History of Santa Clara County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present

By Eugene Taylor Sawyer

Historic Record Co., Los Angeles, CA - 1922

California Local History - Rocq - 13731

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: MICRO- FILM 148 -- Microfilm
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1922 -- Book NC

This portion of the book only deals with the history of the county and preceedes the actual biographies contained which can be found at Santa Clara County Biographies - 1922. The listing below sets forth the name of the individual and the page number on which the reference can be found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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A. Block Fruit Co278
Abbott, F. B.193
Abbott, G. S. Mrs.254
Abell, G. A.193
Abincino, John192
Aby, C. W.193
Acequia67, 143
Ackerman & Harris121
Ackley & Morrison150
Acton, John192
Adam, Fr220
Adams, Annie123
Adams, C. E. Dr.193
Adams, C. W.278
Adams, Chas. L231
Adams, F. E. Mrs.246
Adams, John H64, 87, 132, 133, 165, 167
Adams, Maude121
Adams, Wm. H192, 193
Adel, W. T.129, 130, 132, 240
Afflerbach, C. H. Rev.264
Agnew, Mr. 139
Ahern, J. C.192
Ahlman, Harold189
Aikenhead, William68-69
Ainsley, J. C.192
Aitken, R. C. 201
Aitken, R. C. Dr.193
Alamanea, Julian89
Alameda, The36, 147, 148, 267
Alameda Turnpike Company147
Albee, Wilson E189, 206
Alden Fruit and Vegetable Preserving Co137
Alemany, Archbishop66
Alemany, Joseph Sadoc Bishop279
Alexander, G. C.135
Alexander, Geo. W.121, 122
Alexander, Howard J.99, 274
Alexander, J. E.276
Alexander, W. G.101, 135, 182, 189, 241, 252, 271, 274, 276
Alexander, W. G. Mrs.181, 190, 192, 248, 276
Alford, H. B.99
Alguazil, Constable261
Allampress, Stella291
Allen, B. G.193
Allen, C. E. Judge80, 225, 260
Allen, C. S. 179, 242
Allen, Charles H99, 171
Allen, Charles Mrs.246, 247
Allen, Elihu260
Allen, F. S.212
Allen, Geo.261
Allen, John B64, 101
Allen, W. B. Mrs.186
Almond, Wm. B. Judge71, 72, 76
Alvarado, Gov. 46
Alvires, Claudio36
Alviso, Agnacio266
Alviso, Augustin69
Alviso, Manuel69
Alviso, Maria Margaret Bernal266
Alvitre, Sebastian36
Alvora, Henry B94
Alvord, H. B.130
Ames, Carol185
Ames, Chas. G. Rev. Dr.97, 98, 254, 264
Amesquita, Manuel36
Amet, Ruth244
Ananstasion, Elias193
Anderson, A. M. Mrs.247
Anderson, Albert A192
Anderson, Alden208
Anderson, Buel182
Anderson, Geo. H99, 185
Anderson, J. W.193
Anderson, Leroy Mrs.181
Anderson, Nils231
Anderson, S. B.225
Anderson, Stephen299
Anderson, W. C.273
Andrade, Joseph F193
Andrews, W. C.100, 101, 182, 231, 240, 242, 277
Andrus, J. R.193
Angas, Juan Miguel69
Angel, Austin277
Angel, James292
Angelino, Blas87
Angell, Frank309
Anglin, Margaret121
Angus, Reta190
Anthony, Rev.292
Appelton, Fred G.95, 101, 261
Appleton, A. S.242
Appleton, J. Mrs.231
Appleton, James83
Appleton, S. A. Mrs.191
Aram, Joseph39, 52-55, 61, 62, 94, 101, 136
Arberg, Fred243
Arbogast, H. R.231
Arbuckle, Clyde244
Archer, Lawrence B. Mayor72, 99, 129, 130, 175, 177, 301
Archer, Lawrence B. Mrs.246
Archer, Leo100, 170
Archuleta, Ignacio36
Argall, Charles185
Argall Brothers185
Arguello, Donald184
Arguello, Jose Ramon141
Argues, Clem R100
Armstrong, Lida Leib234
Arnold, Austin263
Arnold, C. S. Dr.248
Arnold, C. S. Mrs.248
Arnold, John C166
Arnold, Lilian183
Arnold, Luita188
Arnone, Louis184
Arques, Nellie G Mrs.100
Arroll, A. Jamison244
Arvena, Pedro88
Ashley, D. R.82Edward Hodges
Ashley, George97, 99
Ashley, R. W. Capt.309
Ashmore, M. J.130
Ashmore, M. J. Mrs.231
Atherton, Foxan D198
