History of San Joaquin County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present

By George H. Tinkham

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA (1923)

California Local History - Rocq - 12967

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.455 T5 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] (Index) F868.S17 C37 1991 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: (Index) F868.S17 C37 1991 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.455 T5 -- Book NC

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Abersold, Charles1566
Abersold, Christian C.1519
Abshire, John L.1520
Adams Joseph N.1343
Adams, Christopher N.1108
Adams, Guy1119
Adams, William Henry1216
Agien, Mary Thoman Mrs.1184
Albert, Gustav771
Albright, Christ556
Alders, Edward1183
Alegretti, Gaetano1477
Alegretti, John877
Alegretti, Joseph1477
Alexander Bros.1440
Allen, Anderson1191
Allen, Dolphus W.1196
Allen, Fred C.1520
Allen, James A.727
Allen, James Leonard1566
Allen, Robert H.1196Lorna Toti
Allen, William C.1560
Altenhoff, Gustav H.1347
Anderson, A. E.1211
Anderson, Carl F.1506
Anderson, Charles Profit861
Anderson, James .A1116
Anderson, John543
Anderson, Paul A. Rev.1351
Anderson, William H.523
Angerina, John1567
Angier, Melbourne I.755
Antonini, Virgil1567
Arbios, Peter 1368
Archer, Alfred W.1268
Archer, Ellsworth1116
Arlington Cafeteria1568
Armbrust, Henry J.1052
Arndt, Michael S.596
Arrabit, John B.1410
Arthur, Samuel R.657
Asher, J. N.1212
Athearn, Frank F.1215Jane
Atherton, Warren H. Judge1271
Austin, James H1192
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bacigalupi, Louis360Jane
Bacon, Charles A644
Bacon, Ellen Vincent644
Bacon, Eugene C644
Baerwald, Fred1568
Bailey, Charles Kimball958
Bailey, Edward Franklin1319
Bailey, Harry T1115
Bainbridge, Barry M1324
Bainbridge, Edwin Darwin1099
Bainbridge, James A. Dr. 1099
Baldwin, John Kirk1292
Baldwin, John900
Ballantyne, John N1108
Bancroft, George Mason1528
Banta, Bert Bethford883
Barber Edward H1529
Barber, George L1567
Barbour, Nathan R. M.D.527
Bardill, Ulrich1569
Bardin, Hazard Zollie964
Bare, John V1275
Barkis, Henry Bruce916
Barnes, Albert L1355
Barnett, Francis Marion618
Barnhart, W. 01112
Barnicol, William F1271
Barr, James A460
Barron, Ira Clark617
Barron, Jack1276
Barton, Clara A. Mrs.1111
Barzellotti, Louis F1276
Bates, Wakeley J Mrs.1307
Batterman, Christoph M528
Battilana, Guiseppe727
Battilana, Marcells G1432
Baumbach, Conrad O1248
Baumbach, David1224
Baumbach, K. G1521
Bava, Clorinda Mrs.1324
Bawden, Susan A. Mrs.760
Baxter, Thomas F727
Beane, Samuel C1264
Beauchamp, J. 0915
Bechthold, Abraham1624
Bechthold, Henry1119
Bechthold, John1115
Bechtold, Charles 01308
Beckman, Frank W654
Beckman, Theodore H 508
Beckwith, Aaron Russell1119
Beecher, Austin Howard1521
Beidleman, Walter W1347
Belluomini, Augusto1327
Bender, Charles J900
Bender, Eugene G1569
Bender, John A1521
Bender, Theodore C1522
Benedict, Bert A1478
Benedict, Gordon L1565
Bennett, John Lyman1569
Berkman, Henry Christopher1327
Bernadicou, John L1570
Bertch, George823
Bessac, Harry W495
Bianchi, Joseph1328
Bigger, James M511
Biggs, Donald M1416
Billigmeier, Otto1244
Binger, Henry D.908
Bird, Charles G.1104
Bird, Dan W.751
Bittner, Samuel1211
Black, Charles A.1020
Blair, James W.1570
Blanchard, Eli J.1271
Blanchard, Lillian E. Mrs.1331Patricia
Blewett, Stephen N.1570
Blodgett, John M.D.D.S.698
Blohm, Hermann1571
Blohme, Henry407
Board, Arthur F1571
Bochmer, Arthur C. M.D.705
Boden, Wesley Palmer1135
Boggs, Frank S. Hon.403
Bolliger, Sophia Mrs.1296
Bona, Andrew J.1107
Bonnet, Joseph William1331
Bonney, Richard W.677
Bordenave, Lucien1479
Bottini, Harry1272
Bowers, Anthony V1443
Bowman, Albert C1479
Bowman, James F1571
Boyce, John728
Boyce, Robert678Mary E.
