Orosi: In the Beginning - 1888 - 1988

Orosi Centennial Committee

Cutler-Orosi Courier Printing (1988)

The biographies or historical refernces contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the information can be found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the information may be obtained from the libraries which possess the work which includes the Genealogy Room of the Tulare City Public Library. Send $1.00 per page plus $2.00 for shipping and handling to the Sequoia Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 820, Tulare, CA 93725

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Mackersie, Alice Maud Bacon10, 84M. (MacKersie) Durgan
Mackersie, Stella84M. (MacKersie) Durgan
Mackersie, W M51M. (MacKersie) Durgan
Mackersie, William10M. (MacKersie) Durgan
Madrid, George115
Majarian, Kacher67
Majarian, Mary118
Majarian, Np 58
Majarian, Shatene67
Maloney, James W84
Manire, Leonard30
Mann, Jack45, 64
Marks, Arthur39
Marquez, Adrian sr.70, 72, 75
Marquez, Adrian Jr.70, 72
Marquez, Anita118
Marquez, Arbuela Coronas70
Marquez, Arlene70, 72
Marquez, Benny72
Marquez, Bernard72
Marquez, Carmen72
Marquez, Frank72
Marquez, Gilbert72
Marquez, Joe70, 72, 110, 115
Marquez, Josepha70, 72
Marquez, Leroy72, 110, 115
Marquez, Manuel72, 110, 115
Marquez, Pete72
Marquez, Roman72
Marquez, Stanley72, 115
Marquez, Sylvia72
Marriam, Ella20
Martin, Albert104
Martin, Earl106
Mason, Ed104
Mason, John118
Massie, John106
May, Emma39
May, William39, 40
Mayes, F M28
McBee, Leroy104
McCallum, Mr.40
McCallum, Neil26, 27, 37, 93
McCallum, R37
McCarter, Robert118
McCormick, J. M.23
McCormick, Leroy59, 64
McCormick, Lola64
McCormick, William Fremont45
McCuaig, Jack F28, 29, 78, 89
McDonald, Mr.27
McFarlin, Joe110
McFarlin, Lowell104
McGee, Alden39
McGee, Fred51, 95
McGee, Henry Robert sr.14, 22, 43
McGee, Henry Robert Jr. "Nin"2, 15,
McGee, Horace W22, 23, 51
McGee, J V.84
McGee, Jay W.106
McGee, Lizzie Gamlin Todd3, 5, 15, 93
McGee, Mary Ledbetter14, 15
McGee, Nellie Combs15, 51
McGee, Oriva M15
McGee, Rachel15
McGee, Rilma M15, 51
McGee, Robert H15, 59, 64
McKenzie, III J.24, 30
McKercher, Carl118
McKnight, George106
McLaughlin, Claud118
McLeod, Jimmy89
McMillan, Mary Beth45
McMullen, Robert106
McNaughton, J A27, 28, 37
McNaughton, Jeannette37
McNaughton, M J, Mrs.37
McPherson, Charles95
McPherson, Earl64
McPherson, Flora E32
McPherson, J W57
McQuaig, Jack 60
Meagher, M A45
Melendez, Carlos117
Melendez, Herman117
Melendez, Mario117
Menendian, Araxie67
Menendian, Armen72
Menendian, Ozanna72
Meredith, Floyd118
Meyst, William Jr.106
Mierau, Don45
Millard, Elizabeth118
Miller, Dusty110
Miller, Ella Bump50
Miller Family 46
Miller, H20
Miller, L J 26, 28
Miller, Maude46
Miller, Newton W46, 84, 119
Miller, R H 60
Miller, Ralph 46, 59, 95
Miller, Ross w 50
Miller, Sarah46, 78
Miller, Stella46, 59, 64
Miller, Winnie46.
