History of the State of California and biographical record of the San Joaquin Valley, California:

an historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time ... Also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co. (1905)

California Local History - Rocq - 16477

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If a photograph of the subject was also published a "(P)" follows the person's name. The county designations typically lists the county in which the person last resided. Many of these individuals lived in more than one county within the region.

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Nancy Brusseau MarshallNancy Brusseau MarshallMarian Cote
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Machen Capt. William W.1352Fresno
Mackey, James G.513Kings
Madsen, Martin1376Fresno
Madsen, Rasmus1492Fresno
Madsen, Robert K.1599Fresno
Malesani, Tullius M.609Madera
Malsbary, Job1594Fresno
Manlove, Arthur1471Fresno
Manter, Charles492Kings
March, R. L.1094Tulare
Marchbank, George1308Madera
Marden, William E.627Fresno
Marden, William H.626Yolo
Marks, Frank B773Fresno
Marlow, William M.926Kings
Marsh, Charles A.777Fresno
Martens, Claus J.1616Tulare
Martens, John (P)849Kern
Martin, John A., Jr.645Fresno
Martin, John D.463Tulare
Martin, John W.868Tulare
Martin, Joseph G.975Tulare
Martin, Thomas969FresnoSharon Whitney
Martin, William J.645Stanislaus
Mason, Milton F.1413Fresno
Mathews, Carey W.1456Fresno
Mathewson Arthur W.644Tulare
Mattei, Andrew (P)607Fresno
Matthews Thomas B.463Fresno
Maude A. C1635Kern
Maupin William T., M.D.344Fresno
May, Erie A1218Tulare
May, Jonathan W.982Tulare
Mayes, Archie A. (P)495Stanislaus
McBriar, John (P)667Tulare
McCabe, James C.1131Tulare
McCann, George698Tulare
McCann, James T.612Fresno
McCardle, Charles M.1361FresnoSteve Williams
McCarthy, John D.1499Merced
McCarthy, Rev. Father J. D.1496Fresno
McCullah, Clement J.797Stanislaus
McDonald, James R.(P)385Stanislaus
McDonald, Mrs. Agnes E.690Fresno
McDonald, William1319Merced
McElroy, William H. (P)527Merced
McFarland, James H. C.579Kern
McFarland, Robert W.963Tulare
McFarlane, John L.1018Merced
McGee, H. R.985Tulare
McGregor, Allan1168Tulare
McHaley, William1480Fresno
McHenry, Oramil1531Stanislaus
McIndoo, William1631Fresno
McIntosh, Arthur M., M. D.458Kern
McJunkin, Hon. Joseph R.1019Kings
McKay, John R.1024Fresno
McKay, Scott265Fresno
McKee, Francis E.508Merced
McKelvy, Thomas B.1597Fresno
McKenzie, Williaim H.668Fresno
McLean, Fleming808Madera
McLees Brothers1050Tulare
McLees, Edmund1082Tulare
McMaster, Alfred D., M.D.294Merced
McNamaraa, Rev. Michael1555Merced
McNulty, William J.1264Fresno
McPherson Oliver D.1553Merced
McQuiddy, Major Thomas J.1178KingsCorky
McQuiddy, William R.359KingsCorky
Meier, Henry F. W.C.1554Stanislaus
Meilike, F R284Madera
Mentz, Wilko (P)843Tulare
Metzler, Conrad1438Tulare
Meyer, Henry (P)973Tulare
Middleton John C. (P)905Stanislaus
Middleton Richard G.1412Tulare
Miles, Edward H595Tulare
Miles, William O.1537Fresno
Miller, Clarence O.756Merced
Miller, James (P)1073Kings
Miller, John W.821Tulare
Miller, Martin1369Fresno
Miller, Martin O.1287Merced