Boyd, Albert1522
Braas, John C1355
Brack, Henry720
Brack, Jacob381
Braddock, Mary Downing Mrs.464
Braida, Emil1572
Brandt, Louis Rudolph734
Bregante, Domencino1304
Breitenbucher, Frank1523
Brenann, John J.1506Jackie Carroll Ozment
Brennan, Patrick1451Jackie Carroll Ozment
Brennan, Stephen E.1308Jackie Carroll Ozment
Brennan, W. L. Mrs.1482Jackie Carroll Ozment
Briare, Frank B689
Brichetto, John1279
Brichetto, Joseph C1355
Bridge, R. C1355
Bronich, Louis1579
Bround, Johanna Mrs.500
Brown, Frank G799
Brown, George W877
Brown, Jennie H. Mrs.1455
Brown, Miles Joshua1356
Browne, Thomas Robert622
Buchanan, Walter Scott1452
Buck, C. Herbert1323
Buck, Charles H1107
Budd, Henry B575
Budd, James Herbert Hon.579
Budd, John E1311
Budd, Joseph H. Hon.580
Buell, Ada Moore Mrs.1283
Buell, P. A1283
Bunch, John839
Burge, Delavan M.671
Burge, Simeon S671
Burgess, Dwight E1351
Burgess, Sarah Emma Mrs.862
Burgess, Wilford H1423
Burk, Henry1568
Burleigh, Fred D940
Burlington, Earl Edward1451
Burns, Dennis351
Burns, James984
Burrow, Lee R1452
Busch, Carl C1455
Buschke, Adolph G839
Buschke, Gustav August D1352
Buttrick, Frederick W.697
Butts, Howard I1507
Buzzell, Willard J907
Byrnes, Maurice Joseph1640
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Cady, Elmer E.1572
Calestini, Louis1492Samira
California Plating Works1585
Callaghan, Edward Francis1104
Calori, Peter1396
Camozzi, Pietro Pasquale1586
Campbell Auto Works1432
Campbell, Charles F.452
Campbell, Ernest P1432
Campbell, George Wentworth527
Campbell, Thomas Eugene772
Campbell, William537
Campion, Howard A1585
Campodonico, John J. Sr.1215
Campodonico, John J1207
Campodonico, Joseph M1167
Canessa, Giobatta B1484
Cannon, Grat E1268
Capurro, Emanuel1508
Capurro, Frank R1500
Carigiet, Adolph1360
Carleton, Fannie V. Mrs.795
Carlson, Charles M791
Carr, Nannie Haller Mrs.816
Carroll, Edward B.911Jackie Carroll Ozment
Carroll, James L.1111Jackie Carroll Ozment
Carroll, James P.812Jackie Carroll Ozment
Cary, Edwin Hamilton1203
Cassidy, Bernard1172Michael Cassidy
Catts, George E.552
Causey, Loren H.1379
Celayeta, Saturnino1135
Chain, O. H.1280
Changala, Domingo1436
Chapdelain, John A.1624
Chapman, Herbert S. M.D.1420Peter
Chappuis, Louis J.1577
Chark, Asa Mountjoy647
Charles, Robert John1359
Charlesworth, John1048
Chicard, Louis Eugene472
Chirhart, Joseph M.1395
Chrisman, John C.1367
Chrisman, John448
Christesen, Fernando1523
Christy, George J.1523
Church, Milo Miletus1103
Clancy, Cecil B.1103
Clancy, Ellmore S.1099
Clancy, Hull J.1096
Clancy, John H.747
Clark, Asa M.D.486
Clark, Cornelius1565
Clark, Harvey Smith912
Clark, W. Sam872
Clarke, Fisher R. M.D.408
Clements, George R.1107
Clements, Jennie (Sprott) Mrs.1500
Clow, John R.1501
Clowes, Charlotte Babson Wheeler Mrs.943
Coale, Harwell Woodrow776
Coates, James Y.438
Coates, Stephen B.556
Cobb, Frank Dyckman367
Cody, Charles747