Mimura, Akiyo74
Mimura, Harley 74
Mimura, Hisazo 74
Mimura, Kaudy74, 106
Mimura, Kenneth118
Mimura, Mitsu74
Mimura, Ted58, 74
Minard, W H 43
Minasian, K., Rev.66
Misenheimer, C A78
Moncrief, B D, Mrs.30
Moncrief, Ray40
Montague Family31
Montague, R. F39
Montano, Ray115
Montion, Robert110
Moore, Rev. Fr.70, 75
Moore, Orville118
Moreno, James110
Moris, Erna69
Morofuji, Harry106
Morrelli, Arthur84
Morris, Annie37
Mortanian, Martha118
Mosher, Silas44
Moye, Lawrence84
Mulvaney, C79
Munn, Adelaide Reed48
Munn, S J78
Munn, Stanley48, 87
Murphy, Mr.27
Myers, Maxine Hickman54
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Neely, James T32, 33
Neffian, Harry67
Nehf, Cap95
Nelson, F G83
Nelson, G A78
Nesmith, Chancey104
Newman, J H83
Newman, Tracey51
Newman, Walter51
Nichols, Agnes39
Nichols, Belle39
Nichols, Carol118
Nichols, J R45
Nichols, Nancy39
Nichols, William39
Niemela, Shirley118
Norton, Richard110
Nunez, Frank118
Nunez, Mary118
Nutter, Eva, Mrs.86
Nutter, G H37
O[Return to Jump Site]
Okazaki, girls74
Olivas, Max118
Orlopp Family109P. J. Cowling nee Orlopp
Orlopp, James118P. J. Cowling nee Orlopp
Ortega, Albert115
Ortega, Joe115
Ortega, Leno115
Ortega, Raul115
Osorio, Ruben115
Owen, Hugh A45, 64
Oxford, Alice Beinhorn9
Oxford, Walter A9, 32, 33
Oyervidez, Ramon106
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pacillas, J. R.115
Page, Mr.29, 30
Palafox, Jose110
Parker, Lynn93
Pascillas, Rudy110
Patterson, J. A. Ranch15
Paul, G R106
Pedersen, Harold E45
Peloian, Jack88, 104, 106
Peloian, Victoria104
Pena, Al110
Pena, Gabriel110, 114
Pena, Loretta114
Pena, Mary118
Pena, Salvador115
Peret, Al110
Perkins, Lulu45
Pettingill, Aden104
Phillips, Clara118
Phillips, M, Mrs.66
Pigg, W R30
Pina, Sam115
Pope, Chris116
Pope, Leah116
Pope, Tom116
Powell, Thomas S32, 33, 106
Pratt, Dr.29
Pratt Family30
Price, Byron28, 59
Prieto, Rev. Fr.75
Prochaska, Louise Toler16
Pugh, Charley64
Pugh Family31
Pugh, J J39
Pugh, Maggie S39
Pugh, Margaret Jane49, 94
Pugh, Martha49
Purser, Clara M45
Putnam, Alfred54
Putnam, Alice54
Putnam, Blanche Miller46, 54
Putnam, Catherine54
Putnam Family54, 55
Putnam, Frederick54, 90
Putnam, George William54, 55, 58, 83
Putnam, Gertrude54
Putnam, J Fred83, 84
Putnam, John F54, 55
Putnam, Kate Mackersie54
Putnam, Laura54
Putnam, Margaret54
Putnam, Marion54
Putnam, Myra54, 69
Putnam, Pina54
Putnam, Robert A54, 55
Putnam, Sarah54
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Quevedo, Enrique110
Quevedo, Jose110
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rafenstein, Karl87, 119
Rafenstein, Katharine64, 84, 119
Ragle, Nacy "Nannie"19, 23
Ragle, William19
Ramirez, Rev. Fr.75
Ramos, Jesse110, 115
Randles, Roy45
Randolph, H A58
Randolph, Herman59, 74, 106
Randolph, J W59
Randolph, Wesley59
Rangel, H70
Rankin, Gary106
Ray, J M40
Ray, Nora Todd15
Redman, E W84
Reece, Herb106
Reed, Adelaide Gilmore48
Reed, Edith Theodate10
Reed, George48
Reed, John R4, 20, 88
Reed, Lyle48
