A Volume of memoirs and genealogy of representative citizens of northern California:

including biographies of many of those who have passed away.

Standard Genealogical Publishing Company, Chicago, Ill. 1901

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Adams, Frederick184
Adams, John363
Adams, Lorenzo D.642
Adams, Moses618
Albery, Herman M.141
Albery, John W.245
Allen, George W.244
Allen, George483
Allen, Hosea G.531
Allen, John P.376
Amick, Alfred J.307
Anderson, William A.587
Aram, Eugene62
Atwood, Henry522
Aver, John262
Azevedo, M. J.119
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bacon, Pyam B.78
Baker, Charles W.298
Baker, Daniel O.173
Baker, Daniel S.400
Baker, Frederick H.584
Banvard, Edgar M.302
Barney, Earl S.211
Barrett, John W.815
Batcher, John H.810
Bauman, John530
Bayley, Charles W.677
Beattie, George615
Beckman, William277
Beckwith, Charles M.126
Bell, Alexander G.772
Bennett, James F.339
Bennetts, W. A.217
Berkey, T. H.87
Bernhard, Henry423
Berry, David E.441
Bessac, Henry W.442
Birdsall, Frederick146
Birney, Thomas C 249
Bisbee, John G.440
Bisbee, Wilson A.573
Bledsoe, Willis590
Bogan, Charles J.338
Boggs, John C.691
Bosquit, A. S 632
Botto, Costantino C.163
Bowers, Warren O.156
Brady, James J.429
Bray, Joseph193
Briggs, James R.380
Bright, Samuel W.511
Brinn, Morris486
Bristol, Abraham781
Bromley, R. Innis526
Brown, Armstead C.111
Brown, Frank578
Brown, James F.519
Brown, William724
Bryan, Henry421
Buckbee, O. S.560
Buckley, William L.659
Bugbey, B. N.435
Burce, Eugene E.438
Burden, Charles H.553
Burdge, Stephen D.347
Burleson, Charles M.407
Burnett, Albert738
Burt, Samuel B.137
Butler, John230
Butterfield, Benj. F.270
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cady, John S.536
Caminetti, Anthony106
Carmichael, Daniel W.814
Carpenter, G. J.88
Carpenter, Prentiss520
Carr, Thomas H.812
Carter, Charles H.152
Cassidy, Fred. F.88
Cassinelli, David541
Catlin, Amos P.104
Chalmers, Alexander325
Chapman, Emory W.730
Chinn, Frederick C.828
Chisholm, John218
Christ, Herman583
Clark, Eli D.622
Clark, Philetus B.757
Clark, William O.120
Clifford, Eldad A.745
Clinch, Charles E.416
Colgan, E. P.154
Collins, Daniel S.420
Collins, John715
Comstock, William D.744
Conlon, Thomas476
Conroy, William C.315
Coombs, Jacob L.272
Cooper, Daniel A.322
Cooper, Isaac202
Copp, Reuben H.719
Corwin, Cecil811
Cottle, Francis M.739
Coughlin, John H.732
Coulter, Adolphus H.543
Coulter, George W.608
Cox, Frederick204
Cravens, Robert O.816
Crawford, Edwin R.733
Crawford, James571
Cressey, Albert L.371
Crocker Brothers594
Croff, John W.600
Croop, William B.646
Crutcher, James W.170
Currey, James T.785
Curry, Charles F.491
Curtin, John B.541
Curtin, John710
Curtis, Charles A.408
Cushing, John H.684
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daniels, Henry458
Davidson, Louis178
Davis, John F.449
Davis, John J.210
Davis, Richmond261
Davis, Rudolphus C.459
Davis, Winfield J.168
Day, Charles E.431
Dees, William R.367
Dejarnett, J. B.819
Dennis, Jackson494
DeYoe, Caroline R.131
Dibble, Sumner T.736
Dillman, M. J.427
Dixon, Joseph301
Donohue, Thomas566
Downs, Robert C.517
Doyle, John B.576
Dray, Findley R.60
Drescher, Christian C.556
Dunlap, George H.586
