A memorial and biographical history of Northern, California:

Containing a history of this important section of the Pacific coast from the earliest period ... and biographical mention of many of its pioneers, and also of prominent citizens of to-day.

Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago - 1891/1892 - 637 Pages

California Local History - Rocq - 15953

This is one of four works with the same name and publisher but covering different biographies.

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: Film 1481
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.41 M5 -- Book

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abbott, J. C.318Win Terrell
Adam, William610
Adams, John614
Agee, C. F.535
Alden, S. J.514
Allan, G. G.593
Allen, D. H.551
Allen, J. H.410
Allison, Josiah498
Anderson, J. M.511
Anderson, W. D.486
Armstead, W. O.619
Armstrong, William397
Asbridge, T. A.434
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baker, G. S.305
Balch, J. R.539
Ball, B.546
Ball, Charles406
Ball, J. M.374
Barnes, C. A.560
Barnes, D. L.582
Bartlett, J. W.368
Bassford, J. M., Jr.459
Bassford, J. M., Sr.601
Batchelder, A. J.360
Batchelder, H. T.297
Baum, J. F.564
Baum, R. W.510
Bay, Harmen581
Bell, H. T.446
Benicia Agricultural Works490
Benjamin, F. W.378
Berg, F. A.316
Berg, Henry329
Best, Henry540Charles I. Davis
Bidwell, John107
Bihlman, J. G.450
Binney, A. J.492
Bird, J. W.344
Blake, S. L.401
Bokmanh, S.344
Bond, Erastus355
Borland, James516
Bosworth, S. D.345
Boucher, T. E.445
Bowle, James532
Bowles, A. C.378
Bowers, J. W.556
Bowman, D. D.411
Boxwell, Newton607
Boyer, J. H.578
Braddock, D. W.577
Braden, J. M.389
Bradley, William L.587
Brady, A. B.348
Bragg, S. G.549
Branns, Joseph454
Briscoe, H. P.602
Britton, G. E.325
Brown N. P.327
Brown, E. H.364
Brown, J. F.549Mrs. Luz E Meloy
Brown, L. K.444
Brown, William622
Brownlie, James814
Broyles, W.546
Bruce, John445
Bryant, C. M.447
Bryant, Charles559
Bryden, F. P.632
Bryden, S. T.632
Buck, F. H.409
Buck, F. M.408
Buckingham, E. P., Mrs.583
Buckles, A. J.504
Buffington, J. M., Jr.483
Bunce, P. L.360
Burger, J. A.357
Burk, Isaac596
Burke, J. H.613
Burke, William615
Burke, William E.615
Burkman, W387
Burnham, Z. W.635
Burrows, A.356
Buschman, H.616
Bushby, George626George Bushby Morrill, Jr.
Butcher, William527
C[Return to Jump Site]
Caldwell, J. I.309
Caldwell, John323
Calkins, L. S.302
Cannon, John682
Carmack, H.413
Carney, William618
Carns, C D412
Carothers, T. L.435
Carpenter, G. J.416
Carpenter, G. W.317
Carpenter, P412
Carstenbrock, J. D.343
Cartwright, E. J.394
Chandler, H. D.385
Charlton, Thomas522
Chisholm, Alex493
Chisholm, John462
Christian, A.532
Christian, L.532
Churchill, Jerome298
Clark, C. R.312
Clark, J. B.440
Clark, M. C.355
Clark, O. L.596
Clark, Otis510
Clark, Sandy620
Cliffman, F. H.444
Clifford, M. M.580
Clyma, T. S.470
Coats, W. A.517
Collier, J. H.471
Cone, J. S.609
Coon, William578
Corgill, Pardon432
Cornell, J. G.536
Cotten, J. W.543
Covilland, C. J.502
Crane, L P358
Crawford, W. H478
Creller, E. C.467
Crew, A. H.116
Crismon, G.537
Crowder, D. F.489
Crowder, G. C.612
Crowl, B. A.412
Culbertson, A. T.351
Cunningham, J. S.501
Currey, M. S.600
Cutts, A. W.499
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalbey, C. A., Mrs.565Pauline Phelps
Dam, C. K.565
David, Victor402
Davis, E. A.300
Davis, Eli522
Davis, Joseph541
Davis, W. B.531
Davis, William G.535
Davison, James589
Dawson, J. F.630
Day, Clarence W349
De Lancie, R.576
Dean, Thomas303
Decker, Peter427
Delzter, George620
Desch, Martin623
Dickson, John463
Diniger, F.480
Dobbins, O. P.505
Doblin, John633
Dodge, F. A.549
Donohoe, J. C.542
Douglass, N.315
Downing, W. G.474
Dunning, Z579
Dunster, G. W.350
Durham, W. W.406Frances
Dutton, David471
E[Return to Jump Site]
Elliott, T.633
Elliott, William633
Elliott, A. M.607
Entler, J. F452
Evans, G. H.375
