History of Tulare and Kings counties, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the counties who have been identified with their growth and development from the early days to the present

Eugene L. Menefee and Fred A. Dodge

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

California Local History - Rocq - 15169

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.48 M541 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.48 M541 -- Book

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual designated with the (B) and the page number on which the biography commences. All other references are to the historical portion of the book. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Please note that the list of names below is an "All Names" index meaning that it not only lists the name of the person for whom the biography is written but also the names of everyone listed in each biography.

To obtain copies please contact the Sequoia Genealogical Society at SGS for more information.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list.

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Pace, H. L.164
Packard, Jeff97
Packard, William163
Packwood, Elisha162
Page, Mr.338
Paige, Mr.56, 136, 319, 706
Palmer, George S.165
Palmer, Joe58, 66
Palmer, Joseph57, 58
Palmer, Sarah Fry Headrick596
Pape, George C.602
Pardee, George C.188
Pardee, Governor135
Parish, F. M.211, 212
Parish, Howard424
Parker, A. C.782
Parker, Andrew391
Parker, B. B.165, 457
Parker, B. G.145, 854
Parker, Bass128
Parker, Ben166
Parker, Bruce Fraser782
Parker, Elizabeth Marshall391
Parker, Ella harris Fraser782
Parker, George A.165
Parker, Hiram L. (B)781
Parker, John G.35
Parker, Margaret Weddle608
Parker, Martha Work507
Parker, Matilda Harter781
Parker, Melvina Sorrells314
Parker, Mettie Moorehouse782
Parker, Miss Brooks782
Parker, Miss Kemp782
Parker, Mr.188, 774
Parker, Nellie Hummel782
Parker, Rachel Bozeman833
Parker, Sheriff97, 743
Parks, A. G.184, 186, 868
Parks, Andrew G.214
Parks, D. E.425
Parks, E. H.152
Parks, Rjobert F.13
Parlin, W. W.196, 202
Parrish, Ada541
Parrish, Anna Wyman540
Parrish, Benjamin F.540
Parrish, Emma Thedieck541
Parrish, F. M. (B)540
Parrish, Joshua540
Parrish, Martha Robinson541
Parrish, Mary Spreckelsen540
Parrish, Maud Waltz541
Parrish, May Deacon541
Parrish, Narcissa Dell540
Parrish, Winfield S.540
Parsons, Annie McConnaughay574
Parsons, Ed324
Parsons, Edna574
Parsons, Fay574
Parsons, Frank574
Parsons, Fred574
Parsons, George574
Parsons, Gertrude574
Parsons, Ida Bell Bloyd324
Parsons, Inez574
Parsons, Maud574
Parsons, Ulysses G. (B)573
Paschke, Johanna Louise Kaehler497
Pate, Adam686
Pate, Serepta Walker686
Paten, Letitia Dean582
Patric, S. G.456
Patrick, Miss Bequette456
Pattee, J. H.522
Patten, Mr.42
Patterson, J. A.165
Patterson, J. M.111, 213
Patterson, John A.13, 722
Patterson, Mr.162, 786, 795
Patterson, Nettie Gregory725
Pattie, Myrtle Townsend694
Pattison, W. M.190
Patton, A. G.165
Patton, John703
Paulin, F. C.187
Payne, Helen Hart458
Payne, Thomas11
Payson, H. H.205
Payton, Alice Hicks549
Payton, Hannah E. Hicks549
Payton, J. L.549
Payton, J. W.549
Peacock, F. J.184, 185, 186, 207
Peacock, Frank J.701
Peacock, George702
Peacock, Grace702
Peacock, Harrison F. (B)701
Peacock, India Harris586
Peacock, Joseph196
Peacock, Mary702
Peacock, Rebecca J. Bonham702
Pearson, David664
Pearson, Mattie Brown664
Peck, Clara H. Moore430
Pedersen, William13
Peers, Jessie Hersel775
Peers, W. L.775
Pelon, Celesta561
Pelon, Marcellian Renaud561
Pemberton, brothers162
Pemberton, J. C.165
Pemberton, J. T.163
Pemberton, James E.567
Pemberton, Jas. C.165
Pemberton, John108
Pemberton, Malinda J. gough567
Pemberton, Mr.58
Pendergrass, T. W.166Dave
Pennybaker, S. T.793
Peppard, R.30
Perkins, Governor766
Perrin, Joe194
Perry, A. J. (B)814
Perry, Anna S. Flores814
Perry, Earl814
Perry, Edith814
Perry, Edward814
Perry, Geraldine814
Perry, Harry814
Perry, Lillian814
Perry, Lorianne814
Perry, Nina Murray646
Perry, Tony814
Persian, James154, 163
Pete in the Box101
Peterson, Alfred (B)347
Peterson, Carl A. (B)525
Peterson, Carl348
Peterson, Edna H.526
Peterson, Emma Phelps791
Peterson, George348
Peterson, Helen348
Peterson, Hilda Anderson347
Peterson, Ivan L.526
Peterson, Olive L. Bruce654
Peterson, Oskar347
Peterson, Paul Wesley526
Peterson, Peter347
Peterson, Selma Pospeshek347
Peterson, Theoline Swanson526
Pfeifer, J.188
Pfeil, Mr.665
Phariss, Elvin C.876
Phariss, Evea Grider876
Phariss, F. W.875
Phariss, Tillman B. (B)875
Phariss, Walter S.876
Phelan, James D.204
Phelps, A. W. (B)790
Phelps, Benjamin790
Phelps, Emma Peterson791
Phelps, Eva791
Phelps, Grace791
Phelps, Matilda Humes790
Phelps, Minnie791
Phelps, O. B.209
Phelps, Rose Murphy570
Philbrick, O. H.581
Philbrick, Pluma B. Burnham581
Phillips, Ada B.778
Phillips, Addie Foster352
Phillips, Carrie W. Lowe778
Phillips, Charles352
Phillips, Charlotte A. Wright352
Phillips, D. L. Mrs.217
Phillips, Dixon L.176, 179, 180, 185, 200
Phillips, Dora E.778
Phillips, Elizabeth Hildebrand778
Phillips, Florence E. Morton778
Phillips, George H.778
Phillips, James813
Phillips, Martha I. Runyon778
Phillips, Nancy Murphy Havens Wheelock813
Phillips, Oscar L.778
Phillips, Perry C. (B)777
Phillips, Perry C.196, 777
Phillips, Robert H.778
Phillips, W. E.215
Phillips, Zina813
Pickerell, E.651
Pickett, D. L.166
Pierce, Mr.35
Pierson, Eva Woods526
Pigg, W. R.276
Pike, G. K.69
Pike, Mr.697
Pilkington, E. W.868
Pillsbury, Minnie Blackwedel403
Pinkham, Mr72, 140
Pinnell, C. S.802
Pinnell, Floreda Alice Doyle802
Piper, Mr.433
Pixley, Frank51
Platt, Louis P. (B)527
Platt, Sarah E. Bowers528
Pleas, Linda Wells601
Pleasant, C. J.25
Plummer, Adilla Hall619
Poe, Eliza721
Poe, Frank (B)721
Poe, Hiram B.721
Poe, Phoebe Garrison722
Poer, William B.29
Poer, William P.129
Pogue, Captain842
Pogue, Jim/J. W. C.41, 84, 163
Poindexter, Mr.99
Poindexter, W. G.22, 165
Poindexter, W. L.90, 91, 95
Pollock, Elizabeth751
Pollock, Freal751
Pollock, George W. (B)750
Pollock, George751
Pollock, Margaret Preston750
Pollock, Rita751
Pool, John99, 163
Poole, John99, 163
Poppe, Augusta Schueller825
Pore, Myra D. Prestidge799
Porter, C. B.310
Porter, David588
Porter, L. D.688
Porter, Mary Blakeley588
Porter, Maud Gill406
Porter, W. S.202
Pospeshek, Selma Peterson347
Post, Mary Ann Reed620
Powell, Anna Antrim841
Powell, Belle Adams386
Powell, Chester E.634
Powell, Earl634
Powell, Ella386
Powell, Ernest C.634
Powell, F. M.219, 385
Powell, Family81
Powell, Frank (B)385
Powell, H. A.536, 634
Powell, Harrison A. (B)634
Powell, Harrison A.536, 634
Powell, Judith A.634
Powell, Leurah Cottingham634
Powell, Martha Ficklen536, 634
Powell, Mary634
Powell, Mirtha Ficklen536, 634
Powell, Rev.156
Powell, Rhea634
Powell, W. S.30
Power, M. E.165
Powers, Harry C.812
Powers, Jay812
Powers, John811
Powers, Richard (B)811
Powers, Stella Smith812
Pratt, Mr.128, 693
Premo, M.163
Prendergast, Mr.759
Prestidge, Dean799
Prestidge, George R.800
Prestidge, Hattie Totty799
Prestidge, J. L. (B)799
Prestidge, Johnnie800
Prestidge, Myra Pore799
Preston, Ann Esther Griffin484
Preston, C. F.205
Preston, E. E.207
Preston, E. R.204
Preston, Margaret Pollock750
Preston, T. J.30
Price, Alta Florence788
Price, Catherine R. Homer788
Price, Charles788
Price, Jackson788
Price, James S. (B)788Richard
Price, John788
Price, Mary Schaaf Reed818
Price, Mary Young875, 877
Price, Sterling809
Primmes, A.528
Pringle, Nimmie Cutler423
Pritchard, C. L.184
Prothero, Family105
Pryor, Basil86
Pryor, Frank210
Pryor, J. Frank196, 197
Pryor, John F.188
