History of Fresno County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present: illustrated

Paul E. Vandor

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA (1919)

California Local History - Rocq - 1841

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Cecil C. Wristen

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Nares, Llewelyn Arthur957I
Nash, Warren G1187I
Neal, John950I
Nederhouse, Z. D2175II
Neikirk, B. F1129I
Nelson, Albert1970II
Nelson, Andrew2537II
Nelson, Carl August2344II
Nelson, Emil1841II
Nelson, Fred2515II
Nelson, Jonas Peter Alfred1981II
Nelson, Peter Otto1612II
Newman, Bernard A1455II
Nelson, J. H2280II
Nicklason, John August2100II
Nidiffer, James Murray1569II
Nielsen, Anton1748II
Nielsen, Hans A1771II
Nielsen, Hans Jorgen999I
Nielsen, Iener W2558II
Nielsen, Niels Hansen2552II
Nielsen, N. P1388II
Nilmeier, Conrad2458II
Nilmeier, Conrad H2319II
Nilmeier, Conrad O2594II
Nilmeier, Henry P2580II
Nilmeier, Phillip1944II
Nieswanger, J. Franklin1958II
Nishkian, Garabed M2325II
Niswander, J. F763I
Nolan, Frank J1545I
Nord, E. M1016I
Nord, Fritz E1799II
Nordstrom, Rev. Magnus Amlers.1493I
Norman, Horace E1795II
Norman, J. L1898II
North, Benjamin1835II
Northrup, Elleworth M1550I
Norton, H. E1378I
Nutting, W. R1997II
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Neal, Edward.2382II
Oed, John2387II
Olinger, W. L1837II
Oliver, Mrs. Mary1938II
Oliver, Orie Odell1699II
Olmstead, Charles H2376II
Olsen. Gustav2554II
Olsen, Lorenz2586II
Olsen, O. A2520II
Olson, Abram2029II
Olson, Albert Julius1124I
Olson, Gus 1904II
Olson, Peter1238I
Olufs, Oluf Bernard 711I
Orr, William2495I
Oslund, John1962II
Ostendorf, Mrs. Johanna673I
Otis, George Buell783I
Oussani, Joseph2129II
Owen, Richard Thomas706I
P[Return to Jump Site]
Packard, Oren Fred1187I
Page, John1520I
Parret, August2568II
Paulsen, Soren2451II
Payne, L. Roy2527II
Peak, John H1067I
Pearce, Martin W2169II
Pearson, Emil1122I
Pearson, Olof2516II
Pedersen, Axel2120II
Pedersen, Peder S2118II
Pellissier, Hippolyt2580II
Perez, Rudolph J2027II
Perrin, Robert259I
Perry, James Abner2427II
Peters, A. B2022II
Petersen, Mrs. Christine A1802II
Petersen, Dagmar, M.D2255II
Petersen, John T2190II
Petersen, Louis827I
Petersen, Nicolai 2531II
Petersen, Niels1528II
Petersen, Peter M 2512II
Petersen, Thomas J2055II
Peterson Carl Gustaf1272I
Peterson, C. V1381I
Peterson, E. Ed2052II
Peterson, Joseph A. T1739II
Peterson. Oscar F2124II
Pettit, Hon. Melvin1335II
Pfister, John Rudolf1933Tl
Pfost, G. W2040II
Phelan, James C.1307II
Phelps, Z. L1868II
Phillips, Charles C158211
Phillips, Charles E.,D.D.S1479II
Phillips, Mrs. Elizabeth6941
Phillips, Perry Commodore694I
Pierce, Charles S645I
Pierse, Rev. Patrick2373II
Pilegard, Christen A2263II
Pilegard, Mrs. Carrie2268II
Pilegard, Peter A2403II
Pimentel, John I2518II
Pinninger, Frederic William12001
Plate, Willard F2193II
Platt, Sidney L1512TI
Plunneke, Charles1140II
Polito, S. L1593II
Pomeroy, F. K., M.D.2033II
Porta, Emanuel2602II
Porter, Evan Doyle1776II
Porter, George E., D.C.1496II
Possons, William J.1788II
Potter, Joseph Webster1508II
Potter, H. R1636II
Poulsen, Morten 2525II
Potter, Zane1437II
Powers, Aaron Hubbard1412II
Powers, Lucius1412II
Poytress, J. A2544II
Prandini, Joe 2592II
Prather, Joseph T2270IIMary Lou Back
Prather, Robert R1536II
Pretzer, Henry, Sr1769II
Pretzer, Henry, Jr2195II
Preuss, Charles1225I
Price, Oscar E.1777II
Price, R. L.1741II
Proodian, H2210II
Puccinelli, Louis2600II
Puckhaber, Charles R 2291II
Pugh Brothers1692II
Pugh, John M630I
