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Historical Atlas Map of Tulare County, California by Thompson & West (1892)

will be reprinted in hardbound.
Please note this will be a duplicate of the 1892 version and not a copy of the cut down 1972 "reprint."
If you are interested contact the
Sequoia Genealogical Society or an Adobe Acrobat file of the Order Form is here. For those of you without Acrobat you can download a free copy from Acrobat.

(a copy of the 1972 reprint is shown below)

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The Visalia Weekly Delta
1859 to 1899
Vital Records Published in Local Newspapers
Compiled By Jeri Rainey
Annotated by Dianna G. Curtis
November 2002

This work is a compilation of the vital records published in several Tulare County newspapers from 1859 to 1899. The primary and overwhelming source for the information is the Visalia Weekly Delta. The records have also been annotated to the public vital records as they exist for births, deaths and marriages; census returns; voter registrations; cemetery records and similar documents. The work consists of 880 pages, completely indexed for every name. While the primary emphasis is on Tulare and Kings County vital records there are entries for many other portions of California and the nation.

The publication is available on cd-rom in MS Word and Acrobat pdf formats. (If you have some other format request we will try to accommodate that as well.) It is being offered by the Sequoia Genealogical Society as a fund raiser for the new library. For a donation of $35.00 or more towards this project you will receive a copy of this unique and valuable publication.

The Visalia Weekly Delta
1859 to 1899
Letters Remaining At The Post Office
By Jeri Rainey (2001)

From the Introduction:

During the 1800’s the only way to communicate with the people in the community was by the newspaper. This was the way to let people know who was on what committee, who had jury duty, who was delinquent on their taxes, etc., and who had not picked up their mail at the Post Office.

Because there were no mailmen or mail deliveries, everyone had to call at the Post Office for their mail. To let people know that they had mail, the Post Master would advertise the names in the paper, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly and depending on the Post Master, sometimes not at all. In the early 1880 other local Post Offices, such as Hanford, Tulare and a few others, also advertised their lists of letters.

When looking for a certain name, there are a number of things to take into consideration. First, the person writing the letter has to know how to write and spell the name correctly. Second, the Post Master has to be able to read the hand writing on the letter. Third, the person who sets the type not only has to be able to read the Post Master's handwriting but has to be sure that when setting the type he gets the letters right?side up (m and w, n and u, d and p, etc.) Then finally, I have to have a good source to read. Sometimes the copy is too light, or too dark, or has creases in the paper. So taking these things into consideration, check not only for the correct spelling, but check for spellings that are close and play detective, keep your imagination working on what you might be look for. Happy hunting.

Coverage: This work is in two volumes. The first covers 1859 to 1885 and consists of 171 pages. The second covers 1886 to 1899 and consists of 155 pages. Each volume is separately indexed by surname. Well over 80,000 names can be found in these works.

Availability: These volumes are offered for purchase at $20.00 per volume which includes all shipping, handling and sales taxes. Both volumes, purchased together, can be purchased for $35.00.

Author: This work has been painstakingly assembled by Jeri Rainey. She will accept orders accompanied with cash, check or money order at:

Jeri Rainey
P.O. Box 191836
Little Rock, AR 72219-1836

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Bear State Books

P.O. BOX 96
EXETER, CA 93221
(559) 592-6576
(559) 592-5779 FAX



Frank F. Latta

The heroic trek of the ‘49er parties into the depths of Death Valley is the subject of this book which deals with the the importance of this tortuous journey from Salt Lake City to San Fernando Valley as seen through the bravery of the participants rather than in the details of the day-by-day stages and camps.Frank Latta had this in mind in preparing this volume and his research had as its purpose the selection of the human episodes from the numerous available letters and records, most of which previously had been passed over by former writers, and to give credit to the almost neglected heroism and fortitude of Mrs. Brier and others who previously had received so little credit. For this, if for no other reason, his book should prove of great interest in emphasizing the sturdy fortitude and dogged spirit of those early Americans who overcame seemingly unsurmountable obstacles in their efforts to build a new and great nation. 2003 ISBN 1-892622-19-X $24.95


