A Memorial and biographical history of Northern California:

containing a history of this important section of the Pacific Coast from the earliest period of its occupancy ... and biographical mention of many of its most eminent pioneers and also of prominent citizens of today.

Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago - 1891 - 834 Pages

California Local History - Rocq - 15952

This work includes Klamath County - dissolved 1874 - This is one of four works with the same name and publisher but covering different biographies.

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contactSteve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the"Researcher" column.

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abele, Abner790
Abshier, John683
Adams, O. M.708
Adams, R. J.458
Adamson, C. P.430
Aiken P. J.800
Aitken, A. B.493
Akerman, A. E.741
Albertson, W. A.524
Albright, H. M.654
Alexander, G. E.394
Allen, E. A.700
Allison, B. F.650
Allison, Josiah527
Allman, John540
Allyn, John361
Alsip, A. B.422
Alviso, V.368
Alvord, Samuel636
Ames, John579
Anderson, Gus347
Anderson, Ludwig790
Anderson, W. G.698
Arbios, Jean451
Armstrong, John428
Armstrong, John431
Armstrong, R. O.660
Arnold, Marshall665
Atkins, Quintus Narcissus747
Atkinson, J. B.299
Atwood, Isaac501
Austin, James D.745
Aylward, J.309
B[Return to Jump Site]
Backus, Gurdon303
Bahney, W. H.608
Bailey, Hiram">708
Baird, J. E.698
Baker, V. P.758
Balis, G. W.584
Ball, J. C.411
Balzari, C. P.567
Bank of Livermore307
Barber, M. R.495
Bardot, Jerome819
Barham, J. L.558
Barley, E. S.375
Barnes, F. J.762
Barnes, Watson381
Barry, Richard731
Bartlett, W. P.333
Bassett, W. D.384
Beach, G. H.377
Beamer, R. H.465
Beamer, R. L.467
Beard, J. N.672
Becker, C. J.762
Bee, F. M.710
Behrens, C. H.629Arthur J. Behrens
Bell, Aaron401
Bemmerly, Agnes302
Benicia Agricultural Works516
Beringer Bros.468
Bidwell, John107
Bidwell, W. J.649
Bierce, R. H.569
Bitzer, Urias415
Black, J. J.672
Blossom, R. H.417
Bond, T. B.427
Borges, J. S.490
Borreo, F.558
Borrette, H. R.698
Boswell, W. A.788
Bourn & Wise824
Bower, J. G.539
Bradbury, Josephus608Henry
Brammar, George326
Bray, William735
Brigman, A. C.553
Brown, A. L.616
Brown, C. A.320
Brown, C. Y.387
Brown, H. W.657
Brown, J. W.684
Brown, Jackson F.454
Brown, Smith446
Brown, W. A.474
Browning, W. Y.459
Brownlie, James599
Brun, J. A. & Co.497
Buchle, J. M.583
Buck, J. W.330
Buckles, A. J.510
Buckman, O. H.333
Budworth, W.345
Buffington, J. M.402
Buford, H. C.728
Bullard, W. G.446
Burgar, J. F.755
Burger, E. G.659
Burkman, W.682
Burland, W. H. & B. F.725
Bush, C. C.305
Bush, C. W.297
Bush, E. R.300
Bush, F. W.687
Bustelli, G.348
Butler, A. D.568
Butzbach, H. H.506
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cadenasso, N.705
Cadwalader, C.591
Cahill, George682
California Lustral Co817
Callahan, P.712
Camden, Charles643
Cameron, J. S.566
Caminetti, A.688
Campbell, Basil323
Campbell, C. A.618
Campbell, James655
Campbell, William N.361
Cannedy, W. J.544
Cannon, Charles591
Carmer, R. O.776
Carr, G. B.798
Carver, D. B.316
