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Herbert S. CHAMPMAN MD in History of San Joaquin Co CA.

Herbert S. CHAPMAN MD was born in Clayton Contra Costa County CA on Apr 7 1892, son of Charles E., also a native of Contra Costa. His grandfather was George Oliver CHAPMAN, a native of KY, who came to CA in 1843, and his great-grandmother, Mrs. TARWATER, residing in Contra Costa at the age of 100 years, came to CA in 1839. .

Herbert received his MD in 1917. He married on July 24, 1920, to Miss Luella SIBBARD, native of Santa Rosa CA. They have one son, Duff Gordon. .

Charles E. CHAPMAN born in Clayton CA Nov 6 1863
Was a constable in Clayton for 45 years
Married Sarah (Sally) MITCHELL Oct 17 1888 in San Francisco

His father, George O. CHAPMAN, crossed the plains in 1848 with Capt. John

Wilma SWALL, San Jose - or Wilda STAFFORD, San Jose
Clarence A.CHAPMAN, Lovelock NV
Dr. Herbert S. CHAPMAN, Stockton
Victor C. CHAPMAN, Clayton

Luella SIBBALD CHAPMAN Oct 3 1979, wife of the late Dr. H. S. CHAPMAN, mother of Barbara ARISMENDI, Stockton, and Duff CHAPMAN, Jackson. Grandmother of Luis, Nicholas, Christopher ARISMENDI, Cecelia CHAPMAN and Brian CHAPMAN, SF, Dunken CHAPMAN and Peter CHAPMAN, both of NY and James CHAPMAN, Santa Rosa.

Duff Gordon CHAPMAN, Apr 21 1986, age 64. Former VP of the Amador County Chamber of Commerce, member of E.Clampus Vitus, past noble grand humbug of the Tuleburg and Jane Marshall chapters. Children: Cecelia C.CHAPMAN and Brian CHAPMAN, Duncan CHAPMAN, and Peter CHAPMAN, James CHAPMAN and one sister, Barbara CHAPMAN ARISMENDI of Stockton. His parents Dr. and Mrs. H. S. CHAPMAN.

William Thomas and Hartman LITTEBRANT in History of San Joaquin County CA.

Hartman LITTEBRANT died Feb 19 1922 in Stockton. There is a citation for Feb 20 in Stockton Evening Record p2 col 3. .

NDGW has in Book 27 p413:
General William Thomas LITTLEBRANT born Stockton Mar 27 1865. Supt of Yosemite National Park. Died Camp McClellan, Alabama July 2 1919. Children: Mrs. Laura CLARK, Mrs. Marion KEALOR Submission by Harriett E. WELCH, Stockton CA

The only son of Hartman and Catherine (CUNNINGHAM) LITTBRANT. Two sisters: Mrs. Katherine McCOY and Miss Christine LITTEBRANT. He graduated from West Point in 1888. Daughters: Laura (wife of Capt. C. Palmer CLARK of the air service) and Marian (wife of Frederick M. KEALOR of St. John, N.B.)

Hartman LITTEBRANT was born in Scholaric Co on Apr 6 1832. He came to San Francisco on Oct 6 1852. He married in 1861 in Stockton to Miss Catherine CUNNINGHAM, native of Ireland who had come to CA in 1856. She died Nov 4 1904. They had three children: General William T. LITTEBRANT; Miss Christine LITTEBRANT, a teacher in the Stockton Schools; and Catherine L.(Mrs.McCOY) she had three children: Winifred, Lillian F. and William I. T.

Hartman died at the home of his daughter, Christine, on Feb 19, 1922.

Ferdinand GODDE in the History of Los Angeles Co

Ferdinand GODDE was born in Prussia on May 4 1848, son of Joseph and Elizabeth GODDE. He served as a private in the German army in 1870 and 1871 during the Franco-German war.

He came to America in 1874 and in 1879 went to Los Angeles from WI.

He married in LA on Jan 26 1886 to Mary SOMMER, daughter of Theodore and Katherine SOMMER, and a native of Germany who came to LA in 1885, direct from Germany.

Five children: Ferdinand; Frank; Elizabeth (Mrs. A. D. BARTOL); Mary and Harry.

Joseph S. EMERY in the History of the Coast Counties

to Terri in Edgewater MD

Joseph S. EMERY was born Sep 30 1820 in Pembroke NH, son of Jacob and Jane (GAULT) EMERY.

In 1850 he came to CA securing passage on the ship John Marshall, bound for SF by way of the Cape Horn, being one of seven passengers to make the voyage at that time. He arrived in SF Sept 18 1850.

His children: Henry and Ralph

John GERLACH in the History of Solano and Napa Counties

John GERLACH was born in Neiderweisel, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany on Mar 17 1855, the son of Jacob and Katherine GERLACH. During 1882 he left Germany and sailed across the ocean on a steamer bound for New York City. There he married Elizabeth GEILING, also a native of Neiderweisel, the daughter of Franz and Margaret(REIGELHUTH) FEILING, the former a cabinet-maker by trade.

He crossed the continent to San Francisco and established a home in that city. In 1884 he came to Napa and opened a blacksmith's shop. He died at his home on Jan 21 1908.

Children: Marie, Anna, and George, Susie (Mrs. Ross STEBBINS-Bakersfield), Louise (Mrs. Arthur Van PELT-Napa), Katie (Mrs. John M. NICCOLLS-Bakersfield).

Hamilton S. CONNOR in the History of Sacramento Valley

Hamilton Simeon CONNOR was born on May 2 1838 near Andover, Merrimack county, NH, son of James R. CONNOR and Hannah BEALS. He came to CA in 1858 via Panama, landing in San Francisco on Sept 20. At once he went to Yolo County where for five years he worked in the employ of his uncle, J. B. Green, on a diary ranch. His cousins were George and Lester GREENE of Courtland.

In 1873 he purchased a ranch on Merritt Island. In 1866 he was married to Miss Amanda M. WILSON (born in IA Jun 11, 1848; died Sacramento 11-23-1923) who came across the plains with her parents in 1852.

