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Submitted by Janie Edwards

This county is a part of old Klamath county, and is bounded on the north by the State of Oregon, on the east by Siskiyou, on the south by Siskiyou and Humboldt counties, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.As its name signifies, it is the northern extremity of the State.It has been said that Del Norte county is years behind Humboldt, its immediate neighbor on the south, notwithstanding that its natural resources are far greater.Humboldt we believe, possesses more arable and grazing land than Del Norte, but this advantage is outweighed by the latter county's more extensive timber lands and mining prospects.The backwardness of this county is variously accounted for.Some say that outside capital, willing to assist the development of the county, has been discouraged, and with its customary shyness has sought other channels, accompanied by the enterprise and new blood which is so beneficial when engrafted upon old communities or infused in any business system.We hardly think that any spirit at variance with the characteristic Californian hospitality is to be attributed to our northern sister, and that the foregoing allegation cannot be true; but would prefer to believe that the old Del Norte life and energy, taxed as it has been by its necessities for many years, is not now able to display its old ambitious enterprise.Del nortans are, however, beginning to awake to the fact that their county has been for years failing to attract any material portion of the army of immigrants which has been pouring into the State for the past few years, if indeed she has received any share, and a more concerted spirit has been aroused not only to present her opportunities to this class, but to act upon the government at Washington in the interest of the harbor improvements at Crescent City, and the securing of an appropriation for the opening and perfecting of the navigation of Smith River.These improvements effected, and a comprehensive system of public roads inaugurated and prosecuted to keep pace with, or rather in advance of the coming of immigration, will give the county an opportunity of recovering from the languor under which she has so long suffered.The past two years have witnessed an immigration into California, which, with the increased stream of the next few years, will traverse and inspect every portion of the country.This immigration is the most desirable of any that settles in the Union.It comes with money, business ability and energy, and makes its presence felt instantaneously.It is the element that is trebling the population of the southern country and making even the arid lands blossom and become fruitful. Attracted by our climate it comes with its varied experiences in lumbering, milling, farming, fishing, dairying, mining and prospecting, and it only remains for the opportunities and possibilities of this county to be fairly presented to them to insure a fair and proportionate consideration at their hands.Railroad connection will follow regulated by the healthy competition of ocean carriers, and in ten years we expect to see Crescent City a town of the second class, or as large as the Eureka of to-day, and also quite a large manufacturing and business center at Smith river.
At present statistics show lumber manufacturing to be the principal industry of Del Norte County.Mining formerly took the lead, but that pursuit has diminished.The mining of early days was principally at Myrtle Creek, on the South Fork of Smith River, at Happy Camp (where the industry is still carried on), and in the vicinity of Crescent City.The statistics of the express companies show large shipments of gold dust from the few claims worked and fabulous in proportion to the number of men engaged in mining.There was an exodus of miners from Del Norte at the time of the Fraser River excitement, and again at the time of the discovery of the Comstock, so that the mountains have not been prospected with the assiduity of other localities.Wherever time, experience and money have been invested in prospecting and mining here, good results have followed.
The possibilities of the stockraising and dairying businesses are also very great.A surplus of the present production remains for shipment, even after the mining, lumbering, and milling elements of the county are supplied.It is a very fertile dairying country, and the product might be increased a hundred fold.Wherever the cereals have been cultivated very satisfactory results have followed.The number of bushels to the acre has frequently been surprising.The soil is generally of a rich color and very deep, and a humid atmosphere prevails, particularly in the neighborhood of the coast.
The difficulty of road making has always been a serious one in this county, the nature of the country preventing construction except at great expense.Years ago this difficulty was partially combatted by the organization of a joint-stock company, which built the Crescent City and Yreka turnpike road.There are no roads up and down the Coast, only trails, and scarcely defined at that.

The Indian population exists by fishing, hunting, and working for the whites.Out of three hundred and fifty-three in the county eighty-two live on the Klamath reservation.About fifty-seven of them live in the neighborhood of Happy Camp-the balance near Crescent City.Their habits and superstitions are an interesting study.They have their own laws, currency (a rare shell), and preserve many of their aboriginal customs.With this tribe, as with most of our Indian populations, contact with the whites only had the effect of merging into their character most of the vices and none of the virtues of the dominant Caucasian race.A mere fragment of the tribe still exists; it is decreasing rapidly, and a few years more will see their extinction as a tribe.

The following statistics will be of interest:-

Population (census of 1880)- Whites, 1700; Indians, 353; Negroes, 7; Chinese, 409- total, 2669.Number of school children, 478; teachers, 11.Number of voters, 690.In area the county has 1,024,000 acres, of which only 74,749 are carried on the assessment rolls.In available timber lands there are 258,700 acres, which, at the most conservative estimate, will furnish material for hundreds of years to come.At present there are six saw mills, with an average capacity of 130,000 feet per day.The amount of manufactured lumber shipped from Del Norte is estimated at 18,000,000 feet per annum.The value of real estate other than the city and town lots was $378,823; improvements on same $163,842; city and town lots, $36,700; improvements, $137,860.Total value of all property assessed, $1,067,093.


The Land Office for this district is located at Eureka, Humboldt County, Cal.

The government of the county, as at present constituted, is as follows:

SUPERIOR JUDGE - James E. Murphy.


SHERIFF - Charles E. Hughes

TREASURER - George W. Tack

ASSESSOR - William H. Woodbury

SURVEYOR - Albert H. Cleveland




SUPERVISORS - First District, Ewald Vorlander; Second District, Samuel Crandell; Third District, John N. Mc Vay; Fourth District, John R. Nickel; Fifth District, Horace Gasquet

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE - Crescent Township, Dougald S. Sartwell and Thomas Duffey; Smith River Township, James Brooking and Peter Costello; Happy Camp Township, Cornelius Gordon and Stephen S. Colby

CONSTABLES - Crescent Township, Fred. A. Freund and Robert J. Jenkins (Deputy Sheriff); Smith River Township, Silas A. Moore and Frank Frame (Deputy Sheriff); Happy Camp Township, De Witt C. Barney and Isaac E. Cade (Deputy Sheriff).

