William Hotchkiss

william h hotchkiss

William Hotchkiss, pioneer resident of the Georgetown area, operated with his wife, Elizabeth, a roadside inn on that part of Hotchkiss Hill later opened by Jess A. Loth. The Hotchkiss's were parents of two sons, Clarence and Philo Hotchkiss and three daughters, Mattie Hotchkiss, Georgia Hotchkiss Knox and Irene H. Irish. Clarence D. Hotchkiss (b. April 1, 1856) learned the watch repair and jeweler's trade and for many years followed this line of work at Georgetown. He also operated the Co-Operative Union Store in the old stone building opposite the Odd Fellows Hall for several years. In later years Clarence Hotchkiss spent his summers at McKinney's on Lake Tahoe where he built and operated a gasoline launch. He died in March, 1934.

Georgetown, Pride of the Mountains by Leonard M. Davis and Sheryl Rambeau, page A17

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