History of the State of California and biographical record of coast counties, California:

an historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time ... Also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and presentHistory of the State of California and Biographical Record of Coast Counties, California

By James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co. (1904) - 1,500 pages

California Local History - Rocq - 15842
Sutro Library (RB)
CALL NUMBER: F868.A1 G8a -- Rare Book

NOTE: There are two versions of this work with the same name and publication date. This volume contains 1,500 pages and the other version contains 1,418 pages. Check the Melvyl Search engine, below, for a description of each. Only one Rocq number is given for both.

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Copies of the biographies may be obtained from the libraries which possess the work as set forth in "California Local History" by Margaret Miller Rocq. We would suggest sending $2.00 and a legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to the appropriate repository. The paragraph listing of the book within the Rocq work is listed above for easier reference.

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Lamb, Alexander 1465
Lane, George A1417
Larsen, Lars P., Capt.721
Latimer, Hugh N. N., Judge499
Lauff, Charles A1466
Laughlin, Alexander D1052Susan Faught
Lawrence, Henry E358
Layton, Frank B1253
LeBaron, Harrison M387
Leddy, Patrick 990
Lefebvre, Oliver M899
Leger, A. C881
Leggett, William H755
Lemon, John B879
Lennon, Patrick H446
Leppo, David 1071
Leppo, James H1104
Leroux, Paul J.887
Lewis, John B.1228
Lewis, Joshua H., Col.1089
Liguori, Alphonsus S.737
Liguori, G. J. 1175
Lillie, Leonard G., M.D.317
Lind, Jens P.791
Linebaugh, Abraham 1450
Linville, Byram 1387
Lipp, William H.1246
Lippitt Edward S.419
Liter, John C.1369
Little, Stephen G.465
Littlejohn, Chase, Capt.1211
Lock, James N.1227
Logan, Anderson D.1350
Long, Elam B.1183
Long, George W.1293
Long, John S. B.1443Katherine T Moulthrop
Long, William S.1413
Longley, George W.984Katherine T Moulthrop
Loofburrow, T. L., M. D.956
Lord, Alfred A946
Loveren, James G362
Lovie, George W1157Bonny McDaniel
Lyford, Benjamin F., M.D.253
Lyman, William W., Col.584
Lynch, Philip B685
Lyttaker, Finnes E953Lora Hamby Griggs
M[Return to Jump Site]
Maddux, John P941
Madrid Manuel 1101Karen
Madsen, Martin 670
Magee, William F., Judge586
Maggetti, Silvio J888
Makemson, Winfield S., M.D.724
Mansfield, Joel H1370
Marders, Robert 1392
Markham, Andrew 1493
Marsh, Harris T1193
Marshall, Elmer B764
Martin, Arnold J756
Martin, Charles 813
Martin, Charles G751
Martin, Frances MeG1339
Martin, Henry 1123
Mason, Alexander 704
Mason, Edgar, M.D693
Mast, Charles I819
Matzenbach, William B1335
Mayes, John S727
McAlister, Charles1104
McCabe, Peter 1038
McCarty, John 1091
McChristian, James 973Jeff
McClellalld, Robert 1322
McClellan, Hugh W485
McCormick, James1456
McCormick, John 834
McCornack, W. A., M.D982
McCowen, George, D.D.S.1135
McCowen, Hale 950
McCray, William L1199
McCrory, James1341
McCudden, James, Hon.573
