History of Kern County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present.

Wallace M. Morgan

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1914

California Local History - Rocq - 2355

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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Maddux, David W.1078
Maddux, William A.1089
Maguire, James T.1196
Mahon, Hon. Jack W.319
Maio, John F.1479
Mannel, Frederick E.1327
Mansfield, James H.1380
Marek, Joseph F.1345
Marion, Albert W.555
Marley, John C.706
Marsh, Fred J.910
Marsh, Judson D.1209
Marshall, Joseph J.433
Martin, David E.1029
Martin, Miles R., Jr.1206
Martin, Richard J.781
Martin, S. H.1321
Martinto, Jean P.1350
Massa, Harry G.1474
Mathews, Sarshel V.1429
Matlack, William V.238
Mattly, Christian335
Mattly, Peter1365
Mattson, Frank S.574
Maurel, August1086
May, Amelia H., Mrs.1112
May, Charles A.1342
May, George S.1264
Mayou, Pierre1501
Maze, Frederick S.697
McCaffrey, James O.1400
McCaffrey, John1541
McCall, L. A.13
McCarthy, Jeremiah943
McCarthy, William J.1125
McCausland, George W.1440
McClimans, John J.1449
McClintock, H. H.690
McClure, William H.1475
McCombs, Albert J.1101Jennifer D. Leal
McCoy, Charles H.895
McCullouch, Benjamin F.1739
McCullough, Harvey N.876
McCutchen, Edmund W.267Darleen Berens
McCutchen, George W.261Darleen Berens
McCutchen, James B.249Darleen Berens
McCutchen, P. J.1300Darleen Berens
McCutchen, Preston S.243Darleen Berens
McCutchen, Robert L.275Darleen Berens
McCutchen, V. D.1107Darleen Berens
McCutchen, W. C.255Darleen Berens
McDonald, Dan1332
McDonald, J. C.1034
McFarland, James B.442
McFarlane, Peter J.1501
McGill, R. W.1453
McGovern, Thomas H.505
McGuire, Robert R.1041
McKamy, James671
McKee, Milo G.684
McKenzie, M. K., M.D314
McKinnie, Carle T.555
McLean, George A.888
McMahon, Edward T.656
McManus, Terence B.372
McMillen, John H.549
McMurtry, H. A.1452
McNamara, Thaddeus M.221
McNamara, Thaddeus M., M.D546
McNew, Hugh L.342
Means, Thomas A.371
Menzel, William490
Mercy Hospital895
Metcalf, Thomas A.437
Meudell, A. Y.533Asa
Betty Dunn
Mier, Jose1410
Mikesell, W. M., Mrs.698
Miles, J. A. C.1323
Millard, Edward F.1166
Millard, Stephen W.1383
Miller, Daniel R.1478
Milliff, Frank A.1405
Minor, Theodore H.413
Molidor, George428
Mon, Vincent1535
Monroe, W. P.573
Montgomery, James738
Montgomery, Richard D.1480
Moore, Raleigh A.802
Mora, Frank J.1401
Morgan, Alvin E.1258
Morgan, Edward, Rev.1436
Morgan, James A.1295
Morgan, Wallace M.614
Morley, Joseph V.1395
Morris, Clark D.1205
Morris, John F.1387
Morris, Myron W.1503
Morris, R. R.1555
Morrison, Charles V.1419
Mortenson, Paul, Capt.1408
Morton, A. S.1101
Mosher, Herbert C.329
Moss, A. L.1535
Moss, H. G.849
Moynier, Jean~901Todd Moynier
Mull Robert J.1366
Mull, P.1350
Munzer, Francis G.316
Murdock, Harry F.624
Myers, Jasper1422
N[Return to Jump Site]
Neff, J. R.526
Neill, John1381
Neill, Robert502
Nelson, Christian1352
Nelson, David W.1240
Newell, Daniel B.630
Newsom, Edward F.1443
Newton, Frank H.1469
Nicolas, Maurice1270
Nicoll, John1524
Niederaur, Jacob251
Nighbert, George T.1297
Nixon, Andrew1369
Noel, Fritz C.1255
Noriega, Faustino M.1286
Norris, Edward G.258
Norris, James N.296
Norris, Robert T.820
Northrop, Earl1055
Nunez, Max1093
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Boyle, Thomas J.337
Ochs, Oscar R.1298
Odeman, Gus1216
O'Donnell, Mary832
Off, Charles F.397
Ogden, James A.441
O'Hare, Peter534
Olson Anthony B.293
O'Meara, P. J.1444
Orcier, Romulus374
Orr, Frank1465
Osborn, Walter240
Oswald, John S.537
Overall, Joseph W.1511
Owen, Erwin W.1230
Owen, Josiah1234
Owen, Ray1464
Owens, Thomas E.1546
Owens, Troy M.1484
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palmer, Robert1198Carol Staats
Palmer, Walter1038Carol Staats
Parish, George W.530
Parker, James H.1242
Parsons, Horace G.626
