History of Sacramento County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present: illustrated

By G. Walter Reed

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA (1923)

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 6510

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.453 H6r -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.453 H6r -- Book

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Kadel, Nicilolas C984
Kaeser, Reinhardt G571
Kammerer, John621
Katzenstein, Carleton Leonard 886
Katzenstein, George F279
Kay, Samuel H909,
Kay, Samuel William909
Keane, James858
Keane, Rt. Rev. Joseph Patrick877
Keithly, Abram931
Kelly, Thomas323
Kelly, Thomas M416
Kenealy, James J323
Kenefick, Edmund489
Kennedy, Edgar Frank846
Kennedy, Frank846
Kennedy, William846
Kenourgios, Sam870
Kercheval, Howard D63l
Kercheval, James Louis590
Kercheval, Reuben631
Kesner, William A494
Keys, William609
Kiernan, Harold S616
Kiernan, Lawrence F 600
Killam, Frank N757
Kimball, Leland C 668
Kimball, Moses Nixon979
Kimberlin, Ernest M774
Kindblom, Gustavus A 929
King, Charles W920
King, George T943
King, Herbert886
Kingshury, William Stephen412
Kirkpatrick, Glenn F978
Kirtlan, Thomas609
Klaeser, Florence678
Klattke, Herman980
Kleinsorge, William 375
Kleinsorge, William E846
Kloss, August829
Kloss, August, Jr977
Kloss, Edward C829
Kneppel, Martin853
Knowles, J. G902
Knowles, Joseph L902
Kofod, Martin953
Kohnke, Henry915
Kraus, Edward Henry376
Krebs, Harry G584
Ksesner, Mary C494
Kubel, Isadore861
Kueny, Joseph885
L[Return to Jump Site]
Labhard, Alfred G.837
Labhard, Theodore837
Ladue, William Bell525
Laine, William H.989Cathy
Lamb, Arthur H.891
Lampson, Mrs. Mary L.299
Lamry, Lemuel Oscar742
Lamus, Carl A.891
Landis, L. H.361
Landsborough, Leonard B.664
Landsborough, Thomas R.857
Laracy, John J.873
Laracy, Willaim P.873
Larkin, William H.797James
Larrrick, James W.952
Larsen, Nils Olaf817
Lauppe, Frank E.774
Lauppe, John D.466
Lauppe, Nettie S.466
Lauridson, Niels H990
Lavenson, Gustav475
Lawson, Edward H328
Lawson, John S311
Leavitt, Edward Jewell818
Lee, King H921
Lehman, Charles996
Leitch, Albert E966
Lemery, Charles H999
Leonard, Lewis V933
Leoni, Peter917
Lettner, S. Henry610
Lewald, Captain H. A.530
Lewis, Frank J976
Lewis, George L653
Lewis, Ralph H987
Lewis, Wesley B. 653
Lewis, William Selby969
Lilly, Samuel Lincoln960
Lima, Samson E802
Lindstrom, Gustaf F984
Lippi, Amedco678
Lobner, Leo Kneeland650
Loizeaux, Edouard Sanderson845
Lord, Mars. Clara Belle504
Loughbridge, James, M. D. 865
Lower, Capt. William Franklin995
Lubin, David279
Lubin, Simon J.327
Lucich, George873
Lucich, Marco768
Ludlow, Charles A.285
Lufkins, D. T. 810
Lumbard, Charles303
Lundlee, Gunerius T.996
Luppen, Luppe Barnes787
Lyding, Peter R.639
Lynch, Edward M.423
Lyons, James L.1002James
M[Return to Jump Site]
Macaulay, David910
Macdonald, Mrudoch Alexander809
Machado, Manuel Joseph948
Macivich, N. N. S636
Maddox, Harry S.380
Maguire, Joseph F663
Mahan, Maurice Thomas986
Malitsas, Paul D1003
Mannix, William J925
Marengo, Alessandro486
Marengo, Augustino486
Marsh, Ralph Ellis671
