History of the state of California and biographical record of coast counties, California:

An historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time : also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

By James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co. (1904) - 1,418 pages

California Local History - Rocq - 15842

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NOTE: There are two versions of this work with the same name and publication date. This volume contains 1,418 pages and the other version contains 1,500 pages. Check the Melvyl Search engine, below, for a description of each.

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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La Spada, F., M. D.566
Labaree, Milton S.1062
Lacy, Edward S., Rev.1216
Lake, Charles654
Lange, Wilhelmina, Mrs.623
Lasell, Lorin M.650
Lass, Christian, Capt.1150
Latimer, Randal H.907
Laverty, George W.1355
Lawrence, Jesse1235
Le Veau, Axel M. Rev.1335
Leahy, Dennis439
Lee, George W.1031
Leffler, John552
Leib, S. F.764
Lennon, Matthew824
Lenzen, Jacob795
Lenzen, Michael944
Lenzen, Theodore1020
Lester, Amos745
Lester, Nathan L.1132
Letcher, L. D., Mrs.964
Levin, Joel1153
Lewis, John F.1371
Lewis, Joseph R., Judge505
Lillick, Henry1324
Linderman, J. C.1317
Lindsy, William995
Linekin, Leander 927
Linfoot, James 1316
Littlefield, Charles A.1360
Lloyd, John C.1412
Long, Peter 1143
Longley, Samuel 865
Loucks, M. S.1377
Loudon, William D.648
Lovell, Ira J.301
Lucas, Joseph 976
Lucia, Antonio 1000
Lux, Henry 1064
Lynch, William 871
Lyndon, John W.1292
Lyon, Mark 783
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mabury, Woods 1029
MacLeod, Edward, Mrs.594
Maher, Lawrence 878
Malcolm, Norman E., Hon.1348
Malovos, Andrea 1259
Marlin, Henry B.1011
Marlin, John P.981
Marshall, Allen C.449
Marten, Fred 1168
Martens, Henry 711
Masterson, Edward B.1397
Matheson Brothers 464
Mathews, H. D.502
Mathews, John A.408
Matteson, Francis E.716
Matthias, Pauline O., Mrs.644
Matty, Antoine 481
Maurer, Charles 802
Mayborn, Charles G.659
Mayhew, Harrison A.1026
Maynard, Edward 613
Mayne, John896
Mayo, Joseph 922
Mayock, Henry T.772
Maze, Spencer M.1361
McAlister, John, Capt.666
McCarley, James A.1294
McCarley, William B.1035
McCarthy, John 1114
McCaughey, William C.445
McCiel, Joseph S.1333
McClay, Henry S 1186
McCleary, Henry 1348
McClish, Eli, Rev.1383
McComas, Elizabeth J., Mrs.1043
McComas, Rush, Hon.799
McConaghy, Neal 1063
McDaniel, Josiah J.1411
McDermed, Joseph E.1047
McDonald, Joseph B.950
McGettigan, Charles 683
McGettigan, Patrick F.1210
McGinley, Daniel 1382
McGuire, P., Rev.1230
McKee, Joseph O.892Phil
McKenzie, James B.1001
McKeown, James 760
McKiernan, Charles H.452
McKiernan, J. M.698
McKillican, Robert 1410Maureen McKillican
McKinney, Samuel McN.800
McLachlan, Andrew 1055
McLellan, Bryce B.1326
McManus, Bernard 1173
McMillan, John 1236
McMillan, John G.1306
McMullen, George 1273
McPhee, John C.790
McPherson, Daniel R.531
Meads, John W.576
Meek, William1303
Meginness, Samuel 1412
Meinken, Fred 1087
Melchers, William, Rev.896
Melvin, Henry A., Hon.1111
Mendonca, Joseph B.617
Menton, Hugh D.310
Menzel, Robert 873
Mercer, Dennis J.377
Merithew, Joseph C., Capt.1161
Messec, Isaac, Capt.1265
Meyer, Frederick W., Capt.802
Miller, Daniel 871
Miller, Frank W.565
Miller, John H.908
Mills College 950
Milne, Alexander 824
Minaker, George A.1235
Mitchell, W. B.891
Mohr, Henry P.790
Mohr, Hermann J.814
Mohr, William 1377
Moitoza, John E.1374
Montgomery, Alexander 641
Montross, Abraham B.728
Moody, Daniel L.665Steve Williams
Moon, F. H.1118
Moore, Fred W.620
Morehouse, John H.1376
Moreland, Samuel E.932
Morey, H. C., M. D.467
Morgan, Marcellus 662
Morrell, Hiram C.1286
Morrison, J. C.319
Morrison, James 505
Morrison, Kenneth 921
Morrison, Samuel 296
Morrow, Edmond S.970
Morton, Raleigh A.1408
Mosher, George W.1172
Moulton, Frank F.1082
Muender, Rudolph 689
Muller, Frederick A.1417