Coffman, C. W.1484
Colberg, William C.733
Coley, James W.924
Coley, John A.658
Colfelt, Charles W.1548
Collins, Frank E.1279
Condit, Clyde E.1435
Condon, Joseph Douglas1387
Condy, Alva B.1502
Condy, James A.1387
Conklin, Chester W.1428
Conklin, Fred L.1070
Conklin, James E.1070
Conner, James544
Cook, William F.800
Cooney, Edward M.1474
Cooper, Charles F.1456
Cooper, J. Oliver1459
Cooper, Marie Ott Mrs.856
Copello, Nick1283
Corell, Harvey J.1501
Corell, William723
Cornwell, Frank L1367
Corson, Joseph M723
Cory, John B.682
Cory, John Randolph524
Costa, Angelo1359
Costello, James Francis815
Couper, Hobart J.748
Courtright, George1532
Covell, Elbert Allen1583
Cowell, Adelbert M.920
Cowell, Alfred L.391
Cowell, Arthur W.1069
Cowell, F. M.740
Cowell, Joshua504
Cowen, Jay P1582
Cox, Henry Murlin1456
Craig, Judson L1388
Crary, Archibald West M.D.647
Craviotto, John Vincent M.D.1279
Crawford, John1076
Creighton, Charles L.1374
Crittenden, Bradford S. Hon.803
Crose, Joseph D.1439
Croswhite, William Harvey 1532Burt Crosswhite
Cundell, Joseph P.1581
Cunningham, Thomas385
Currey, John T. Capt.1016
Curtis, Bradner381
Curtis, Fornia S.367
Cusick, Maxwell H.1550
Custer, Altha C.685
Cutting, Lewis M.485
Cutts, Oliver C.1550
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dangers, August576
Dangers, Carl 580
Daniels, Fred E.1332
Daniels, Wesley1283
Darak, Alex T.1513
Darter, Robert L1287
Davidson, Charles H.815
Davidson, Isaac P.1431
Davidson, Morris1363
Davis Bros.1459
Davis- Heller- Pearce Co1431
Davis, Jason Hamilton1424
Dc Ferrari, Louis1582
De Carli, Charles1547
Dean, George A.739
Deaton, Jackson B.1428
Degener, August Fred1532
Delmege, Charles G.1582Mary Wallace
Delmege, Louie J.1583Mary Wallace
Delucchi, Eugene William1431
Delucchi, Joseph1392
Delucchi, Louis1485
Denehy, D. M. Judge831
Dentoni, Peter H.1288
Devine, E. W.1586
DeVinny, R. Harold1363
Dewey, James C547
Dias, Manuel R.1368
Dick, James Wilmer1128
Dickenson, George L.712
Dickinson, Clarence L.1291
Dietrich, F. Joseph617
Dietz, George H.1291Patricia
Dietz, Otto1586
Doan, Charles Edward1391
Doan, Roland E.1513
Dockendorff, John W.734
Dodge, Jonathan Holt476
Dohrmann, George W.412
Donelon, Patrick1460
Doneux, Jules1123
Donovan, Thomas F.1391
Douglass, E. E. Judge1364
Douville, Louis N.424
Doyle, Patrick1587
Drace, James844
Drais, Edward M.935
Drais, H. H.1148
Drais, Madison J.796
Droge, John C.811
Du Vall, Bruce R.1464
Dubois, Luther J.733
Duff, William R.1315
Dunne, Edward697
Duplisea, John A.1463
Dustin, Charles R.1120
Dutcher, Fred1463
Dutton, John C.471
Dwelly, Nelson S.1373
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eaton, Monroe D.1485
Eaton, Orison1367
Eccleston, Oliver H690
Eccleston, Ransom430
Echandi, Rufino1514
Eckstrom, Oscar W658
Edwards, Lawrence1396
Edwards, William M1587
Eichenberger, Julius1514
Eicke, Dana P. Judge1275
Eiggers, Leila Mrs.815
