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Fresno County: Reedley Cemetery Obituaries

Thomas Law Reed 1847-1911

T L Reed family

From an 1891 biography

Thomas Law Reed, the founder of Reedley, California is a native of Ohio. He was born March 13, 1847, son of George and Sarah Reed, natives of England. When war broke out, TL joined brothers JR and DG Reed in the Sixty-Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the fall of 1963. He participated with Sherman in his triumphant march from Atlanta to the sea. In 1875 he came to California renting 160 acres of land. After 8 years he moved to Smith's Ferry, Fresno County, arriving March 3, 1884. 

After some lean years, his farms met with success and he began purchasing property. In 1887-1888 he bought the land on which Reedley is built. When the railroad ws constructed in 1888, he gave the company a half interest in 360 acres and they platted the town which was named in honor of him. Upon the sale of the land, he purchased other properties outside or Reedley, and in 1891 was reported to have holdings of over 10,000 acres. 

He married Amantha A Smith and they were the parents of 7 children, one of which died in infancy. In 1891 the living children were Horace M, Nina, Edmond Rosco, Jessie, Edith A and Dolly. Thomas Law Reed is the younger brother of J R Reed who has the very impressive and large monument in Reedley Cemetery.

A monument to Smith's Ferry, his first residence in Fresno County is erected in the park across the street from the Reedley Cemetery. 

Thanks to Lester Letson for biographical information.

Amantha A Smith Reed 1848-1916

Marker for Amantha A Smith Reed

Wife of Thomas Law Reed, she was born Amantha A Smith in Massachusettes. She married Thomas in Portage County Ohio. The town of Reedley is named for the Thomas Law Reed family. Their children are Horace M Reed, Nina Reed, Edmond Rosco Reed, Jessie Reed, Edith A Reed and Dolly Reed. She is shown in the picture with her husband, Thomas Law Reed.

Thanks to Lester Letson for biographical information.

John R Reed 1840-1923

Marker of J R Reed

From an 1891 biography

John R Reed, a prominent rancher of Reedley was born in England. At the age of 6 months he was brought to the USA by his parents.  During the Civil War, he, along with younger brothers Thomas Law Reed and Daniel G Reed entered the service on the side of the Union. They were part of Sherman's famous march to the sea. Brother Daniel G Reed was killed at Bentonville.

He was married to Adelade Gilmore of Ohio in 1863 and they had sons George Victor Reed and Daniel Lyle Reed. Adelade died in 1875. Mr Reed married Mary Ann Post in 1878 and they were the parents of Bernice, Mamie, Rayson and Adelade.

Mr Reed farmed 2,500 acres of wheat outside of Reedley in 1891, owned a farm outside of Reedley as well as a home in the city. 

Thanks to Lester Letson for biographical information.


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