History of Placer and Nevada counties, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the counties who have been identified with their growth and development from the early days to the present.

By W. B. Lardner & M. J. Brock

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1924

California Local History - Rocq - 6256

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Adams, Ransom1170
Ahart, George P888Anne Dye
Alexson, Nick1250
Allen, George1248
Allen, Louis B1111
Alspaugh, Benjamin1008
Ames, Edward683
Ames, Louis545
Ammon, Frederick W889
Ammon, Max W1004
Anderson, August1120
Anderson, C. W1132
Anderson, Clarence Berkeley1132
Anderson, Hon. Alden503
Anderson, Mrs. Lutie M.1132
Anderson, Ora Dawson1146
Andrieux, Joseph B1139
Arbogast, John Peter594Gary
Armes, Fred P1174
Armstrong, Elmer Holland587
Aronson, Sam1242
Atkins, Edward S783
Atkinson, Benjamin F.1197
Atwell, William E954
Austin, Ella M479
Avery, Ira567
Avery, Mrs. Seney567
Ayres, William M1169
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baird, Fred E1068
Balmer, Mrs. Belle Bolton1203
Banbrock, William E661
Bancroft, William543
Bannon, Jane E1168
Barieau, Jerome E562
Barker, C. Herbert660
Barkhaus, Fred W., Jr821
Barnes, Lucerne B1175
Barnes, Paul D796
Barnicott, John W945
Bartlett, Charles A700
Barton, Ada Vail797
Barton, Orren L797
Baxter, Joseph Quincy1024
Beaser, Martha M787
Beaser, Percy McLeod787
Beck, Frank X.1218Kathy
Bell, Carl G709
Bell, Frank R703
Bellows, William H781
Bennallack, Frank W1241
Bennallack, Richard J1203
Bennetts, Joseph A., Sr1159
Berkner, H. A1251
Berriman, Thomas H1094
Berry, John Hamer1230
Beyer, Mrs. Florence A1162
Bickford, John Herbert951
Bieber, John1160
Bieth, Joseph1071
Bigelow, Ashley S831
Bilderback, Charles D817
Birdsall, Ernst Stratton647
Birkett, Joseph747
Bissett, James E1144
Bitner, Cyrus C479
Bivens, Samuel C1213
Blight, Joseph T1146
Bolton, Daniel J765
Bonivert, Edward William1212
Boom, Guy A.758Diane Richey
Borba, Antonio1224
Boswell, Herbert Elsworth777
Bowman, Harry Hoisington998
Bowman, Sherwood Hall998
Bradbilry, Mrs. Anna1216
Brady, John P1170
Brady, Thomas B1231
Brainerd, Charles G845
Brand, Carl Jonas633
Branstetter, Henry Martin963
Bree, James M1149
Bree, Richard J. 1149
Bree, Thomas Edgar1235
Bridges, Edwin David657
Brill, F. R. & Son558
Brindejon Brothers768
Brindejon, Louis768
Brock, Michael John873
Brock, Mrs. Elizabeth873
Brockington, Charles A649
Brown, George E1127
Brown, George H651
Broyer, Al H1041
Brundage, Guy W705
Buck Brothers795
Buffington, J. M562
Buffington, Mrs. J. M562
Buffington, Rolf563
Burdusis, Sam1237
Burns, Isaac Leroy715
Burns, Miss Irene A541
Burns, William J656
Burritt, Franklin1252
Burt, Samuel Blaine1192
Burton, Alfred H1173
Burtscher, Frank G827
Busby, Nevada Carson1244
Bush, Edward1056
Butler, Harry E581
Butto, Antonio1252
Butts, William G965
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cadman, George1177
Cameron, James A1071
Campbell-Walker, Arthur H975
Candlish, George634
Carl, William899
Casey, John1094
Cassidy, Bert A1171
Cassidy, Fred F1147
Cavanna, A1143
Celio, William B1003
Chamberlain, Louis Lee793
Chamberlain, Theodore L1793
Chandler, Hon. Augustus L460
Chevallier, Marceau F1221