Miller, Newton W.1521Tulare
Miller, Peter565Stanislaus
Mills, Elemuel M.1171Merced
Mills, Jonathan K.477Merced
Mills, William H.1311Tulare
Milton, Julius A.1365Fresno
Miner, Henry H. (P)759Merced
Miner, James L.1136Tulare
Minghetti, Joseph (P)1341Fresno
Misch, Franz820Fresno
Mitchell, Adolphus589Tulare
Mitchell, James F.1490Tulare
Mitchell, Joseph S.518Merced
Mitchell, Susman1074Tulare
Moffett, Joseph L.506Tulare
Moffett, William H.480Tulare
Monroe, Ishmael (P)1067San Joaquin
Monroe, John B.1276Tulare
Montgomery P. J. S.1314Tulare
Montgomery, Hon John M.976Merced
Moody, Thomas F1420FresnoSteve Williams
Moor, Edwin L.363Merced
Moore, John C.1611Fresno
Moore, W. A.808FresnoScott Nichols
Moore, William O.365Merced
Moorehead, James A. (P)837Tulare
Moorehead, Robert C.876Stanislaus
Moorehead, Samuel A.1571Merced
Moorehead, William T.536Stanislaus
Mordecai, George W.1282Madera
Morley, Albert W.858Merced
Morris, David W.519Stanislaus
Morris, Edwin E.586Tulare
Morris, Marcus L.1610Stanislaus
Morton, James H.1377Tulare
Mosher Charles H999Tulare
Mosier, James C. (P)899Tulare
Moutrey, Asa E.505Merced
Mugridge, J. M.1258Tulare
Mull, Thomas J.754Merced
Muller, Gen. M. W.353Fresno
Mullinix, John R.1395Kings
Muney, Walter L.902Tulare
Munson, Orpealyer P.315Stanislaus
Munson, William M.580Stanislaus
Murphy, George C.1222Tulare
Murphy, James1283Tulare
Murray, Abram H Sr.838Tulare
Murray, Abram H., Jr.839Tulare
Murry, George G.1167Tulare
Murry, John P (P)679Tulare
Musgrave, Robert W., M. D.1603Kings
Musick, Charles W.1341Fresno
Musick, Jasper N.1379Fresno
Myer, Jacob (P)1159San Joaquin
Myers, Conrad (P)401Fresno
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Nehls, John (P)1029Kings
Neighbor, Gilbert B. (P)715Merced
Nelson, A. L.1313Fresno
Nelson, Charles C. (P)695Merced
Nelson, Christian A1517Kern
Nelson, Frederick501Stanislaus
Nelson, Joseph Y.1290Fresno
Nelson, Oscar1526Tulare
Nelson, Rev. Nicholas G.1491Fresno
Nelson, Victor R.900Tulare
Netherton, Walter E.1000Merced
Neumann, Paul (P)1221Merced
Nevin, Rev. W. A949Stanislaus
Newbury, Denwood N. L.337Kern
Newell, Thomas F.1554Fresno
Newhall, Mrs. Mary E. (P)1239Tulare
Newman, Harry H.1036Tulare
Newman, Henry455Tulare
Newman, Jesse G.1042Tulare
Newman, Jesse H.1218Tulare
Newman, Robert O.1042Tulare
Newport, Court L.441Kings
Newport, John B.1545Kings
Newport, William J. (P)251Kings
Nichols, William B.1012Tulare
Niederaur, Jacob433Kern
Nightingale, Miles J. (P)967Stanislaus
Noble, Joseph H.485Madera
Nordgren, Gillo E.1504Merced
Noriega, Faustino M.1571Kern
Nue, John A.1354Fresno
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oakes, James W.1119Tulare
Obert, John H.675FresnoJohn Obert
O'Brien, Edward S., M.D.956Tulare
O'Connor, John B.862Tulare
Ogden, Prof. Elmer E.546Merced
Ogle, John H.608Merced
Oldershaw, Clement D.929Kern
Olsen, Benedict (P)539Stanislaus
Olsen, Ole J.1295Stanislaus
Orognen, B.1424Merced
Orton, Julius1423Tulare
Osborn, John B.1044Merced
Osburn Ashbel P.1235Tulare
Osburn R. M.797Kings
Ostrander, Harvey J.528Merced
Ostrander, Judge Fred G.321Fresno
Otis, George B. (P)1197Fresno
Ott, Chris628Stanislaus