Cassel, W. F.736
Cassilis, H. M.451
Casterson, R. H.426
Castner, W. J.800
Chadbourn, H. P.720
Chambers, D. C.362
Champlin, George673
Chapman, G. W.813
Chapman, W. H.687
Chard, Stephen544
Chase, H. B.582
Cheetham, J. D.472
Chipman, N. P.353
Chisholm, Daniel386
Christie, W. A.352
Clanton, D. R.413
Clanton, E. J.615
Clark, Ephraim408
Clark, Jesse577
Clark, Jonas315
Clark, W. D.683
Clauson, H. A.473
Cleghorn, P. M.662
Clements, John655
Clevenger, J. S.585
Coates, Leonard346
Cochran, Holton732
Cocking, George563
Coleman, Mrs. D. M.624
Collins, S. W.808
Colman, Waterman512
Combs, J. H.686
Conant, John Wesley767Lowell
Cone, J. S.385
Conn, F. W.471
Connelly, F.509
Cook, J. R.645
Cook, Joseph654
Coombs, F. L.741
Cooper, James G.395
Cooper, John G.767
Corlett, William P.747
Corrigan, M.745
Courtois, V.474
Cousins, C. S.405
Crabb, H. W.708
Craig, Fred453
Craig, Joseph561
Cramer, L.376
Craner, Henry498
Crawford, C. M.700
Crew, A. H.116
Crites, E. Q.390
Cropsey, George427Debbie Hammond
Crouch, R.409
Crump, R. W.672
Crumrine, B. V.462
Cunningham, F.342
Curry, H. C.473
Cyrus, John397
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dameron, G. M.462
Dany, Matthias677
Davis, Mrs. L. E.807
Dawson, W. J. G.374
Day, Russell714
Day, William400
De Fries, William J.665Ken Tessendorff
De Keyser, M.447
De Vilbiss, J. A.513
Dean, Emil M.630
Delvecchio, C. H.528
Dennis, J. L.382
Derseh, Frederick500
Devin, William750
Dewell, Benjamin703
Dexter, Lorenzo472
Diendonni, A.685
Diestelhorst, John G. J.668
Dietz, Louis382
Diggs, D. P.701
Dininger, F.498
Dinsdale, John471
Doane, Scott634
Dobbins, O. P.511
Dolan, Leo377
Dopking, T. F.584
Douglas, J. A.316
Dow, C. W.678
Downey, John Augustus813Lowell
Downs, J. S.680
Dozier, L. F.363
Dozier, T. B601
Drummond, M. H.794
DuBois, A. S.396
Duckworth, L.796
Duhig, James587
Duncan, B. F.376C. J. Duncan Flin
Duncan, W. G.619C. J. Duncan Flin
Duncan, William571C. J. Duncan Flin
Dunphey, Dexter332L. Spencer Leister
Durfor, H. W.742
Durham, Joshua Elder590Frances
Durst, Barbara695
E[Return to Jump Site]
Earl, Thomas631
Eaton, A. M.407
Eaton, G. W.670
Eaton, J. H.407
Edmands, William O.456
Edmunds, J. F.656
Eells, E. P.639
Elgin, W. A.371
Elliott, J. L.452
Ellison, J. F.641
Ely, Benj.488
Ely, I. J.699
Englehart, E. J.550
Epley, T. H.554
Epperson, J. H.588Win Terrell
Esterle, A. M755
Etter, Allen W.553
Everett, J. B.669
Ewer, Seneca390
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farhner, J. G.300
Farmer, J. W.494
Farnham, Daniel587
Fath, Adam363
Fee, G. W.426
Feeny, R. H.786
Felts, W. W.782
Fickert, C. W.617
Filippini, Charles585
Fillman, S. P.638
Finch, H. G.454
Fish, C. E.752
Fish, Erskine633
Fish, Lafayette477
Fisher, Daniel346
Fisher, Isaac358
Fisher, J. M.554
Fisher, W. A.366
Fisher, W. F.678
Fisher, W. H.681
Fiske, George D.350Lee
Flamant, Adolphe487
Flanagan, M.694
Flanagan, P.714
Fontenrose, L. J.458
Foree, G. H.679
Foster, H. C.782
Foster, J. H.784
Fountain, G. C.806
Fowler, W. J.602
Franck Bros.515
Franklin, B. B.697
Frazer, Donald331
Freeman, F. S.609
Frick, John729
Friedericks, H.816
