An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County, California:

Containing a history of Los Angeles County from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of its prosepctive future .. and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of to-day.

The Lewis Publishing Co. (1889)

California Local History - Rocq - 2650

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CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.493 L8 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.493 L8 -- Book

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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La Dow, S. W.540
La Fetra, L. M.532
La Fetra, M. H.473
Lacey, Sidney544
Lacy, Ward & Co.537
Lacy, William, Jr.530
Lacy, William, Sr.770
Lambourn, Fred549
Lang, John539
Lankershim, Isaac542
Large, E. P.542
Lasher, G. W.233
Lassere, Eugene763
Laubersheimer, A.533
Laux, Carl545
Lazard, Solomon534
Leaby, Thomas539
Lecouvreur, Frank549
Lee, A. W.542
Lee, H. T.194
Lee, John Henry158
Legg, James767
Levy, Michel539
Lewis, A. A.805Brenda Lewis
Lewis, David535
Lewis, R. D.776
Lewis, S. B.509
Lewis, W. B. S.533Brenda Lewis
Lichenberger, L.768
Lindley, Harvey547
Lindley, Milton546
Lindley, Walter205
Little, E. W.543
Littleboy, William549
Livingston, Richard536
Llewellyn, L. J.538
Loew, J.768
Logan, Anna E, Mrs.537
Loney, James773
Long, G. E.564
Loop, C F.322
Los Angeles Cracker Company693
Los Angeles Planning Mill Company769
Los Angeles Windmill Company Inc675
Lossing, S. E.767
Loucks, R. N.507
Lowe, W. W.769
Ludlam, Henry287
Lugo, A. M.548
Luitweiler, S. W.538
Lummis, M. Dorothea224
Lunt, H. L.288
Luper, Martin534
Lynch, J. D.146
Lyster, H. J.768
M[Return to Jump Site]
Ma1ott, William M.775
MacGowan, Granville207
MacKay, A F.569
Macy, Oscar554
Magee, H. W.556
Maier & Zobelein697
Maier, Joseph697Theresa Griffin
Maier, S.784
Mann, William785
Manning, E. C.222
Mansfield, John193
Mappa, A. G.568
Markham, H. H.570
Marleau, M. M.777
Marsden, H. L.775
Marshall, William552
Martin W. T.562
Martin, C. E.559
Martin, W C.558
Masters, U. H.77
Mathes, S. J.572
Mathis, E. N.219
Matthew, W. S.782
Maynard, H.H.203
McCarty, T. J.235
McComas, J. E.780
McDaniel, A. G.776
McDonald, E. N.551
McDonald, Gregor573
McDonell, C. A.214
McFarland, A.229Cora
McGarry, D. M.554
McGarvin, F. G.553
McGarvin, R.552
McGaugh, J. W.559
McGregor, Duncan561
McKinley, J. W.170
McLaughlin, John785
McLain, Idonia562
McLean, Alex564
McManis, J. R.780
McMenomy, J. C.784
McNally, A.783
Mentry, C. A.569
Merz, Henry784
Meschendorf, H. H.697Cecie
Mesmer, Louis779John
Messer, K.568
Meyer, A. J.292
Meyer, H. E.783
Meyer, Samuel571
Michelson, Julius774
Middletonn, G. W.782
Miles, B. E.774
Miller, R. T.558
Mills, J. S.563
Mitchell, H. M.571
Mitchell, T. F.777
Mitchell, Thomas173
Modiai, Carlo287
Molony, Richard553
Monroe, C. O.778
Monroe, W. N.779
Montano, A. A.571
Montgomery Grant & Co553
Moore, M. L.220
Moores, Wm551
Mora, Francis291
More, Ira281
Moreno, J. F.550
Morfod, W. E.567
Morgan, G. W.555
Morgan, J. T.235
Morgan, John C.195
Morgan, Octavius566
Morrison, N. H.236
Morsch, Fred774
Morton, William393
Moss, William556
Mott, S. H.771
Mott, T. D.565
Moulton, Elijah557Alfred
Mudge, M.549
Mullen, Joseph565Becky
Mullully, Joseph572
Murch, N. W.288
Murdoch, E. M., Miss284
Murray, A. C., Miss284
Myrick, E. P., Miss284
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nadeau, Hurbert221
Needham, H. C.575
Neighbors, A. W.577
Newhall, J. D.576
Newmark & Co., M. A.376
Newmark, Harris573
Newmark, M. N.785
Newton, Willis576