McCullough, Henry 927
McCune, Henry E., Hon.289
McCurdy, Samuel 727
McCutchan, William C732
McDermott, Patrick 432
McDonald, James J802
McDonald, John 817
McDonald, John S422
McDonnell, Patrick 797
MceHarvey, Charles 993
McEvoy, Patrick H1382
McFarlan, David H939
McGarvey, Robert, Hon.1456
McGrath, James 974
McGrew, William 1098
McIsaac, Hugh J1490
McLaren Jay I2, N.D415
McMackin, James 1278
McPeak, Eugene 922
McPherson, Lycuryus 692
McReynolds, James 1051Susan Faught
McVay, Nathan G.1023
Meacham, Alonzo 1264
Meechum, Frank A421
Meeker, Melvin C353
Melbourne, Thomas 715
Menefee, Peter M., M.D.454
Meneray, Prince Albert, M.D.1023
Merrifield, W. Harrison652
Metzgar, William T1161
Mewhinney, John 1428
Meyer, Claus 1391
Meyer, Frank A317
Meyer, John H376
Miller, Allen C554
Miller, Anker678
Miller, Carlysle S1207
Miller, E. E.1031
Miller, James W472
Miller, John 1473
Miller, T. Boone766
Miller, William J.532
Mills, Ezra H814
Minahan, Daniel 921
Minard, Hiram 864
Minor, Isaac 743
Mize, Thomas J949
Moore, John G1434
Moore, Willard W., Col.942
Moore, William A1221
Morris, Harry B1081
Morse, Charles M1398
Mullen, William H781
Mulson, Henry 940
Murphy, Patrick J956
Murray, John G1293
Muscio, Joseph 480
Myers, James R679
Myers, Oliver R1028
Myers, Samuel C1116
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nalley, Alexander B778
Napa State Asylum394
Nay, Lewis G102l
Nay, Samuel A967
Neblett, Edward, Hon.445
Needs, Philip 623
Nelson, Christian 1018
Neuman, Andrew 1313
Newcomer, Stewart 9l2
Newell, Daniel S.1165
Newman, James B.564
Nichols, W. L.1485
Nickel, John R.722
Nickels, Thomas A.1242
Nissen, E. P.896
Nixon, William 1403
Noonan, Patrick H.1046
Nurse, Stephen K., Dr.707
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Connor, B, Rev. Father1146
O'Grady, Frank 1353
O'Grady, William, Rev.1482
O'Hara, Thomas J.918
O'Keefe, Dennis E.1414
O'Keefe, John H. 1321
O'Keeffe, Michael 1091
O'Mara, Cornelius886
Oliver, Frank W.820
Oliver, John M.1l30
Olmstead, William T.1401
Olmsted, L. C.1070
Orr, Samuel M.1l32
Ottmer, Florence H., M. D.857
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pacheco, Gunesindo 673
Pacheco, Ignacio 792
Pacheco, Salvador 765
Palmer, James M., Jr. 256
Palmer, Philip H.978
Pangburn, Garrett H.1307Wendy Davis
Parsons, William E.1434
Patrick, Marshall 1427
Peery, William M.1444
Pemberton, James E.477
Perkins, Charles A.615
Perkins, James F.1170
Peters, Abraham N.1226
Peters, Joseph A.376
Petersen, Henry 516
Petersen, M. P.1103
Petersen, Marcus 1274
Peterson, Sheridan 1363
Phelps, Amos 1222
Phillips, Duvall D.471
Phillips, Father Thomas694
Pieratt, William B906
Pierce, Lewis 537
Pierce, Lewis, Sr.361
Pierce, William583
Piezzi, Victor 457
Pimm, Jacob 996
Pinches, William S1480
Pine, Sanford E945
Pitcher, John 635
Pittman, Charles J953
Pleasants, Ansal P1341
Pleasants, William 311
Plummer, William P1496
Pollard, John 11429
Pond, Charles H502
Poole, John 1396
Porter, Robert 603
Porter, Willie A1354
Porterfield, John W1367
Potter, Joseph H1125
Powell, Ransom 1463
Pratt, William A388
Preston, John W442
Proctor, Thomas J431
Pullen, Wilder S1098