Pugh, John Sallee1633II
Pugh, Sarah Frances; D.O.1435II
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Qualls, John M1372II
Quick, Herbert B2188II
Quist, A. J2433II
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ramacher, Henry1097I
Ramacher, Leonard D1165I
Ramacher, Leroy 1850II
Randrup, George2405II
Randrup, James B2389II
Rasmussen, Axel H 1662II
Rathgeber, Philipp2374II
Rathmann, Theodore2602II
Rauscller, Henry 1490II
Rawson, Mrs. Eva H1314II
Rebensdorf, Fred2524II
Reese, Edgar Orlando2090II
Reese, Thomas J2542II
Rehorn, Frank1551II
Rennie, William 831I
Retallick, Richard G2083II
Reyburn, Clarence James777I
Reyburn, James John685I
Reyburn, Joseph Davidson731I
Reyburn, Leslie Devoe929I
Rhea, Robert W1127I
Rhodes, Stephen Walton2189II
Rice, Rozell W2399II
Richardson, Charles Henry2278II
Richardson, Thomas E1819II
Richmond, Emmett C,1360II
Richmond, William Sherman2279II
Riggins, Emmett1400II
Riggs, Don Pardee1062I
Ring, Theodore J1662II
Risley, E. W 1669II
Roberts, Victor2307II
Robertson, James MacGregor1715II
Robinson, J. H., M.D1830II
Robinson, Raymond D2232II
Robinson, Winfieid Scott1055I
Rodrigtles, Frank N2196II
Roeding, Frederick C256I
Roessler, Fred M2523II
Rogers, E. B.1086I
Rogers, James J.42I
Rohr, H. G2462II
Romain, Frank M.963I
Rorden, John C1567II
Roscelli. Charles2561II
Rose, Anthony G2391II
Rose, Dale2276II
Rosendahl, Frank D1232I
Rosenthal, Jacob2234II
Ross, James1147I
Rougny, Albert2579II
Rougny, Eugene2556II
Roullard, Fred P1740II
Rowell, Albert Abbott641I
Rowell, Dr. Chester237I
Rowell, Chester Harvey942I
Rowell, William Franklin884I
Ruble, John W2309II
Rucker, Miss Maggie P910I
Rudolf, Arlam2589II
Rudolph, Henry, Jr2551II.
Rusconi, Louis2175II
Rusconi, Peter2507II
Russell. Capt. Ezra M700I
Russell, Mr. and Mrs. H. W2326II
Rusten, O. C1902II
Ruth, William1170I
Ryan, Jerry303I
Ryan, William H302, 718I
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sabroe, Carl O1987II
Sagniere, Joseph1211I
Sahargun, Jean2562II
Sallaberry, Brothers2578II
Samelson, Samuel970I
Sample, Cowan A1535II
Sample, David Cowan651I
Sample, Samuel C1891II
Sandberg, David1946II
Sandeson, Charles N2444II
Sanford, Louis Childs, Rt. Rev. D.D.805I
Santen, Henry1258I
Sassano, Aniello2580II
Savage, H. A2421II
Saxe, Christian746I
Say, Grant D. G993I
Say, James H993I
Say, Mrs. Laura J1081I
Say, Lyle H1382II
Say, William Henry1079I
Scales, William L1451II
Scharer, Charles923I
Scheidt, Fred 2067II
Scheidt, George2576II
Schieidt, Henry2563II
Scheidt, J. Henry2157II
Schell, Mrs. Louisa Dumont968I
Schlotthauer, J. A2316II
Schmall, John Peter2118II
Schmidt, John A2489II
Schmitz, Ernest2591II
Schneider, Conrad2575II
Schcneider, Henry2548II
Scholler, Louis2386II
Schuknecht, Theodore H2500II
Schultz, Barney1919II
Schultz, Mrs. Mary2012II
Schwabenland, Alexander P2601II
Schwinn, George1534II
Sciacqua, Leopoldo2560II
Scoggins, John Lee1733II
Scott, David 1727II
Scott, Jay 707ISteve Williams
Scott, Hon. L. D2443II
Scott, Phil898ISteve Williams
Scott, Ralph H2002II
Scott, Robert1555II
Seacord, David2367II
Self, J. A1843II
Selma Irrigator (The)1783II
Selma National Bank1558II
Selma Savings Bank1775II
Sempe, Charles 2403II
Semper, Natalio 2337II
Sequeira, Antone George2468II
Sequeira, Louis George1844II
Serian, Harry S2498II
Serimian, A. S2598II
Serrano, Florencio 2429II
Serrano, Matias 2505II
Sessions, Capt. Herbert A1529II
Setchel, W. Flanders2314II
Setty, Rev. Sanford E1890II
Seubert, Rev. George P.1628IIBill
Shafer, John 1562II
Shafer, W. H1574II
Shannon, Albert Sidney Johnston1336II