Friedriiksen, N. P.818
Frisbie, Edward311
Fuller, F. N.665
Fuller, Rolla653
Fulton, John425Walter Kaiser
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gable & Bro.325
Gading, Nicolaus492
Gafford, J. W.582
Gardemeyer, H373
Gardiner, Luke, Sr.583
Gardner, A. M.827
Garey, G. J.681
Geary, P. H.749Tim Geary
George, John771
Germeshausen, Joseph727
Gibson, F. W.436
Gibson, W. B.730
Gilbert, S. J. R.467
Gilmore, John761
Gleaves, J. M.775
Goeppert, J. G. B.729
Goodman, G. E.460
Goodnough, A. M.600
Gordon, G. W.743
Gorner, T .711
Gould, G. W.667
Gray, Edward503Mary
Gray, S. C.502
Greene, C. E.439
Griffin, J. B.560
Griffin, J. F.560
Griffin, Joseph557
Griffin, Marion780
Griffith, A.507
Griffith, C. C.312
Griggs, S. A.580
Grigsby & Johnson822
Gritman, C. R.642
Grossman, A. H.637
Grotefend, F.642
Groves, George349
Guysi, Jacob660
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hadley, James T763
Hadsell, Charles416
Hagen, Henry547
Hall, E. M., Jr.794
Hall, W. R.622
Ham, E. D.437
Hammans, A. J.573
Hanna, Jacob709
Hannum,W. W.301
Harlan, J. H.735
Harley, E511
Harling, M. O.370
Harriman, S. M.490
Harris, J. C.499
Hartman, Wm. P.773
Hartson, Chancellor337
Hartsough, J. B.762
Harvey, J. A.523
Haskey, F. G.677
Haskin, A. S.686
Hastie, R. S.812
Hatcher, Wm.607Nancy Hatcher McCullough
Hawes, Wm.805
Hays, Wm.679
Hayward, O. E.500
Heinz, Lorenz327
Hemenway, G. W.498
Hennessey, E. Z.711
Henrick, F. N.795
Henry, Jacob636
Herron, M. W.777
Hershey, D. N.433
Hesse, Charles470
Hewitt, J. B630
Hext, R. & T.496
Hider, Frank681
Hogan, Henry302
Holden, B. F399
Holden, S. E.489
Hook, Henry495
Hook, M. R.559
Hoppin, C. B.525
Hopping, W. E.766
Houx, D. F.671
Howard, H. C.491
Howard, N. S520
Howard, S. A.456
Hudson, Catharine J.653
Hughes, C. D.804
Hull, A. J.407
Hulse, J. C.589
Humphrey, W. S.352
Hunt, Charles477
Hunt, W. G.577
Hurlbert, D. B.461Orin
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingram, S. D.388
Ink, T. H.529
Inman, M. F.797
Ireland, Elias575
Issacs, J. E.772
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, D. A.398
Jackson, J. P.171
Jackson, William543
James, Bennett737
James, L. L.740
Jeans, Jephtha655
Jeans, W. F.7l7
Jessen, H. P.736
Johnson, Andrew586
Johnson, H. B.696
Johnson, H. F.534
Johnston, F. E.416
Jones, Benton353
Jones, J. P.492
Juarez, Dolores310
Juchson, G. H.321
Judy, D. O.536
Judy, Henry F625
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keithley, John615
Keithly, S. T.688
Kergel, August507
Kettlewell, J. R.648Susan Faught
Keys, E. M.305
Kidd, L. W.811
Kimball, G. G612
Kincheloe, Z. B.743
King, William743
Kirkham, Samuel310
Klemmer, Anton757
Knox, G. R787
Koopman, H. W727
Koopman, A.724
Kraft, Herbert753
Krellenberg, P754
Krug, Charles820
Kuhn, Herman676Chris Day
Kuhn, William727Chris Day
L[Return to Jump Site]
La Rue, C. L817
La Rue, J. E496
Lafrenz. D., Jr330
Lahe, G. C.754
Langan, G. S.748
Langan, G. W.297
Lange, L. H. D.598
Lauener, Peter458
Laughlin, W. H.579
Lawhead, W.429
Lawson, J. D.445
Lawson, Josbua445
Lechleiter, J. .A345
Lee, B. B.570
Lee, W. M.811
Lemme, R. W298