Otto Andreas1570Tulare
Outhet, John436Stanislaus
Owen, John H.661San Joaquin
Owen, Richard H.992Tulare
P[Return to Jump Site]
Packard, Adoniram J. (P)1097Stanislaus
Paden, Robert J.1278Fresno
Page, Charles1300Kern
Paine, James C. (P)1123Fresno
Palladine, Antone C. (P)1347Madera
Pardee, William H., M.D.541Madera
Parker, Basil G.840Tulare
Parlier, Isaac N. (P)1293Fresno
Parnell, Jasper1558Merced
Patten, Elliot1143Tulare
Patterson, Harris W.656Madera
Patterson, James N. (P)555Tulare
Patterson, Thomas W. (P)267Fresno
Payne, L. Roy (P)1209Fresno
Payson, Capt. William H.1561Fresno
Pearsall, Jopseph L.556Stanislaus
Peck, Charles S.1455Merced
Peck, James F.650Merced
Peckham, Joshua1426Fresno
Pedigo, Thomas W.1216Tulare
Pelton, Judson S.1408Fresno
Pennebaker, William G. (P)409Tulare
Perkins, Elijah H.931Tulare
Petersen, Hans519Stanislaus
Petersen, Hans P1227Stanislaus
Peterson, Alfred744Tulare
Peterson, Henry C. W.1131Tulare
Petrea, A. W. (P)1390Fresno
Pettus, James E.1508Kern
Pfitzer, Frank874Merced
Pfitzer, Louis H.1613Merced
Phenegar, George R. (P)1103Merced
Phillipps, Edward S.954Tulare
Phillips, Newton1498Fresno
Phillips, Perry C.1448Kings
Phillips, William M. (P)1111Merced
Pickett, Edwin1407Fresno
Pickford, George1413Fresno
Pillsbury, Joseph D.724Tulare
Pogue, J. Earl1326Tulare
Pogue, James W. C.1062Tulare
Pool, John N.1368Fresno
Porteous, James1271Fresno
Porter, Robinson R.816Fresno
Potter, John W. (P)1387Fresno
Powell, Albert B., M.D.542Merced
Powell, Asa I.1372Fresno
Powers, Lucius1587Fresno
Prather, Demetrius J., M.D.470Kern
Prather, Dr. William J.692Fresno
Pratt, Darius1414Tulare
Pratt, Samuel1626Stanislaus
Pratt, Willis L. (P)571Tulare
Preciado, Charles F.522Madera
Premo, Walter E.875Tulare
Preston, Francis M.352Merced
Price, Thomas (P)1215Merced
Pruner, Alfred E.1056Tulare
Pucheu, Cyprien1608Fresno
Purcell, Alfred E.1528Stanislaus
Purcell, M. C1601Kern
Putnam Brothers1216Tulare
Putnam, R. Porter (P)1047Tulare
Pyle, Elmo E.832Kern
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Quinlan, Mrs. Annie1289Fresno
R[Return to Jump Site]
Radley, William561Tulare
Ragle, E. T.1209Tulare
Ragle, George W.1408Tulare
Ragle, William C.1222Tulare
Ramm, John H.881Tulare
Ramsey, W. W.690Madera
Rankine, John1596Fresno
Rasmussen, Frank N.518Stanislaus
Rath, James W.566TulareJean
Ratliff, William P. (P)1191Tulare
Raven, Louis P.889Merced
Raynor, Andres S.1000Merced
Rector, Hon. Elbridge N.703Merced
Reed, David J. F.567Tulare
Reese, Joseph W. (P)1461Fresno
Renaud, Emerie568Tulare
Rey, Samuel562Kings
Reyburn, James J.1377Fresno
Reyburn, Jospeh D. (P)1529Fresno
Reynolds, Theodore J.402Merced
Rhoads, Daniel445Kings
Rhoads, John W.326Kings
Rhodes, Raleigh E.276Madera
Rice, James W.1311Fresno
Rice, Mrs. Martha E. (P)997Tulare
Richardson, John J.1607Stanislaus
Richey, William H.889Merced
Richter, Charles1284Fresno
Rider, Irving W.546San Jaoquin
Ridgway, Christopher C1129Tulare
Rising, Bennet1247Tulare
Ritchey, Samuel L.497Stanislaus
Ritchie, James M. (P)379Stanislaus
Roadcap, Benjamin L .(P)1171Tulare
Robb, Walter R.1326Tulare
Robinson, Hon. David V.1494Tulare
Robinson, J. R. (P)873Tulare