Murgotten, Alexander P.607Carol Bolton Peak
Murphy, B. D., Hon.1387
Murphy, James T.711
Murphy, Martin 428
Murphy, Martin, Sr.425
Murphy, Thomas 1035
Murphy, Thomas E.278
Murphy, Virginia R., Mrs.1312
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nash, Robert P.946
Nebas, Henry F.656
Netherton, John S.1041Joan
Neubold, Carl F.1270
Nicholson, S. T.1293
Noble, William N.668
Norton, Reuben D.712
Nunes, Antone F.764
Nystrom, John R.1287
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Brien, Maurice940
O'Connell, Jeremiah1320
O'Connor, M. P., Hon.351
Ogier, Margaret B., Mrs.265
O'Keefe, John F.794
Oldham, William F.818
Olinder, Selma B., Mrs.1080
Oliver, Andrew 484
Oneal, Louis, Hon.538
Oppenheimer, Selby C.1246
Osen, George H.605
Osgood, Luther E.877
O'Toole, James J.776
O'Toole, Thomas H.1350
Otto, John G., Prof.757
Overacker, Howard697
Overfelt, William C.1023
P[Return to Jump Site]
Parker, Charles727
Parker, David314
Parkinson, John F.1207
Parkison, Manuel C., M. D.662
Parrish, William H.527
Patison, J. C.1001
Patterson, George W.982
Patterson, Henry P.380
Patterson, John1082
Patton, Samuel F.1149
Paul, Judson W., M. D.1238
Paulsell, Armenius C., Hon.1247
Payne, James F.1242
Peachy, Archibald C.649
Pearce, James H.1252
Pearce, William F.514
Peard, John J.1025
Peckham, James A.478
Peers, Alexander1330
Peladeau, Guillaume1068
Peres, John J.1308
Pestdorf, Diedrich759
Petersen, Matthews C.974
Peterson, John H.1357
Pfeiffer, Jacob921
Phegley, J. F.955
Phelps Brothers1044
Pieper, Wesley L.1332
Pierce, Dexter729
Pierce, Edward J.830
Pierce, Michael1321
Pillot, Germain F.659
Plumley, Alonzo734
Pomeroy, Edgar638
Pomeroy, Hiram883
Pomeroy, Irwin E.932
Pomeroy, Marshall309
Porter, Daniel J.1191
Power, P., Father1405
Princevalle, James771
Provan, William955
Pullan, Hannibal735
Purinton, Byron493
Putney, C. A., Mrs.395
Pyle, John F.508
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quigley, James1338
Quinn, William872
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raap, Henry1095
Rafferty, Michael1353
Ramelli, Joseph1341
Ramke, Otto462
Randall, Edward J.1393
Randlett, Henry A.1245
Rankin, William B.437
Raspiller, Joseph703
Rea, George E.1326
Rea, James W., Hon.289
Rea, John1364
Rea, Thomas, Hon.425
Reale, Peter G.1161
Reed, Charles C.661
Reeve, Oscar J.1197
Rego, Henry J.507
Rehnert, Ernest W.1316
Reiff, John W.928
Remfree, William, Capt.1047
Rengstorff, Henry434
Rheem, William S.1050
Rice Brothers848
Richards, John E.913
Richey, Charles S 1105
Richmond, Edmund N.1267
Riehl, Adam, Hon.699
Robins, J. B.718
Robinson, Amos889
Roderick, Lydia A., Mrs.680
Roeth, George1208
Rogers, Antone1404
Rogers, Samuel446
Rogers, William B.704
Roll, John1386
Roll, Robert B.340
Ross, Andrew776
Ross, Frank H.320
Roth, William J.572
Routt, John H.512
Rowe, Harrison D.1268
Rucker, John S.800
Russell, Isaac747
Russi, George1392
Ryan, Catherine T., Mrs.855
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sage, Lewis A.389
Sage, Lewis P.377
Sanborn, Henry M.1184
Sanders, Joseph1394
Sanderson, Levi F.1190
Sandholdt, Johannes J.1346
Saph, Louis V, M. D.1100
Sargent, J. P., Hon.352
Saveker, Thomas806
Sawyer Wesley C., Ph.D.575
Schallenberger, Moses494
Scherrer, George625
Schley, William C., M. D.1398
Schmitt, Francis J.566
Schnauer, Carl C., Capt.1256
Schoenheit, Augustus A.1319
Schoenheit, Augustus1318
Schrepfer, George1260
Schroder, Jurgen760
Schroyer, Aaron1220
Schupp, Joseph1250
Schwind, Joseph787
Scott, Charles E.1106
Scoville Brothers1196
Scull, Joseph H 1192
Seagren, Emil908
Seay, George W.1007
Selby, John S.1213
Selzer, Mary E., Mrs.1398
Sennett, James733
Severio, Frank1330
Shafer, George H.1391
Shafter, Frank R.1271Phil
Sheehy, John1238
Sheldon, Stephen W.716
Shepard, Arthur E.915
Sherburne, Albert1125
Shilue, Edward952
Shinn, Joseph C.1054
Shuler, B. P., Capt.1288
Siebe, Ludwig, Capt.829
Simard, Charles1275
Simard, Elzear R.1030
Simpson, Elmer E.969
Simpson, J. F.6969