Pulsifer, Maude P. Jenanyan569
Purdy, G. W.127
Purdy, Miss Brown861
Purdy, Nancy Kelsey861
Pursell, Chloe Bassett715
Pursell, Frank718
Pursell, Mabel Bassett718
Putnam, Blanche Miller620
Putnam, George William620
Putnam, John F.620
Putnam, John620
Putnam, Katie MacKersie621
Putnam, Laura E. Straw620, 621
Putnam, Mabel G.620
Putnam, Myra N.620
Putnam, Pina M.620
Putnam, Polly Ann Shields620
Putnam, Porter303
Putnam, Robert A. (B)620
Putnam, Royal Porter75
Putnam, Sadie B.620
Putnam, Sarah A. Shackleford620
Pyle, Mr.695
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Quinn, A. W.790
Quinn, Mr.123, 124, 127
R[Return to Jump Site]
Radcliff, G. S.149
Radcliff, George818
Radcliffe, G. S.149
Radcliffe, George818
Rader, Andrew675
Rader, Goldie Leavens675
Ragle, Adah Stone609
Ragle, Clarence752
Ragle, Dorothy752
Ragle, Eliza Ann Moffett250
Ragle, Emanuel T. (B)249
Ragle, Etta609
Ragle, Eva752
Ragle, George H.250
Ragle, Henry O. (B)752
Ragle, Henry W.752
Ragle, Herbert752
Ragle, J. Albert (B)609
Ragle, Jennie K. Underwood752
Ragle, Jennie M. Lynn609
Ragle, Lloyd752
Ragle, Marie752
Ragle, Orval609
Ragle, Oscar752
Ragle, William C.609
Railsback, C.196
Railsback, S. C.331, 636
Rainholt, P. A.14
Raisch, Cindarella Barlow605
Raisch, Harry J. (B)604
Raisch, Margaret A. Gamble771
Ralestock, Mr.770
Ralph, G. B.840
Ralph, Miss Bacon840
Ramsey, Delbert E.699
Ramsey, Effie P. McClellan699
Ramsey, Eliza A. McVey698
Ramsey, George D. (B)698
Ramsey, George E.698
Ramsey, John H.699
Ramsey, John Theodore699
Ramsey, John Wilson698
Ramsey, Margaret P. Jones Lewis699
Ramsey, Mollie Chance401
Ramsey, Velma I.699
Ranard, Etta Wright331
Randall, Emily E. Bush877
Randall, G. W.184, 185
Randall, George W.186, 187, 188, 219
Raney, Asbury C. (B)883
Raney, Berintha Kern883
Raney, Teddy Roosevelt833
Rankin, Charles87, 97
Rapelje, Abe103
Rapelje, Hi152
Rapely, Abe103
Rapely, Hi152
Rathbun, J. E. Foster485
Rathbun, J. H.188
Rathbun, J. P.458
Ratliff, Alice Harter871
Ratliff, Clinton P.871
Ratliff, Elizabeth Madden Holthouse870
Ratliff, John870
Ratliff, W. P.595
Ratliff, William P. (B)870
Ratliff, William870
Rawlings, Mr.468
Rawlins, J. E.204
Ray, Joseph880
Ray, Mary Carter880
Ray, Oliver880
Rea, Bunn815
Rea, Clara815
Rea, D. Bunn191
Rea, Edgar815
Rea, Edward814
Rea, Frank (B)814
Rea, Frank814, 815
Rea, Mattie Ehrhart815
Rea, Neva815
Rea, W. W.166
Reagan, C. A.655
Reams, Nina L. Tompkins385
Reardon, Mr.433
Reaves, Elizabeth Carter880
Redd, R. C.29, 165
Redd, Robert C.100, 164
Reddy, Patrick164
Redstone, J. H.115
Reed, Adelaide Gillmore619
Reed, Bernice620
Reed, Daniel L.620
Reed, Earl620
Reed, Edith Bacon620
Reed, Edith Theodate Bacon832
Reed, Eliza Mabel620
Reed, G. V.86, 166
Reed, George V.620
Reed, Harris818
Reed, Henry W. (B)818
Reed, J. C.14
Reed, Jay620
Reed, Jennie Mitchell620
Reed, John Allen832
Reed, John C.489
Reed, John R. (B)619
Reed, Lelah Bauder620
Reed, Lola620
Reed, Mary Ann Post620
Reed, May Price Schaaf818
Reed, R. J.832
Reed, Rayson J.620
Reed, Rjoscoe620
Reed, Sarah A.520
Reefe, John13
Reeves, Lulu E. Kelly408
Rehoefer, S.209
Rehoefer, Samuel (B)714
Rehofer, S.209
Rehofer, Samuel714
Reid, J. C.163, 165
Reid, John C.166
Reid, Tilden31, 165
Reinhart, Imbrie D.557, 558
Reinhart, James A.557
Reinhart, James H.557
Reinhart, Kenneth E.557
Reinhart, Laura Ashcroft557
Reinhart, Laura J.557
Reinhart, Madora Dalzelle557
Reinhart, Margaret J. Dripps557
Reinhart, Margaret P.557
Reinhart, Martha Luck557
Reinhart, Pliny E.557
Reinhart, Ulla557
Reinhart, William (B)557
Reinhart, William557
Reinheimer, Mr.880
Reinstein, M.100
Reinstein, Mr.100, 848
Reinstein, O.35
Remkes, Mary Wright501
Renalds, Amelia Moore379
Renaud, Arthur562
Renaud, Blanche562
Renaud, Bryan562
Renaud, Charles561
Renaud, Collis562
Renaud, Elma562
Renaud, Emerie (B)561
Renaud, Flora Damron562
Renaud, Joseph562
Renaud, Laura562
Renaud, Marcellian Pelon561
Renaud, Mary Giguerre562
Renaud, Walter562
Renfroe, L. C.269
Renfroe, Louis269
Renfroe, Martha Ann Scoggins269
Renfroe, Maud269
Retherford, Octvia Laney565
Reuck, Ed210
Reuk, Cynthia Hill718
Reyburn, C. H.156
Reynolds, Amelia420
Reynolds, Catherine Goble261
Reynolds, Celeste Chatten633
Reynolds, Celeste420
Reynolds, Ed95
Reynolds, Edgar14
Reynolds, James390
Reynolds, Jesse32, 92, 93
Reynolds, Nancy Rice Cutler420
Rhine, Bertrand425
Rhine, Leora Collins425
Rhoades, Dan837
Rhoades, Daniel539
Rhoades, Ethel Farmer539
Rhoades, J. W.210, 539
Rhoads, Dan837
Rhoads, Daniel539
Rhoads, Ethel Farmer539
Rhoads, J. W.210, 539
Rhodes, Ann Hazleton Harper575
Rhodes, George H.13
Rhodes, Harriet Johnson575, 817
Rhodes, Hugh575
Rhodes, Jack197
Rhodes, John575
Rhodes, Julia Scruggs Turner575
Rhodes, Lou Mefford575, 576
Rhodes, Martha E. Halbert575, 576
Rhodes, Mary A. Garrison576
Rhodes, Mary Tewksberry575
Rhodes, Nancy575
Rhodes, Ora Robbins575, 576
Rhodes, Samuel S.575, 576
Rhodes, Sarah Fly575
Rhodes, SarahRebecca Douglas575
Rhodes, Tenessee B. Fay575, 576
Rhodes, Thomas575
Rhodes, William C. (B)575
Rhodes, William C.575, 817
Rhodes, William R.575
Rice, Alice Homer788
Rice, Alice373
Rice, Carrie Barton606
Rice, Charles James373
Rice, Charles606
Rice, Cora Marks373
Rice, Ella Bacon606
Rice, Elmo D.373
Rice, Emma373
Rice, Eva M. Sutherland607
Rice, Fern373
Rice, Frank606
Rice, General835
Rice, George606
Rice, Hattie Hunter606
Rice, Inez373
Rice, Isaac605
Rice, J. C.196
Rice, J. Clarence (B)606
Rice, J. Clarence191, 606
Rice, J. W. B. (B)373
Rice, James Nicholas373
Rice, Jessie B. Ryce606
Rice, John C. (B)605
Rice, John Culberson605, 605
Rice, Laura Edwards606
Rice, Laura Shields606
Rice, Leila Shields606
Rice, Leland607
Rice, Lulu606
Rice, Maimie Burke606
Rice, Martha E. Gardner605
Rice, Mary Clementine373
Rice, Melissa Smith606
Rice, Nancy Reynolds Cutler420
Rice, Pearl373
Rice, Robert373
Rice, Roy M.373
Rice, Thomas606
Rice, Villa Frankie373
Richards, Mr.639
Richardson, Agnes Braden762
Richardson, Benjamin Franklin510
Richardson, Deborah Shannon594
Richardson, Eunice Marguerite Knupp511
Richardson, Ezekiel510
Richardson, Freeman (B)638
Richardson, Georgiana510
Richardson, Gustavus A. (B)510
Richardson, Gustavus Alvah511
Richardson, J. E.773
Richardson, James390
Richardson, John H.100
Richardson, Lola Manning639
Richardson, Louisa Rodgers Hayden510
Richardson, Mary Agnes Braden Ainsworth510
Richardson, Mary Eleanor629
Richardson, Matha Matilda510
Richardson, Roscoe Vinton511
Richardson, Roswell Guy511
Richardson, Roswell510
Richardson, Samuel510
Richardson, Thomas510
Richey, Mr.318
Richland Egg Ranch (B)778
Richmond, J. E.308
Ridgeway brothers,139
Ridgeway, Amelia DeMasters729
Ridgeway, Ernest838
Ridgeway, Tennia Ferguson838
Ridley, Alonzo23
Ridley, Mr.10
Riley, Dr.28
Riley, Emma Collins469
Riley, Jesse847
Riley, Marietta E. Collins555
Riley, Nora Gilligan847
Risk, Ruth Johnson844
Risk, William844
Risley, Mr.402
Rivers, Alice Black884
Rivers, Daisy Williams884
Rivers, David884
Rivers, Edith884
Rivers, Harry884
Rivers, Irene884
Rivers, James884
Rivers, John884
Rivers, Lois884
Rivers, Mary Miller884
Rivers, Miss Halstead884
Rivers, Miss Mitchell884
Rivers, Mollie884
Rivers, Ralph884
Rivers, Ray884
Rivers, Roy884
Rivers, William (B)883
Rivers, William883, 884
Roane, James M.165
Robbins, David Allen762
Robbins, George575, 576
Robbins, Mary E. Fulton Weddle762
Robbins, Ora Rhodes575, 576
Roberts, Ada Henley508
Roberts, Alice May508
Roberts, Arlie Sigler612
Roberts, Charles508
Roberts, Elizabeth La Fever808, 809
Roberts, G. W.30
Roberts, George D.151
Roberts, Ida Jameson414
Roberts, James A.100
Roberts, John284
Roberts, Martha McFarland283, 284
Roberts, Marvin612