Martem, Wesley E943
Martin, John B977
Martindale, Edward Lee866
Martine, Annette479
Martine, Harry C.479
Mason, Edward S953
Mason, Francis Elton659
Mastretti, Emil Alfred977
Matthias, Adolph J529
Matthias, Harold R.525
Matthias, Louis W525
Maxwell, William M751
May, George F667
Mayden, John Lincoln672
Mayhood, Ray H556
McCauley, John F297
McClain, Donald 604
McClain, Henry Harrison945
McConnell, Thomas981
McCubbin, Eugene L.567
McCuistion, John Wesley632Leona
McCulloch, D. H. 920
McCulloh, F. S. 379
McCurry, Harold J.471
McCutchen, George E986
McDermott, Mrs Georgiana411
McDonnell, Albert W.927
McElligott, William983
McEnereny, Joseph P.486
McEnereny, William D.358
McEwen, Edwin950
McGee, Amos696
McGee, Fredrick James923
McGrath, John A735
McGuire, Andrew T959
McIntire, John A. 981
McKenzie, Colin286
McKern, Roland L971
McKoy, Walter Day677
McMichael, Ellsworth E.466
McNally, Frank L.903
McNeil, Elbert S944
McNeil, George P.514
McShane, Bernard J289
Meiss, Antone797
Menke, George H362
Merz, Chris362
Messner, Jack Joseph1003
Meyer, John N961
Miles, Charles925
Miller, Charlotte1001
Miller, Joseph F287
Miller, Lafayette907
Miller, Leon R. 773
Miller, Michael 287
Miller, Oscar H,909
Miller, Royal969
Miller, Wayne903
Mitchell, Howard N434
Mitchell, Richard Earl993
Moeller, Albert H660
Moeller, Richard R742
Moore, James810
Moore, Lee Douglas900
Moore, Loyal Chauney833
Moore, Ralph810
Moroney, Thomas J278
Morrissey, Rodney J562
Morton, Charles Wardle479
Mosher, Mrs. Catherine731
Mosher, Norbert G950
Mosier, Doran H861
Mosier, Frank Byron861
Mossman, John Wesley915
Moyer, Charles A878
Muddox, Harry C286
Mugford, Mrs. Sarah 722
Mull, A. M465
Mundt, Herman A654
Munson, R. E653
Murer, Paul985
Murphy, Harry L927
Murphy, John O947
Murphy, Richard J918
Myers, Louis W318
Myers, Mrs. Henrietta de Black318
Nathan, Charles F290
N[Return to Jump Site]
Need, George C.632
Neubourg, George W.80l
Neves, Joseph Francis901
Newbert, William555
Newman, Frank J.600
Nichols, Edwin930
Nilsson, J. Leonard763
Nix, James J.900
Noble, George W.419
Noble, Mrs. Elizabeth419
Nold, Frederick384
Nopper, Hans897
Norbryhn, Paul M.991
Norris, Amos William898
Nusbaum, Peter J.894
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Connell, Thomas367
O'Donnell, Edward J., Sr.578
O'Brien, Thomas F.383
O'Brien, William R.383
O'Connor, James Joseph939
O'Neil, Michael727
Odell, John W822
Olson, Peter L.622
Opdyke, Paul R.842
Orr, Mrs Mary McFarland681
Orr, Silas959
Osborn, David H.913
Osgood, Mrs. Ada L.304
Ostman, Charles913Carole
Owen, Asa311
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palm, Henry A.959
Palmer, Charles Wiilliam710
Pape, Albert George895
Parker, Clarence R.1004
Parkinson, Mrs. Valla E.416
Patterson, Guy S.751
Patterson, John878
Pellandini, James596
Pennish, T. J.814
Perrin, H. Yates916
Perry, Emanuel D.485
Peters, Mott793
Peterson, Charles John917
Peyton, William F.965
Phillips, Emmett660
Phillips, Emmett, Sr660
Phipps, George434Victoria
Picard, Charles J.982
Pierson, Alfred E.727
Pimentel, William H.922
Pingel, Viggo Christian700
Plato, Elken J.906
Polhemus, Josiah Arvin584