Ron Hughart

The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl is a gripping account of life after the “Grapes of Wrath” in California. The book recounts the story of the plight of author Ron Hughart’s migrant family from the Dust Bowl of America. The book comes alive in this story of a boy’s struggle through life to manhood. Hughart spins a tale of drama and wretchedness as his family struggles for survival in California through the 1950s and 1960s. Your heart will be captured as the story progresses and you will be left with a sense of admiration at the tenacity of a young boy and his fight for survival. It is a “must have” for those who are interested in life after the great Dust Bowl migration. Softbound, 223 pp., Revised 2003 ISBN 1-892622-17-3 $19.95


Tulare County is rich in its history and lore. This 7x10 inch book is a reprint of the scarce and highly sought-after 1927 publication by Kathleen Small. It is the definitive book on early Tulare County history, with legend, lore, and fact about the early county and its people. Originally two volumes, the second of which was biographies, this book captures the historical first volume and its rich heritage. 518 pp., softbound, 2001. ISBN: 1-892622-12-2 $24.95 DALTON GANG DAYS

This Frank Latta book is a reprint of the 1976 classic covering the legend and lore of the Dalton Gang and its exploits in California and the Midwest. It is 291 pages of Dalton family fact and fiction laid out in a manner that allows for easy and comprehensive reading. The Daltons were active in California in the early 1890s, robbing a number of trains and roaming the San Joaquin Valley. Latta did in depth interviews of the surviving members of the Dalton Family and created this fascinating history of their exploits. It is full of photographs and illustrations. 291 pp., softbound, 2001. ISBN: 1-892622-14-9 $19.95


The historical photographs of Bakersfield's forgotten past, show the city’s historic streetscapes, businesses and other scenes of the past. It has become a classic photographic album, with thousands of copies in its hardbound form sold. This is a pre 1940 look into the developmental history of Bakersfield. 96 pp., softbound, 2001. ISBN: 1-892622-13-0 $18.95


This is a 9x6 album of historic photographs of Bakersfield, California. It includes many images never before published. The book looks at a hundred years of Bakersfield's forgotten past, with narrative comment on each. Softbound, 58 pp., 1998. ISBN: 1-892622-00-9 $12.95 EXETER’S PHOTOGRAPHIC PAST

Exeter’s Photographic Past is a 9x6 album of historic photographs of Exeter, Tulare County, California. Many of the images in the book have never before been published. The book looks at Exeter’s past, with narrative comment on each photograph. Softbound, 78 pp., 1998. ISBN: 1-892622-07-6 $12.95 BAKERSFIELD AND KERN CITY DIRECTORY 1899

This book is a reprint of Bakersfield and Kern City's (East Bakersfield) first city directory, listing business and residential names and addresses. It is an excellent reference book, published in a limited numbered edition, 52+3 pages, hardbound, 1987. ISBN: 1-892622-02-5 $14.95


This is a reprint of the 1906 Bakersfield Fire Department publication. The book has text with 52 photographs of Bakersfield street scenes and buildings. Hardbound, 56 pp., 1987. ISBN: 1-892622-03-3 $15.95


By Chris Brewer

This book has photographs of the southern San Joaquin Valley never before seen in publication. It covers the Kern, Kings, and Tulare county areas with a wealth of historical information chronicling the rich heritage of the southern valley. It is a must-have for the lover of local history. 128 pp., softbound, Arcadia Publishers, 1999. ISBN: 0-7385-0245-6 $18.99


By Harold. L. Edwards

This book provides a factual account of the life and times of Porterville’s Jim McKinney, who had a notorious reputation as an overall bad guy. McKinney grew up in Porterville, California, going on a rampage in 1902 and 1903 that culminated with his death and that of two marshals in Bakersfield. Edwards looks at the information surrounding McKinney’s life and death, laying it out in book form. Hardbound, 1988. $24.95