Pascoe, M. W., M.D.215
Pauly, Leo G.379
Payne, J. C.701
Payne, Mahlon1406
Peacock, Harrison R.479
Peairs, Howard A.853
Pearl, M. J.1323
Pearson, Mordecai F.1537
Peck, William B.542
Pemberton, George N.815
Pensinger, James H.742Clara Bennett
Pensinger, William W.1120Clara Bennett
Perry, William C.1348
Pesante, Adeline, Mrs.1362
Petersen, Niels P.497
Petersen, Peter1176
Petray, Pauline D., Mrs.656
Petroleum Club, The1437
Pettus, Martin Neely1358
Petz, George J.1105
Peyton, L.1391
Pfost, Joseph F.925
Phelan, Harry B.1130
Philipp, Jean L.1378
Philipp, Jean1549
Pickle, John A.1226
Pierce, Charles C.1209
Pinnell, Thomas W.1296Cornelia Warner
Pippitt, George H.1359
Plaugher, John P.1153
Polhemus, A. B.1421
Posch, Gustav468
Pourroy, Jean1496
Pourroy, Seraphim486
Powell, Francis Marion1319Edwin E. Powell
Powell, H. G.1392
Powers, Sidney1077
Preble, Margaret H., Mrs.1192
Premo, George W.1154
Prendiville, J. J., Rev.1165
Prouty, Herbert V., M.D.309
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Qualls, Oliver1411
Quincy, Charles H.457
Quinn, Harry327
Quinn, Margaret832
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ragesdale, J. W.838
Raine, Arthur E.982
Rambo, Harry C.1108
Ramsey, John C.591
Randolph, E. W.1274
Randolph, E. W.1532
Raney, James A.1487
Rankin, LeRoy1315
Rankin, Walker1473
Ranous, R. E.1498
Ratliff, William T.1008
Raymond, Jean B.1393
Raymond, John A.1303
Real, C. E.836
Rechnagel, Charles977
Redlick, Joseph1067
Rees, R. B. M.D.525
Rench, Arthur W.1129
Rhea, E. S.1397
Richard, George J.1553
Richart, Joy J.1493
Rinaldi, Otto F.835
Ripley, John458
Ripple, Jacob N.1497
Ritzman, Conrad957
Roberts, E. M., Col.201
Roberts, James C.310
Roberts, James E.1464
Roberts, John E.1187
Robinson, Alonzo B.741
Robinson, J.583
Robinson, Percy L.1211
Rodgers, Warren932
Rodoni, A.1340
Rogers, Jesse R.1144
Rooks, William J.1149
Ross, Harvey L.1126
Ross, Lyman C.1349
Rowlee, Charles W.928
Ruby, Amanda, Mrs.600
Ruedy, Christian365
Rufener, Jules392
Rupp, Alfred352
Rupp, J. G.1191
Russell, J. Kelly951
Russell, William P.590
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sabichi, George C., M.D.1717
Saffell, J. M.1259
Said, Bellamy B.652
Sails, Peter1133
Sallee, George H.1208
Samuelson, John P.IO9S
San Joaquin HospitalS32
San Joaquin Light & Power Corp1402
Sanguinetti, Henry1331
Sanzberro, Agustin1180
Sartiat, Pierre651
Savoie, Adlore1492
Schaffnit, Henry R.509
Schalllblin, Gustavus359
Schiefferle, Charles529
Schneider, E. J.1422
Schneider, Karl1004
Schultz, William J.613
Schutz, Herman H.1015
Scofield, Fred N.1298
Scott & Goodman1277
Scott, Clarion J.599
Scott, M. P.1277
Scott, Robert L.608
Seager, Carey L.257
Sears, Charles H.1220
Sears, Charles284
Sedwell, George W.1550
Seibert, Benjamin F.1187
Seinturier, Hippolyte373
Sellers, C. H.574
Seran, Joseph1004
Seymour, W. S.1514
Shackelford, Dick1540
Shackelford, Rowzee F.1018
Shaffer, George W.1284
Shannon, Phares H.l5l3
Shearer, George W.1256
Sheedy, David1397
Sheffler, H. Roy1430
Sherman, Charles H.684
Sherwood, Edgar E.1509
Sherwood, Fred C.1455
Shields, Jeremiahl086
Shively, Delbert583
Shurban, Charles H.1461
Siemon, Alfred1223D R SIEMON
Silber, William G.1396
Sill, B. H.898
Silver, Andrew C.378
Simpson, Hon. William E.1229
Simpson, R. N.1439
Sloan, A. A.591
Smartt, Samuel G.538
Smetzer, Charles C.687
Smith, Bedell393
Smith, Charles D.1450
Smith, Charles H.481
Smith, E. C.1316
Smith, Fred L.1366
Smith, Frederick1025
Smith, Henry E.966
Smith, Mateo1263
Smith, Mel P.1022
Smith, Sylvester C., Hon.299
Smith, Thomas H.620
Smith, Thomas S.939
Snider, George L.1033
Snow, Francis M.1375
Sola, Jose1221
Sowash, Charles846
Spach, Thomas M.1503
Spears, H. H.1352
Spencer, James A.1544
Sproule, George C.638
Sproule, William A.1017
St. Lawrence Oil Co.706
Stahl, John G.943
Stapl, Mary E. M.1433
Star Soda Works1339
Stark, Jesse1295
Stephenson, W. W.510
