Pioneer Communities of Porterville, Vandalia & Plano

By Rodney Prestage Homer

Andiron Publishers, Porterville, CA (1982)

The historical references contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the information can be found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the information may be obtained from the libraries which possess the work which includes the Genealogy Room of the Tulare City Public Library. Send $1.00 per page plus $2.00 for shipping and handling to the Sequoia Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 820, Tulare, CA 93275.

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Abbey, Arthur A.236 (Note), 264
Abbott, Daniel "Dan"80, 84, 121, 209, 250
Ackerman, Fred264
Adams, A. H.236 (Note)
Adams, A. J.91, 108
Adams, A. S. Mrs.147
Adams, Amanda S.139
Adams, Anna Gibbons222
Adams, D. M.147
Adams, F. M.170
Adams, R. L. Mrs.147
Adams, Rosanna Gibbonssee "Anna" Gibbons Reed
Adams, Rosetta Gibbons139
Adams, V. S.146, 170
Adams, Victor L.139, 171
Affleck, George215
Ainsworth, Ed269
Ainsworth, T. M.169
Aldine, Ann205
Allen Family197, 198
Allen, S. A.249
Allison, James O.216
Althouse, Ben Mrs.206
Althouse, J. A.144
Althouse, W. H.244
Alvarado, Juan Bautista55
Alverson, E. C.189, 191, 203, 204
Amsbary, William215
Anderson Construction Co.197
Anderson Family121, 164, 197, 198
Anderson, Clarence E.216
Anderson, Clayton93
Anderson, D. P134, 144
Anderson, Dave164-165
Anderson, William215
Andrews, C. B.7
Anthony Family93
Anthony, Christy B.216
Anthony, Henry164-165
Anza, Juan Batista51
Armstrong, Terry269
Arnold, Ellen205
Arrowood, William J.215
Ashurst, J. J.170
Atkins, Myra206
Atwood Family226
Audabon, John W.60
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babcock Family11, 130, 137, 150, 151, 164-165, 197, 207
Babcock, Celia I.139
Babcock, L. B.150, 169
Babcock, Simon (Symon)150, 170
Bacca, Santo84
Baier, Phil240
Bailey, Fred236
Bailey, W. Lee101
Baily, Floyd215
Baily, Juel C.216
Baily, Victor N.216
Baird, Robert D.7, 146
Baker Family2
Baker, Nathan153, 180, 181, 187
Baker, Robert81, 121, 139, 153, 180, 181, 187
Baker, Ruth205
Balaam Family4
Balboa, Vasco47
Balch, A. C. (Balch Park)99, 103, 104-107
Baldo, John146
Baldwin Family99
Baldwin, Dale B.205
Balfour Family100
Balfour-Guth(e)rie100, 113, 114
Ball Family93
Ball, Emery95
Ball, Everet93
Ballard Family81
Barbeau Family81, 82
Barber, Philip S. Dr.267
Barber, Schuyler Dr.234, 239
Barbero, Charles (Chas.) C.244
Barker, Roy Ray216
Barnes, Ted Mrs.206
Barr, H. C.249
Barstow, O. L.157
Bartlett Family24, 38, 45, 101, 145, 190
Bartlett, Royce W.216
Bartlett, William Pitt94, 96, 121
Bartoldus, Helena Mrs.169
Barton, Stephen9
Bashore, R. A. Mrs.144
Bastian, Charles J.90
Bastian, Joanna Crooks212
Bastian, Karen Lynn-see Karen B. Reed
Bastian, Otto7, 90, 212, 214
Basye, Allen256, 262
Basye, Hildreth204
Baugus, Bee Rambo164-165
Baxley, Dorothy Wells205
Baze, Doc204
Beal, John D.216
Beales, Family160, 164-165
Beals, W. M.143, 146
Beardsley (Beardsly), Louis A.133, 191, 203, 204, 208 (Louis or Lewis)
Bearsee, J. B.244
Bearss, J. T.257
Bearsse (Bearess) T.236
Beaudry, Joanne205