Atherton, Gertrude291
Atkinson, G. E.252
Atkinson, W. L.174, 175, 177, 180, 184, 185
Austin, Gertrude May234
Austin, L.243
Austin, Paul P64, 175, 271
Auzerais, Almee237
Auzerais, J. E.296
Auzerais, John140, 223, 270
Avery, George99
Avery, L. B.252
Avila, Francisco36
Ayer, Henry M.64, 178, 179, 182, 185, 186, 189, 241
Ayer, J. Y.260
Ayer, Robert R242
Ayer, S. F.64, 150
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Bachelder, Geo.244
Bachrodt, W. L.215
Backesto, Anna E.C310
Bacon, A. S.101, 180, 252
Bacon, A. S. Mrs.237, 238
Bacon, Chas. R123
Bacon, Frank117, 120, 121, 123
Baggerly, H. L.114, 176, 182, 189
Baggerly, H. L. Mrs.191
Baggott, Mrs.185
Bailey, Daniel C130, 225
Bailey, E. R. Capt.185, 241
Bailey, Everett Mrs.191
Bailey, J. R. Mrs.190
Bailey, Louis179
Bailey, W. C. Dr.176, 178, 182, 185, 186, 189, 190, 277, 310
Bailey, W. C. Mrs.181, 191, 248
Baker, A. D.189
Baker, E. H. Mrs.187, 250
Baker, Frank L189, 242
Baker, G. F.130, 223
Baker, L. C. Col.114
Baker, M. D.257
Baker, Sarah229
Balbach, John260
Baldwin, E. Y.62, 94
Ball, F. A.192
Ball, L. A.226, 192
Ballard, Samuel A64
Ballou, J. A.136-137
Ballou, J. Q. A64, 231, 310
Ballou, Katherine Kimball234
Bambauer, C. D.192
Banden, W. G.83
Bane, W. R.64, 170, 292
Bannister, E. Rev.211
Barbano, Joseph291
Barbour, J. H.240
Bardue, Howard310
Barkau, Ella Plate234
Barker, A. L.99, 240
Barker, Charles A228
Barker, Lawrena193
Barker, S. A.130, 240
Barker, S. A. Mrs.247
Barker, Wm. O.133
Barmby, Mary266
Barnes, Harvey C193
Barnes, Thatcher F132
Barnes, W. H. L. Col.121
Barnett, R. I.83
Barnett, T. C.101, 273
Barngrover, H. M.180, 252
Barngrover, Hull & Cunningham273
Barnhart, O. H. Mrs.187
Barr, Charley115
Barrett, Lawrence120
Barrington, Charles L188
Barron, Forbes & Co86
Barrone, C. A.189
Barry, James H114
Barry, John193
Barry, John D291
Barry, Miss A266
Barry, Tom C229
Barrymore, Ethel121
Barstow, Alfred99, 237
Barstow, Grace234, 237
Barstow, Mary Rhodes99, 234, 237
Bartlett, W. A. (Lt. USN)53
Barton, Clara253
Barton, E. M.291
Barton, Grant192
Barton, Nelson193
Bascom, A. L.230
Bascom, Grandma59, 96, 263
Bascom, L. H.64, 101
Basseile, Joseph193
Bassett, Ella237
Bassett, L. E.193
Bassham, W. R.64, 69, 94, 101
Bassler, Jos.95, 260
Bassler, S.95
Bassye, James193
Bateman, D. T.189
Bateman, E. B.62
Bates, Blanche121
Bates, Flora229
Battee, J. M.64, 137, 150, 292
Baugh, Dicey183
Bazard, Mr. 277
Bazata, B. Z.193
Beach, Henry121, 193
Beach, Tyler240
Beal, Laura254
Bean, Alfred C245
Bean, Alfred C Mrs.245
Bean, Frances309
Bean, James245
Bean, L. S.193
Bean Spray Co184, 272
Beans, Alice Adelaide Waite254
Beans, Charlotte Bray234
Beans, Frances234
Beans, Gertrude Moore234
Beans, Mildred Eliz234
Beans, Rowena234
Beans, T. Ellard99, 129 130, 230, 247, 276
Beans, T. Ellard Mrs.234, 245, 247
Beans, W. R.272
Beans, W. X. Mrs.234
Beans, Wm. Knox99, 176, 131, 270
Beard, EliasL77
Beasley, W. A. Judge84, 100, 177, 182, 186, 188, 189
Beasley, W. A. Mrs.191
Beattie, D. A. Mrs.187, 189, 191, 192, 238, 241
Beattie, David A. Dr.177, 185, 186, 187, 252
Beattie, J. I.257
Beatty, James121, 188, 308
Beatty, Malva186
Beaty, A. S.261
Beaty, Abe259
Beaty, Alex95
Beaty, John261
Bechis, D. H.192
Beck, Charles192
Bee, Harry Jubilee42, 55, 104, 136, 231, 261
Bee, John104
Beecher, Henry Ward130
Beggs, W. M. Mrs.188
Bego, Geo.261
Belden, David Judge82, 83, 130, 157, 230
Belden, Josiah43, 57, 60, 61, 97, 108, 175, 240, 261
Belknap, L. J. Dr.256
Bell, A. W. Dr.95, 261, 304
Bell, J. E. Mrs.191
Bell, L. F.292
Bell, O. P. Rev.180
Bell, R. O.182
Bellamy, George W83, 277
