Historical and biographical record of southern California:

containing a history...from its earliest settlement to the opening year of the twentieth century.

By James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co. (1902)

California Local History - Rocq - 16265

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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Abbott, Calvin W.1263
Abbott, Frank E.1198
Abbott, G. E., M. D.954
Adams, Frederick K.1275
Adams, George B.810
Adams, John L.1039
Adams, John, Hon.719
Adams, R. D., M. D.1248
Adams, William L.1207
Akers, W. H.554
Akey, James V. 564
Alexander, George 559
Alexander, William 560
Alien, M. T., Hon.1097
Allen, A. A.558
Allen, Harry C.648
Allen, Russell C.954
Allen, William806
Allgeyer, Charles1180
Althouse, J. A.1040
Ames, Henry M.565
Amestoy, A. J.1263
Anderson, Matthew H.595
Andrews, I. B., Rev.564
Androus, S. N., Hon.548
Ardis, Julius H.1246
Arenz, Richard 1040
Armstrong, A. T.1032
Armstrong, A. W.835
Arnold, Matt H.569
Arnold, Seth C.835
Asbridge, Thomas A.1041
Ashley, Mary A., Mrs.451
Atchison, J. A.1042
Atchison, James R.647
Atkinson, J. W.1208
Aufdemkamp, Henry 1042
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bacon, A. J., M. D.955
Bailey, Isaac738
Bailey, Jonathan 532
Bainbridge, J. C, M. D.409
Baird, J. G., M. D.1036
Bakewell, Thomas 1191
Balch, E. T., M. D.395
Ball, C. D., M. D.925
Ballard, J. W., Hon.1l84
Ballou, George H.956
Baloom, B. G.1190
Balsley, B. L.653
Bandini, Juan B.358
Banning, Phineas, Gen.1265
Banta-Jones, Mary G., Mrs.721
Barber, P. J., Hon.361
Bard, Cephas L., M. D.243
Bard, Thomas R., Hon.213
Barker, Frederic J.374
Barker, James834
Barnard, Gustavus667
Barnes, W. P.830
Barretto, Maxwell K.614
Barrows, Frank P.416
Barrows, James A.1045
Bartle, J H.228
Bartlett, William S.882
Bauer, Otmar 1046
Baxter William A.734
Baxter, William 734
Bayha, C. F.919
Beach, Eliza J., M.D.800
Beach, Fitz E.739
Bean, John H 1046
Beck, Edwin A.370
Becker, J. J., M. D.1244
Beckett, W. W., M. D.1276
Beckwith, Charles 1261
Beckwith, Francis 738
Beckwith, Francis J.275
Begg, James812
Belcher, Avery 1245
Bell, A. J., Hon.665
Bell, Robert 517
Bell, Robert L.938
Bell, Thomas491
Benedict, William G.804
Benqan, George W.1230
Bent, Abbott J.1259
Bentzoni, Charles, Col.836
Berry, Truman 1265
Bettner, Robert Lee 1184
Beveridge, J. L., Hon.1165
Beyrle, Robert 1052
Bingham, H A.1011
Bishop, F. D.1l43
Bither, B. Frank D.570
Bixby, A. S.740
Bixby, Jothan 1109
Blackburn, D. S., Capt.289
Blackstock, N., Judge373
Blatz, Herman 732
Bliss, John D.1232
Blochman, L E.428
Blood, James A.929Jim
Blosser, Garrett L.1208
Blumberg, Wheeler C.1208
Bly, Leonades 1231
Blythe, B. M.1136
Bolin, P. J.1265
Boman, Gustav A.1266
Bonebrake, G. H., Major532Brenda Bonebrake
Bonestel, C. D.701
Bonestel, W. A.428
Bonham, Perry P.806
Bosshard, Jacob 887
Bothwell, James1048
Bouton, Edward, Gen. 949
Bowker, Harrison M.427
Boyd, David C.1197
Brace, William N.436
Bradford, Albert S.757
Bradley, Knowlton R.1048
Brady, J. T., Capt.1225
Bragdon, John R.809
Brainerd, H. G, M. D.1276
Braley, Edgar R.1l37
Brandes, H. L.1112
Breiner, John 1052
Brennan, John 798
Brewster, J. C.792
Brian, David 1053
Brigden, Albert 804
Bristol, Sherlock, Rev.415
Brodrick, William J.595
Brones, Thomas 613
Brooks, Stephen G.800
Broome, A. W., Capt.414
Broughton, G. A., M.D.357
Broughton, H. A., Hon.662
Broughton, W. W.1147
Brundage, Hiram 436