Beebe, E. W.146Countess Von Courtier
Belknap Family100
Bell, Fred T.216
Bell, Pearl250
Belnap, C. A.37, 38
Belnap, C. G.157
Belnap, C. S. Rev.157
Benedict Family93
Benedict, Robert "Bob"146
Benedict, William Jr. 146
Benedict, William Sr. "Bill"146
Bennett, Larry D.216
Bennett, Percy Mrs.206
Benson, Donna271
Benson, William K.267
Berger, Charles J.215
Berrier, F. E.144
Berry, Stockton235Countess Von Courtier
Berryhill, E. Richard270
Berryhill, Eric205
Bessey, Helen205
Bier, Phil256
Biggs, Henry225
Billingsley Family81, 121
Billingsley, J. B.180
Billingsley, Kenneth267
Billman, Thomas150, 170
Blackley, Beatrice R.205
Blair Family80
Bland, Adam Rev.154
Bodden, Frank W.66
Boesch, Ernest D.215
Boesch, Marleah Rider204
Bolton, Jane144
Bolton, Ogden2, 139, 147
Bolton, Rob205
Bonaparte, Napoleon53
Bond, Levi77, 80, 81, 84, 114, 121
Bonneville, B. L. E.59
Bonsell (Bonsall) Massacre37-39
Bonsell, George39, 43
Bonsell, James37, 38, 40, 133, 135, 208
Bonsell, Jessie (J. C.)38-41, 208
Bonsell, Lolie E.43
Bonsell, Melinda38, 39, 43, 213
Bonsell, Walter39, 43
Bosburg, J. B. Rev.37
Boulding, Victoria205
Boultan, Rob198
Bourquin, Jerry Mrs.206
Bowen, Abe133, 135, 163
Bowen, Family138
Bowker Family145
Bowker, Adele Fink205
Bowker, Vaughn E.204
Bowker, Victor Mrs.206
Bowker, Victor Vane Sr.146
Bowles, Kathy 205
Box Family81
Boydston, Charles D.240
Boydston, Frank240
Boydston, Solon Mrs.206
Boyer, Grace205
Bradley, Oscar L.216
Bradley, Richard257, 262
Brakebill, Gail203, 204
Bramen, William169
Brand, George93
Brantigen, O.147
Breen, Dr.164-165
Brey, Frances Marie256, 269, 271
Brey, Hiram F.86, 234, 236, 239
Bridger, Jim60
Brockman, L. E.203, 204
Brodbelt, Glen E.216
Brooks, Annie Zalud250
Brooks, David V. "Dave"216
Brooks, George R.270
Brooks, Ralph J.216
Brooks, William H.164-165, 250
Brown Family226
Brown, C. J.143, 144
Brown, Carl Mrs.206
Brown, Clinton Thomas "Clint"7, 84, 89, 92, 120, 121, 132, 144, 146, 164, 209, 212, 224, 240
Brown, Jay Gibbons146, 158, 164-165, 195, 197, 222, 224, 225, 271
Brown, Jerusha Anthony-see Jerusha A. White
Brown, Ruby A.144
Brown, Ruby Gibbons147, 212, 224
Brown, Thomas W.216
Brown, William A.224
Brown, William T. Mrs.-see Mrs. Huffman White
Brown, William T.81, 222
Brown, William W. "Billy"81, 84, 121
Browning, Marie Slaughter196, 271
Brumley, Dr.236, 239 (Note)
Buckley, Kline267
Buckley, Tim148
Buford, Ben134
Burbank, Luther257
Burch, James C.71
Burdge, C. A.170
Burford, Ben F.159, 169
Burford, Hank205
Burges, Mark236
Burgess Family236
Burnes, (Burns) Gerald81, 86
Burnes, Jesse136
Burness, Hector114
Burness, Mary114
Bursey Family81
Burton Family77, 100
Burton, Rev.153
Burton, Wes96
Bush, Doug205
Bush, Franklin A.220
Bussey, John203
Busswell (Buswell), Charles W.234, 236, 239
Butterfield, John71
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cable, John215
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez12, 48, 254
Cacabee, Paul91
Cadeno, Manuel169
Cairns, John J.226, 235, 241, 247
Callaway, J. B. Rev.157
Callison, E. Z.80
Callison, Jack89
Campbell Creek108
Campbell Family80, 128-130, 135, 137, 141, 151, 236Andrew Eggman Jr.