Dunlap, James R.287
Dwyer, Patrick524
E[Return to Jump Site]
Early, John C.580
Eaton, John M.714
Ebel, Frederick A.321
Elsbree, Andrew J.279
Emart, David199
Endicott, Edwin E.529
Erlewine, Oliver W.86
Ertle, John756
Eudey, Henry454
Evans, Claeborne W.351
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farnsworth, William C.291
Ferguson, Aaron A.312
Finney, William N.624
Fisher, George266
Fisher, John P.456
Fisk, Frank W 237
Fithian, Joseph C.98Paula Fithian Byard
Fletcher, George310
Fontenrose, L. J.410
Ford, James C.807
Forni, Carlo655
Foster, Benj. F.233
Fox Brothers, The69
Fox, Albert S.69
Fox, Jay E. 69
Frank, Frederick364
Fransioli, Alex. A.690
Freeman, Charles H.329
Freeman, Edward G.101
Freeman, William A477
Frost, Henry A.391
Fulweiler, John M.164
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gall, Alexander M.502
Garnett, Peter R.110
Gartlin, Thomas H.129
Gassaway, Joseph H.295
Gatzman, Alfred L.749
Getchell, D. B.326
Gibbs, Harry T.762
Gibbs, James L.472
Giebenhain, Henry A.629
Gillis, James L.257
Ginocchio, Enrico96Mickey McGinnis
Gleason, James765
Goding, Adanirum J.728
Grant, Fred B.795
Graves, John H.243
Gray, George A.349
Gray, Thomas B.746
Green, Robert E.443
Green, Warren C.791
Greenlaw, A. S.213
Gregory, U. S.273
Grohs, Frederick P.242
Gunnuldson, George462
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hagar, George806
Hall, Daniel T.286
Hamilton, William B.481
Hardie, Oswald607
Hardy, Thomas345
Harper, Thomas B.788
Harriman, Samuel B.717
Harris, Edward497
Harris, Ira Jr.382
Hart, Elijah C.70
Hayford, James B.763
Hays, Irvin W.433
Heilbron, Adolph678
Heinsdorff, Joseph567
Hellwig, Charles J.403
Hemphill, Alexander713
Hennessey, James H.404
Henser, George H.718
Henser, William719
Hewel, Charles Lewis Adolph405
Hickman, William S.663
Hilbert, George H.800
Hill, Captain S. S.392
Hill, Seymour613
Hilts, Abram M.636
Hodges, George Z.446
Hodgkin, C. W.720
Hoesch, John802
Hoffman, Frank498
Hofmeister, George654
Holder, John653
Holl, S. Solon58
Holland, Judson A.548
Howard, B. F.206
Hubbard, Cyrus H.803
Huber, George F.512
Hughes, Joseph W.235
Hulbert, Horace W.335
Huntley, Lyman L.605
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingram, William603
Isaac, John E.466
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jack, James S.563
Jameson, James W.432
Jansen, Walter662
Jenkins, J. A.191
Jennings, William284
Johnson, Frank T.180
Johnson, Matthew F.668
Jordan, Simeon C.601
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kavanaugh, Edward C.792
Kay, Wallace509
Keilbar, Adam589
Kelley, Alexander626
Kellogg, George D.750
Kelly, Michael D.467
Kenison, Albert W.401
Kent, Richard W.253
Kent, Walter E.514
Keyes, William B.316
Kidder, John F.320
King, Peter370
Kinkade, John T.231
Knight, Samuel N.447
Knudsen, Mils L.500
Kruger, Eugene727
Kuenzly, Jacob331
Kuhn, Frank585
L[Return to Jump Site]
La Rue, Hugh M.93
Lakamp, John H.378
Lampson, David504
Lardner, William B.222
Latta, Robert M.377
Lawson, Powell S.280
Lee, John A.790
Leek, Newton E.675
Leeper, Frank R.134
Lefevre, James623
Leland, Gustavus A.139
LeMoin, Fred B.721
Letang, Boldamer E.166
Lewis, Benjamin H.574
Lewis, Leander L.798
Limpinsel, John F.637
Linn, John B.318
Locher, Francis J.124