Hamilton died in Yolo county on 10-28-1907

Viola Ellen (Mrs. Frank KILGORE) b 1867; d 1-17-1934 Colusa
son: Duncan KILGORE
(KILGORE DUNCAN CONNOR 04/09/1906 CONNOR M CALIFORNIA SACRAMENTO 10/31/1986 547-52-9405 80 yrs)

Clyde R. (Mrs. Isaac Newton TEMPLETON) b 1868; d 11-4-1922 Sacramento
son: Connor TEMPLETON

Carrie E. (Mrs. William A. JOHNSON) b 1870; d 3-12-1930 Sacramento
children: Mrs. Wm ROBINSON

Lucy Bell (Mrs Samuel NEEL) 1876-1901 died in childbirth

Dwight Cyrus CONNOR (1873-1942)
-spouse Edith Martha MORSE (1877-1968) CONNOR EDITH M 07/18/1877 BURSON F CALIFORNIA SACRAMENTO 11/20/1968 547-74-4192 91 yrs
She was the daughter of Stephen Turner MORSE and Martha Anne BURSON. (her oldest sister was Sarah MORSE SMITH, Nettie Smith PYLMAN's mother.
a. Chester Darrell CONNOR b1900 changed name to Darrell
(CONNOR CHESTER DARRELL 04/29/1901 MORSE M CALIFORNIA YOLO 09/18/1981 561-52-0949 81 yrs )
-sp Pearl WILSON born Truckee
(CONNOR PEARL WILSON 06/27/1902 ZORNIG WILSON F CALIFORNIA SACRAMENTO 01/13/1989 547-62-2724 86 yrs)
(her father was James William WILSON (1874-1962)
-spouse (1) 1901 Elmer MO Miss Anna Ely ZORNIG
(1883-1949) and
(2) Elnshorn GER)
children of Chester and Pearl:
Stephen Wilson CONNOR b1934; d age 21 Yolo 6-11-1956
Graham Darrell CONNOR b1938
-sp md 1959 Charlyn Ruth HAUN (b 1939)
children: Tressa Gay b 1960
Keith Michael b 1963
(VERA EDITH 10/19/1905 MORSE CONNOR F CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO(38) 11/17/1988 561-32-7757 83 yrs)

c. Vivian CONNOR

James H. GLEASON in Fresno County The Pioneer Years to 1900

James Henry GLEASON as born in Plymouth Oct 22 1823 he married Maria Catarina WATSON on Oct 7 1848 in Monterey his mother died when he was 8 years old (note on card says 'have portrait')

James GLEASON arrived in CA Mar 16 1846 on the "Don Quixote" which was owned by his uncle, John PATY.

From the California Historical Society Quarterly: Journal of Capt. John PATY, 1807-1808. "James H. GLEASON came to CA in 1846, and was a trader at Monterey from 1846 to 1849. He came from Honolulu on the Don Quixote, and acted as agent for Paty & Co."

He lived in MA and his profession was Supercargo. He was a county clerk & recorder for Monterey County He died in Monterey 1861. His descendants:
Pearl Gleason SMITH
James Henry GLEASON (deceased)
Joe Duncan GLEASON

pioneer card submitted by grandson Duncan Gleason Apr 1957 2411 N. Edgemont St, Los Angeles 27, CA

James GLEASON was born in Tipperary county, Ireland, 25 Oct 1825, son of Michael and Elizabeth (HANNAY) GLEASON. In 1861 he married Miss Marcella REID, native of county Tipperary, Ireland. They had three children: Michael, Mary, and Eliza (Mrs.P. J. SULLIVAN).

Msgr. Joseph M. GLEASON died in Oakland on Oct 30 1942 at age 74. He was a native of San Francisco.

pioneer card for James M. GLEASON on July 1932 born Ireland Apr 9 1833 married in SF to Mrs. Sarah Ann THRASHER who came to CA overland 1849 from New York. In 1849 he was a policeman in San Francisco died Gunda, Yolo County, Apr 1903 Submission by Della N. GIBBS

Charles & Henry KUNCHEL in the History of Southern CA

From CA Pioneer Card filed May 1939
Charles C. KUCHEL born Frankfort on the Maine Germany brother of Conrad (there is more on him - would you want it also?) Note: Looks like this Charles is the uncle of your requested Charles, since he was Conrad's brother and Henry and Charles (see below) were the sons of Conrad.

Charles C. KUCHEL arrived in CA late '40's or early '50's. Lived in San Francisco and was a Lithographer. submitted by the wife of his nephew Henry KUCHEL who was in Anaheim c/o Anaheim Gazette at time of submission.

From CA in Stone: b Zweibrucken in 1820 worked for P. S. Duval in PA formed association with Emil DRESEL in 1853 in CA Grandnephew is Thomas H. KUCHEL, Senator.

From book:
Henry and Charles KUCHEL, editors and proprietors of the Anaheim Gazette, took charge of this paper in 1887. They are the sons of Conrad KUCHEL, a native of Germany, and one of the earliest settlers of Anaheim.

Henry was born in San Francisco on June 11 1859. He is the senior editor of the Gazette. There is more on Charles C. KUCHEL in the book "Artists of California" by Edan Hughes.

William GANN in the History of the San Joaquin Valley

Pioneer Card submitted July 1971
William Chamberlain GANN was born in TN in 1831 (perhaps in Cocke Co) he married Elmira TUCKER Nov 23 1858 in San Joaquin County his father was Joshua GANN and his mother was Rebbecca Frazier? (two b's and a question mark after maiden name)

He died in Tulare Nov 11 1893 submitted by great grandson Robert G. HARLESS, Burlingame CA

from book:
William GANN was born in Santa Cruz CA on Nov 13 1866, one of six sons and five daughters. His father, John GANN, was a native of TN and so was his grandfather, John GANN. In 1850 John GANN, Jr. crossed the plains with ox-teams and mined and then farmed in Santa Cruz until 1881 when he went to Kern County. His wife was Elizabeth HITCHCOCK, native of MO and daughter of Silas HITCHCOCK who crossed the plains in 1846. He went first to OR and then to CA and died in Los Gatos.

