Gold was discovered in the Placerville area in July 1848. The town was first known as Dry Diggings but had the nickname of Old Hangtown; three robbers were hanged here on October 17, 1849. From the middle 1850s through the 1870s, the hydraulic and drift mines in the district were extremely rich. One 20-acre claim at Coon Hollow yielded $5 million, and the Spanish Hill area yielded $6 million. Quartz mining began in 1852 at the Pacific mine, but the chief period of lode mining was from the 1880s until about 1915. There was some mining in the district again in the 1930s, but there has been little activity since. Many of the mines in the district came under the control of the Placerville Gold Mining Company. The value of the total output for the district is unknown, but the placer mines are estimated to have yielded at least $25 million.

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