Watt's Baby

The Mountain Democrat

December 03, 1904, Page 1, Column 4

A Distressing Accident-Last Wednesday morning an alarm of fire was sent in from the Sanatorium on Coloma street, and attention was directed to the room of Dr. Fred Watt and wife from which smoke and flames were soon issuing. The firemen were soon on the ground and had the fire under control, but the cruel flames had destroyed something more precious than houses and lands, and which neither they nor the full corps of physicians could save. Dr. and Mrs. Watt had gone down to breakfast leaving their little son in the room, and whether the stove which is an airtight heater exploded and sent the coals out, or whether it was from the pipe igniting the paper, does not seem to be definitely known, but it is more than enough for the heart-broken parents to know that they were too late to save their baby, whose tender body was so seriously burned, and with this, the smoke it must have inhaled was sufficient to cause its death; its little life going out about 3:30 p.m. on the same afternoon. The baby was but fourteen months old and a bright interesting boy. Dr. and Mrs. Watt took their precious burden to Berkeley where Mrs. Watt's mother lives and where the funeral will be held. Though they are comparative strangers here they have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.

Submitted by: Jennifer Regan

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