In 1881 Wm GANN went with his parents from San Joaquin County to Kern county. In 1896 he went to Tulare locating in Lindsay in 1898. He married Maude DENTON, native of KY. He is a stanch Republican.

Alfred CHEW in the History of Santa Clara County

Alfred CHEW was born in Clinton Co OH March 26 1834. At twelve he went with his parents to Shelby County IL and in 1853 started for CA in company with a man named KIRKPATRICK. In 1859 he returned to IL and then came back to Santa Clara and purchased lad from William MATTHAWS.

He married in Shelby County IL Jan 19, 1864, Margaret KENNEDY.
Mary F. born March 23 1864
Robert W. born April 28 1866
Martha E. born Oct 4 1868
Emily A. born Feb 7 1871
Alfred J. born Feb 20 1873
Maggie M. born May 22 1876
Walter R. born Aug 8 1879

Joseph CAPPELLE in the History of Los Angeles

Joe CAPPELLE was born in 1900, in Vancouver, British Columbia, the son of Angelo and Marie (RUFFOLO) CAPPELLE. In 1906 the family came to CA from Vancouver. In 1919 Mr. CAPPELLE worked in the shipyards and then engaged in boxing and made a record of 53 bouts. He trained with Joe FISHER, champion of the Navy.

Thomas A. CAPPELLE was the brother of Joseph. He was born in Vancouver, BC in 1895. He married in San Pedro in 1926 to Miss Frances W. EVICH, native of San Pedro and daughter of George W. and Margaret EVICH. One daughter, Betty Anne CAPPELLE born Nov 25 1926.

Samuel CAPPELLE was born Dec 21 1897 in Vancouver BC. He married in San Diego to Josephine ARDAIZ, daughter of John and Juanita (EQUEE) ARDAIZ. One daughter: Barbara Jean born Oct 29,1924.

John Smith NETHERTON in the History of the Coast Counties 1904

John S. NETHERTON was born in Clay County MO Apr 30 1835, the son of Henry and Hannah (WALL) NETHERTON. At 15 he crossed the plains with his father and mined in Eldorado county. In 1857 he went to Contra Costa County. He lost his eyesight and after a while had it restored by an operation by Dr. A. H. VOORHIES of San Francisco.

He married in Contra Costa, Jan 9 1859, Miss Matilda A. ESTES, native of MO born Apr 4 1839.

Children: Carrie Luella and Flora Belle who died at 21.
William Price; Frethias J. (deceased); Edward Wallace, George Eldridge, Walter Eldridge; Delbert Walbridge; Elmer Elwood (deceased).

Edward Wallace NETHERTON b July 20 1869 Contra Costa -sp Alice M. CARPENTER md May 12 1892 Martinez

Freithias Jefferson NETHERTON lawyer unmarried b Mar 7 1867 Contra Costa died 1891 Phoenix AZ

John Smith NETHERTON b Apr 30 1835 Clay Co MO; died Santa Cruz 1921 -sp Matilda Ann ESTES b Apr 4 1839 Bay Co MO came to CA 1859 via Utah md Jan 9 1859 Contra Costa died Contra Costa 1913


William Price NETHERTON born Dec 7 1865 Contra Costa
-sp Maggie GLASSFRED (had adopted daughter)
Frethias Jefferson NETHERTON
Edward Wallace NETHERTON
George Eldridge NETHERTON
Walter Eldridge NETHERTON

James Slade McGAHEY in the History of Tulare and King Counties CA

David Anthony VAUGHN was born at East Greenwich Kent County RI Oct 7, 1846, son of Caleb and Lydia (HATHAWAY) VAUGHN. In May, 1868, David VAUGHN started for CA by way of Panama and arrived at San Francisco June 13. In 1871 he moved to Porterville. In 1880, at East Greenwich RI, he married Amanda M. SHIPPEE, daughter of Manser and Harriet SHIPPEE. Her uncle was L. U. SHIPEE who came to Stockton in 1853.

Mr. and Mrs. VAUGHN have two daughters: Minnie (Mrs. J. S. McGAHEY, Porterville) and Bessie. Minne was married in 1903 in Porterville and they have a son named Earl.

James Slade McGAHEY born IL Aug 8 1825 arrived CA 1849 coming overland Farmer, County Clerk of Tulare County 1859-61 Children: James Slade McGAHEY, Rt 4 Porterville Died Aug 19 1893 Tulare Co CA Married Julia Ann LOOPER in 1877 submission by Mrs. J. S. McGAHEY and Ina H. STINER (from records)

Minnie Mc GAHEY born 1868 San Francisco CA married Eric HOLMAN
died San Francisco May 28 1956 (SF Examiner) children: Mrs. Edna REYNOLDS; Mrs. Alice GAHEY; George S. McGAHEY

Julia A. Mc GAHEY died age 70 Tulare 9-9-1928.

from NDGW
Julia Ann LOOP (not LOOPER?) McGAHEY born Suisun CA on Mar 26 1858 Married James Slade McGAHEY children: James Slade McGAHEY, Porterville.

Abraham KLINK in the History of San Joaquin CA

Abraham KLINK has resided in San Joaquin County since 1893. He is a native of Bavaria Germany, born Dec 2 1864, the son of Adam and Philipina (MAY) KLINK. Adam and Philipina had six children: Katie; Philipina (Mrs. H. F. BECKMAN); Abraham; Lena (deceased); Elizabeth (Mrs. COYER - deceased); and George. The mother died in Germany in 1872.

Abraham at seventeen came to America and became a cowboy, riding the range through Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Wyoming. In 1881 he made his first trip to CA.