Campbell, David81, 128, 131, 136, 137, 141, 152, 164-165, 169-171, 188, 196, 203, 209Andrew Eggman Jr.
Campbell, H. A. 203
Campbell, Janesee Jane Campbell Loyd
Campbell, N. O.170Andrew Eggman Jr.
Campbell, Richard58
Campbell, Veronica95
Campbell, William G.12, 67, 126, 128, 134, 170, 210, 211, 215
Campbell-Moreland137, 139, 140, 141, 143-146, 148, 153, 161, 163, 181
Canan, John205 (Note)
Canffavau, O. P.169
Canty Family261
Capon, Horace229
Carnegie, Andrew122
Carney, Pete232
Carothers Family39
Carothers, E. A.169
Carothers, Evelyn271
Carothers, George C.215
Carpenter, Arthur B.111, 267
Carpenter, L. Neville214
Carpenter, Lemuel219
Carr, James E.216
Carrol (Carroll) Family81
Carrol, Ralph181
Carson, James66
Carson, Kit58, 59
Carson, Moses60
Carter Family121, 231
Carter, Joseph231, 236, 239
Casado, Poly 204
Casady, Butch263
Cash, Captain A. B.164-165
Cavenee, Loy W.215
Cerillo Ranch236
Chamberlain, Caroline-see Caroline Chamberlain Lowe
Chamberlain, Richard Dr.271
Chambers Family250 (Note)
Chapman, A. B.230
Chapman, Mary J.143 (Note)
Charge, M. E.135
Childers Family210
Chinn Family2, 121
Chinn, J. B.2, 147
Choate, Vivian Andy216
Choate, William D.216
Chrisman, W. S.203, 204
Clack Family81, 121
Clack, Henry86
Clapp, Isreal (Clamp*)78, (*81 Note), 136, 151, 178, 180
Clark, Clifford H.267
Clark, Henry138
Clark, I. T.80, 81
Clark, Mattie Rose136, 189
Clarke, J. T.84
Clarkson, Oscar19
Clayton-see Anderson-Clayton
Clement Family7
Cleveland, Grover187, 256
Click Family121
Clifton, Gary W.216
Cline, Gloria C.270
Cloer Family 209
Coates, Manzel164-165
Coburn, Avon M.81, 85, 102, 114, 244
Coburn, Fannie Daunt102
Cohenour, C. A.93
Coker, Henry80, 81, 133, 135
Coker, Sara Loyd133Sharyn R Brackett
Cole, Harry143, 144
Columbus, Christopher12, 46, 61, 218
Conklin, Roland Shelly215
Conklin, Rosco P.269
Conner Family81
Conner, J. C.180
Conrad, Eva C.204
Conway, Thomas A.240
Cook, Kathy A.204
Cookson, Thomas Rev.157
Coon, Otis B.216
Cooper, Selma204
Copeland, Jessie204
Copley, James S.269
Cornell, Bros.144
Cornell, Edward B. "Ted"7, 146
Cornell, L. H.7
Coronado, Francisco de12, 47, 48
Cortes, Hernando12, 46, 47
Cotta, Lawrence D.267
Cotton, Delbert205
Coulthurst, Harold267
Coy Family102, 107
Cozad, Jeff271
Crabtree Family81, 102, 121, 215,
Crabtree, James B.102
Crabtree, John84
Crabtree, Marion93
Crabtree, Newton84
Craig, Alice M.203
Cramer Family169, 263
Cramer, Eleanor102
Cramer, Jacob81, 102, 107
Creeks, Andrew J.215
Creeks, Andrew S.163-165, 170
Creeks, Samuel L.192, 195, 210, 215, 270
Crew, Carl L.215
Crom, L. F.221
Crooks & Bastian90
Crooks Joanna- see Joanna Crooks Bastian
Crooks, Austin164-165
Crooks, Charles Earl90, 144, 164-165
Crooks, John Woolworth164-165, 211, 215
Crookshanks, Samuel A.104, 144, 170, 203, 204
Crosiar, Laura L.146
Cross, George C.267
Crow, Lillard T.216
Crumly, Ione Homer271
Cruse, B. J.146
Culver, Muriel Meade155