Bellingall, C.129
Belloli, J. A. Sr101
Bellow, Mitchell106, 261
Benfey, Ida120
Bennett, A. G. Col.129
Bennett, Bob249
Bennett, E. J.101
Bennett, Grant186
Bennett, Nat94
Bennett, Peter192
Bennett, Robert J193
Bennett, Winston43John Sullivan
Bennett, Winston Mrs.43, 185John Sullivan
Benson, Frank H180, 183, 186, 252
Benson, H. C. Rev.95
Benson, Oscar193
Benson, Robert F177, 188
Benson, W. Y.188
Bentley, Robert I Maj.185
Bentley, Robert I. Jr310
Bergstrom, Chris229
Bernal, Barcelia69
Bernal, Don Bruno38
Bernal, Jose de Jesus69
Bernhardt, Sarah121
Berre, K. D.137
Berrie, Theresa119
Berry, S. L. Mrs.186
Berryessa301, 302
Berryessa, Francisco89, 94
Berryessa, G.69
Berryessa, Ignacio88
Berryessa, Nicholas301
Berryessa, Santiago88
Berryessa Barbecue301
Berryman, Fred Sr291
Best, E. C. Mrs.231
Bestor, Norman94
Bethel, Cora M245
Bethel, F. C.223
Betts, Ira G193
Bidwell, J.62, 94
Biebrach, W. L.296
Biehl, W. J.193
Bierce, Ambrose302, 303
Bihury, Bernard165
Billings, Josh130
Billwiller, E. 0.241, 242
Bingham, John A Sen.127
Bird, C. T.166, 223, 237
Bird, Isaac223
Bishop, Miss192
Bishop, S. A.151, 223
Bishoprick, Frank99
Blabon, Otis231Irving Blabon
Black, J. C.131, 229, 230, 231, 269
Black, J. N.186, 261
Blackford, L. Mrs.181
Blackford, Maud187
Blaine, G.97
Blair, G. A.192
Blair, Montgomery302
Blake, F. W.117
Blake, W. F.117
Blakeslee, Rev.58
Blanch, William163
Blanchard, Hiram A180, 182, 252
Blanchard, Lulu228, 229, 231
Blanchard, T. L. Dr.257
Blanchard, T. L. Mrs.185, 191
Blanchard, W. W.99, 277
Bland, Henry Meade Dr.216
Bland, J. C.223
Blane, A. C.229
Blaney, C. D. Mrs.245, 255
Blaney, Chas. D.251, 252, 255
Blauer, J. W. Mrs.248
Blauer, W. E.176, 189, 270
Blickfelt, F. E.238
Bliss, Geo.184
Blomdohl, M.187
Bloomingdale, F. H.177
Blum, Joseph183
Blum, Max264
Blumenthal, M.264
Blythe, S. A.64
Boden, F. X.193
Bodfish, G. H.261
Bodley, Thomas72, 103, 163, 185, 301
Bogen, Wm. Mrs.248
Bohm, S. H.260
Bohnett, L. D.180, 242
Bolan, Mary181
Bollinger, G. X. Rev.264
Bolstad, William M291
Bonar, E. P.185
Bonner, John222
Bontemps, J. R.136
Bontz, L. E.101
Booker, N. H. Mrs.187
Booksin, Henry Mrs.100
Booksin, J.99
Booksin, L. A.231
Boone, Wm. De Hare95
Boonshaft, Louis Dr.291
Booth, Edwin120-122
Booth, Newton Gov. 88
Booth, William277
Borchers, C. A.193
Borchers, G. H.242
Borchers, G. W.252
Borchers, G. W. Mrs.248
Borchers, Robert185
Borden, J. H193
Boring, Ella98
Boring, Julia98
Boring, Sam W.98, 130, 175, 223
Bornck, M. D.130
Boschken, Joseph193
Bosqui, B.192
Bostwick, Clyde A. Capt.179
Bothwell, Earle L241, 242
Botsford, Harry121
Boulware, J. W.64, 150
Boulware, M. A.231
Bowden, Archer233, 241, 310
Bowden, Nicholas99, 100, 116, 234, 269
Bowden, Nicholas Mrs.187, 191, 227
Bowden, Wm. A101
Bowen, J. M. Dr.231
Bowie, A. J.221
Bowman, D. D.117
Bowman, George M.100, 133, 139, 230, 272
Bowman, Mary212, 245
Boyd, James155
Boyd, W.249
Boynton, Maude P181
Bradford, Alice Ballou235
Bradley, E. D. B Mrs.231
Bradley, Giles193
Bradley, Giles Mrs.227
Bradley, H. J.64
Bradley, Lois94
Brady, James261
Brainard, E. R. Mrs.186
Brainerd, H. A.115
Braley, J. M.130
Brand & Holloway112
Brandenberg, H. E.192
Brangier, P. A.193
Branham, Ben F168, 170
Branham, H. Mrs.245
Branham, Isaac43, 60, 61, 62, 64, 230, 301
Branham, Maggie96
Brant, L. V.238
Braslan, C. P.101, 141
Braslan, Charles Mrs.177
Braslan, Olga238
Brassy, F.223
Brattan, Catherine250
Braun, Isidro260
Bray, George231
Bray, John G151, 270
Bray, W. A.95
Bray, Walter118
Brecker, Meyer264
Bressani, Richard182, 188
Breyfogle, C. W. Dr.170, 175, 240, 271