Roberts, Mr.567, 706
Roberts, Ray508
Robertson, Charles575
Robertson, Elmer575
Robertson, Frank P. (B)574
Robertson, Josephine Siddall575
Robertson, Mary Matthews574
Robertson, Miss Houston852
Robertson, Nellie Tingley575
Robertson, R. A.852
Robertson, William J.574
Robidoux, Carrie Hall619
Robidoux, J. E.619
Robinson, C. H.194
Robinson, Charles820
Robinson, D. V.163, 165
Robinson, Eliza Conlee461
Robinson, Elizabeth Ogden Burton690
Robinson, Elizabeth Smith471
Robinson, Ella Conlee461
Robinson, Fannie Newman479
Robinson, Frances Kanawyer640
Robinson, George P.479
Robinson, George820
Robinson, Grant820
Robinson, Henry820
Robinson, J. L.455
Robinson, J. R.594
Robinson, J. S.820
Robinson, Jane Sutcliff820
Robinson, Jay640
Robinson, Margaret McClintock820
Robinson, Marion820
Robinson, Martha Parrish541
Robinson, Mary Burrel703
Robinson, Metta Brown872
Robinson, Minnie Findley840
Robinson, Miss Brown820
Robinson, Miss Campbell820
Robinson, Miss Knapp820
Robinson, Mr.468, 770, 798
Robinson, W. W.872
Robinson, William W. (B)820
Robison, Andrew567
Robison, Dora568
Robison, Eliza Marlow567
Robison, George A. (B)567
Robison, Lawrence568
Robison, Martha Griggs568
Robison, Mary Russell568
Robison, Minnie Finley568
Robison, Nora568
Robison, Pearlie568
Rochdale, Mr.348, 389, 530
Roche, P. F.595
Rock, Carl E.708
Rock, Henry F. (B)708
Rock, Lora Burner708
Rodgers, Louisa Richardson Hayden510
Rodler, Ferdinand496
Rodler, Ida Margaret Kaehler496
Rodler, Johanna Louise Paschke497
Rodman, America Charles868
Rodman, Hugh869
Roes, Edna Louisa857
Roes, Edna Rushing857
Roes, Henry C. (B)856
Roes, Louisa Snedeker857
Roger, John128
Rogers, G. W.100
Rogers, George H.13
Rogers, Mary Amelia Bezera598
Rogers, Mr.35
Rollins, E.798
Rollins, Ernest719
Rollins, Ira715
Roork, Mary Daniel578
Roork, Susie F. Woodard578
Roork, Thomas578
Roosevelt, Mr.188
Roper, Annie Courtney354
Ropes, Captain27
Rose, Louisa Hickman644
Rosenberger, S. M.186, 187, 188, 209
Rosenberger, S.187
Rosenthal, Sol A.376
Ross, David184, 677
Ross, Ean (B)677
Ross, John210
Ross, Laura Baxley554
Ross, Maggie Bell678
Ross, R. R.554
Rosson, Charles T., M.D. (B)290
Rosson, Charles295
Rosson, Grace E. Burnette295
Rosson, John295
Rosson, Robert295
Roth, John164
Roughton, R. L.209
Roughton, William209
Rourke, Anna S. McDade523
Rourke, C. B.209
Rourke, Irene523
Rourke, John180, 181, 184,196
Rourke, Michael F. (B)522
Rourke, Mildred Frances523
Rourke, Ruth E. Garner523
Rourke, Ruth E.523
Rourke, William523
Rouse, Martin141
Rowan, Annie Knierr695
Rowan, Marcella Knierr695
Rowell, Chester164
Rowland, Ethel V. Jordan332, 335
Rowland, Willialm B.335
Rowley, Richard32
Royster, Clark13
Ruch, Elizabeth Lorendo391
Ruggles, Clarence188
Ruggles, Gertrude D. Farmer538, 587
Ruggles, Lyman B.195, 538, 587
Ruggles, Martha Ann Dexter587
Runyon, Bascom184
Runyon, Martha I. Phillips778
Runyon, W. D.778
Rush, E. E.209
Rushing, Edna L. Roes857
Rushing, W. E.857
Russell, Charles591
Russell, Gwendolyn Darnell709
Russell, Hugh568
Russell, J. C. C. (B)708
Russell, Mary Robison568
Russell, Mercedes709
Russell, Mr.395
Russell, Sarah568
Russell, Sophia M. Ellis708
Russell, Vera Barnett703
Russell, W. A.29, 100 145, 166
Russell, W. G.166
Ruth, Mr.486
Rutherford, Emma Fickle765
Rutledge, Lucy Cooke805
Ryce, James606
Ryce, Jessie B. Rice606
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Sadler, Eva Majors241
Sage, Bernice610
Sage, Hazel610
Sage, J. M. (B)609
Sage, Josephine Simpson610
Sage, Louisa Minges610
Sage, Philopena610
Sage, Wesley610
Sahroian, Elbis824
Sahroian, Fred (B)823
Sahroian, Fred354, 823
Sahroian, Melick824
Sahroian, Miss Dagdighian824
Sahroian, Victoria Melidonian354
Salladay, A. J. (B)782
Salladay, Carr783
Salladay, Joe783
Salladay, Nita Garver783
Salladay, Sarah Owens783
Salladay, Sophia Carr783
Salvadore, M.462
Sampson, Elizabeth Johnson Clarke382
Sampson, Ethel Steves684
Sampson, Miss McKewon382
Sampson, Samuel382
Sampson, W.528
Samstag, I. A.37
Samuels family,70
Samuels, Deborah Mitchell770
Samuels, Louisa Bloyd383
Sanborn, Carrie Church492
Sanborn, Frank492
Sanders, Eva Shippey499
Sanders, Martha J. Stokes282
Sanders, Oregon165, 183
Sanders, Rev.214
Sanford, F. H.13
Sansing, Ssusan Brooks660
Sarton, Mr.392
Sauza, Rosa M. Machado498
Savage, James D.11, 12, 13, 15
Sawyer, David729
Sawyer, Mary Cochran729
Saxby, lavonia Tompkins384
Sayer, C. A.526
Sayer, Miss Woods526
Sayles, C. G.163, 164, 165
Sayles, Judge92
Sayles, R. B.165
Schaaf, Chester F.818
Schaaf, Louis818
Schaaf, Marguerite E.818
Schaaf, May Price Reed818
Schaaf, Milo818
Scher, Father214
Scher, Philip G., Rev. (B)462
Schiep, Elizabeth Storzback614
Schimmel Brothers (B)473
Schimmel, A. R.473, 792
Schimmel, Fannie Garrison474
Schimmel, Minnie Gurnee474
Schimmel, F. C.473
Schimmell, A. R.473, 792
Schimmell, Fannie Garrison474
Schimmell, Minnie Gurnee474
Schimmell, F. C.473
Schlaick, Casper825
Schlaick, Josephine Schueller825
Schlichting, Helen Lovelace397, 632
Schmidt, Joseph492
Schmidt, Mary Traeger492
Schnable, F. N.528
Schnereger & Downing (B)663
Schnereger, Joseph433, 633
Schnereger, Mr.638
Schnerger, Joseph433, 633
Schnerger, Mr.638
Schnuer, Margaret Belz277
Schooler, Nancy Winsett685
Schope, Margareta Traeger491
Schreiber, Kitty Horsnyder Warner624
Schueller, Andrew825
Schueller, Augusta Poppe825
Schueller, Clara Depute825
Schueller, Herman825
Schueller, Jasper825
Schueller, John J. (B)824
Schueller, John P.825
Schueller, Joseph825
Schueller, Josephine Schlaich825
Schuffler, R.13
Schukenecht, Miss McAdam326
Schuler, Mary Hyde693
Schwarzschild, Mr.577
Sciarone, Andrew (B)610
Sciarone, Josephine Martinetti611
Scoggins, A. J.269
Scoggins, Adelbert Ellis885
Scoggins, Alice May885
Scoggins, Andrew J. (B)269
Scoggins, Bell Ellis269
Scoggins, Byron269
Scoggins, David Green269
Scoggins, David T.885
Scoggins, Edith Jones887
Scoggins, Edith Lucile885
Scoggins, Ethel Ida Leibsher885
Scoggins, Frank269
Scoggins, Franklin884
Scoggins, Helen Merle885
Scoggins, Ida Orpa Decker885, 886
Scoggins, J. E. (B)884
Scoggins, John Early884, 886
Scoggins, John L.269
Scoggins, Josephine Welch269
Scoggins, Julia Buttram269
Scoggins, Lena885
Scoggins, Mabel Clair Thompson885
Scoggins, Margaret M. Giddons269
Scoggins, Martha Ann Renfroe269
Scoggins, Martha Breedlove269
Scoggins, Nellis Louise885
Scoggins, Nettie885
Scoggins, Newton Jasper885
Scoggins, Noah H.885
Scoggins, Oleta887
Scoggins, Paul Elmon885
Scoggins, Pearl W.269
Scoggins, R. E. (B)886
Scoggins, Rebecca Cleek269
Scoggins, Roy E.885, 886
Scoggins, Scoggins Nettie Knestric269
Scoggins, Vesta Tennessee885
Scott, C.R.452
Scott, Dora Hockett849
Scott, E. L.849
Scott, Edmund L.340
Scott, Flora340
Scott, Francis C. (B)339Nancy Phillips
Scott, Harrison Y.340
Scott, Hiram Curtis340
Scott, J. E.165, 166
Scott, John W.340
Scott, L.499
Scott, Lee Esting340
Scott, Leslie340
Scott, Lotta Kenney837
Scott, Louisa Goble340Nancy Phillips
Scott, Maynard340
Scott, Nancy Harmon340
Scott, Nellie Wilson340
Scott, Ray340
Scott, Samuel439
Scott, Sheriff25, 152, 153
Scott, Sidney F.340
Scott, Thaddeus M.340
Scrivner, Ben213
Scroggs, Dr.88
Scruggs, Alba575
Scruggs, Julia Rhodes Turner575
Seally, Mr798
Seally, R.219
Seaman, Clarence211
Seamunds, George T.583
Seamunds, Mary A. Dean583
Sears, Abbie Gibbons823
Sears, AnnieBelle823
Sears, Arthur Elliott821
Sears, Eliza E. DeFrance821
Sears, Eloise823
Sears, Emma Pauline823
Sears, George Arthur823
Sears, George823
Sears, Richard821
Sears, Sara B. Loucks822
Sears, W. A. Jr.823
Sears, William A. (B)821
Seaton, Daniel339
Seaton, Mary Tozer339
Selbah, E.367
Self, I. B.214