Polhemus, Albert V.529
Polhemus, Cornelius B.584
Pollard, Albert L969
Poole, Francis901
Poole, Theodore C.901
Porter, Henry S.287
Porter, Robert590
Porter, Wildey M814
Post, Roy Swain963
Powell, George F893
Powell, Mrs. Alice F894
Powell, Robert644
Prager, Harry Samuel517
Priest, Henry Ames881
Pringle, William W668
Pritchard, Charles D865
Protzman, Robert L997
Provines, Cornelia Douglas615
Prudhomme, Clifford956
Pugh, Charles L931
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Queirolo, Frank838
Quiggle, Thomas L367
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rackliffe, Pitt B905
Radke, Joseph945
Ralls, Earl M979
Rambo, Clarence J1004
Rapp, William A937
Raschen, Fred 703
Rasmussen, Harvey940
Raymond, George J861
Read, Emerson Worrell937
Reed, James H986
Reeder,William M817
Reese, David704
Reese, John K713
Reith, Jesse Lee849
Rennie, Frederick O671
Rhoads, Thomas339
Rich, Henry Merritt610
Richards, John773
Riehm, Charles365
Riffe, Isaac M.387Dana Riffe
Riffe, John387Dana Riffe
Riley, Edward A304
Riley, Peter304
Ritz, Mrs. Maude I650
Robinson, Harold Hugh886
Robinson, James Edward696
Robinson, Peter M927
Rogers, Capt. Edgar F742
Rogers, Manuel L709
Rooney, Stephen: J494
Rooney, William J.494
Ropcke, Leonhart 1001
Rouse, Willard Preston780
Rowe, John Charles822
Rowray, James Byron, 590ROWRAY1@aol.com
Rudech, Thomas568
Rugg, Bertram G951
Ruhstaller, August Louis798
Ruhstaller, Frank J 294
Russell, Clifford Albert889
Russi, John A472
Rutter, James465
Ryan, Arthur D.312
Ryan, Capt. Thomas A300
Ryan, George T.853
Ryan, Hon. Frank D.283
Ryan, John C.416
S[Return to Jump Site]
Salcedo, Albert Edward988
Saner, Arnold949
Saner, Joseph721
Sapunar, Matt967
Sarment, Mrs. Rose935
Sarti, Frank893
Saunders, Joseph W821
Sbarbaro, Antonio, Capt330
Scatena, Frederick Nicholas742
Schaefer, Henry997
Schaffnit, Emil G.974
Schardin, Frank H.741
Schei, Lawrence B.973
Schenk, John690
Schluckebier, Theodore W953
Schmitt, Charles529
Schneider Bros.1001
Schneider, Henry845
Schoech, Charles S.84G
Schulze, Mrs. Jennie A.371
Schwab, Jack936
Seavcy, Dr. Minnie894
Selkirk, William R.735
Sharp, John Wesley504
Sharp, Mrs. Sophia B.504
Sheldon, William C.336
Shepard, Jo. H.900
Shepard, Wallace 793
Sherfey, Mrs. Ruth583
Sherman, George C.997
Shields, Peter J.288
Shinn, Robert E. Lee366
Showers, Mrs. Minnis Barton329
Sill, Anna P.551
Silva, Charles F.510
Silva, Francisco F.727
Silva, J. Ignatius896
Simmonds, Clyde Shapel857
Simpson, Harry427
Simpson, Herbert951
Skog, John A.966
Skoog, Adolph949
Small, Jake 671
Smith, Alexander H.752
Smith, Calivn H.850
Smith, Charles896
Smith, Charles S.589
Smith, Garrett D.817
Smith, George H.915
Smith, H. Jay490
Smith, Hart F.975
Smith, James G.934
Smith, Jay H.898
Smith, John Joseph437
Smith, Matthew A.798
Smith, Maurice K.940
Smith, Mrs. Ida M. C.93l
Smith, Robert M.814
Smith, Warren W.489
Smith, William J.324
Smth, Mrs. Lillian C.480
Sobey, Russell R.908
Sommers, Adolph958
Souza, Manuel Patrick992
Spickard, Claude Richard682
Sposito, Louis728
Spring, Henry 964
Squaglia, Giovanni942
St. Francis Parish858
Stackpoole, Owen Thomas996