In the present undeveloped condition of the county a large majority of its business interest are centered in Crescent City, the county seat, which is situated on an open bay, just south of Point St. George, tow hundred and eighty miles north of San Francisco, by sea.Connected by trail with Trinidad - distance, sixty miles southeast, and by wagon road with Jacksonville, Oregon, with which place it has tri-weekly stage connection - distance, one hundred and twenty-eight miles.The steamers Crescent City and Mary D. Hume are regularly engaged in the trade between this port and San Francisco - the latter touching at several way ports, and making the trip about every twelve days in good weather, and the former going direct, and making the round trip in from seven to eight the summer time, when northerly winds prevail, this harbor affords fair shelter, but during the southerly winds of winter it gives hardly any protection to vessels, and a great deal of time is wasted waiting for opportunities, between storms, to land and receive cargoes.A very good harbor for all seasons might be made out of this by constructing a breakwater or seawall from Battery Point to a large rock lying south of it.Attempts have been made to secure an appropriation for this purpose from the Government, but they have resulted in nothing more than a survey.An estimate has been made that the cost would be about $3,000,000.The advantage to the coast, besides its value to this productive county, would be very great.A harbor of refuge would be created, where very much needed, in a long line of shelterless ocean front.The underwriters are well aware of the importance of this improvement, and have figures to show that the work should be seriously considered in Congress.While a much less amount would render the harbor comparatively safe, the above mentioned sum would secure a permanent and perfect haven of large capacity.The population of the town in about one thousand.It possesses two churches - Roman Catholic and Methodist Episcopal - a new Court House, costing $12,000; a large school house, with an average attendance of one hundred and forty children, four hotels, a weekly newspaper - Del Norte Record, edited by Mr. J. E. Eldredge - a saw mill of 50,000 feet per day capacity, owned by Messrs, Hobbs, Wall & Co., and one of 40,000 feet, owned by the Lake Earl Mill Co., a tannery, brewery, shipwright's shop, a wagon shop and several extensive general business houses.

The business of Messrs, Hobbs, Wall & Co. employ two hundred men.Their property embraces the mill, a shingle and box factory, four and a half miles of substantial railroad to the woods, a large general store and a controlling interest in the principal wharf and steamship business.In 1883 their mill turned out 8,250,000 feet of lumber and 8,000,000 is about the average output.

The mill of the Lake Earl Mill Co. produced about 6,000,000 feet of lumber in the past year.

The hotels are the Del Norte, American, Bay and the Crescent City.The Del Norte Hotel is conducted by Mr. Ed. Yates, a gentleman of long experience as a caterer, and ever alive to the requirements of his guests.The Del Norte contains a large number of rooms well furnished and comfortable, and its table fare is really good.

Crescent City was first settled in the spring of 1853, and was incorporated as a city in 1854.In a year it grew from a place of one house to a city of three hundred houses, and over one thousand inhabitants.Through decline in the mining industry Crescent City wasted steadily from about 1859 until the manufacture of lumber commenced, some years later.That industry with what little mining is still carried on, and the dairying, agricultural and stockraising interests, sustain a solid and steady business in the town - not fluctuating much, but steadily enriching that portion of the community which is thrifty, intelligent and alive.The old spirit that prevailed in 1853 still exists, and the trade of a great county of immense resources will always be attracted to Crescent City by the element that represents it.

A trip to Del Norte includes much experience that is enjoyable and healthful, and can be made in the season in twelve days, giving the visitor about nine days in the county.The sea trip by the steamer Crescent City is just about of the right duration for those who are not expert sailors, and then the steamship people are very solicitous about the comfort of passengers.The nine days is amply sufficient time to "square" one self at Crescent City and see all that is interesting in the county.There is much that is beautiful among the towering redwood forests along the rock-bound coast and in the mountains.the climate is all that could be desired, and the delights of a camping trip can be imagined.The spoils of the average hunting party is very large, while the prolific streams afford a substantial reward to the gentle fisherman.But best of all comes the glow of health from recreation in the mountain wilds, and the recuperation which a sojourn in wooded solitudes brings to the active worker.


FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS - Crescent City Lodge, No. 45, meets Monday on or before each full moon.

INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS - Klamath Lodge, No. 41, meets every Wednesday evening.

ANCIENT ORDER OF UNITED WORKMEN - Del Norte Lodge, No. 183, meets every Friday evening.

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - Perseverance Lodge, No. 77, meets every Friday evening.

INDEPENDENT ORDER GOOD TEMPLARS - Crescent City Lodge, No. 398, meets every Saturday evening.

CHOSEN FRIENDS - Crescent Lodge, No. 93, meets second and fourth Monday of each month.

ELITE THEATRE ASSEMBLY ROOMS AND SKATING RINK - This establishment is due to the enterprise of Messrs. Endert & Capprise.The theatre possesses a full set of scenery, with footlights and stage appurtenances, and the floor, when cleared, is very well suited to dancing assemblies.The Rink, in the same building, affords enjoyment to large numbers of those who delight in mimic skating.

ALTAVILLE (see Smith's River)


Bissell, Edward L.- miner

BIG FLAT (see Crescent City)


Bussell, Christian - miner



Acly, George M. - druggist

Ahrens, Albert - laborer Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Alden, K. - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Alexander, Henry - farmer/dairyman 349 acres

Alford, Charles - lumberman

Alkern, Lawrence - teamster Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Allen, Coonrod S. - miner

Allen, David T. - brickmason

Alpaugh, James L. - farmer 120 acres

American Hotel - Nicholas McNamara proprietor

Anderson, James - laborer

Antone, Frank - miner 20 acres

Archer, William A. - lumberman / stockraiser

Armand Gold & Silver Mining Co. - Ed Yates Superintendent

Ashley, William V. - dairyman

Babcock, Charles W. - barber, Del Norte Hotel

Baine, Josiah T. - livery stable & stage line

Baker, Hilton - stockraiser137 acres

Balch, A. G. - cigars, fruits, & varieties

Banister, L. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Barnard, Alex. B. - trader

Barth, Christina Mrs.

Basey, Theodore - millman

Baumgartner, B.- laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Bay Hotel - Franis Burtschellproprietor

Bennett, William - laborer Lake Earl Mill Co.

Bense, Henry - stockraiser80 acres

Bernell, Antone - dairyman

Berry, Edward C. - laborer

Bertsch, Frederick - farmer, millman 160 acres

Bertsch, Jacob - stockraiser160 acres

Bertsch, Joseph - dairyman 480 acres

Bertsch, William H. - farmer

Big Flat Gravel Mining Co. - O.M. Paris & Co.proprietor500 acres

Bishop, John - logger with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Bomhoff, Frederick W. - butcher

Bomhoff, John - printer

Bomhoff, William F. - McCreesh & Bomhoff,

Bosch, George E. - farmer 160 acres

Bosch, John G. - farmer 195 acres

Bosch, Leonard A. - farmer 160 acres

Bowie, Joseph - laborer

Boyes, Richard - farmer

Boyet, Andrew J. - millman

Boyet, Christopher C. - laborer3 acres

Boyet, R. P. - millman 160 acres

Brady, Gustavus - bartender with D. E. Shipman

Brannan, Terrence - bartender with Wm. A. Fleming

Bray, Richard D. - engineer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Breen, John - laborer Lake Earl Mill Co.