Sellers, E. G.308
Sellers, Edward G. (B)680
Sellers, Ella Graves681
Sellers, Samuel680
Sellors, Ed868
Sensabaugh, S.186
Senteney, F. M.189William
Setliff, Azaela Nicholson470
Setliff, Guy470
Setliff, James M. (B)469
Setliff, Lydia Garrett470
Setliff, Nannie Gulley Nicholson470
Setliff, Nannie470
Setliff, Ronald470
Setliff, Russell470
Sevier, Mary MacFarlane778
Shackleford, Sarah A. Putnam620
Shackleford, T. J.145, 166
Shanks, John845
Shanks, Sarah Johnson845
Shannon, Carleton J. (B)594
Shannon, Deborah Richardson594
Shannon, Dorothy595
Shannon, Gordon595
Shannon, John35, 36, 93, 94, 95
Shannon, Lulu B. Jordan Smith595
Shannon, Mr.80, 865
Shannon, Richard595
Shannon, Robert594
Sharp, Benjamin V. (B)543
Sharp, Burns B.544
Sharp, Craigie213
Sharp, Elizabeth A. Hazel544
Sharp, J. H.209
Sharp, James A.544
Sharples, Mr.317, 654, 677, 798
Shaw, Laura E. Dean583
Shaw, Stephen215
Shay, James184, 189
Shea, Sarah Sophia Askin784
Shedler, Miss DeWitt408
Shedler, Miss DeWitt408
Sheldon, Julia E. Conkey800
Shephard, Frances Amelia Askin785
Sheppard, L. T.29
Sheppard, S. A.37, 100, 145, 164, 165, 166
Sherman, David690
Sherman, Isabella Ewing690
Sherman, John690
Sherman, Joseph666
Sherman, Mary Ewing690
Sherman, Miss DeWit666
Sherman, Sallie Carter880
Sherman, Wiliam690
Shields, Burland620
Shields, H. W.798
Shields, L. E.472
Shields, Leila Rice606
Shields, Manser472
Shields, Polly Ann Putnam620
Ship, G. F.14
Shippe, Amanda M. Vaughh472
Shippe, Harriet472
Shippey, Albert499Marian Cote
Shippey, Alvin B. (B)498Marian Cote
Shippey, Alvin B.498, 499Marian Cote
Shippey, Chester499Marian Cote
Shippey, Daniel P.499Marian Cote
Shippey, Ethel Hamilton499Marian Cote
Shippey, Eva Sanders499Marian Cote
Shippey, Lela White499Marian Cote
Shippey, Martha A. M. Hurt499Marian Cote
Shippey, Mary E. Arnett514Marian Cote
Shippey, Mervyn499Marian Cote
Shippey, Walter499Marian Cote
Shippey, Wilbur499Marian Cote
Shirk, Mr.785
Shoemaker, E. O.472
Shoemaker, James402
Shoemaker, Robert M. (B)472
Shoemaker, Sarah M. Zumwalt402
Shoemaker, Sue Llewellyn472
Shore, G. E.163, 189
Shore, Geporge E.186
Shore, J. H.163, 196
Short, Johanna M. Noble275
Short, M. L.180, 181, 184, 185, 186, 281
Shreve, Alica E. Beals433
Shreve, H. M. (B)433
Shreve, H. M.433, 451, 452
Shuman, Maud Young888
Sibley, F. J.193
Sibley, James79, 80, 196
Sickles, Anna Akin571
Sickles, B. T.571
Sickles, Harry686
Sickles, Lewis A. (B)571
Sickles, Martha Gill686
Siddall, Josephine Robetson575
Sigler, Arlie Roberts612
Sigler, Catherine612
Sigler, John (B)611
Sigler, John196, 611, 872
Sigler, Leah612
Sigler, Lodema N. Dewey612
Silva, Francisca Garcia563
Silva, Rita Homen716
Silveira, Carrie563
Silveira, Hilda563
Silveira, Joseph (B)563
Silveira, Louisa563
Silveira, Manuel563
Silveira, Mary Brazill563
Silveira, Mary563
Silveira, Violanto Eserada563
Simmons, Eula Lovelace397
Simmons, Fannie M. Townsend694
Simmons, S.694
Simon, K.209
Simpson, Catherine Coe638
Simpson, J. B.499
Simpson, Josephine Sage610
Simpson, Kate Gibson689
Simpson, Mr.142, 219
Simpson, R. G.689
Simpson, W. A.164
Sims, Mary LeClert435
Sinclair, Mr.100
Singleton, Clara E. Gibbons546, 797
Singleton, Claude F.797
Singleton, Elsie797
Singleton, Eva J. Hunsaker797
Singleton, Fay164
Singleton, Louis I.797
Singleton, M. F. (B)797
Singleton, N. F.546, 797
Singleton, Nettie E.797
Singleton, Nora797
Sisson, Mr.530
Skaggs, George W.440
Skaggs, Lulu Dibble721
Skaggs, Miss440
Slavin, W. H.180,184, 185, 186, 187
Slavin, William187
Slawick, Frank31
Sledd, Joshua13
Slight, George209, 218, 294
Slight, Mr.798
Slocum, Alvin H. (B)342
Slocum, Nancie Alma Hudson345
Small, William297
Smith, Pegleg 5
Smith, A. F.191
Smith, A. Frank (B)542Jim Gillespie
Smith, Albert468, 863
Smith, Anna Nilson468
Smith, Annie Fowler398
Smith, Bert537, 538
Smith, Bertha J. Swan474, 859
Smith, Bessie Johnson866
Smith, Bessie471
Smith, Blanch Crook537
Smith, Buck542Jim Gillespie
Smith, C. M.186, 187, 189, 191
Smith, Cecil H. (B)819
Smith, Charles E. (B)470
Smith, Charles F.739
Smith, Charles474
Smith, Clarence M.452
Smith, Clark M. (B)709
Smith, Cleve711
Smith, Cornelia Vermason543Jim Gillespie
Smith, Delma474
Smith, Earl474
Smith, Eda471
Smith, Edward711
Smith, Edwin471
Smith, Effie Ley853
Smith, Elizabeth Robinson471
Smith, Elizabeth Wright351
Smith, Ella H. Knox258
Smith, Ellen Harley866
Smith, Elsie Carter880
Smith, Emma Brotherton474
Smith, Emma Freisch468
Smith, Enoch A. (B)865
Smith, Essie474
Smith, Ethel863
Smith, Fannie Heisley542Jim Gillespie
Smith, Father214
Smith, Florence Warren474
Smith, Frances Ann Gallard677
Smith, Frank (B)711
Smith, Frank P. (B)739
Smith, Frank P.739
Smith, Frank189,474, 655, 711
Smith, G. W.165
Smith, George E.866
Smith, George R.866
Smith, George468
Smith, Georgia Amner710
Smith, Georgia Irene709
Smith, Grover711
Smith, Henry Allen471
Smith, Henry C. (B)862
Smith, Henry C.739, 740, 862
Smith, Henry468, 862
Smith, Horace L.185
Smith, Ida Antrim841
Smith, J. W.859
Smith, James474, 711
Smith, Jedediah S.5, 6
Smith, Jennie Morgan711
Smith, Jeptha865
Smith, John H. (B)467
Smith, John H.467, 862
Smith, John196
Smith, Lena Ganes474
Smith, Leo711
Smith, Leslie595
Smith, Letty Leach471
Smith, Lewis S. (B)866
Smith, Lewis Sidney866
Smith, Lewis468
Smith, Livonia Leach471
Smith, Lulu B. Jordan Shannon595
Smith, M. H.474
Smith, Margaret Gann Whitworth Johnson819
Smith, Margaret V. Blamquist509
Smith, Marie Heinrich863
Smith, Marie863
Smith, Martha Chappell740
Smith, Mary Harlan739
Smith, Mary M. Gurnee791
Smith, Mary Swan859
Smith, Matilda Dalton468
Smith, May Howeth739
Smith, May Large471
Smith, Melissa Rice606
Smith, Miss Lee Daly486
Smith, Miss Light323
Smith, Miss Toler80
Smith, Mr.99, 128, 149, 774
Smith, Myrtle J. Wilkinson819
Smith, Nancy E. Horsman539
Smith, Nancy Rachel Waller865
Smith, O. K.14, 17, 108, 165
Smith, Osmond709
Smith, P. J.462
Smith, Queenie863
Smith, Rebecca Eperson474
Smith, Reverend Mr.156
Smith, Roy739
Smith, Sarah Brown754
Smith, Sarah W. Horton812
Smith, Seth165
Smith, Stella Curry819
Smith, Stella Powers812
Smith, Steward474
Smith, Susan Dodge3007
Smith, Susanna Kindle Zumwalt401
Smith, Theodore812
Smith, Thomas (B)819
Smith, Veda534
Smith, Vera711
Smith, Vernon863
Smith, Vieva711
Smith, Viola Woodard578
Smith, Viola Woodward474
Smith, W. J. (B)474
Smith, W. P.323
Smith, Wilbert474
Smith, Will151
Smith, William H.819
Smith, William468, 711
Smoot, Mary Bacon831
Snedeker, Louisa Roes857
Snockters, J. M.13
Snyder, Charles762
Snyder, Major135
Snyder, Mary E. Weddle762
Sontag and Evans,99, 151, 152
Sontag, George151
Sontag, John151
Sontag, Mr.488, 652, 806, 818, 831
Sorrells, A. B.314
Sorrells, Elenora Vaughn314
Sorrells, Melvina Parker314
Southwell, J. B.398
Southwell, Jeanette May Fowler398
Spalding, W. R.732
Spangler, Daniel182
Spankle, Katie Budd678
Sparks, Land Commissioner114
Sparks, Mary J. Kelly411
Spear, Joseph607
Spencer, Bert813
Spencer, Elonzo813
Spencer, Emaline Murphy813
Spencer, J. D.209
Spencer, Louise813
Spencer, Mary Whittington712
Spencer, William813
Sperry, J. C.412
Spinks, C. C.879
Spinks, W. A.879
Spreckels, Claus204, 205, 276, 346
Spreckelsen, Charles540
Spreckelsen, Mary Parrish540
Spring, T. W.871
Squires, W. W.63, 424
St. Bridget's Catholic Church (B)462
St. Clair, Nellie Barton4483
St. John, Loomis9, 13. 14, 163
St. John, Mr22
Stafford, W. M.100
Stallard, Arminta Lovelace631
Standart, T. W.184
Standley, F. E.528
Stanford, Governor111, 145
Stanley, N. E.509
Stanley, Sarah E. Murray449
Stanphill, John Ann May764
Stanton, Hattie Vail864
Stapleford, J. D.95, 96
Stargarth, Anna Mitchell769
Stark, Joshua255