Breyfogle, E. S.99, 108
Breyfogle, W. O.155
Brickwedel, H.130
Brierly, Rev.58
Briggs, N. C.163
Brinblecom, Miss L.A231
Brinker, Daisy L238
Briones, Juana69
Brisbane, Arthur303
Brittain, Nat. J55
Britton, Arthur244
Britton, J. W.308
Britton, Lewis H144
Britton, Robert143, 192, 308
Broderick, David C62, 94, 126, 259
Brohaska, Fred C237
Brohaska, Gustav120
Brohaska, Tillie237
Brooke, Cecille181
Brooke, J. E.101
Brooke, John F176, 187
Brooks, Joseph T175, 182, 186, 188, 189, 190
Broughton, S. O. 230
Broughton, Samuel Q43
Brown, A. B. Mrs.187
Brown, Alfred L193
Brown, B. F.261
Brown, Ben190
Brown, Chas42
Brown, Elam61, 62
Brown, Eleanor183, 188
Brown, George F193
Brown, Harry118
Brown, Iva238
Brown, J. E.261
Brown, J. M.193
Brown, Milton309
Brown, Nellie Mrs.118
Brown, Richard261
Brown, S. H.261
Brown, Thos.42, 261
Brown, W. D.261
Brown, W. T.193
Brown, F. B. Judge84, 180, 182, 192, 241, 242
Brown, H. C. Dr.100, 257, 310
Browne, J. M.292
Browne, J. Ross126
Brownlee, J. M.133
Bruce, Catherine200
Bruces, G.141
Brudwein, Wm.244
Brueck, Hermann Rev.264
Brundage, Tyler164
Bryan, William Jennings130
Bryant, A. J.130
Bryant, Dave99
Bubb, W. X.193
Buchan, M. A.193
Buchser, G. C.237
Buck, F. H.193
Buckley, Cornelius Aloysius S.J281
Buckley, Ned125
Buckley, Ned Mrs.166
Buckner, R. B. Judge64, 80, 104, 175, 224
Buckner, R. B. Mrs.246
Budd, James H Gov. 116, 168
Buick, W. A.192
Bull, Frank P99
Bullitt, James B. Dr.179, 186, 189, 190, 210, 241, 254
Bullock, A. N.248
Bullock, N. H. Dr.242, 257
Burckhart, H. C.117
Burdick, Capt.100
Burdick, Lola186
Burgess, R. A.244
Burgess, R. I.114
Burgman, P. H.260
Burk, A. H.192
Burke, Billie121
Burke, E. E.167
Burkett, Mary254
Burlingame, L. L.193
Burnett, Armstead96
Burnett, Cassie238
Burnett, David M Mrs.181, 191, 230Jinni Lorette Pope
Burnett, David M.177, 182, 188Jinni Lorette Pope
Burnett, Flora Mrs.95
Burnett, H. D.229
Burnett, Letitia94
Burnett, Peter H.61, 94, 126Jinni Lorette Pope
Burnett, Peter H.96, 97Jinni Lorette Pope
Burnett, Rea94
Burr, Dan192
Burrell, F. L.273
Burrell, J. B.231
Burrell, Lyman138, 141
Burroughs, Julius C. Sen.126
Burt, J. J.130
Burton, John70
Burton, John42, 68, 70, 71
Bury, B.99
Busch, E. N. Mrs.192
Butcher, J. C.275
Byl, J. J. Mrs.187
Byrne, E.94
Byrne, M.130
Byxbee, J. D.193
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cable, Chas231
Cable, George W.130
Cadwallader, N.240
Cahill, Frankie99
Cahill, Hiram155
Cahill, Jennie99
Cahill, John100
Cailleau, J.185
Caldwell, A. B.278
Caldwell, Arthur S.43, 152June Cougle
Caldwell, Dr.95
Caldwell, Maud238
Calhoun, A. Rev.264
Calhoun, Eleanor55, 120-122
Calhoun, Jessica122
Calhoun, Virginia121, 122
Calvert, W. B.192
Camastro, Antonio193
Cambino, Paul D182
Camp, W. L.193
Campbell, A. D.250
Campbell, Alexander72
Campbell, Alvin C.258, 261
Campbell, Argyll Lt.179
Campbell, Benjamin295
Campbell, C.83
Campbell, Capt.185
Campbell, David64, 261
Campbell, Douglas309
Campbell, Frank V233
Campbell, Geo. B189, 252, 271
Campbell, J. H.99, 101, 120, 170, 245, 299
Campbell, Kenneth179, 309
Campbell, M.133
Campbell, Mr. 169, 231
Campbell, Thomas43, 68
Campbell, W. N. Mrs.192
Campbell, William43, 68, 83, 277
Campbell, Wm. W Dr.179, 193, 201
Campiglia, Louis177, 189, 190
Campisi, D.239
Cancilla, Joseph L193
Candee, Anna229
Candee, M. Mrs.181
Canelo, A. B.242
Canelo, Ferdinand177, 188
Canney, Jane F.M263
Cannon, Jerry193
Cantua, Francisco91
Capp, M. W. Mrs.234
Carden, James120
Carey, George J193
Carl, H.192
Carlos, P.261
Carmichael, Lawrence42
Carnegie, Andrew265
Carney, Hugh L193