Robinson, William382Merced
Roduner, John A.1234Stanislaus
Rogers, Charles A., M.D.1506Kern
Rogers, Emanuel1619Stanislaus
Rogers, James R1044MercedSteve Williams
Rohloff, Charles634Tulare
Rohrer, W. N.1626Fresno
Rorden, John C.1288Fresno
Rose, James A.651Fresno
Rose, James M.650Fresno
Rosendahl, Erick G.1432Fresno
Rosendahl, Frank D.1460Fresno
Rosenthal, N.1289Madera
Rosson, John B., M.D.834Tulare
Rouse, David M.875Merced
Rowell, Albert A. (P)721Fresno
Rowell, Chester H.1596Fresno
Rowell, Dr. Chester1591Fresno
Rowland, James S.558Tulare
Rucker Hiram N., M.D.1574Merced
Ruddle, James G (P)923Merced
Rudy, William1615Fresno
Rush, Morgan (P)855Tulare
Russell, Ezra M.1407Fresno
Russell, George H.926Tulare
Russell, Philip N., M.D.778Fresno
Rutherford, James320Fresno
Rutherford, William302Stanislaus
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Salau, Adolph H.682Merced
Salau, Henry F. F.414Merced
Salau, Henry F. Jr.550Merced
Samelson, Samuel J.283Tulare
Sample, David C.1349Fresno
Sanbron, Eben (P)625Kings
Sarringhausen, Fred1370Fresno
Sarringhausen, H. H.1362Fresno
Say, Luther M.1550Fresno
Say, William, H. (P)1061Fresno
Sayre, A. L.1618Tulare
Schank, Charles W.993Stanislaus
Schell, H. R.1602Stanislaus
Schlitz, John J.815Tulare
Schmidt, Hans J.1615Stanislaus
Schmidt, Theodore1553Stanislaus
Schmitz, J. W.604Madera
Schweizer, Charles A.1330Fresno
Scofield, A. H.998Merced
Scott, Carroll C.696Yolo
Scott, Charles R.827Tulare
Scott, Jay621Fresno
Scott, John W.332Fresno
Scott, Philip1160FresnoSteve Williams
Scott, Sherman J.890Tulare
Scott, William S.681Fresno
Scranton, Edward E.1253Tulare
Scruggs, Albea E.1194Tulare
Seaward, William H.1395Fresno
Seligman, Emil1251Tulare
Seligman, Louis (P)1251Tulare
Sellers, William L.864Tulare
Seropian Brothers1578Fresno
Shannon, Carleton J.962Tulare
Shannon, Judge William R. (P)1323Fresno
Shannon, Sidney J.796Merced
Sharp, Charles1419ke
Sharp, Elder Craigie1458Kings
Sharp, John W.353Stanislaus
Shaver, Charles B.1272Fresno
Shepherd, Eugene1478Kings
Sheppa, Paul1240TulareDon Sheppa
Sherman, Mrs. Virginia680StanislausWellsJumbo1
Shetld, John H.679Madera
Shields, William1436Fresno
Shippey, Daniel P.1581Tulare
Shirk, Isaac1223Tulare
Short, Frank H. (P)257Fresno
Short, John W.283Fresno
Shumard, Frederick C.1593Fresno
Sides, Major Marion308Fresno
Silman, Archibald L.1556Merced
Silman, Mrs. Anna366Merced
Simonson, John H.1536Merced
Simpson Edward1601Stanislaus
Simpson, George P.1501FresnoSteve Williams
Simpson, Hon. Marvin (P)1405FresnoSteve Williams
Simpson, John G.1465FresnoSteve Williams
Simpson, John G Sr (P)1500TulareSteve Williams
Simpson, Stephen Q924Tulare
Simpson, Thomas J.1575FresnoSteve Williams
Simpson, William S.1161Stanislaus
Sivley, Alton D.620Stanislaus
Sivley, William J.622Stanislaus
Slaughter, Clifford H.1247Tulare
Sledge, Strudwick277Madera
Slinkard, James M.578TulareThomas Hilk
Sloan, Victor E.955Tulare
Smith, Burton390Tulare
Smith, Charles D.345Fresno
Smith, Charles L.869Tulare
Smith, Charles P.798Merced
Smith, Frank S.1598Merced
Smith, George W. (P)1117Tulare
Smith, Hon. Andrew G.1492Fresno
Smith, Hon. Sylvester C.289Kern