Nicol, William574
Norman, J. F.573
Norman, W. A.575
Nuelle & Nicol Planing Mill574
Nuelle, A. A.574
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Melveny, H. W.183
O'Shea, P.786
O'Connor, William578
Olmstead, Vesta, Miss284
Olsen, Martin582
O'Melveny, H. K. S.583
Orme, H. S.231
Orr, B. F.789
Orr, James786
Orr, W. W.578
Osborn, William786
Osborne, George788
Osborne, H. Z.144
Osgoodby, George580Rosemarie
Osgoodby, John579Rosemarie
Otis, H. G.151
Ovreholtzer, S. A.583
Owens, J. S.212
P[Return to Jump Site]
Packard, J. A.595
Page, Sherman798
Palmer, F. I.593
Palmer, F. M.242
Palmer, H. A.594
Parker, M. M.601
Parker, P. W.586
Parker, W. E.791
Pascoe, Thomas604
Pattee, F. A.602
Payne, W. H.601
Pearce, Francis590
Peck, A. M.607
Peck, G. H.584
Pedgrift, James602
Pegg, E. N.797
Pendleton, William H.797
Pepper, C. T.236
Perkins, F. H.600
Perry, S. M.789
Perry, W. H.587
Peschke, F. W.598
Phelps, W. R.796
Philippi, Jacob605
Phillips, J. S.792
Phillips, Louis596
Philp, H. B.789
Pico, Pio589
Pierce, E. T.796
Pile, W. A.793
Plater, J. E.259
Pleasants, J. E.597
Pollard, L. C.591
Ponet, Victor612
Porter, G. K.600
Potts, A. W.599
Potts, J. W.131
Powell, J. F.606
Preston, J. C.592
Preston, J. N.591
Preston, S. A. J.592
Preuss, E. A.795
Pridham, William603
Prieto, J. D.596
Prosise, J. R.797
Purdy, Y. K.588
Purkins, J. H.790
Putnam, T. H.586
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quesnel, O. B.608
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ravnal, Alfred799
Rawson, A. M.799
Reed, P. T.800
Reeve, B. J.619
Reichard, J. B.617
Reider, J. H.279
Relyea, C. B.610
Rendall, S. A.613
Requena, Manuel368
Reynolds, S. G.608
Rhyne, I. N.612
Rice, George155
Richards, Kittie, Miss288
Richards, Peter620
Richardson, Solomon615
Rigg, Thomas227
Rinaldi, C. R.611
Robbins, G. W.624
Roberts, C. H.614
Roberts, Henry C.616
Roberts, John613
Robinson, J. W.610
Robinson, William H.802
Rogers, A. C.209
Rogers, J. M.801
Rogers, Sylvester6l4
Rommel, William620
Rose, Andrew798
Rose, L. J.621
Ross, E. M.633
Ross, Jeanne, Miss284
Ross, R. E., Mrs.799
Rowland, Albert763
Rowland, John761
Rowland, Thomas762
Rowland, William R.762
Ruddock, T. S.618
Ruggles, Austin609
Rut, Otto617
Ruth, P. S.326
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sabichi, F.811
Saenz, J.810
Sainsevain, J. L.814
Sale & Off643
Salisbury, S. S.234
San Jacinto Lime and Lumber Co.786
Sanders, N. U639
Sanford, E. M.809
Sartori, J. F.261
Saum, D. A.641
Saunders, L.632
Saxon, T. A.647
Scbenek, J. H.631
Schieck, Daniel646
Schloss Aaron204
Schneider, George805
Schneider, John645
Schreiber, E.304
Schumacher, John648
Scott, John640
Seaman, W. W.628
Sells, G. W.817
Seolt, J. R.194
Settle, Marcus George807Denzil J. Klippel
Severance, M. S.626
Sexton, L. C.634
Shankland, J. H.183
Shaw, Joseph627
Shaw, Lucien193
Shawg, W. B.634
Shoemaker, E. T.221
Shorb, A. S.205
Shorb, J. De Barth843
Shorey, C. H.636
Shorey, Philip643Mary Domingos
Shorting, H. F.632
Shrader, E. R.283
Shrode, D. S.842
Shrode, W. J.635
Sikes, Thomas806
Silent, Charles176
Slack, William810
Slauson, J. S.651
Small, H. E.243
Smith, C. E.243
Smith, E. B.818
Smith, E. L.441
Smith, E. R.235
Smith, G. H.493
Smith, H. E.819
Smith, H. M.193
Smith, J. A.639
Smith, James808
Smith, L. D.288
Smith, Nelson637
Smith, Nicholas815
Smith, T. A.636
Smith, W. D.638
Snoddy, W. M.642
Snyder, Andrew611
Sorabjee, Eduljee629
Souther, W. H.816
Spaulding, W. A.630
Spear, W. H.815
Spence, E. F.628
Spencer, A. J.631
Spencer, A. O.803
Stafford, H. F.644
Stamm, A. J.285
Stearns, Abel369
Steele, C. C.635
Steere, John809
