An illustrated history of Sacramento County, California:

Containing a history of Sacramento County from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of its prospective future; with profuse illustrations of its beautiful scenery, full-page portraits of some of its most eminent men, and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of to-day.

Hon. Win. J. Davis

The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, Ill (1890)

California Local History - Rocq - 6509

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Mahin, Jane, Mrs.380
Mahon, John47l
Manlove, W. S.453
Manogue, Patrick251
Maringo, A.677
Martin, E. M.267
Maslin, E. W.778
Maxfield, M. E., Mrs.577Don Shepard
Mayhew, H. A.657
Mazzini Bros.283
McAnally, Thomas760
McClatchy, James and Sons88-9
McCleery, James497
McConnell, Thaddeus C.684
McConnell, Thomas685
McCraken, W. F.659
McCreary, W. P.745
McCue Bros.660
McDonell, G. A.499
McFarland, John586
McFarland, Thaddeus J.97
McGuire, James B.501
McIntyre, Mary E.493
McKee, E. H.375
McKinstry, J. E.381
McKune, J. H.766
McLanahan, D.659
McLaughlin, Wm.503
McManus, Alfred G.461
McMitchell, Wyman753
McMullen, Geo. C.257
McNamee, Frank648
McNeal A.664
McNeill, John364
Mealand, Charles257
Meckfessel, Frank723
Meierdierks, C. H.335
Meister, A.326
Meister, Jacob598
Meister, John789
Melvin, H. O.725
Melvin, Wm.724
Mendis, Anton599
Menke, Anton416
Merwin, S. H.503
Meyers, Frederick500
Middlemass, J. H.316
Milgate, Wm.543
Miller, A. D.618
Miller, Jacob574
Miller, John S.782
Miller, John740
Miller, P. A.432
Miller, W. A.617
Millikin, John M.793
Miser, Isabella W., Mrs.761
Mitchell, Wm.574
Montague, Alex377
Morgan, Henry O.502
Morse, G. W.614
Morse, S T.501
Morton, E. G.6l5
Mott, F. N.500
Munger, Carl625
Murphy, R. J.620
Myers, Henry W.6l9
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nagele, J. J.625
Neal, Charles623
Neal, John623
Neary, Fred348
Need, George381
Neely, Wm. F.469
Nelson, Clarence N.353
Nesche, George547
Neubourg & Lages358
Neumann, George319
Newman, Peter323
Nicholas, John624
Nichols, H. L.477
Nichols, M., Mrs.506
Nichols, Wm. H.621
Nicolaus, Louis752
Nielsen, Chris752
Nielsen, H. B.334
Nielsen, J. M.724
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oakley, A. D.462
Ochsner, John572
Odell, M. F.787
O'Meara, Michael414
O'Neil, James289
Oppenheim, R.314
Orton, R. H.561
Osbarn, David628
O'Toole, Thomas627
Overmeyer, M.283
Owen, Eben641
P[Return to Jump Site]
Painter, Levi279
Parker, Wm. F.525
Parvin, E. R.456
Patterson, A. D.436
Pendery, B. F.406
Perkins, T. C.438
Peters, George627
Peterson, W. F.751
Petrie, W. M.253
Pettit, R. H.737
Phelps, F. F.378
Pierson, J. C.358
Pike, M. C.640
Planalp, Peter637
Plummer, Oliver435
Pollock, Priscilla, Mrs.277
Pond, J. H.785
Popert, James329
Presbury, E. B.296
Prouty, Simon220
Pugh, Samuel Houston661Cathy
Putnam, George A.780
Putney, H. S.379
Pyburn, George556
Pyne, J. G.632
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R[Return to Jump Site]
Randolph, Alfred631
Rave, C. H.630
Ray, Don221
Ray, Ephraim632
Raymond, A. F.536
Reese, David587
Reese, U. M.442
Reid, James649
Restaurant de France772
Rheil, Philip G.572
Rhoads, A. J.285
Rhoads, J. P.641
Rich, George T.439
Richards, John608
Richmond, J. W.528
Ritter, William585
Robinson, James648
Robinson, W. H.444
Rodegerdts, August754
Roden, Daniel649
Rohr, John531
Rooney, John645
Ross, Andrew584
Ross, Frances M., Mrs.475
Ross, H. C.722
Roth, Simon342
Routier, Joseph705
Ruedy, John747
Ruhstaller, F.324
Ruman, C. A.525