Christensen, Christian P905
Church, Munson Bernard 1000
Chute, Arthur Torrens977
Clark, Frederick1099
Clark, Mrs. Rachel D591
Clark, Willis Albert591
Cleary, George J1061
Coe, H. H1253
Cohen, Nathan J1031
Cole, George1198
Colfax School for the Tuberculous910
Cook, Frank935
Coombs, Manlie W989
Cooper, Herbert M824
Cooper, John M538
Cooper, Miss Alice E546
Coppin, S. M., Jr1126
Corcoran, Owen761
Cornish, Fred G754
Correa, Joseph King585
Cortopassi Brothers1178
Cortopassi, Louis A1081
Cosgrove, Frank E1109
Coughlan, Michael J1175
Coughlin, Miles D664
Coulton, William H823
Coyan, George729
Craig, Edward Lewis1062Cassie
Crase, George Frederick1176
Crispin, Thomas H1176
Crocker, Mrs. Julia A645
Crofts, Elmer Gordon1051
Crosby, F. C888
Crowder, Francis William738Darlyene (Crowder) Howard
Crown, E. H686
Culver, John W704
Cunningham, James Andrew575
Cunningham, Walter Chesley1116
Curnow, Horace A832
Curnow, John A534
Curtiss, Solon McKeen998
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dahneke, Lena717
Dailey, Daniel Albert1095
Dalbey, Ella E677
Dalbey, Joseph B677
Daniels, Henry1177
Davanes, P. A1113
Davis, Edward Joshua1236
Davis, Effie M1246
Davis, Eliza Keturah731
Davis, James Truman994
Davis, John Lee565
Davis, William T666
Day, James Jasper961
De Golyer, Joseph Baldwin833Janet De Golyer Muncy
De Golyer, Mrs. Annie C833Janet De Golyer Muncy
Decater, Charles W851
Desmond, Jeremiah John1178
Dippel, William612
Dixon, George Lincoln609
Dixon, Joseph891
Dixon, Mrs. Celia891
Dixon, William H1200
Dodley, Edgar B796
Donaldson, Mrs. Nancy E1015
Donovan, Daniel643
Donovan, John T901
Ducotey, Augustin627
Dudley, George Edward913
Dudley, James F1233
Dulmaine, Adolph776
Dunton, Elmer D.1254
Durfee, Walter F733
Duryea, Isaac Newton847Tad D. Campbell
Duryea, Lewis A570Tad D. Campbell
Dyke, George M699
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eames, Nahum1164
Eckhardt, Ernest F811
Eddy, William L1214
Eden, John H1229
Eden, Miss Ada P989
Eich, Warren T982
Engle, John F775
Englebright, Harry L946
Englebright, Hon. William F828
Eveleth, Robert Howard1239
Evenden, Robert G1084
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fanning, J. L1122
Farlow, Fred L1231
Farnham Mrs. Cordelia453
Fereva, Antone1107
Ferguson, John A952
Fisher, George H1084
Flaridon, Thomas488
Fleming, Albert C1081
Fleming, Arthur S1193
Fletcher, Henry D1134
Flint, Arthur E930
Fodrini, Joseph1218
Fogus, Charles A1015
Fontz, John1216
Foote, Arthur Burling1117
Foote, Arthur DeWint720
Ford, George M1074
Ford, Thomas S464
Ford, Verne Mason611
Forster, Edward Henry1142
Foster, George William1180
Fowler, Eugene F960
Fowler, J. E1167
Fowler, James Edwin807
Fowler, Mrs. Bell Fagg573
Francis, Joseph M471
Frank, Joseph A652
Franzini, Maurice S1139
Franzini, Pompey946
Frates, Joseph S1138
Freeman, Abraham C1033
Freeman, Mrs. Aldana E895
Freeman, Mrs. Josephine1037
Freeman, William561
Freenian, Henry Millard895
French, Albert Eugene525
French, James866
Frey, Henry A1168
Fruge, George C1202
Fuller, Edwin E1112
Fuller, Theodore R708
G[Return to Jump Site]
Garland, William T809
Gassaway, Edward O1092
Gassaway, Joseph H547
Gatt, George E980
Gaus, Charles C901
Gautier, W. J1123
Gaylord, Edwin Clark1038Jean Seaton