Logan Bros., The647
Long, Charles W.293
Loofbourrow, David T.599
Lord, William G.425
Lowe, Frederick W.759
Lowry, Albert J.651
Lucas, James Y.128
Luke, Henry430
Lukens, George E.635
Lyon, John N.489
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mack, George F.533
Macomber Bros., The189
Macy, Charles F.644
Maddux, James68
Maddux, La Fayette J.357
Mahon, James764
Maker, George S.444
Mallows, Edward451
Maniove, John E.83
Mann, M. V.671
Mann, Wesley S.669
Mansfield, William200
Manuel, Henry781
Manuel, John780
Mardis, Benj. A.716
Marks, Leander D.639
Marshall, James W.64
Mattly, David474
McCabe, George T.650
McCauley, Isaac N.305
McCauley, James176
McCaw, James324
McCormick, Mark702
McCoy, William W.344
McKee, George W.649
McLaine, Claude I.247
McMullen, George C.304
McNary, James D.300
McRae, Alex. B. 634
McSwain, John F.740
McWayne, Allen262
Medley, Philo H.620
Meehan, James468
Meinecke, Frederick657
Merkley, Charles H 761
Merkley, John J.761
Messenger, Hiram A.358
Michael, Martin794
Michell, William F.299
Miller, Albert D.288
Miller, Thomas81
Mills, Henry C.419
Mitchell, George E.179
Mitchler, Frank A.569
Monahan, John123
Moody, Frank274
Moody, Harris L.735
Morgan, John T.384
Moser, Samuel S.418
Moulton, Dwight A.194
Mulroy, John448
Mundorf, John546
Munro, Robert379
N[Return to Jump Site]
Neeley, Isaac N.561
Newman, Jacob534
Nicholls, Francis648
Nicholls, John353
Nicholls, William Jr.341
Nichols, Albert F.723
Nurse, M. A.333
O[Return to Jump Site]
Officer, William B.461
Opel, George369
Ordway, Nehemiah F.680
Orr, George W.260
Otis, Frank P.448
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pache, George F.559
Parks, James F.208
Parsons, William E.328
Pattee, John K.149
Peachey, Thomas G.290
Pearsall, Samuel W.422
Peart, Elias C.264
Peek, Frank W.527
Peek, Samuel C.373
Peek, William P.161
Pelton, Samuel C.595
Penry, William M.521
Pereira, John136
Perkins, John D.558
Pierce, C. C.660
Pike, Jacob M.414
Post, Charles N.182
Potter, Eleazer S.252
Power, Harold T.591
Pownall, Joseph B.226
Predom, John A.725
Prichard, William A.197
Prince, Bartholomew R.773
Prindle, Samuel L.387
Prouty, Christopher C.398
Prouty, William H.673
Purcell, Peter374
Purvis, Richard B.670
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raddatz, John277
Raggio, John528
Randolph, M. C.103
Rasmussen, Robert297
Rea, William769
Read, Albert G.766
Reager, Frank S.256
Rector, Bayless S.330
Reed, Myron H.515
Reese, David187
Reeves, Truman9
Reichling, Peter241
Remler, Leonard783
Rhodes, Henry B.555
Rich, Jacob C.337
Richards, William J.572
Richardson, Thomas611
Richtmyer, Benj. F.72
Rider, George K.487
Roberts, John H.248
Robertson, Elisha B.696
Robertson, John147
Robin, Charles820
Robinson, William T.74
Roble, Walter424
Rocca, John375
Rodda, J. T.352
Rodden, Gabriel L.689
Rolfe, Ianthis J.390
Rooney, Robert F.148
Ross, John Jr.330
Rowell, Horace H.516
Runckel, Christian361
Russell, Daniel A.140
Ryan, Dennis411
S[Return to Jump Site]
Safford , John C.412
Sallee, Jonathan296
Sanders, Christopher C.685
Sanguinetti, Luke581
Sargent, Jacob L.479
Sawtell, William699
Scadden, P. G.413
Scbulze, Charles734
Schellhous, Martin A.818
Schmal, William H.737
Schoettgen, Frank J.239
Schrack, Lewis M.