Liersch, Gustave757
Lillard, J. T724
Lincoln, H. L.624
Litsch, Frank788
Livermore Echo413
Livermore Herald333
Livermore Spring Water Co308
Loeber, F. W801
Logan, J. I341
Logan, M. H545
Long, S. W525
Lowdon, Thos.518
Luce, Daniel38l
Luders, Maas717
Lyman, W. W.475
Lyon, D. B.620
M[Return to Jump Site]
Macfarlane, W. W478
Mack, G. P.696
Mackinder, W. A410
Madison, G. W.562
Magee, William785
Majers, D. F.710
Major, Ebenezer720
Maloney, T.344
Manasse, E.398
March, W. F.812
Martin, G. C.400
Martin, J. T. 593
Martin, W. H.301
Martinelli, A. L.704
Martinelli, F684
Mathewson, Joseph646
Matthiesen, H.732
Maxwell, T. J.664
Maybee, H. N.342
Mayhew, C. R.759
McArthur, J. B.388
McBain, J. W.504
McBain, Thomas409
McCabe T. J.781
McClintic, Mrs. S. E702
McClory, Andrew551
McClurg, J372
McConnell, J. I.327
McCormick, James334
McCoy, A. M.605
McCoy, A. S. J.359
McCullough, William369
McDonald, R.715
McEachran, C. T.443
McElwee, C. K.784
McGlashan, Robert716
McIntire, D. F.417
McIntire, J. J.804
McKenzie, G. S.746
McKown, J. O.347
McIntyre, H. W.744
McVicar, P. H.717
McVicker, Dennis336
McWilliams, M. J.587Colleen Adelman
Mecklenburg, J.444
Meehan, James697
Meese, G. W.431
Mehrmann, H. B.728
Mendenhall, W. M.706
Menzel, George770
Menzel, William770
Merrill, N.588
Merritt, H. P.449
Meyn, John336
Mezger, C680
Mezger, Fred518
Michaelson, Fred441
Miller, Frederick646
Miller, J. H.719
Miller, M. R.526
Miller, Mrs. H.596
Millsap, Walter506Lewis Ruddick
Minear & Sons651
Minis, William448
Minor, N.505
Mitchell, J. M.817
Mitchell, M. A.775
Mohr, J. C.383
Monday, S. L.606
Mongini, J.707
Montgomery, T. B.516
Montgomery, W. S.702
Mooney, C. D.344
Mooney, Hugh564
Morby, P. J.666
Morette, C. N.726
Morgan, M. W.473
Morin, C. D.452
Mull, John596
Murray, John623
Murray, T. F.827
Mushett, Ida E.827
Musick, Kate F.503
N[Return to Jump Site]
Napa College671
Nickell, J. J.375
Niclas, Emil730
Niebaum, G.721
Nollman, George555
Nunamaker, W. D.750
Nusbaumer, A.332
O[Return to Jump Site]
Olds, Lewis336
Olendorf, W. D.667
Oliver, Benjamin792
Oliver, G. W. and W. F.694
Osborne, J. W.403
Ossmann, Tobias664
Ostrander, J. A.522
Overhouse, Wm.460
Owens, Richard723
Owings, Calvin770
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pace, J. L790
Paget, J. H.319
Palisade Mines822
Palmer, E. P.414
Palmer, J. R.298
Palmer, P677
Pardee, G. W.700
Parish, Barney792
Parker, T. R.425
Parrott, T.404
Peden, L. O.480
Pellet, H. A814
Pennington, A. R.396
Perkins, B. G.403
Perry, Henry400
Perry, J. W.489
Petersen, M. C.737
Pickett, B. H.793
Pitcher, H. H.307
Pleisch, Theodore455
Plumb, Mayne750
Pockman, Mrs. E.568Nancy Hatcher McCullough
Pond, M. B.328
Pone, S. P.555
Poore, G. A.521
Poston, Dallas512
Potterton, A.795
Pratt, R. H.829
Price, W. F.783
Priest, J. J.519
Prince, A. L.374
Proletti, Eugene749
Pryor, W. A712
Pulsifer, O. F.605
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ramage, Andrew735
Rambo Bros618
Rath, J. G.491
Rayer, Gottlob752
Reading, P. B.791
Reed, E. G.658
Reid, W. F794Carol-Anne Tucker-Watt
Reynolds, J. E.778
Rhodes, S. R.438