Cummings Family69
Cummings, Charles J.267
Cunningham, Charles Y.216
Cunningham, Patrick147, 169
Curtis, S. Z.226Countess Von Courtier
Cutler Family257
Cutler, Ellen- see Ellen C. Knupp
Cutler, John257
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dade, Father37
Dahlem, D.169
Dale, Milton M.93Jayna Jones Riner
Dalton Bros.263
Daniel, Ralph T.270
Danner, Alice Barbeau82
Danner, Edgar N. Dr.160, 267
Daunt Family85Diana Daunt
Daunt, Fannie- see Fannie Daunt Coburn
Daunt, William G.102Diana Daunt
Davidson Family236, 239
Davidson, I. N. Capt.239
Davidson, Moses143, 236, 239
Davidson, Rolla D.215
Davidson, Wilson143, 146
Davidson, Winn203, 204
Davis, Harry82Countess Von Courtier
Davis, John D.216Countess Von Courtier
Davis, P. P.121Countess Von Courtier
Davis, U. C.95Countess Von Courtier
Davis, W. C.170Countess Von Courtier
Day Family95
Debac Family95
Deltzler Family250
DeMasters, Foster34
Dennison Family10, 84, 103
DePaul, Ida J.205
Derby, Lt. George H.10, 32, 62
Deway, E. Porter187
DeWitt Family81
DeWitt, M. E.267
Dillon, Nathon34, 85, 103, 106
Disney, Walt190, 193, 197
Doctor, Joseph126, 270
Dodds, George A.144, 164-165
Dodge- see Menefee & Dodge
Doggett, Chet Mrs.206
Dougherty, Mary267
Douglas, Stephen A.129
Dover, Harry C.215
Doyle, Chester H.96, 267
Doyle, John J.103, 121,138
Doyle, Walter Mrs.206
Drake, James204
Driskel, Alfred D.216
Drumright, Bill B205
DuBrutz, A. B.213
Ducommun, G.2
Ducommun, George E.187
Duer, Myrtle M.205
Duncan Family103, 121, 215Eileen Duncan Cummings
Duncan, Thomas205
Dunlap, Harvey216
Dunlap, W. F. "Bill"115
DuPratt, Marilyn205
Durbin, Dennis267
Dwindelle Family81
Dwinelle Family163
Dwinelle, Clark150, 169
Dwinelle, J. C.150, 169
Dwinelle, V. E. Mrs.170
E[Return to Jump Site]
Earl Family246-248
Echiandia, Jose57
Eckels, Jesse F.267
Eckert, Betty E.204
Eddy, L. E. Mrs.206
Edward, Lawrence A.216
Edwards, E. D. F.68
Edwards, Jeff261, 270-271
Edwards, Rev.191, 203, 204
Egeness, Elaine271
Eisenhower, Dwight D.145
El Cojo- see Peg-leg Smith
Elbe, Vista206
Elliott and Moore269
Elliott Family152
Ellis Family164-165
Elsasser, A. B.269
Emery, Jack Mrs.206
Emery, Jack146
Emery, Panzy205
Emery, W. D.144
Emery- see Ball-Emery
Emory, L. H.88
Encinas, Julie205
Enloe, Hugh s.80
Ensign, Frank C.88, 115
Ensign, Sterling271
Ensslin, Theodore G.267
Eppinger, J & H147
Ettlinger, B.147
Eulert, Herman Mrs.206
Evan, Jimmie R.216
Evans, Chris263
Evans, J. W.98
Everett, Doctor68
Everton, Alfred226
Eyster, Earl H.267
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fages, Don Pedro12, 51
Fairfield, Frances R.205
Faller, Ginny 198, 271
Faure, Joseph Jr.267
Faure, Joseph Sr.90
Felt, C. F.116
Fenning, Dorreen M.205
Ferguson Family92
Ferguson, Betty- see Betty F. Vallerie
Ferguson, Cleve91
Ferguson, Grace204
Ferrell, Clyde Mrs.206
Ferrell, Clyde267
Fife, Dick Mrs.206
Fife, Richard Mrs.206
Figeroa Family177