Shannon, Jefferson M.1436II
Shannon, L. S1347II
Shannon, Scott A2291II
Sharer, John William797I
Sharer, Marques Monroe766I
Sharp, Ivy Watson1616II
Shaver, Charles B.1305II
Shaw, A. Clifford1592II
Shell Company of Calif.2283II
Shimmins, Mrs. Myra845I
Shipp, George R1417II
Shipp, John M2289II
Shishmanian, G. N2538II
Short, Frank H615I
Short, John W.686I
Shuey, John W780I
Sides, Major M813I
Siering, Herman F10291
Silva, Frank922I
Silveira, Joseph J2585II
Sime, Alexander 2274II
Simerly, Clarence G2219II
Simerly, John B2215II
Simpson, Albert P 1456II
Simpson, James William1501II
Simpson, John Greenup, Sr.2008II
Simpson, Thomas Jackson1836II
Sims, Benjamin L2425II
Sims, James William1630II
Sinclair, John G. C1283I
Sininger, William H2057II
Skoonburg, J. L1184I
Slater, Edward Earl1396II
Smellcy, Christopher 2070II
Smith, Chris H1240I
Smith, Edwin Herbert1319II
Smith, Flora W., M.D.1213I
Smith, George E2017II
Smith, George W747I
Smith, James W976I
Smith, John E2429II
Smith, John W1747II
Smith, Lewis Howell1549II
Smith, Thomas D., M.D1717II
Smith, Thomas P1207I
Smoot, Guy Thomas2392II
Snow, Alva E852I
Snyder, C. Ross1650II
Snyder, George 2435II
Snyder, George H2233II
Soderberg, Andrew 2566II
Soper, Mrs. Sadie Elizabeth1829II
Sorensen, Christian 2500II
Sorensen, Hans William, D.D.S.1690II
Souza, Ed. J1818II
South, N. Lindsay2016II
Spear, E. R2275II
Spence, David A1703II
Spence, Harry Edward2024II
Spence, John Young2070II
Spencer, Wright H1896II
Spires, H. E2412II
Spomer, Rev. August2395II
Staley, William S1365II
Stammers, Clarence L., M.D2286II
Stange, Hugo S1528II
Stange, Paul T2391II
Stanton, M. E1326II
Statham, Bert A2285II
Staub, Arnold Humboldt1897II
Stay, Andrew H1922II
Stay, Ole H2375II
Steitz, H. P., Jr2270II
Steitz, John August2111II
Stephens, Lewis O846I
Steward, George Wallace1664II
Steward, Nehemiah W1564II
Stieglitz, Michael 2183II
St. John, Enos Frost652I
Stockton, Guy 1339II
Stone, Charles J.1903II
Stone, William Thomas1690II
Stowell, Henry Oakley2213II
Strader, William Franklin1364II
Stranahan, John H.2213II
Stratton, John J.2028II
Stricklin, James Henry2030II
Strid, Charles 1237I
Stump, Allen Everett1580II
Sturtevant, Andrew Judson, Jr.1536II
Suglian, John 1465II
Sulprizio, Deuta 2524II
Sunderland, Al E.1145IJoseph Sunderland
Sutherland, William 708I
Swanson, John August2598II
Swanson, Nels 2057II
Sward, Axel W.1285I
Sweeney, Albert Hamlet, M.D.1141I
Sweezey, E. B.1332II
Swift, Harvey W.659I
Swift, Lewis P740I
Swift, Reuben James2156II
Swigart, Edward Cooper1680II
Swiss Supply Company2597II
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taft, George W618I
Taft, Mrs. Emma M618I
Tangney, P. D.2195II
Taylor, Alexander 754I
Taylor, George H1452II
Taylor, Marion H2156II
Teague, Charles 828I
Teilman, Ingvart 692I
Telin, C982I
Thiede, Rev. K. A. Herman1219I
Thomas, Benjamin Cassius1042I
Thome, Eugene P2508II
Thompson, A. E.1627II
Thompson, Georgia Emily, M.D.2389II
Thompson, James Wallace2358II
Thompson, William P.658I
Thomsen, Jens Christian1160I
Thomsen, Mathias1706I
Thornton, Philip Burt2570II
Thorwaldson, Horace 1514
Thurman, William C1656II
Tobiasen, Bendiks 1770II
Toccalini, Jack 2517II
Todd, Clayton Wesley2149II
Tomasetti, Eugene 2595II
Toreson, August 2490I I
Traber, Charles H., M.D1594II
Traber, Prof. John W739I
Trabing, Charles Willard1239I
Tranberg, James J2132II
Traweek, Cecil Calvert1661II
Trout, William Arthur 1814II
Trucchi, Annibale 2564II
Tuck Brothers 2148II
Tucker, F. 2321II
Tucker, Steve2344II
Tufenkjian, Sarkis, M.D1056I
Tupper, Henry Clay626I
