, 29, 80
Smith, Joel262, 297
Smith, John D.240
Smith, Joseph L.129, 317
Smith, Nellie136
Smith, Percifer F.69
Smith, Professor Landrum167
Smith, Rev. A. D.298
Smoot, Dixie267
Smoot, Miranda267
Smoot, Mollie267
Smoot, Robert267
Smoot, S. M.263, 267
Smyth, John199
Snodgrass, D. S.66, 129, 173
Snyder, Monroe171
Soberanes, Francisco13, 32, 109
Solomon, Porter247
Sontag, John232, 237
Sorensen, A.187
Sorrell, W. S.209
Soto, Juan228
Spangler, Daniel118
Spence, "Andrew ""Dewey"""104
Spencer, Elizabeth296
Spinney, Joseph251, 292
Spinney, Rose251
Spomer, John D.343
Staley, Mrs. W. S.171
Staley, R. T.178
Staley, W. S.337
Stallo, Theodore C.52, 62, 73, 75, 79, 85
Starr, Mrs.136
Statham, Albert Henry119, 123, 128, 191, 197
Statham, George191
Stemder, Lewis94
Stephenson, William199, 202
Stevens, Clark288
Stevens, John136
Stevenson, B. E.288
Stevenson, Jonathan14
Stewart, Lilah182
Stiddam, Frank221
Still, J. G. (John G. Stitt)53
Stillman, Joseph L.241
Stone, F. R.337
Stone, Fannie182
Stoner, Paul116
Strivens, Charles62, 63, 179, 271
Strombeck, Theodore Thule54
Stroud, Allen76
Stroud, Arza76
Stroud, Ira54, 62, 90, 95
Stroud, John A.95
Stroud, John A.173, 174
Studer, Ida136
Sturgess, J. B.66
Sullivan, Henry52
Sullivan, John L.52
Summers, J. F.f87
Sunderland, Al306
Sunderland, Nan306
SuRinger, J. R.128
Sutherland, George170
Sutherland, J. W.229
Sutherland, James X. Y.34
Sutherland, John99, 105, 120, 146, 165
Sutro, Adolph106
Sutter, John45
Swain, C T.141
Swain, D. A.298
Swanson, A. M.136
Swartz, Jacob305
Sweem, J. B.117, 285
Sweet, Levi S.165
Sweet, S.228
Swift, Lewis P.203, 206, 208, 305
Swift, Mrs. L. P.206
Swingle, Walter T.340
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Tai, Ah244
Talbot, Theodore31, 32
Tattle, Mrs.135
Taylor, C. S. Jr.187
Taylor, Hattie187
Taylor, J. I.256
Taylor, William118, 262
Teilman, Ingvart332
Tenney, A. F.338
Tenney, Walter A.318
Terry, David S.140, 250, 251
Terry, Reel B.129, 251, 257
Thomas, Amos O.56, 259
Thomas, Cash332
Thomas, J. N.296
Thomas, J. P.148
Thomas, L. N.291
Thompson, A. C.95
Thompson, R. M.240
Thompson, Thomas H.62
Thorn, Andrew Jackson112
Thorns, Amos O.63
Thornton, James91
Tibbets, Frederick R.279
Tibbets, R. G.262
Tiffany, Prof.135
Toler, J. E.331
Tombs, Alexander128
Tombs, Arthur141, 310
Towne, Alban N.121
Townsend, Edward Davis73, 74
Townsend, Isaac171
Trabucco, Lemas220
Trautwein, B. M.306
Traver, Charles158, 291
Traweek, C. C.214
Treshou, Jacques268
Tretten, Emil238
Trezevant, N. W.148
Trimmer, Morris210
Tripp, George223
True, Bill211
Truman, Joe J.170
Tubbs, Mike223
Tucker, Egbert H.66, 171
Tuggy, Louise255
Tully, Eugene106
Tung, Leong244
Tunzi, Norberto231
Tuohy, Helen187
Tupper, Henry C.129
Tupper, Walter D.129, 135
Turner, Belle214
Turner, Eva182
Turner, J.164, 305
Turner, R. M.262
Tyler, Sadie184
Typpett, Berry51
G[Return to Jump Site]
Unger, Charles Frederick173
Uridge, William G.337
Urquhart, James53, 62
G[Return to Jump Site]
Valenzuela, Joaquin223
Valenzuela, Teodoro224
Van Bransenburg, Baron Van Heekeren-Brockhuyzen330
Van Dempsterm, B.G. P.84
Van Dissell, Carlier330
Van Dyke, Viola Kreyenhagen266
Van Ness, W. H.199
Van Valer, Peter62
Van Valer, Provost Marshal76
Van Vleet, Ernest202
Van Whye, Marten330
Van Whye, Peter330
Vanderburgh, Ella170
Vanderburgh, John Jay178
Vandergaw, Mrs. Anna128
Vanderzwiep, Ed. 240
Vandor, Paul A.66, 122, 250, 285
Vannoy, J. D.331
Vanwormer, G. N.147
Vasquez, Tiburcio42, 165, 180, 228, 268
Vaughan, D. J.161
Vaughan, J. C.341
Vaughn, G. H.241
Vaughn, Sing266
Vellguth, Mrs. William124
Vellguth, William124, 130, 140
Viau, Napoleon185, 343
Viau, S. P.343
Vignola, A.223
Villa, Ysidro33
Vincent, A. A.239
Vincent, Annie241
Vincent, C. D.320
Vincent, Dr. Frank O.241
Vinsonhaler, Lorenzo D.35, 36, 53
