An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County, California:

Containing a history of Los Angeles County from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of its prosepctive future .. and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of to-day.

The Lewis Publishing Co. (1889)

California Local History - Rocq - 2650

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CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.493 L8 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.493 L8 -- Book

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Adam, J.292
Adams Bros.367
Adams, S. M.367
Addis, Y. H.366
Aguirre M. G.701
Aiken, George368
Alexander, Ramon368
Allen, J. C.700
Allen, O. H.365
Allin, John699
Amar, Auguste398
Ambrose, C. D.370
Anderson, Chris700
Anderson, J. A.494
Ardis, John C.366
Arevalo, M. S.287
Armrour. J.M.371
Arnett, R. S.369
Arnold, W. S.700
Ashman, James697
Atlas Mining Company697
Ayers, J. J.147
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baata, Isaac410
Babcock, W. D.233
Baer, Edward A.702
Bailey, Jonathan714
Baker, Francis392
Baker, Fred L.398
Baker, M. S.394
Baker, R. S.701
Baldridge, Michael400
Baldwin, C. W.709
Ball, A. L.380
Ball, B. F.413
Ball, G. A.740
Ballade, P.389
Bandini, Juan368
Bangle, John379
Banning, Phinens127
Barber, D. C.215
Barbour, W. R.706
Barclay, H. A.174
Bardeau, W. C.381
Barnard & Benedict386
Barnes, Leonidas706
Barnes, T. F.398
Barnes, W. P.708
Barnett, E. E.711
Barrows, H. D.411
Bartle, J. H.408
Baruard, W. H.386
Bassett, R. S.385
Basye, Rafel705
Bates, S. T.705
Baxter, Edwin192
Baxter, W. O.371
Bayer, Joseph388
Bayly, R. J.404
Beardslee, J. B.405
Beaudry, Prudent372
Bedwell, R. D.393
Bell, A. T.713
Bell, Alex384
Bell, C. M.381
Bell, W. C.406
Bender, John398
Benner, John709
Bent, H. K. W.391
Bentley, A. P.178
Bernard, Juan707
Bevan, P. R.268
Bicknell, F. T.236
Bicknell, J. D.171
Bird, W. R.243
Birdsall, Elias293
Bishop. R. B.711
Bixby, Jotham792
Blackman, H.384
Bloeser, John385
Blumer, J. G.704
Boal, J. M.231
Boal, R. H.240
Boardman, W. F.382
Boddy, Andrew408
Boehme, George387
Bonebrake, G. H.716
Bornemann, F.285
Bowen, S. P.389
Boyce, M. B.390
Boyd, W. M.236
Boyle, A. A.126
Bradfield, C. P., Mrs.283
Bradley, B.399
Brady, J. M.710Kathryn
Bransby, Carlos278
Braun, F. W.388
Breed, L. N.409
Brierly, J. R.703
Brigden, Albert407
Brinkerhoff, J. H.324
Brodersen, A. C.194
Brophy, Michael378
Brophy, W. A.379
Brosseau, Louis712
Brousseau, Julius174Robert Brousseau
Brown, C. W.383
Brown, E.M.714
Brown, Milton377
Brown, W. A.204
Bruce, T. P.406
Brunson, Anson190
Brunson, R. A.230
Bryson, C. W.232
Bryson, John257
Buchanan, C. W.385
Buell, E. C.236
Bullis, Omri390
Burdick, Cyrus402
Burdick, E. L.229
Burke, A. W.708
Burlingame, H. P.710
Burns, J. F.713
Burr, W. O.387
Burritt, D. N.403
Buster, F. M.397
Butler, F. G.392
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cales, H. G.227
Cambell, J. H.435
Cameron, William418
Campbell, Alex193
Campton, George420
Carrell, F. C.437
Carson, George726
Carson, J. K.222
Carter, A. P.414
Carter, N. C.432
Caruthers, William419