Stark, Mary Huntley255
Starkweather, G.212
Starkweather, Grant210,211
Starkweather, R. E.210
Starkweather, R.209
Stayton, Arthur647
Stayton, Belle647
Stayton, C. Forest647
Stayton, Charles P. (B)647
Stayton, Clarence647
Stayton, Ella M. Mankins647
Stayton, George Gordon647
Stayton, John F.647
Stayton, Lawrence647a
Stayton, Martha Hawkins647
Stayton, Mary647
Stayton, Ruby647
Stayton, Ruth647
Stearns, Hazel Stokes296
Steel, F. J.714
Steel, John214
Steel, Margaret McPhersons Cooper731
Steel, Mathew731
Steel, Richard731
Steele, F. J.714
Steele, John214
Steele, Margaret McPhersons Cooper731
Steele, Mathew731
Steele, Richard731
Steinman, Fred Old Man 89
Steinmetz, Mary Ley852
Stella, I. Bridges786
Step, L. S.308, 525
Stepp, L. S.308, 525
Sterrett, Eva May Newman614
Steuben, Catherine H.741
Steuben, John741
Steuben, Katherine Hamilton741
Steuben, Mary E. Burland741
Steuben, Mary Louisa Elme741
Steuben, W. N.29, 31, 157
Steuben, William E.741
Steuben, William N. (B)740
Steuben, Zane99, 740
Stevens, Bessie Baxley554
Stevens, Edna554
Stevens, J. B.103
Stevens, Mr.860
Stevens, R. H.49, 594
Stevens, William554
Stevenson, Sieb 17
Stevenson, Alice M.Hawley396
Stevenson, Bob14
Stevenson, Gilbert69
Steves, Annie684
Steves, Catherine684
Steves, Elizabeth684
Steves, Ethel Sampson684
Steves, Ethel684
Steves, Franklin683
Steves, George H. (B)683
Steves, Henry684
Steves, Ida B. Wilcox683, 684
Steves, J. C.552
Steves, J. G.683, 684
Steves, Jeremiah683
Steves, Joshua683
Steves, Lewis684
Steves, Louisa Karsthorse684
Steves, Louise684
Steves, Lucinda R. Wilson683
Steves, Mary684
Steves, Matie L.683, 684
Steves, Melvin F.683, 684
Steves, Mr.651
Steves, William M.144
Steves, William684
Stewart, George W.20, 24, 119, 147
Stiles, Frank526
Still, S. S.654
Stitt, Edith Howe491
Stitt, J. W.490
Stoddard, Ida Goble261
Stokes, B. F.282Trudy Andersen
Stokes, Charles295
Stokes, Charlotte Vasques295
Stokes, Christina Chase283
Stokes, Clara Enorgan296
Stokes, Claud283
Stokes, Corinthia Evans295, 296
Stokes, Elizabeth Moore282, 295
Stokes, Ella295
Stokes, Elta283
Stokes, Florence295
Stokes, George295
Stokes, Gladys295
Stokes, Harry295
Stokes, Hattie Webb282
Stokes, Hazel Stearns296
Stokes, Henry J.283
Stokes, Iva295
Stokes, J. W.282
Stokes, John Thomas283
Stokes, John W. (B)281
Stokes, John295
Stokes, Martha J. Sanders282
Stokes, Mary Bristol295
Stokes, Mary F. Bridges786
Stokes, Mary Johnson295
Stokes, Miles Andrew282
Stokes, Mr.562
Stokes, Nancy Ligget283
Stokes, Nellie Adams296
Stokes, Odetta295
Stokes, Prentice295
Stokes, Rachel Brewer282
Stokes, Rachel M. Gibson283
Stokes, Rebecca Mankins296
Stokes, Robert295
Stokes, Roxanna Dorrity283
Stokes, Ruby295
Stokes, Rucen296
Stokes, S. C. (B)295
Stokes, S. C.282, 295
Stokes, Sarah J. Lytle295
Stokes, Stokley295
Stokes, William295
Stokes, Y. B.145Trudy Andersen
Stokes, Yancy B.282, 295, 786Trudy Andersen
Stone, A. M.186, 196
Stone, Adah Ragle609
Stone, Mr.667
Stone, Simon196
Stone, W. A.163
Stong, D.163
Storey, Adella C. Johnson743
Storey, Farris743
Storey, Julia William743
Storzback, Augusta614
Storzback, Bertha614
Storzback, Elizabeth Schiep614
Storzback, Fred (B)614
Storzback, Pauline614
Stout, Sarah Downing670
Stratton, Mr.440
Straw, Duane621
Straw, Laura E. Putnam620, 621
Strawn, Elizabeth Carter880
Stroble, Charles31, 32
Strong, Ida Gaster Findlely840
Strong, Miss Wells889
Strothers, Mary Furman515
Stroud, Ira23
Strube, Julia Blain547
Stubblefield, Annie807
Stubblefield, Bessie807
Stubblefield, Claude807
Stubblefield, Eddeth807
Stubblefield, Eula807
Stubblefield, Ladona807
Stubblefield, Victoria Gulley807
Stubblefield, William807
Stubblefleld, William N. (B)806
Stufflebean, John284
Sturgeon, Francis Marion710
Sturgeon, Joseph W. (B)710
Sturgeon, Matilda Evelyn Lathrop290, 711
Sturgeon, Mildred Lee711
Sturgeon, Wallace Ezra711
Sturgeon, William Tyler711
Sublett, Mr.546
Sullenger, W. R.196
Sullivan, Charles W.180
Sulzberger, Mr.572
Sutcliff, Jane Robinson820
Sutherland, Eva M. Rice607
Sutherland, George W.100
Sutherland, William196
Sutter, Mr.439, 703
Swain, Sarah Balaam757
Swall, Arthur (B)386
Swall, Arthur386, 850
Swall, Elizabeth Hayne849
Swall, Emma cole850
Swall, George850
Swall, Harold389
Swall, Mathias849
Swall, Maud Gum389
Swall, Newell850
Swall, Richard389
Swall, Victor389
Swall, Walter850
Swall, William (B)849
Swall, William Jr.850
Swall, William140, 142, 386, 849
Swan, Bertha J. Smith474, 859
Swan, Frederick859
Swan, Gertrude859
Swan, Mary Smith859
Swan, Robert R.165
Swan, Sarah Butler859
Swan, Wesley W.859
Swan, William (B)859
Swan, Wilma E.859
Swank, Anna Homer788
Swank, Flora Woodard578
Swank, H.578
Swanson, Elizabeth Ewing690
Swanson, Elmer690
Swanson, Gilbert690
Swanson, Miss690
Swanson, O. P.499
Swanson, Samuel690
Swanson, Stella Arnett514
Swanson, Stella690
Swanson, Theoline Peterson526
Swat, Mr.35
Sweeney, Albert742
Sweeney, Bridget Sweeney742
Sweeney, Dorothy742
Sweeney, James (B)741
Sweeney, John742
Sweeney, Maggie742
Sweeney, Mary842
Sweeney, Michael742
Sweeney, Nora742
Sweeney, Timothy742
Sweeney, Viola742
Sweet, Adolph69
Sweet, Carrie Weathers483
Sweet, Mr.92, 100
Sweet, S.35
Sweet, Solomon146
Sweetland, B. K.219, 308
Swift, Mr.800
Switzer, Daniel692
Switzer, Miss Frans692
Switzer, Roy786
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Talbot, C. W.180, 186, 189
Talbot, C.163
Talbot, Courtney213
Talent, Patrick189, 655
Tandrow, Irma Heusel775
Tandrow, Walter775
Tandy, H. C.209
Tarr, Bertha Null749, 750
Tate, Mr.94
Tatman, Kid 97
Tavaz, Mariana Garcia653
Taylor, A. V.202, 822
Taylor, Alex194
Taylor, B. W.166
Taylor, Barbara E. Murray450
Taylor, Edward622
Taylor, Eliza Jane Biddle330
Taylor, General809
Taylor, H. T.115
Taylor, Henry T.117
Taylor, I. C.330
Taylor, J. L. (B)622
Taylor, Louise Elizabeth Myrten622
Taylor, Rev.160
Teague, A. J.840
Teague, Edward E.825
Teague, Eva Wiley825
Teague, George H. (B)825
Teague, John825
Teague, Miss Bacon840
Teague, Susan Buckman825
Tellyer, Ethel Gough567
Templeton, Addie Hall513
Templeton, M. S.317
Templeton, Miss317
Terman, Mr.724
Terry, Judge111
Thacker, Sue Follett736
Thaden, Eleanora Thomson781
Tharpe, Hale D.57, 65
Thatcher, Detective151
Thayer, Arthur Y.383
Thayer, Clarence383
Thayer, Cora383
Thayer, Enos E.383
Thayer, Henry383
Thayer, J. Carl (B)773
Thayer, Jennie383
Thayer, Lester383
Thayer, Lillie383
Thayer, Mabel383
Thayer, Mary Morrell774
Thayer, Sarah A. Austin383
Thayer, William H. (B)383
The Old Bank of Hanford (B)433
Thedieck, Emma Parrish541
Thedieck, H. A.541
Thom, J. P.149
Thomas, Adilla488
Thomas, Alexander742
Thomas, Alexander742
Thomas, Alice E.488
Thomas, Caroline Owsley264
Thomas, Carrie Hall619
Thomas, Carrie742
Thomas, Clarinda Harrell742
Thomas, Dewbart W.742
Thomas, Dollie N.742
Thomas, Dr.447
Thomas, Eda Hall488, 619
Thomas, Edwin500
Thomas, Eli488
Thomas, Elizabeth Howeth739
Thomas, Ella Kirby500
Thomas, Ellis T.488
Thomas, Elmer500
Thomas, Ethel Klindera698
Thomas, F. A. (B)488
Thomas, F. A.488, 619
Thomas, Frances742
Thomas, Grace Akers774
Thomas, H. J.739
Thomas, Hazel L.742
Thomas, Horace M.264
Thomas, Horace30, 90
Thomas, I. H.103, 139, 140
Thomas, Ira391
Thomas, Isaac H. (B)263
Thomas, Ivan500
Thomas, J. H.99
Thomas, J. M.191
Thomas, J. O.166
Thomas, J. W.163
Thomas, James488
Thomas, Jefferson Thomas500
Thomas, Jennie E.488
Thomas, Jesse A. (B)742
Thomas, Jessie F.742
Thomas, John O.264
Thomas, John744
Thomas, Joseph H.29, 100, 263
Thomas, Josephine Lorendo391
Thomas, Klindera500
Thomas, Lawrence L.742
Thomas, Lee C.488
Thomas, Louis L. (B)774
Thomas, Lydia L. Dillard500
Thomas, Martie698