Turner, George A2412II
Turner, William 2093II
Tuttle, George M2074II
Tuttle, John E2037II
Twining, Frederick E.1449II
U[Return to Jump Site]
Uhd, Hans A1142I
Uhler, Russell 1470II
Underwood, Olin C1711II
Urrutia, Juan Miguel2258II
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vanderburgh, John Jay1172I
Vandor, Paul E1311 II
Van Meter, Edgar Snowden1112I
Van Ness, William H1004I
Van Ronk, Lewis E2333II
Venard, William F1423II
Venter, Otto 2076II
Verble, H. E2368II
Verwoert Mrs. Alfreda2082II
Vignola, Angelo 1668II
Vignola, Guy R1668II
Villanueva, Miguel 2490II
Vincent, Manuel 1710II
Voenes, George J2547II
Vogel, Frederick Karl2395II
Vogel, Herbert E.778I
Vogel, Jacob778I
Vogelsang, Edward D1099I
Voice, Charles E2409II
Voorhees, Truman L2315II
Votaw, A. S2379II
Vought, Lawrence 865I
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagner, Fred 2593II
Wahl, Mrs. Louis2379II
Wahlberg, Arthur G1691II
Walder, William U2319II
Walker, James N40I
Wall, Elmer Thomas1783II
Wallace, Duncan, A. B B D., A. M866I
Wallace, Miles 975I
Wallers, John 2493II
Walley, Granville Hartman1442II
Walsh, John J1847II
Walter, Charles Lewis2571II
Walter, John W1926II
Walton, John T1194I
Waltz, Sylvester W.1607II
Ward, H. L1820II
Ward, John Allison2434II
Ward, W. W2131II
Warlow, George L844I
Warner, Anna S1074I
Warner, Beldin 1074I
Warner, Percy N1847II
Watkins, John W1551II
Weaver, Willis D974IElaine Waiters
Webb, Arthur E1404II
Webb, Hon. James Ransom2445II
Weber, Henry, Jr2049II
Webster, John 1698II
Wehrmann, Fritz 1012I
Weitz, George. H1015I
Welch, W. A1212I
Weldon, Robert W2073IIBarbara Cavanaugh
Wells, Absalom 1141I
Wells, Charles 1369II
Wells, Charles Prather2296II
Wells, Earl J2413II
Wells, Francis Asbury1220I
Wells, Hon. F. E962I
Wertz, William 1326II
White, T. C1430II
Whiteside, Olney 1330II
Wickliffe, Alfred 2370II
Wickliffe, William P1772II
Wiesbrod, G2541II
Wiggenhauser, Joseph 2111II
Wiildermuth, H2506II
Wilkins, James P2405II
Wilkins, Reuben Franklin2416II
Williams, Charles Elliott2023II
Williams, D. A1808II
Williams, Edward A956I
Williams, Harold Clyde2150II
Williams, Henry H2314II
Williams, Jess L2095II
Williams, Samuel A.2301II
Williamson, Charles 1763II
Williamson, David 1469II
Williamson, George F838I
Williamson, Simeon Edgar1811II
Wilson, Aubrey 1904II
Wilson, Ernest T1617II
Wilson, Eugene 2219II
Wilson, Henry Thomas1909II
Wilson, J. D1196I
Winblad, Sig 1964II
Winchell, Anna Cora.679I
Winchell, Hon. Elisha C.127, 635I
Winchell, Laura C638I
Winchell, Ledyard F 678I
Winchell, Lilbourne A674I
Winter, Conrad 2585II
Winter, Karl 2483II
Winter, Peter 2087II
Wishon A. G.1306IIJoyce Braswell
Wistrom, Fred 2096II
Witten, Kinza P2161II
Wolf, Peter J2440II
Wolfe, G. A2030II
Wolgamott, Zenas 1034I
Wolter, Rev. Carl W1117I
Wood, Robert M1443II
Woodall, Eli 2112II
Wooclworth, Joseph E921I
Wormser, Sigmund 964I
Way, Martin Luther944I
Wristen, William David999I
Wulf, Andreas 1985II
Wulf, Peter 1988II
Wyllie, Bunnie Lawrence.1353II
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yancey, America Frances1387II
Yeretzian, Arsen 1651II
Yerington, William 2397II
Yoakem, James Marion1908II
Young, August J2583II
Young, John and Alice1511II
Youngquist, Mr. and Mrs. John A2297II
Yraceburu, Joe 2273II
Yraceburu, Jose M2563II
Yzurdiaga, Firmin 2588II
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zandueta, Jose 2542II
Zanolini, Silvio 2321II
Zediker, David S1889II
Zimmer, William T1200I
Zinn, Thomas H1429II
Zwang, Jacob 2196II
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