Vogelsang, Edward273
Voorman, Henry119, 144, 307
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Wade, T. H.70
Waggoner, Ida187
Waggoner, Lewis34
Wainwright, Charley136
Wakefield, William65
Walden, Jess170
Wales, the Rev. F. H.135
Walker, Ben Randal63
Walker, Charles F.54, 62
Walker, Charles J.174
Walker, J. N.34, 54, 92, 222
Walker, Joseph Reddeford28, 29, 31, 32
Wallace, Alexander84
Wallace, Hamilton182
Wallace, R. B.337
Walter, Charles Lewis145, 158, 184
Waltman, A. J.274
Walton, Aaron S.137
Walton, J. T.298
Walton, Mrs. C. P.299
Walton, Mrs. John317
Ward, D. T.167
Warner, H. C.130
Warner, John J.13
Warthan, Albert263
Wash, Robert M.282
Washburn, Charles E.194
Wasson, Tom228
Watson, Dr.298
Watts, C. B.104
Way, Martin Luther246, 315
Weaver, Carrie292, 296
Weaver, Harry165
Webb, Louis K.306
Webber, Guy160
Webster, E. E.314
Webster, J. A.314
Webster, Mark240
Webster, Morris B.316
Weems, W. J.275
Weihe, August119, 347
Weihe, Phillip288
Weilheimer, A.315
Wells, Andy216
Wells, J. M.259
Welsh, H. H.274, 315
Wendling, George298
Wessells, H. W.74
West, George C.156
West, L.256
West, W. C.339, 342
Wheeler, Ludora255
Wheeler, R.166
White, J. J.136
White, Jack73
White, James R.257
White, James T.214
White, John62, 225
White, Truman Charles147, 156, 332, 333, 343, 347
White, Wade254
Whiteside, Mrs.138
Whitlock, Thomas122
Whitmore, L. A.164, 253
Whitney, Jessie104, 144
Whitney, Josiah Dwight189, 190
Whitson, Jacob E.171, 172, 173, 174
Whitten, Mrs. N. E.198
Wickson, E. J.341
Widner, W. H.307
Wiener, A. J.240
Wilkinson, A. T.281
Wilkinson, J. R.281
Wilkinson, Mrs. A. T.282
Williams, Alice131
Williams, Cecelia180
Williams, D. H.315
Williams, J. E.247
Williams, J. R.325
Williams, John W.121, 124, 128, 129, 140, 223
Williams, Percy240
Williams, Ralph T.271
Williams, Sam106
Williams, W. E.124
Williams, W. M.150, 158, 207
Williams, Wade106
Williamson, Jim170
Williamson, R. S.53
Willis, Loretta Melissa174
Willis, Professor John G.182
Willis, Victor 174
Wills, Asbury66
Wilson, E. W.185, 186
Wilson, J. H.341
Wilson, James36, 231
Wilson, John63
Wilson, John Iredell253
Wilson, Mrs. E. W.186
Wilson, O. P.128
Wilson, Riley Monroe296
Wilson, Robert J.185
Wilson, Vernon237
Wilson, W. W.207
Wimmer, Elijah128
Winchell, Alexander190
Winchell, E. C.4, 62, 75, 85, 87, 88, 123, 129, 137, 156, 190, 195, 223, 249, 285, 319
Winchell, Ernestine23, 76, 94, 99, 103, 109, 130, 197, 202, 209, 287
Winchell, L. F.136
Winchell, Laura76, 89
Winchell, Lilbourne A.36, 46, 53, 54, 60, 62, 65, 76, 80, 88, 104, 111, 123, 136, 194, 202, 203, 221, 223, 247, 285"
Wing Gee, Sam87
Winkleman, Thomas112
Winnes, Harry290, 291
Witt, Lovely64
Witt, William Lewis Lovely94, 115
Witthouse, Gus123
Witty, George234
Wolcott, E. A.253
Woldenberg, Samuel136
Woldenburg, Sam254, 255
Wollner, Solomon124
Wolters, Julius144
Wood, Rev. James L.301
Wood, Robert M.197, 300
Woodall, G. W.135
Woods, George34
Woods, I. N.296
Woods, J. H.112
Woods, J. N.112
Woodward, Oscar J.315, 3l6
Wooton, William243
Worland, W. W.55, 281
Worswick, John271
Worswick, William271
Worth, William L.296
Wozencraft, Oliver W.19
Wren, A. C.305
Wright, C. C.155
Wright, Claybourne56, 63
Wright, Claybourne Mrs.56
Wright, Fred216
Wright, J. G.296
Wright, Stuart S.251
Wright, T.74, 75
Wyatt, Major94
Wyatt, W. M.238
Wyatt, W. S.62
Wyatt, Wafter256
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Yancey, C. A.84, 99, 100, 105, 118
Yarborough, Absolom99
Yarborough, Albert99
Yeargin, John168
Ynigo, Gregorio43
York, E. T.183
Yost, Thomas289
Youle, Wiliam273
Young, A. D.298
Young, Ewing28
Young, Jordan184
Young, S. A.288
Yung, Ah244, 248
G[Return to Jump Site]
Zapatero, Jose224
Zevely, J. W.198
Zubiri, Juan269

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