History of the State of California and an extended history of its southern coast counties:

also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1907

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 16267

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Nadeau, George A652
Nadeau, Joseph F1854
Nadeau, Remi 2203
Naumann, Samuel 1677
Neely, William T1941
Neff, Millard F1845
Neher, William H1351
Nelson, Arthur P1384
Nelson, Niles 1357
Nelson, Olof 1925
Nelson, Robert 2001
Nestell, John J1956
Neuls, G. W1528
Newlan, Oliver J1532
Newlove, Frank H657
Newport, William 1827
Newsom, David F539
Newsom, Frank M1066
Newton, H. W2197
Newton, Willis E1228
Nichols, H. M+A12422203
Nicholson, George H2197
Nicholson, Joseph W1504
Nielsen, N. C1800
Niverth, S. B2265
Noble, Lloyd E1587
Norton, J. B2212
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oaks, Oliver 2217
O'Brien, Oliver 910
O'Connell, William 1779
Ohlsen, Harry J1945
Ohre, Chris N1733
O'Keefe, Fr. Joseph J666
Old, Henry W1967
Olds, Nelson 678
Olhasso, John A13672010
Olivares, Blas 1913
Olmstead, William L2135
Olmsted, John C1363
Olsen, Alexander 1904
Ontiveros, Abraham 1285
Ontiveros, Patricio 1104
Oreb, Frank 1630
Orelli, Abraham T. 1751
Orr, John J1227
Orr, William W 1853
Ortega, Juan 2085
Osmun, Dr. J. Allen 1947
Osmund, Michael 1916
Ott, Frank H2032
Otte, Frederick W2134
Otte, Friederich 993
Over, J. Frank 2086
Owens, Alfred H1977
Owens, M T.1620
Owens, Robert I1504
P[Return to Jump Site]
Paine, Castanos 935Max Putnam
Paine, Charles R999
Paine, Charles W994
Paine, Capt. Lewis A1260
Palmer, Geroge, 1593
Palmer, John G1823
Palmer, Lucius B1596
Palmer, Oscar F1885
Papson, William 1131
Parker, John F728
Parmley, Arthur L1799
Parrish, Enoch K1483
Parsons, Cyrus M1936
Patchett, Ben E1170
Patterson, Benjamin F1738
Patterson, Columbus W1058
Patterson, Justin E1448
Paul, Bert 2008
Pearson, John A1806
Pearson, Joseph C1058
Pease, Rev. Charles 566
Pease, Edmund M., M. D.1165
Pease, Niles 571
Peck, Edward W2000
Peck, George H567
Peck, George H., Sr.1883
Peck, George W., M. D 1563
Peck, Capt. L. B939
Peck, Walter L1452
Pcckham, John J., M D1980
Peirce, William H. 1286
Penkert. August 1558
Perce, Lewis A., M D1999
Perkins, Hon. David 591
Perozzi, A2218
Perry, Morgan 1811
Perry, William H513
Peters, Anson M1599
Petersen, Peter C1605
Petit, Frank 587
Petit, J. F2219
Petit, Justin 597
Pettijohn, Ernest A.1182
Pettis, Chauncey B1867
Pettis, Frank B1785
Peyregne, Bertrand 880
Pfeiffer, Louis A2265
Pfeiler, Albert L1672
Phelps, Frank W1613
Phelps, Ira W1013
Phelps, William E1849
Philbrook, Herman S1668
Phillips, George S2113
Phillips, Louis 839
Phillips, Willard G1623
Phillips, William J2107
Pico, Francisco 623
Pierce Brothers 1846
Pierce, Elijah H1970
Piercy, John R1080
Pierson, William M1451
Pile, Herbert 846
Pinnell, Prof. Homer F1623
Pitcher Charles F1875
Pitts, Bartley F1612
Pitts, Frank 1516
Plantico, F. L951