Ekenberg, C. C1514
Ekholm, H. W1468
Ellis, George E1316
Ellis, Henry F(15
Eltringham, John1075
Engel, Jacob Peter1587
Engellandt, Jacob1448
Englander, Julius E1467
Enterprise Planing Mill1588
Erickson, Andrew G1280
Escalon Union High School1468
Eshbach, Frank1468
Eshbach, Henry653
Evans, Thomas C1467
Evans, Thomas1069
Ewing, John Worthington D1404
G[Return to Jump Site]
Fabian, Neil B516
Fabian, Philip515
Faccini, David614
Fagan, Dillard S1227
Fagg, John H.1295
Fairbank, Herbert A.843
Fake, George J.831
Fake, Lena S. Mrs.831
Fallman, Frank A.430
Fanning, D. W.584
Fanning, Harry T.867Mary Smith
Fanning, Howard Malcolm903Mary Smith
Faretti, Alfonse1515
Farrell, Margaret848
Farschon, John W.1535
Faust, William H.1272
Fee, Harry T.1272Mary Smith
Feeley, John A.1123
Fenley, Charles P.1572
Ferguson, Eli Stewart1409
Ferguson, George S1443
Ferguson, John1295
Ferguson, William622
Fergusson, William E681
Fessier, Eugene N1292
Filippini, Peter1573
Fimbel, Emil1284
Finck, Harry Carson835
Finck, Henry1413
Fine, Elisha Holt638
Fink, C. H1573
Finkbohner, Agnes S. Mrs. 355
Finkbohner, David1533
Firpo, Louis M1554
Fischer, Henry A1533
Fisher, Bert A792
Fisher, Redwood W452
Fisher, Thomas E1268
Fisher, William R452
Fitz Gerald, W. E719
Fitzgerald, Andrew A1063
Fitzgerald, William W. M.D.460
Floyd, Walter A1064
Focacci, John1533
Focacci, Joseph L1533
Focacci, Matthew D1444
Foltz, Edward P1163
Foote, Forrest1336
Foote, Robert Nelson1332
Foppiano, Angelo M1595
Foppiano, Louis1596
Foppiano, Victor John1633
Forbes, C. W1573
Ford, Margaret Mrs.622
Fore, Claude Elmo1534
Fore, Eliza Demoretta Mrs.944
Forsyth, Robert Blackstone912
Forty-Nine Drug Co., Inc 1554
Foster, Fred N1070
Fottrell, Elia Francis1335
Fowler, Joseph Miner467
Fox, Ernest1485
Francesconi, Frank1574
Franklin, Millie I. Mrs.395
Franklin, William Thomas932
Fraser, Philip Barry995
Frederick, Charles1335
Frederick, John W.947
Frederick, John947
Frederick, Martha Alice Mrs.1414
Frederick, Susan J. Mrs.559
Fredrickson, Charles1592
Freeman, Charles A823
Freggiaro, Giacomo1591
Freggiaro, Louis Andrew1315
Freitas, Joseph E1633
French, George Monroe605
French, Henry Sidney1574
Frerichs, George Louis1409
Frerichs, Henry A947
Frewert, Carl Conrad Capt.1075
Frioux, George E868
Fuller Lumber Co1633
Fuller, Horace S1633
Funk, John E784
Funk, Paul C1312
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gaedtke, Julius J716
Gaia, Caesar1219
Galassi, 0. J1460
Galgani, Chester1634
Gall, Joe701
Gall, John D705
Gallego, Frank1410
Gambetta, John J1555
Gamble, Edward L1597
Gann, Susan M. Mrs.1160
Gardner, John M. Dr.1183
Garibaldi Bros.748
Garibotti, George B1284
Garlick, Frederick C1320
Garner, Charles C739
Garner, Floyd E871
Garner, Thomas847
Garretson, George R1534
Garrison, John W1335
Garrisou, Walter E. Major599
Garrow, Alexander L1413
Garside, Alton1555
Garvey, William F719