Henrietta E. KLINK born July 3 1863 North San Juan married Harry H. CLARKE Aug 8 1890 Virginia City NV children: Robert M.CLARKE, Reno NV and Wills G. CLARKE, SF

Thomas GARSIDE in History of Monterey and San Benito Counties

Highlights: Thomas GARSIDE was born in England, near Halifax, on Dec 22 1820, son of Robert and Frances (BOOTH) GARSIDE. Thomas came to NY in 1843. He married Miss Ann LONG, native of OH. In 1873 he went to OR but returned to Monterey on account of the typhoid fever there. He and Ann had 8 children: George (died in OR at 21); Robert; William; Charles (died in Salinas age 40); Mary Ellen (deceased); John, Joseph and Thomas. Also living with them was a niece, Miss Alice Long GARSIDE (Mrs. Frank P. HISERMAN)

Lemuel Clarke McKEEBY in the History of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura CA

Hon. Lemuel C. McKEEBY came to Ventura in 1868 from Carson City NV. He was born in NY city in 1825, son of Edward McKEEBY (of Scotch descent, native of NY) and Catharine MILLER (native of NY, descendant of one of the old German families of the city). His great-grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He moved to Milwaukee, WI and in 1850 came to CA to mine. He was at French Corral and Sebastopol principally and was the first to introduce rubber hose for hydraulic mining at Sebastopol, Nevada County.

In 1857 he married Miss Caroline A. SAMPSON, native of ME, niece of Mr. Owen LOVEJOY. Four children living: Charles B.; Mary A. (Mrs. Albert G. BARTLETT); and George L.

From History of LA Died Oct 20 1913 (differs from CADI). Mrs. McKEEBY died in 1907 (see below) and the only surving son is George L. McKEEBY, attorney of LA/ The living daughter is Mrs. Mae McKEEBY BARTLETT.

Albert G. BARTLETT (husband of Mae/Mary McKEEBY) was born in Devonshire England March 28 1850, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth BARTLETT. He came to SF in 1874 and in January, 1875 arrived in LA and was associated with his brother, Charles G. BARTLETT.

On Jan 19 1882 at Ventura he married Mae Ann McKEEBY. Children: Bessie H. (Mrs. Cecil FRANKEL) and Florence E.

Martin GROSS in the History of Humboldt County

Martin GROSS was born Dec 2 1863 at Flekkefjord, Norway. His father was Edward GROSS, native of Germany. His mother was Martine CHRISTENSEN, native of Norway. Martin was the eldest of their two children. He arrived in Eureka on May 1 1885 and went by stage to Trinidad. He married (1) Dec 2 1893 to Miss Mary MULLEN, native of County Cork, Ireland. At her death she left three children: Anna M., Martin E. and Ralph. He married (2) May 10 1901 in Eureka to Miss Mathilda NELSON, native of Flekkefjord. They had one child: Edwin Selmar.

From obit: leaves wife and four children: Mrs. Frederick NORTH, SF; Martin E.; Ralph; and Edwin Selmar of Walker's point.

August SCHAAD in the History of Sacramento Valley 1906

August SCHAAD was born nine miles from Stuttgart, Germany, Jan 6 1835, youngest of 8. His brother, Frederick came to America and settled in PA. His father was George Fredrick SCHAAD, native of Wurtemberg and a butcher. Twice married, his second wife, Katherine UNGER, was the mother of August. In 1856 August crossed the North sea to London and then sailed for New York. In 1860 he sailed on the Baltic from NY to the Isthmus of Panama and then up the Pacific on the John L. Stephens to SF. Failing to secure work there, he went to Marysville, and was employed on a farm near Yuba City. In Sept, 1861 he went to Colusa, then to Virginia City, NV. He married at Grand Island in 1871 to Miss Maggie DUNLAP, native of MO who died in 1877 in CA leaving three children: Charles L.; Frederick W.; and Clarence. He married again to Miss Caroline WEIB, native of Westphalia, Germany.

From NDGW: Children: Charles L.; Frederick W.; Clarence; Albert; Le Roy; and Carrie Ina.

her obit (sending to you as well) died at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mrs. and Mrs. B. L. FOUCH of Williams. She was born Sep 25 1847.

Nebuzaradan B. TILLER in the History of Contra Costa CA

Nebuzaradan B. TILLER came to Richmond in May, 1903. He was born on May 27, 1859 near St. Joseph MO, son of John Henry TILLER, native of KY, and a blacksmith. They moved from KY to MO and then to KS. His mother was Sarah COFFEY of the Blue Grass State. They had five children: Wallace Eugene, William Thomas, N. B., Eliza (Mrs. BOWEN) and Moses.

N. B. came to CA in 1895, locating in LA. He has been married three times. Wife number one was Florilda BLAKELEY and they had 6 children. John Henry, Oliver, Charles B., Myrtle May (Mrs. William SEARS), Frank and Grover.

Wife number two he married March, 1901 and there were no children.

Wife number three was Mrs. Beulah W. TOMLIN (Apr 28 1912) and they had Grover Daton.

John W. KRAMARin the History of Imperial County CA

John W. KRAMAR came to the Valley in June, 1905, and his family came in August of that year. He was born in Jones County IA on Jan 17 1855, son of Adam and Elizabeth (GRAFF) KRAMAR.

John married Miss Elizabeth Winette BURNIGHT, Sept 22 1886. She was the daughter of Fletcher and Melissa BURNIGHT, early pioneers of IA. Mrs. KRAMAR's oldest brother fought in the Civil war. Her father died in the Valley on Mar 26 1906 and is buried in Pasadena.

John and Elizabeth had
Etta Elizabeth (Mrs. T. ODEN)
David Glen
Veta (Mrs. Lee HAVENS) died Oct 4 1914
Adam Ray
Amy Victoria (Mrs. Felix HAVENS)
Lowell Graff
John Francis
Florence Esther.