Purdy, Carl 1146
Purdy, Edward 1413
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Quinn, Patrick 1377
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raney, Henry 1097
Reed, Isaac1369
Reed, John T636
Reed, Thomas828
Reynolds, William D399
Rice, Drury W913
Rice, George H1197
Rice, John H1346
Richardson, Jerome B1l26
Richardson, Stephen J637
Ricklifs, Peter H1066
Ricks, Casper S267
Ricks, Casper S., Jr.435
Ricks, Hiram L534
Ricks, Thomas F148l
Ring, George E593
Ring, Hogan J., M.D1267
Riorden, John T818
Robben, Bernard W1015
Roberts, Charles F1000
Roberts, Melvin P., Hon.511
Robinson, Alba C715
Robinson, Arthur 1166
Robinson, Columbus T493
Roe, George 687
Rogers, James H.798
Rogers, John, Rev.1458
Rohner, Henry 538
Rohr, Silas M., M.D.1082
Rolley, George T.363
Roney, James 723
Rose, John W.600
Ross, James L.642
Ross, Losson 882Darilee Bednar
Rounds, George 914
Rowe, Florence D.646
Rowland, William 600
Rubke, Henry 1171Becky Rubke
Ruddock, John C.494
Rush, Benjamin F.961
Russ, Joseph, Hon.303
Russell, James 254
Rutherford, William M.1268
Rutledge, Thomas, Judge620
Ryan, Daniel J.902
Ryan, James T., Hon.466
Ryan, John 1028
S[Return to Jump Site]
Salmina, J. Baptist & Felix666
Saltzen, Henry 1269
San Quentin State Prison344
Sanford, Farmer 1116
Sanford, John B., Hon.1239
Sanitarium, W. P. Burke's906
Sargent, William I.1111
Saunders, Walter G.820
Savage, George H.1077
Sawyer, F E., Dr.1298
Schaumberg, George N.1290
Schlake, William H.1246
Schlosser, Henry 474
Schmoll, Tony 1403
Schunemann, Edward W.908
Sears, Franklin 314
Seawell, Emmet, Judge1118
Seawell, John H435
Selvage, Thomas H., Hon.29l
Sequoia Hospital 1422
Shafter, Payne J.276
Shanahan, John K.1156
Shaw, Isaac E.416
Shaw, John D.984
Shaw, Joseph A.657
Shaw, Thomas J.842
Sheldon, Bert 548Wendy Davis
Sheldon, Byron N.1172Wendy Davis
Shelford, Erastus M.936
Shelford, Levi L.752
Shillingshurg, William 1312
Shirley, Paul 1475
Shorey, Sumner A., Capt.1131
Short, Orey J.652
Shower, Jacob 0., Sr.1203
Shurtleff, Benjamin, Hon.318
Siebe, Peter 785
Simmons, William A1356
Simonson, Ole 1179
Sinclair, Oliver W., M.D.935
Singleton, Michael A.1198
Sink, William D.917
Skaggs, Alexander1303
Skinner, Wilber D.1156
Slusser, Levi S. B.1388
Smart, David, Major688
Smith, Arthur M., M.D.361
Smith, George W.1118
Smith, Henry, Capt.1082
Smith, Hugh D.881
Smith, James 1289
Smith, James G.771
Smith, John H.1208
Smith, John P.1213
Smith, Tracy H., M.D.908
Smyth, Tom P.1102
Snedden, Joseph 380
Snider, Abraham B.686
Snuffin, Amos 1200
Snyder, Jacob R., Hon.650
Solano County Courier686
Soule, Charles P.731
St. Gertrude1s Academy547
St. Helena Sanitarium796
St. Patrick1s Seminary1435
St. Vincent1s Convent792
St. Vincent1s R. C. Orph. Asy.343
Stafford, Cyrus G.439
Stanton, Patrick H.1l62
Steele, George H.750
Steele, Isaac C.746
Steffan, Jacob 1139
Stevenson, Andrew M.350
Stewart, George E.1317
Stewart, John 1103
Stewart, Matthew 1307
Stickney, Fred W.1384
Stone, Charles N.131l
Stone, Elmer E., M.D.395
Storey, George 803
Stornetta, Antonio 1037
Stratton, John A., M.D.749
Stroud, John W1270
Stuart Anabel McG., M.D.609