Platt, Mrs. Martha E813
Poland, Henson 908
Polhamus, Capt Albert A2019
Polhemus, Jacob 2017
Pollard, Thomas 1073
Poole, Frederick A2189
Poor, Walter F1835
Porter Brothers 2236
Porter, Hon. George K797
Porter, Orin 1537
Post, Charles 1207
Poston, William M888
Potter, Frank O915
Pourroy, Pierre 1991
Powell, David 1366
Powers, Charles 1469
Powers, James H1047
Pratt, Henry B1318
Pratt, Henry J2111
Price, Ulysses G2023
Pringle, Capt. William H572
Privett, John A2056
Proctor, James B1850
Pujol, Rev. Fr. John1988
Putman, Madison D1611
Putnam, Hon. Willis E1411
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quill, James 1866
Quinn, Patrick 1256
Quinn, Richard 896
Quint, L. J2025
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rambaud, Emile 1311
Ramey, William L1110
Randall, M. H2144
Ranker, Lewis F1982
Raphael, Abraham 1981
Raycraft, George S1352
Rayner, James B2138Joan
Reber, Edward 1757
Reche, Anthony C Jr.1099
Redburn, Walter B847
Reed, D. C1889
Reed, Elgar, M. D1468
Reed, Frank H1344
Reed, Philip H2108
Reed, S. A2237
Reel, Edgar R1625
Reeves, Richard W2114
Reeves, William A1785
Reiman, William 1062
Reimann, Moritz 903
Reimann, William 1929
Rentchler, Jacob B1821
Revolon, Antoine 1617
Reynolds, Ira F1395
Rheingans, Jacob 2170
Richardson, Charles 1339
Richardson Elkanah W1125
Richardson William C. B1077
Richardville, Ulysses F1192
Rickard T. E1977
Riddick Rev. Dr. C. B813
Riddick, James B1728
Rinebarger, William 2266
Ritchie, James H1883
Robbins A. R1348
Robbins, John W688
Roberts, Bearry 2137
Roberts, Edward D1942
Roberts, Frederick H1416
Roberts, John 603
Roberts, John W829
Roberts, Ozrow 2143
Roberts, William M2198
Robinson, A. E2217
Robinson, Edmund C1680
Robinson, Col. George F625
Robinson, Nathaniel D1635
Robison, Joseph B1470
Rocha, Jacinto A959
Rockwell, Lorenzo A836
Rockwood, Bernard B983
Roeder Louis 775
Rogers Miss C2126
Rogers, E. A973
Rogers, H. W1565
Ronsse, Ernest 1386
Rooker, Joseph A1048
Rosenfeld, Morris A1767
Rotanzi, Samuel 1739
Ronchleau, Albert 1966
Roussey, Justin 1863
Ronssey, Louis F1998
Rowan, George D771
Rowan, Robert A772
Rowe, Charles 1949
Rowe,William T2005
Rowell, George B., M.D.2104
Rowland, Bernardo F1430
Rowland, Samuel P1963
Rowley, Quentin J787
Rozelle, Bazil T1442
Rudel, Jacob 1301
Ruggles, Charles F1229
Ruiz, J. D2267
Rule, Ferd K724
Ruopp, John 979
Rusconi, F. C1385
Russell, Allen 1328
Russell, Allen J 1287
Rust, William L1897
Rutledge, Charles H1649
Rutter, Andrew K1978
Ryan, Andrew W757
Rynearson, S. D1526
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sackett, Robert E. L1869
Sackett, William A2188
Saenz, Jesus 1899
Sailer, Joseph 1971
Sanderson, S. A1790
San Diego State Normal School644
Sanford, Mrs. Lucy A1840
Sappington, Francis P., M. D. 1359
Sargent, Francis P2009
Sarrail, Rock 1447
Saulque, August 2219
Saulque, Jules 2204
Savage, Hon, William H751
Saviers, Charles W1338
Sawtelle. George C1889
Scarlett, John 591