Bruner, F. M., M.D.1198
Bryant, E. T.439
Bryant, William 1142
Bryson, John, Sr., Hon.1274
Buckingham, Joseph A.1010
Buckmaster, Thomas H.526
Buell, A, W.331
Buell, H. J.523
Buell, Percy 0523
Buffington, A. C.447
Bulla, R. N., Hon.1206
Bullard, F. D., M. D.1015
Bullis, Philip H.1291
Bullis, William H.839
Burch, Nelson C.740
Burke, David L.1064
Burke, E. M., Hon.393
Burke, Miguel F.393
Burns, Robert W.1200
Burton, H. G., M.D., Capt.571
Butcher, W. P.1054
Butler, John T.875
Butler, Mary, Mrs.875
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cadwell, O. N.614
Caldwell, A. A., Hon.1010
Callahan, Neal 620
Camarillo, Adolfo 444
Camarillo, Juan E.840
Campbell, J. A.1060
Carder, G. H., M. D.1142
Carpenter, Frank J.1187
Carpenter, John T.1187
Carpenter, Stephen F.1065
Carrion, Julian918
Carter, Arthur F.426
Carter, Nathaniel C.1258
Casal, F. M, M.D.1229
Cawston, Edwin722
Chaffee, Arthur L.842
Chaffee, J. D., M. D.1159
Chaffin, John P.744
Chambers, J. C., Hon.959
Chambers, John T.1059
Chapman, A. B.327
Chapman, Charles C.1033
Chapman, Frank M.535
Charlebois, Paul 414
Child, E.1066
Chippendale, W 884
Churchill, John W.593
Clapp, James D.613
Clapp, William B.1228
Clapp, William T.828
Clark, Frank B.1243
Clark, George E.938
Clark, Isaac M.,620
Clark, James Ross1012
Clarke, Charles S.444
Clarke, J. F.744
Clarke, Robert M.1143
Cleland, Thomas E.1257
Clifford, A. M.960
Cobb, Asa881
Coffman, H. L., M. D.619
Coleman, S. J.884
Collins, J. S., Hon.410
Collins, W. S.547
Conaway, Joshua A.497
Congdon, A. Maria, M. D.799
Conger, E. L., D.D., Rev1058
Conklin, Lombard 572
Connell, John F.1242
Conrey, N. P., Hon.881
Cook, A. J., Prof.955
Cook, George 1112
Cook, J. R.1256
Cook, J. W.887
Cook, James 1069
Cook, O. P.448
Cook, R. D.713
Cooke, C. F., Hon.745
Cool, P. Y., Rev.545
Cool, Sarah M., Mrs.545
Coons, Benjamin F.1138
Cooper, Ellwood 219
Cooper, Harvey 912
Cooper, Joseph W.466
Corbett, J. F.1209
Cordero, E. S.1243Jean Cordero
Corey, Franklin A.453
Coronel, Don A. F.1029
Coronel, M. W. de, Mrs.1030
Corson, J. B.1098
Cowles, N. E.923
Cox, A. M.453
Cox, J. S., Hon.728
Craig, R. J.863
Crain, William L.959
Crane, Emmett C.1108
Crane, George G.961
Crane, James H.576
Crane, Jefferson L.1108
Crank, F. DeWitt, M.D.666
Cravens, Thomas A.576
Crawford, Daniel P.1012
Crawford, J. H., M.D.375
Cregier, A. V.302
Cross, A. P.373
Cross, John, Hon.454
Crowell, Caleb T.354
Crowell, Weymouth487Tony
Crowell, William C.839
Crowther, William 1l82
Cuffin, W. H., Hon.674
Cummings, John B.794
Cummings, John F.477
Cummings, M. S.1070
Cunnane, J. B.389
Cunnane, T. E., M.D.390
Cunnane, W. B., M.D.389
Currier, A. T., Hon.1012
Curtis, Charles 425
Cushman, E. B.1138
Cutting, J. R.745
Cuwan, W. K.1071
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daggett, Charles D.1072
Daily, Charles J 1135
Dakin, Henry M.1009
Dandy, Charles P.369
Daniels, M. J., Capt.853
Darby, John H.971
Davenport, D. L 540
Davidson, Stephen M.671
Davies, E. W.1075
Davis, Alonzo E., Hon.1273
Davis, Frank E.1111
Davis, R W.1093
Davis, S. F., M. D.667
Dawson, John B.841
Day, William S., Hon.335
De Huff, Thomas J.668
De La Guerra Family220
De Longpre, Paul222
De Rudio, C. C., Capt.457
Dean, John J.328
Deane, John L.1076
del Valle, U. F.413
Den, Alfonso L.221
Den, Augustus H.471
Denison, Charles B.1292
Densmorc, Helen B.1217
Densmore, Emmet, M.D.1216
Des Granges, Otto1183
Devine, Robert 577
Dickey, Ambrose1200
