Clarksville (Old Mormon Tavern) Cemetery,

Written by Beth Knowles Pany

Clarksville History

The Clarksville/Mormon Tavern Cemetery dates from the establishment of the old Mormon Tavern on the original Sacramento-Placerville freight and stage roads. The earliest date associated with the Tavern is the late 1840s; an historical marker telling of it is placed on the little road to the cemetery near the PG&E substation. The Tavern was allegedly begun by a Mormon named Mr. Morgan, but in the 1850 census it was owned by another Mormon, Asahel Lathrop. Lathrop was one of the first pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847; he later continued on to California. The original Tavern was remodeled for use as a family home by the Joergers in the late 1800s and was burned down in the late 1960s to make way for the contruction of Highway 50. There are photos showing the original Tavern, some taken from the cemetery.

El Dorado County Early Cemeteries

Within El Dorado County, most early cemeteries were associated with the inns and taverns on the original old freight and/or passenger routes from Sacramento to the gold country, and then later to the silver mines in Nevada. Today's Highway 50 cuts through the hill at the actual site of the Mormon Tavern, but the cemetery remains at the former elevation and overlooks the present Town Center at the El Dorado Hills/Latrobe Road exit. Just to the east is where the little town of Clarksville formerly thrived. In the close vicinity were several other inns and taverns (and their accompanying cemeteries) - Railroad House, at Clarksville (whose cemetery is now claimed by the Jess Tong family); Metropolitan House (Richmond/Hall Cemetery near White Rock Road/Silva Valley Parkway; the Halfway House (Sacramento County); White Rock Station, etc. During the first years of California's gold rush, this area was heavily traveled by teamsters and immigrants alike.

Notable County Pioneers

Within Clarksville/Mormon Tavern Cemetery, which is described in probate records as a Public Cemetery, but now is shut off from public access, are buried one of the two brothers for whom Clarksville was named. Luther Brown Clark died October 1, 1875, and was "buried in the old Mormon Tavern cemetery.". Also known to be buried in the cemetery is Lewis Holdridge, an 1850 pioneer who owned the Duroc Hotel near Cameron Park. Mr. Holdridge died January 9, 1876 and was "conveyed to his last resting place at the Mormon Tavern Cemetery" on January 11th. Most of the people buried at Clarksville were from the eastern U. S. or overseas, Gold Rush emigrants, but there are also many of the early California-born residents.

Perhaps the most important person interred here is Samuel E. Kyburz, who came to California with his parents, Samuel and Rebecca Kyburz, in 1846. They had originally been members of the Donner Party, but separated near what is now Salt Lake City and arrived in California before the winter snows halted the rest of the party. Father Samuel was an associate of John Sutter for many years. Other members of this family are also interred in the Clarksville family plot.

You Can Help

The County Board of Supervisors is being petitioned to regain control of this cemetery, properly maintain it, and make access possible for descendants of those buried here, as well as the general public.

Further Information

A small book compiled by will be published soon which lists the full inscriptions on the remaining tombstones, a map of the area, and some stories and historical data on the cemetery "occupants" as gleaned from contemporary newspaper accounts and public records, as well as family stories.

Beth Pany

Note 1

All occupants so far identified are listed, based upon the research of the El Dorado County Pioneer Cemeteries Commission, personal recollections and family history of John N. Wilson, and miscellaneous other early records, including obituaries, probate records, newspaper abstracts, El Dorado County Historical Museum files, etc.. Noted is whether a site is an unmarked grave - either "probable" or "documented". Dates prefaced by a "ca." indicates at least one other date was known and allowed computation.

Note 2

The Willets children have been located at St. John the Baptist Cemetery in Folsom (by tombstone). This information was discovered after Beth Pany's book went to publication.