Schroebel, Charles H.549
Scoon, Thomas R.625
Scott, Enoch E.768
Searsanous, John F.241
Sharp, Beltaza579
Shaw, John537
Shepherd, Fred A.774
Sherburn, Richard167
Sherer, James H.597
Sheridan, Bernard383
Shields, Peter J.808
Sibole, Joseph W.198
Siggins, Philetus V.784
Silva, Thomas545
Simms, John R.395
Smith, Manfred O.638
Smith, Pardon B. Sr.552
Smith, Preston W.159
Smith, S. B.192
Smith, William H.360
Snedigar, Thomas F.641
Snowden, Edmund C.475
Solari, Bastino566
Solinski, Frank J.577
Sonne, L. P. A.596
Soracco, Carlo311
Spagnoli, Diovol B.464
Sparks, Reuben M.683
Spaulding, John507
Spencer, Francis N.610
Spencer, Osborne J.770
Sprague, Silvester M.787
Squier, George133
Stanton, Hiram C.215
Steel, John550
Steffler, William H.582
Stephens, Russell D.822
Stevens, Frederick S.182
Stevens, Solon M.388
Stewart, Daniel216
Stoakes, John L.313
Stratton, Daniel E.614
Stringer, John439
Strohm, John525
Studarus, John484
Studarus, Joseph694
Surface, John W.143
Sutton, Fred513
Swan, Charles D.127
Swendt, R. W. H.617
Swisler, Charles A.627
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tate, John D.664
Taylor Bros.254
Taylor, C. H.254
Taylor, E. F.254
Terry, Joseph E.704
Teuscher, Philip630
Thomas, Walter G.490
Thorn, Benj. K.113
Tibbits, Lyman C.246
Tinney, John H.130
Tirpie, T. J.406
Tiscornia, Girolamo535
Tower, Jacob S.760
Towle, George W.385
Tozer, Lewellyn322
Trask, Prentice M.220
Trewartha, William479
Trittenbach, Albert568
Tryon, Charles W.334
Tucker, Martha Ellen394
Tulloch, John W.754
Turner, Frederick W.687
Turner, Jabez174
Tyrrell, John R.350
U[Return to Jump Site]
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Voorhies, A. A.700
Vandament, Jacob342
Vicini, Charles Y.506
Victors, Ernest A.741
Voorheis, Edward C.470
Voyle, Lewis661
W[Return to Jump Site]
Waddell, James742
Walden, James M 797
Warren, Admiral F.665
Wastier, Frederick656
Webb, Richard158
Weirich, Elmer W.709
Werle, Charles A.368
Werner, Fred496
Wesson, George F.224
West, George C.396
Weymouth, W. S.426
Whallon, Samuel N.793
Wheeler, Stephen C.228
Wheeler, Thomas558
Whitlock, Charles M.564
Wildman, William F.503
Wilson, A. J.813
Wilson, William J.698
Wise, Robert417
Withington, George294
Witney, John H.565
Wood, Amos A.365
Wood, Carlton H.283
Woodmansee, Charles S.488
Woolford, Joseph238
Wrenn, John Q.666
Wright, Edwin F.196
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yager, George J.532
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zumwalt, I. G.85

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