Dieterich, Jacob596
Dilworth, W. D., M.D.725
Dobbings, J. H.842
Dobie, W. G., M.D.471
Dodge, R. V., Col.462
Dodworth, A. R.720
Dolge, Alfred 869
Dolge, Ernst 870
Donnell, T. C., M. D.948
Doty, R.749
Dovey, James H.997
Dow, R. D.906
Drake, A. C., Capt.623
Dreer, Mary, Mrs.1210
Dreher, Peter J.1077
Drews, L. W.1156
Driffill, J. A., Col.267
Driskill, Jesse 1141
Dudley, Benjamin W.572
Dudley, Thomas A.462
Duffy, James 472
Dunlap, A. H.894
Dunlap, John N.1191
Dunn, James T.280
Dunn, Robert 473
Dunshee, Rollin 750
Dutton, George F.746
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eason, J. B.715
Eason, R.733
Edgar, W. F., M. D.547
Edmunds, Cassius 1292
Edwards, S. J.716Jan Walker
Edwards, William B.716Jan Walker
Eichholz, Philip 1268
Eldridge, S. Tuston858
Elliot, Walter 727
Elliott, J. Vincent728
Elliott, Robert P.848
Elliott, Thomas H.578
Ellis, G. F., Capt.1078
Ellis, H. B., M. D.1274
Ellis, William D.535
Elton, Charles1051
Emery, Frederick B 941
Emery, Sarah B., Mrs.941
Engelhardt, John P.1274
Engstrum, F. O.1047
Eppinger, J. A.1228
Erickson, John1072
Esterly, Lloyd H.1293
Evans, Elizabeth P., Miss751
Evans, John M.1268
Evans, William H.1256
Ewing, Felix W.341
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fagan, Michael 1105
Farr, E. B., Mrs.935
Farrington, George W.961
Faulkner, George W.509
Fern, Henry1018
Fernald, Charles283
Fessenden, William H.1165
Fetterman, I. L.1091
Filkins, C. W. 1189
Finger, H. J.,1088
Finley, T. R.1129
Fischer, Frederick J.847
Fisher, Rufus 1255
Fithian, J. R.249
Fithian, Joel A., Major249
Fithian, K. Barrett249
Fitzgerald, G. P.1161
Fleet, W. H.1106
Fleming, Edward J.931
Fleming, Peter 791
Forester, George Wilmont, M. D.962Steve Forester
Forrester, E. A.1218
Foshay, J. A., Prof.1272
Foster, Edmund B.1179
Foy, Samuel C.1063
Francis, John F.1277
Frankland, John G.848
Franklin, Peddie, Mrs.715
Frary, Frank P.344
Fraser, Allan 310
Fraser, J. C., M.D.1283
Fraser, William G.11197
Frazier, Charles H.878
Freeman, Daniel 1279
Freeman, W. W., Capt.743
Fremont, John C.530
French, Charles E.1036
Frost, George 1016
Fry, A 854
Fry, William C.815
Frye, Mary S., Mrs.794
Fuqua, Isham, Rev.853
Furlong, R. M.124l
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gabbert, Thomas G.461
Gabriel, Joseph 1255
Gally, Mary M.727
Gammon, Arthur I.1226
Garcelon, Frank, M.D.858
Garcelon, George W.589
Gardiner, F. I.852
Garland, A. A. 1117
Garretson, Joseph M.477
Gates, Lucius D.7l4
Gavin, Alexander 1218
Gaylord, John D.828
Gaylord, Robert H.1250
Gibbon, Hon T. E.1276
Gibbs, James R.726
Gibler, Daniel 526
Gibson, Frank A.1225
Gibson, James A., Hon.1004
Gidney, C. M.714
Gilbert, Charles S.854
Glassell, Andrew 1288
Glassell, Andrew, Sr.237
Glassell, Hugh704
Glassell, William T.751
Glauber, Ludger, Rev.710
Glowner, G. G.1288
Gochenauer & Fiset, M.D.1113
Goetz, Henry X.859
Golish, T. A.1045
Golter, Edward 846
Goodale, O. E.677
Goode, George W.704
Goodridge. Ira C.1227
Gower, George T.1233
Granger, Charles H.1114
Grant, Alexander1201
Grant, William R.708
Graves, Frank 297
Gray, William M.907
Greeley, John P.1010
Green, Elisha K.703
Green, Mary J., M. D.1278
Greenwell, A. C.709
Greenwell, C. B., Hon.1088
Greenwell, W. E., Capt.473
Gregg, Robert J., M.D.966
Gregory, Albert 752
Grern, P. M., Hon.226
Griffith, Alfred P.1273
Griffith, E. P., Rev.540
Griffith, Griffith J.1277
Grimes, Charles617
Grinnell, Fordyce, M. D.697
Guinn, James M.279