From CADI:
John W. KRAMAR spouse E. B died age 80 San Bernardino 5-27-1935
John KRAMAR age 78 died Sacramento 7-27-1933

From the First 30 years qc 979.499 T7 1931 page 93
John W. KRAMER, Seeley, 1905. Mr. and Mrs. KRAMER settled near Silsbee before the flood and made a good ranch. One of the best crops were their eight children all of whom were a credit to their parents.

Fred BACHLE in the History of the San Joaquin Valley CA

Frederick BACHLE was born in Switzerland March 24 1846 in the Canton of Aargau, son of John and Annie (HOCH) BACHLE. In 1867 he came to America, landing in New York City, then went to Toledo OH. In 1876 he migrated to CA, locating in San Jose, then removed to the west side of Merced county in 1881. He married twice and by his first wife he had one son, Frederick BACHLE, Jr. who was accidentally killed in NV.

Clayton Kauffman GRIDER in the History of Stanislaus County CA

Clayton K. GRIDER was born at Columbia Lancaster County PA, son of Henry and Elizabeth GRIDER. He settled in CA in 1901. On April 8 1918, he married Mrs. Fannie (FENTON) COUSINS, native of Toledo OH. She had lived with Mr. COUSINS in SF for 18 years.

Albert CURRLIN in the History of Oakland

Albert CURRLIN was a native of Germany born 1852. In 1874 he arrived in Boston and then went to New York City and then to Philadelphia. Then he went to St. Louis MO and in 1876 engaged in the newspaper business as editor of the Volksstimme Des Westens. In 188 he came to the Pacific Coast and was made editor of the Arbeiter Zeitung. He then purchased, with Charles SCHMITT, the North California Herald of Sacramento. In St. Louis in 1878 he married Miss Anna Kath JUST, native of Highland IL. They had two sons, Woldemar E., who married Miss Aurora GONZALES and Varliln, who married Lillian FOX, daughter of Dr. Richard FOX, one of the oldest pioneers of Santa Clara County.

From DAR submission:
Albert Frederich CURRLIN born Dec 17 1854 Wuertemberg Germany died age 60 Nov 24 1925 buried in Oakland CA Married Anna Katherina JUST on Nov 14 1878 St Louis MO she was born May 16 1861 Highland IL father was Andrew JUST born 1819 in Switzerland he died 1905 in Sacramento (nothing in CADI nor Sacramento Bee Index for him) mother of Anna was Elizabeth BUERKLE born in Maienfeld Switzerland.

Siblings of Anna JUST
Andrew JUST who married Maria KRAUSE
Elizabeth JUST who was living in San Francisco
May JUST who died in Highland IL
Eleanna JUST who died in San Francisco

Children of Albert and Anna:
Waldmar E. CURRLIN born St Louis MO Sep 30 1879
married 1905 Los Angeles to Anne GONZALES born Phoenix AR
children: Lillian CURLIN and Edmond CURRLIN
Varlin A. CURLLIN born St Louis MO Oct 10 1889
married Feb 20 1906 San Jose to Lillian Mary FOX born San Jose Mar 27 1881
children: Albert Richard CURRLIN born San Jose Jan 2 1907
married Oakland June 14 1934 Dolores HOOPER
George Barlin CARRLIN born Oakland CA May 12 1909
Donald Kerin CURRLIN born Oakland CA Apr 7 1915

James Ross CLARK in the History of Southern CA

J.Ross CLARK was born Apr 10 1850 near Connellsville PA. When 6 he moved to Van Buren Co IA. He was attracted to the far West so he came in company with his brother, Joseph K., settling in Horse Plains, MT. In 1876 he went to Butte, MT. He married Miss Miriam A. EVANS in MT on Apr 16 1878, two children: Ella H. (Mrs. Henry Carlson LEE) and Walter Miller CLARK.

James was one of eight children born to John and Mary (ANDREWS) CLARK. His brother was US Senator William A. CLARK; sisters Mrs. Elizabeth ABASCAL, Mrs. Margaret MILLER, Mrs. Ella NEWELL and Miss Anna CLARK.

Son, Walter Miller CLARK (see above) died a hero with the sinking of the Titanic, leaving a son, J. Ross Clark II.

Weymouth CROWELL in the history of Southern CA

Weymouth CROWELL was born in Yarmouth Co Nova Scotia on April 10 1864, son of Weymouth CROWELL, Sr. and Elizabeth GAVEL, one of eleven children, four of which are living in CA. Two sons, Charles F. and William C. are residents of Pasadena. In 1881 Weymouth went to Townsend MA and in 1884, after a short stop in Chicago IL, he came across the continent to Los Angeles. In 1889 he went to Seattle, WA, returning to Pasadena in 1894. In Los Angeles he built the Angelus Hotel, the first seven-story structure erected there.

He married Ethel May RYDER, native of Nova Scotia, and had 6 children:
Harold R.
Ethel May (Mrs. EDELL)
Willard W.
Florence A. (Mrs. LACY)
Andrew and
Alice Edna

Carlo BOTTIANI in Goleta--The Good Land

On Oct 15 1882, Carlo SPEZZIBOTTIANI boarded a freighter at Genoa and sailed for the Promised Land, where the story went that even the doorknobs were made of gold! On his way across the Isthmus of Panama, he came down with Malaria and arrived in San Francisco in December a very sick man. Along with considerable weight, he also shed the "SPEZZI" from his name.

He is an important entry on the roster of Goleta Valley Pioneers because his is the first Italian name to appear there. He remained in SF long enough to regain his health and then took a job herding sheep on Santa Cruz Island. In two years he sent for his wife, Maria MIRATA, and his brother, John. Meeting them in SF he took them to live in Santa Barbara, a town superior in climate and beauty to Italy itself.

Then came brother Ambrose. Elisa was born in 1885 and Nina in 1888. In 1891 was born Angelo.

Carlo died in 1940 at the age of 83. Maria in 1942 at age 85. Angleo married in 1925 to Mary CERIALE of a pioneer Santa Barbara family and their children were Carlo and Victor.