Stahl, Mrs. Matilda321
Starkey, Jerome 411
Starks, Leonard P.916
Stauffer, Fred 677
Steiner, Albert 929
Steneberg, Edward Albert874
Steppan, Leo 731
Steude, Paul H.643
Stevenson, Roy Milton951
Stewart, Merlin W994
Stillman, W. M. 813
Stirnkorb, Fred911
Stuart, Daniel E. 315
Swan, Robert T.681
Swannell, William Laurance906
Swanston, George398
Swanston, Jennie E.398
Sweet, Arthur Walter952
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbot, Richard P.892
Taverna, Rev. Fr. Dominic962
Taylor, John B.710
Teichert, Adolph376
Teichert, Adolph Jr.540
Tellstrom, Axel424
Terkelson, Louis932
Terra, Manuel F.718
Thaler, Kasper403
Thatcher, Albert Miles649
Thielbahr, William A.728
Thiele, Ernest A.764
Thomas, Joseph764
Thomas, William D.918
Thompson, Edward M.870
Thornton, Charles E. 862
Tinsler, Miss Silvey Pearl926
Tobey, Jesse O.407
Todd, Clarence D.994
Toomey, Walter Daniel997
Torney, Richard Daley919
Totman, Caroline m433
Trainor, Alfred T.965
Travis, William E.998
Turner, Edgar D.578
Turner, Jabez517
Turton, William294
Tyron, Sylvester Cornelius312
U[Return to Jump Site]
Upham, Robert I.603
Uren, Stephen993
Utz, Herman F.540
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valensin, Mrs. Alice M.297
Valensin, Pio299
Van Alstein, Edward366
Vanina, Charles Leslie822
Vicari, Saverio433Susan
Vice, George748Victoria
Vining, Carl F.956
Vollamn, Mrs. Dagmar Eleanor640
Vollman, Clarence640
Vortriede, William732
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wahrhaftig, Peter S. 513
Wall, Edwin Taylor649
Walters, William F. 957
Wanamaker, Joy F.939
Ward, Lida Sparks Bowman635
Waring, Ray C.309
Warner, Willard561
Waterbury, Frank G. 522
Waterman, Harry G.989
Waters, J. Edward972
Wegat, August923
Weigt, William Albert892
Weil, Conrad384
Weil, Frederick Conrad384
Weil, John809
Weil, Robert H.809
Weinstock, Lubin & Co. 327
Welch, Martin I312
West, Hon. Percy G499
Westoby, John E942
Weston, Ernest A.966
Wetzlar, Gustavus476
Whidden, Dr. Frank935
White Hospital678
White, Albert L.897
White, Charles G.921
White, Clinton L. 351
White, Herbert E351
White, Lincoln897
White, Mrs. Camille P.678
Whittemore Bros. 317
Whittemore, Benjamin F. 317
Wickstrom, Charles August485
Wiegand, John Martin387
Wilcox, John T.961
Wilkie, Charles696
Wilkie, Peter J.802
Williamson, David A. 595
Willis, Hal E. 996
Wilson, Charles E.978
Wilson, Seth A. 310
Wing, Frederick W. 616
Winters, Winfred D.757
Wise, Jesse438Victoria
Wise, Joseph428Victoria
Wise, Joseph Lincoln428Victoria
Wise, M. L.830Victoria
Wise, Mrs. Nancy Jane428Victoria
Wixson, Charles H.704
Wood, Hiram T. 358
Wood, Will C.309
Woods, George H.917
Woods, James A.529
Woollett, John Woodward854
Work, George Armistead994
Worthington, John J.278
Wright, Albert W.596
Writson, Mrs. Jennie V.514
Wulff, Henry826
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yoerk, August W. 322
Yoerk, Charles August305
York, George F.322
Youngman, Franklin L.736
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zagoren, Hyman W938
Zeigerst, E. R. 825
Zimmerman, Charles834
Zumwalt, Jacob695

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