The Historical Volume and Reference Works: Covering Garden Grove, Santa Ana and Tustin - Vol. I - Orange County

By Thomas B. Talbert - Honorary Editor-in-Chief

Historical Publishers (1963)

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Adams, Harold Jack649
Alexander, James Worth485
Allen, Joseph Garfield (Deceased)496
Allen, Lucius Edgar424
Allen, Milo Bailey (Deceased)766
Allen, Vira McMullen424
Allen, Walter H.829
Anderson, Donald R.609
Angel, John F.633
Appling, Alfred A.693
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bailey, Paul382
Balmer, H. E. "Hal"438
Barnes, Robert Samuel732
Barrios, Cruz Guerrero720
Basler, Herman Henry Dr.701
Bear, Howard A.427
Beeman, Larkin L.396
Belisle, Harvey P.467
Bellows, Moss Ruf725
Bishop, John M.623
Black, Robert R.467
Blades, Harry Lee545
Boersma, Andrew R.866
Borgeson, Marvin Elroy635
Bower, Gerald C.762
Bowman, John McKinley835
Bradley, Albert R. (Ray)617
Brady, Peter D. (Deceased)826
Brown, Donald Eugene408
Brown, Van Leonard494
Bryan, Clifton P.530
Burke, David J.797
Burke, Marshall W.895
Burrow, Curtis S.709
Butler, Merton David772
Butler, Tessie Childers772
Byrne, Ernest Roy538
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cady, Ernest767
Caldwell, Russell R.622
Callens, Joseph R.713
Carrillo, Charles400
Case, Stewart S.431
Catlin, Leon G.776
Childers, Emma790
Cleary, Charles A.457
Colonial Cash & Carry Dairy866
Cook, Irene Mrs.535
Corry, Roy A.753
Croddy, William Floyd685
Crosby, Claude G.524
D[Return to Jump Site]
Davis, Harold "Hal" Ackley592
Davison, Luther C. M.D.618
Deckert, Dale G.372
DeSutter, Francias Joseph493
Devenney, Fred J.472
DeWitt, Ray L.621
Doig, Leroy L. Dr.385
Donohue, Charles W.464
Douglas, Thomas P.684
Dudley, Marjorie (Godfrey)538
DuHart, Steven John (Deceased)798
Dungan, Myron Robert (Deceased)852
Dunlap, John W. "Sky"371
DuRall, Nellie Sylva Wardlow518
E[Return to Jump Site]
Edwards, Mrs. Don C.509
Eisner, Wm. Donald830
Enderle, Maurice Frank (Deceased)886
Engel, Frederick Enrique848
Excelsior Creamery665
F[Return to Jump Site]
Famularo, Arthur H.676
Featherly, C. M.515
Feickert, Alvin "Al"522
Fink, Harry773
Fluor, John Simon, Jr.689
Fogler, Ross (Deceased)779
Fuller, Mabel Ozment523
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gilmaker, Joseph L.843
Goddard, Allen W.451
Godinez, Hector G.445
Goode, Bettv E.764
Goode, Stanley E.764
Graser, William Henry (Deceased)559
Gray, W. H. "Bill"436
Geiset, Stephen J.418
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hanson, H. Louis625
Hasty, Maurice J.815
Hasty, Russell K.815
Head, Roy Sinclair551
Heinly, Dale H.697
Helberg, Kenneth George743
Hewitt, Roscoe Gulick 514
Hilton, Alice May 530
Hilton, C. Morgan632
Hiskey, Walter Elsworth364
Holford, Francis H. "Fraz"633
Honer, Allison353
Horton, William W.636
Humeston, Vincent L.477
Hutchens, William L.442
I[Return to Jump Site]
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacober, Louis854
Jeffrey, George (Deceased)770
Johnson, Carl H.869
Johnson, Edith L.787
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kanegae, Asajiro673
Kahen, Frederick E. "Fritz448
Kenyon, Perry Daniel495
Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation627
Kibbey, Fred C. "Mike"473
Kintz, William A.786
Klatt, Carl J.375
Kleasner, Louis W.498
Kono, Ken Y.498
Koral, Ben "Bomo"744
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lacy, Captain Theo, Jr.808
Lamb, Hugo J.541
Lambie, Alexander Frame614
Lane, Carter H.795
Lauderbach. Leon W.704
Lee, Ward Smith527
Leonard. Nereus H. (Deceased)547
Licata, Vincent814
Liebig, James Edward433
Lindsay, William K.429
Loeffert, Henry H.875
Logan, Cbas. F.480
Longstreet, Rufus Pay861
Loomis, Clark Lathrop877
Lotze, Walter Alfred736
Luther, Porter Glenn415
Luxembourger, Robert W.517