Fenton B. WHITING in the History of Plumas, Lassen and Sierra Counties and History of Butte County Fenton Berkley WHITING was born at Mountain View, Faquier Co VA Oct 1 1827, the fifth and only surviving son of George Braxton WHITING and Frances (Harrison) WHITING. His father moved in 1831 to Fredericksburg, VA, then to Alexandria in 1832 and to Washington in 1834. He died in May 1835. Fenton was taken to Clark County VA in 1837 by an elder brother, Francis H. WHITING, a bachelor-farmer, with whom he lived until he was 16. In Feb 1848 he went to St. Louis MO and in April, 1850 he started overland for CA with the Patterson ranges of Louis, arriving in Sacramento July 12 1850. In 1860 he took the first census of Plumas County. In March, 1866 he became under-sheriff. He was married June 23 1863 to Martha Jane WHITING, who was born in Aberdeen Mississippi July 17 1843. Children:
Richard Henry May 11 1864
Fenton Blakemore May 7 1866
Eugene C. March 26 1868
Randolph V. Nov 30 1870
Frank Moore July 6 1875
Pearle Dec 7 1877

From PLUMAS Memories 1976
Fenton Berkeley WHITING "Buck" Native of VA. Arrived in 1851 and mined the Middle Fork and North Fork. Discovered Crystal Lake. Formed the "Feather River Express" in 1857. Began using his famous dog-express to get through the snow that winter. Died 7/11/1901.

From the History of Butte County
Fenton B. WHITING was the father of E. C. WHITING and Dr. F. M. WHITING of Oroville.

SF Chronicle 7-27-1946 Eugene Carlisle WHITING death 1870 census Plumas age 42 born VA

Sacramento Bee
Dr. Frank Moore WHITING died Oroville Apr 26 1947 age 71 Bee 4-28-1947 9/8

Plumas County Cemetery Vol 1
Fenton Berkley WHITING Jun 24 1898
Elizabeth B. WHITING 1809-1893
Mary B.WHITING 1813-1897.

Charles E. SEBASTIAN in the American Biography and Genealogy-CA

Charles E. SEBASTIAN was appointed to his present office of Chief of Police on Dec 23 1910. Charles Edward SEBASTIAN was born at Farmington St. Francois County MO on Mar 30 1873, son of Charles Layal and Selma Jane (POSTON) SEBASTIAN. In 1874 the family went to Ventura County CA. His father died in 1886 in Los Angeles.

He married on Jan 22 1904 to Miss Elsie D. BABCOCK, native of IA, daughter of Sylvester R. BABCOCK. They had one son.

From Who's Who in the Pacific Southwest 1913
Married to Elsie Adell BABCOCK in 1874.

Mrs. Mary N. TONEY in the History of Orange County CA

Mrs. Mary N. TONEY is the widow of the late S. T. Toliver TONEY, of 826 North Baker. She was born near Little Rock, Ark., on March 30 1854, the daughter of Benjamin and Sobrina (STOVER) LARGE. Her father was a blacksmith and landowner. When she was three the family moved to Shasta County CA. In 1839 Mr. LARGE moved to Hydesville, Humboldt County and then to Trinity County. He made several other moves, owning the overland stage trail between Red Bluff and Yreka, the Loomis House and a Hayfork hotel. His daughter and grandson ran the Kellog Hotel in Hayfork. He died in Hayfork.

Miss Mary LARGE met and married at Willits on Nov 8 1870, S. Tolliver TONEY, native of Fayette County, TX. He was born Nov 17 1846, the son of Seth and Mary Adaline (COX) TONEY, natives of Mississippi and GA respectively. When he was 8, the family came to CA overland from TX, his father, Seth, being the wagon trail captain.

The reason the family came to CA was that Mrs. Seth TONEY's father, the Rev. John TOLIVER COX had preceded them, having come by the Isthmus of Panama in the early '50;s. Rev. COX was a Methodist minister well known all over the state of CA. He finally settled near Santa Rosa, where he died in 1866. He is buried at Mark West in Sonoma County.

S. Toliver TONEY in 1884 settled in NM and in 1909 went to Douglas, AZ working in the cattle industry.

In 1914, Mr.TONEY came to Santa Ana and on July 20 1916, he died and was buried at Redlands.

The couple had 6 children. Listed are the following (still granted her)

Mrs. Sarah C. HARPER, widow of Francis M. HARPER, Deming, NM
William TOLLIVER TONEY, Superior AZ
Mrs. Maude E. COX, widow of Thomas M. COX, who she married Mar 7 1906. She was born in Alhambra NM.
There are 15 grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren at time this bio was written.

Seth A. TONEY born MO 1820-1821
md Mary Adeline COX born MO 1829
Came to CA overland with the Philip Thurman McCABE Family.
William Edward, James O., Seth T. TONEY, Jr., Nancy (Nannie), Frank, Martha.
Submissions by Ggdaughter: Elva HOLLINGSWORTH, Firebaugh, Willits, CA (1957)
and G G Gdaughter Mrs. Barbara J. MOOREHEAD, Rio Dell CA

Harry O. PERRY in the History of Stanislaus County

Harry O. PERRY was born in Marshall County IL on Dec 20 1886, son of Samuel PERRY, native of IL, who was related to Commodore Oliver Hazard PERRY, and Emma Luella HATTTAN, native of KY.

When Harry was 10 months old the family went to Filmore County NE. Mrs. PERRY died in 1912 in Lincoln NE.

When Harry retired from the teaching profession he came to CA. In the fall of 1912 he came to Denair. In 1910 he married Miss Stella Nancy LULL, native of Filmore Co NE, born Oct 13 1885.

They have four children:
Emma Gene
Margaret Luella
Harry O. PERRY, Jr.

Charles F. A.HEILLIESEN in the History of Coast Counties, CA

Charles F. A. HELLIESEN was born in the province of Holstein, Germany, on Sept 15 1842, one of five children born to Carl Nicholes and Johannah Fredicka (STRUVE) HELLIESEN.