Brock, Edward - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Brookfield, James - sawyer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Brown, Charles - miner

Brown, William C. - wagonmaker

Brown, William F. - saddler, harness maker

Bryhan, John H. - laborer

Burches, William- laborer

Burgbacher, Philip - laborer

Burgett, Philip S. - miner

Burkhart, R. Mrs.- widow, realestate

Burns, Jas. - logger with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Burns, John - foreman with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Burtschell, Annie Miss - Burtschell & Byrne

Burtschell & Byrne - millinery, dressmaking, dry & fancy goods

Burtschell, Francis - Burtschell & Tucker &proprietorBay Hotel, dairyman 479 acres

Burtschell & Tucker - gen mdse

Butler, James - logger

Byrne, C. Mrs. - Burtschell & Byrne

Byrne, Chrisiopher - sawyer with J. Wenger & Co. 160 acres

Byron, John - laborer

Cadra, Emil C. - dairyman 480 acres

Campbell, Archibald - lumberman

Capprise, Joseph T. - Endert & Capprise 160 acres

Capra, Charles A. - laborer

Casey, Owen - logger, miner

Catching, Ephraim C. - farmer 240 acres

Chaigneau, V. A. - physician

Charley (Chinese) - merchandise

Charter, Julius C. - laborer

Charter, Oliver - laborer

Chrighton, James G. D. - laborer

Christianson, Thos. M. - seaman

Church, F. A. - with W. A. Hamilton

Clark, Daniel L. - saloon & bowling alley

Clark, William - laborer

Cleveland, Albert H. - county surveror, millman

Coburn, Lewis F. - District attorney at law, notary public 480 acres

Codigo, John - milkman

Collins, Thomas - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Connell, J. - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Connell, Thomas- logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Cooke, George - miner

Cooper, Lucius F. - surveyor, attorney at law, notary public 456 acres

Cornell, Joseph - logger

Corrin, F. J. - shipwright & calker

Coy, Benjamin - laborer

Coyne, Thomas - laborer with McCreest & Bomhoff

Crandall, Samuel - builder, county supervisor 2nd district

Crawford, William T. - teamster

Creighton, James - millman

Cresent City Mill & Transportation Co. - Wenger & Simpson & Co. 745 acres

Cresent City Transportation Co. - Joseph Wall, Pres.; R. Merillion, Sec.; Hobbs Wall & Co.,

agents;proprietors stmr Crescent City

Crecent City Wharf & Dock Co. - R. P. Merillion, sec

Crecent City Wharf& Lighter Co. - Johnson & Malone 283 acres

Crichton, James - sawyer with Hobbs Wall & Co.

Crusius, Frank - butcher 160 acres

Cruz, Carlos - seaman

Cuneenn, Michael - logger with Lake Earl Mill Co.

Curran, James - laborer with Hobbs Wall & Co.

Curtis, Greenleaf - foreman mill with Hobbs Wall & Co.

Daley, Owen - laborer with Hobbs Wall & Co.

Darby, Peter - Darby & Donovan, capitalist 160 acres

Darby & Donovan - saloon

Davis, John - laborer140 acres

Delahoyde, Thomas W. - capitalist

Delaney, Jamea - laborer

Del Norte Hotel - Ed. Yates proprietor

Del Norte Record - weekly, J. E. Eldredge editor &proprietor

DeMartin, Louis - dairyman 2237 acres

Denough, Barney - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Dickson, Wm. M. - farmer

Dishwander, A. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Dixon, Anna - widow

Doe, Charles F. - carpenter

Doe, John - butcher

Doherty, Patrick - laborer

Donohue, Barney - logger

Donovan, James L. - Darby & Donovan

Donovan, James S. - laborer

Doran, Wm. - stockraiser

Dowdle, Samuel - dairyman 80 acres

Draber, Jacob - miner

Duffy, James -proprietor Palace Saloon 120 acres

Duffy, John - saloon keeper

Duffy, Owen - foreman with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Duffy, Thomas - saloon

Dunlay, Bartholomew - laborer

Dunlay, John - miner

Dunlay, John D. - farmer

Dunlay, Maurice - millman

Early, Harry - Early & Lewis

Early & Lewis - stockraisers 320 acres

Edgerton, Isaac B. - carpenter320 acres

Edwards, Wm. - farmer, millwright 120 acres

Ehreiser, Matheus - laborer

Eldredge, J. E. - editor,proprietor, Del Norte Record, untertaker, photographer, Coroner, Public Administrator,120 acres

Eliott, Horatio D. - farmer

Elite Theatre - Endert & Cappriseproprietors

Elwell, P. S. - logger with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Emetsberg, Peter - Emetsberg & McNamara

Emetsberg & McNamara - butchers

Endert, Joseph - Endert & Capprise

Endert & Capprise -proprietorsElite Saloon & Theatre, dance hall, skating rink, soda water factory

Engleman, John - farmer

Engley, Alden W. - teamster

Eslick, John - laborer

Eslick, Samuel L. - laborer Lake Earl Mill Co.

Esswein, Michael - J. Wenger & Co.80 acres

Evans, David - engineer

Ewing, Joseph Z. - stockraiser

Fairchild, Joel - logger

Fairchild, Wm. - laborer

Farrelly, Michael - miner

Feheley, John L. - bartender with Thomas Duffy

Feheley, Frank P. - laborer

Fender, Louis W. - capitalist 160 acres

Ferguson, Frederick - stoves, tinware, plumber, gasfitter

Ferguson, Wm. - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Filkins, Ranselaer - carpenter20 acres

Fillipinni, P. - mail carrier, stockraiser

Fleming, Charles - logger

Fleming, Wm. A. -proprietor Del Norte Hotel Bar

Fook, Sang Lung (Chinese) - gen mdse

Forest, James - farmer

Foster, Samuel H. - laborer

Fountain, Joseph - farmer

Fox, Francis - logger

Fox, Michael - stockraiser157 acres

Fox, Samuel - logger

Fox, Wm. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Frantz, John Fred. - blacksmith, wagonmaker, horseshoer

Fraser, Alexander - carpenter

Fraser, Alexander Jr. - laborer160 acres

Fraser, Forrest - logger with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Frazer, John - logger

Freund, Fred A. - constable, painter

Galindo, Juan - miner

Gardner, Charles H. - salesman with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Gates, Perry - laborer

Gay, Franklin B. - hotel

Gee, Hop (Chinese) - gen mdse

George, John B. - packer

George, John T. - stockraiser

Gibbs, Bryan D. - stockraiser

Gillis, James - millhand

Gillis, John - carpenter Lake Earl Mill Co.

Gilmore, James - laborer

Gilsworth, Joseph Mrs. - laundress

Givens, BenjaminW. - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Gordon, David P. - miner

Gordon, John M. - fisherman

Goudy, Hugh A. - carpenter

Graham, Frank - logger

Gravel, Frank - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Graybill, Gabriel - laborer

Greeley, James - logger

Green, Michael proprietor

Grey, Wm. - boilermaker

Griffin, David R. - dairyman 190 acres

Gunning, John - logger

Hall, George- logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Hamilton, Adam R. - laborer

Hamilton & Hammond - stockraisers 20 acres

Hamilton, Wm. - laborerwith Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Hamilton, W. A. - Hamilton & Hammond, Attorney at law, notary public, real estate agent

Hammond, Everet S. - school teacher

Hammond, Thomas J. - Hamilton & Hammond 157 acres

Hampson, Ira - lumberman

Hand, Jas. - logger with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Hanson, H. - miner

Hargraves, S. Mrs. - real estate

Harris, Geo. - miner

Hart, W. H. H. - O. M. Paris & Co.