Smith, Joseph M.792Fresno
Smith, Lewis H.328Fresno
Smith, Samuel A.1563Merced
Smith, Seth968Tulare
Smith, Thomas J.1156Kern
Smith, Walter S.1351Kern
Smith, Wilson R.1420Fresno
Snodgrass, Joseph H.973Tulare
Snow, Alva E.1296Fresno
Snow, Benjamin908Tulare
Soper, Mrs. Etta M.1568Merced
Southwick, Ernest E.391Merced
Sparks, Joseph S.1557Stanislaus
Spear, Henry E.587Tulare
Spear, John L.587Tulare
Spenker, Charles1023Stanislaus
Springer, Barney (P)549Tulare
Sprouse, Prof. J. N.358Fresno
Sronce, Robert H.1325Fresno
St. Augustine's Academy1566Fresno
St. Clair, Leonard P.809Kern
Staniford, George F.1337Fresno
Stanley, Frank S.1258Stanislaus
Starkweather, Clarence A.395Merced
Statham, Jefferson D.1338Fresno
Stearns, James B.252Fresno
Steinwand, Oscar W., M.D.1511Merced
Stelling, William C.1073Tulare
Stevens, Ezra M. (P)789Fresno
Stevens, Richard H. (P)287Tulare
Stevenson, Sebert863Tulare
Stiles, Frank H.913Tulare
Stilwell, Thomas1337Tulare
Stimpson, George W.1639Fresno
Stobie, William1148Tulare
Stockton, Robert L.376Kern
Stockton, William J.536Merced
Stokes, John W.1093Tulare
Stone, Fred J.1414Fresno
Stone, James S.1525Stanislaus
Stonesifer, Alfred G.1497Stanislaus
Street, Joseph J.1593Fresno
Stuhr, Jasper N.1564Stanislaus
Sturm, Fred993Tulare
Sturm, John1026Tulare
Sturm, John Jr.998Tulare
Sullivan, Jeremiah1124Tulare
Sullivan, Joseph1499Tulare
Summers, John W.1487Tulare
Svensen, Ole1260Stanislaus
Swall, William (P)1473Tulare
Swan, John S. (P)649Merced
Swanson, Burton (P)701TulareWellsJumbo1
Swanson, Miss Amanda 0.572TulareWellsJumbo1
Sweeney, James J.469Merced
Sweet, A. D.1608Tulare
Sweet, Solomon856Tulare
Switzer, Upton D.901TulareRandie Sue Neibaur
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Talbot, Courtney (P)1203Tulare
Tannahill, James S.1336FresnoChristopher
Tarkington, Matthew S.728Tulare
Taylor, Jesse S1448Fresno
Teague, Benjamin F.1014Tulare
Teilman, Ingvart1573Fresno
Telfer, Charles A.284Fresno
Thom, Robert C.1463Fresno
Thoming, George1620Stanislaus
Thompson, Andrew F.987Tulare
Thompson, Capt. Thomas H.845Tulare
Thompson, J. Goodwin, M.D.259Stanislaus
Thompson, John1358Fresno
Thompson, John E. (P)1233Stanislaus
Thompson, Joseph C (P)1417FresnoSteve Williams
Thompson, Mortimer G.828Tulare
Thornton, Harry W. R.1296Merced
Thornton, William1048Merced
Thurman, William B.288Madera
Thurman, William H.288Madera
Tighe, William C.523Madera
Tilton, Joseph E.572Kings
Timmins, L. P.1634Tulare
Tinnin A. C402Merced
Tinnin Hon. Wiley J.1534Fresno
Tinnin, William H.408Merced
Toomey William F.970Fresno
Toomey, David J.943Tulare
Toothacre, D. M.254Tulare
Toscano, J. V.1491Fresno
Tout, Elias768Tulare
Traber, Charles W.1137Fresno
Traber, Hon. J. Orra333Fresno
Traber, Roy C.1031Fresno
Tracy, F. A.1228Kern
Tremper, C. W.1595Fresno
Tucker, Capt. Egbert H.761Fresno
Tulloch Charles T.1606Stanislaus
Tully, Stephen E.454Merced
Turner, John R.1475Fresno
Turner, Levi N.486Merced
Turner, Mrs. Elizabeth1476Fresno
Tyler, Stephen A.784Fresno
Unger, Mrs. Dora1551Fresno
Unger, William1161Fresno
Uridge, William G.358Fresno
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Van Benschoten, John W (P)929Stanislaus