Information supplied by Sue Silver


Cholera Deaths

JOHNSON, James (Grave unmarked)

Died Oct. 19, 1850

A Doctor's Gold Rush Journey to California; P. 308; 

Entry for Thursday, Oct. 31, 1850: Very foggy this morning. The cholera does not abate yet, though half the population is gone. On the 19th inst. Levi C. Caldridge of DuPage Co., died at Hangtown, and James Johnson, of Naperville, at Mormon Tavern. He and Dr. Torrey are buried side by side.

TORREY, Dr. (Grave unmarked)

Died Oct. 29, 1850

Buried Oct. 29, 1850

A Doctor's Gold Rush Journey to California; P. 306, 

Entry for Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1850: At one p.m. word came down that Dr. Torrey had the cholera at Mormon Tavern, 33 miles out on the Hangtown road, where he had gone to see Wm. Root, of Elgin, sick of dysentery. At quarter past one, I left to see him, and am now "en route" up the American River.

Mormon Tavern, six o'clock p.m. Dr. Torrey died at one o'clock today. I have hardly spirit left to write it, and I have been here more than an hour. Oh! what an amount of misery, suffering, anguish, heart-breaking and crime this California humbug poured upon the world! It is a deluge of moral and physcial evil....

I find Root convalescent. A. Root, Hiram Cutting, Wm. Thompson, Isaac Wanzer, and Wm. J. Root of Elgin and Wm. Jones of Naperville are here. Jones was the doctor's nurse though Mr. Goodwin, of Will co., was with him part of the time. Jones, Wanzer, Thompson and Wm. J. Root, were present and assisted at his [Dr. Torrey's] burial. Cutting is sick. Thompson unwell. Cloudy and cool all day.

(Univ. of Nebraska Press; 1999; Israel Shipman Pelton Lord; Edited by Necia Dixon Liles)


Ball, Maria Elizabeth Kyburz, b. unk., d.unk (probable but unmarked), 

25 Dec 1866 to Edwin Ball

Beffa, Geremia, b. ca. 3 Feb 1880, d. 26 Feb 1880, Switzerland

Black, Ellen J., b. ca. 9 Sep 1864, d. 19 Jun 1867, 2y 10m 10d.

Black, Infant, b. ca. Mar 1864, d. 12 Mar 1864

Black, James, b. ca. 1824, Sweden, d. 6 Feb 1871, 

     (documented but unmarked),accident

Black, Oliver J. , b. ca. Feb 1862, d. 6 Aug 1867

Black, Sarah Ann (Mrs.), b. ca 1843, d. 22 Jun 1869, (probable but unmarked)

Bounholder, Mr., b. ca. 1817, d. Jan 1894, (documented but unmarked)

Bristow, Marjorie Wilson, b. 21 Oct 1921, d. 5 Mar 1978, 

     dau of Geo. F. & Myrtle Wilson

Carson, James, b. ca. 1796, d. Oct 1873. Vet, War of 1812?, 

     (probable but unmarked)

Carsten, George T., b. 11 Nov 1813, Prussia, d. 27 Jan 1891

Carsten, Marie, b. 6 Feb 1814, Sweden, d. 5 Feb 1901

Chaney/Chance/Schance, Anton , b. ca. 1812?, Baden, Germany, d. Apr 1870,

     (probable but unmarked), suicide

Chappel, Richard, b. ca. 1811, Yorkshire, England, d. 16 Apr 1868

Christison, John, b. ca. 1795, KY, d. 15 Jan 1870, (probable but unmarked)

Clark, Abigale, b. ca. 1775, NY, d. 20 Sep 1860, mother of D. P. Clark

Clark, Harriet I., b. ca. 1818, NY, d. 22 Feb 1863, wife of D. P. Clark

Clark, Luther Brown, b. ca. 1824, MI, d. 1 Oct 1875, 

     (documented but unmarked)

Davidson, Mrs. M. A., b. 1846, IL, d. 1915, 

     dau of Ira A. and Eliza J. Wilson Fisk

Donahue, Ada, b. ca 1860, d. Jul 1877, (documented but unmarked)