Harvey, A. H.- laborer160 acres

Harvey, Henry A. - seaman

Harvey, Michael - miner

Haun, Charles - dairy

Hayes, E. G. - dairyman 526 acres

Hayes, James - logger 30 acres

Hazeltine, F. P. - stockraiser350 acres

Healy, Michael - laborer

Healey, Thomas - laborer

Hendershott, Seth B. - foreman with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Hickok, Henry - miner

Hickok, Henry Jr. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Hickson, R. W. - logger with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Hicock, Harry - Nickerson & Hicock 120 acres

Hillman, George - lumberman

Hobbs, J. K. C. - Hobbs, Wall & Co. res San Francisco

Hobbs Wall & Co. - gen msde, lumber, box manufacturer,proprietors Elk River Mills (HumboldtCo.) agents Crescent City Transportation Co., San Francisco office 314 Spear

Hodgkins, Wm. - stablekeeper, horsetrainer 320 acres

Holcomb, Phineas D. - farmer

Holton, Ira E. B. - laborer

Hooper, Albert - stockraiser240 acres

Houn, Charles - dairyman

Howell A. J. - logger

Howell, Edward - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co

Howell, Jefferson D. - logger

Howland, Eli - dairyman 477 acres

Howland, Frank - dairyman

Hubbell, Henry - compositor Del Norte Record

Huey, David - laborer

Hughes, Charles E. - Sheriff Del Norte County

Hughes, James - druggist, agothecary

Hughes, Robert - druggist

Hunter, Nancy - widow

Isle, James - stockraiser

Jackson, Geo. H. - logger

Jackson, James - logger with Lake Earl Mill Co.

Jackson, Lemuel - laborer

Jacobus, Alexander M. - saloon

Jansen, Andrew - shipcarpenter

Jeanneting, Benjamin - millman

Jeffrey, John H. - Lighthouse keeper

Jenkins, Robert J. - Woodbury & Jenkins, deputy Sheriff

Jeter, Lewis - hostler with R. S. McLellan

Jeter, Martin - packer 160 acres

Jeter, William H. - County Superintendent Pub. Schools, deputy County Clerk

Johnson, Andrew - 160 acres

Johnson, Geo. - laborer

Johnson, James K. - Johnson & Malone 160 acres

Johnson & Malone - Crescent City Wharf & Lighter Co.

Jones, Charles - teamster

Jones, Cyrus - laborer

Jones, George - dairyman 144 acres

Jones, M. V. Mrs. - widow

Jones, Quincy A. - stockraiser

Jones, W. L. - laborer

Joyce, John T. - teamster

Joyce, Thomas - teamster with Hobbs, Wall & Co

Kause, John - laborer Lake Earl Mill Co.

Kearney, John - carpenter

Keely, Robert - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co

Keller, Geo. - planer Lake Earl Mill Co. 160 acres

Keller, Wm. A. - laborer

Kelley, Thomas - laborer

Kelley, Wm. J. - laborer

Kelly, David - sawyer

Kelly, Thomas - millman

Kerrigan, Michael - millman

Kinzie, J. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co

Kissling, Rose Mrs. - school teacher

Kleine, -- - lumber dealer

Knox, Franklin - physican

Knox, Richard G. - attorney at law

Kruger, Jacob - laborer

Lach, Carl D. - barber

Lach, Charles - tailor

Lake Earl Mill Co. - Jacob Wenger president andsuperintendent, J. Wenger Jr. secretary

Larsson, Charles - bootmaker

Larsson, Charles G. - laborer

LeClair, George - logger 160 acres

Lemay, Adolphus - sawyer with Hobbs, Wall & Co

Lewis, Alexander - bartender with Henry Swords

Lewis, George - laborer

Lewis, J. C. - Early & Lewis

Livingston, William T. - bookkeeper with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Lockwood, Lewis J. - millman

Lou, Nannie Miss - waiter with Geo. H. Russell

Luby, John C. - engineer

Lutz, George J. - laborer

Lynch, John - stockraiser150 acres

Magruder, E. L. - foreman with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Magruder, E. N. - saw filer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Magruder, Theopolis R. - farmer

Magruder, Walter S. - laborer

Mains, John - miner

Malone, John Jr. - clerk

Malone, John - Johnson & Malone,capitalist 1260 acres

Marhoffer, Charles

Marhoffer, George - laborer with Joseph Marhoffer

Marhoffer, Jacob - Marhoffer & Wall, mgr with Hobbs, Wall & Co., lumber claims, store 160a

Marhoffer, Joseph - brewery 336 acres

Marhoffer, Joseph E. - brewer with Joseph Marhoffer

Marhoffer & Wall - timber claim 320 acres

Marlette, George H. - teamster

Mason, Emma Mrs.

Mason, William B. - printer

Maxwell, Hugh - millman

Mayer, Gottlieb - Parks & Mayer

Mayne, Bessie J. Miss - principal public school

McCamon, Charles - laborer

McCarty, John - laborer

McCauley, Mary Miss - public school teacher

McCreesh & Bomhoff - butchers

McCreesh, Bernard - McCreesh & Bomhoff

McDonald, John A. - teamster

McDonald, William R. - logger

McFadden, Peter - laborer

McGarvey, James - laborer

McGrain, Peter - logger with Lake Earl Mill Co.

McGrath, C. C. Rev. - pastor R. C. Church

McKee, William - miner

McKeen, Bunch - logger 160 acres

McLaughlin, Bros. - dairymen 1229 acres

McLaughlin, Cornelius - McLaughlin, Bros.

McLaughlin, Eugene T. - dairyman

McLaughlin, John - dairyman

McLaughlin, John Jr. - saloon

McLaughlin, Thomas - McLaughlin, Bros.

McLaren, Lannes M. - manufacturer, dealer, boots, shoes, leather, bindings

McLellan, R. S. - livery stable, stockraiser297 acres

McMahon, Frank - logger

McMurray, Milton - druggs & fancy goods

McNamara, N. Mrs. - 150 acres

McNamara, Nicholas -proprietor American Hotel

McNamara, Thomas F. - Emetsberg & McNamara

McNulty, James - teamster160 acres

McPail, Daniel - millman

McVay, Nathan - bartender with Thomas Duffy

Meklensek, J. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Meldeson, John P. - laborer

Mellon, James - lumberman

Mellon, John - logger

Mellon, William- laborer

Melson, R. S. - stockraiser160 acres

Mendez, Jose - packer

Mendez, E. Mrs. - laundress

Merillion, R. P. - secretary Crescent City Wharf & Dock Co., Crescent City Trans. Co.

Michner, Maxwell W. - carpenter

Miller, Edward B. - laborer

Miller, George A. - carpenter

Miller, George W. - laborer

Miller, John - stockraiser, dairyman 560 acres

Miller, J. M. - stockraiser

Miller, Robert W. - attorney at law, notary public

Mitscher, William - carpenter

Moody, Charles D. - stoves, tinware

Mooney, Thomas - blacksmith, wagonmaker

Moore, Edwin - public school teacher

Moore, Henry - farmer

Moore, William H. - engineer Lake Earl Mill Co. 80 acres

Moorhead, Alonzo - laborer

Moorhead, J. S. - logger

Moorhead, Lon - butcher with McCreesh & Bomhoff

Morris, Wolf - Wolf Morris & Co.