Case, J. I.420
Casey, J. W.720
Casey, John719
Cass Bros.431
Castrucio, James437
Caswell, S. B.431
Cate, J. W.722
Catheart, Robert417
Chadsey, Benjamin424Linda
Chapman & Hendrick180
Chapman & Paul436
Chapman, A. B.430
Chappelow, William434
Charnock, Charles423
Cheney, W. W.429
Cheney, William A.169
Chick, Hiram718
Childress Safe Deposit Bank435
Childress, A. D.435
Childs, O. W.433
Choate, J. J.236
Clark, E. A.234
Clark, G. W.721
Clark, W. H.170
Clement, C. W.718
Cleminson, James440
Cleveland, E.145
Cochran, William G.234
Cohn, I. E.724
Coho, Kaspare430
Colburn, J. R.234
Cole, C.179
Cole, G. L.236
Cole, G. W.420
Collins, D. H.72l
Coltrin, C. W.428Myrl Pardee
Colvrer, J. P.724
Compton, G. D.715
Conner, L. D.419
Cook, James W.414
Cook, James725
Cook, John W.416
Copley, Thomas726
Coronel, A. F.425
Coronel, M. W de, Senora426
Coxhead, B. A.725
Coyner, J. M.723
Craig, Michael720
Crawford, J. B.240
Cronenwett, A. E.422
Cullen, W. B.422
Culver, F. F.441
Cummings, George438
Currier, A. T.415Michael Gutierrez
Curtis, C. P.439
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalton, E. H.446
Dalton, George, Sr.453
Dalton, W. T.455
Damron, J. M.177
Darling, A. F.214
Daubenspeck, W. S.443
Davidson, G. C.455
Davis Mamie Perry, Mrs.729
Davis, C. W.730
Davis, G. B.728
Davis, J. L.232
Davison, J. L.731
Davisson, J. I.730
Dawson, Charles453
Dawson, R. W.454
DeGarmo, H.454
DeGear, J. D.732
Del Valle, R. F.189
Del Valle, Yguacio442
DeLano, C. S.286
Delano, T.A.444
Delude J. A.439
Den, R. S.197
Denis, G. J.173
Denman, J. G.448
Deutsch, Emile444
Dillon, H. E.449
Dillon, Richard449
Dodge, S. C.769
Dodge, William212
Dodson, W. R.449
Dohs, Fred734
Dominguez, Manuel445
Dorman, Alanson455
Dorsey, K. H.451
Dorsey, R. L., Miss232
Dougherty, J. L.450
Downey, J. G.447
Downs, J. M.215
Dozier, Melville282
Ducommun, C. L.369
Dunkelberger, I. R.454
Dunlap, A. H.727
Dunn, J. T.447
Dunn, T. S.732
Dunsmoor, C. H.443
Durfee, J. D.727
Durrell, J. F.733
Dye, G. W.731
E[Return to Jump Site]
Earle, W. Y.457
East, W. T.456
Eaton, Fred462
Eberle, F. X.459
Eckler, J. P.460
Eddy, Amos456
Edelman, A. M.459
Edgar, W. F.216
Egan, G. C.461
Ellsworth, D.734
Embody, Uri736
Emery, F. G.739
Engelhardt, A. E.460
Eno, H.458
Erhardt, C. A.458
Erwin, F. M.735
Ewing, R. S.459
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairchild, B. H.226
Fanning, F. B.474
Faulwetter, Val735
Fears, J. H.472
Fellows, Isaac239
Ferguson, William466
Fernandez, Manuel211
Ferrier, Francis469
Fitch, George475
Fitzgerald, W. F.737
Flatt, C. J.282
Flora, A. W.468
Flory, J. S.468
Floyd, R. J.467
Follansbee, Elizabeth A.225
Forbes, C. H.471
Forbes, William733
Forster, J. F.473
Forster, Juan470
Forster, M. A.472
Fosmire, J. F.464
Foster, S. C.121
Foy, S. C.465
Fraisher, W. W.469
Franck, A.735
Freeman, Daniel467
Freeman, J. B.736
Freer, W. H.474
French, L. W.243
Frick, J. E.738
Frick, W. A.738
Frost, F. R.235
Fruhling Bros.465
Fryer, J. M.464
Fryer, R. C.463
Fullerton, G. E.469
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gage, H. T.175
Gaines, J. W.495
Garber, F. J.491
Gard, G. E.487
Garden, L. E., Miss288