Evans, J. A.323
Evertt, Henry337
F[Return to Jump Site]
Falk, H.390
Farmer, J. W.485
Farnham, E. P.375
Faulkner, Charles415
Fimple, R. R.448
Fisher, B.588
Fletcher, George364
Flower, W. P.526
Flowers, Ellis544
Fortna, S. R.354
Fowler, W. H.533
Freer, Leon D.373
Freer, Lewis579
Frisbie, B. F.317
Frost, T. G.451
Fuller, America, Mrs.457
Fuller, Ezbon Gillette334
Fuller, Jesse Beech336
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gale, John441
Gardells, Joseph376
Garlichs, O470
Garner. S. C430
Gates, T. L520
Gatgens, J. F622
Giblin, Thomas634
Girdner, Joseph530
Goetze, H. W.511
Goodearle, J. H.388
Goodspeed, R. C.540
Gray, Edward494Mary
Gray, J. C.321Barbara G. Roddin
Gray, W. J509Barbara G. Roddin
Gregory, J. M475
Greiner, H. G604
Grosse, Guy E436
Guill, J. H.404
Gum, H. T.322
Guyun, P. M554
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haas, F. G.525
Hagemann, J. J523
Hamlin, F307
Hamlin, G. L590
Hanscom, H. D570
Hardy, J343
Hariger, J636
Harlan, P. C.458
Harris, C. W611
Harris, H. M.354
Harvey, Joel A.503
Haselbusch, H.561
Hastings, C, J627
Hatch, L. L.450
Hedge, J. W574
Hedger, L. D343
Hefner, Phillip621
Helms, H. P598
Henderson, W. H.573
Hennessey, J. E431
Henry, Allen572
Henson, W. T.342
Herrin, W. J.418
Hewitt, J. B.441
Hickerson, Matthew627
Hicks, D. C608
Higgins, Edward636
Hill, Samuel359
Hobart, C. V553
Hocking, T. C.466
Hodghead, William H.426
Hoffman, J. P423
Hoole, Edward415
Hoops, G. H.374
Houseworth, J. R.555
Hoyl, J. M589
Humphries, D446
Hundley, P. O381
Hunt, R. M.488
Hupp, W. I.539
Hutchings, J. S529
Hutchings, T. B423
I[Return to Jump Site]
Idaho Mine467
Inch, Shelley330
Irvine, C. A420
Isoard, A486
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, John Putnam171
Jackson, J. S587
Jacobs, L. C420
Jacoby, Harry392
Jenkins, G. L.536
Jenkins, J. W466
Jenkins, T. J443
Jennings, J. L628
Jewett, J. H.319
Johnson, Henry519
Johnson, Newman585
Johnson, Truman558
Jones, A. F371
Jones, Boone547
Jones, F. A. S.603
Jones, J. M.637
Jones, S. A., Mrs.469
Jones, T. E289
Junkaus, Henry385
K[Return to Jump Site]
Karsky, Samuel313
Karsner, J. H.372
Keefer, J. L419
Keene, A. H.621
Keltnauer, Ph311
Kempf, John570
Kern, Peter552
Kidder, J. F363
Kiesker, H. W538
King, E. W425
Kirsch, John P547
Klempp, F526
Knox, J. T617
Knox, M, J561
Korns, Levi459
Kosh, W. L.581
Krull, J. F527
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lane, W. R632
Langdon, E. B.600
Larrabee, E. F585
Lawrence, W. E524
Le Jeune, A476
Lee, Wesley592
Leonard, J. P.379
Lockerman, W. J617
Long, S. W498
Longfellow, J574
Loofbourrow, D. T.384
Looney, William464
Lott, C. F.433
Lowden, W. S340
Lowery, James H599
Ludlum, T. B575
Lukens, G. E.320
Lurvey, S. F395
Lynch, B. J298
Lynch, Matthew421
M[Return to Jump Site]
Maltman, Oscar448
Marhart, Barney623
Marks, Joe370
Marsh, J. C506
Marsh, M. L353
Martin, John545
Martin, O. J625
Mason, Benjamin D.350
Mason, John Clifton332
Mathiesen, J308
Mattoon, F. V., Mrs.429
Mayes, J. S.530
McBain, J. W.488
McClellan, S388
McCune, H. E.528
McCune, Phillip518
McElwain, William J.555
McFayden, J. W.538
McFayden, John635
McGann, James407
McIntosh, L. H.583
McKay, Thomas494
McKellos, J. K.584
McKinstry, H. H.541
McLennan, H. K.438
McMahan, L. E., Mrs.402
McMillan, R. O.629
McPherrin, W. H.529
Meek, E. E.294
Mehl, B.601
Melvin, W. L.573
Mery, M. L.405
Mierson, August337
Miller, James453
Miller, Jeff628
Miller, M. R.495
Mills, J. S.631
Mills. La Fayette422
Mitchell, H. H.515
Montgomery, J. W. B.391
Montgomery, T. B.491
Moore, J. M.607
Moore, Jerome546
More, J. W.339
Morgan, J. T.465
Morrison, John611
Mosher, W. G610
Munger, J.311
Myers, C. H.598
N[Return to Jump Site]
National Exchange Hotel461
Nevada Co. N.G.R.R.363
Newbarth, J. G.597
Newcome, C. T336
Newman, J. F611
Nicholl, John599
Nichols, A. L.306
Niemeyer, H. C.618
Niemeyer, W. H.618
Norton, Lewis E381
Noyes, L. D513