Fine Family144
Fink, Adele- see Adele F. Bowker
Fink, Dorothy204
Finley, Wallace128, 129, 135
Flanders, C. N.120, 236, 239, 244
Flanders, Louise B.244
Fleck, John 86, 138
Flemate, Roy M.216
Fleming & Jacobs91
Flory Family93
Foos, Davida205
Foote Family138
Ford, Henry81, 121, 181
Ford, J. P.81
Ford, M. E.92
Ford, Rocky112
Frame Family157, 164-165
Frame, H. A. (Howard)267, 271
Frame, Jesse E. (Barber & Frame)234, 239, 262
Francisco, Chief65, 66
Frank, Gene205
Frankenberger, L. C.68
Franklin, Duska205
Frankum, George T.240
Frazier Family24, 34, 80, 104, 169, 199, 224
Frazier, J. A.169, 170
Frazier, L. B. (Frasier)85, 100, 104
Freeman, J. N.244
Fremont, John C.8, 16, 18, 31, 58-61, 174
Frost, George T.232, 235, 239, 248
Frost, James Dahle267
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gallego, David205
Galloway, Case C.146
Garces, Fr. Francisco12, 45, 51, 52
Gardiner, George169
Gardiner, Henry169, 170
Gardner Family93
Gardner, Jacob92
Garland, Anna White267
Garman, Katie232
Garrison, Jimmie W.216
Gaston, Theresa- see Theresa Gaston Villanueva
Gastrich, J. William203, 204
Gately, Henry208
George, Samuel Gregg Dr.94, 121, 136
Geralti, May 262 (Note)
Gibbons Family140, 148, 151, 152, 158, 161, 225
Gibbons, Amanda Hawthorn Mrs.139, 142, 221, 222, 224, 225, 232, 244
Gibbons, Cornelia Hawthorn- see Cornelia Gibbons Martin
Gibbons, Cornelius Hawthorn139, 146, 147, 164-165, 170
Gibbons, Fannie Thomson159
Gibbons, Gideon Deming81, 121, 126, 133, 142, 150, 153, 159, 164-165, 169-171, 186, 188, 203, 208, 211, 222-226, 232, 236, 244
Gibbons, Ossian Eugene109, 126, 139, 140, 146-148, 156, 159, 164-165, 169, 170, 203, 209, 224
Gibbons, Rosanna Lincoln- see Rosanna Gibbons Adams
Gibbons, Rosetta Lincoln- see Rosetta Gibbons Adams
Gibbons, Ruby anna- see Ruby G. Brown
Gibson, Marion A.216
Giddings, E. O236
Gill Family121, 224, 225
Gillette, King G.90
Gilliam, S. T. Rev.157
Gilliam, S. T.81
Gilliam, Sam181
Gilliam, Susie204
Gillian Family38
Gilligan, Catherine212, 213
Gilligan, James213
Gilligan, Margaret213
Gilligan, Michael212, 213, 216
Gilligan, Patrick213
Gilligan, Ruth Gray155
Gilmer, Guy181
Gilvere, Emeline- see Emeline Gilvere Scherer
Gist, Brooks D.269-271
Glass, Maurice205
Glass, W. M.171
Glazer, J. M.7
Gleghorn, Barbara205
Glenn, Abraham216
Golden, Betty205
Goodale Family226
Goode, Cheryl205
Goodhue, Peter Mrs.226
Goodhue, Peter78, 80, 81, 104, 125, 130, 150, 151, 172, 173, 178
Goore, J. F.187
Gouwell, Mary L.139
Gower, Euda A.216
Graham Family138
Graham, E. E.244
Graham, Herbert J.216
Graham, Isaac55
Grant Family236
Grant, Gen. U. S.120
Grant, Richard216
Graves, Hildreth- see Hildreth Graves Basye
Gray Family126
Gray, Benjamin Erastus144, 164-165
Gray, Ida Ruth- see Ruth G. Gilligan
Gray, Janis205
Gray, Rose Othelia- see Rose Gray McCalister
Green, Edithe204 (Note)
Green, Ransford A.216
Greene, Marcia205