Gardiner, W. P.194
Gardner, A. G.286
Gardner, Henry476
Garey, T. A.746
Garthside, J. R.488
Garvey, Richard740
Gassen, Charles744
Gerkens, J. F.746
Germain, Ed484
Germain, Eugeue752
Gerson, Charles743
Gibson, F. A.491
Gibson, F. W.489
Gillespie, John485
Gillette, J. W.494
Gillmore, F. J.484
Giroux, L. G.477
Glassell, Andrew187
Goldsworthy, J. C.744
Gollmer, Charles745
Gollmer, Robert491
Goodall, Frank493
Goodman, B. J.745
Goodwin, H. F.483
Goodwin, L. C.483
Goodwin, Patrick483
Gosper, J. J.490
Goucher, C. I.495
Gourley, Fred476
Graham, Angus485
Grant, E. G.553
Grant, John745
Granves, O'Melveny & Shankland183
Graves, L. T.482
Green, E. K.475
Green, F. E.476
Green, P. M.477
Greene, William D.210
Greminger, George485
Gresham, F. C.476
Griffin J. S.206
Griffin, G. B.479
Griffith, G. J.492
Griswold, L. D.494
Guess, John486
Guinn, J. M.481
Gunne, C. R.283
Guribaldi, C.478
Guthrie, F. B.193
Gwin, J. H.739
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haben, C.755
Haddox, J. T.516
Hagan, Martin202
Hamilton, E. M.513
Hamilton, Henry511
Hamilton, J. A.512
Hammerton, H. W.511
Hancock, Henry496
Hanlon, John509
Hanna, D. W.277
Hannon, J. C.751
Harmon, J.233
Harper, A. C.758
Harps, Jacob497
Harrington, E.494
Harris, J. M.221
Harris, R. B.513
Harrison, William C.211
Hart, J. J.500
Haskell, E. M.514
Haskin, Henry512
Hatch, D. P.181
Hathern, J. G.496
Hausen, George498
Hausen, Henry751
Hauser, Julius758
Haven, G. S.755
Havens, E. M.757
Haver, Fred757
Hawk, J. F.758
Hawks, A. D.499
Hawks, Frances H.750
Hay, James76O
Hayden & Lewis Co509
Hayman, Benj509
Haynes, F. L.233
Haynes, John173
Hazard G. W.499
Hazard, H. T.747
Hazzard, A. C.498
Heinsch, H. W.755
Heinzeman, C. F.503
Hellman, H. W.506
Hellman, I. W.510
Henderson, Janet, Miss285
Hersee, G. W.287
Hewitt, E. E.756
Higgins, Harmon759
Hinds, George496
Hitchcock, W. W.236
Hogan, J. F.748
Holbrook, J. F.508
Holder, C. F.502
Holgate, S.761
Hollenbeck, J. E.504
Holman, W. C.759
Home, William A.753
Hopkins, G. C.747William
Hosmer, N. H.749
Houghton, E. W.748
House, L. T.838
House, R. F.516
Howard, F. H.193
Howard, J. E.754
Howe, Converse514
Howland, G. D.284
Howland, J. L.752
Howry, C. D.501
Hoyt, A. H.507
Huckins, P. T.209
Hudson, J. W.763
Hughes, West220
Hunter, William A.755
Hurlbutt W. S.495
Hutton, A.W.177
I[Return to Jump Site]
Jenifer, J. M.766
Jenison, J. E.520
Jenkins, C. M.523
Jenks, Albert518
Jevne, Hans520
Johnson, G. R.517
Johnson, Irvine521
Johnston, D. D.519
Johnston, W. V.761
Jones, E. W.519
Jones, J. A.518
Jones, John764
Jones, M. G.766
Judson, A. H.522
Juenger, William H.521
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keir, John380
Keller, L. F., Miss285
Keller, Matthew130
Kelly, F. P.184
Kendrick, Carroll228
Kenealy, John524Barbara Gleason
Kennedy, John765
Kercheval, A. F.531
Kern, Paul527
Kerns, T. J.530
Kiannon, M. M.213
Kiefer, P. P.527
King, A.J.194
King, E. R.767
King, Henry766
King, James M.524
King, John M.531
Kingsley, J. A.526
Kinney, Abbot525
Koster, E. A., Mrs.765
Kremer, Maurice526
Kubach, C. J.529
Kuhrts, Jacob530
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