Donahue, George, b. unk, d. May 1891

Donahue, Mrs., b. unk, d. 9 Jan 1902, (probable but unmarked)

Donahue, Theresa, b. unk, d. unk (poss. d. 11 Mar 1871 "Tessa Donehew")

Douglass, Martin, b. ca. Jan 1864, d. 23 Jul 1864, 

     son of Geo. N & Charlotte Douglass, (probable but unmarked)

Dunning, Sarah Eliza, b. 11 Dec 1864, d. 2 Jan 1953, 

     dau of Thomas & Eliza Manning and wife of Hollis Dunning

Dunning, Don Lewis, b. 1890, d. 1973, 

     son of Hollis & Sarah E. Dunning

Everett, Addie Fitch, b. 23 Mar 1859, d. 5 May 1888, 

     dau of Geo C & Mary E Wilson Fitch and wife of Bill Everett

Fairbanks, Dorcas, b. ca. 1806, d. Mar 1880, (documented but unmarked)

Finnigan, Richard, b. unk., d. Nov 1869, (probable but unmarked), 

     shot by James Brown

Fisk, Eliza Jane, b. b. 20 Jun 1828, IL, d. 8 Jul 1925, 

     dau of Benjamin & Annie Wilson and wife of Ira A. Fisk

Fisk, Charles E., b. 8 Sep 1856, d. 1 Nov 1931, 

     son of Ira A. & Eliza J. Wilson Fisk

Fisk, Henry H. , b. 28 Apr 1861, d. 23 Dec 1925, 

     son of Ira A. & Eliza J. Wilson Fisk

Fisk, Ira A., b. 7 Feb 1814, OH, d. ca. 1896, 

     husband of Eliza J. Wilson Fisk

Fisk, Ira B., b. 21 Oct 1858, d. 10 Jan 1937, 

     son of Ira A. & Eliza J. Wilson Fisk

Fisk, Thomas C., b. unk., d. 9 May 1891, 

     son of Ira A. & Eliza J. Wilson Fisk,(documented but unmarked)

Fisk, Werter W., b. ca. 1868, d. 20 Mar 1887, 

     son of Ira A. & Eliza J. Wilson Fisk, (documented but unmarked)

Fitch, Albert, b. ca. 1895, d. 15 Aug 1898, son of Mr/Mrs Wilbur Fitch, (probable but unmarked)
Fitch, Albert W., b. 18 Dec 1863, d. 1 May 1955, son of Geo C & Mary Wilson Fitch
Fitch, Anna, b. ca. 1858, d. 24 Sep 1862, dau of Geo C & Mary Wilson Fitch,(probable but unmarked)
Fitch, George C., b. 29 Aug 1824, OH, d. 25 Feb 1904, husb. of Mary E. Wilson Fitch
Fitch, J. T., b. unk., d. unk., (probable but unmarked)
Fitch, Mary E., b. ca. 4 Mar 1832, IL, d. 23 Jun 1871, 

     wife of Geo C. Fitch and dau of Benjamin & Annie Wilson
Fitch, Wilbur C., b. 7 Jan 1853, d. 2 Jun 1934, son of Geo C & Mary Wilson Fitch

Gangoware, Sylvanus, b. ca. 1812, Mau Chunk, PA, d. Jul 1889, Mexican War vet?,

     (probable but unmarked)

Granger, Clarence LeRoy, b. ca. 1905, d. 11 Jun 1905, 

     son of Clarence & Jessie Skinner Granger, (probable but unmarked)

Greenfield, David, b. ca. 1828, Jefferson Co, NY, d. Feb 1868, 

     (probable but unmarked), murdered

Griggs, Eliza (Mrs.), b. ca. 1836, PA, d. 19 Mar 1904, 

     wife of Leonard Griggs,(documented but unmarked)
Griggs, Leonard, b. ca. 1819, d. 11 Mar 1899, (documented but unmarked)