Morris, Wolf & Co. - gen mdse, furniture, crockery, carpets, imported wines & liquors

Morrill, George F. - lumberman

Morscher, John - farmer 80 acres

Morscher, Peter - farmer 80 acres

Morse, John B. - miner

Mountaineer Gold Mining Co. - O. M. Paris & Co.proprietors

Mulkey, Patrick H. - farmer

Mulianphy, Dennis G. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Murphy, Edward - stockraiser160 acres

Murphy, E. Mrs. - widow

Murphy, James E. - Superior Judge

Murphy, Mary A. - widow, boarding

Murray, Charles F. - lumber contractor Lake Earl Mill Co.

Murray, John - saloon160 acres

Negler, J. H. - dairyman 1159 acres

Neil, A. J. - bartender 160 acres

Nelson, Charles - wharfinger 160 acres

Nelson, Newton E. - miner267 acres

New Restaurant - G. H. Russellproprietor

Nicaise, Charles - laborer

Nichols, Lucius B. - farmer

Nickel, John R. - County Supervisor 4th District, farmer 914 acres

Nickelson, William Jr. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Nickerson, Cornelius G. - Nickerson & Hicock

Nickerson & Hicock - 200 acres

Nickerson, Nicholas - miner, farmer

Nichols, Isaac W. N. - farmer

Norris, Wm. - packer

O'Brien, M. - stockraiser160 acres

O'Leary, Jeremiah - logger

Olsen, Olof - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Overmeyer, R. P. - foreman logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Overmeyer, R. P. Mrs. - restaurant

Palace Saloon - James Duffyproprietor

Palm, William- saloon keeper

Palmer, William- dairyman 150 acres

Paris, O. M. - O. M. Paris & Co.

Paris, O. M. & Co. -proprietorsMountaineer Gold Mining Co.

Parks, Archibald - logger 160 acres

Parks, David - Parks & Mayer

Parks & Mayer - saloon

Patten, Thomas J. - farmer

Patterson, Charles E. - carpenter, builder

Patty, Talbot W. - laborer

Patty, T. W. Mrs.- millinery & fancy goods

Pawpaw, John - blacksmith

Peacock, George - stockraiser211 acres

Peacock, Harry - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Peacock, Nicholas - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Peacock, Peter - logger

Perkins, Hiram - miner

Perry, J. H. - miner

Perry, Manly F. - fisherman

Peterson, Edward - teamster

Peveler, Peter H. - County Clerk, ex-offico Auditor, Recorder

Pfeiffer, Charles H. - gen mdse

Pfeiffer, Henry - clerk with C. H. Pfeiffer

Phelan, John - logger

Pilgrim, H. K. - stockraiser

Plaisted, William- logger Lake Earl Mill Co. 160 acres

Pomeroy, Harmon - millman

Pomeroy, James D. - millman

Post Office - William H. Woodbury Postmaster

Poteete, M. W. - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Pratt, F. H.

Pratt, Frederick H. Jr. - painter

Purdy, William - blacksmith

Ragen, James - laborer

Rasmuessen, Peter - millman160 acres

Reed, John - laborer

Reekman, Nicholas - dairyman 160 acres

Reimell, Jacob - butcher

Rice, Daniel - clerk

Rice, Drury W. - salesman with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Rice, Hiram - miner

Richard, John M. - clerk with Woodbury & Jenkins

Richard, Leonora Miss - school teacher

Richard, Mariana - widow

Richardson, George - carpenter40 acres

Richert,George - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Richert, John - 160 acres

Richert, J. C. Mrs. - widow

Richert, John M. - printer

Rickerson, George R. - millman

Ring, C. A. Mrs. - teacher

Roberts, Frank - laborer

Robertson, John W. - physican

Roinson, Robert - dairyman

Roman Catholic Church - Rev. C. C. McGrath pastor

Roseborough, A. M. - W. A. Hamilton agent

Rothzall, Henry - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Roy, George G. - farmer 260 acres

Russell, -- - logger

Russell, George H. -proprietor New Restaurant

Sachs, Chris. - millman160 acres

Sageser, G. - painter

Sageser, John C. - farmer

Sack, Henry C. - mechanic

Sanderson, J. - O. M. Paris & Co., res San Francisco

Sartwell, Dugald S. - watchmaker, jeweler, lapidary 80 acres

Sartwell, George - printer

Sartwell, James - laborer

Sass, Henry E. - laborer

Saville & Darby - stockraisers, dairymen

Savoy, David - logger

Schallot, Frederick - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Scholl, William - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Schroeder, Otto - butcher with Emetsberg & McNamara

Schwartz, Louis - blacksmith with John F. Frantz

Scott, Patrick - woodsman

Sears, Fred. - logger

Sears, Henry - logger

Sears, Horace S. - logger

Sears, Lincoln - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Seligman, Frank - Wolf Morris & Co., res San Francisco

Seligman, Solomon G. - clerk with Wolf Morris & Co.

Sevoy, David - logger160 acres

Sheehan, John - farmer

Shields, Robert - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Shipman, David E. -proprietor Willow Saloon

Shipman, David I. - laborer

Shivers, George H. - laborer

Shivers, Henry - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Siebenthal, William von - dairyman

Silleck, Edward T. - plasterer, brickmason

Simmons, George W. - engineer

Simpson, A. M. & Co. -proprietors Crescent City Mill & Transportation Co.

Smith, Alexander - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Smith, Daniel W. - laborer

Smith, Edwin W. - dairyman

Smith, George - farmer

Smith, M. V. Mrs. - dairy

Smith, Patrick - miner

Smith, Peter - laborer

Southworth, Daniel - laborer

Southworth, John - saloonkeeper

Spellman, James - logger with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Stalder, Hiram H. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Stammer, Henry - carpenter

Stanton, Thomas - logger

Steele, E. D. - shinglemaker 160 acres

Steele, G. W. - logger160 acres

Steiger, Chris. - dairyman 200 acres

Stein, J. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

St.May, Lewis - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Stone, Hannah Mrs. - widow

Stone, Marsena P. - laborer

Stone, W. R. - 160 acres

Strain Bros. - dairymen

Strain, Henry F. - dairyman

Strain, William - Strain Bros.

Strain, Winfield - Strain Bros.

Straub, Edward - barber shop

Straub, Edward Mrs. - millinery, variety store

Stroud, Charles C. - teamster

Sullivan, Patrick - miner40 acres

Sullivan, Thomas - laborer

Swensen, T. P. - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Swords, Henry - saloon

Tack, George W. - County Treasurer

Tack George W. Jr. - freight clerk

Tack, Nicholas - with N. Tack Jr.