Scarlett, John L2029
Schallert, Louis M1124
Schaniel, Peter F1629
Schelling, Alexander1902Joel
Schintz, John H1928
Schlegel, John 2214
Schmidt, Herman C1631
Schmitz, Bernard 1756
Schofield H. P1358
Scholder Fred 1829
Scholle Brothers 2207
Scholler, Mrs. Pauline M2004
Schroeter, H. M. E2172
Schueddig, Frederick E1630
Schulze, Theodore G1564
Schutz, M. Alexander1091
Schwartz, Peter H1894
Schwichtenberg, Hugo E573
Scofield, Lebbeus1525Kenneth
Scott, Mrs. Collisto W1527L. Spencer Leister
Scott, Mrs. Sarah B1094
Seaberg, Capt. Charles A2008
Seaman, William N2267
Sechrest, W. F1641
Seckinger, Jacob 1301
Sederlund, August 1900
Seely, Horace J1581
Selbach, E. W1364
Sentous, Exupere 1369
Sentous, Louis 1120
Sentous, Vincent 1495
Sepulveda, Albert G1035
Sepulveda, Aurelio W604
Service, Richard W1921
Seymour Edwin C855
Seymour, Howard L1662
Shaffer, F. A. J1677
Shanks, George P1880
Shannon, John E1559
Sharp, William F1647
Sharps, Jonathan H1803
Shaul, Marion J713
Shaw, Hervey E1396
Shedden, James 1881
Sheehy, Jerrv 2270
Sheldon, Dr. Frederick C1540
Shepard, James M1613
Sheppard, William 1871
Sherer, J. C1930
Sherman, Capt. Matthew675
Shipley, Alexander H.1052
Shipley, Elmore C.2021
Shoop, John T.1769
Short, Cornelius R.1195
Short, James 1653
Shrewsbury, Joseph E.1353
Shugg, William 1654
Shutt, William 2206
Sibley Mrs. George W781
Sidwell, William L1031
Sillifant, Francis J1202
Silva, Joseph 2189
Silvernale, Roy C.1805Dorris
Simonton, Thomas H.1374
Simp son, R. R.2060
Singleton, William 1261
Singleton, William H.2139
Slack, Albert 1716
Slack, George 804
Slanker, Samuel C.2066
Slauson, Ella J.2213
Sloane,. Capt. Hampton P. 1181
Sloat, Major Orin P.2062
Slosson, Leonard B.2218
Slosson, Nathan L.2213
Slygh, E. W.2213
Smiley, Albert K.945
Smiley, Alfred H947
Smiley, Frederick A781
Smith, Archie 665
Smith, C. E2208
Smith, Edwin W1976
Smith, E1334
Smith, Fred P1260
Smith, Howard B1438
Smith, James A1865
Smith John E1544
Smith John N1483
Smith, John W1097
Smith, Lewis N1660
Smith, Noah R1380
Smith, Sylvester K1474
Smith, W. Clifford 1638
Smith, William 1861
Smith, William H1589
Smith, William S., M. D1443
Smither, Alexander C866
Smithson, John B1833
Smithson, John B., Jr1254
Snoddy, John B1755
Snoddy, William M845
Snow, Miletus H1379
Snuffin, William M1802
Snvder, Hon. Meredith P525
Solari, O. J1892
Sonza, Antonio J1083
Sparks, Marcus L1282
Spaulding, Elbert A1822
Specht, Joseph H1442
Speed, John W1470
Speed, William 2045
Spicer, George M2219
Sprinkle, William F1994
Sproul, William C1802
Sprouse, Joseph V1032
Squires, Hamilton M1140
Stagg, Edward H1088
Stanton, Francis H1214
Stearns Frank W955
Steel, Arthur B1959
Steele, Thomas J876
Steen, John B672
Steers, Dr. Joseph E993
Steiner, Sig 963
Stephens, Louis F1878
Stephens, Timothy A610
Stern, Jacob 1482
Stetter, George B1792
Stevens, Rev. George D1659
Stevens William I1872
Stewart A. A2199
Stewart, Edward J1582
Stewart, James 2207
Stewart, John H1727