Guthrie, J. R., b. unk., d. 27 Jan 1860, (probable but unmarked), murdered

Hall, Bertha, b. ca. Feb 1916, d. 2 Apr 1916, 

     dau of Mr/Mrs E. Hall, (probable but unmarked)

Hanson, John, b. ca. 1802, NY, d. 15 May 1871, (probable but unmarked)

Holdridge, Lewis/Louis, b. 30 Nov 1812, NY, d. 9 Jan 1876, 

     husband of Sarah Ann Holdridge, (documented but unmarked)

Hunt, Edward (Charles), b. ca. 1829, NH, d. Apr 1897,

     friend of James Delaney, (probable but unmarked)

Joerger, Joseph E., b. 10 Oct 1877, CA, d. 10 May 1961, 

     son of Joseph Emil Joerger and husb of Mabel C. Tong Joerger
Joerger, Leroy Joseph, b. 16 Jul 1906, d. 5 Jun 1977, 

     son of Walter L & Mary F. Powers Joerger
Joerger, Lester, b. 1894, d. 18 Nov 1897, 

     son of Jos E & Mabel Joerger, (probable but unmarked)
Joerger, Mabel C., b. 21 Apr 1883, d. 8 Jul 1967, 

     wife of Jos E. Joerger and maiden name Tong

Johannsen, Gene D., b. 17 May 1929, d. 31 May 1989

Johnson, Mrs. A. B., b. ca. 27 Sep 1806, d. 1 Aug 1893
Johnson, Clarence Lealand, b. ca. 1861, d. 30 Nov 1863, 

     son of H.M. & A.T. Johnson, (probable but unmarked)
Johnson, Eddie C., b. ca. Dec. 1859, d. 7 Jun 1860, son of H.M. & A. Johnson
Johnson, Ed, b. unk., d. unk.
Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth, b. ca. 1834, NY, d. 9 Feb 1922, 

     grandmother of Joergers & Clarks, (probable but unmarked)
Johnson, Frank, b. unk., d. unk.
Johnson, George W., b. ca. Feb 1802?, d. 28 May 1878?
Johnson, Judith, b. unk., d., unk, dau of Juanita Strohecker

Kent, Sarah M., b. 1844, d. 1935, maiden name Kyburz

Kilpatrick, J., b. ca. 1806, Ireland, d. 3 Sep 1869, (probable but unmarked)

Krage/Craig, Henry, b. ca. 1838, Germany, d. 20 Sep 1869, (documented but unmarked)

Kriedeweiss, F. H., b. ca. 1814, d. Oct 1898, father of Fred Kriedeweiss,(documented but unmarked)

Kyburz, Rev. A. A., b. 1878, d. 1945
Kyburz, Cornilla J., b. 1855, d. 1888
Kyburz, Lotta E., b. 1878, CA, d. Nov 1976, wife of Samuel E. Kyburz
Kyburz, Rolla F., b. Jun 1875, CA, d. 24 Jan 1876, son of Albert & Ellen Kyburz
Kyburz, Samuel E., b. ca. 1841, d. 25 Oct 1917, 

     Civil War vet, husb of Lotta E. Kyburz and son of Samuel Kyburz
Kyburz, Spencer L., b. 1882, d. 1885, son of Mr/Mrs S. E. Kyburz

La Cramp, John, b. unk., d. 1884, (documented but unmarked)

Lewis, McLure/McClure, b. 9 Jun 1892, d. 11 Nov 1918, bro of Mary A. Fisk Davidson?