Carpentier, Horace W302Michael E. Carpentier
Carr, Jesse D130
Carroll, J. R. Mrs.100
Carroll, Mary A. Mrs.92-101
Carroll, T. A.101
Carroll, T. W.261
Carson, James121, 155
Carter, Leslie Mrs.120, 121
Cartner, W. J.231
Cary, Annie Louise120
Cary, Rev.263
Case, E. W.136
Case, J. A.192
Case, J. R. Jr. Prof.183, 184
Casey, Ben113
Cashel, Ed193
Cassin, Marion188
Castillero, Andres86
Castle, W. N.167
Castro, Don Manuel Prefect46, 47
Castro, Gabriel71
Castro, Jose Gen.46, 47, 49
Castro, Louis V193
Castro, Mariano42, 299
Caswell, Ben F237
Catala, Maguin Father36, 147, 247, 283
Cathcart, A. M.193
Cather, Kathleen D244
Cator, Thomas V209
Cauhape, Bertrand101
Cauhape, Mrs.192
Cauhape, Victor101
Cavagnara, A. A. Dr.185
Cavala, Paul239
Cavallaro, C. D.239, 252
Cavallaro, Frank239, 272
Cavendish, Ada120
Center, H. Mrs.248Veronika
Cesena, Ramon43
Chabolla, Anastacio56
Chabot, R222
Chaboya, Antonio298
Chace, J. Derol178, 179, 310
Chace, John R.184, 191, 226, 230
Chadwick, D. C.260
Challen, Victor174, 189, 310
Chamberlain, E. Kirby62, 94
Chamberlain, J. P.261
Chamblin, Maurice Father96
Chapin, F. E.189, 191, 224
Chapman, C.99, 104
Chappell, West98
Chard, Wm. G86
Charles, J. F. Mrs.183
Chase, Ellsworth E. Capt.185
Chase, ElmerE.139, 174, 175, 177, 184, 185, 237, 241, 275
Chase, J. A.101, 230
Chase, J. D. Jr177, 184
Chautauqua Circle228
Chavez, Clodovio165
Cheney, C. D.261
Cheney, C. E.95
Cherrie, J. J.101
Chesbro, H. R.100, 308
Chestnutt, M.243
Chevallie, Mike Maj.94
Chew, Alfred64, 150Mary
Chiappe, J. B.185
Chickorich, George193
Childs, C. E.193
Childs, H. G.193
Chiles, Arthur C194
Chilton, J. W.252
Chipman, E. S.95
Chipman, L. J.215
Chipman, W. F.231
Chrisman, J.132
Chrisman, Walter L174, 185
Christofer, O.193
Church, A. M.64
Churchill, Belle212
Churchill, S. J. Mrs.247
Cirinsky, J.261
Clark, A. B.193
Clark, C. H.193
Clark, Donald309
Clark, E. A.215, 225
Clark, George T292
Clark, Herman A144
Clark, John291
Clark, Jonas257
Clark, Paul Mrs.191, 227, 234
Clark, S. A.99, 130, 224
Clark, S. A. Mrs.247
Clark, W. B.193
Clark, W. S. 130
Clark, William277
Clayton, C. R.261
Clayton, Charles64, 83
Clayton, E. W.99, 100, 221
Clayton, James A130, 221
Clayton, W. C.100
Clayton, W. S. 101, 176, 179, 189, 191, 230, 231, 241, 272
Clayton, W. S. Mrs.248
Clayton, Willis Mrs.187
Cleal, Chas. A121
Cleal, Thos. L121
Cleaver, Harrison J194
Clement, F. B.94
Clendennin, John133
Clendenning, E. K.144, 308
Clendenning, E. R.144
Clevenger & Armstrong112
Clipperton, W. H.117
Close, W. J.174
Clow, Bruce Dr.99
Clunie, Thomas J194, 226
Clymer, John J182
Coates, H. L.192
Coates, Leonard300
Cobb, Anna247
Cobb, J. C. Dr.60, 61, 99, 101, 263
Cobb, J. C. Mrs.246
Cochran, James299
Cochrane, B. Mrs.245
Coe, C. W.101
Coe, Harry W231
Coffin, H.117
Coindreau, A.94
Colahan, John T261, 270
Colahan, Wm. J132
Colby, E. A.192
Cole, Delos97
Coleman, A. M. Dr.192
Coleman, F. M.186
Coleman, H.244
Collins, J. B.231
Collins, Louise231, 250
Collins, W. H.83, 163
Colton, A. D.137
Colton, David151
Colton, Harry119
Columbet, Clemente43, 99
Columbet, Louis99
Combs, J. W.277
Comstock, George O.121, 231
Conant, D. J.275
Conant, Ernest L184
Conant, Ernest Mrs.181
Concannon, P.279
Congdon, H. F.193
Congdon, M. E. Mrs.254
Conlan, Jack300
Conmy, J. J.108, 112
Connell, James J237
Connell, Maurice226
Connell, Maurice Mrs.237
Connell, Nettie Bast235
Conner, Joseph A309
Conniff, J. J. Mrs.185
Connor, John S155
Conroy, John C57
Cook, Charles C194, 237
Cook, Ella237
Cook, Frank64
Cook, Grove C43, 50, 60
Cook, J. C.61
Cook, John W64, 130
Cooley, C. P.193
Coolidge, C. C.188, 269