Greenwood, George A.216
Greenwood, Joe60
Gregory, A.247
Grey, Keith H.270
Grider, Elmer164-165
Griffith, DeWitt T.216
Griffith, Richard H.215
Grigsby, Roger Mrs.206
Grinnell, E. E.193, 203, 204
Gross Family149
Grossman, James Walter216
Grossman, Sherry Lynn205
Gruwell, J. C.170
Gruwell, M. Mrs.147
Guinn Family121, 236
Guinn, Harry236
Guinn, J. T.216
Guinn, James M.216, 269
Guinn, Wesley216
Gunderson, Ralph Mrs.206
Gunn, Lewis Dr.220
Gunst, M. 262
Gutherie Family135
Guy, Theda D.205
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hadley, Sarah Mapes134
Hagelman, Edith205
Haggerty, Pauline A.205
Hahn, Eva- see Eva H. Villeman
Hakes, Josephine- see Josephine Hakes Templeton
Halbert, Ed D.84, 169, 239
Halbert, Edward F.267
Haley, A.170
Haley, George W. Dr.267
Halford, J. Frank267
Halford, Steve232
Hall, Joseph170
Hall, Michael157, 164-165, 214
Hall, T. C.157
Hall, William187
Hamamjian, Maggie K.205
Hamilton, Lester267
Hammerstrom, Elaine204
Hammond Family117, 270
Hammond, Harriet205
Hannah, Jim255, 256
Hanson, James E.267
Hardaway, Homer N.216
Hardaway, Joe B.216
Hardeman, J. L. Dr.236, 239
Harper Family81, 121
Harper, James Rev.133 (Note)
Harrison, Benjamin187
Harrison, William Henry152, 256
Hart, George115
Hart, William115
Harvey, Walter68
Haskell, Seth215
Hassack, John84
Hastings, Ethel204
Hastings, Neva Porch192, 194, 203, 204
Hastings, Warren192, 194
Hatfield, Ed. Mrs.206
Hathaway, Harry M.144, 250
Hathaway, Henry232
Haughn, Ruby204
Haughton Family31
Havens Family164-165
Hawkins, Ernest216
Hawley, W. A.91
Hayden, James E.216
Haydenfeld, T. F.144
Hays, Les93
Hearn, Dr.93
Hedge, Johnie180
Heidenthal, Edwin W.146
Heilman Family2
Hemphill, Billy236
Hemphill, W. L.244
Henderson, Charles147
Henderson, Maurice94
Henrahan, W. S. Dr.2, 39, 43, 81, 180, 235
Henry Family235, 236
Henry, Albert R.7, 121, 231, 232, 235, 236
Henry, Clara196
Henry, J. A.170
Henry, Oliver O.231, 236, 239
Henry, William121, 170
Henry, Wilshire W.231, 239
Hewey, John24, 121
Hickle, Rullif216
Hicks, Jay214
Higgins, O. C. Dr.264
Higgins, Patrick A.216
Hill, Hiram Rev.154
Hillman, Marcos115
Hilton, John81, 121, 177, 240
Hinton, Louie164-165
Hipolite, Monteen204
Hitchcock, Andrew216
Hitchcock, Grover216
Hitchcock, Henry A.216
Hockett, John B.2, 77, 78, 80, 81, 86, 105, 121, 138, 140, 151, 152, 178, 180, 183, 184, 186, 187, 191, 255, 258
Hockett, Margaret2
Hodgson, Arthur K. (Babe)267
Hofeld, Ed244
Hoffman, Mr. 38
Hoisington, Marjorie204
Holbrook, Edward D.267
Holbrook, O. A.146, 164-165
Holcomb, Raymond T. 216
Hollenbaugh, Norman L.205
Holloway, Eva Marguerite- see Marguerite H. Salladay
Holloway, Ray Jr. Mrs.206
Holloway, Ray Sr. Mrs.206
Holly, James267
Holms, Kenneth L.269
Homer, Esther Prestage155, 197, 271
Homer, Ione Elaine- see Ione Crumly
Homer, James Edward146, 197, 271 (Note)
Homer, Joseph William79, 178, 180, 186, 187, 191, 255, 258