Thomas, Martin V. (B)499
Thomas, Mary A. Jordan Courtner488
Thomas, Mary A.Blakeley588
Thomas, Mary488
Thomas, Mattie F. DePew742
Thomas, Melissa488
Thomas, Miss Baier264
Thomas, Miss Chidester500
Thomas, Miss Creech500
Thomas, Nancy Hicks742
Thomas, Ozie Orton500
Thomas, Preston B.488
Thomas, Roy500
Thomas, Sam500
Thomas, Sarah Janie742
Thomas, Sarah M. McLean338
Thomas, W. F.37, 165, 166
Thomas, W. M.186, 187, 188, 189, 606
Thomas, Weiley D.742
Thomas, William488
Thomason, J. D. P.100
Thompson, A. R.750
Thompson, Blanche Arnett514
Thompson, Charles R.885
Thompson, Christina Knox258
Thompson, Cynthia Null749, 750
Thompson, Fannie E. Gibbons546
Thompson, Harold750
Thompson, Helen750
Thompson, J. D. P.100
Thompson, J. H.186
Thompson, J. R.514
Thompson, John S.209
Thompson, Lucretia Griswold545
Thompson, Mable Clair Scoggins885
Thompson, Mary Ann Fowler397
Thompson, Mary E. Cooke806
Thompson, Miss384
Thompson, Mr.137
Thompson, Thomas H.18
Thompson, Thomas384
Thompson, W. G.806
Thompson, William56
Thoms, A. O./Ames103, 144
Thomson, Eleanora Thaden781
Thomson, Ernest781
Thomson, George E.781
Thomson, Lyla781
Thomson, Peter (B)780
Thorne, Mr.108
Thornton, G. T.196
Thorpe, T. J.668
Throckmorton, Nellie F. Guiberson413
Tibbett, Will E.97
Tibbetts, Bert M.98
Tiedeman, Margaret Burgemaster550
Tilton, George341
Tilton, J. E.603
Tilton, Nettie M. Tomer341
Tingley, James575
Tingley, Nellie Robertson575
Tinker, George773, 774
Tinkham, Lucinda Mathewson541, 625
Tinkham, Nathaniel542, 625
Titrich, Elizabeth Davis602
Tivy, J. T. l165
Tivy, John T.164, 165
Tivy, Joseph A.13
Todd brothers,861
Todd, Dr.841
Tolbert, Martha M. Walker684
Toler, Miss Smith80
Tomer, Annie C. Ehle341
Tomer, Carrie Kohler341
Tomer, Clara E. Kelly341
Tomer, Clarence E.341
Tomer, Forest W.341
Tomer, George (B)341
Tomer, George186, 341
Tomer, Isaac341
Tomer, King F.341
Tomer, Leonard L.341
Tomer, Nettie M. Tilton341
Tomer, Read A.341
Tomer, Rose Ione341
Tomer, William H.341
Tompkins, Benjamin B.384
Tompkins, Caleb384
Tompkins, Charles A.385
Tompkins, Charles W. (B)384
Tompkins, Fred384
Tompkins, Gussie Woodward384
Tompkins, Ida Halla384
Tompkins, Lavonia Saxby384
Tompkins, Margaret Frary384
Tompkins, Nina L. Reams385
Tompkins, W. L.96
Tompkins, Wilfred W.385
Tooley, Hannah DeWitt407
Toolley, Hannah DeWitt407
Torrey, Carrie F. Harvey531
Totty, Hattie Prestidge799
Townsend, E. B.852
Townsend, Elizabeth Huston694
Townsend, Fannie M. Simmons694
Townsend, Frank A.694
Townsend, H. C.166
Townsend, Homer C. (B)693
Townsend, James H.694
Townsend, Miss Houston852
Townsend, Mr.36, 100
Townsend, Myrtle Pattie694
Townsend, Ray W.694
Townsend, Russell H.694
Townsend, Thomas H.694
Tozer, Charles M.339
Tozer, Charles W. (B)338
Tozer, Mary Seaton339
Tozer, Miss Cople339
Tozer, Roy S. (B)338
Tracy, Cora Bacon832
Traeger, Augustus491
Traeger, Henry A.492
Traeger, Henry G. (B)491
Traeger, Margareta Schope491
Traeger, Mary Schmidt492
Traeger, Mr.816
Traeger, Wilko J.492
Traga, Henry392
Trauger, J. T.61
Traut, Catherine L Mrs. (B)659
Traut, Catherine Louisa Buckbee659, 668
Traut, Douglas799
Traut, Elizabeth626
Traut, Elizabeth799
Traut, Hannah Crooks659
Traut, Henry A.659
Traut, Mary Lilliam Carney799
Traut, Mary Pearl Bernstein626
Traut, Minnie659
Traut, Samuel L.659
Traut, W. D.798
Traut, William868
Traverse, Mrs.284
Traweek, Anna G. Burke835
Treadway, C. C.835
Treadway, E. F.528
Trefry, B. C.838
Trewhitt, Dorriss799
Trewhitt, W. D. (B)798
Tribau, Ed697
Tribau, Lillie Klindera697
Trigg, Eliza Jane Hall671
Trigg, Mary Ann Whitson671
Trigg, Willilam H.671
Trimble, J. K.308
Trimble, John308
Trotter, Robert569
Trout, Helen M. Griswold544
Troxler, M. P.326
Troxler, Moses P.215
Trullinger, Catherine LaFever811
Tulare Home Tele. & Tele. Co.. (B)376
Tullie, Daisy Findley841
Tullie, Daniel841
Tuohy, A. V.808
Tuohy, J. L.458
Tuohy, John87, 647, 808
Tuohy, Kittie A. Hart458
Tuohy, Mr.284
Tuohy, Nellie Dungan808
Turner family,507
Turner, Ada C. Jones623
Turner, Ada Ellis669
Turner, Ann Blain546
Turner, Anna B. Foster623
Turner, B. J.317
Turner, Charles A.623
Turner, Edna M.623
Turner, Elizabeth F. Mitchell623
Turner, Elizabeth Ficklin535
Turner, Elsie Brothers623
Turner, Emily S. Keener622
Turner, Frank E.623
Turner, Grace Lenell623
Turner, Hannah Blosser643
Turner, Ida C. Foster623
Turner, Idena Jones623
Turner, James642, 668
Turner, Jesse T (B)668
Turner, John H.623
Turner, John643
Turner, Julia Rhodes Scruggs575
Turner, Laura I.623
Turner, Lottie Fickle623, 765
Turner, Lucius H (B)622
Turner, Lucius Hervey622
Turner, Marcus A.623
Turner, Mary E. Dunham623
Turner, Mary Mades623
Turner, Miss McGlassen622
Turner, Mr.35, 496
Turner, Nancy A. Drake623
Turner, Peter Q.622, 623
Turner, Sarah Foster643
Turner, Thomas575
Tuxbury, W. D.79, 80
Twaddle, Alice M. Fisher405
Twaddle, Emma Garrison405
Twaddle, Forrest J.405
Twaddle, Frank C.405
Twaddle, T. B.163, 164
Twaddle, Thomas B. (B)404
Twaddle, Thomas B.404, 405
Twaddle, William405
Twekesberry, Mary Rhodes575
Twinning, E.196
Tyler, Carl R.251Susan Boyer
Tyler, Chris W.251Susan Boyer
Tyler, Clair H.251Susan Boyer
Tyler, Clyde D.251Susan Boyer
Tyler, Corda F.251Susan Boyer
Tyler, Hazel Bloyd651Susan Boyer
Tyler, James251Susan Boyer
Tyler, Job250Susan Boyer
Tyler, John D. (B)250Susan Boyer
Tyler, Mary J. McKelvey251Susan Boyer
Tyler, Rosalie651Susan Boyer
Tyler, William651Susan Boyer
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Uberbacher, Mr.597
Underwood, Jennie K. Ragle752
Underwood, Wesley213
Unger, Ada E. DeLaGrange576
Unger, Bertha576
Unger, Dora Jantzen576
Unger, Elwood F.576
Unger, Frederick576
Unger, Velora576
Unger, William. (B)576
Urton, John S.165, 194
Uslis, Pearl Lorendo391
Utterback, David215
Utterback, Martha J. Farmer586
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Vaca, Damon753
Vaca, Fay753
Vaca, Glenn753
Vaca, Harold753
Vaca, Inez752
Vaca, Jesus Cabeza752
Vaca, Jose752
Vaca, Nancy E. Doty753
Vaca, Rene753
Vaca, Rita753
Vaca, Santos752
Vacovich, Mr.652
Vail Brothers (B)863
Vail, Agnes863
Vail, E. M.863
Vail, Frank864
Vail, Hattie Stanton864
Vail, J. W.863
Vail, Mary Bollman863
Vail, Mary863
Vail, Minnie Cox863
Vail, Minnie May864
Vail, R. M.863
Vallejo, Salvator703
Van Derburgh, Charlotte E. Gleason580, 581
Van Derburgh, Elizabeth Burnham580
Van Derburgh, Isaac Kelly580
Van Derburgh, Laura581
Van Epps, Mary M. Atwell856
Van Gordon, Ira105
Van Gordon, Mary Balaam757
Van Loan, May Mills747
Van Loan, Miss Overall429
Van Lugan, Mr.805
Van Sant, Governor257
Van Schaick, L. H.281
Van Sicklin, F. W.204
Van Tassell, Louis108
Van Valer, Eugenia A Gurnee792
Van Valer, Peter186, 187, 188
Van Valkenberg, E.163
Van Valkingburge, Eva M. Carlisle776
Van Vlear, John H.396
Van Vlear, Lulu J. Hawley396
Van Vlear, Nellie E. Dodge524
Vance, May Fitzsimons436
Vander, Mr. Naillen379
Vanderburgh, Ethalinda Wray564
Vasques, Charlotte Stokes295
Vasquez, Tiburcio726
Vaughan, Andrew Henry314
Vaughan, Bertha L.314
Vaughan, Eleanor Sorrells314
Vaughan, James Upton314
Vaughan, Merle E.314
Vaughan, Pearl E.314
Vaughan, William J.314
Vaughan, William T. (B)313
Vaughan, William191
Vaughn, Addie471
Vaughn, Amanda M. Shippee472
Vaughn, Bessie472
Vaughn, Caleb471
Vaughn, David A. (B)471
Vaughn, Lydia Hathaway471
Vaughn, Lydia471
Vaughn, Minnie McGahey472
Vaughn, Pheby471
Vaughn, Susan471
Vaughn, W. H.187
Vaughn, William471
Velie, B. S.839
Velie, Catherine Bacon839
Vermason, Cornelia Smith543
Vickery, Miss Carter880
Vierra, Mary Brazill689
Vincent, F. M.792
Vincent, Mary Gurnee792
Vines, Mr.865
Visalia Plumbing & Sheet Metal (B)309
Vise Family,9