Singletary, Emory C.578
Singleton, Henry A.1404
Singleton, James1155
Skillicorn, George E.1229
Skinner, David E.1396
Skinner, Edwin E.1099
Slater, J. H.290
Sloat, William K.1310
Smilie, James A.1075Edward BLACK
Smith, Bradley 461
Smith, E. O., Hon.353
Smith, Edgar F.733
Smith, Edwin S 1196
Smith, Francis 1087
Smith, Frank X.1006
Smith, George 538
Smith, Lewis C.943
Smith, Rebecca C., Mrs.274
Smith, Willis557
Snook, Robert 1012
Snyder, John 463
Sorensen, Hans 788
Soto, Silverio Y. C.1345
Souc, Mary F., Mrs.1308
Spencer, Hume A.602
Spitzer, Lewis A.371
Spring, Thaddeus W.596
St. Joseph's R. C. Church1090
Stairley, W.1328
Standeford, David W.1209
Stanley, E. A.1309
Steding, Ernest W.458
Stephens, George 832
Stephens, L. D.1352
Sterrett, A. C.1309
Stevens, Henry L.805
Stevenson, Eugene H.777
Stevenson, John T.608
Stewart, George W.1246
Stiefvater, Julius F.464
Stilling, Henry G.1407
Stinerson, S. G.1090
Stivers, Simeon 437
Stoer, Johan F.1251
Stone, Thomas J.1321
Stone, William Z.450
Story, Alanson N.1117
Stow, James M.1390
Strobridge, James H.739
Sullivan, Eugene 1395
Sutherland, James 1363
Swall, Charles H.654
Swall, George 605
Swanson, Peter 1353
Sweetland, William 820
Sylva, Frank 825
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tantau, Fred W.1154
Taylor, George G.898
Taylor, Volney 268
Tennyson, Daniel D.1142
Tevis, Kate E.885
Thayer, James W., M. D.593
Theuerkauf, George W.469
Thomas, Massey1302
Thompson, Gilbert W.1346
Thompson, John R.1392
Thrasher, William T., Dr.1080
Thrift, Alexander H.268
Thwaits, Robert T.861
Toler, William P.313
Topham, William 414
Tormey, James 1349
Trenouth, William 752
True, Christiana V., Mrs.319
Trythall, John H.677
Tucksen, Jans P.795
Turner, Christiana V., Mrs.599
Turner, Peter 1386
Turner, Thomas 1381
Turonnet, Jean 1166
U[Return to Jump Site]
Unglish, John F.1406
Upham, Henry L.1041
Uphoff, Fred 699
Uphoff, Henry 1159
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vale, Cora S., Mrs.867
Van Dine, Eben1389
Van Gorden, George975
Vatuone, Antonio A 686
Vestal, D. C.271
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagener, Samuel H.582
Walker, John P.581
Walker, William S.1014
Wallace, Robert565
Walpert, John788
Walsh, Walter1192
Walter, Carrie Stevens, Mrs.392
Walter, Charles H., M. D.321
Wampach, Charles818
Ward, James P., Hon.831
Ward, William B.1283
Ward, William E.1376
Waterman, John B.546
Watkins, William D.1148
Weathers, John 880
Weaver, C. R.770
Webb, John 690
Wehner, Charles 1341
Weisshaar, Frederick W.301
Welch, Harrison S.1343
Welch, Henry T.782
Weld, Frederick H.346
Weller, Joseph R.1147
Wells, George S.1214
Wells, Proctor R.500
Werner, William H.901
Westall, Alfred 778
Wetherbee, Henry 836
Wever, Charles H.422
Wheeler, William H.904
Whiffen, Roscoe A., M. D.1289
Whipple, Edwin 782
Whipple, John C.325
White, James J.691
White, James M.801
Wiegman, Frederick D.1277
Wight, David, Sr.624
Wilcox, A., Mrs.1388
Wilcox, Elbert J.361
Wilcox, Frank A.537
Wilcox, Isaiah A., Hon.754
Williams, B. F.1403
Williams, David 1042
Williams, Frank E.1378
Williams, Thomas 1076
Williams, Thomas G.886
Williams, Thomas N., Capt.513
Williamson, William C.996
Willson, Albert 1281
Willson, Edwin 1332
Willson, Horace 475
Willson, Lyman 849
Wilson, Volney F.671
Wilson, W. A.1395
Wilson, William 853
Winton, Crayton 1019
Wislocki, Eugene J., M. D.440
Withers, Alonzo 884
Wittenmyer, Lewis C.489
Wixson, Julius S.649
Wolf, Fred 1389
Wood, R. E.461
Wood, Uriah 365
Woodhams, Alfred R.626
Wool, Frederick G.922
Woolbert, Martin 1203
Worswick, George D., Hon.1269
Worthington, Charles H.1162
Wrede, Frederick A.407Karen
Wright, James R., Rev.1070
Wright, William T.391
Wrighton, Ezra 1397
Wyckoff, H. G., M. D.1347
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Yocco, Edward C.1101
Young, Robert S.416
Younger, Coleman, Col.326
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zuck, James C., Hon.419
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