Mabee, Harvey Wells, b. ca. 1826, d. 26 Apr 1867, (probable but unmarked)

Manning, Lincoln, b. 14 Sep 1860, d. 3 Jan 1947, son of Thomas & Eliza Manning
Manning, Thomas, b. unk., Ireland, d. bef. 1866, husb. of Eliza Manning

Martin, George D., b. ca. 1857, d. 9 Nov 1861, son of Thos & Sarah Martin
Martin, Sarah Jane, b. ca. Oct 1831, d. 1 Apr 1863, wife of Thomas Martin

McCord, Claud, b. unk., d. unk

McFadin/McFaden, John, b. ca. 30 Nov 1814, d. 24 Apr 1897

McKinley, Walter A., b. 3 Aug 1899, d. 22 Mar 1967, husb of Betty Joerger McKinley

Meighan, Peter J., b. ca. Dec 1831, NY, d. 9 Jun 1864, (probable but unmarked)

Miller, Jack, b. 27 Nov 1842, d. 13 Mar 1920, brother of Jim and Sam Miller
Miller, Jim (James P.), b. 17 Sep 1835, d. 20 Feb 1922, brother of Jack and Sam Miller
Miller, Sam , b. 16 Sep 1837, d. 12 Nov 1903, brother of Jack and Jim Miller

Minier, Isaac Darias, b. ca. 1838, d. 18 May 1916, (documented but unmarked)

Morse, Rosella A., b. ca. Dec 1861, d. 11 Mar 1863, dau of O. N. & M. A. Morse

Myers, Sylvester E., b. 7 Nov 1913, d. 13 Mar 1991

Nunn, Reid Ellison, b. 30 Jul 1916, d. 24 Dec 1992, husband of Carol Wilson Nunn

Oakley, Michael, b. ca. 1827, Ireland, d. 27 Sep 1921, (documented but unmarked)

Page, John, b. unk., d. Mar 1873, (probable but unmarked)

Patterson, John, b. ca. 1810, PA, d. 26 Jan 1877/78
Patterson, William, b. ca. 1835, PA, d. 5 Aug 1915, (documented but unmarked)

Paul, Charles W. , b. ca. 1827, d. 14 May 1862, (probable but unmarked)

Porter, Charles W., b. ca. 1832, d. 10 May 1901, husband of Mary E. Clark Porter
Porter, Mary E. Clark, no stone, not here?
Porter, Unknown, 8 unmarked graves?

Renwick, Jean C. (nee McKinley), b. 13 Jun 1923, d. 14 Jan 1991, 

     dau of Walter & Betty Joerger McKinley

Rice, Oscar, b. unk., MI, d. 1885?, (probable but unmarked)
Rice, Lucy (Mrs.), b. unk., d. Feb 1886, (documented but unmarked), 

     murdered by son-in-law Austin Keeley

Roberts, Richard J., b. 12 Mar 1868, Penygroes G. C., d. 21 Sep 1912, 

     husb. of Gracie M Ball and Nellie E Grant, accidental shot

Roberts, John Richard, b. ca. 1910, d. 1910, 

     son of Richard J. & Nellie E Grant Roberts?
Roberts, Gracie M. Ball, b. 15 Nov 1869, CA, d. 30 Oct 1905, 

     wife of Richard J. Roberts and niece of A. Kyburz

Sailley, Fs., b. ca. 1822, France, d. 21 Mar 1876

Saul, Albert (Absalom), b. ca. 1835, Ireland, d. 19 May 1879, (documented but unmarked)

Sheldon, Philo C., b. ca. 1817, IL?, d. 13 Oct 1864, (probable but unmarked)

Sherman, William H., b. ca. Feb 1814, d. 12 Nov 1854

Showers, Rhoda Q. (Wright), b. ca. 1826, IN, d. Feb 1897, 

     wife of Wm. Showers, (documented but unmarked)
Showers, William, b. ca. 1826, d. 2 Oct 1897, (documented but not marked)

Smith, Edward P., b. 15 Feb 1840, d. 20 Mar 1911, brother of Gilman K. Smith, suicide
Smith, Gilman K., b. unk., d. 1914, brother of Edward P. Smith, 

     (probable but unmarked), suicide
Smith, James T., b., ca. 1836, d. 24 Sep 1858, brother of ??