Geach, James979
Geach, Thomas Richard1079
Genasci, William B1209
Geni, Giuseppe1141
George Brothers577
George, Ernest577
George, Francis L577
George, John H577
German, Henry1206
Gietzen, Henry1047
Gietzen, Peter1047
Gilbert, Jacob768
Giles, J. S773
Gilkey, Arthur E1129
Gill, Arthur L769
Girton, Charles W1228
Gladding, Albert James449
Gladding, Augustus Lemuel1029
Gladding, Charles1031
Gladding, Charles452
Gladding, Mrs. Carrie A451
Goetz, Louis Martin1135
Gordon, Harry Clarence1131
Goss, P. Bontecou863
Gowling, Joseph886
Graham, William K1198
Grant, Mrs. Mary Helen538
Graser, Herman I824
Green, Willis, Sr730
Greitman, John George894
Grenfell, William J994
Gridley, Haines511
Griffith, Thomas1075
Grissel, George Andrew1123
Grouches, Gus1115
Guenther, Charles1180
Gum, Elmer H476
Guptill, George W1225
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haenny, Cohn859
Haenny, Mrs. Kate859
Haffey, Edward W1148
Haines, George W755
Haines, William M617
Hall, Benjamin666
Hallett, Herbert H1160
Hamaker, John Bates1183
Hamaker, Sarah Frances1183
Hamilton, General Jo468
Hanson, J. W1136
Harris, Charles A1077
Harris, Thomas M1077
Hartsock, Luzern H663
Hartung, Henry W1078
Hasapis, James P1230
Haskins, Frank F741
Hawkins, John531
Hawkins, Pit1179
Hawley, Percy G1210
Hayes, Mrs. Rosie473
Hayt, Walter Dudley622
Heath, Fenlon E1063
Henderson, Eliza J1181
Henny, Christian712
Henny, John903
Henny, Mrs. Bertha1024
Hepburn, George C762
Herbert, Thomas Luther812
Heryford, Elisha Brown914
Hewitt, James Corbin819
Hewitt, Mrs. Emelia819James R. Hewitt Jr.
Hislop, Colin B597
Hogle, Milton W1249
Holland, Joseph C785
Holmes, Ainsley M1196
Holmes, Charles I1114
Holt, Elizabeth Jane993
Holt, Henry993
Holt, John H1226
Holt, John463
Holt, Mrs. Eliza653
Holt, Mrs. Elizabeth Le Maistre1023
Holt, William653
Holtz, Charles E1126
Hooper, Frank W1219
Hotchkiss, W. B604
Howard, Robert J1119
Howcroft, D. A1124
Howell, Francis H637
Howell, Robert B1105
Huckins, Henry W1213
Hunter, John J1021
Hunter, Thomas Fraser892
Huntley, Lathrop1076
Hustler, William H671
Hyatt, James William1006
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingram, Hon. Thomas513
Ivanac, Marco1143
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacobs, Walter F613Betty Walker
James, Elizabeth Grace1089
Jansen, H. P727
Jansen, Mrs. Emma841
Jansen, Walter841
Jasper, Frederick William1227
Jennings, Lloyd W638
Jensen, Niels1197
Jenson, Edwin G1096
Johansen, Marius F1104
Johnson, Andrew626
Johnson, Christian1067
Johnson, Levi B.1182
Johnson, Nicholas P1047
Johnston, Charles R1220
Johnston, Mrs. Alice K1220
Jones, Alvon T1194
Jones, Austin Lewis623
Jones, Charles H.1114
Jones, George Louis1088
Jones, John T1204
Jones, Mrs. Arabelle Hortense623
Jordan, Thomas T1153
Joslin, Mrs. Emily May549
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kanner, Harry M1152
Kaseberg, William J1025
Katzer, Stephen M711
Keasbey, Keith W1073
Keehner, Charles630
Keehner, W. C948
Keena, Charles535
Keena, Mrs. Frances J535
Kelley, Joseph C1115
Kellogg, Charles Henry497
Kellogg, George Douglass498
Kellogg, George Huntington839
Kellogg, Mrs. Millie E. (Barber)497
Kelly, Lynne829
Kelly, Maurice A527
Kelly, Mrs. Mary A527