Richard, H. C.547
Richie, M. G.802
Ridley, James670
Robbins, T. J.684
Roberts, P. L.432
Roberts, T. M.383
Robinson, Charles553
Robinson, Charles556
Robinson, W. H.404
Rogers, T. G.799
Rollins, J. S.491
Roseberry, J.319
Ross, A. F.695
Ross, H. F.367
Ross, Thomas625
Ruddock, Calvin355
Ruggles, A. C.751Sandi Rowe
Peggy Perazzo
Rumsey, J. B.468
Rural Health Retreat423
Rusing, E. S.623
Russell, F. E.663
Russell, S. S.676
Russell, William663
Rust, R. C.457
S[Return to Jump Site]
Savage, S. L.313
Schaffers, L.704
Schlieman, F.512
Schluer, Otto726
Schoenfeld, S. D.550
Schrader, F. A.730
Schram, Jacob392
Schuerley, J. K.725
Schuman, Adam769
Schween, Ernest332
Schweer, W. C.724
Scott, D. S.661
Scott, G.W537L. Spencer Leister
Scott, J. V.789
Scott, L. N.524
Seabold, Elias680
Seaman, Henry662
Shanahan, D. N.766
Shryock, S.599
Shuffleton, H. H.647
Shurtleff, Benjamin289
Sieber, C.442
Sievers, Francis813
Simons, S. J.734
Simpson, John463
Sims, William464Nancy
Slade, V711
Slavens, H. H.676
Smith J. K.343
Smith W. H.470
Smith, D.W.310
Smith, F. W.552
Smith, J. O.781
Smith, T. B.318
Smith, W. A. C.335
Snavely, E.384
Snider, Eli454
Soule, W. H.564
Sovereign, J.403
Spagnoli, D. B.685
Spelman, Jobn774
Spencer, Dennis716
Stairley, W.635
Stanley, G. C.712
Starr, A. W595
Stephens, G. D.389
Stephens, J. D.689
Stephens, L. D.485
Sterling, R. H.718
Stevens, J. B.365
Stevenson, A. M.517
Steves, J. H.350
Stewart, Charles504
Still, W. E.414
Stitt, J. W.522
Stohl, C.335
Stoll, Pau1648
Strickland, F. M.635
Suaza, Joseph720
Swayze, O. W.456
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taber, G. W.464
Tandy, George387
Tarter, A. P.480
Tauzer, A.315
Taylor, S. M.650
Teale, P. T.314
Thomann, John818
Thomas, B. F.713
Thomas, C. F.706
Thomas, C. S.705
Thompson, Wm.703
Tobin, J. F.661
Tocker, P. A.728
Tool, S. M.348
Topley, James497
Townsley, W. S. B.778
Tozer, C. H.394
Trainor, L. H.326
Trubody, W. A.373
Tubbs, A. L.828
Tufts, J. B.572
Turner, J. C.576
Turton, G. J.357
Tutt, J. A.479
Tutt, J. S.669
Tyler, J. C.440
Tyther, Richard549
U[Return to Jump Site]
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vallejo, Platon597
Van der Voort, A. C.459
Van Zee, D.621
Vestal, G. W.537
Villa Miravalle404
Von Pessl, E.683
Von Schilling, A.324
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, J. H.622
Walker, Wm.509
Wallace, G. P.803
Walton, Alfred574
Ward E. H.567
Warrington, T. H.774
Watkins, W. W.476
Weilbye, J. L.429
Weinberger, J. C.442
Welch, J. J.566
Welch, W. H.453
Wells, Philip574
Welsh, Eliza666
Wenig, P. V.726
Wente, C. E.347
West, J. M.653
Westlake, G. W.621
Westwater, Thos.694
Wexelberger, Jos.663
Wheeler, J. H.809
Whitman, G. W.701
Wiedeman, C. F. L.590
Wiley, H. R535
Wilkins, E. T.481
Winter, G. G.529
Winton, Crayton492
Withers, J. M.573
Wood, H. B.371
Wood, Joel715
Wright, Edmund557
Wulf, N. H.731
Wyckoff, N.364
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
York, M. R. 669
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zimmerman, John A.376Erika
Zvierkovich, J390

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