Coolidge, Paul192
Coombe, John90
Coombs, A. N.99
Coombs, Dollie98
Coombs, E.99
Coombs, E. Mrs.247
Coombs, W. L.130
Coon, H. D.64, 292
Cooper, C. M. Dr.192
Cooper, F.278
Cooper, W. A.193
Cooper, William106
Copeland, H. G.193
Coppe, J. F.207
Corcoran, Julia124
Corcoran, Martin53
Corcoran, Thomas43
Cornell, C. J.101
Cornell, F. E.193
Cornell, J. A. Mrs.231
Cornell, Ruth182
Corrotto, John101
Corwin, Eli Rev.259
Cory, A. J.132
Cory, Ben Mrs.247
Cory, Benjamin Dr.60, 61, 62, 99, 162, 257, 258
Cory, J. B.99
Cory, Lewis83
Coryarrubias, Jose M.62, 94
Costere, Jean239
Cottle, B. H.108, 113
Cottle, F. L.64, 137
Cottle, Ira137
Cottle, Oliver64, 137, 223
Cottle, Royal137
Cottrell, C. C.309
Couch, William194
Coupland, William192
Courtaine, Harry120
Covert, S. H.260
Covill, William F194
Cox, Father188
Cox, J. T. Rev.292
Cox, W.192
Coykendall, F.99
Coykendall, H. G.135, 176, 189
Coykendall, R.99
Cozzens, Daisy190
Cozzens, W. W.137, 138
Crabb, A. L.193
Crabbe, Henry A80
Craig, D. C.193
Crall, Henry291
Cramsie, W. P.146Jack
Crandall, A. M.170
Crandall, B. W.193
Crandall, F. W.100
Crane, G. B. Dr.155
Crane, Mollie98
Crane, Oliver263
Crane, W. H.120
Crawford, E. D.117, 192
Creal, John133
Creighton, Frederick296
Crew, Henry201
Crews, Charles C194
Crichton, A. N. Mrs.237
Crichton, R. B.237
Crider, J. D.180
Crider, J. W.192, 238
Cridge, Alfred114
Crittenden, A. N.193
Crittenden, A. P.62, 72, 94
Crittenden, Chas. P.133, 261
Crittenden, J. L.229
Crocheron, H. B. Prof.183
Croft, E. R. Mrs.251
Cronin, A. J.279
Cronyn, D.264
Crosby, Elisha 0.62
Crosby, Samuel J.103
Cross, George43, 230The Hoys
Cross, W. J.244
Crossley, Edward200
Crothers, Charles F.180, 250, 252
Crothers, Charles T.101, 242
Crothers, Chas Mrs.192
Crowfoot, Bessie190
Crummey, Beth186
Crummey, D. C.252, 272
Crummey, John D.180, 189, 192, 241, 242, 252, 272
Crummey, John Mrs.238
Crydenwise, C. S. 259, 261
Crydenwise, C. S. Mrs.247
Cuiston, T. J.132
Cummings, Wm.260
Cunan, J. S.188
Cunningham, Luther143, 192, 308
Cunningham, S. L. Mrs.188
Curd, J. D.83
Cureton, Elva S244
Currier, D. L.275
Curry, B. O.192
Curry, H. F.143, 308
Curry, Harry193
Curry, W. F.182, 185
Curtis, Gleen291
Curtis, H. D.201
Curtis, H. H.133
Curtis, L. F.215, 229
Curtner, Arthur D189, 190, 241, 242
Curtner, W. C. Mrs.238
Cuthbertson, S. M.299
Cutler, H. L.130
Cutler, James M225
Cutler, Simon M99, 225
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D'Abliang, Fritz237Jane Foley
D'Abliang, George M237, 238Jane Foley
Dabney, G. A.143
Dailey, Morris Elmer Dr.100, 182, 186, 188, 217
Daily, William42
Daley, Edith175, 244
Daley, Philip309
Dampier, Milton179
Dampman, Mrs.231
Dampman, W. D.231
Danforth, E.130
Daniels, William43, 64, 101, 102, 136, 154
Darby, A. C.181
Darwin, C. B.163
Daubenbiss, John43
Daunes, M. T. Mrs.231
Davenport, Fanny120
Davenport, Louise120
Davidson, Leander163, 165
Davidson, Peter56, 61, 94, 258, 261
Davis, A. E.151
Davis, Alvis184
Davis, B. F.261
Davis, Caswell64
Davis, Denward184
Davis, Fred184
Davis, M. B.189
Davis, Robert H112
Davis, Sam112
Davis, W. E.95
Davis, Wm. R95
Davison, C. W.174, 175, 185
Davitt, Michael130
Davy, J. W. Mrs.191, 227
Davy, John W Dr.100, 101, 251
Dawson, E. I.139
Dawson, Ernest99
Dawson, James M Dr.138
De Anza, Juan Capt.282
De Cabe, P. T.99
De la Guerra, Pablo62, 94
De Lorenzo, Prof.182
De Los Naves, Maria71
De Neve, Don Felipe36
De Nure, Belle119
De Saisset, Pedro137, 221
De Voe, James B108
Dearing, W. H.261
DeClaire, Claire179
DeClaire, Ernest179
Delacey, Charles121
Delacey, Hugh A112, 114, 120, 122, 124, 231, 261