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Neil, J. S420
Onstett, J. A554
Ormsbee, M. D.439
Orr, Samuel484
Ostrander, J. A500
Overton, A. L612
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pache, Frank541
Pache, John541
Parker, A. H.338Jeannie
Parker, R.394
Parker, William521
Pascoe, C. F624
Paulsen, Jacob362
Paulsen, P. M.303
Peel, Bothvid507
Peel, F. A629
Pennington, J. T507
Pepper, John538
Personette, M. W.550
Peters, J. W613
Pierce, C. C.313
Pinckard, A514
Pleasants, J. M524
Plummer, C. E553
Popp, Michael329
Powell, R.352
Powers, N606
Preston, E. M.465
Pugh, Aaron359
Pulsifer, O. F.482
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quick, S. E., Mrs.414
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raab, L. F.603
Rabe, Cathrina F.629
Randolph, T. E534
Ranney, Isaac369
Reardan, H. V422
Reardan, John626
Reardan, T. B422
Reavis, D. M497
Rector Bros.461
Reed, W. H463
Reister, L, A.569
Rice, Randall568
Rice, Samuel332
Rich, D. A346
Richards, J. H.627
Riddle, Dora E.419
Rierson, R. L.535
Riffe, P. H.568Dana Riffe
Riley, Robert615
Rivera, J. T531
Robbie & Bruce603
Robbins, H. C449
Robbins, James414
Robinson, J. M.428
Roddan, John W.619
Roddan, William B.619
Rodley, J. E.559
Rogers, J. R431
Rollins, E. O377
Roof, A464
Roussin, C.T519
Rowell, J. F383
Rubel, G. C630
Rubel, Otto630
S[Return to Jump Site]
Salmon, M. V., Mrs.456
Sanborn, H. A587
Sanders, J. J614
Sanders, William331
Schermer Bros.526
Schlag, John542
Schneider, Henry517
Schwein, Matthew456
Sellick, Mary556
Serviss, T. W382
Sessions, M. C453
Sexton, Warren T567
Seymour, C. H468
Shaffer, William C349
Shannon, Nathan557
Shaw, G. C.329
Shelton, W. E631
Shinn, Elbert401
Sieber, G322
Sieber, Louis317
Simon, L. A.393
Simpson, A. J370
Sims, Josiah460
Skilen, S. L608
Skinner, R W327
Smith Levi461
Smith, A. S333
Smith, C. W333
Smith, E. W518
Smith, H. W509
Smith, J. J566
Smith, W. W458
Smith, William D630
Smith, William H557
Snook, G. S601
Soper, W. T413
Sovereign, G. W463
Speer, A. J548
Sproul, J. D562
Stafford, J. A347
Starr, A. W483
Starr, G. F314
Stephens, J. T [James Thomas]575Marcy Butterfield
Stevenson, A. M491
Stevenson, J382
Stewart, Charles489
Stewart, James S.515
Stiller, R. W558
Stitt, J. W500
Stoker, B. F323
Stokes, John614
Stone, L. C621
Strain, W. J634
Stranahan, S. N472
Strong, C. A616
Sturtevant, J. A512
Sutliff, G. W.631
Swain, Alonzo455
Swain, C. B452
Swisler, G. A.633
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taylor, G. H.580
Teuscher, P365
Thompson, John451
Thresher, A. L.623
Thresher, C. W.623
Timm, Hans542
Tinsley, G. W520
Tobin, J. F489
Tobin, W. J484
Todd, N. F537
Toland, Robert586
Topley, James480
Tracy, Horace Franklin512
Trafton, A377
Trowbridge, E. J., Mrs.606
Troxel, Joshia444
Tucker, E396
Turner, G. E495
U[Return to Jump Site]
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vallejo, Platon477
Van Arsdale & Walton308
Van Arsdale, A. B311
Van Matre, Morris568
Veazie, S. P628
Vollmers, William426
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wadsworth, W. M.326
Wakefield, C. B.293
Walker, J. A.454
Walker, S. L.560
Walker, William485
Wallace, J. C.351
Walling, J. M.331
Walters, Daniel618
Walton, B. F326
Walton, H. A., Jr.308
Ware, W. C616
Warren, C. G.592
Watson, B. J493
Watson, H. M.432
Weatherwax, C. H325
Weber, Joseph344
Webster, Dana J620
Webster, J. A505
Westwood, J. D418
Wheatland Mill565
Wheeler, Simeon625
White, John367
Wilcoxon, C. E366
Williams, C367
Williams, S. C421
Williamson, J. H420
Wilson, E. J.474
Wilson, G W525
Wilson, W. S. B.564
Wimberly, W.A624Thomas L. Wimberly
Winders, T., Mrs.613
Woodbury, I339
Wrenn, J. A.306Christie
Wright, Elizabeth J536
Wykoff, J. L365
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yokum, H. F571
Young, J. C390
Young, James508
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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