Vise, Abner10, 34
Vise, Nathaniel9, 10, 13, 14, 34, 102, 766
Vise, Sallie/Salia14
Vivian, T. J.165
Vogan, John243
Vogan, Susan Waddell243
Vogle, Eugene31
Vogle, George766
Vogle, Miss Dineley766
Volf, Frank853
Volf, Mary Ley853
Von Gruningen, John124
Von Helms, Freda Jasper462
Von Schmidt, S. H.184
Vosberg, Charles209
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Waddell, Edwin H.243
Waddell, G. E.49
Waddell, George E. (B)242
Waddell, George Harold242, 243
Waddell, Isaac242
Waddell, Mercy B.242
Waddell, Susan243
Wade, James H.164
Waggner, L.196
Wagy, Mr.36
Wagy, Philip166
Wahl, Frances Borgman596
Wainwright, J. E.98
Wait, Richard Smith196Barbara Wait Krueger
Waite, Maud Bondson756
Walker, Amanda Wren684
Walker, Anna Keer684
Walker, Arna Headrick596, 682Maureen Harris
Walker, C. J.166
Walker, C. T.188
Walker, Clara Fugate687
Walker, Cora Ferguson838
Walker, E. H.210, 218
Walker, Edna687
Walker, Edwin687
Walker, Elvin683
Walker, F. J.202
Walker, Frank J.181, 190, 209
Walker, Frank687
Walker, J. T.684
Walker, John. (B)686
Walker, John E (B)681
Walker, John E.596, 681, 687
Walker, John390, 686David R. Walker
Walker, Loren687
Walker, Lucy687
Walker, Lydia Hodges687
Walker, Martha M. Tolbert684
Walker, Mary M. Polly Murray 449
Walker, Mary McEwen684
Walker, Mr.532, 546, 658
Walker, Neva682
Walker, Oliver682
Walker, Serepta Pate (B)686
Walker, Vernon682
Walker, William G. (B)684
Walker, William G.684
Walker, William687, 838
Wallace, Family81
Wallace, Judge39, 754
Wallace, Mr.530
Wallace, W. B.60, 164, 165
Waller, Nancy Rachel Smith865
Walters, Miss Cochran729
Waltz, Maud Parrish541
Waltz, Royal L.541
Wann, A.445
Wann, Rosa Lewis445
Ward, Agnes Fitzsimons436
Ward, Allen827, 833
Ward, Ann Balaam757
Ward, Arthur T.827
Ward, Harvey L. (B)826
Ward, Harvey151
Ward, Henry H.827Janice
Ward, Henry833
Ward, I. T.827
Ward, J. C.37
Ward, Lewis826
Ward, Mabel B. A827, 833
Ward, Martha E. West827Janice
Ward, Mary Harmon826
Ward, Mr.655
Ward, Phoebe G.827
Ward, Sarah Balaam757
Ward, Stella827
Warden, A. T.452
Warmoth, John749
Warmoth, Mary Jane Collins749
Warmoth, Mary Jane Null749
Warner, Erastus F. (B)623
Warner, Evelyn English624
Warner, Frederick A.624
Warner, G. W. Captain30, 36, 127
Warner, Gerrit W. Captain623
Warner, Julia A. Fenton623
Warner, Kitty Schreiber Horsnyder624
Warner, Martha Jane Fine769
Warner, Maud A. Baker624
Warner, Maud A. Baker624
Warner, Mrs. G. W.36
Warner, Sarah M. Cjousins624
Warren, Bobbie Willis889
Warren, David889
Warren, Florence Smith474
Warren, Frank95
Warren, Ima889
Warren, Ira889
Warren, Isaac H. (B)889
Warren, Leasel889
Warren, Mary Harris889
Warren, Oscar889
Warren, Thomas P.889
Warren, Willis889
Washburn, M. B.187, 188, 191
Wassen, Warren25
Wate, James13
Waterman, Governor304
Waterman, W. A.49
Waters, James439
Watson, Anna Estes651
Watson, F. P.187
Watson, Wiley20, 23, 28, 29, 36, 128, 129, 166
Watt, Catherine Jameson414
Watt, George527
Watt, Robert205, 207
Wattenberg, Mr.688
Watts, Catherine Jameson414
Watts, George527
Watts, Robert205, 207
Weathers, Carrie Sweet483
Weathers, Grover483
Weathers, J. B.483
Weathers, Jane Barton483
Weaver, M. L.38
Webb, George H.826
Webb, Hattie Stokes282
Webb, Horace L.826
Webb, J. W.185, 190
Webb, James A.104, 155
Webb, Malissa Braden762
Webb, Martha Noel826
Webb, Octavius H. (B)826
Webb, S. W.762
Webb, Sallie Hahaynes826
Webber, Effie Brewer482
Webber, W. J.190
Webster, Aleysana Kitchel795
Webster, J. V.184
Weddle, A. L.189
Weddle, Alice Kincaid520
Weddle, Arne L.520
Weddle, Barbara608
Weddle, Beatrice608
Weddle, Charles608
Weddle, Dorothy608
Weddle, Ethelbert S. (B)608
Weddle, George W.762
Weddle, Hester Heine762
Weddle, John C.762
Weddle, Lucinda Motsinger520
Weddle, Lucy J. Newlon762
Weddle, M. E. (B)762
Weddle, Mabel Day762
Weddle, Margaret Parker608
Weddle, Mary E. Fulton Robbins762
Weddle, Mary E. Snyder762
Weddle, Mayme Jacobs608
Weddle, Robert608
Weddle, Theresa Wilson608
Weddle, Walter E.608
Wegman, Caroline Belz277, 442
Wegman, Caroline Wennerholdt227, 442
Wegman, Eliza Otelia442
Wegman, George J. (B)442
Wegman, George J.227
Wegman, Matilda445
Wegman, Michael442
Wegman, Theodore442
Weidman, W. L.528
Weigle, Martin L. (B)579
Weigle, Matilda B. Wilson579
Weinshank, Mr.100
Weisbaum, E.209
Weisbaum, Edward210
Weisbaum, J.209
Weisbaum, N.209, 210, 443
Weishar, Clemintine Downing670
Welch, Josephine Scoggins269
Welch, Travers269
Welcher, John215
Wells, A. B.336
Wells, Almer H.336
Wells, Catherine Fudge600
Wells, Charles H.336
Wells, Donald Morgan601
Wells, Henry Gilbert599
Wells, James L.29, 31, 32
Wells, James M. (B)888
Wells, John601
Wells, Linda Pleas601
Wells, M. G.165
Wells, M. J.276, 604
Wells, Maggie601
Wells, Maria L. Hamlin336
Wells, Mary Douglass600
Wells, Miss Strong889
Wells, Morgan J. (B)599
Wells, Mr.35
Wells, Nancy Wilson599
Wells, Sallie600
Wells, Susan E. Douglass600
Wells, William Reid601
Wells, William U.336
Welsh, A. F.776
Welsh, Jessie H. Carlisle776
Wendling, G. X. (B)375
Wendling, G. X.330, 375
Wendling, George X.176, 179
Wendling, Mr.181
Wennerholdt, Caroline Wegman277, 442
Wennerholdt, Jacob442
Wentworth, John852
Wentworth, Miss Houston852
Wesebaum, Mr.770
West, Edward554
West, Eliza Freeman890
West, Ellen M. Gordon662
West, Eunice663
West, Everett554
West, George638
West, Herbert890
West, Irene554
West, Joseph889
West, Joshua E. (B)889
West, Marcella890
West, Martha E. Ward827Janice
West, Mary Baxley554
West, Morris M.827Janice
West, Mrs.509
West, Nancy E. McDarment663Jill Graham
West, Rowena Moore663Jill Graham
West, Russel554
West, Thomas G.663Jill Graham
West, W. B.97Jill Graham
West, William B. (B)662Jill Graham
West, William P.663Jill Graham
Westerhoff, Maria Decker592
Westerhoff, William592
Westlake, C. M.156
Weston, Edith Burton725
Whaley, Alexander556
Whaley, Bertie Dunlap556
Wharton, Emsley284
Wharton, Martha J. McFarland284
Wheeler, A. W.528
Wheeler, Alexander W. (B)646
Wheeler, Claire J.547
Wheeler, Elizabeth Brown646
Wheeler, Mattie B. Holcombe646
Wheeler, Mr.80, 384
Wheeler, William646
Wheelock, Abbie Murphy570
Wheelock, Nancy Murphy Haven Phillips813
Wheelock, Zina813
Whitaker, Ada Ferguson635
Whitaker, Ada Wright635
Whitaker, Daniel635
Whitaker, Edward W.635
Whitaker, Etta McDonald635
Whitaker, Eve Church635
Whitaker, Frances C. White636
Whitaker, George635
Whitaker, Helen Heffron635
Whitaker, Horace635
Whitaker, Jesse L.635
Whitaker, Mary J. DeVoll635
Whitaker, William (B)634
White, Captain670
White, H. M.42, 406
White, Harrison Capt. (B)301
White, Harrison301, 310
White, Hattie Pauline Anthony303
White, Huffman M.756
White, J. M.46, 47
White, James H.183
White, Lela Shippey499
White, Maria MacClave302
White, Mary Hendrey833
White, Miss Brown756
White, Miss Cook302
White, Mr.686
White, Mrs. H. M.41
White, Mrs. R. G.217
White, Peregrine310
White, R. G.181, 209
White, S. J.215
White, Sarah Wiggins McAdam744
White, Selem302
White, Silas302
White, T. C.204
Whitendale, Eliza Chatten490
Whitendale, Louis490
Whitesides, W. H.196
Whiting, J.196
Whitlock, Louada Dockstader525
Whitman, L. A.99
Whitmore, Luada Dockstader525
Whitson, Mary Ann Trigg671
Whitson, Sarah Antrim841
Whittier, W. F.204
Whittington, Charles Roy713
Whittington, Frank Edmund713
Whittington, Grace Akers713
Whittington, Grace Nichols713
Whittington, J. F.712
Whittington, Joseph712
Whittington, Mary Spencer712
Whittington, Pearl Ione Hammer713
Whittington, Ray Hackney713
Whittington, Virginia Hackney713
Whittington, William E.713
Whittington, William M. D. (B)712
Whitworth, Clarence819
Whitworth, Margaret Gann Johnson Smith819
Widner, Harry210, 218