Homer, Katherine Marie- see Katherine Homer Setness
Homer, Marietta Slaughter146, 202, 271
Homer, Rodney Prestage126, 146, 148, 153, 225, 270
Homer, Thomas William19
Honeycut, Elton W.216
Honeyman, Carl V.216
Hook, Jane Williamson216
Hopkins, L. E.169
Horbock, Robert91
Hornsby Family91
Horst, Bill271
Horton, Peter169
Howard, Frank203, 204
Howe Family250
Howell Family121
Howell, J. A.7
Howeth, Lewis W.84, 121, 169, 170
Hubbs Family144, 215
Hubbs, J. R.81, 85, 140, 144
Huddle, Andrew A.216
Huddle, Omer I.216
Hudgin, John65
Hudson, Floyd Mrs.206
Huey, Mary Helen204
Huggins, A. T.239
Hughes, Charles N.216
Hughes, Fannie G.204
Hughes, Guy269
Hughes, John B.216
Hughey, Thomas O.216
Hunsaker Family121,169
Hunsaker, Enoch80, 121
Hunsaker, Isaac80, 121
Hunsaker, William80, 121
Hunt Family250
Hunt, Al160
Hunt, C. N.139, 169-171
Hunt, Eldon203
Hunt, G. A.140, 143, 144
Hunt, Hattie143
Hurst, Harry269
Hutcheson, A. L. (J) Capt.226, 235, 243, 249
Hutcheson, Mrs.243
Hutchinson, A. L. (J) Capt.226, 235, 243, 249
Hutchinson, Mrs.243
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Ihlefeld, Glen195
Indian Julian39
Indian Lewis39
Indian Tom39
Iriate, Judy205
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Jackson, David60
Jackson, Emma Prestage- see Emma Prestage Stanyan
Jackson, Eugene164-165
Jackson, Mathew Theodore216
Jacobs- see Fleming & Jacobs
Jacobson, J. H.169
James, Frank102, 263
James, Jesse102, 263
Jamison, Max K.267
Jefferson, Thomas129
Jepson, Willis L.270
Jerman, Joseph147, 170
Job, Ethel Miscampbell204
Job, J. B.144
Job, Robert W.146
Job, Roy7
Johnson & O'Malley199
Johnson, Adella204
Johnson, Alyward205
Johnson, F. A. Dr.134, 171
Johnson, Harry J.267
Johnson, Lucile204
Johnson, Norman216
Johnson, Signe (Shank)205
Johnson, Thomas P. (Tule River)79, 86
Jones Family177, 178
Jones, Dale Sadars Mrs.204
Jones, Ernest C.216
Jones, Ivan E.216
Jones, Janet205
Jones, Marcus M.267
Jones, Virginia205
Joost, Christian103
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Kaehler Family126, 161
Kaehler, Frank164-165
Kaehler, John164-165
Kaehler, Nicholus M.140, 159, 163, 171
Kambick, John7, 147
Katz, Mr.256
Kavern, Edith205
Kaylor, John166
Kearny, Stephen61
Keck, John Mrs.206
Keeley, Mrs.82
Kelley, I. C. Dr.174
Kenney, J. R.86
Kesey, Andrew216
Kessing, A. F.267
Kessing, J. Fred89, 126, 139, 140, 143, 144, 146, 162, 164-166, 193, 261
Ketchem, Les216
Kilbreath, G.134
Kincaid Family7, 81
King Ferdinand46
King Soloman217
King, Clarance84, 270
King, T. J.171
Kirby Family80
Knox Family226
Knupp, Ellen Cutler257
Knupp, Guy257
Knupp, Myra- see Myra K. Walbridge
Knupp, Reginald257
Knupp, Valentine Darius92, 140, 146, 244, 249, 257, 258, 262, 267
Knupp, Wilko257
Konda, Anton267
Konda, Matt7
Korver, Judy205
Kotchevar, Donald Mrs.206
Kouklis, Donna205
Kuhlman, Jerome205
Kurtshals, Alvin216
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