Stevens, James M.910
Stevenson, J. H.289
Stier, Joseph P1341
Stockton, Isaac D., M.D.1290Brian Hershey
Stockton, Robert I.287Brian Hershey
Stone, James E.233
Stroble, G. F.1183
Stutsman, Grant1414
Suiter, Benjamin F. & Mayme B.803
Sullivan, Timothy P.471
Sumner, Joseph W., Hon.237
Sweitzer, Samuel1547
Swett, John L.1373
Swofford, Alfred1171
Sybrandt, Emeretta C., Mrs.1247
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbot, William G.871
Tam, Joseph H., Hon.245
Taussig, Nathan W.607
Taylor, Albert M.936
Taylor, Charles C.1382
Taylor, Charles L.1207
Taylor, Charles S.1457
Taylor, George E.1424
Taylor, John T.427
Taylor, Orrin R.838
Taylor, Walter C.1555
Taylor, William H. D.1309
Teague, J. J.1508
Templeton & Co824
Templeton, Charles, Jr.824
Thomas, Burt1452
Thomas, Marcus B.1512
Thomas, W. O.1468
Thomas, William H.1241
Thompson, E. J.1310
Thompson, L. T.734
Thompson, Ralph H.1275
Thompson, W. N.1030
Thomson, David E.1281
Thorand, Anton610
Thornber, James H.710
Thornburgh, George P.1463
Tibbet, Rebecca, Mrs.1076
Tibbetts, Charles B.1474
Tibbetts, Frank C.917
Timmons, William B.1228
Todd, George H.349
Tomaier, Charles1522
Tough, Frederick B.1294
Tracy, Ellen M., Mrs.785
Tracy, Ferdinand A.667Timothy Lee
Tracy, William517
Tracy, William, Mrs.518
True, Henry B.987
Truesdell, Edward M914
Tryon, S. G.1543
Tschurr, Nicklas1034
Tuculet, Peter1362
Tyler, William786
Tyrer, John1355
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Underwood, Vernon L717
Underwood, William E641
Union Ice Company472
Upton, John V.1261
Upton, William713
Urie, George W.1458
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vaccaro, Joseph1361
Van Epps, Franklin L.1470
Van Meter, William E.1415
Van Norman, Harvey A.454
Van Orman, Harriet, Mrs.246Paul & Kathy
Vandaveer, Emma L., Mrs.1161
Vaughn, Benjamin C.559
Vaughn, Fred B.1337
Verdier, Eugene1304
Viellx, Andre1067
Villard, Ambroise786
Villard, Pierre1268
Vrooman, Charles M.759
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagy, J. I.827
Waldon, Pinkney J.1227
Walford, Herbert W.1272
Wallace, William1148
Wallen, Frank W.1196
Waller, George668
Walser Brothers906
Walser, Daniel W.940
Walter, Jacob782
Walters, E. W.1172
Walters, Raymond I.1520
Wangenheim, Albert L.1351
Wanner, Joseph, Rev.592
Warren, Amos E408
Warren, Arthur R1521
Wasson, John L646
Watkins, Francis M1391
Watson, Gordon W.423
Weaver, A. M.1337
Weaver, Arthur1238
Weaver, William H.404
Weedall, Albert1358
Weferling, Herman A.1334
Weichelt, Christian823
Weichelt, Gaudenz1360
Weichelt, John831
Weit, Edward1375
Weitzel, M. L.1134
Wells, Hyman B.1090
Weringer, Joseph913
West, Henry D.947
West, James S., Rev.714
Whaley, J. H.1038
Whelan, Roger939
Whitaker, Charles1519
Whitaker, E. H.584
Whitaker, George E1267
Whitaker, William F1055
White James M.1481
White, C. LeRoy1472
White, Richard E.1449
White, William G.551
Whittier, Charles G.599
Whyte, J. M.1507
Wible, Simon W.323
Wilheim, W. S.198
Wilhite, Richard T.603
Wilkes, W. Perry1354
Wilkins, George M.1007
Wilkinson, Nathaniel R.1502
Williams, E. S.1492
Williams, Hibbard S.1221
Williams, John R.1287
Williams, Nicholas J.935
Williams, Percy A.365
Williams, Samuel A.552
Williams, William A556
Willis, Frank T.955
Willow, E. L387
Wilson, Mark1394
Wilton John1514
Winney, E. E.832
Winser, Philip1271
Wirth, Christian A.1490
Wirth, Wilhelm A.1384
Wiseman, Thomas B.793
Withington, Robert W.1294
Women's Improvement Club688
Woodson, Daniel B.1536
Woody, Elmer H.485
Woody, Stonewall A.401
Worley, J. S.1112
Worthington, Frank M.988
Worthington, Lewis C.1248
Wright, Fred445
Wright, Walter, Mrs.37Z
Wynn, Charles H.1530
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Yancey, George A.1179
Yancey, Joseph E.729
Yarbrough, Ernest E.824
Young, Thomas M.493
Z[Return to Jump Site]
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