Gatelli, Fred1420
Gatzert, Jacob1598
Gaul, Alois648
Gawne, Charles W1556
Gaylord, George E1597
Gayou, John E1120
Geffroy, Hannah S. Mrs.363
Geffroy, Thomas B363
Gerard, Caroline C. Mrs.852
Gerard, James Steven Jr.939
Gerard, James Steven939
Gerard, Raymond L1096
Gerlach, Gustave A904
Gerlach, John Clemens512
Gerlach, Louis633
Gianelli, Amerigo E.807
Gianelli, Joseph927
Giannini, Candida Mrs.992
Gibbons, W. E. M.D.516
Gibson, Daniel Clifton1474
Gibson, George A1239
Gibson, George H1556
Gieseke, Ernest811
Gilbeau, Joseph P1176
Gilgert, John D1332
Gill, Thomas Jefferson634
Gillies, Daniel1204
Giovacchini, Adolph1599
Giovacchini, Angelo1598
Giovanetti, Marco1343
Gleason, Thomas F1100
Gnekow, Edward L1095
Gnekow, Rudolph563
Goehring, Phillip J1530
Goetjen, Ahren F1123
Gomes, Andrew1535
Goodell, Fred E. D.D.S.1507
Goodman, Harvey A1547
Goodrich, Edwin Chandler1524
Goodwin, Benjamin A588
Gordon, Arthur Emmett1529
Gordon, Eliza J. Mrs.693
Gordon, Elmer E1475
Gotelli, Giovanni B1599
Gotelli, John B1530
Gould, N. B. M.D.1312
Graham, Eugene Douglas567Steve Stroud
Graham, Eugene Myrle923Steve Stroud
Graham, J. S. Mrs.1460
Graham, Robert L.520Steve Stroud
Graham, William Henry1256
Grattan, Morris Henry899
Graves, James Walter433
Graves, John C480
Gray, Albert A988
Gray, Homer Louis1339
Green Electric Company1599
Green, Frank T1600
Green, Henry P719
Green, Robert Franklin694
Gregory, Mansfield F424
Grider, Grover A780
Griffin, Ellen Mrs.1600
Grimsley, L. F1192
Grimsley, Lewis E694
Griswold, Charles Augustine1311
Grubb, Daniel H1601
Gruwell, John D681
Gruwell, Robert C693
Guernsey, Frank A996
Guernsey, Fred Aurin744
Guggolz, Charles R1320
Gustavson, Henry1507
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haas, Charles1092
Haight, Louis M. M.D.665
Haley, Ronald B1299
Hall, John T1228
Hall, Joseph E1600
Hall, L. R1580
Hammond, Alden1087
Hammond, John Culver455
Hamsher, Francis R1035
Handel, Emanuel1602
Handel, Gottfried1601
Handel, Jacob C1260
Handlin, Michael1152
Hanks, William Edson1036
Hanna, Robert W1548
Hannaford, Edwin Thomas843
Hannan, John C555
Hannan, John W407
Hansel, Walter1163
Hansel, Willard819
Hansen, August1531
Hansen, Peter803Ina Soma
Hanson, Gus M1602
Hara, Joseph1535
Harder, Ernest Christopher1144
Harder, Paul William812
Hardy, Jesse1508
Harelson, Edmund671
Harelson, John Burgess366
Harkins, James P677
Harkins, John Capt.701
Harney, John S1231
Harper, George685
Harrington, Sophia Mrs.1383
Harrington, Walter D.808
Harris, Clarence E.1580
Harris, Edward F.415
Harris, Emily M. Mrs.1531
Harrison, Timothy John1581
Harry, Rees1235
Harshner, Andrew M.610
Harshner, Winfield Scott610
Hartman, Joseph1095
Harty, Lawrence605
Hawkins, E. Henry1508
Hawley, Earle R.1287
Hawley, Richard Augustus1612
Hayes, James J.459
Heath, Robert J.1479
Heeney, Richard James1176
Heil, Peter1364
Heil, William836
Hemphill, George W.1549