HANDBOOK OF YOKUTS INDIANS, 50th Anniversary edition

By Frank F. Latta

This is the finest volume of work specifically written on the Yokuts Indians of California’s San Joaquin Valley. Latta’s Handbook is the definitive history of the Native Americans of the Central Valley. The Yokuts Indians is considered by many historians and cultural anthropologists to be the single most important work on the lives and culture of the more than 60 tribes that made up the Yokuts. It is the only major reference source on Yokuts Indians. Enlarged and edited by Latta and his daughter, Monna Latta Olson in 1977. 765+31 pp. Hardcover, wraps, dw., 1999. ISBN: 1-892622-09-2 SIGNED EDITION, by Mona Latta Olsen, LIMITED TO 100 $125.00


By Frank F. Latta

Story told by Thomas Jefferson "Uncle Jeff" Mayfield about the Yokuts Indians and nineteenth century life in the southern San Joaquin Valley, specifically in the area known as Tailholt in Tulare County. Good ethnographic material. 323 pp., Hardcover, dw, 1976. ISBN: 1-892622-05-X $40.00


By Frank F. Latta

A book with great background specifically written about the stories of Yokuts Indians of California. The book consists of short tales from Yokuts Indians. First printed in 1936, this is Latta’s first work in book form specifically focused on the Indians of the San Joaquin Valley. It is an important work on the culture of over 60 tribes that made up the Yokuts. 176 pp. soft cover, March, 1999. ISBN: 1-892622-10-6 $19.95

Fresno County Genealogical Society
PO Box 1429
Fresno California 93716-1429

Leaves From The Past, 1967- 1982. Author: June English
Contents: Early history of Fresno County, prominent pioneers of the San Joaquin Valley, earliest courthouses, old newspaper articles, pioneer cemeteries, Fresno County's Black pioneers, gold miners, pioneer women, veterans of the War 1812, Indian names, Chinese pioneers, Fresno County wills, and more. Published 2001, Comb-bound. Approximately 1618 surnames; 403 pages, Index. Price $36.00

The Early History of Fresno County, 1966-1987 Author: Muriel Emery Wardlaw Contents: Early history of Fresno County, profiles of county pioneers, diaries, abstracts of Fresno County wills, early church records, real estate rolls, street names, deaths, short stories, and more. Published 2001,Comb-bound. Approximately 2800 surnames; 353 pages, Index. Price $32.00

Fresno County Historical Articles And Resources From The Ash Tree Echo, 1966-2000, Volume I. Edited by Jessica A. Crisp and William B. Secrest, Jr. Contents: Cemetery records, vital statistics, church registers, newspaper extracts, voter rolls, biographies, business directories, 1852 special census of Mariposa County, Fresno Great Registers of 1896 and 1998, Armenians, and more. Published 2001, Comb-bound. Approximately 4867 surnames; 453 pages, Index. Price $42.00

Fresno County Historical Articles And Resources From The Ash Tree Echo, 1966-2000, Volume II. Edited by Jessica A. Crisp and William B. Secrest, Jr. Contents: Same as Volume I plus Articles on veterans and pensioners of the Civil War, 1892-1894, list of colonies in Fresno County, court records, Fresno fraternal societies and officers, personal name index to the Fresno Times, early Fresno newspapers, Germans from Russia, Great Register of Fresno, and more. Published 2001, comb-bound. Approximately 4892 surnames; 444 pages, Index. Price $42.00

Fresno County Historical Articles And Resources From The Ash Tree Echo,1966-2000, Volume III. Edited by Jessica A. Crisp and William B. Secrest, Jr. Contents: Same as Volumes I & II plus Family histories, early land records Fresno County, marriage records, pioneer doctors, outlaws, place names of the valley cities people, places and landmarks 1899-1900, school directories Fresno County, 1889 teachers of Fresno County, vital records, and more. Published 2001, Comb-bound. Approximately 4992 surnames; 383 pages, Index. Price $37.00

Above 3 books: Fresno County Historical Articles And Resources From The Ash Tree Echo, 1966-2000, Volumes I, II, & 111.1280 pages. Price $ 115.00

Please add shipping and handling charges: $3.50 for first book, $1.00 for each additional book. California orders only, add appropriate sales tax. FCGS members receive 10% discount. Foreign orders, inquire for S & H cost. Prices as of November 2002.

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