Kemper, Paul L1171
Kempster, Charles1166
Kendrick, Michael1206
Kenison, Edgar J.600Betty Walker
Kennedy, David M1108
King, Annie C629
King, L. Leroy692
King, Lewis Leroy629
Kinney, L. J871
Kipp, Byron S1234
Kirby, Daniel1183Betty Walker
Kitts, Henry L1087
Kitts, James Earl1204
Kneebone, Andrew Reed976
Kneebone, Joseph R1001
Knoff, John H1154
Krause, Fred John1119
Krieger, Artbur1134
Krieger, C. H1134
L[Return to Jump Site]
Laing, James Adams638
Langenbach, J. A828
Langstaff, Mathew C751
Lardner, Jennie M516
Lardner, N.B523
Lardner, William B., Jr715
Lardner, William B515
Lavallee, F. X684
Law, Albert1055
Leak, Harold P948
Leak, Herbert N1049
Leak, L. W1240
LeDuc, Joseph Alonzo775
LeDuc, Louis779
Lee, William C750
Leggett, Elvin Austin1243
Leichter, Edward E1093
Leiter, S. Lee1091
Leontos, Harry881
Lewis, William R804
Libel, Mikel792
Lilley, John S1131
Lincoln Clay Products Co1113
Lindroth, John589
Lininger, Michael David491
Lininger, William Ervin789
Livingston, John A1199
Locher, Edward W920
Logan, Mrs. C. M.1079
Lohman, Adam F1213
Lohse, Goff W554
Loney, Mrs. Thomas598
Loney, Thomas598
Looney, John J1090
Lotitzenheiser, John G531
Lowell, Marshall Z681
Lowell, Orrin J681
Lowell, William H788
Lower, William H1184
Lucas, Charles1208
Lukens, G. E641
Lukens, S. Guy641
Lyles, A W.877
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mackay, J. Gordon670
Maginn, Patrick H579
Magner, C. P1065
Major, Edward Newton771
Major, John Newton643
Manning, James C1165
Maring, Albert1185
Marsh, Sherman W1152
Marshall, Sophie A997
Martel, Alexander P1220
Martin, William Henry854
Marvin, Fred555
Marvin, Mary B555
Marzen, Joseph, Jr433
Marzen, Joseph, Sr473
Mason, Cyrus L1137Jim Smith
Mason, Daniel559Jim Smith
Matteson, David Edwin1104Jim Smith
Mattio, Joseph Lorenzo1217
Mazzoni, Louis938
McAulay, George509
McAulay, Mrs. Amia Mary1060
McBean, Peter McGill1056
McCartney, David1066
McCleary, John B1201
McCleary, William James1201
McCormack, James C.1185Betty Walker
McCormick, James D.696Betty Walker
McCracken, Charles T987
McCuen, Charles H776
McCullough, Frank Edward877
McCullough, Joseph Johnson898Melinda Wright
McGuire, Clayton P1109
McGuire, Michael E1247
McGuire, Thomas H1086
McKim, Mrs. Mary Ellen639
McLellan, Charles R959
McNamara, Mrs. Mary L1227
Mehl, Carl E985
Mellinger, Arthur C1103
Meservey, Eugene B1205
Meservey, William B615
Meyers, Fred488
Miller, Chris J762
Mitchell, James855
Mitchell, William K652
Moe, H. E1117
Moeller, Mrs. Edith659
Moiles, Theodore D1221
Moore, Mrs. N. L955
Moran, John E1086
Morehouse, Charles A1099
Morelli, Frank C849
Morgan, David E475
Morgan, Luke Ferdinand1098
Morton, Wilbur Vincent1068
Moulton, William E1085
Mount St. Mary's Academy885
Mourier, William E1236
Mowrer, John Walter832
Mulcahy, Thomas1238
Mulligan, Thomas1032Betty Walker
Mundt, Amiel D1070
Murchie, Clarence R680
Musser, B. C937
Musser, Mrs. Aileen S937
Musso, Fedel Thomas929
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nagle, John Lawrence708
Neely, Charles Henry939
Neff, Fred G991
Nelson, Benjamin1112
Nelson, Nels T1012
Nelson, Thure N719
Netz, Ludwig 973
Newman, John M1006
Nicholls, John943
Nicholls, Robert J620
Nichols, Henry B642
Nixon, Hon. George Stuart1011