Stuart, Absalom B., M.D.320
Sullivan, J. J., Rev.744
Sullivan, James E.1325
Sullivan, John 1313
Summers, Andrew G.296
Swan, Herbert N.1155
Sweeney, Owen 842
Sweet, James S., Prof.552
Sweetser, John R.925
Switzer, George 962
Swortfiguer, Edgar F.528
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taft, Frank W.708
Taplin, John O.649
Tate, James F.1096
Taylor, Frank J.254
Taylor, John 1448
Taylor, W. F.1311
Thissell, George W., Sr.500
Thomas, Jesse H.396
Thompson Sydney W.1115
Thompson, James F770
Thoresen, John H1027
Thornton, Joseph 1052
Thurber, Edward R860
Tilton, Agnes Maria872
Tilton, John Q. A872
Tilton, Stephen 872
Tinelli, Joseph J., Hon.580
Todd, John W525
Tormey, William J1086
Torrey, Abner W., Hon.871
Tracey, James R846
Triplett, Samuel M1477
Tripplett, Robert 0., Dr.1294
Tucker, George W860
Tullener, Henry 1158
Tunstead, James 390
Turner, Charles E, M.D.1060
Turner, William A1055
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Underwood, George 563
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valencia, Catalina C., Mrs.1467
Vallejo Daily Times838
Vallejo Evening Chronicle691
Vallejo Morning News652
Vallejo, Ignacio L425
Vallejo, Mariano G., Gen.661
Van Duzer, Isaac H1477
Van Keppel, Henry945
Vance, Edward P1024
Vance, George 1076
Vance, John 259
Vance, John M425
Vanderhoof, Martin V1488
Vann, Logan D1346
Vasquez, Pablo 1350
Voorhees, George L., Dr.1152
W[Return to Jump Site]
Waddington, Alexander 1018
Walden, Edward 868
Walker, Edward L888
Walker, John L414
Walker, Sidney C933
Walker, William 1235
Walker, Willis Y1063
Wallace, Clarence H261
Wallace, William H., M.D1069
Walters, Solomon 1468
Walton, George 798
Wambold, Daniel M605
Ward, Ira T1031
Ward, James 1166
Ware, Allison B.616
Warford, George H1078
Warren, William P831
Watson, Henry M527
Webster, Edward W833
Weeks, Albion 838
Weeks, Bartlett V832
Weinmann, Fred P1096
Weldon & Held 626
Weller, Horace A954
Wentworth, George 1397
West, William A., Capt. 1186
Westbrook, Henry 1497
Westbrook, Henry, Sr.1486
Westbrook, William 1479
Wharff, David 1007
Wheeler, Jacob 452
Wheeler, Samuel 1440
Whipple, Frank A. 847
Whitaker, James P999
White, Daniel H728
White, Henry 969
White, William 0. 1144
Whitlach, David F968
Whitmore, Joel S900Jan Fraticelli
Whitney, Albion P., Hon.379
Whitthorne, Campbell 1115
Wiley, Austin, Hon.1075
Wilkins, William W393
Williams, George, Hon.342
Williams, Uri 1453
Williamson, Josiah C846
Willits, Hiram 606
Wilson, Jonathan G1484
Wilson, Joseph 721
Wilson, Mathew A769
Wintzer, Charles 911
Wisecarver, Thomas J777
Wittman, Conrad 838
Wolfe, John C563
Wolfskill, John R275
Wolfskill, Joseph C., Hon.736
Wolfskill, Sarshel C1322
Wood, C. J 1478
Wood, Jesse 680
Wood, Lewis K873
Worth, Clayborn886
Worthington, Andrew 1000
Worthington, William R1003
Wright, Edward R1204
Wright, Frederick L260
Wulff, Niels H., Capt.864
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York, John T368
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Zanoni, Domingo 988
Zartman, William 1241
Zehndner, George 1017
Zollner, John F559
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