Hemphill, John Lester1549
Henemann, Charles E.1612
Henery, George P.1235
Henke Theodore1131
Henning, Abraham Parsons672
Henning, John Mrs.1475
Herbert, James T.832
Herbert, Stanley D.848
Herrick, Emerson B.1087
Herzog, John W1613
Hess, Edwin H.1267
Hewitt, Arthur W.1028
Hewitt, M. S665
Hibbs, Eddie I.1232
Hicb, John W948
Hickok, Asher D.1180
Hickok, Celesta Ann Mrs.447
Hickok, William447
Hickox, William J. S.1040
High, James Hamline Mr. and Mrs.1004
Hild, Mark William1476
Hild, Melinda C. Mrs.1581
Hildebrand, Stephen D1469
Hill, Alpheus M.1535
Hill, Joseph H.1613
Hoag, Charles W.1560
Hobron, J. Belle Mrs.1470
Hodgson, Thomas M.743
Hoff, Fred1549
Hogan, Frank E.629
Hogan, George629
Holbrook, Charles Daniel1091
Holbrook, William Frank1470
Holdsworth, George572
Hollenbeck, Amelia E. Mrs.1469
Holm, F. Julius1613
Holm, K. Peter1560
Holman Bros.855
Holman, Hattie Mrs.1040
Holman, John1614
Holman, Neal S.852
Holt, Benjamin339
Holt, Pliny E.634
Hooper, James J.1295
Hopkins, Silas W. M.D.743
Housken, Frank Oliver887Robert C. Housken
Housken, William Christopher 1480Robert C. Housken
Hovard, Noah1164
Howell, Benjamin F.1614
Howland, Melville R.1547
Hubert, Henry Thomas968
Huck, Frenz W.1132
Hughes, Clarence Loyd895
Hughes, George Teagard1088
Humphrey, Anthony Byrd824
Humphrey, Elmer A.1235
Humphreys & Matthews1296
Humphreys, John R.1560
Hunt, Oliver H.1288
Hunter, Anthony442
Hunter, Eliza J. Mrs.442
Hunter, Jennie Mateer Miss447
Hunting, Charles W.520
Hunting, Luther520
Huntley, Hattie E. Mrs.1470
Hurd, Alice Lasell Mrs.452
Hurd, Charles E.499
Huron, William Wilson928
Hutchins, John618
Hutchinson, Frank1195
Hymer, James A.1603Linda Duffield
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingram, Dellivan Cameron1471
Irey, Frank F.1423
Irey, Grover C.1602
Ivey, William E.1472
Ivory, Rebecca J. Mrs.587
Jack, Susan Jane Mrs.390
Jacobs, George W.1561
Jacobs, Ray L.1536
Jacobsen, Mary Cecelia Mrs.847
Jacobson, Jacob799
Jahant, Charles Albert1075
James, Charles A.740
Jeanelle, Ralph C.1626
Jeffry, Renaldo J.1627
Jensen, Lawrence F.1299
Jesch, Ferdinand1627
Joens, Peter768
Johnsen, William H.724
Johnson, Adolph1299
Johnson, Carl Oscar1307
Johnson, Fred H.791
Johnson, James R.1471
Johnston, Albert C.1347
Johnston, James Edward1232
Jones, Amos1339
Jones, Hampton1627
Jones, Hiram M.638
Jones, Hugh L.1472
Jones, John Wheeler392
Jones, William Joseph1628
Jons, John1135
Jory, Charles763
Jory, James467
Jory, John Edward467
Joyce, James C.1044
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaiser, Henry600
Kampschrnidt, Samuel L.1328
Kaplan, Harry E. M.D.1627
Keith, William S.1029
Keitle, Gilbert D.1419
Keller, John C.1163
Kelley, James Edward1476
Kelley, John C.1323
Kelly, Charles E.1629
Kels, Alexander A.1628
Kennison, Joseph C.1480
Kerr, James Garfield1536
Kile, John M363
Kincaid, Russell B.1474
Kinney, Henry C.1083