Delacey, S. W.114, 120, 121
Delaplane, Francis99
Delmas, Antonio140
Delmas, D. M.127, 171, 208
Delmouly, A.99
Denegri, D. M.185, 190, 239
Denhart, D. J.180, 252
Denny, J. J.223
Derby, E. L.149
Desimone, J.242
Devine, Belle118
Devine, E. B.274
Devoney, Frank194
Dewey, B. F.95
Dexter, Bela94
Dexter, Percy192
Di Fiore, Dominic179
Dial, S.261
Diamond, M.99
Dick, L. C.117, 193, 298
Dickenson, A. E. Mrs.228
Dickey, David83
Dickey, E.94
Dickinson, A. E. Dr.252, 257
Dickinson, Anna130
Dickinson, Hazel186
Dickinson, Wm. Mrs.95
Dickson, C. Mrs.231
Dimmick, Kimball H.57, 61, 62
Dimmick, R. H. Judge57
Dimond, M. Mrs.247
Dingley, C. L.273
Dinsmore, John W Rev.186, 262, 263
Dinsmore, W. V.270
Disappa, Robbecole194
Distel, Ed182
Divine, Davis136, 230
Dixon, Anna E171
Dixon, Emily S228
Dixon, J. L.193
Doak, Philip42, 292
Doak, Philip Castro Mrs.42
Dockstader, Miss248
Dodds, H. G.231
Dodero, Nicholas42
Dodge, W. W.130
Dodson, Rowland W309
Doerr, Charles231
Doerr, Charles Mrs.231
Doerr, H.101
Donaho, Mary292
Donahue, Peter151
Donley, Walter185
Donnelly, Peter64
Donner, George43
Donner, Jacob44
Donner, Jacob Mrs.44
Dornberger, M.164
Dorsey, John J194
Dougherty, W. P.163
Dougherty, W. P. Mrs.100, 181, 182, 192, 245
Douglas, D. R.64
Douglas, David F62
Douglas, Rev.263
Dow, M. L.192
Dowling, James125
Downer, David132
Downing, Bernice278
Downing, N. H.117
D'Oyley, May237
Drake, L.193
Drew, John120
Drew, John Mrs.120
Drew, W. E.189
Drewry, C. F.192
Druffle, De Los C Hon.100
Dryden, D. A. Rev.117
Dryden, Frank117
Dubois, Blanche106
Dubois, Orrin106
Dubrutz, A. D. Mrs.181
Dubrutz, A. G.177, 189, 242
Dudfield, J.193
Dudley, J. P.132
Dudley, Wm. R Prof.207, 209
Duffey, Vincent291
Dugdale, Ray F194
Duino, Frank184
Duino, Mario184
Dunbar, Norman194
Duncan, Frank192
Duncan, John F192, 271
Dunham, James C173
Dunlap, E. K.230
Dunlap, H. C.135
Dunn, Peter Mrs.187
Dunne, John W119, 121, 122
Dunne, Peter J188, 231
Dunphy, William122
Durling, P. D.276
Durling, P. D. Mrs.190
Durst, J. K.144, 308
Durst, Sophie227
Dusing, H. F.99
Dutcher, Dan174
Dutton, Sarah Warren263
Dwyer, Frank261
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Earl, Edwin193
Easterday, O. M.193
Eastman, E. F.192
Easty, F. H. Mrs.227
Eaton, Amasa221, 261
Eaton, C. Belle248
Eberhard, Henry278
Eberhard, Jacob279
Eberhard Tanning Co279
Echols, Miss95
Eckles, W.192
Eddy, A. J.261
Eddy, W. H.61, 94
Edmundson, J. W.141
Edson, Juan E168, 171
Edwards, F. V.192
Edwards, Georgia291
Edwards, Harry J101, 124, 221, 222
Edwards, L. P.142, 180
Edwards, L. P. Mrs.190
Edwards, N. B.130, 132, 133, 261
Edwards, W. A. Z64
Edwards, W. L.192
Edwards, Walter291
Edwards, Wilbur J.176, 189, 271
Edwin, Sophie120
Egan, Nellie266
Egan, Thos.136-137
Egge, C. F. Hon.245
Ehlers, Hans193
Eigelberry, John292
Einfalt, R. G.117
Einstein, Jacob292
Einstein, M.292
Elder, Jay C Mrs.177, 192
Eley, F. M Mrs.187, 192
Ellett, Charles193
Elliott, Maxine120
Elliott, Merle276
Elliott, W. W.115, 116
Ellis, F. E.117
Ellis, W. F.130
Ellwood, J. H.237
Elmer, L. H.243
Elverson, Christian107
Ely, F M243
Emerson, Billy186, 260
Emerson, Damon & Jones108
Emerson, T. C.108
Emig, Lenora D279
Emlen, C. H.192
Emrich, R. S. Rev.192
Engle, Alfred193
Enright, Ed99
Enright, James43
Enright, Jos.240
Ensign, F. C.100
Erickson, A. L.291
Erkson, A. C.162, 247
Erkson, L. A. Mrs.231
Erkson, Win64, 130, 277
Estee, Morris M98
Estes, G. K.117, 300
Estes, Mary A231
Etchebarne, P.99, 240
Etheridge, S. S. Rev.263
Eustace, Bessie Moore235
Evans, David Rev.193
Evans, G. Mrs.246
Evans, George95, 133