Steritt, Alonzo L., b. unk., MO, d. 27 Sep 1863, (probable but unmarked)

Strohecker, Juanita, b. unk., d. unk., mother of Judith Strohecker Johnson

Taylor, Amos, b. ca. 1836, MI, d. Dec. 1906, (documented but unmarked)
Taylor, Anna Morgan (Mrs. Amos), b. unk., md. 15 Dec 1880, d. 9 Feb 1912, (documented but unmarked)

Thompson, Charles A., b. ca. 1859, d. 1 Sep 1862, 

     son of J. M. & Virginia Thompson, (probable but unmarked)

Unknown Man, b. ca. 1833, d. Dec 1858, (probable but unmarked), murdered
Unknown, b. unk., d. 1862, age 61 yrs., broken headstone
Unknown Man, b. unk., d. 19 Jul 1862, (probable but unmarked), stabbed by "Little Dave"
Unknown, Man, b. unk., d. Aug 1892, (probable but unmarked)
Unknown Men (2), b, unk., d. Dec/1884/Jan 1885, (probable but unmarked)
Unknown, Family Plot, b. unk., d. unk.

Wallace, Robert, b. ca. 1813, Boston, MA, d. 28 Sep 1853, (probable but unmarked)

Weiss, Vallie (Morgan), b. ca. 1863, d. 18 Mar 1894, (documented but unmarked), 

     resident of San Francisco Wand dau of Anna M. Taylor

Wilkinson, Carrie E., b. ca. 1864, VT?, d. 7 Sep 1869, 

     dau of Mr/Mrs M. J. Wilkinson?, (probable but unmarked)

Willet, Daughter, b. unk., d. 26 Mar 1875, dau of P. Willet (Peter Willot?), (probable but unmarked)
Willet, Eddie, b. unk., d. 11 Mar 1875, son of P. Willet (Peter Willot?),(probable but unmarked)

Wilson, Agnes K., b. 1873, d. 1933, dau of Isaac N. & Eliza Manning Wilson
Wilson, Annie "Grandma", b. 1803, d. 6 Nov 1882, 

     wife of Benjamin Wilson and mother of Eliza J. W. Fisk and Mary W. Fitch
Wilson, Eliza Manning, b. 20 Sep 1839, Ireland, d. 17 Feb 1915, 

     wife of Thomas Manning and Isaac N. Wilson
Wilson, Ester Maria, b. 21 Jun 1919, d. 2 Dec 1981, wife of Geo. F. Wilson, Jr.
Wilson, George F., b. 20 Apr 1867, CA, d. 5 Aug 1956, 

     husband of Mary Myrtle Butler Wilson
Wilson, George F., Jr., b. 6 Dec 1920, d. 28 Mar 1990, 

     husband of Ester Maria Wilson
Wilson, Isaac Newton, b. 28 Jan 1827, Crawford Co. IL, d. 24 Mar 1878, 

     husband of Eliza Manning Wilson
Wilson, Mary Myrtle, b. 1 Jan 1883, CA, d. 15 Mar 1984, wife of Geo. F. Wilson
Wilson, Twin Babies, b. Jan 1907/8, d. Jan 1907/8, 

     stillborn twins, children of Geo F & Mary Myrtle Wilson

Woollen, James, b. ca. 1800, Baltimore, MD, d. May 1862, (probable but unmarked), drowned

York, Emily, b. ca. 1833, d. 26 Jan 1861, wife of John York
York, John, b. ca. 1823, d. 25 Feb 1897, husband of Emily York, (documented but unmarked)

Note 3

This list was made as concise as possible in order to publish it to a website. Further details and information on some of the above data is available at the El Dorado County Historical Museum and/or from the El Dorado County Pioneer Cemetery Commission, Sue Silver, President, including photographs of all remaining tombstones. Many of the stones had details on them; a full transcription of those is also available.

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