Tack, Nicholas Jr. - saloon

Taggart, William - stockraiser160 acres

Taylor, Thomas - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Taylor, William - stockraiser80 acres

Teran, Jose - packer 160 acres

Theado, Henry - carpenter

Theilacker, Frederika Mrs. - bakery, groceries, varieties

Theilacker, William - clerk with Mrs. F. Theilacker

Thomas, Henry H. A. - carpenter

Thorley, samuel W. - carpenter with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Tobin, William - saddler

Tonini, Julius - dairyman

Tracy, William W. - carpenter

Trefathem, Charles A. - teamster

Tryon, George E. - dairyman 880 acres

Tryon, John M. - dairyman 320 acres

Tryon, William - teamster with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Tucker, George - millman160 acres

Tucker, George W. - laborer

Tucker, Lillie Miss - teacher public school

Tucker, M. G. - Burtschell & Tucker

Turpin, Hamilton C. - farmer

Tyler, Justin S. - mail carrier

Tyson Chrome Co. - mining, J. Wenger agent 96 acres

Union Copper Co. - Jacob Wenger agent 99 acres

Valentine E. Mrs. - widow

VanDyke, Charles - logger, shoemaker

VanPelt, Robert - laborer

Vonach, Barney - logger

VonRutz, Joseph - laborer with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Vorlander, Ewald - tanner, Supervisor 1st District

Wagner, Charles - millman160 acres

Wall, Joseph A. - salesman with Hobbs, Wall & Co.

Wall, Joseph G. - Hobbs, Wall & Co., president Crescent City Transportation Co.

Wall, William E. - clerk with L. F. Cooper

Wallace, John - W. A. Hamilton agent 40 acres

Walton, George - dairyman, farmer 370 acres

Watson, William B. - wagonmaker 10 acres

Weber, John - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Wench, Raymond - millman20 acres

Wenger, Charles - sash sawyer Lake Earl Mill Co. 160 acres

Wenger, Frank - head trimmer Lake Earl Mill Co. 160 acres

Wenger, Jacob - J. Wenger & Co., president Lake Earl Mill Co. 80 acres

Wenger, Jacob Jr. - bookkeeper with J. Wenger & Co., secretary Lake Earl Mill Co.

Wenger J. & Co. - gen msde2296 acres

Wenger, Joseph F. - clerk

West, Benjamin - saloon

West, Edward - bartender with Benjamin West

Whalen, John - fireman

White, Allen - laborer

White, Silas - compositor, stockraiser 160 acres

White, Theodore - R. S. McLellan agent 706 acres

Willow Saloon - David E. Shipmanproprietor

Wilson, Charles - teamster, stockraiser

Wilson, Flemon W. - laborer

Wilson, I. V.- millman

Wilson, J. J. - watchmaker, jeweler

Wilson, John S. - laborer

Wilson, Samuel S. - packer 160 acres

Winiford, William - carpenter

Winnie, Albert B. - miner

Winters, Reuben - carpenter

Woelfel, H. B. - watchmaker, jeweler, dealer in watches & jewelry

Wood, William - packer 160 acres

Woodbury & Jenkins - groceries, varieties, newsdealers

Woodbury, William H. - Woodbury & Jenkins, postmaster, County Assessor 160 acres

Woodruff, Ernest L. - compositor Del Norte Record

Woods, William - laborer

Work, Edward - logger

Worth, Thomas - clerk

Wright, Edward C. - farmer

Wurf, Henry - watchman Lake Earl Mill Co.

Yarber, Howard M. - logger Lake Earl Mill Co.

Yates, Ed. -proprietor Del Norte Hotel 160 acres

Youmans, Samuel T. - farmer 120 acres

Younker, Joseph - dairy 185 acres

Younker, Joseph Jr. - logger

Young, John - laborer

Zimmer, Henry - cook Bay Hotel

Zoerb, Fred. - millman

FORT DICK (See Smith River)


A small post office town, nineteen miles northeast of Crescent City, in Smith River Valley.The principal industry is lumbering.

Bonnaz, Laurent - miner

Brito, Gregorio - miner

Cook, George - 20 acres

Edwards, John - miner

Frank, Antone - laborer

Gasquet, Horace - stockraiser, Co. Supervisor 5th District, superintendent Siskiyou Mining Co. 298 acres

Moller, Paul - farmer

Morras, Ferdinand - laborer

O'Brien, Michael - miner

Richards, William W. - miner

Siskiyou Mining Co. - Horace Gasquet superintendent 400 acres

Southworth, John - miner

Tack, Nicholas - hotel keeper

Temple, George B. - miner

Torrejon, Jose - miner


A post office, situated ninety miles east of Crescent City, on Indian Creek, near the Klamath River.Happy Camp is the oldest settlement in the county, having been established in 1852 by a roving party of characteristic "Forty-niners", who, although much annoyed by Indians, developed the most important gold mines of the county.Between sixty and eighty miners are at present engaged in the neighborhood and steadily earn reasonably good wages.The several business houses of the Camp do a thriving trade.All goods for the Camp are packed from Crescent City on mules, at a good round rate for freight, which only high "pay dirt" would stand.

Ball, Stephen H. - miner5 acres

Barnett, Elmer - 36 acres

Barney, DeWitt C. - miner, Constable

Barre, John W. - miner

Barry, B. C.

Benjamin, James - miner

Buchanan, William G. - miner

Buzzi, James - miner10 acres

Cade, Isaac E. - Constable & Deputy Sheriff

Camp, George D. - school teacher

Camp, J & Co. - gen msde 83 acres

Camp, James - J. Camp & Co.