Kirschenmann John1630
Kirschenmann, Fred T.1630
Kirschenmann, Theopold1561
Klein Bros.1236
Klinger, William Henry538
Klink, Abraham1537Gary
Knecht, Theodore1629
Knoll, Jacob J.1211
Knollenburg, Peter438
Knott, Margaret Miss1630
Knowles, Veda Belle Hull Mrs.957
Knowles, William H.952
Knudsen, Charles1537
Knutzen, Thomas F.1631
Kolb, Fred F.1631
Koontz, George Milton1472
Koontz, William Henry1473
Kosta, George E.1632
Koster, Nicolaus820
Krieger, Isaac G.1537
Kruschke, Herman O.1373
Kucchler, Henry J.768
Kuckuk, Frederick1216
Kuesthardt, G. W.1473
Kurtz, Edward1175
Kurtz, Jacob1538
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Lachenmaier, Lot1008
Ladd Harry H.919
Ladd, George Allen951
Ladd, George Samuel503
Ladd, Ira B. M.D.832
Ladd, Ira W.643
Ladd, John S.779
Laggas, John Daniel1562
Lagorio, Angelo Victor1619
Lagorio, Dolmenico1379
Lagorio, John A.1379
Lagorio, Vittorio1464
Lahaie, Pierre1619
Lamb, Charles Hon.368
Lamb, Warren891
Lamb, William W.1147
Lambert, Peter F.888
Lammers, Diederich916
Lammers, Martin430
Landmann, Phil1447
Lane, Thomas1538
Lange, Herman Anthony1562
Langhorst, Fred1380
Langridge, George W.544
Laogier, Basilio400
Larranaga, Joseph1575
Larson, Lawrence M.433
Latta, Edward W.1620
Lattin, Fred A.891
Laudenbach, Henry1575
Laudenbach, Robert1575
Lauxen, Richard387
Lawrence, G. H.1195
Lawrence, Lee Grant788
Lawry, George C.935
Lawton, Clara B. Mrs.1307
Layman, John F.1023
Lcffler, Ernest W.479
Le Feber, George1515
Lea, Malcolm1516
Leach, Charles I.471
Leal, Joseph1383
Lease, Chauncey A.1188
Leetzow, Max1414
Leichter, Mark M.1515
Leistner, George W.1427
Leonardini, G. B.1616
Leonardini, Victor N.1420
Leventon, R. E1617
Levy, Fred1614
Lewis Lyman Moore1374
Lewis, Bert Sr.1516
Lewis, Jesse Stewart400Steven Williams
Lewis, Mary A. Mrs.951
Lewis, Thomas David1614
Lima, Manuel J1615
Lind, Carl T1323
Lindemann, Henry Jr.1383
Lindsey, Hiram1136
Linne, Adolph H892
Linne, Henry A1384
Liter, Charles Clay1480
Littebrant, Hartman560Barbara Littlebrant
Littebrant, William Thomas Gen.1031Barbara Littlebrant
Littleton, Tillman B.630Joan Schreder
Livingston, Robert A.1539
Lloyd, George Washington 1539
Lockc, Dean Jewett547
Locke, George H551
Locke, Nathaniel Howard 609
Lockwood, James O.1175
Lodi Academy1616
Loffelbein, Emanuel1615
Long, Charles M.1344
Lopes, Antone Louis1220
Lopes, Manuel A.1616
Lord, William1423
Lorenz, William H.499
Lorenzen, Theodor1139
Louis, Charles H.783
Louttit, James A.606Mary Smith
Louttit, John Randolph1219Mary Smith
Louttit, Thomas S.1084Mary Smith
Love, Floyd R.1617
Lowe, Frank E.1139
Lubeck, John R.1212
Lucas, George W.1220
Lucas, Leon James840
Luhrsen, George J.883
Luke, Thomas H.1415
Lund, John William Martin1103
Lund, Martin J.352
Lund, Nels J.420
Lyman, David B.1243
Lynch, Patrick895
Lyon, Floyd A.1617
Lyons, William H. 779
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