Stewart, Oscar D1374
Stewart, Thomas 2271
Stewart, Thomas H1708
Stiles, Edward I2160
Stockton, Isaac D1370
Stokes, Aristides E1145
Stone, Charles M1365
Stone, Grant S1750
Stone H. N1780
Stone John D1665
Stone, Joseph C1005
Stone, Marshall G1983
Stoneham, George T1444
Stones, J. E1457
Stout, Cornelius 1844
Strain, Numa A990
Strathearn, Robert 1914
Stratton, John J1392
Strawser, Joseph S1951
Strine, Prof. John H1343
Strong, David C., M. D2062
Stuart, Joseph M1671
Suess, Emil 1702
Suess, J. J1698
Sullenger, Marshall P2050
Sullivan, Humphrey G1737
Sullivan, John 2038
Sundermann, C. G2198
Swan; Oliver C1973
Sweeney, M1443
Swift, A. J1442
Swinford, James2271
Swing, Ralph E.2035
Swycaffer, Joseph 851Peggy Swycaffer
Sylva, Joseph P1695
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taft, Fred H.610
Taft, Stephen H.967
Tallman, Robert 2272
Tanner, Richard R.594
Taylor Allen J.942
Taylor Hon. Benton P.1838
Taylor, C. J. E.605
Tedford, John F.1607
Telford, George A.1259
Temple, Francis P. F.859
Temple, Walter P.859
Tench, William J.2069
Terribilini, John 1478
Thatcher, Amos D.1852
Thaxter, George C.2068
Thayer, Deloss P.894
Thomas, Albert A.1489
Thomas, Charles H.1484
Thomas, Charles H.1841
Thomas, Frank W., M. D.629
Thomas, William M.1347
Thompson, Elmer H., M. D.1980
Thompson, Frank G.900
Thompson, G. E.2272
Thompson, Jacob P.1689
Thompson, Hon. N. W.1051
Thompson, Tellie L.704
Thorne, Oliver P.1716
Thorpe, Edmund C.593
Thowson, Elias 2113
Thurman, Stephen D.904
Thurman, Sylvanus 1235
Thurmond, Gideon E.1378
Thurmond, J. R1000
Ticknor, J. C2222
Tillat, Jean 1098
Tilton, Alfred H2039
Tilton, Natt W1710
Tisnerat, Jacques 2273
Todd, Howard M1986
Tomasini, Antonio 1749
Tomblin, E. S2208
Tompkins, Thomas 1692
Torstenson, Nels O763
Towne, Tyler P2129
Townsend, Stephen 707
Townsend, Winfield S1046
Traub, Peter 1642
Tranzettel, Otto 2177
Treloar, Samuel 1256
Trepte, Moritz 1136
Triggs, George E1577
Triplett, James K1701
Tripp, Ozro C2273
Tripp, Shasta A1665
Tripp, S. V875
Tripp, William B1637
Tritton, R. Lindsav 2067
Trostle, W. E2003
Troxel, Frank L1421
Turbett, Thomas 2214
Turbett, William 1859
Turner, Hanna S., M.D.1650
Turrentine, John N1105
Tweedy, James 1002
Tweedy, Lorenzo D1416
Twogood, N H.2091
Tyler, Charles H2054
Tyler, Joseph B2057
Tyler, Urban A.2048
Tyler, Uriah U.1713
U[Return to Jump Site]
Urick, William J2056
Unruh, H. A.2173
Usrey, William 1993
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vache, Emile.2066
Vail, Herman D 2024
Valdez, Teotilo 1057
Valentine, E J2184
Van Derver, J L1074
Van Deventer, Eugene M 1478
Van Luven, Earl F1988
Van Ornam, Edward C. D . 1132
Van Winkle, J. A 2269
Varble, John P1175
Veach, James W2153
Vejar, Dolores M1468
Vellon, Fredrick 2074
Venable, P S1606
Vestal, Col. Warner L515
Vickers, Ashby C.1696
Vieweger, E.2025
Virden, Benjamin S1093
Visscher, Louis G.744
Vogt, Adam M1054
Volkmor, William 1725
