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Brief History of Humboldt County

Humboldt County sits approximately 200 miles north of San Francisco along the Pacific Coast on Hwy 101. Eureka, the county seat, is 278 miles north of San Francisco and 466 miles south of Portland, Oregon. The county encompasses 2.3 million acres, eighty percent of which is timber land and recreation areas. The county is mostly mountainous, except for the level plain that surroundsHumboldt Bay. Elevations run from sea level to 6,934 feet. Located within the county boundaries are 10 state parks, 16 county parks and beaches, recreational areas and reserves, and portions of the National Park and National Forest.

Humboldt County was incorporated on 
May 12, 1853. It's County seat, Eureka, was created on that same date. The county derived its name from Humboldt Bay which was entered by a sea otter party in 1806, but was not rediscovered until 1849. In 1850, Douglas Ottinger and Hans Buhne entered the bay, naming it Humboldt in honor of the great naturalist and world explorer.

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Davis' Commercial Encyclopedia of the Pacific Northwest: California Nevada, Utah, Arizona.
Edited and published by Ellis A. Davis Berkeley Calif
Copyrighted by Ellis A. Davis: 1911 Berkeley Calif

Sally has generously donated a batch of photos from this great old book. There are Biographical Sketches included in the Chapters.
Sally is willing to do lookups. Please contact her for more information about folks listed in the Index.

Included is information on: California Public School Systems, Horticulture, Topography and Agriculture, Mining Industry, Lumber Industry, Conservation and a lot of pictures of early California. Bios of the "Men of California", "Merchants", "The bench and the bar", "Architects", "Engineers", "Contractors", Real Estate", "Men of Insurance" and "Bankers".

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