Reed, Mary Anne Post48
Reed, R J10
Reed, Rayson48, 59, 95
Reed, T L48, 88
Reed, Tom44, 69, 91
Reed, Victor48
Reyes, Serafin115
Reynolds Family31
Reynolds, George57
Reynolds, George, Mrs.63
Reynolds, J M45
Rhea, Woody30, 90
Rhodes, Harriet12
Rhodes, Ruth45
Riano, Russell110
Rice, C G83
Rice, Frank E83
Riojas, Jose A33
Risley, George41, 70
Risley, Inez64
Ristow, Oscar58
Robb, William B27, 37, 50
Robinson, Abi20
Robinson, Oswald95
Robison, Dora11
Robison Family11
Robison, George A11, 48, 60, 63, 71,
Robison, Lawrence11
Robison, Mary Russell11
Robison, Minnie11
Robison, Nora11
Robison, Pearlie11
Rocha, Mauricio110
Rockafellow, G A45
Rodriguez, Corky115
Rodriguez, Jennie118
Rodriguez, Lydia113
Rodriguez, Mack84, 106, 110, 115
Rodriguez, Manuela Stella70
Rodriguez, Natividad Gallegos "N.G." 70
Rogers, John D. M.D.25
Roldan, Helen108
Roldan, Louis84, 108, 110, 115, 118
Rolls, Owen79
Romero, Antouio "Tony"70
Romero, Nicolas70
Romero, Paul Jr.115
Romero, Paulie70, 110, 115
Ross, Mr.94
Roth, David I32, 33
Roth, Davidp 33
Roth, Porter60
Roush, 0 A45
Rubalcaba, Armando115
Rubalcaba, Edward106, 115
Rubalcaba, Phil115
Rubalcaba, Raymond106, 115
Rush, David81
Russell, Alice Ledbetter14, 26
Russell, Gaines14, 22
Ruth, Bernard Jr.106
Ryan, Charles80, 81
S[Return to Jump Site]
Saint John, Maude84
Sakaguchi, George58
Sallee, Minnie84
Sallee, William H51
Salyer, Richard93, 115
Salyer, Sarah98
Sanders, Nellie, 23
Sanders, W A6, 24, 31
Sarajian, Khachadour, Rev. Fr.67
Saunders, A37
Savateer, Emmett83
Sawyer, H A64
Schapansky, Ervin106Norman Kissler
Schleicher, C F90
Schleicher, Clyde44, 91, 106
Schleicher, Marion Putnam54
Schleicher, Ray89, 106
Scott, Ed28
Scott Family28
Scott, Ollie28, 59
Sebier, Bettie Edmiston16
Sebier, Fred16
Segura, Jerry106
Semrau, Patricia33
Shafer, Daniel R24, 26, 27, 43, 52
Shafer, Susan H French52
Sharp, Virginia45
Shaw, Jennie Ethridge49
Shiba, Rosie118
Shinoda, Frank73, 74
Shipley, Pat118
Shulp, Lottie44
Simonian, Garabed67Betty Farsakian
Simpson, Bill110
Simpson, Charles110
Sjodin, Steve45
Skaggs, Richard110,113
Sloan, Arthur52Chris J. McCrea
Sloan, Clarence52, 59Chris J. McCrea
Sloan, Clifford52Chris J. McCrea
Sloan Family31Chris J. McCrea
Sloan, George52Chris J. McCrea
Sloan, Mary Sallee52Chris J. McCrea
Sloan, Myrtle52Chris J. McCrea
Sloan, Victor E52, 57, 83, 94Chris J. McCrea
Smallin, Edgar C78, 95
Smith, A D, Rev.39
Smith, B M45
Smith, Dorraine Pope116
Smith, Ernest58
Smith, Jedidiah2
Smith, Jeff106
Smith, Kate20
Smoljan, John104
Snell, Frances E63, 64
So, Chun101
Soliz, Gilbert110, 115
Speck, Donna81
St. JohnMaude84
Starnes, Bill22
Stearman, Ralph106
Stephens, Vernie45
Stevens, Jim110
Stokes, John W10
Storni, June45
Strand, Stephen R 106
Straw, Cecil95
Straw, Duane54
Straw, Laura Putnam54
Straw, Samantha51
Straw, Stanley54
Stubblefield, Ronald104
Swartzlander, Marilyn118
Swegart, Lois Wrought18
Swinney, Irene, Rev.42
Switzer, J W84
Switzer, T W84
T[Return to Jump Site]
Takeda, Judy 118