Runyon, O. R.636
Runyon, Solomon437
Russell, F. H.635
Russell, Peyton524
Russell, R.289
Rutter, James443
Ryan, Frank D.321
Ryan, John783
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sacramento Home School475
Sanders, Oliver278
Sawyer, J. H.382
Schaden, Arend355
Schaden, J. C.741
Schadt, N.355
Schaper, C. H., Mrs.414
Scheld, Phllip350
Schell, John454
Schindler, C.740
Schmitt, Charles94
Schmitt, Jacob315
Schneider, Josef777
Schreiner, Charles610
Schroth, George568
Schuch, Adolph535
Schuler, Frank D.593
Schultz, Jacob534
Schulze, William J.451
Schwartz, Charles319
Scott, R. T.282
Scott, William A.6ll
Scroggs, A.763
Senatz, A. J.351
Sermonet, George303
Shaver, Nelson397
Shaw, Ira G.407
Sheldon, J. D588
Sheldon, W. C.588
Sherwood, J. O.398
Shields, John281
Shirley, J. H.405
Siebenthaler, P.747
Siller, J. L. & L. G.787
Silva, Joe591
Silveisa, Manuel F.593
Simmons, G. L.268
Simoni, August329
Simons, John A.531
Sims, Joseph601
Skelton, John349
Slawson, S. B.599
Slawson, W. H.600
Slayback, C. M.388
Small, H. J.460
Smith, A. P. and Sidney473
Smith, Brainard F.385
Smith, Edwin F.611
Smith, George731
Smith, Halsey G.402
Smith, L. E.782
Smith, M. L.397
Smith, S. Prentis601
Spooner, Alfred280
Sprague, Moses553
Stafford, James788
Starr, Henry368
Steffens, Joseph446
Steinauer, Ben330
Stephens, R. D.557
Stevens, A. J., Mrs.797
Stevenson, A.448
Stewart, J. H.459
Stewart, Norman I.458
Still, J. F.606
Stoddard, George A.551
Stoll, John T.603
Strong, W. R.564
Stuart, A. W.762
Studarus, John B.445
Sturges, J. H.539
Sullivan, J. H.554
Suter, C.311
Swanson, E. J.411
Sweetser, A. C.566
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tash, Joe287
Taverner, George621
Taverner, Thomas M.620
Taylor, D. W.608
Taylor, Ed. F.598
Taylor, J. B.449
Taylor, Leroy S.260
Terry, W. E.345
Thisby, George480
Thompson, T. J.612
Tietjens, Peter529
Tomlinson, Joseph597
Tomlinson, Lewis597
Tooker, R. W.763
Towle, Cyrus479
Townsend, E. B.388
Trainor, H. C.482
Trask, C. F.530
Traver, Charles720Sally TRAVER
Treat, Sullivan481
Triechler, Henry453
Tryon, A. G.264
Tryon, John452
Tryon, Sylvester263
U[Return to Jump Site]
Upson, L. A.305
Upson, Lauren304
Uren, Stephen307
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Fleet, W. C.450
Van Loben Sels, P. J.226
Van Maren, N.601Christina
Van Vorhies, A. A.767
Vogel, Charles733
Von Herrlich, John F545
Von Tillow, Alma418
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wachhorst, H.775
Wachtel, V.395
Wackman, A. E.593
Wahl, Christ732
Wahl, Gustav321
Walsh, John287
Warnock, A. M.764
Watermaun, R. W.582
Watson, Henry504
Watson, J. P.784
Weber, F. H. L.594
Weil, John744
Weinrich, Henry348Lisa Harley
Weinstock, Lubin & Co581
Weir, James417
Weisel, Chris755
Welch, Benj.393
Welch, James595
Wells, Eli595
Welty, James B.507
Werner, Fred340
West, C. M.295
White, G. A.450
White, Wm. W.730Van K. White
Wickstrom, Charles A.464
Wilcox, Nelson590
Wild, John591
Wilke, Charles725
Williams, E. H.293
Williams, John B.459
Williamson, George S.508
Willis, E. B.84
Wilson, George505Richard
Wise, Joseph506
Wise, M. L.555
Withington, R. H.359
Wolf, Philp792
Woodard, Abram591
Woodson, Joseph A.83
Woodward, E. F.507
Wright, Willis380
Wriston, S. E.377Cecil C. Wristen
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Young, J. D.295
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Zeh, Christopher M.803
Zimmerman, Charles W.802
Zimmerman, Charles804
Zimmerman, Christian804
Zoller, Leopold803
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