M[Return to Jump Site]
MacArthur, Rupert H.478
McArdle, Helen Cora.827
McCray, W. Mike444
McFadden, Arthur J.350
McFarland, Ruby490
McKinstry, K. Helen880
McNeal, Samuel Thompson (Deceased)532
Maag, Hazel Ione801
Machander, Nora I. (Murphy)658
Magill, Cyrus Newton (Deceased)543
Mark, Vincent A., M.D465
Markel, J. Ogden435
Marsile, Raymond L.421
Matheny, James L.731
Mather, Cotton (Deceased)469
Maynard, Vaughn519
Mendenhall. Warren O.455
Miller, Evylena Nunn641
Miller, W. Everett839
Miner, Philip Whitton721
Mitzel, Ralph D.537
Moen, John Thomas404
Moore, Howard H.504
Moore, Obie T.752
Munemitsu, Lincoln S. (Tad)546
N[Return to Jump Site]
Neff, Nat388
Nichols, Albert Quinn459
Nisson, Clarence Arthur (Deceased)460
Noe, James E.477
Northcross, Robert Caldwell (Deceased)489
Northcutt, G. R. "Russ "638
Norton, Col. Claude J.818
Nydegger, Emil A. "Tony"505
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oertly, Soule C.563
Olewiler, Hester Tripp Dr.380
P[Return to Jump Site]
Patton, M. L. "Pat"882
Paulson, Ralph Leslie647
Peebler, Gerald B.629
Pershall, Walter W Jr.447
Peters, Ocia A.509
Phillips, Glenn W.615
Plumb, Hugh J.356
Plumleigh, Robert E.820
Pretzer, Julia Hinrichs Dr.495
Price, J. B. Melville Dr.710
Prieninger, Joe S.399
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quayle, Thomas H.582
R[Return to Jump Site]
Racobs, Paul M.851
Rainwaters. Richard James 897
Raitt, G. Emmett M.D.391
Randall, Donald D.410
Reafsnyder, Hilda Grace Arkley452
Reinhaus, Stanley M. (Deceased)461
Richards, Robert G. M.D.858
Richardson, William James Robert499
Rimel, Jack J.412
Robinson, William Pilcher885
Rockafield, George Clark390
Rosenbaum, Fred G.781
Rotsch, Vernon E. "Gene"872
Russell, Edward Lee. M.D.386
S[Return to Jump Site]
Santa Ana Electronics633
Schlegel, Charles G.803
Schloe, Irvy J.784
Schmid, Walter R.368
Schroer, William Joseph Dr.663
Schoonover, Roy D.554
Schroeder, Albert F.579
Schroeder, Otto F.576
Schuller, Robert Harold Rev.619
Schwendeman, Fred L.680
Scott, Oliver Wayne. Jr.570
Segerstrom, Anton Henry805
Segerstrom, Harold T.807
Selvidge, Willis D.825
Sewell, James Harding737
Shipe, George A.782
Shoen, Francis X., Sr.746
Shoen, Joe746
Shook, Lloyd Earl822
Siegel, John A.598
Simon, Emmett F.729
Slaback, Lester W.569
Smart, Forrest Wayne892
Sonnenberg, Harold695
Specht, Oswald S. Dr.605
Stanley, L. Agnes (Ware)606
Steiner & Steiner Inc. Lathing and Plastering Contractors792
Stevens, Melville L., D.D.S.717
Stewart, Ora Pate644
Stutsman, Walter A. Jr. (Deceased)711
Swayze, Paul J.591
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbert, Thomas B.347
Tamura, Stephen K. Judge881
Taylor, John Charles723
Taylor, Marjorie834
Thomas, Robert C.616
Thompson, Raymond H. Judge360
Timmons, Marie Briggs687
Tirico, Joseph G. M.D.594
Townsend, George W.550
Tyler, Gladys V. Jessup849
Tyler, John Karl849
U[Return to Jump Site]
Utt, James B.871
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valdez, Maria Benita Espericueta706
Veeh, George H.377
Violette, Charles Connley M.D.574
Voit, W. J. Rubber Company567
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wakeham Family481
Wakeham, Jack C.759
Wakeham, Mary Adele555
Wallingford, Herbert M.889
Warner, Glenn S.610
Warner, Harold D.863
Watt, John Douglas653
West, Franklin Gordon357
West, Z. Bertrand Jr.659
White, Emrys D. Mrs.589
White, Nancy F.589
Wilcox, Arthur Paul492
Wilcox, John Guinan M.D.571
Wilson, Elsa509
Wilson, Frederick Levi823
Wilson, Paul D.556
Winbigler, Ernest N.362
Winbigler, Robert E.362
Winslow, W. J. "Pete"656
Winterbourne, John603
Wolverton, Merle585
Wright, Fred C. Dr. (Deceased)788
Wyne, John Martin740
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Young, Robert Boyd Sr.650
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