Stengle, L. J.803
Stephens, A. M.170
Stephens, B. A.627
Stephens, C. C.648
Stephens, T. J.803
Stewart, J. H.807
Stewart, J. T.226
Stockton, L. D.230
Stockwell, Simon J.625Theresa Griffin
Stoll, H. W.625
Stoll, P. C.806
Stombs, T. A.801
Stone, Jordan641
Stone, W. C.641
Stovell, Thomas865
Stowell, N. W.806
Stratton, J. M.693
Stratton, S. M.802
Stratton, W. A.804
Streshly, O.644William Streshly
Strohm, Thomas808
Stuhr, H. J. A.625
Sutcliffe, John697Paul Sutcliffe
Swain, W. F.808
Swanfeldt, A. W.640
Switzer, C. P.626
Swymes, John324
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taber, A. G.652
Talbot, M. W.814
Tanner, R. R.179
Taylor, A. T.823
Taylor, Eli661
Taylor, J. T.653
Temple, F. P. F.655
Temple, J. H.657
Temple, John655
Templeton, W. A.820
Thom, C. E.191
Thomas, Albert825
Thomas, C. A.680
Thomas, J. M.822
Thompson Frederick653
Thompson, L. S.210
Thompson, S. G.652
Throop, A. G.659
Thurman, Alexander L.651Kathryn
Thurman, R. Monroe649Kathryn
Thurman, S. D.659
Tibbet, J.821
Tibbetts, J. M.820
Todd, U. S. G.659
Todhunter, Alfred661
Townsend, E. L.241
Townsend, Stephen821
Treat, C. H.652
Treat, R. B.186
Trussell, A. D.654
Tungate, G. W.658
Turner, W. F.661
U[Return to Jump Site]
Ulyard, Augustus662
Union Iron Works825
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valenzuela, Ramon662
Van der Leck, Lorenz827John Forlow
Van Dyke, Walter167
Van Nuys, I. N.666
Van Tassel, N.663
Van Valkenburg, H.663
Vaughn, Claiborne664Mike Morgan
Vawter, E. J.665
Vawter, W. D.666
Velsir, James826
Venable, J. W.825
Vendagner, Peter290
Vickney, William787
Viereck, J. L.667
Vignes, Louis130
Villinger, John824
Voigt, A.H.668
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wack, Paul691
Wackenhuth, Robert693Kathy
Cindy Gray
Wade, W. L.233
Wade, W. P.166
Wahlenmaier, H.675
Waldron, S. A.679
Walker, G. M.829
Wallace, J. C.686
Walter, G. B.830
Ward & Clark721
Ward, W. B.721
Ward, W. E.158
Warner, J. T.672
Warren, J. W.833
Washburn, Sherman832
Watkins, E. L.669
Watts, C. H.830
Weaver, Joseph691
Weber, Henry833
Webster, G. D.692
Weil, Jacob833
Weimer, C. B.832
Weinshank, F. A.675
Weinshank, G. S.693
Weldon, T. J.673
Weller, S. H.278
Wells, G. W.190
Werner, A., Miss284
West, J. C.684
West, J. J.669
West, J. P.668
Westervelt, J. D.695
Westlake, H. W.210
Weston, B. S.829
Weston, H. G.834
Wheeler, A. E.233
Wheeler, J. O.694
Whitcomb, G. D.678
White, C. E.689
White, E. E.691
White, J. M.244
White, L. A.828
White, Stephen Mallory172L. White De Mattei
White, William Stephen681L. White De Mattei
Wickersham, Isaac682
Wicks, Moses Langley687
Widney, B. M.162
Widney, J. P.200
Wilder, D. R.242
Wiley, William676
Wilkinson, Woodson830
Willard, Cyrus835
Williams, Roamyne832
Willis, E. R.188
Wills, W. L.234
Wilson, Bridget, Mrs.691
Wilson, C. N.180
Wilson, J. B.670
Wilson, J. T.829
Wilson, M. S.671
Wilson, R. H.660
Wilson, William A.676
Wing, H. B.235
Winston, W. H.827
Winter, L.693
Wise, K. D.223
Woldemann, E. C.680
Wolfskill, J. W.528
Wolfskill, J. W., Mrs.529
Wolfskill, William121
Wood, J. B.233
Wood, J. E.690
Wood, M. E.677
Woodward, J. F.831
Woodward, S. K.834
Woodworth, Wallace680
Woody, W. M.684
Woollacott, H. J.692
Wooster, P. G.671
Workman, J. M.683
Workman, W. H.826
Workman, William658
Worthington, Henry208
Wright, C. M.685
Wyatt, H. C.682
Wyman, Gruendyke & Co.743
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Yeary, A. C.696
Young, Andrew695
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zobelein, George697Diane Zoebelein Schaefer
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