Chaney, Matthew C. - miner

Chester, Henry C. - miner20 acres

Chiles, John W. - miner10 acres

Clifford, Timothy - miner5 acres

Colby, Stephen S. - Justice of the Peace,miner20 acres

Conway, Timothy - miner

Coyle, John - miner

Crumpton, George H. - miner

Cuddihy, Charles - miner

Cuddihy, David - laborer

Cuddihy, Martin - merchant

Cutler, Benjamin F. - miner40 acres

Del Norte Gold Mining Co. - S. S. Richardsonsuperintendent 243 acres

Demmick, George - miner

Dodge, Abiel - packer

Doolittle, Albert - lumberman

Doolittle, M. Mrs. - 209 acres

Douglass, John - miner

Dover, Andrew J. - laborer

Drachenfels, Gregor V. - miner

Drachenfels - See also Von Drachenfels

Dunlay, John- miner

Effman, Daniel - miner

Effman, John - miner20 acres

Evans, David R. - miner

Evans, James A. - farmer

Evans, J. E.- 160 acres

Evans, Nathan D. - stockraiser

Evans, William L. - miner

Ferguson, Moses A. - farmer 160 acres

Field, James A. - miner

Foley, Richard J. - miner

Foley, Thomas - laborer

Frazier, Job - miner

Fritts, John - miner20 acres

Gibson, John - miner

Gordon, Cornelius - Justice of the Peace

Haley, Henry - farmer 40 acres

Haney, John - miner

Harkins, John - miner

Hendrickson, Isaac - miner20 acres

Hendrickson, Willis S. - engineer

Heney & Hillman - 40 acres

Henrickson, Anton - miner

Hoadley, Elias A. - miner

Howard, S. C. - 10 acres

Hughes, William B. - mechanic

Ince, John - farmer 100 acres

Johnson, Charles - miner

Jones, T. J. Mrs. - 40 acres

Jordan, Robert S. - miner

Jordan, Theodore

Kerr & Dodge

Kerr, J. W. - 40 acres

Kinsey, Samuel H. - laborer

Lain, David - carpenter60 acres

Lain, Joseph C. - packer

Lain, William R. - miner

Lane & Gordon - 147 acres

Lane, Jerry - 40 acres

Lewis, Martin S. - farmer

Long, George - miner

Lukins, Levi - miner

Matticks, Samuel - 20 acres

Merry, Owen - miner

Moore, Wm. A. J. - 80 acres

Newkirk, George W. - miner

Nielson, Frederick H. - carpenter

Ottley, Thomas - shoemaker

Pierce, Frank - packer

Quong, Hong Chung - Chinese merchandise

Reeve, Charles T. - trader

Reeves, Mrs. - 663 acres

Reeves, Joseph - 179 acres

Richardson, Samuel S. -superintendent Del Norte Mining Co. 142 acres

Roberts, Thomas - teamster

Rodgers, Benjamin H. - laborer

Rowland, Thomas J. - 63 acres

Russell, Marshall - miner

Scharon, Henry - miner

Seif, Michael - 20 acres

Smith, R. C. - 160 acres

Smith, Thomas B. - farmer

Snedden, Joseph - miner

Southward, Charles C. - miner

Spees, John W. - miner

Swan, Charles J. - farmer

Swearinger, B. - 160 acres

Taylor, James - miner

Taylor, William C. - miner

Temple, George - 768 acres

Titus, John - trader

Veazie, Charles J. - miner

VonDrachenfels, Geo. - 49 acres

Whittiker, John

Whittiker & Lewis

Williamson, William - 20 acres

Wolf, H. M.

LINCOLN POINT (See Crescent City)


PINE GROVE (See Crescent City)

REQUA (See Crescent City)


A post office town situated on Smith River, three miles from its estuary and twelve miles by wagon road, through a densely wooded belt, from Crescent City.The Jacksonville Stage Line's route passes through this place.The town has a bright and bustling appearance, without the incomplete air of many new places.All the residences and business houses are tastily finished and of solid construction.The town depends upon the extensive farming, dairying, stockraising, lumber manufacturing and salmon fishing pursuits of the neighborhood, and has a large, active and well to do population contributory to it.This valley, in fact, is the only important pastoral region of the county, and from it comes all of the surplus farm and dairy produce.As the several industries of the valley are developed Smith River may be expected to grow in population and wealth.The Del Norte Commercial Co. (R. D. Hume, President) operate the largest lumber manufacturing business of this section.Their mill on the river is of large capacity and is connected with the lumber camps by a railroad three and a half miles in length, over which runs a locomotive and substantial rolling stock.Ocean vessels, schooners and small steamers make landings at the mill's wharf and carry lumber to various ports.The improvement of the Smith River entrance is being urged, that vessels may come in at all seasons.Two smaller mills are operated by Bailey Brothers and Wicktor Ohlson, respectively, and the town also boasts a shingle and flouring mill.The business houses of Smith River consist of two hotels, a livery stable, two general stores, a drug store, a blacksmith and machine shop, a barber shop, a watchmaker's shop, jewelry store and a complete millinery establishment.These, with three saloons and several cooper's shops in the neighborhood, make up the list.Business seems to be brisk and finances appear easy with all the branches of trade, and some extensions and improvements are under way and in contemplation.Besides the Jacksonville Stage which touches at Smith River, going each way three times a week, there is a daily stage connection with Crescent City.A stay at "The Corners" - another name for Smith River - is agreeably provided for by the conveniences of the Valley House, conducted by Mr. McVay.

Adams, Benjamin G. - laborer160 acres

Allen, Wright - farmer 120 acres

Alta Copper Mining Co. - W. H. Woodbury agent

Anthony, J. G. - flour miller, farmer 270 acres

Appleton, - Rev. - pastor M. E. Church

Armington, Maria Mrs. - capitalist

Aurndal, Grant - millhand

Ayers, Nathan - laborer

Bailey Bros. - dairymen 870 acres

Bailey, John D. - Bailey Bros.

Bailey, William C. - Bailey Bros.

Barneburg, Aaron - blacksmith with James Trimble

Bean, Thomas - farmer

Beardsley, William H. - sawfiler

Becksted, Alonzo - hostler

Becksted, James L. - farmer 188 acres

Bergen, John - stonecutter

Bledsoe, Anthony - blacksmith

Bond, George W. - millman

Bomhoff, John - D. Haight & Co. 520 acres

Bowland, Ned - millhand

Breen, John - cooper

Bressler, John H. - watchmaker, jeweler

Brooking, James -proprietor hotel, postmaster, justice of the peace, notary public, agent Del Norte L. & L. Co.

Brooking, Walter - laborer160 acres

Brooks, Edw. S. - teacher 160 acres

Campbell, A. J. - carpenter

Campbell, Andrew B. - farmer

Campbell, Bernard - dairyman

Campbell, John - dairyman

Campbell, Martin

Campbell, Moses - dairyman

Campbell, Thomas - dairyman

Campbell, William - logger160 acres

Cassarotti, Antonio J. - dairyman

Caughell, Peter - capt. tug Pelican 39 acres

Caughell, William - seaman

Chandler, George W. - president Del Norte L. & L. Co., res Arcata

Chapman, Thomas H. - laborer

Christianson, Samuel - barkeeper with Moore & De Coss

Cook, William - millhand

Costelloe, Peter - Justice of the Peace, school teacher 40 acres

Cowdery, J. H. - millhand

Cowen, Joseph - logger

Crescent City & Smith River Stage Line - daily, H. C. Ransomproprietor

Cress, Edward - ferryman 160 acres

Darby, Thomas J. - bookkeeper

Davis, Alonzo - laborer

Davis, William - driver Crescent City Stage

DeCoss, Lee - Moore & DeCoss

Delevan, James - teamster

Del Norte Commercial Co. - R. D. Hume, president, E. P. Thompson,superintendent, saw mill, lumbermen 1470 acres

Del Norte L. & L. Co. - G. W. Chandler president, James Brooking agent 1364 acres

Deneri, Antonio - dairyman

Dickson, Henry M. - laborer

Digby, Frank - laborer

Dougherty, John - millhand

Duley, West - lumberman

Dyer, Thomas - millhand

Egbert, Jesse S. - miner

Ferris, James - millhand

Finch, Daniel W. - laborer160 acres

Finch, Z. T. - farmer 160 acres

Ford, Thomas - farmer 180 acres

Frame, Franklin P. - constable, deputy sheriff, saloon

Freeman, Butler S. - farmer

Frost, Martin V. B. - farmer

Gandon, Alfred - logger

Gay, Franklin S. - hostler

Germon, A. - shakemill

Gilmore, George - farmer

Goodlin, James - cooper, farmer 180 acres

Graham, Isaac A. - farmer

Graham, Robert M. - farmer

Gram, William - millhand

Green George - dairyman

Greene, Andrew - millhand

Grow, Avery - millhand

Grow, Joseph A. - farmer

Haight, Daniel - D. Haight & Co., farmer 360 acres

Haight, D. & Co. - gen mdse

Haines, Zadock - blacksmith

Hall, James H. - dairyman 160 acres

Hall, Samuel R. - laborer

Halliday, J. S. - clerk Orient & Occident Co.