Tanner, Lorena118
Tarbell, Willie118Jean Cotton
Tashiro, Ethel111
Tashiro, Kenji106, 111
Tatum, Frank 89
Tatum, Mr.87
Taylor, Juanita45
Taylor, Mason106
Taylor, Paul104
Tellalian, E H66
Tellalian, Edward106
Tellian, Abe111
Tellian, Elizabeth111
Terrill, John34, 89, 106
Thomas, James106
Thomas, William77
Thompson, L C84
Thompson, L 028
Titus, George39
Titus, M E39
Todd, George W15
Todd, Lizzie Gamlin3, 5, 15, 93
Todd, Nora15
Toler, Bessie16
Toler, Christopher Columbus16
Toler Family16, 31
Toler, John16
Toler, Martha Louise Ragle16
Toler, Marvin51
Toler, Ralph16
Toler, Raymond16
Toler, Theodate Edmiston16
Toler, Violet16
Toler, William Cornelius16
Toler, William Ernest sr.16
Toler, William Ernest Jr.16 106, 111, 118
Torrez, Michael110
Townes, W H30, 78
Trevino, Jose106
Trevino, Rauel115 a q
Trevino, Rigo115
Trice, Grandville106
Trueblood, W E., Dr.79
Tubbs, Glenda118
Tupper, Glen30
Tupper, Stuart30
Tyler, Cliff45
U[Return to Jump Site]
Updike, C W43, 45
Upson, S Lorene45
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Van Tassel, Beulah Hudson
Van Tassel, Cornelius13
Van Tassel, Elizabeth Fraus13
Van Tassel, Jessie Jane13
Van Tassel, Lewis2, 13
Van Tassel, Martha F.13
Vartanian, Rev.66
Vega, Lici115
Venard, Myra Putnam54, 69
Venard, Roscoe54, 69
W[Return to Jump Site]
Waggoner, R G79
Wagner, Susie20
Ward, Arthur17, 86
Ward, Emily17
Ward, Estelle17
Ward, Hank95
Ward, Harvey Loren17,
Ward, Henry17
Ward, Ira Trowbridge17
Ward, Lewis17
Ward, Martha Elander West 60 117
Ward, Polly Harmon17
Ward, Rhoba17, 69
Warkentin, Marion106
Watkins, Ben H45
Watt, Harold104
Wayneflete, Walter30
Weber, Mr.30
Weldon, Doy119
Westbrook, Leroy80
Westman, N J78, 79, 95
Whitaker, Horace, 2, 5, 6, 20
Whitaker, Jess5
Whitaker, William5, 6
White, James79
White, Otis A84, 106
Whittaker, Millo84
Whittington, Ms 87
Whittington, Roger 118
Wickham, R J26
Wieman, Dury95
Wieman, Ernest59
Wieman, W. N. (Rev.)37
Wileman, Bernard106, 121
Wileman, Charlie121
Wileman, Leonard121
Wileman, Ralph121
Wileman, Thomas, Dr.91, 106
Wileman, Wilfred, Dr.92, 106
Wiley, Billie118
Williams, Alvin R.84
Williams, Dorothy17, 117Patricia Williams-Caminiti
Williams, Francis17, 90Patricia Williams-Caminiti
Williams, Kate76
Williams, Lawrence J.64
Williams, Rhoba Ward17Patricia Williams-Caminiti
Williams, Wilbur17Patricia Williams-Caminiti
Wilson, Bill106
Wilson, Doris Fruchey54
Wilson, W. E.58
Woods Family31
Woods, William41, 94
Workman, Wilfred44
Wortman, George106
Wray, Kenneth30
Wright, Frank N.26, 28
Wright, "Pocky"26
Wrought, Albert D "Bert"5, 18, 26, 51, 81
Wrought, Carrie14
Wrought Family5, 14
Wrought, Frank18, 86
Wrought, Lois18
Wrought, Orlena Barton5, 18, 86, 93
Wrought, Sarah14, 100
Wrought, Thomas14
Yamamoto, Francis118
Yamamoto, Martha117
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York, Leo110
Young, Harold84
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zeiler, J L 79
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