In 1862, at the age of 20 years, he took passage on the Danish merchant ship, Emma, sailing under the Hamburg flag as a ship carpenter. He sailed around Cape Horn and landed Jan 9 1893 in Mazatlan Mexico and then went to La Paz in Lower California. In 1864 he went north to San Francisco.

He was married in San Jose in 1872 to Miss Anna MARTY(MARTI), a native of Switzerland, and they had no children.

The other name you asked about, Lauritz HELLIESEN, does not appear in the CAIF so I cannot tell if he did die in 1889 or 1886 in a train or trolley accident while returning to New York.

There is a citation in Alta newspaper for Capt Ols HELLIESEN Feb 23 and 24 1877 but I didn't look for it since the name wasn't part of your request.

Albert CARLSON in the History of Sacramento CA

Albert CARLSON was born in Sweden on Nov 19 1862, son of Carl Andriason and Margerita CARLSON. Margerita died when the lad was just 6 years old.

On Nov 21 1884, at age 22, he sailed for the US with NY as his destination. Then he went westward to Kansas. In 1888 he was in Montana and in 1889 came to Siskiyou County CA.

He married Miss Marianna LARSON, a native of Utah.

Larkin SNODGRASS in the History of Southern CA

Larkin SNODGRASS was born in Rock Castle county, KY, Mar11 1824. At 22 he crossed the plains to CA. He returned home after four years and then returned home. After seven years he returned to CA arriving in Sacramento and turned his attention to the raising of cattle and sheep. In 1868 he went to Ventura County and in 1884 he moved to Los Angeles. He raised thoroughbred trotting horses and is one of the few to hold the palm in the specialty in Southern California.

Louis MODERNO, DMD in the History of Santa Barbara County

Dr. Louis MODERNO was born in the Azores on Nov 20 1877,son of Dr. John R. and Celina (MAULAZ) MODERNO. His father practiced in Brazil, France, Azores and Fall River MA. The paternal Great-grandfather was a native of Morges, Switzerland and the maternal grandfather, Louis MAULAZ, was born in Paris in 1849 and became the French Consul at Rio, Brazil.

The paternal grandfather, John R. MODERNO, was born on Madeira Island. His brother was Antonio MODERNO who was later a judge of the supreme court of Brazil. He came to the US in 1814 settling in Richmond County VA.

John R. MODERNO was born in Rio, Brazil on Oct 22 1836. He died in Fall River MA in 1897. His wife, Celina, died in 1923. They had four children: Alice, who was born in Paris, France; Louis, of this review; Victor, who is engaged in the importing business in NY; and Mary, who lives in White Plains, NY.

Louis came to the US in 1893. In 1924 he came to Santa Barbara. On Apr 15 1909, in Boston Maher married Miss Matilda WESTGATE, native of Wareham MA, born Jan 25 1870. They had a daughter, Delihah Eldridge, the wife of Arthur REICHENBACH, who is in the employ of the city of Santa Barbara.

Walter E. MURRAY in the History of Santa Barbara CA

Walter E. MURRAY was born in Lompoc CA in 1878, the son of Hugh S. MURRAY, a native of County Down IRELAND, born there in 1842. Hugh came with his parents to the US at the age of 2 years. They were among the early settlers of Tipton IA. After the Civil War (where he was wounded several times, bearing the scars of seven bullet wounds on his body) he came to CA, and in 1877 moved to Lompoc Valley. He was a friend of Col. William Welles HOLLISTER, one of the original settlers of that area.

The mother, Eliza (SAUNDERS) MURRAY, was born in Sisquoc County, Orleans Bar, in 1855. Her father was a well known hotel and business man in that county, and he moved with his family to Lompac Valley in 1876.

The couple were married in San Miguel County, CA and had five children, two of which are Walter and Mrs. Jenny LEGGE of Santa Barbara.

Walter was married at Santa Barbara on Nov 9 1914 to Lottie R. WHIPPLE. She was born at Oro Fino, Sisquoc County, where her maternal great-grandfather had settled in 1848, one year before gold was discovered in CA. He conducted a pack train from Sisquoc County out to the coast at Eureka for many years. Her father was Hiram WHIPPLE, a miner who spent most of his life in Sisquoc County.

The couple has one son, Robert Earnest. He was born in Lompoc in 1924 and attended the Lompoc Junior High School.

Joseph MESMER; Louis MESMER; Lucile WHIPPLE; and Frederick B. RINDGE in the History of Los Angeles

Louis MESMER was born in the village of Surburd, Canton Sulz, Alsace France (now Germany) on Feb 20 1829. At 14 he went to Hagenau to learn the baker's trade. He went to New York, then to Syracuse, then to Buffalo. Being unable to talk English he took employment as a journeyman. After he became fairly advanced in the English language he went from Buffalo to Cincinnati, then to Dayton, then to Tippecanoe City, OH. After establishing himself he married Miss Katherine FORST.

In the spring of 1858 he left Tippecanoe City for New York City, and then went by steamer via Panama to San Francisco. When he arrived in San Francisco he went to Calavares and Mokelimme Hill (sic). When the news came about rich discoveries in Cariboo, British Columbia, he returned to SF to take the steamer for Victoria to the Cariboo and Fraser river mines. Not finding success, he returned to Victoria and opened a bakery. His bread soon became so famous the English officials furnished him with flour to make their bread. He eventually sold out, and returned to San Francisco. He wrote for his family to meet him in SF and his wife and son, Joseph, met him there and then they went to Los Angeles, arriving there in 1849. Los Angeles had a population then of about thirty-five hundred people.

In 1869 he took his family of his wife, sons Joseph and Tony and daughter, Christina, to visit his native land. They stayed there a year.

His wife died Oct 2 1891 and on July 15, 1893, he married Mrs. Jennie E. SWAN.

His family consists of:
Christina (Mrs. G. J. GRIFFITH)
Lucile (Mrs. Charles L. WHIPPLE)
and step-daughter Mrs. Ziba PATTERSON

Joseph MESMER was born in Tippecanoe, Miami County, OH on Nov 3 1855. He married Miss Rose Elizabeth BUSHARD on Mar 22 1879 in St Vibiana Catherdral.