Widner, Mr.552
Wiggind, Sarah White McAdam744
Wilber, Mr.872
Wilbur, Candace Gurnee792
Wilbur, W. H.473, 792
Wilburn, Rose Wilson613
Wilcox, Bruce342
Wilcox, C. G.755
Wilcox, Clara Ellen Bloyd324
Wilcox, Ethel Burton725
Wilcox, Fannie Brown755
Wilcox, Frank684
Wilcox, Ida B. Steves683, 684
Wilcox, K. L.324
Wilcox, Marvin342
Wilcox, Mr.546
Wilcox, Rose Belle684
Wildfang, Carrie S. Charles869
Wiley, Assemblyman730
Wiley, Euvie Cochran730
Wiley, Minnie Cochran730
Wiley, Roy W.730
Wilkerson, Rebecca Crabtree516
Wilkie, Amelia Fulmer McCormick348
Wilkinson, Myrtle J. Smith819
Willard, Tom47
Willfard, Nina B. Huntley256
Williams, A. C.164
Williams, Alpheus C. (B)627
Williams, Alpheus C. Jr.628
Williams, Barbara Ann Murray449
Williams, Christie E. Edmonds585
Williams, Clark V.828
Williams, D. C.211, 213
Williams, Daisy Rivers884
Williams, Edith H.70
Williams, Emma M.628
Williams, Emma Moody451
Williams, Farris W.744
Williams, Father463
Williams, Frances Boone763
Williams, George W. (B)450
Williams, George828
Williams, Gertrude828
Williams, Hannah Bartlett679
Williams, Iva W. Bryans585
Williams, J. Fred744
Williams, J. H.70
Williams, J. W.116
Williams, Joel W. (B)585
Williams, John W. (B)743
Williams, John W.21, 22, 28, 743
Williams, Joseph180, 184
Williams, Josephine L. Williams828
Williams, Josephine828
Williams, Julia Storey743
Williams, Louisa Bairstow603
Williams, Mary Ellen Goad628
Williams, Mary Hight448
Williams, Mercy828
Williams, Mrs.105
Williams, Nellie Jones744
Williams, R. D.808
Williams, Roger541
Williams, Sarah Mathewson541
Williams, Storey F.744
Williams, T. P.157
Williams, William A. (B)828
Williams, William544
Williams, Williamson Mr.17
Willis, Bobbie Warren889
Willis, John86, 889
Willis, Mr.89
Willis, Tom14
Willock, Colonel809
Wilson, A. D.424, 773
Wilson, A. L.451
Wilson, Adam599
Wilson, Agnes Kneeland696
Wilson, Calhoun613
Wilson, Chester H.714
Wilson, Earl O.714
Wilson, Elizabeth Hamilton608
Wilson, Fannie Hughes613
Wilson, Frank142
Wilson, Fred W.714
Wilson, G. M.880
Wilson, Grace L.714
Wilson, Henry L. (B)713
Wilson, I. E.796
Wilson, John A. (B)851
Wilson, John A.613, 851
Wilson, John609
Wilson, Julia Alcorn613
Wilson, Lloyd E.714
Wilson, Lucinda R. Steves683
Wilson, Maggie Bliss796
Wilson, Mary Alcorn851
Wilson, Matilda B. Weigle579
Wilson, Minnie F. Lois714
Wilson, Miss Hefton851
Wilson, Mr.100, 496
Wilson, Nancy Wells599
Wilson, Nellie Scott340
Wilson, O. L.196, 851
Wilson, Ollie S.608
Wilson, Osborne L. (B)612
Wilson, Ralph C.714
Wilson, Rose Henry613
Wilson, Rose J.851
Wilson, Ross L.714
Wilson, Ruby Pearl Bush880
Wilson, Sarah Doyle801
Wilson, Stit190
Wilson, Theresa Weddle608
Wilson, Tug425
Wilson, Victor C.152
Wilson, Wilburn613
Wilson, William C.613
Wing, A. W.390
Wing, Celissa B. Bagby494
Wing, F. H.494
Wing, F. H.494
Wing, Sadie494
Wing, William A.890
Wingfield, A. A.10, 13, 163Jill Graham
Wingfield, Charles R.165, 166Jill Graham
Wingfield, Charley R.8, 10, 13, 16, 163Jill Graham
Wingfield, Margaret Gordon663Jill Graham
Wingrove, L. S.69, 70
Winnie, W. H.196
Winsett, Miss525
Winsett, Nancy Schooler685
Winsett, Robert685
Winsett, Sarah A. Esrey685, 736
Winsett, Thomas525
Wirht, Eliza Meredith834
Wirht, Martin (B)834
Wishon, A. G.130
Wishon, D. L.165
Witherell, Muriel Moore380
Withlock, W. A.130
Witt Family,69
Witt, M. D.385
Witt, N. B.69
Witt, T. J.69
Witty, A.152
Witty, George150, 151, 152
Wolcott, Mr.688
Wood, Arthur477
Wood, Caroline E. Jones477
Wood, Carrie Goldthwaite571
Wood, Daniel (B)751
Wood, Daniel G.751
Wood, Edna751
Wood, Edward751
Wood, Frank477
Wood, George (B)477
Wood, George W.751
Wood, I. T.215
Wood, Josephine Wray564
Wood, Litta751
Wood, Maggie Johnson477
Wood, Stella751
Woodard, Alice Fudge578
Woodard, August474
Woodard, Chester H.578
Woodard, Dorris578
Woodard, Ethel Elster578
Woodard, Eunisa Dailey577
Woodard, Flora Swank578
Woodard, H. P.577
Woodard, Hazel578
Woodard, Homer D. (B)577
Woodard, Homer Daily577
Woodard, Marvin W.577
Woodard, Melvin C.577
Woodard, Mildred578
Woodard, Myron577
Woodard, Myrtle578
Woodard, Orvia578
Woodard, Orvis (see August)578
Woodard, Susie F. Roork578
Woodard, Viola Smith (see Woodward)474
Woodey, Ellen Findley840
Woods, A. J. (B)526
Woods, A. J.526, 530
Woods, Albert W.526
Woods, Claude E.526
Woods, Eva Pierson526
Woods, Jessie Lorendo391
Woods, Lizzie Moore516, 530
Woods, Miss Sayer526
Woods, Mr.7, 8, 9, 10, 284, 446
Woodward, August474, 578
Woodward, Gussie Tompkins384
Woodward, N. Z.184
Woodward, O. J.204
Woodward, Viola Smith (see Woodard)474, 578
Woody, J. W.163
Wookey, Sidney H. (B)636
Wooley, Alfred583
Wooley, Letitian Dean583
Wooten, G. D.666
Wooten, Mary Fincher666
Work, Alma B. Howell508Vicki Ringer
Work, Alma Fenwick507Vicki Ringer
Work, Alma507Vicki Ringer
Work, Angeleine Hutchinson Howell507Vicki Ringer
Work, Daisy507Vicki Ringer
Work, Enoch (B)507Vicki Ringer
Work, Family57, 58Vicki Ringer
Work, H.58Vicki Ringer
Work, Hopkins507Vicki Ringer
Work, June507Vicki Ringer
Work, Leora McHaley508Vicki Ringer
Work, Martha Parker507Vicki Ringer
Work, Nicholas507Vicki Ringer
Work, Orville507Vicki Ringer
Work, Polly McElroy507, 508Vicki Ringer
Work, Sarah Nettie McElroy507, 508Vicki Ringer
Work, Thomas507, 508Vicki Ringer
Worley, Mary M. Knight581
Worswick, Bill346
Worswick, J.191
Worswick, John180, 187
Worswick, Joshua202
Worswick, Tlhomas507, 508
Worthley, Elizabeth Knight582
Wray, Ethalinda Vanderburgh564
Wray, George U. (B)563
Wray, George W.564
Wray, Josephine Wood564
Wren, Amanda Walker684
Wren, Mary J. Burton724
Wright, Ada Whitaker635
Wright, Alfred W.501
Wright, Alice L.352
Wright, Amelia A. Orton844
Wright, Arthur501
Wright, Charlotte A. Phillips352
Wright, Clifton635
Wright, Elizabeth Newton351
Wright, Elizabeth Smith351
Wright, Etta Ranard331
Wright, Fae331
Wright, Felix501
Wright, Florence C.501
Wright, George W.352
Wright, George351
Wright, Gilbert W.501
Wright, Gladys501
Wright, H. E.770, 868
Wright, Harland E. (B)330
Wright, Harland E.330, 636
Wright, Hattie M. Higdon307, 352
Wright, I. N.81, 304, 307
Wright, Isaac N. (B)351
Wright, J.115
Wright, James W. (B)500
Wright, James351
Wright, Joan Hickox501
Wright, John Wesley500
Wright, Katie501
Wright, Lois501
Wright, Margaret Lidsey500
Wright, Maria L. Bailey330
Wright, Mary McLaughlin844
Wright, Mary Remkes501
Wright, Mary351
Wright, Robert744
Wright, Samuel844, 877
Wright, Sidney McAdam744
Wright, Sullivan330
Wright, Victoria Neff352
Wright, Viola501
Wright, Walter L.501
Wright, Warren501
Wright, William351
Wright, Winfield501
Wyatt, Henry215
Wyer, Cecil508
Wyer, Floy508
Wyer, Maud Henley508
Wyllie, George Washington142, 165Suzanne B. Bolton
Wyllie, Mr.39
Wyman, A. J.540
Wyman, Anna Parrish540
Wynne, Captain25
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Yell, Archibald184, 202
Yolitz, Martha Michaelis846
Young, Blanche Hardin484
Young, Brigham489
Young, Ewing6
Young, Ida Agnew875, 887
Young, J. N. (B)887
Young, Maud Shuman888
Young, Newton875, 887
Yount, Mr.703
Yuel, Cora Howes496
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Zaiser Brothers,708
Ziegel, Andrew480
Ziegel, Frances Newman480
Zimmerman, Laura Blain547
Zumwalt, Adam401
Zumwalt, Cynthia A. Dunlap555
Zumwalt, D. K.134, 137, 157, 297
Zumwalt, Daniel Kindle (B)401
Zumwalt, Elizabeth Hawk402
Zumwalt, Emma F. Blackwedel402
Zumwalt, George401
Zumwalt, J. B.562, 574
Zumwalt, Jacob401
Zumwalt, John H.402
Zumwalt, Joseph402
Zumwalt, Lydia A. DeWitt407
Zumwalt, Mr.284
Zumwalt, Nancy Hunt401
Zumwalt, Sarah M. Shoemaker402
Zumwalt, Susanna Kindle Smith401

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