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wadleigh, O A.973
Waite, Russell P617
Walker, C. J2117
Walker, H S 2073
Walker, James H2162
Wallace, James C1106
Wallace, William 678
Wallis, Herbert J 941
Walls, William A1882
Walsh, Ambrose 1161
Wall, Austin 1707
Walter,. O. S2209
Ward, James E2075
Ward, James P1600
Ward, P. T2116
Warfield, Miss Ida E1887
Warner, Lorin S 1643
Warnock, Henry A1314
Warnock, Robert 1719
Warnock, Samuel 1719
Warnock, William J752
Warren, James G1314
Wasem, Adam 1608
Washburn, William J729
Waters, Hon. Russell J722
Watkins, James C1829
Watkins, Morgan R1177
Watkins, William D1005
Watson, Clarence A2118
Watson, Jacob 1463
Watson, James B1187
Watson, Ralph E1837
Watson, Robert L1770
Watson, W. G2268
Watts, S. L2178
Waymire Brothers 1927
Weaver, John L1066
Webb, Henry H1311
Weber, John 1886
Webster, David G1985
Webster, Joseph 2188
Webster; La Torre 828
Webster, Quincy C1062
Wees, John C1856
Wegnori, Henry F1808
Weidenfeller, Charles A1800
Weidler, George B1308
Weigle, George J1648
Weir, James 1249
Weir Richard 1990
Welch, William O790
Weldt Joseph A662
Welty, Richard J1495
Wescott, Edmund 914
Westgate, Charles A1201
Westlund, John M1352
Westover, M. N1731
White, Caleb E1071
White, E. C2119
White, Michael C2148
White. William 1247
White, William W2060
Whited, George B1835
Whittemore, A. C1022
Whitworth, James H2210
Whitworth, Joseph H618
Wickersham, W. A1244
Wickersham, Hon. W. H554
Wilcox, Oramel 920
Wildasin, John 620
Wiley, William 1287
Wilhelm, Louis 2115
Wilhite Samuel C960
Wilhoit; John C1896
Wilkerson, Eugene 2072
Willard, Franklin P718LSLeister
Willard, Harry M1136
Williams, E. M.1276
Williams, George A2268
Williams, Hermon D2028
Williams, Thomas J860
Williams, Thomas W 1818
Williamson, William P2048
Willis, Hon. Henry M1039
Willis, Etta C1896
Willis, Nellie H1896
Willis, Oscar C.1891
Wilmot, Rosseau J.890
Wilshire, Henry H.2118
Wilshire, Joseph E.1385
Wilson, Doc 830
Wilson, H. B.2119
Wilson, John T.772
Wilson, John W.2120
Wilson, Russell B.1503
Wilson, W. Patton1900
Wilson, William 2215
Wineman, Edward 921
Wing, Sanford C1678
Wisdom, Guy W1522
Wise, Alpheus B2052
Wiseman, George W1151
Witham, William H1740
Withers, Col. W. J2270
Witman, Henry W996
Wohlford, A. W1031
Wolfskill, Joseph W799
Wood, James W, M D793
Wood, Lewis M834
Wood, Rev. William O632
Woodford, Col. Asa W626
Woodman, Arthur G1985
Woods, Harrv J1816
Woods, James M1155
Woods, John X1737
Woolman, Claude 1496
Workman, William H519
Works, Thomas L930
Worthen, John A803
Wright, Joseph W1714
Wynne, Sydney Y., M D2072
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Yerby, Henry C600
Yoakum, John E580
Yokam, Eli J1166
Young, Andrew 2015
Young, Charles 2120
Young, Capt. E. E2125
Young, George W2215
Young, Joseph W Jr 1744
Young, William W810
Yribarne, Cadet 1845
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zillgitt, H. H1607

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