Nixon, Rudolph M815
Noell, Richard1003
Noia, Jess F959Diane Cox
Nolan, Thomas J997
Nolte, Henry C957
Norton, Daniel F616
O[Return to Jump Site]
Ocker, Charles A1100
O'Colmor, Joseph F805
O'Connor, Mrs. Sarah1149
Odell, Marel L1167
Odell, Warren F1167
Oliver, George Davidson906
O'Reilly, Rev. Patrick1145
Orzalli, Mrs. Margaret696
Osborne, Frederick Charles821
Othet, Thomas603
Owen, Harry Rowland967
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pardini, Louis1234
Parrish, Edward W1130
Partridge, William S925
Patterson, G. F1247
Pedler, Micah1061
Peers, Robert A909
Pekuri, Oscar W1110
Pemberton, George F1069
Penhall Mrs. Gertrude Leah Barker520
Penhall, Bennet Ackerly519
Perkins, George676
Perkins, Newton Dana1083
Perkins, W. Dana907
Perry, Frank E1091
Perry, Mrs. Mary Emily1186
Peters, Mrs. Mary547
Peterson, Peter C670
Pettichord, Harry A1107
Pfosi, Edmund872
Pgoetz, Otto L801
Philbrick, George546
Phillips, H. C1097
Pickering, George H1166
Pilliard, Alfred A865
Pilliard, Edward1159
Pilliard, Henry607
Pingree, Parker P1073
Pittman, Ernest L813
Pittman, L813
Plaus, Charles H980
Poggetto, Victor D1207
Porter, DeWitt892
Predom, Moses J1128
Prewett, James E467
Prewett, William James583
Prina, Cesare1249
Prisk, Samuel Henry1144
Proctor, Richard Roosevelt1250
Provis, Frank684
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R[Return to Jump Site]
Randolph, John Hayes707
Rasmussen, Andy884
Rasmussen, Boline735
Rasmussen, Christian735
Rasmussen, James1208
Ray, John Andrew Jackson522
Reading, Abram B1172
Rector, Edwin Merritt1172
Rector, Gilbert James1254
Reed, Charles789
Reed, Mrs. Caroline483
Rees, Stephen795
Reeves, I. J.1140Betty Walker
Reinhart, Joseph, Jr911
Reynolds, Augustus L759
Richards, William G704
Richardson, Jessie Kellogg700
Richardson, Oliver Perry879
Richerson, Lee817
Richter, Christian F612
Ricksecker O. H1045
Ridinger, Reuben Russell995
Riehl, Amos D1121
Robie, Edwin Towle485
Robinson, Alexander Kelly1075
Robinson, Guy V1214
Robson, Andrew A542
Robson, Deborah608
Robson, William Garfield481
Rodgers, Mrs. Susan Ellen689
Rogers, Mrs. Minna S1187
Rogers, Thomas969
Rolfe, Tallman Hathaway646
Rondoni, Peter1187
Root, George W1020
Root, Lloyd L1020
Roseville Free Public Library722
Ross, John William918
Rossi, F. B753
Rowe, David S1158
Royer, Michael Joseph1222
Royer, Thomas F772
Ruhkala, Matt1141
Ryder, Andrew457
Ryder, Frances E459
S[Return to Jump Site]
Saladana, John1150
Salmon, Lorenzo Leslie723
Sanders, George F.1085
Sanders, Joseph553
Sanford, Jesse Monroe667
Sanford, Wallace J582
Sanford, Walter B1195
Santini, J. B1125
Sartain, Henry P675
Sather, Arthur M923
Saugstad, Andrew O0.6
Sauvee, Mrs. Elizabeth M990
Sawyer, William P635
Schellhous, John M1027
Schellhous, Martin A605
Schellhous, Martin Andrew, Sr464
Schhidler, William1173
Schiaro, Antone1199
Schimitt, H. L619
Schnabel, A. H.726
Schroeder, Henry Christian801
Seaman, Alfonso1097
Searls, Fred, Jr925
Searls, Fred487
Searls, Judge Niles478
Sebring, Charles G692
Segerstrand, Nels Gustave983
Sehellhous, George C605
Shearer, Hiram D659
Shepard, Will A594
Sherman, Robert Barclay506
Sherritt, John917
Shields. John A526
Shims, Rev. Josiah494
Siri, Ernest845
Slade, Charles H784
Slade, William H743