Guthridge, C. F.710
Gwaltney, J. S., M. D.1224
Gwaltney, Sylvester, M. D.1224
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haase, Hermann 303
Hache, L.443
Hadacheck, J. C.120l
Hadley, Washington1223
Hagandorn, J. Lee, M. D.394
Hahn, Benjamin W.1222
Hall, Duane F.966
Hall, Julius F.302
Halladay, Daniel 565
Halsted, S. Hazard672
Hamilton, Horace G.298
Hamilton, William 686
Hammond, N. E., M.D., Mrs.947
Hammons, John W.691
Hancock, D. R., M.D.925
Hanley, James1215
Hannon, J. Vincent950
Hannum, Luther C.953
Hansen, C. M.303
Hansen, L. P., Col.239
Hansen, W. G.1118
Hardacre, Emma C., Mrs.581
Hardy, Isaac B., Capt.692
Harnett, Ernest T.967
Harris, David 1155
Harris, Emil, Capt.1090
Harris, John H., Rev.752
Harris, Will A.276
Hart, Reuben 690
Hartman, Fridolin 1144
Hartman, Simon686
Hartwell, Calvin 1082
Harwood, Thomas 1069Ted Harwood
Ray Harwood
Hasse, H. P., M. D., Col.384Susan
Hassinger, J. H.1156
Hasson, D. W., M. D.1199
Haugherty, Charles S.315
Haupt, Paul 312
Hawe, Patrick, Rev.399
Haydlen, B. T.321
Hayes, John304
Hayes, M. C., Rev.289
Hayes, Orrin H.1083
Hayne, W. A., Col.911
Hazard, Willet B.824
Hazeltine, Herbert S.1190
Hazzard, Augstus C.323
Heartwell, James F.578
Heath, Russel, Col.1005
Hebbard, Arthur H.968
Heim, Ferdinand A.929
Hein, J 465
Heiss, William A.683
Hellman, Herman W.1188
Helmer, H. G., Mrs.697
Henderson, Edward, M. D.317
Henderson, William 311
Hennion, Frank R.680
Herring, G. W.1163
Hess, William J.1120
Hetebrink, Henry 1l83
Hewitt, John J.781
Hill, George W.846
Hill, James A.240
Hill, John G.737
Hill, Samuel 833
Hinman, Elliott883
Hirsch, George F.944
Hlavin, Louis 1251
Hoar, C. E.696
Hockett, L. D, M.D.893
Hoeppner, Herman 756
Hoffman, Abel P.1211
Hoffman, J. H.1233
Hohl, Lawrence 317
Holcomb, F. R., Rev.1199
Holland, L. T., M.D.383
Hollenbeck, Edward H.764
Hollenbeck, Francis A.354
Hollenbeck, John E.1280
Hollister, Edgar A.480
Hollister, W. W., Col.402
Holmes, J. H.972
Holmes, Thomas 757
Hooker, Henry C.1234
Horton, Alonzo E.335
Horton, James M.680
Hosmer, N. H.834
Hostetter, Moses 582
Houghton, S. 0548
Howard, Joseph 1200
Howard, Perry A.318
Howes, Felix C.557
Howland, C. H., Capt.1l24
Hughes, George W.684
Hughes, James H.968
Hugus, John W.479
Hunter, John M.679
Hutton, A. W.1278
Hyer, Elizabeth, Mrs.1222
I[Return to Jump Site]
Imler, David M.599
Ingersoll, C. K.756
Ingvaldsen, Thorvald 683
Irwin, John 689
Isbell, James F.323
Ivins, Hon C. H.349
Jackson, William 0758
Jacobi, Louis 318
Janes, J. Ely, M.D.1293
Jaques, Charles M.768
Jarrdine, John E.1162
Jeffries, A. C., Rev.1284
Jeffries, James J.1253
Jenness, A. L.246
Jennings, George F.1285
Jensen, Ernest322
Jensen, Henry C.1202
John, J. S.975
Johnson, A. H., Capt.803
Johnson, C. F. A., Hon.355
Johnson, J. W.1286
Jones, A. W., Mrs.1084
Jones, B. E.906
Jones, Johnstone, Gen.1281
Jones, M. G. B., Mrs.721
Jones, Otho M 1148
Jones, Robert F., Hon.1236
Judkins, George W.25O
Judson, Homer W.540
Julian, William 942
Juvinall, D. E.768
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kahles, Frank 529
Kahn, Lazard 259
Kanouse, Theodore D.1220
Kelsey, Theodore A.695
Kiler, J. P.488
Kimball, Warren C.342
Kimmell, W. E.,859
King, C. E.1107
King, Charles L., M. D.69l
Kinney, Abbot, Hon.1273
Kitchen, George 1202
Klamroth, H. H., Hon.707
Klasgye, J. W.1082
Klassen, Michael 324
Koepke, Henry 1287
Koopman, William H.260
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