Van Cleve, John A.1212Tulare
Van Emon, John M.792Tulare
Van Emon, William E.821Tulare
Van Valer, Edwin L.1495Tulare
Van Wickle, Benjamin W.392Merced
Vanderburgh, John J.1532Fresno
Vanwinkle, Abram1441Madera
Vanwormer, Godfrey N. (P)1453Fresno
Vaughan, James U.448Tulare
Vaughn, John W.1041MercedM. S. CONNOLLY
Vaughn, Lemuel W.1154Merced
Victor, Frank (P)1335Fresno
Vincent, Edward E.458Madera
Vincent, Marion M.1290Merced
Vincent, Samuel J.1199Tulare
Vogel, Jacob1588Fresno
Volquards, Ernest527Tulare
Vossler Joseph1112Tulare
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Wade, Charles F., M.D.420Merced
Waggoner, Joseph1456Merced
Wagner, James D., M.D.785Fresno
Walker Benjamin F., M.D.1430Kings
Walker, Hon. J. N.1633Fresno
Wallis, Daniel W.457Merced
Wallis, Robert H.496Stanislaus
Walthall, John M.310Stanislaus
Warner, H. C.1357Fresno
Warren, James W.1543Merced
Warren, Julius F.1450Kings
Wasgatt, Archie B.716Fresno
Wash, Isaac H.1306Fresno
Watt, Alexander1389Tulare
Waugh William B.1025Tulare
Waugh, J. D. (P)879Tulare
Wear, George W.1542Kern
Weaver, Henry E.858San Joaquin
Weaver, William L.844Merced
Webster, G. W.1591Fresno
Wegman, George J. (P)1165Tulare
Wegner, Louis1344Merced
Wehrmann, Arthur1598Madera
Weill, Alphonse1056Kern
Weisenberger, Joseph (P)867Tulare
Welch, Charles M.508Kings
Weldon, Abraham J.1462Fresno
Wells, Andrew J.375Fresno
Wells, Hiram J.368Fresno
Wells, Morgan J.1210Tulare
Werner, Louis P.900Stanislaus
Westman, N. J.964Tulare
Weyant, Woolsey1367Fresno
Whaley, Henry750Tulare
Whealan, William499Merced
Wheeler, Alexander W.948Tulare
White, Capt. Harrison418Tulare
White, Huffman M. (P)319Tulare
White, S. J587Kings
White, William T436Merced
Whittington, William, M.D.826Tulare
Whitworth, George H. (P)343Merced
Whitworth, John W.492Merced
Wigley, George W.634Tulare
Wigley, Richard J. (P)1505Tulare
Wilcox, Origen A.914Tulare
Williams, Dr. N. W.1173Tulare
Williams, Franklin920TulareSteve Williams
Williams, Frederick J.974Fresno
Williams, Hon. William L.803Madera
Williams, J. Howard1374Tulare
Williams, James F.734Tulare
Williams, John Z.523Fresno
Williams, Samuel A.1600Kern
Williamson Charles814Fresno
Wilmans, John M.1629San Francisco
Wilson, Alexander L., M.D.857Tulare
Wilson, Edward G.802Fresno
Wilson, Olli S. (P)583TulareCorky
Wilson, William C. (P)533Kern
Wiseman, Addison L.1613Tulare
Wishon, A. G.1454FresnoJoyce Braswell
Witt, Henry C.1400Tulare
Witten Philip W.1266Stanislaus
Wolfes, Emil1486Fresno
Wood, Chester W.1527Merced
Wood, George D. (P)1305Kings
Wood, Hon. Mirabeau D. (P)473Merced
Wood, Levi290Stanislaus
Wood, Uriah941Merced
Woodard, Homer D.1004Tulare
Woody, Allen J.937Kern
Wright, Harland E.1006Kings
Wright, Isaac779Tulare
Wright, Isaac N. (P)689Tulare
Wright, William W.1191Tulare
Wyllie, George W.1371TulareSuzanne
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Yeargin, A. T.1621Fresno
Yoakum, George W612Merced
Yost, Thomas1443Fresno
Yost, William A.1038Fresno
Youd, William513Merced
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Zumwalt, Daniel K. (P)631Tulare
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