Sleeman, Thomas1188
Small, Frank E857
Small, Frank M884
Smart, Joseph H1121
Smith, Charles E1106
Smith, Isaac H765
Smith, Walter Andrew1241
Smyth, Howard I862
Smyth, James Winter504
Smyth, Sarah E. Capson504
Snook, Henry Ja mes489
Snyder, Atherton B748
Sonntag, Herman E720
Sorensen, Chris P883
Soto, John695
Sparks, William M926
Sprague, Alvah J697
Spuhler, Henry1186
Stamas, Sam G1246
Stamme, Frank George852
Stark, Walter1053
Steiner, Joseph780
Stennett, John B1161
Stevens, Frederick S620
Stevens, Truman Allen656
Stewart, Daniel C631
Stewart, James D780
Stilson, Charles Henry701
Stoffels, John M769
Stone, Melville816
Struble, Ava M725
Struble, Marion R725
Sullivan, Mrs. Katherine M. F1217
Surline, Asher David690
Sutton, Earle P.1232Brian Sutton
Sweet, John687
Sweetland, George L1214
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbot, Sydney757
Tamblyn, John1164
Tamblyn, William V1101
Taylor, Earl Garman1154
Taylor, J. Earl1163
Teagarden, J. A.1064
Thomas, Charles933
Thomas, Herbert663
Thompson, James I482
Thompson, Thomas595
Thomsen, Marcus1039
Thomson, Herman L917
Threlkel, George W1013
Threlkel, Mrs. Martha J1019
Thurman, Allen G713
Tippett, Fred G805
Tisher, Ralph1215
Tofft, Julius Elmer1080
Tognelli, Pius Oscar840
Towers, Mrs. Martha734
Towle, Edwin W469
Towle, George W803
Trevey, Hale M847
Tropper, Frank J986
Tucker, James M858
Tulley, James E869
Turner, Charles K1191
Turner, Frederick W551
Turner, Joseph461
Tuttle, Raglan727
Twitchell, Ozro Leander1053
U[Return to Jump Site]
Uren, William H800
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Lennep, H. G717
Van Ordell, William Brown534
Van Orden, William Andrew617
Vega Brothers1225
Vereker, Rev. Richard1189
Vicencio, Cosme J.1189Judy
Vicencio, Peter1155
Vichmeier, John 766
Vore, Edmund501
W[Return to Jump Site]
Waddell, James941
Waggoner, Waldo W1087
Waldo, Edmund F609
Walker, George Myron1223
Walling, Zion Julius Madison492
Walter, Otto Thomas1211
Ware, Stonewall Jackson681
Watson, Elizabeth McDonald1155
Watt, Mrs. Alison F763
Watts, John1194
Watts, W. L.1118
Webster, George J1209
Weeks, Edward W1211
Weinman, Charles A1023
Weisgerber, William C1190
West, Burr W943
West, George Edward627
Wheeler, Isabella791
Wheeler, Lewis791
White, Richard P1202
Whiting, William W1162
Whitney, John T1082
Whitney, Mrs. Fanny1082
Whitney, Parker1027
Wickman, Anders Oscar921
Wickman, Victor837
Willard, Alfred H931
Williams, Albert M739
Williams, Luke W1190
Williams, Ory E1004
Williams, S. K1191
Williams, William1157
Willits, Georgiana R722
Wills, John Henry848
Willson, D. H979
Wilson, Charles Lincoln III1057
Wilson, Charles Lincoln, Jr1057
Wilson, Col. Charles L1042
Wilson, James Hubbard1195
Wilson, W. J673
Wilson, William Joseph, Sr455
Wiswell, Merle H1009
Wiswell, Mrs. Mattie R1049
Wiswell, Walter1103
Wodell, Charles E1224
Wolf, Albert G669
Wolff, Jacob1128
Wood, Charles F1156
Wood, George Knight1157
Woodbridge, Bradford969
Woodbridge, Cora May743
Woods, William Jefferson571
Wyatt, James Edward1032
Wyatt, James1059
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Young, Thad986
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zellner, William F1102

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