They had five children:
Louis Francis; Mary Josephine; Junietta Elizabeth; Beatrice Evalynne and Aloysius James Joseph.

From CADI online

Fredrick H. RINDGE died in Yreka, Siskiyou County, CA on August 29 1905. He was born in Cambridge in 1857. His father was Samuel Baker RINDGE who was a prominent woollen importer and manufacturer of Cambridge, Mass. Fredrick became a resident of Los Angeles in 1887. At his death he left a widow (Rhoda KNIGHT RINDGE?) and three children: Samuel, Frederick and Rhoda.

Robert Johnston in the History of Humboldt County CA

Robert JOHNSTON was born in Chickasaw County IA Jun 1 1860. When he was 17 he left school to live with his parents, Robert and Sarah L. (CROWTHERS) JOHNSTON. The former was a native of Ireland and the latter a native of Liverpool England. Robert JOHNSTON Sr was a man who engaged in farming the greater part of his life. He located in IA in 1857 and then moved to Humboldt County CA where he died at Fortuna in 1899.

Robert, Jr., when 18, learned the blacksmith trade and in 1889 moved to CA arriving in Sacramento Feb 1 1881, then moved to Humboldt County. In 1884 he moved to Hydesville, and in 1887 moved to Fortuna.

He was married June 1 1887 to Carrie Emma SMITH, a native of Hydesville, and they had four children: Clyde Roy; Walter Robert; Mabel C. and Edna Evelyn.

James A.BLOOD in the History of Santa Barbara CA

James A. BLOOD was born in Boston, MA in 1818. His father was a mechanic by trade, and a native of Salem. He moved to Rochester NY when the streets of that present beautiful city were filled with stumps and the town supported but one insignificant hotel. James A. remained at home until he was 19 when he went to IL. He was one of the first to make a scouring plow, and many people would come a hundred miles to see it work. He sold out in 1850 and came to CA. After a journey of 87 days he arrived in CA and went straight to the mines in Placer County.

He was married at Avon, Fulton CO, IL, March 29 1840 to Miss Cornelia L. WOODS.

Jacklin WILLETT in the History of Santa Barbara CA

Jacklin WILLETT was born in Columbiana County OH June 13 1838, son of George and Elizabeth (RHODES)WILLETT. Has father was born in VA May 10 1809 of English Ancestors and his death occurred June 3 1879. Jacklin came to CA in 1859. In 1863 he went to IL and returned to CA in 1873. In 1864he married Miss Mary HOLZHAUSEN, a native of OH, born in 1843. Her father was Henry HOLZHAUSEN, who came to this country from Germany when he was 15 years old.

They have three children: Augusta, born in IL (Mrs. Walter N. REYNOLDS), Ventura; George, born in Ventura; and Muktar, also born in Ventura.

Muktar WILLETT was married to Miss Edith Elizabeth SCOTT on Mar 19 1907. She was a trained nurse. They had one son, Richard Dana.

Guiseppe PROIETTI n the History of Alameda County CA

Guiseppe PROIETTI was born near Rome, Italy on the 23rd of Feb 1882 and was the son of Appolinare and Margerita PROIETTTI. In 1898 at the age of 16 he decided to come to the US. He landed in New York City and was employed in PA, OH and IL working in stone quarries and at railroad construction. He went to San Francisco on January 1907.

On August 12 1925 in San Francisco, he married Miss Christina FRIGRA, a native of Genoa Italy.

FAIRCHILD in the History of Sacramento Valley CA

Hyman FAIRCHILD was born Dec 2 1832 in Essex County, NY, son of Moses FAIRCHILD and Ada (HOLLABERT) FAIRCHILD.

The family moved to IL when he was very young. His mother died there in Sangamon county IL at four score years. In 1852 he crossed the plains to OR, traveling with mule teams to Jackson County. In 1857 he moved to Dutch Flat, Placer County, CA. He married Rachel DIXON, native of IL, who died in Yolo county leaving two children Emma and Ella, twins. Emma was Mrs. W. H. ELLIS, who died and then Ella was Mrs. W. H. ELLIS.

For his second wife, Hyman married Mrs. Susan Florence GEIGER, native of IL, and they had five children: Alonzo B. (died age 21)
Oscar H. (died age 21)
and Bessie (Mrs. GRIFFIN).

from CADI
Hyman FAIRCHILD 73 Sutter Sep 5 1906
Susan B. FAIRCHILD 85 Yolo Oct 3 1924

Susan's obit mentions brother, Frank BENSON, IL; sister, Mrs. Mary HENDERLITE, 88, CA; brother, Wm. V. BENSON (died last year); brother, James BENSON (died three years previous), sister, Mrs. Jennie CANTERBURY, died two years ago in CA.

Dr. Chester FAIRCHILD was born at Knights Landing in 1871. In 1912 he married in Woodland to Victorine BROWNING, the daughter of R. W. and Martha BROWNING. Her father passed away in Woodland Mar 17 1910. Her mother was Martha KINCHELOE, daughter of Z. B. KINCHELOE. She died in Woodland Mar 17 1910.

Dr. Chester is the father of Irma-Sue (Mrs. Wilferd SCHLIEMAN) born Jan 25 1914 in Woodland, and Elizabeth, born in Woodland July 27,1916. Dr. Fred R. FAIRCHILD was born April 26 1875 in Knight's Landing. In 1909 he married Rowena Alice STEPHENS in Woodland. She was the daughter of the well known pioneer, L. D. STEPHENS, who was born Jun 30 1835 in Booneville, Cooper County, MO. Her mother was Alice HUNT, daughter of Gaston HUNT, a real pioneer of Yolo county.

Obit for Rowena FAIRCHILD (died Woodland Nov 1 1950) survived by husband and brother, J. Dickson STEVENS.

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