Evans, Helen216
Evans, Nellie187
Evans, T. J.193
Evans, W. E.141
Eyster, Nellie B99, 247, 254
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Fair, Bertha187
Fair, J. H.143
Fair, John A192
Fair, W. D.62
Fairchild, C. S. Gen.130
Fairclough, H. R.309
Fairfield, C. P.132
Falch, A. E.117
Falconer, Emma232
Fallon, Anita55, 98
Fallon, Thomas Capt.50, 51, 54, 70, 175
Fancher, Earl C276
Farley, C. K.292
Farley, James T228
Farliepp, Nellie183
Farnsworth, Tom298
Farrell, J. F.193
Farrell, L. M. (Lt.)178
Farrell, M.193
Farrington, G. D.248
Farrington, S. D. Mrs.187
Farry, Frank193
Farwell, J. D.176, 192, 290
Farwell, J. D. Jr291
Fatjo, L. G.278
Fatjo, Robert A193, 278, 279
Faulkner, J. F.133
Faull, J. N. Mrs.248
Faull, Mae185, 191
Faversham, Wm.121
Faxson, R. S.193
Feely, D. C.141
Fehren, Fred L179, 189
Fehren, Mrs.227
Feist, Felix264
Feist, J.264
Fellom, James292
Fellom, Matthew42, 292
Fellow, E. L.144
Fellow, E. L.308
Fellows, Dick167
Felton, John B198, 199
Fentress, Geo. W247
Ferguson, Geo.42
Ferguson, James G194
Ferguson, L. Posey103
Fernandez, Jose57
Ferrari, A. D.182
Fetsch, Louis291
Ffint, W. R.210
Ffister, F.100
Field, Arthur Mrs.192, 247
Field, Chas. K186
Field, Edward I193
Field, M. H.58
Field, Mary H247
Field, Stephen J80
Field, Z. O. 243
Fieldsted, Christian142
Figueroa, Don Jose Gov. 37
Fillipello, Mrs.181
Finch, J. B.215
Finch, W.100
Finch, W.100
Findlay, James W228
Finigan, L.130
Fink, Georgine186
Fink, Georgine186
Finley, Cornelius167
Finley, W.229
Fisher, D. G.141
Fisher, Hiram B194
Fisher, M.261
Fisher, R.261
Fisher, Wm. Capt.43, 47
Fisk, George H208
Fiske, Minnie Maddern251
Fitch, Thomas127
Fitzgerald, Carl183
Fitzgerald, G. C.164
Fitzgerald, John P182
Fitzgerald, W. G.192
Flagg, E. C.100, 230
Flagg, Elmer H194
Flannery, Dan J179, 182, 183, 185, 188, 189
Fleming, C. F.138
Flickinger, Charles T99, 301
Flickinger, F. Miss301
Flickinger, J. H. 78, 94, 95, 130, 138
Flickinger, J. N.261
Flickinger, Mrs.192
Flindt, Homer Eon244
Flipello, E. A.257
Florence, Billy120
Flores, Sebastiano87
Floyd, Miss200
Floyd, Richard S Capt.198, 200
Foley, Minnie99
Foley, P. J.276
Fontaine, G. M.174
Fontress, George W265
Foote, Arthur D90
Foote, H. S. Mrs.100, 237
Foote, Horace S Maj.112, 113, 115
Foote, Mary Halleck90
Forbes, James Alexander42, 53, 86, 267, 277Jennifer Coates
Ford, Henry261
Fords, J. M.192
Forge, C. R.192
Forney, John261
Fosgate, Mrs.185
Fosgate, William J100, 278
Fosset, Charles69
Foster, A. F.133
Foster, Albert193
Foster, Albert M143, 308
Foster, E. K.190
Foster, Edgar M121
Foster, Fred Lewis177, 191, 241, 242
Foster, Joseph43
Fowler, A. A. Mrs.180, 183, 187, 227
Fowler, A. J.132
Fowler, Fred Mrs.193
Fowler, L. A. Mrs.231
Fowler, Marion H Mrs.193
Fowler, Rev.264
Fowler, Tom Hon.229
Fox, B. S.136-137
Fox, Blanche238
Fox, Ernest250
Fox, R. D. 137, 138
Franck, F. C.279
Frank, George310
Franklin, Harvey B Rabbi264, 310
Franklin, Viola Price227
Frary, L. A. Dr.291
Fraser, Thos. E198
Frazer, James193
Free, Arthur M177, 178, 180, 182, 184, 185, 186, 189, 241, 245
Freeman, Arthur P.143, 193, 308
Freeman, E. H.192
Freeman, Frances212
French, A.296
French, Warren177
Fresher, Elmer L194
Fretz, Paul H295
Friant, A.240
Friedrich, K. A.192
Frisbie, J. B.244
Frost, Charles231
Frost, Charles Jr193
Frost, Clyde101, 121
Frost, J.192
Fulford, E. T.119
Fulford, Robert119
Fulgham, W. J.135
Fuller, Ben261
Fuller, F. B.133
Fuller, Frank Mrs.231
Furlong, W. N.64, 149, 150
Furst, Evelyn Grissim235
Furst, Hannah Moore235
Furst, Paul Mrs.234
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