Haseltine, Freeman P. - farmer

Havens, Frank J. - millhand

Hayes, Ephraim D. - farmer

Henderson, Samuel S. - farmer

Hight, James - farmer 160 acres

Hill, Henry D. - machinist

Hobbs, George H. - machinist

Horrigan, Michael - dairyman 310 acres

Horrigan & White - dairyman

Hume, R. D. - president Del Norte Commercial Co.

Hunt, John W. - carpenter

Hurd, James - millhand

Hursh, Henry J. - laborer

Hursh, James - farmer 480 acres

Kashner, James - wheelwright

Keen, Sylvanus J. - cooper

Kirkham, Charles - laborer160 acres

Kirkham, John - farmer, ferryman 63 acres

Jackson, James - farmer

Janetting, Benjamin - dairyman

Johnson, Peter - cooper 320 acres

Jones, Harriet J. Mrs. - dairy 600 acres

Jones, Philip L. - millhand

Jordan, Wiley B. - farmer

Lacy, Edw. F. - cooper

LaFountain, N. - teamster

Lake, Erb - millhand

Lake, Joseph L. - gen msde 368 acres

Lake, R. W. - clerk with J. L. Lake

Lockwood, Charles F. - saloon

Lockwood, Thomas K. - carpenter

Lockwood, Wm. H. - farmer

Lockwood, Wm. H. Jr. - laborer

Lon, (Indian) - farmer 80 acres

Loring, Frank - logger

Maass, Peter - farmer

Mackinder, John - farmer

Maris, Joseph - dairyman 413 acres

Marsh, Henry - farmer 120 acres

Masters, Irving - millhand

Mathias, Harry - millhand

McAdams, Wm. H. - logger

McIntosh, Wallace - millhand

McKinder, John - bartender 160 acres

McVay, Asa - hostler

McVay, Daniel - laborer160 acres

McVay, James A. J. -proprietor Valley Hotel

McVay, John N. - County Supervisor, Third District

McVay, John N. Jr. - saloonkeeper

McVay, Joseph H. - 320 acres

McVay, Samuel H. - farmer

Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. -- Appleton pastor

Miller, William P. - cooper

Moak, Andrew - millhand

Moore, Ash - millhand

Moore & DeCoss - saloon & billiards

Moore, Fred. - millhand

Moore, J. M. - Moore & DeCoss

Moore, Robert - farmer 160 acres

Moore, Silas A. - Constable

Morrison, Allen - farmer 160 acres

Morrison, Frank - farmer

Morrison, Israel - farmer 340 acres

Morrison, N. H. - farmer 160 acres

Murray, Charles E. - farmer

Newton, Timothy M. - shoemaker

Nickels, Isaac - laborer160 acres

Obershmidt, Frantz W. - farmer

Ohlson, Wicktor - sawmill 320 acres

Orient & Occidental Co. - J. S. Stevenssuperintendent

Otterpohl, Jacob - farmer

Otto, Daniel G. - farmer 160 acres

Otto, Joseph - laborer160 acres

Otto, William H. - butcher

Packard, Riley - millhand

Parks, John - farmer 160 acres

Pedrotti, M. - dairyman 490 acres

Perry, John - millhand

Perry, M. - millhand

Peterson, Peter - seaman

Ransom, H. C. - dairyman, stockraiser, livery stable, stage line to Crescent City 200 acres

Rice, Orville - laborer160 acres

Rigg, A. Mrs. - dairy 120 acres

Rimell, Jacob - farmer

Rines, Albert - logger

Robinson, John W. - carpenter

Robinson, Wm. - stockraiser280 acres

Rodger, John S. - carpenter

Rogers, George A. - barber shop

Rompole, J. - millhand

Roney, Ella E. Miss - school teacher

Roney, Louise G. Miss - school teacher

Rose, W. B. - blacksmith, wagonmaker

Roy, Jasline - dairyman

Russ, A. K. - mail carrier

Russ, J. K. - mail stage contractor

Schandorf, Peter - farmer 160 acres

Shank, Frederick L. - farmer

Simon, Arthur - farmer

Simon, Henry R. - saddler

Skinner, Oliver C. - laborer

Smith, Charles C. - blacksmith with James Trimble

Smith, H. H. - farmer

Smith, Joseph - lumberman

Smith, Robert - lumberman

Spencer, E. Miss - school teacher

Steele, C. H. - shinglemaker 160 acres

Steele, Erasmus D. - farmer

Stevens, J. S. -superintendentOrient & Occidental Co.

Stevens, Leonard H. - stockraiser

Stevens, Wm. S. - superintendent

Stotenburg, Lorenzo D. - miller

Stowers, William Mrs. - millinery, fancy goods

Stowers, W. A. - laborer160 acres

Strain, Winfield S. - laborer

Sutton, Henry A. - farmer

Sutton, Levi - stockraiser160 acres

Sweeney, Robert - laborer

Taggart, William F. - farmer

Tatom, Alfred C. - blacksmith

Taylor, James - manager A. Germon's Shake Mill

Thompson, Arthur - stagedriver

Thompson, Edward P. -superintendent Del Norte Commercial Co.

Thompson, Frederick - logger

Thorwarth, J. F. - physican & surgeon, dealer in drugs, fancy goods

Thrane, Francis - cooper

Thurston, Edw. R. - fish packer

Townsend, Samuel - farmer 160 acres

Trimble, James - blacksmith, wagonmaker

Trimble, M. C. - millhand

Tryon, Charles - dairyman

Tryon, Dennis - dairy 200 acres

Tryon, Frank - farmer 600 acres

Tryon, Wm. D. - dairyman 440 acres

Tyler, Justin S. - stockraiser400 acres

Uhlrich, August - fisherman 160 acres

Valley Hotel - J. A. J. McVayproprietor

Vandervort, William - carpenter, painter, paperhanger, undertaker

Waggle, Thomas - barkeeper with Frank Frame

Waggle, William - laborer

Wallace, Benjamin F. - carpenter

Wallace, Oliver V. - carpenter

Walsh, Michael - logger

Watson, W. - millhand

Wentz, James P. - saloon160 acres

Westbrook, Henry - dairyman 1359 acres

Westbrook, William - dairyman 420 acres

White, John - farmer

White, Leonard - capitalist 3 acres

Whitesides, David - milkman

Wimer J. & Sons - 160 acres

Winton, Alonzo - farmer

Winton, Charles - millhand

Winton, Samuel - farmer 120 acres

Winton, Thomas - farmer

Woodruff, Clarence - dairyman

Woodruff, Curtis - dairyman 320 acres

Woodside, William H. - logger

Woodward, Ed. - logger80 acres

Wright, David - farmer

Warbrough, David A. - logger

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