Samuel B. Pelton

Samuel B. Pelton, of Green Valley, was born in the State of Massachusetts, on the 3rd day of November, 1801. In the East he was a farmer and carpenter. He followed his two oldest sons, Sylvester W. and Aylmer to California in 1854 and engaged in mining. He erected the Rising Sun House, now the property of John Carre, in which he kept a public house for many years. He is a man of strong will and great perseverance, and possessed of an enduring constitution. He is yet in sound mind and body at the advanced age of 82 years and his wife, Mrs. Margaret Pelton at 78 years. They reared a family of thirteen children, ten of whom are yet living. Mrs. Pelton was a native of Vermont. They have for several years made their home with Mrs. Louisa M. Wing, a daughter, who resides on the Coloma and Folsom road, she is the widow of the later John Wing, and the possessor of the place known as "Wing's store," a voting precinct, where she keeps a public house, well and popularly known by all who travel that way. Mrs. Wing came from Canada to California in 1862, with her mother, to join the husband and father who had preceded them nine years. In about ten months after her arrival, she was united in marriage to John Wing, the event was solemnized on the 21st day of October, 1863. Mrs. Wing was born on the 8th day of August, 1842. Through the sad and sudden demise of her husband which occurred Dec. 8, 1876, she was left the sole protector and supporter of a family of six children, viz: George B., born January 1, 1865, Emma A., born June 10, 1866, James B., born Sept. 3, 1867, Tillie A., born March 24, 1869, Lottie M., born June 24, 1872, and Leonard E., born January 18, 1874.

The History of El Dorado County, California by P. Sioli, page 261

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